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Yet another GTA SA glitch
Invincible peds, how nice. How I did it: 1. Get a car. 2. Locate a nearby Pay n' Spray. 3. Get a ped to fight and follow you. 4. Go inside the car and drive to the Pay n' Spray, make sure the ped follows you inside the shop.
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Max Payne (GBA) Ending
Done and recorded on my friend (LordDgames52)’s phone. Emulator used is MyBoy!
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Asphalt 8 Multiplayer Gameplay
Decided to play some Asphalt 8 multiplayer. Once I get my new laptop, I might start doing Fortnite gameplays.
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Asphalt 8 Gameplay
Gameplay of the first ever race in the game.
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Introducing my friend (returning the favor)
A good way to start the year.
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Max Payne Ending
The original ending for Max Payne.
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All my cars in CSR Racing 2
All my cars in CSR Racing 2. Sorry for the corrupted audio. Don't forget to like and subscribe! :)
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GTA San Andreas Ending
The ending to my favorite game of all time. NOTE : Sorry the video got cut short, it couldn't load properly. It was originally longer, though. Sorry also for the bad quality. :(
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Cringe. Add me on Steam! My Steam: ITH Productions
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As for my 2nd channel....(old vid)
Some stuff I had to say about my second channel. Made using Keynote and iMovie on the iPhone.
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Sleeping doggo
Bark bark.
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CSR2 gameplay
Gameplay of the mobile game CSR Racing 2. Still, the audio is bad as ever. Since I'm recording on my iPhone, I just use the screen recording option within the game.
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I'll have no more number 9s
CJ thinks he's Big Smoke, but he soon regrets it.
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My New YouTube Intro
This is my new intro, for my future videos from now on. Music : LEMMiNO - The Pression https://youtu.be/r0vtjJ0IVcE
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AWWWWWW YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big thank to Pink Plays for serving as my inspiration to finally finish the game and to get probably the best car in the game.
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My New Laptop!
Just got it fresh last week! From now on, I might post videos more often and will start editing more clearly. :)
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Weird GTA SA glitch
How I did it: 1. Get a car and park it beside any place with water (as long as it isn't shallow). 2. Get a ped to fight and follow you. 3. Go inside the car carefully. 4. Let the ped drag you out of the car.
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Oh yeah!
Better than a tank to start a rampage.
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