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Oil change Cub Cadet XT1 22hp Koehler
Mickey mouse set up. That yellow thing is cheap ass plastic. Just be gentle. Gentle pull and twist. Take the dipstick out for added ventilation, thus quicker draining. 2 quarts of straight 30. 85056 car quest filter is identical in size and function of the genuine Koehler filter. 1/3 the price. I have e3 plugs in it. It keeps the power in tall grass better. Nothing astronomical in power gains. This tractor kicks ass. Been a great investment, hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
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5.4 3v Spark Plugs
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GB20 NOCO battery jumper review
Takes a week yo charge and a hour to use up the battery. It's junk. 0 for 2 in jumping cars at work. Save your money.
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Stull Kansas Church
Church is gone.
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MSD coils
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Death of a Mall
Metro north mall gone....thank you zona rose πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•
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08 F150 true dual x pipe flowmaster cold start
5.4 3v stock manifolds/cats 2.5 pipe X pipe 2# 40 series flowmasters
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Throttle body recall
Focus, flex, escape, fusion and edge recall. Our escape runs so much smoother and maybe picked up alil hp
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Chillin with my kids πŸ•πŸ•πŸˆ
Bear, herbie and my chica baby
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Thank ya ❀ janitors
Much love goes out to the men and women who keep our schools, work place, shopping centers and other facilities CLEAN AND SAFE! booger loves ya
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Farts at bass pro
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Cussin' in Public
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Herbie is PISSED!!!!!
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Shed Ramblin
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100+ lb blue catfish
Big blue at bass pro in independence. It's a monster.
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Happy Birthday Art!!!!
Today is Art's birthday!! ❀
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Thank ya!! Firefighters
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Y'all be CAREFUL ❀❀❀
Damn ice won't go away. I'm at diamond Jo's casino on a 30min off duty break.
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Fishin Talk
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Shout Outs
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Assholes Anonymous
Bear πŸ• he is a prick
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Poppa Grizz replaces Mean Gene! 80s WWF
Had a dream where ole pg56 was the reporter guy for the old wwf shows. His Mohawk was in prime condition. He had just the goat tee and he had on that blue tie dye shirt. It was so cool. After the interview was over he would bullshit with the wrestlers. Super cool dream.
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I miss this man. RIP Roddy Piper
Ole Piper. I miss the man. I hope he rests well.
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Andre follows me....
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Good morning!
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Please be careful today!!!!
Freezing rain in kcmo
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Gonna make Trot Lines!
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Going To Dads
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Monster truck backflip
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It's a tight squeeze but fits.
8ft garage doors make a ford f150 look awful big. My f150 is 4wd with 100% stock suspension height.
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❀ Sports Academy
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5 Star Tunes
Review on my 5star tunes. 2008 ford f150
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Angry Hostler
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Thank ya!!! Auto Mechanics!! booger loves ya.
I wanna thank the men and women who service and repair our vehicles we depend on everyday. Booger loves you.
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JB Weld Marine
Ok, I know this looks shitty. The end of the keel leaks. The only REAL way to fix this is to jerk the floor. Major pain in the ass. SO....ive heard this grade of jb weld is the best. Flex seal, flex tape and other gimmicks have failed and failed quickly. If this works, I'm gonna sand down the bottom of the boat, and have the bottom rhino lined. Please leave comments because I wanna know if I'm making a mistake here. Will the rhino lining be worth it? Idk....i see alot of fishermen do it so...it seems like the thing to do.
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