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(Indoor unit)midea & Akira standing air conditioners
Here are 2 standing air conditioners on a restaurant named pringjajar om Pekalongan city Both 2 of them running on high speed but they wasn't big enough to cool the whole restaurant and also they look very similar but the difference was the control panel the midea has a regular push buttons but the Akira has a touch sensitive buttons,both of them blows good Amount of air
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(outdoor unit)midea & Akira standing air conditioners
Here are the outdoor unit of the midea & Akira standing air conditioners,these ac outdoor units are on very unusual condition the Akira shakes so badly and the midea blows air into the side and also the Akira logo on the outdoor unit has Been completely erased,both of them has blue blades
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In my dad's friend's house Here is a Maspion ceiling exhaust fan this fan was Very noisy because its age and i put a flashlight directing right into the fan so you can seeing the blade And why i do that because the room and the attic was very dark and it Also very dirty because this room was very smelly. And the Cons for this fan was this fan was making the room not cool because this is an air conditioned room the AC was an LG
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