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Business Ideas - Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas
For maximum production and utilization of resources, the fish and poultry production process in the pond simultaneously called integrated fish and poultry farming methods. Now we will discuss the business Ideas of integrated fish and layer chicken farm. In modern way, 60-70 percent of the production cost of fish farming is to be spent on the purchase of fertilizer and supplementary food. In this case, using integrated layer chicken and fish farming method can increase the production of fish without any fertilizer and supplementary food. In this technology, chicken waste meal and chicken closet are used as fish food. Therefore, without the cost of purchasing fish food and fertilizer, the production of significant quantities of fish can be increased. The same land is used for two purposes, so the maximum use of land is ensured. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Integrated chickens and fish farming facilities: Number-1. Chicken shit is a superior organic fertilizer. If you build a house on the pond and do layer chicken farm, there is no need for fertilizer or supplementary food for fish. So the chicken shirt is fully utilized. Number-2. Unused, and fallen into the water, chicken food is used as supplementary food for fish. As a result, the cost of production decreases. Number-3. On the water of the pond, making the platform, chicken farm is done, the place is saved. Number-4. Do not always clean the house because the chicken shit falls directly into the water. Number-5. The chicken house is not in contact with the soil, because the layer chicken is less than the disease. Number-6. In this method, it is possible to production fish, meat and eggs very easily from the same farm. As a result, more food production, and maximum utilization of assets are ensured. Number-7. In this method, relatively little investment, labor and time can earn more. For the egg, layer chicken will buy one day old baby. Those who start to give eggs at 18 to 19 weeks of age and the production period ranges from 72 to 78 weeks of age. Up to 80 percent of eggs can be found from the farm mentioned on the pond, layer chicken farming. For the production of more eggs, commercial or hybrid-type layer chicken should be selected. In this method, the fish and layer chicken farm together, without any food and fertilizer, can produce 4400 to 5200 kg of fish per hectare per year. Generally, after 10 to 12 months each fish is suitable for sale. One hectare pond can go without 5500 to 6000 three-four inch size fish. At the same time, different species of fish have to be released in the pond. In this case, fish production increased significantly. layer chicken house should be in open space on the pond. It is necessary to keep in mind that adequate light and air can enter the house. Depending on the size of the house, how many chickens will be kept in that room. Each layer chicken requires two to three square feet of space.
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Starting a Business - How to Start Broiler Chicken Farm Business And Chicken Poultry Farming
Starting a Business. How to Start Broiler Chicken Farm Business ? Commercially broiler chicken farming is a profitable business. Keeping broiler chickens, the farm owners sometimes face various problems. If you can not overcome these problems in time, you have to face losses. As a farm owner, keeping the broiler chicken, all the things to remember, let's know. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H The house must be cleaned well before the chicken piglets arrives. Then the house will be free from the germ of 7-10 days. Then, the litter should be spread in the house. 6 hours before the arrival of the chicken piglets, the bruder ring should be prepared and the brudar bulb burns to bring the temperature to 33-35 degrees Celsius. The bruder house can be heated before 12-24 hours in the very winter. Within the brooder, one day's child's food and water pot should be placed. If needed, glucose mixture water can be given for chicken piglets. For the first 1-2 hours children have to take time to rest and give time to eat water and food. After 1 to 2 hours, food, water supply and temperature should be checked and corrected if necessary. The temperature inside the brooder will be first 3 days 33 degrees Celsius, 3 to 7 days 30-31 degrees Celsius, and 7 to 14 days to keep the temperature at 26-28 Celsius. After 14 days no heat is needed in the summer. However, in winter, the temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius will give heat. Regular food and water will be supplied daily. If the liter is more humid, then it will have to sprinkle wooden crusts or husk on it. Every day, light will be supplied for 23 hours. Artificial lighting should be provided after sunset. It is best to put the temperature in the broiler chicken room at 18-22 degrees Celsius. In summer, electric fan must be used. To prevent disease, vaccinations should be done periodically. At the age of 1-7 days Ranikhet vaccine will be given. Gumbrose vaccine will be given at 7-10 days age. At the age of 21 days gamboro vaccine booster dosage will be given. In litter mode, 10-12 broiler poultry per square meter can be observed and In the platform manner, 15 broiler chickens per square meter can be observed. During Bruding, one meal plate should be provided for 80-90 chickens piglets. At the time of brooding, a water pot should be provided for every 100 chickens piglets . Bruding up to 250-500 chickens in each brooder can be done. In the first week, 60-65 chicken piglets can be bruded in every square meter and in the second week 30-35 chicken piglets per square meter will be bruding. Chicguard circumference should be increased by a small amount daily. The height of the chick guard is 18-20 inches. Temperatures can be reduced or increased by decreasing or increasing the height of Hobber. Again, temperatures can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the number of electric lights or watt. In the slightest neglect of the farmer, there can be many problems in the broiler farm. Use Separate shoes inside the farm so that the disease from the outside can not enter the farm. The shoes used on the farm will never be brought out and the shoes used outside can not be inserted into a broiler chicken house.Visitors should not be allowed to enter the broiler chickens house. Due to this, the disease will be greatly reduced and the maintenance of broiler chickens will be a profitable business.
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Starting a Business - How to Start a Golden Chicken Farming Business For Meat And poultry Farming
Starting a business with expertise is very important. Golden Chicken farming is a very profitable business For Meat. How to start a poultry farming project for meat was discussed. Keeping golden chickens for meat is profitable. Compared to broiler chicken, golden chicken meat is delicious and its price is high. Many people are reluctant to broiler chicken meat, but the demand for golden chicken meat is widespread. There is more to prevent diseases of the golden chicken. The unemployed population can start this business easily with little capital. If the regular vaccine is given, and if the farm is clean then the disease is less. There is no epidemic yet in the case of golden chicken.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Normally golden chicken is rearing for 60 days. In many cases, if the weight is not in the desired level, or if the market rate is low, then the chicken farm has to stay more than 60 days. 60 days of golden chicken weighs around 800 grams. A chicken in 60 days, consumes an average of 1.5 kg of food. Usually the chicken house should be long east-west. It is good to have chicken house width of 20 to 25 feet. Can be done according to the long requirement. If the height of the house is 8-9 feet, and the floor is ripe, then it is good. Before chicken baby arrives, the room temperature will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Bruding temperature will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the 1st week, 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the second week, 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the 3rd week, 80 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 weeks, and 75 degrees Fahrenheit from the 5th week to the end. For 1 to 7 days, one meal pots for 100 will be given And give a water pot. The first 1-2 days will be given food on paper. For 30 days, one meal pot for 40 will be given and one water container for 50 will be given. After 30 days there is 1 food bowl for 30 and 1 water container for 40. Meal pot and water pot Some may be fewer or more, but better to give more. Every day water pots should be cleaned and once a week the food pot must be cleaned. Most diseases of chicken come through water. For every poultry, it is necessary to provide 0.850-0.950 square feet of space. More chickens can not be observed in less places. Because, chicken death rates increase in diseases of the virus. For example, chicken death rates increase in Ranikhet and Gamboro disease, chickens are easily infected in the snivel,and head swelling problems are noticed . So, it is better to keep chickens less than the place. However, a little more chicken may be keeping in the winter.
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Business Ideas - Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas And Poultry Farming
Before starting business, acquiring the ideas of business is an important issue. Layer chicken farm business ideas and poultry farming are discussed. Commercially developed varieties of layer chicken farm are made. layer chicken farm is a business that can earn good returns in a short time. In a very short time, with little effort, and investing a little capital, layer chicken farm has recently become a profitable and potential agricultural industry. By adopting modern science and technology, setting up layer chicken farm in proper planning, chickens keeping can be beneficial. Layer chicken farm needs to be made profitable, proper planning, scientific management and proper management. Know Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H layer chicken is a special type of chicken for egg production, which is observed from one day's age. Those who start to give eggs at 18 to 19 weeks of age, and production period ranges from 72 to 78 weeks of age. At the time of production of eggs, they produce an average of one kg of eggs by eating about two kg of food at an average. Commercial layer chicken usually lays 5% of the eggs in 20 weeks of age. At the age of 21 weeks, 10% lay eggs. The maximum number of lay eggs from 26 weeks to 30 weeks. After starting the maximum number of eggs, the egg production is stable for some time, and later the rate of egg production decreases gradually. With egg production increasing, egg size continues to grow,and after the age of 40 weeks, chicken weight is stable,and after the age of 50 weeks, the weight of the egg is stable. Chicken eggs can be sold in local shops or markets, large markets, neighbors and hotels, wholesale or retail. At the end of the egg laying, 88% of the hens can be sold at market rates. As well as chicken meat and eggs, poultry shit can be sold as organic fertilizers. Each chicken can get about 30 kg shirt annually. Chicken shit, and Bone powder, is used as fertilizer in the soil. With the fins, the dust cluster is made of dust. Chicken innards, fish favorite food. The chicken farm is managed by family members. Profitable, now many people in the village and the city are doing the layer chicken farm. Layer chickens will have to buy one day old baby for eggs. Buy the baby from a good company. Every egg laid chicken should be fed 110 to 115 grams of food mixed daily. The food includes wheat, maize, rice corn, rice bran, wheat bran, sesame meal, dried fish powder, mussel and snail powder. Based on the capital, the land for the establishment of farm, size and number of accommodation, according to the amount of food storage required, necessary equipment, for the people of the farm management, arrangements should be made for the office and other facilities.
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Starting a Business - How to Start Hyacinth Bean Farming Business And Growing Lablab Beans
Starting a business. How to start hyacinth bean farming business and growing lablab beans. Hyacinth Beans are very popular vegetables. Hyacinth beans can be cultivated in almost all types of soil. However, the yield on lonely soil and sandy loamy soil is the best. Hyacinth bean seeds contain enough protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C. Highlands that do not accumulate in water are better for hyacinth bean cultivation. Hyacinth beans provide good yields in cold and dry weather.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Proper time for seeding from June to August. This time it is better to cultivate bean in advance. Summer hyacinth bean, seed can be grown at any time of the year. Hyacinth Bean is cultivated mainly, near the homestead, on the banks of the pond, along the roadside and the aisles of the land. However, it is cultivated commercially in the land. The land has to be built by several cultivation and ladder. After that, dig a 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep hole. After this, 5 feet away in every row must be dug 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep hole. Then, fill the hole with a mixture of 10 kg rotten cow dung, 150 grams of TSP fertilizer and 100 gram M.O.P fertilizer with soil. The distance from row to row will be 10 feet. After 8-10 days of fertilizer application, two or three seed spacing should be sown in 2.5-3.0 cm deep in every hole. After 10-12 days of planting, By keeping two healthy and vigorous plants, the rest will be lifted. Before sowing seeds, If the seeds are wet in water for 24 hours, then early saplings grow. One hectare requires 8-10 kg hyacinth bean seeds. However, plants can be made in polybags. Regularly clean the seedlings and its surrounding weed hoe. Hyacinth bean has the ability to withstand the drought. However, due to lack of rain water should be irrigated. After one month of planting, apply a mixture of 25 grams of urea and 25 grams of Mop fertilizer around the beginning of the plant and mix well with the soil. After this, fertilizer has to be applied at the same rate when the plant starts flowering. However, if the growth of trees is good or if the number of leaves is high then it is not good to apply urea. If there is no juice in the soil after applying fertilizer, then irrigation should be done with grille. When the bean tree is 15-20 cm long, then the bamboo tip will be put on the ground beside the tree. For the rainwater that does not accumulate in the root of the tree, drainage drain is to be kept. The hyacinth beans have to be collected in vealy conditions. The beans of the field can not be sold or eated for at least seven days after giving the chemical medicine. Usually hyacinth beans can be taken twice a week. Seed sowing, hyacinth beans can be taken from 3 months to 5 months. Crop can be collected from 20 to 25 days after flowering of the bean tree. The yield of hyacinth beans is 15 to 20 tonnes per hectare.
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Cricket Insect Facts - Giant Mole Cricket Exhibit - Crickets in House
Cricket insect facts. Cricket worms are usually seen in the summer. giant mole cricket but not harmful at all. Cricket insect of nature is lost from the earth. These insect birds are one of the main food species of small birds, snakes and reptiles. These animals are grown in the common grassland grasslands. These organisms are reduced due to organized wildfire, intensive agricultural work in different countries, etc., due to the extensive chemical use of agricultural land. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H In the summer, cricket insect was heard during the night in silence. It is not only the cold weather of the cold blood, but also the chances of their closure, which can stop them. But they come out in the summer. Usually in the night, it is hidden in the bush. This is to avoid bird or any insect species attack. Two things to get out at night. One is the food collection. The other is the reproduction. Silent night mole cricket post can be heard from far away. Mole cricket insects are rich in demand as a food nutritional food. Foods are being made from Cranium worms. By making such food, it will be possible to deal with the world's hunger problems. United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark- Five countries in Europe have the right to prepare and market the food containing insects. Thailand is the world's leading insecticidal country. There are thousands of insects producing farms in this country. These insects are processed and sold. As a new law in the EU, since 2018, the opportunity for export of insects to Europe as human food products has been exposed for Thailand. However, Belgium, Holland and Denmark are already allowed to sell such food items. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO has advised insects for several years. According to the organization, insect-like insects like insects and insect pests have many proteins, vitamins and minerals.
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Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Process ||General Way Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh
Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Process, General Way Poultry Farming Business in Bangladesh. Broiler Chicken Farming Process specialty chickens, which are observed from one day of age, and they are suitable for meat consumption in 30-35 days. Broiler Chicken Farming Process Residence: • There should be a chance for light and air circulation • High land that does not get flood water • away from the settlements • Hat-market, safe away from the factories • Communication is good • Advanced power connection • The house must be north-southwards • Floor: Must be ripe • Width: Within 30 feet • Height: Side height 7 feet, 12 to 14 feet in middle height (two-wheeler house) • Fencing or walls: From the inside one foot closed wall or fence, the rest should be made of hard wire mesh Poultry Farming Business Hover : Browder's umbrella is called Hover. Hover is used to make the heat produced in the brooder downward to the child. Hover can be 3 to 8 feet in diameter. Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Process Guard: The brooder guards are set up on Hover. Brooder guards help keep the kids near the heat source. Generally, a brooder guard is surrounded by a hover over 2 to 3 feet of hover. The height of the bruder guards is usually 14 to 20 inches. Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Brooder Heater: Thermal Source: 3 to 4 electrical bulbs of 100 to 200 watt are attached to the hover. Hot air is spread evenly among the kids using a special type of fan in modern brooder. Hover high-low is used to control the heat. After the broiler baby arrives on the farm: To get tired of water vacuum due to transportable in the first week of birth. So mixing glucose at 5 percent with water, they can easily get energy from there. • Check the browder heat before leaving the baby • Be aware of the behavior of the child • Control the browder heat according to the child's behavior • After feeding the baby's water, after 4 hours, feeding (wheat and corn rice, rice straw) • The child will be agile and bigger • There will be water, food intake trends • The child's eyes will be bright • Navel will be dry and will stand in two legs equally Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Water : Provide glucose or sugar mixed water for 4 to 5 hours primarily Next 3 days provide vitamin mixed water Let the water heat up on the browder (never give cold water). Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Feeding : • Wheat or corn bran or rice stalks on the first two days of spreading paper; • The third day is the beginning of the introduction of street ration • On the fourth day, feeding on paper should be stopped. Litter management of Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Process: • After spreading lighter material from 1 to 2 inches thick on a dry floor, arrangement should be made to install bruder guards, hover and heating equipment. • The wet litter immediately removed • Do not bind the litter cloth • Enlarge the liters every day • The need for air to ventilate the polluted air from the house and enter the pure air At the time of winter, the saddle can be applied according to the temperature of the environment around the brooder house. These cloaks should be raised on the inner temperature of the house. However, the polythene seat can not be used in any case. Germination of Easy Broiler Chicken Farming: Different types of chemicals and fumigation processes are used for sterilization. A) Chlorine, iodine, acne soda, lime etc. are used for chemicals. B) Mixing of formalin with 1 part potassium-par-manganet for fumigation results in the formaldehyde gas and smoke and the disease-causing microbes are destroyed. General rules for the vaccination use of Easy Broiler Chicken Farming : • Vaccination vaccine has to be applied to healthy birds always • Immunization seeds can not be exposed to sunlight in any way • Effective vaccination is good to apply in cold climates during the morning or in the evening • Vaccination should be used as soon as possible after the use of the vaccine. After grilling, it will be used for 1 hour in summer and 2 hours in winter • The vaccine can not be used anymore when the normal color of the ticker is changed or expired • Immunization seeds have to be transmitted in ice with heat resistant vessels for vaccine transport. When ice melts, it is necessary to ice up again • Spleen unused vaccine can not be kept for future use. Easy Broiler Chicken Farming Vaccination : Age disease Name Vaccine Name Application method 3 to 5 days Ranikhet B,C,R,D,V, One drops in one eye 10 to 14 days Gamboro Gamboro Vac. One drops in one eye 24 to 28 days Gamboro Gamboro vac. One drops in one eye 21 to 24 days Ranikhet B,C,R,D,V. One drops in one eye Note: The vaccine should always be used by the manufacturer's instructions.
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Starting a Business - How to Start Brinjal Farming Business And Growing Eggplant
Starting a business. How to start brinjal farming business and growing eggplant. Eggplant can be cultivated throughout the year. But in winter the yield is high. Because the temperature in the summer is high, the production of flowers and fruits of the eggplant is hampered, the insect takes longer. Eggplant are delicious as vegetables. Its nutritional quality is not bad. Eggplants are cultivated in almost all types of soil. By cultivating brinjal, it is possible to meet daily demand as well as provide financial well-being. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H To cultivate brinjal, first seed saplings have to be prepared. 35-45 days old seedling is suitable for planting. During this time 5-6 leaves of the seedlings grow and are about 15 cm long. Planting distance depends on species, fertility of the soil, and the production season. The distance from the tree to tree should be 60 centimeters. The distance from row to row will be 75 centimeters. According to the size of the tree, the distance can be 10-15 cm, less or more. Between two beds, it should hold 30 cm wide and 20 cm deep canal. In February-March, saplings are planted for summer crops. In April-May, saplings are planted for rainy season. Saplings are planted for winter crops in September-October. Generally the land should be cultivated 4-5 times. To cultivate the brinjal, the amount of fertilizer should be applied in the brinjal field. Eggplant receives plenty of food from the soil. If there is lack of food at the beginning of the growth, the tree does not grow fast and later the production decreases. During the last cultivation, 8 to 12 tonnes of dung fertilizers, 200 kg of TSP fertilizer and 200 kg MOP fertilizer should be given on each hectare land. After 21 days of planting, we have to give 123 kg urea fertilizer and 75 kg of TSP fertilizer per hectare. After 35 days of planting, we have to give 123 kg urea fertilizer and 75 kg of MOP fertilizer per hectare. After 50 days of planting, we have to give 123 kg urea fertilizer per hectare. Irrigation should be done only after application of fertilizer, if there is no juice in the field. In the winter and early summer season, there is plenty of water needed for brinjal. Irrigation should be done after 10-15 days in sandy soil. The most harmful insect of eggplant is the eggplant tip and fruit perforator worm. In order to control these insects in the IPM system. Pesticides must be applied if needed. Bacterial wilt disease causes severe problem in brinjal cultivation. The characteristic symptoms of the disease are wilting of the foliage followed by collapse of the entire plant. The wilting is characterized by gradual, sometimes sudden, yellowing, withering and drying of the entire plant or some of its branches. The affected plants will be cleaned up quickly. Do not keep the land moist or wet. In the affected area, the irrigation should be stopped. If the bacteria attack, then 15 kg bleaching powder will be required to sprinkle the hectare. Do not cultivate brinjal on the same land next time. It will be surrounded by a net for the wild birds that can not eat. The fruit must be collected before it becomes fully mature. When the fruit is full size, but when the seed is not hard, it is suitable to collect the fruit. During the collection, the fruit skin will be bright and shiny. Normally it takes approximately 1 month to get fruit after flowering. It production 17-64 tonnes per hectare. Weeds should be cleaned. Occasionally the soil of the plant has to be loosened.
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How To Earn Money - Duck Farm Best Business Ideas To Make Money  And Duck Farming
Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H. We have come today in a duck farm. There are 2000 ducks on this farm. Ducks are being observed for egg production. Many unemployed youth by duck farm, brought their financial well-being. There is no specific time restriction for duck farming. You can start duck farm at any time of the year. Let's know how to do duck farm at a low cost. To make a duck farm, you must first create a suitable house. There are several methods in this regard. The house has been built at very low cost to have ducks on this farm. The house of the duck has been made with polythene paper and net. Always keep the lighting and ventilation system in the house. Duck house should always be kept clean. Duck farm does not have to work much. Duck farm can be done in almost all types of places. Duck farm can be made in almost all places including low, high, damp, water and dry places. Rather, water or damp places are more like duck. However, it should be ensured that the duck room is always clean. Always keep in mind that wherever the Duck baby is there, the temperature should always be in the right proportion. 6 hours before leaving duck baby, the bruder temperature should be adjusted. After collecting the baby, you have to leave the house as quickly as possible. To prevent the disruption of duck baby,Saline water may be fed. However, the duck baby must be given water while feeding . Otherwise, the duck baby who is trapped in the throat of a dry meal can die. To breeding the correct rules of duck, transfer the duck to the water. Otherwise, men and women are not encouraged to breed duck. Ten female ducks are enough for a male duck. If there is duck farm for egg production, there is no need to keep male duck. All varieties of ducks, usually beginning to lay eggs in 22-23 weeks. Improved varieties of duck yielded 280-300 eggs in the year. Duck usually lay eggs in the morning or early morning. For this reason, the duck can not be left out of the house very early in the morning. Duck will have to leave a little late. Otherwise, the tendency of laying eggs in water can be seen. Ducks usually prefer to stay in the water and swim. Due to excessive greed for duck's natural food, they wants to stay in the water all the time. Adult ducks can spend 8-10 hours a day on water. Duck food is usually available. In this farm, duck-free condition is observed. Ducks are released from the house in the morning. From duck-free water,eat snails, mussels, crabs, brandling, water lily, water hyacinth, small fishes and various types of insects. Again, come back home in the evening.If food is not fulfilled in the free state, broiler chicken food can be fed. Only the duck will provide the quantity of granulated food in the morning and afternoon. Every day, at the specific time, when they give food, they will come to eat food. Calling domestic duck in specific signals, they come to eat food. Duck diseases are very low. Dangerous two diseases of duck, duck-plague and duck-cholera. These two diseases must be vaccinated. However, if a duck is sick, then the sick duck should be removed from the other duck as soon as possible. In the face of ailing duck, the rest may be healthy duck infected. Thank you.
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Business Ideas - Goat Farming Best Business Ideas To Make Money And goat farming business plan
Goat is one of the domestic animals. Goat meat is very tasty. So there are many needs of goats in the market. Goats are kept in villages, in fields, in gardens, on the roadside, tied or in the open condition. For the commercial purposes goats must follow the scientific method. In this case, the importance of goat's lodging, food and health management was given importance. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Nanny-goat are pregnant within 7-8 months. It is very popular for the farmers due to giving 2-3 children together. A goat weighs 15-20 kgs in 12-15 months. Goat is performed in scientific way, bound and semi-closed method. In closed procedure, the goats are kept in complete bounded condition. When the goat is fully confined, the required green grass, grained food and water are supplied. However, they have good health when they are brought out of the house for a few hours every day. Starting the farm with the new goat, the first can not be kept completely confined. Gradually, they will have to reduce the pasture time. If accustomed to a new environment, there will be no problems in taking food. In semi-closed systems, semi-closed and open procedures for goats are followed. Bound in the farm, grainy food is provided to them. Through pasture fields, they eat green grass. For the house of goats, high and dry places have to be selected. When creating a house, you need 1 square meter of space for each adult goat. If the floor is damp, you have to make the platform in the goat's house. The goat's house and its surroundings should be kept clean. They have to keep the light and air circulation in their accommodation. Goat baby leave the mother's milk within 2-3 months. If the age of the baby is 1 month, the practice of eating good quality green grass and grainy food should be practiced. If the availability of grass is less, then better variety of napier, para, German grass can be cultivated for goats. Cultivated grass cut, the goat can be fed. Moreover, lustrous rice straw is cut very small and can be fed to the goat mixed with adhesive molasses. To meet the nutritional needs of goats, grainy foods should be supplied daily with green grass as needed. Wheat, maize, wheat bran, rice dust, different shell peas, oil cake, dried fish powder etc are used as a mixture of grainy food. By age, goats drink 1-2 liters of water daily. So pure water should be kept in the reach of goats. The goat has to be vaccinated on time and will have to take deworming medicines. Goats have to eat fresh food. The goats prefer to stay in a clean-dainty environment. The goats love dry and high places all the time. Goats should not be so cold, so be careful. Dear viewers If you like our report, please subscribe to our channel, and comment on us that you want to see the report on any topic, we will try to make a report on that topic. Thank you.
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Best Poultry Chicken Vaccines Program || Broiler Farming in Asia
Best Poultry Chicken Vaccines Program or Broiler Farming in Asia. Role: Broiler chickens are meat-producing special kind of chicken which is suitable for eating meat at 30-35 days. Broiler chickens can contribute significantly to the shortage of world animal microbes, to solve unemployment problems, generate employment, increase income and increase poverty. However, due to lack of proper knowledge of the unemployed population, commercially, the broiler chickens can not move forward as expected. In view of this problem, the government of Bangladesh has been providing training to the unemployed youth by providing "youth development directorate" on different issues including broiler chicken which has contributed greatly to the creation of the employment of the unemployed people of the country. In the above video, Broiler's training of chicken immunization program Mr. Sheikh Mehedi Hasan, Instructor (Livestock), Shahid Sheikh Jamal Youth Training Center, Dipartment of Youth Development, Tongipara, Gopalgong. Vaccination Program Vaccination and its importance: Immunization of various diseases according to the vaccination program Disease resistance is created in the body and Chickens can be preserved from infectious diseases. If the immunization is fruitful, then the disease will be very low and the death rate will be tolerable. Layer chicken vaccine: Marx, Ranikhet, Gamboro, Bronchitis, spring, Salmonella, Kariaja Broiler chicken vaccine: Marx, Ranikhet, Gamborau Alert before vaccination Carefully take care of the chicken; Vaccination should be applied in any type of poultry free condition; The sick chicken can not be vaccinated; Immunization equipment should be boiled in boiling water; Vaccinations should be provided when the weather is cold. General rules of vaccine use Vaccination vaccine is always applied to healthy birds; Vaccination can not be applied to infected diseases or insects by insects. It does not create resistance to desired levels, but there is a possibility of more damage to the bird; Vaccination seeds can not be exposed to sunlight anyway; The use of apples, syringes-nidles, used fluid materials, vaccine user hands, etc. need to be clean and clear for mixing and applying while using; Chemical substances can not be used for sterilization; It is better to use antidote vaccine during the morning or in the evening in cold climates; The vaccine should be used as soon as possible after use for the use. After grilling, one hour in the hot day and two hours of winter should be used; If the normal color of the ticker is changed or the vaccine can not be used anymore; Transportation in cold conditions is necessary to ensure the vaccine transport; In the heat resistant vessel, the vaccine is transported with ice to the ice. When ice melts, ice is to be refreshed; While using, vaccination mixing pot can not be kept in a large container made of ice in shade; When applying immune vaccines, the immunization application should be washed with clean water and hence chemicals can not be used; Burning unused vaccines will be burned. Can not be kept for future use. Vaccination Program (For Layer Chicken) Age Disease name Vaccine name Vaccination procedure 1 day Marx disease Marx vaccine Ejection under the skin 2 days Gomborough Disease Gamborough vaccine (live) Blisters in the eye (if the poultry chicken is not vaccinated) 3-5 days Rannicular Disease B, C, R, D, V. Blubber in both eyes (if the pent chicken is vaccinated at the age of 7 to 10 days) 7 days Infocus bronchitis I, B, Eye drops 10-14 days Gomborough Disease Gambooro vaccine One eye drops 21-24 days Rannicular Disease B, C, R, D, V. Droplets in two eyes 24-28 days Gomborough Disease Gambooro vaccine One eye drops 30 days Infocus bronchitis I, B, Eye drops 35 days Chicken spring Foul pox vaccine Screws the needle under the skin 50 days Worms Worms medicine With food or water 60 days Rannicular Disease R, D, V. Injected under the skin or in the skin 70 days Infocus bronchitis I, B. With blisters or water in the eye 80-85 days Cholera Foul cholera vaccine Injected under the skin or in the skin 90-95 days Infixas Kariza I, Kariza Vaccin Injected under the skin or in the skin 110-115 days Cholera Foul cholera vaccine Injected under the skin or in the skin 130-135 days Infocus bronchitis, Ranikhet, Agdropasidrum Integrated vaccine Injected under the skin or in the skin 130-135 days Worms Worms medicine With food or water However, you need to be careful: if necessary, you will need to use a coccystastat for the prevention of cocciosis disease up to 6 weeks of age with food. At the age of 50 days, medicines will be mixed with water mixed with water. At the age of 130 to 135 days, those medicines will be redistributed. However, this list does not apply in all cases. Due to the history of disease prognosis, vaccine availability and local environmental conditions, they have to prepare their own list for their farm.
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Business Ideas-Turkey Farming Best Business Ideas To Make Money And Free Range Turkey Farm
Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H . Turkey is one kind of big bird. One time Turki was a wild bird but now it is celebrated in the house or in the farm. In childhood, they look like chicken babies. Currently, less or more birds are observed in almost all countries of the world including North America, Europe. Turkey's meat is quite popular in different countries of the world. Turkey is currently contributing to the economy by meeting the demand for meat. Its meat is more protein, less fat and more nutritious than other bird's meat. In 20 weeks, the average weight of male birds is 6-7 kg and the female bird 3-4 kg. The right time to market male birds at the age of 14 to 15 weeks. And the female bird is marketed at 17-18 weeks of age. Typically starting turkey eggs from the age of 30 weeks. Every woman turkey lay eggs 8 to 15 eggs each time. If the required lighting, air, clean water and food is provided, the turkey gives 80-100 eggs one year. After 28 days the baby is born from the egg. 60-70 percent of turkey birds lay eggs in the afternoon. 50 percent of the total feed of turkey bird should be green grass. An adult turkey bird needs 140-150 grams of food per day. They also eat broiler or layer chicken meal. Always give clean water to drink. For a large turkey bird, 4 to 5 square feet space should be ensured. There should be adequate lighting and ventilation in the house. The house should be kept clean. A male turkey can be kept with 4-5 female turkeys. Due to the rules, clean food and farm management, it is possible to avoid many diseases. The average weight of male turkey is 10 kg. But the female turkey weight is usually half of the male birds. Turkey can fly at a short distance. Turkey birds can be observed in free and confined condition. If you want to produce a commercial farm and produce meat, the average weight of a turkey 14/15 week will be 5/6 kg. Turkey's meat is quite tasty and meat production capacity is widespread. It can be observed without hassle. Turkey birds grow faster than broiler chicken. The comparative cost of turkey farms is very low, because they like to eat grainy food as well as to eat spinach, grass, sapling. Turkey's meat contains more zinc, iron, potassium, B6 and phosphorus. These ingredients are very beneficial for the human body. Regular eating this meat reduces cholesterol. Dear viewers, if you like the report, then subscribe to our YouTube channel. And you want to see the report on any topic, please leave us a comment. We will try to make reports on that topic. Thank you.
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Kids Amusement Park for Outdoor delight - Children Playground Park is an Likable Entertained Place
The children of the city are getting bigger as a cage prisoner. As well as growing up, the need for their mental maturity is the light of the outer world, a little open ground. If the child can learn something with joy, then they never forget. So you can visit your child from various sights. goo.gl/aQ126H Park Name: Sheikh Russell Children Park. Location of Park: Sheikh Russell Child Park is located in Tungipara upazila of Gopalganj district of Bangladesh. Sheikh Russel Children's Park has been created, near Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's tomb area. Near the Madhumati River. The child park started its journey from January 8, 1916 to the entertainment center. The park is open every morning from 8.00 to 6.00pm. You can spend some time entertaining for a short time and at a low cost, from this child park.
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Biggest Huntsman Spider Egg Sac  Protection || Dangerous Giant  Australian Brown Widow Wolf Spider
Biggest Huntsman Spider Egg Sac Protection, Dangerous Giant Australian Brown Widow Wolf Spider. Huntsman Spider Invertebrates This is an eight-footed arcadida class. Huntsman Spider body, head and trunk are divided into two parts, eight joint legs and no wings. Huntsman Spider combines head and chest together to form cephalothorax or headache. The oldest Biggest Spider alone hunter - they do not sift the net. Catching a prey. The way to identify them is to the left bog that moves straight upwards. Huntsman Spider is a freemasonry, usually lonely and hunter, insect and this small animal, in which there are people who are harmful and also insect pests. Biggest spider trapped snakes, birds and mammals. Huntsman Spider (Wolf and Crab Spider) travels around for food, jumps or jumps over it. They sour it with partial digestion of the poison with the help of boddleen enzymes. Some species eat homosexuals after homosexuals, courtships and sexual intercourse. Spiders digest food outside the body. After entering the poisonous garbage in the victim's body, the cells melts after a while and the spider absorbs all the ingredients of the spices of the composted food system and rapidly absorbs them in the body. All spiders have a pair of poisonous glands. Many of them bite very poisonous. However, this poison is not harmful to humans, but the exception is Black Widow and Brown Reukus Spider. The first of these poisons nourishes the nervous system of the human and in the second, the bite is rotten in the bitten area. Huntsman Spider is on the front of the stomach. The three pairs of yarn twisted yarn associated with the silk gland Protein-rich adhesive fluid produced from the silk gland is made of strong silk cotton in the form of air, and it creates spider pots, egg shells, tunnel nets and hunting netting and trapping the victims. Wife Giant huntsman spider usually lay eggs in silk bags. Biggest spider, sprouts of the garden, etc are only about 1 to 2 months old after laying eggs. The wife spider usually produces 1 to 2 large pots, in which thousands of eggs are laid. They grow up to two times before they get to adulthood. Mother spiders carry their eggs in their body until the baby is exposed to the Biggest Spider Egg. In the natural rule, the eggs start to boil once. New life spots can be seen in the egg. New spider baby comes But where's the food? In the fire of hunger, the small children started eating their mother's body when they became very thirsty. The mother sparrows in silence on the child's love, all sorrow and suffering. Once the whole body of the mother goes to the stomach of the children. The mother is separated from the mother. And the children walk towards the new world. Giant huntsman spider includes primitive animals. The length of spider body can be 0.5 mm -10 cm. The largest species of tropical ternatulara group Although no antennae, the pedipalp of the face may be mistakenly an antenna. Pedipalp is useful to stoke the victim. Wife spider plush narrow Lifetime different, perhaps mostly for 1 month to 1 year. Tarantula spider can not survive in the normal state, but can remain alive for 20 years in captivity. The wives are relatively long lived. Recently a group of researchers from the San Diego Natural History Museum found a Giant huntsman spider. Its outer ring is unusually large. Eight eye types match with several species of spiders. It is a wonderful member of the family of Cetanidaa. Baja is one of the rare animals in California. Its head and legs are dark brown color. But the stomach is yellow. It will be 4 inches high. Its poisons are clearly visible. Traditionally Huntsman Spider is considered as an insect predator. But recently, scientists have discovered Huntsman spider who hunts and eats fish. This Huntsman spider lives near water. In some cases, Huntsman spider makes poisonous poison to catch larger fish than they do. This semi-aquatic Wolf Spider usually lives in shallow streams, ponds and wetlands. Some of these spiders may sink and walk with swimming. Spiders can feed twice as big fish as they can. Without the Antarctic continent, this fish was eaten on all other continents. The semi-aquatic Huntsman spider is often seen to eat small fish of sweet water. Before the start of the diet, the fish were first pulled to a dry place and the process lasted for several hours.
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New Business Ideas - Axis Deer Farm Business Plans and White Tailed Chital Deer Facts
A new business idea of deer farming. Axis deer farm business plan can be profitable. White Tailed Chital deer Facts was discussed. Axis Deer medium sized deer. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan's forests are the permanent habitat of Axis deer. Some species of deer are found in the world. Of these, the most beautiful axis deer.Axis Deer is very good tameable. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H There is no specific breeding season. Axis Deer pregnancy period is 7 months. Every time a baby is born. Baby deer sucks for 6 months. The female deer is puberty from 14 to 17 months. On the other hand, the male deer is puberty in 14 months. This type of deer weighs 75 to 100 kg in full age. So commercially, Axis Deer's farm is profitable. You can also accept this new business concept. Adult Axis Deer height is 30 to 38 inches above shoulder. The body is 42 to 55 inches tall. The tail length is 8 to 12 inches. Male deer height and weight are higher than female deer. Axis Deer has white blot spots on reddish brown hair. Under the neck of the deer, under the stomach, under the tails and the four-legged skin color is white. Only male deer has horns. Adult Axis Deer horn is of three branches. Although the length of the common horn is 22 to 27 inches, in some cases even up to 75 inches. The male deer neck is narrow and the chest is relatively flowered.
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Brown Bat Facts for Kids - Cute Baby Bat Eating And My Pet Bat
Brown Bat Facts for kids. Cute Baby Bat Eating my House .My Pet Bat is Beautiful. The only mammal capable of flying a feather wing. They are classified as Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera. The species of Megachiroptera is basically fruit, hence the name fruit bat, known as. Microchiroptera species are insect, so their insect bat is called. The video is insect bat. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: goo.gl/aQ126H The insect bat with the head and body is 8-9 cm long. The hand is 3 cm The weight is 9 to 13 grams and the length of the wings is 19 to 22 cm long. They are generally very helpful in protecting the environment by eating insects. Eat many deadly poisonous insects for the human body. Apart from this, the bananas, guavaas, sobida, national fruit juice absorbed. Batut provides enough support to control the pollination of wild plants, seeds and pests. Thousands of insect bat lying on the opposite side of the old abandoned building. They are nocturnal, so in the daytime, spreading the words of Twitter, spots are busy. Woman's insect bat is delivered twice a year. Each child has at least two births. The insect bat is a species of bats. They are found in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
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Starting a Business - How to Start Winter Tomato Farming Business And Growing Tomatoes
Starting a business with expertise is very important. Winter Tomato farming is a very profitable business. The topic of how to cultivate winter tomatoes is discussed in the video. Growing Tomatoes.Tomato is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. Tomatoes have vitamin A, vitamins C, meat, and calcium. Winter tomatoes are cultivated in almost all countries. On business basis, tomato is cultivated and marketed. Within 60 to 90 days of planting seedlings, ripe tomatoes may be collected. Tomatoes can be collected both ripe and raw. From every tree, tomatoes can be collected from seven to eight times. At the bottom of the fruit, if there is a little reddishness, it is useful to harvest crops. If properly attended, the yield of hectare can be around 70-90 tonnes. 20-26 centigrade temperature is particularly suitable for tomato cultivation. Sufficient light air is good for planting tomato plants.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H For the cultivation of winter tomatoes, the time to plant saplings from the last week of October to the first week of November. After 30-35 days of seed sowing, sapling is suitable for planting. Tomato can be cultivated in almost all types of soil. However, the sandy soil is the most useful. When the land cultivation is completed, the bed should be 10-15 cm high. To facilitate irrigation, keep 30 cm channel between two beds. The right time to plant saplings from the last week of November to the first week of December. Saplings should be planted in two rows in each bed. Distance from one row to another row will be 50 centimeters. In every row, the distance of the seedlings to seedlings is 50 cm. Along with planting, water will be provided. Land should be taken 4-5 times by cultivation and ladder, keep the soil neat. Before the last cultivation, make the land again by spraying 5 tons of dung manure and 150-200 kg TSP fertilizer in hectare. At the time of planting, 5 tons of dung mixed with soil should be mixed. After 15 days of planting, apply urea 100-125 kg and potash 110-115 kg per hectare. After 35 days of planting, again 100-125 kg of urea and potash 110-115 kg will be applied per hectare . If it is cultivated in dry season, it is necessary to irrigate water. After planting, weed must be cleaned. It is necessary to propose tomatoes tree to get good yield and perfect results. If the tree is not too large, then it is necessary to prune extra stems. Insects and disease attacks are less and fruit size and weight increase.
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Business Ideas - Cattle Farming Business Ideas And Male Cow Farm
Beef is a favorite food and plenty of demand. So to meet the demand for meat, bull cattle farming can be a profitable business. Besides, many cows are needed during the religious festival of Muslims. But the scientific farm of beef production is very low. For more meat production, in a short time, feeding weak cows with special arrangements, healthy and strongening is called beef fattening. Within a certain time, fattening cattle can be beneficial for marketing. Either way, the use of injection or a growth hormone can not be taken for fattening of cattle. Besides the use of antibiotics, cattle fattening is possible in normal and organic methods. For this, proper management of fattening cattle is necessary.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Cows Fattening Facilities: 1. In a short time, cattle can be marketed at a higher price by fattening. 2. In less time, returns to capital with profit. 3. weak cow can be fattened and strong. 4. Capital takes less and less financial risk. 5. More land is not needed and skilled workers are not required. 6. Cow dung can be sold as organic fertilizers. 7. By producing more meat, animal protein requirements can be met. 8. Unemployment decreases and reduces poverty by self-employment. Based on age, usually cattle can be fattened within 3 months. Sometimes, it can take 6 months to 1 year. For fattening, if male cows are selected, good results are available. For each cow needs space, 8 feet long and 2 meters wide. Convenient time for fattening cattle is monsoon and autumn, when abundant raw grass is available. For fattening cows, two types of food are needed. Fiber food and grainy food. • Among the fiber foods only straw, UMS, green grass etc. But in this process, instead of straw just feed the UMS. UMS is the urea mixed hay in a special process. • In the grainy food, oil cake, wheat gram, Rice Bran, rice particle, dried fish, mussels crushed, salt etc. Also, sufficient water will be supplied.
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How To Earn Money - Dairy Farming Business Plan To Make Money And Cow Farm
Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H . Congratulations to all the favorite visitors. We have come today to a dairy farm. There are 120 cows with calf on this farm. Currently, a profitable business to establish dairy farms through mixed breed cows. Better management of cow care, proper breeding, balanced diet,the need for farmers to know about modern technology for disease prevention and early treatment. This dairy farm has two rows. More animals can be observed in two rows of cowshed. In this cowshed, the animal has been kept in a face-to-face system. There are 120 centimeter wide food container in between the two rows. The position of standing for a cow is 5.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. In two rows, animal can be easily supplied with food and water, More light is available for milking,animals are comfortable in their place, Caretaker can easily Movement. The cow will have to take bath every morning and in the afternoon. The cow needs suitable residence in order to avoid adverse weather conditions like storm, rain, excessive cold and hot, insects, thieves, and wild animals. There should be plenty of lighting and ventilation in the house during the summer. Under no circumstances will there be any dampness in the house. Sometimes mosquitoes, flies and fetor need to be washed by germicides for suppression. Cowshed can be easily cleaned,keeping in mind that direction, the house needs to be made. A cow should eat 20 to 30 kg of raw grass daily. Grainy food mixture: 18-20% protein must be rich. For the production of the first 3 kg of milk, we have to give 03 kg of grainy food and for the next every kg of milk production, we have to give 0.5 kg of grainy food. 50-60 grams of salt and clean water should be provided as needed. The cow needs about four liters of water for the production of one liter of milk. Observations show that if the cow gets enough pure water, milk production is increased by almost 20 percent. So,Water should be supplied for 24 hours so that the cow can drink as much water as needed. Before milking, the cows and the combator's hands should be washed thoroughly with clean water. Cow milk should be milking at certain times. Every cow in this farm gives 30-40 liters of milk daily. After 8 months, the amount of milk giving will decrease. If you have bulls in the calf, then you have to sell it. After giving milk to 4 to 5 years of cows, they have to be sold. You can earn money by selling dung. The greater the chewing of cows will add more saliva to the food, the food will be more digestible. Therefore, for the digestion of food, the cow must be given at least eight hours of chewing . Especially after the evening, no other food should be given . The head of a good cow is light and small, the forehead is wide, bright eyes and there is interest in food. Lighter on the front of the body, the back side is heavy and well organized. The physical shape is attractive and the body structure is loose. Rib bones are clear and bone structure is consistent. The skin is thin, there will not be unnecessary fat deposits under the skin, skin color will be bright, hair will be smooth and shiny. The breasts are large, well-structured and consistent with the body, and the nipples will be of the same size. The dairy veins are thick and clear. The dairy veins will be zigzag expanded on the navel side of the abdomen. The head of a good cow is light and small, the forehead is wide, bright eyes and there is interest in food. Lighter on the front of the body, the back side is heavy and well organized. The physical shape is attractive and the body structure is loose. Rib bones are clear and bone structure is consistent. The skin is thin, there will not be unnecessary fat deposits under the skin, skin color will be bright, hair will be smooth and shiny. The breasts are large, well-structured and consistent with the body, and the nipples will be of the same size. The dairy veins are thick and clear. The dairy veins will be zigzag expanded on the navel side of the abdomen. Dear viewers, if you like the report, then subscribe to our YouTube channel. And you want to see the report on any topic, please leave us a comment. We will try to make reports on that topic. Thank you.
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Business Ideas - Strawberry Farm Best Business Ideas To Make Money
Strawberry is mainly the fruit of winter region. Besides the land, it is possible to cultivate this fruit in the tub, house roof or verandah. An unemployed woman or male can start a business by cultivating strawberry on land for their own employment. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Strawberry can be sold at higher price, so its cultivation is very profitable. After meeting the needs of the country, it is possible to export extra production abroad. In this case, different exporting organizations provide support. Strawberry is a fruit of highly nutritious and popular. This fruit is fragrant, sour and sweet taste. In addition to eating directly as a fruit, it is widely used to enhance the beauty and fragrance of various food items. The production of strawberry loamy soil and sandy loamy soil is high. If the day temperature is 20-26 degrees Celsius, and the temperature at night is 12-16 degrees Celsius, the yield is good. About 52 thousand saplings can be planted in every hectare. Each tree has an average 32 fruits, Whose average weight is 450 gram. The yield is 11-15 tonnes per hectare. The fruit is small and medium size. The average height of the tree is 30 centimeters and the expansion is 45-50 centimeters.The ripe fruit is attractive gorgeous red color. The fruit skin is soft and somewhat grained. The fruit is completely eaten. The strawberry tree produces enough climber and produces plants so the reproduction of it is easy. Ranners produced from maternal plants can be used as seedlings later. If the ripe fruit is red, then the fruit must be collected. Strawberry preservation time is very low, so after harvesting it should be kept in a plastic basket or in the egg tray so that the fruit is not crowding. Strawberry is a nutritious fruit. There are many demanding strawberries in big cities of our country. So by cultivating strawberries, it is possible to earn additional income by meeting the needs of family nutrition as well as selling excess production in the market. Dear viewers If you like our report, please subscribe to our channel, and comment on us that you want to see the report on any topic, we will try to make a report on that topic. Thank you.
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Wonderful Giant Praying Mantis || World Biggest Giant Grasshopper Catcher
Wonderful Giant Praying Mantis - World Biggest Giant Grasshopper Catcher. My video is the real video. Giant Praying Mantis is a dangerous insect. Praying Mantis SCIENTIFIC NAME is Mantis religiosa . This is a World Biggest Giant Grasshopper. Wonderful Giant Praying Mantis is Class of Insecta.
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Dung Beetle Identification System - Scarab Beetle Facts is Important Because it is Not Toxic
Dung Beetle is the largest species of insect. Dung Beetle is 40% of the described insect. So far, about 3,50,000 species of Dung Beetle have been discovered and often new species are being discovered. This insect fan is covered, tough. Without the sea and poles area, Almost everywhere in the world Various species of Dung Beetle are seen. Apart from the ocean and polar regions, there are various species of beetles in different parts of the world. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: goo.gl/aQ126H Scarab Beetle is quite powerful. Rhinoceros beetle horn is one of the most dung beetle species in the world. Rhinoceros beetle is capable of carrying around 850 times its weight. Dung Beetle is not harmful for the people. Because they do not bite, are unstable and there are no poisons. Plants and fungi consume their common food, they eat powdered plants and plants and other invertebrates. Some species prey on different animals, including birds and mammals, and others are harmful pests of crops. The size of adult insects is 6.5 inches tall. This cowboy jaw is so strong - half of a hardwood plant can break the insect! But this huge cowboy insects are very innocent. They never attack Kauka. They are only seen when they leave their homes in search of a mate. However, many of the forest trees are found inside their house. Taking the tree of the decayed tree The worms and insects of this cowboy do not go out too much. So finding them is very difficult. Hercules named beetles are considered to be the longest beetle worm. They are 7 inches or larger than 17.5 cm. But it's with its trunk If only the shape of the body is caught, then Titan Gigenates is the largest gooseberry and the biggest insect in the world. They threaten the enemy with the word 'hers' and bite the attacker with their strong jaws. Its legs are very strong, with sharp nails, which can tear off any skin or skin of any animal. Naturally, if these insects do not attack themselves, they do not attack.
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Starting a Business - How to Start a Cantaloupe Melon Farming Business And How to Growing Muskmelon
Starting a business with expertise is very important. cantaloupe farming is a very profitable business. I will now discuss ways to start cantaloupe farming on a commercial basis.For the cultivation of cantaloupe, dry and warm climate is most suitable. The best for fertile sandy loam and silt clay cantaloupe cultivation. Usually the cantaloupe melon is long-shaped. However, some species of melons are round. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H Raw fruit color greenish. Raw cantaloupe can be cooked and eaten as vegetables. Ripe fruit color is yellow. The ripe fruit has a sweet aroma. Fruit weight can range from one to four kg. he crop yields 9 -11 tonnes per hectare. Cantaloupe seeds are sown from November to February, depending on the species. At first, the land must be cultivated. Next, the land should be prepared by the ladder. During the cultivation of land, 2320 kg dung manure should be applied in every hectare land. After that, every row should be dug 1.33 feet wide and 1.33 deep hole. The distance from one hole to another should be 5 feet to 6.5 feet. The distance from row to row will be 10 feet. Then, fill the hole with a mixture of 10 kg rotten cow dung and 150 grams of TSP fertilizer with soil. Before sowing the seeds, if the seeds are wet in water for 24 hours, then early sapling. After 10-12 days of planting, By keep two healthy and vigorous plants, the rest will have to be lifted. If the tree is slightly larger, then apply 29 kg urea fertilizer and 23 kg of M.O.P fertilizer around every hectare land. Time to fertilize, Irrigation should be provided if soil is dry. The extent of the fertilizer level can vary depending on the area's soil. Cantaloupe can tolerance the drought. But irrigation should be done during drying for good yield. However, it should be noted that the water at the root of the tree is not stored. Fruits that do not rot, for this, the hay should be spread on the land. If there is excessive fruit, leaving 4-5 fruits per tree, all other fruits should be pruned. If the cantaloupe is yellow, when the fruit starts to burst Or if the petiole is disconnected Understand that the fruit can be taken. Then the fruits should be carefully transported. For higher temperatures and moisture, there is no consistency between the growth of fruit shell and core,as a result, the fruit is broken. Due to the caste characteristics, the fruit is fracture. For this, there will be regular irrigation in the fruit rise stage. Moreover, the species of cantaloupe does not fracture, they will have to cultivate. Weeds should be cleaned.
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Wonderful Giant Grasshopper - World Biggest Real Grasshopper Insect
Wonderful Giant Grasshopper. World Biggest Real Grasshopper Insect are bugs of the suborder caelifera within the order orthoptera, which includes crickets and their allies inside the wonderful suborder ensifera. They may be located within the infraorder acrididea and were referred-to as "short-horned grasshoppers" in older texts to distinguish them from the furthermore-out of date time period "lengthy-horned grasshoppers" (now bush-crickets or katydids) with their a excellent deal longerantennae. Wonderful Giant Grasshopper probably the oldest dwelling agency of chewing herbivorous bugs, dating once more to the early triassic spherical 250 million years in the past. Grasshoppers are commonly ground-residing insects with effective hind legs which permit them to escape from threats via jumping vigorously. They may be hemimetabolous insects (they do now not go through entire metamorphosis) which hatch from an egg right into a nymph or "hopper" which undergoes 5 moults, turning into extra just like the individual insect at every developmental diploma. At excessive populace densities and beneath certain environmental situations, some grasshopper species can change color and conduct and shape swarms. Under those conditions they will be referred to as locusts. World Biggest Real Grasshopper Insect within the group are plant-eaters, with a few species at times turning into intense pests of cereals, greens and pasture, particularly when they swarm in their hundreds of hundreds as locusts and break flora over large areas. World Biggest Real Grasshopper Insect protect themselves from predators thru the usage of camouflage; at the equal time as detected, many species try and startle the predator with a brilliantly-coloured wing-flash on the equal time as leaping and (if individual) launching themselves into the air, generally flying for best a quick distance. Splendid species which incorporates the rainbow grasshopper have warning colorationwhich deters predators. Grasshopper Insect are laid low with parasites and numerous ailments, and masses of predatory creatures feed on every nymphs and adults. Giant Grasshopper eggs are the assignment of assault with the resource of parasitoids and predators. Grasshoppers have had an prolonged courting with human beings. Swarms of locusts should have devastating outcomes and motive famine, or perhaps in smaller numbers, the insects can be severe pests. Giant Grasshopper are used as food in nations on the thing of mexico and indonesia. They feature in artwork, symbolism and literature. Grasshopper Insect have the usual insect frame plan of head, thorax and stomach. The pinnacle is held vertically at an mind-set to the body, with the mouth at the lowest. The top bears a huge pair of compound eyes which offer all-spherical vision, 3 smooth eyes that could find out mild and darkish, and a couple of thread-like antennae which may be touchy to touch and fragrance. The downward-directed mouthparts are changed for chewing and there are sensory palps within the the front of the jaws. The thorax and abdomen are segmented and feature a rigid cuticle crafted from overlapping plates composed of chitin. The 3 fused thoracic segments endure three pairs of legs and pairs of wings. The forewings, referred to as tegmina, are slender and leathery on the same time due to the fact the hindwings are huge and membranous, the veins supplying strength. The legs are terminated with the useful aid of claws for gripping. The hind leg is in particular powerful; the femur is robust and has numerous ridges in which specific surfaces be a part of and the internal ridges bearstridulatory pegs in a few species. The posterior fringe of the tibia bears a double row of spines and there are more than one articulated spurs close to its lower give up. The interior of the thorax houses the muscle tissues that manipulate the wings and legs. The belly has 11 segments, the primary of this is fused to the thorax and consists of the tympanal organ and taking note of tool. Segments to eight are ring-common and joined via bendy membranes. Segments nine to 11 are shriveled; phase 9 bears multiple cerci and segments ten and 11 residence the reproductive organs. Girl grasshoppers are normally big than males, with quick ovipositors. Giant Grasshopper name of the suborder "caelifera" comes from the latin and way chisel-bearing, regarding the shape of the ovipositor.
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Giant African Land Snail Exhibit on My Hand - Baby Snail
Snail body has natural watering system (filter). They drink dirty water. The water that keeps the dirt out of food as a food is pure. In the field that has a snail, the fertility of the field increases. The result of more crops. In this way, they play the role of a friend of the peasants.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: goo.gl/aQ126H Snails and eggs are preferred by rats and little hunger. In the area where a lot of snails are found, the crops also lose less. Where, the horns, horns and carpets live on snails and snails eggs. As a result, when the snails are reduced, water is wasted, fish die. In the event of the change in water color becomes inaccessible. As a result, the disease leads to germs in the water. Snails are used as food for duck or ghee and to make lime and chicken food. Many people earn livelihood by selling snails and breaking snails. The body of the snail releases calcium, phosphorus and potassium on the ground. If they die, the soil is ripe and open, making the soil fertile by making calcium, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on the ground. Apart from this, both insect pests like mcophilia and microfilia survive eating snails. This worm helps to destroy the two paddy husk insects. It leads to crop production. Snails play an important role in protecting ecosystems. If they do not, the water's natural purity capacity decreases. Due to the destruction of this, the natural balance of agricultural land and environment is being wasted. Encourage the owner to cultivate snails as per demand, reduce the use of pesticides in crop production, banned snuffs in the breeding season (June-August), establish small signboards for not catching someone else's pond, pick up snail benefits in government or agriculture department sign boards To write various slogans, public-private enterprise training, meeting seminar Masucite calls for the protection of snails, snails caught and sold openly forbidden, to take measures to reduce salinity, above all, to increase public awareness of the maddhame snail can produce.
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Tree Frog Facts - Ideas About Wild Tree Frog Habitats
Tree frog facts. The tree frog can go a long way in jumping into frogs. The wild tree frog's habitat is in the bush, the forest, and the trees. Looking at other frogs, the tree frog is a little darker. Tree frog Hand-foot is a little taller. With the help of that long long hand-foot, he jumped up and shook his head. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H The way the tree frogs in the air can pass like this, the way a lot can pass. Then again wherever it is possible, it can come down without any hesitation. For this, he is under his feet, special gland. Through which the tree frog can be dropped by any place like a lizard. When you come down from the sky, go to leap on the tree. Tree frog During the laying of eggs, trees are selected by water, some of which are on the water. Tree frog sticks their eggs on the surface of the leaves with some glue insulation. If the eggs are out of frogs, the frogs fall into the water directly. As a result, there is no problem in the survival of the barks. Recently, researchers from India have discovered a very strong and repeated use glue. It is possible to avoid the absence of eight power of the tree frog, which is known as "tree stroke." It is known that the new type of eighteen energy discovered by the study of the tree frog is more than 30 times higher than the previous eighteen energy, and this type of glue is used repeatedly.
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Tow Frog Movement Activities at Home
Tow Frog Movement Activities at Home A frog is any member of a diverse and in massive component carnivorous business enterprise of brief-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order anura (historic Greek an-, without + oura, tail). Frog Movement Activities at Home oldest fossil "proton-frog" seemed in the early Triassic of Madagascar, however molecular clock relationship indicates their origins can also expand similarly back to the Permian, 265 million years within the beyond. Frogs are widely dispensed, starting from the tropics to subarctic areas, but the best concentration of species variety is in tropical rain forests. There are approximately four,800 recorded species, accounting for over eighty five% of extant amphibian species. They'll be moreover one of the 5 most diverse vertebrate orders. Frog Movement Activities at Home body plan of an person frog is normally characterized by means of way of a stout body, sticking out eyes, cleft tongue, limbs folded below, and the absence of a tail in adults. Besides residing in easy water and on dry land, the adults of a few species are tailor-made for living underground or in wooden. The skin of the frog is glandular, with secretions starting from distasteful to toxic. Warty species of frog tend to be known as toads however the distinction among st frogs and toads is based mostly on casual naming conventions concentrating at the warts rather than taxonomy or evolutionary history. Frogs' skins range in color from properly-camouflaged dappled brown, grey and green to shiny forms of vivid pink or yellow and black to promote it toxicity and warn off predators. Frogs commonly lay their eggs in water. Frog Movement Activities at Home eggs hatch into aquatic larvae referred to as tadpoles which have tails and internal gills. They've quite specialized rasping mouth additives appropriate for herbivorous, omnivorous or insectivorous diets. Frog Movement Activities at Home existence cycle is completed when they metamorphose into adults. Some species deposit eggs on land or skip the tadpole degree. Adult frogs typically have a carnivorous weight-reduction plan which include small invertebrates, but omnivorous species exist and some feed on fruit. Frogs are extraordinarily inexperienced at converting what they devour into body mass. They're an vital meals supply for predators and part of the meals net dynamics of a number of the worldwide's ecosystems. The pores and skin is semi-permeable, making them liable to dehydration, in order that they each live in moist places or have particular versions to cope with dry habitats. Frogs produce a massive style of vocalizations, especially in their breeding season, and show off many exceptional forms of complicated behaviors to attract pals, to fend off predators and to normally live on.
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Hungry Baby Squirrel Food her Mother's  Milk - Screaming Squirrel Predators on the Coconut Palm
Hungry baby squirrel Food her Mother's Milk and Screaming Squirrel Predators on the Coconut Palm. Mother's Milk is the only food for wild squirrel children. Squirrel Predators generally live on the tree. People like to hear screaming squirrel predators. Squirrel Predators is no longer seen as before. The squirrel Predators hunters are trafficking over. Apart from climate change, excessive use of pesticides is being abolished day after day due to depletion of habitat squirrel. Squirrel mammals The body is long Almost the same long tail of the body. The entire tail is covered in fur. Big eyes The intense vision, the front two legs are small. There are sharp nails in the toes. With these nails they can climb any tree long. Jump back faster using the long back foot. Went on the tall tree, it withered down the tail. The Squirrel Predators flies like a bird in a hurry. The front dumplings are like two arms. With this, the fruits of fruit, date juice and seeds eat their favorite food in a beautiful manner. Eating points in the human eye. The size of the small, tail is 10 to 12 inches in length. Everyone will have to come forward to create public awareness to keep this animal beautiful. It is known, the English name of the squirrel: Hoary-bellied Himalayan Squirrel / Irrawaddy Squirrel Scientific Name: Callosciurus pygerythrus. Animal researchers said that eight species of squirrel can be seen in Bangladesh. Among them, the five-drawer squirrel and three-drawer squirrel are relatively more likely to be in contact with the people. Experts say beneficial animals in the tree squirrel environment. Everyone needs to work for the development of this animal. It is the duty of everyone to protect them. It is possible to protect their habitat trees so that they can eat and run independently if they all come forward.
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Beautiful Giant wasp Nest at House || Wonderful Giant Vespiary
Beautiful Giant Wasp Nest at House. Wonderful Giant Vespiary . A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder apocrine this is neither a bee nor an ant. The apocrine have a not unusual evolutionary ancestor and form a clade; wasps as a fixed do now not form a clade, but are paraphyletic with recognize to bees and ants. The most usually seemed wasps, along with yellow jackets and hornets, are within the family vespidae and are eusocial, living collectively in a nest with an egg-laying queen and non-reproducing human beings. Eusociality is favoured by way of way of manner of the unusual haplodiploid tool of intercourse power of mind in hymenoptera, as it makes sisters particularly intently related to every unique. However, most people of wasp species are solitary, with absolutely everyone lady living and breeding independently. Some of the solitary wasps are parasitoidal, meaning that they increase their younger with the beneficial useful resource of laying eggs on or in precise insects (any existence diploma from egg to man or woman). Not like real parasites, the wasp larvae eventually kill their hosts. Solitary wasps parasitize nearly every pest insect, making wasps valuable in horticulture for natural pest manage of species which incorporates whitefly in tomatoes and different vegetation. Wasps first regarded within the fossil report inside the jurassic, and outstanding into many surviving superfamilies through the cretaceous. They'll be a successful and severa agency of insects with tens of plenty of defined species; wasps have unfold to all factors of the area besides for the polar areas. The biggest social wasp is the asian big hornet, at as a good deal as 5 centimetres (2.0 in) in duration; among the most vital solitary wasps is a tough and speedy of species referred to as tarantula hawks, alongside aspect the large scoliid of indonesia (megascolia procer). The smallest wasps are solitary chalcid wasps within the own family mymaridae, together with the area's smallest recognised insect, with a frame length of wonderful 0.139 mm (0.0055 in), and the smallest regarded flying insect, quality 0.15 mm (zero.0059 in) extended. Wasps play many ecological roles. A few are predators, whether or not or not to feed themselves or to provision their nests. Many, extensively the cuckoo wasps, are kleptoparasites, laying eggs within the nests of various wasps. Wasps have regarded in literature from classical instances, due to the fact the eponymous chorus of vintage men in aristophanes' 422 bc comedy σφῆκες (sphēkes), the wasps, and in era fiction from h. G. Wells's 1904 novel the food of the gods and the way it got here to earth, presenting big wasps with three-inch-prolonged stings. The selection "wasp" has been used for masses warships and wonderful military device.
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Weird Nature mighty Amazon Pink River Dolphin||Asian Endangered Species  Blind River Dolphin History
Weird Nature mighty Amazon Pink River Dolphin, Asian Endangered Species Blind River Dolphin History. River Dolphin, a close species of dolphins and vermilion. Asian Endangered Species Blind River Dolphin are marine mammals. Weird Nature mighty Amazon Pink River Dolphin lips are quite long. The front of this lip has a toothache. The small wings are on the back. Due to the big big fan of the two sides, it seems strange to see Shushu. The color of the color is blackish brown or matte. The dull body has been transformed gradually towards the tail from the head to the tangle, the strong forerunner is flipper, the trail pages are horizontal. Asian Endangered Species Blind River Dolphin body is completely hairless. About the year after birth, Shuvo gives birth to a baby. A nostril has been formed in two nostrils. Using the air above the breath directly. When people want to breathe in the water, they also need air as they need to breathe. Pink River Dolphin can not breathe water again. And that is why they have to come up and down and jump out of the water immediately after the nose floats. River Dolphin can not see them. Blind River Dolphin are born blind I mean, blind from birth. Weird Nature mighty Amazon Pink River Dolphin can move to hear and hear the word. And they are often caught in the fishermen's trap because they do not see them. It is often seen that they are swimming and swim. With the help of big feathers, they recognize the way by touching the riverside. The main food of the pigs is fish. Weird Nature mighty Amazon Pink River Dolphin use the harsher sound signal to determine the location of the victim. When the sound of the target hits the object, its echo is quickly returned to the dolphin. From this resistance, the dolphin can quickly determine the size, distance, and speed of the shoot. These social organisms often interact with mobilizers and communicate with each other through word signals. These ducklings live in the river. Asian Endangered Species Blind River Dolphin mainly live in major rivers of Bangladesh. These are found in all the places of Padma, Meghna, Jamuna and Brahmaputra. It is often seen in small groups of rivers and estates. Dolphins usually live in salt water. The only two varieties of dolphins in Bangladesh and the 'botou' of amazon are in freshwater throughout the year. Shushu is an extremely rare animal in the world. Due to dams in the river, the construction of the bridge, etc. will be lost due to the navigability of the river and the place of Shushu's residences and reproduction ground. Besides, the place where Shushu's house is washed away in the polythene river is also wasted. Malnutrition of industrial factories is also the enemy of Shoshu. So since 1996, the names of the endangered creatures have been named Shushuk. Dosage oil is quite effective for fishing. So the fishermen are catching pigs. Besides, the jets used to catch jets, which are also fired by Shushu's party. The government of Bangladesh is safe in the 31-km aquatic areas of the Sundarbans to protect the duck Announced. Sundarbans dolphin situation is somewhat better. Sundarbans, Hatiya, Maheshkhali, Kutubdia Mohana live in a small number of Naf River. Researchers say that there are six varieties of dolphins and pearls in the entire Sundarbans, including Swach of No Grand. Among them, Shushu is in the best condition. Asian Endangered Species Blind River Dolphin are six species of dolphins in our country. The name of which is usually seen in the name of Shoshuk or child. The Mexican government plans to employ trained dolphins to protect the dwarf species of marine creatures at risk of extinction. Country's Environment Minister Rafael Pachiano said that the dolphins would be chasing them together and reaching out to a marine sanctuary.
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Wonderful Giant Spider Baby Delivery Videos || How to Arachnid Baby Delivery
Wonderful Giant Spider Baby Delivery Videos or How to Arachnid Baby Delivery. The Giant Spider Baby Delivery (heteropoda maxima, "the maximum essential") is a species of huntsman spider (sparassidae), an own family of big, speedy spiders that actively attempting to find out prey. Giant Spider Baby Delivery is far taken into consideration the world's biggest spider with the resource of leg span, that can benefit up to 1 foot (30 centimeters). Giant Spider Baby Delivery come to be determined in a supply manner laos in 2001. Over 1000 new species of plant and animal have been determined amongst 1997 and 2007 in the extra mekong subregion. A representative of the area massive fund for nature said that "some of the ones species absolutely haven't any company being in recent times located", suggesting that it is surprising for the form of big species to transport undiscovered for goodbye.The colour is yellowish-brown with numerous irregularly allotted darkish spots at the rear 1/2 of of of. The legs have huge dark bands in advance than the number one bend. Like every Giant Spider, the legs of the massive Giant Spider are extended in assessment to the body, and twist in advance in a crab-like style. Apart from its duration, the h. Maxima may be first rate from one in all a type Arachnid of heteropoda through the use of way of genital tendencies. On guys, the cymbium is a lot longer than regular, at least 3 instances longer than the tegulum. The woman is first rate with the useful useful resource of manner of the use of a usually original epigyneal difficulty with anterior directed bands, and the course in their internal ducts. The huge huntsman spider is the maximum essential member of the sparassidae circle of relatives, boasting a 30 centimeters (12 inches) leg-span, and 4.6 centimeters (1.8 inches) body-period. The most essential diagnosed member of the sparassidae seemed preceding to the discovery of h. Maxima modified into the australian beregama aurea (l. Koch, 1875) with a frame duration of about 4 centimeters (1.6 inches). (because of the reality the discovery of h. Maxima, sparassidae species big than b. Aurea had been positioned. In reality in reality certainly one of them, cerbalus aravaensis, is considered to be the maximum essential in the middle east). Massive Arachnid is placed in laos, and might be a cave dweller because of its slight colour, prolonged legs and specific hairs on the second one foot of the male. There is no apparent bargain of the eyes, likely due to the reality the species lives close to caving entrances
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5 Most Painful Insect Stings In Bangladesh || Top 5 Insects Real Activities
5 Most Painful Insect Stings In Bangladesh. Top 5 Insects Real Activities. Insects or Insecta (from Latin insectum, a calque of Greek ἔντομον [éntomon], "lesson into sections") are through far the largest corporation of hexapod invertebrates within the arthropod phylum. Definitions and circumscriptions vary; in an unmarried technique, insects consist of a class inside the phylum Arthropoda. 5 Most Painful Insect Stings In Bangladesh Because of the reality the time period is used right right here, it is synonymous with ectognatha. Bugs have a chitinous exoskeleton, a 3-detail frame (head, thorax and belly), 3 pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and one pair of antennae. They'll be the maximum diverse agency of animals in the worldwide, together with greater than 1,000,000 defined species and representing more than half of all identified dwelling organisms. The range of extant species is expected at amongst six and ten million, and in all likelihood constitutes over ninety% of the differing animal life paperwork in the worldwide. Insects can be determined in almost all environments, no matter the truth that awesome a small quantity of species stay within the oceans, a habitat dominated via the use of each distinct arthropod group, crustaceans. The existence cycles of insects range but maximum hatch from eggs. Insect boom is restricted with the useful resource of the inelastic exoskeleton and development includes a series of molts. Top 5 Insects Real Activities immature stages can variety from the adults in form, addiction and habitat, and may encompass a passive pupal degree within the ones agencies that undergo 4-diploma metamorphosis (see holometabolism). Insects that go through 3-level metamorphosis lack a pupal degree and adults enlarge via a sequence of nymphal degrees. The higher diploma courting of the hexapods is doubtful. Fossilized insects of massive length were positioned from the Paleozoic generation, which incorporates massive dragonflies with wingspans of fifty five to 70 cm (22–28 in). The maximum severa insect businesses appear to have coevolved with flowering flora. Character bugs normally bypass approximately thru walking, flying or sometimes swimming (see § locomotion beneath). As it lets in for fast however robust movement, many bugs adopt a tripedal gait in which they walk with their legs touching the floor in alternating triangles. Insects are the best invertebrates to have superior flight. Many insects spend as a minimum part of their lives under water, with larval versions that embody gills, and some character bugs are aquatic and function versions for swimming. Some species, which embody water striders, are able to taking walks at the surface of water. Bugs are on the whole solitary, however some, together with high quality bees, ants and termites, are social and stay in huge, properly-organized colonies. Some insects, at the side of earwigs, show maternal care, guarding their eggs and further youthful. Bugs can speak with every exclusive in a selection of techniques. Male moths can experience the pheromones of lady moths over amazing distances. Distinct species talk with sounds: crickets stridulate, or rub their wings collectively, to attract a mate and repel notable individual men. Lampyridae within the beetle order communicate with slight. Humans regard nice bugs as pests, and attempt to manipulate them using insecticides and a number of other techniques. A few bugs harm plant life by way of the usage of feeding on sap, leaves or cease result. A few parasitic species are pathogenic. A few bugs perform complicated ecological roles; blow-flies, as an example, help eat carrion but additionally spread illnesses. Insect pollinators are vital to the lifestyles cycle of many flowering plant species on which most organisms, which incorporates people, are as a minimum in difficulty based totally; without them, the terrestrial a part of the biosphere (collectively with people) might be devastated. Many one-of-a-type bugs are taken into consideration ecologically useful as predators and some provide direct monetary gain. Silkworms and bees have been used substantially by using people for the producing of silk and honey, respectively. In some cultures, human beings consume the larvae or adults of outstanding bugs.
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The Concept About Giant African Land Snail Habitat - African Snail Movement Time
Snail is the soft body of the molluscus and the covered shelled animal. giant African land snail does not live in water. African land snail live on the high land. Land snail hides during the day, to avoid excessive sunlight. During heavy rain African land snail took shelter from the walls of the building. In the evening land snail come out with flocks. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: goo.gl/aQ126H Currently the presence of giant African land snail in various areas is visible. Land snail is very harmful for the crop. Destroy the garden. African land snail destroys plants, plants, fruits and fruits. Which is a serious threat to our agriculture. Giant African Land Snails, which is a very large snail, is very strong because animals and birds do not eat too much. Necessary action will be taken to eradicate this species of harmful snails. Consciousness should be increased and in any way its reproduction and growth process will be damaged. Giant African land snail benefits are nothing to say It will take immediate steps to destroy it. Otherwise it will spread widely. This will threaten the whole country's agricultural system.
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World Biggest Giant Spider in House Gopalganj || Giant Arachnid Documentary
World Biggest Giant Spider in House Gopalganj or Giant Arachnid Documentary . A total of 412 species of spiders known to Bangladesh have been included in 134 masses and 22 species (table). Araneidae and Salticidae are both major, in which there are 90 and 83 species, respectively, then Thomisidae (48), Theridiidae (36), Tetragnathidae (35), Clubionidae (22), Lycosidae (19) and Oxyopidae (18). Spider body length can be up to 0.5 mm -10 cm. The largest species of tropical ternatulara group. Although there is no antenna, the pedipalp of the face may be mistakenly an antenna. Pedipalp is useful to stoke the victim. Wife spider pale narrow Inhalation of the stomach with trachea or chest-lungs or by both organs. Spider-breed adapters adapted for indoor and terrestrial environments. Spiders digest food outside the body. After inserting the garbage in the victim's body, the cell melts after a while and the spider absorbs all the ingredients of the spices of the composted food system and it rapidly absorbs the body through it's repetition. Although most spinal glands contain poisons, these poisons are not harmful to humans, but exceptions are Black Widow and Brown Reukus Spider. The first of these poisons nourishes the nervous system of the human and in the second strains it is rotten in the bitten area. The ability to create silk yarn in life is a common feature of spiders. Fisherman spiders produce the largest quantity of silk yarn and seal wide net for hunting. Besides spinning nets, spiders use yarn for various purposes. Tighten the victim, cover the eggs, make the house, and wear yarn to cover the tunnels. If an insect walks over the yarn, it will signal the spider. When looking for insects in some spider forest, keep pulses and leaves safely hugging in the yarn. Spider and male are separate and the courtship is quite widespread. It is a variety of species. From simple mating to complex chemicals, visual or vibratory signals. Wife sparrows usually lay eggs in silk bags. In some cases the female spider sows it until the egg is released. Large spider spiders, gardens of spiders etc. are fed only 1-2 months before laying eggs. The wife spider usually produces 1 to 2 large pots, in which thousands of eggs are laid. Small species of spiders are matured before the adults and lions of lifetimes spend reproduction, produce in few bags and contain relatively few eggs. No increase in spider and no special changes occur during growth without size. They grow up to 2 to 14 times before they mature. Lifetime different, perhaps mostly for 1 month to 1 year. Although the tarantula spider can not survive in the normal state, it can remain alive for 20 years in captivity. The wives are relatively long lived. Weasel is the main enemy of spider, and they spider and their egg parasite. Some species of wasp keep the spiders in the house as food for their larvae, others spit eggs in the egg whistles. Many spiders guard the egg pots for security reasons.
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Monarch Butterfly Exhibit on My Hand - Biggest Beautiful Butterfly Information in the World
Butterfly is so beautiful that it is all for everyone to look eye-eye. They are also nuggeted and valuable products for beauty. Especially the colors of the colorless wings. Usually the body of the butterfly is long, bright color, on the day of the flight. The butterflies pollinate many species of flowers. The butterfly is seen in different environments throughout the bush and forest area. . Some species live in the forest alone.Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: goo.gl/aQ126H There are butterflies of 552 papilionidi families in the present world. They are spread throughout the tropics and temperate regions. They are found at elevated elevations from the sea level to the higher elevation of the mountain. Butterflies are quite transparent. The butterfly is the most colorful and vibrant in all insects of the world. The butterflies are actually made of a type of protein protein called protein that helps the animal to fly. These layers are so thin that everything is seen through it. Thousands of light cotton materials surround the transparent chisel, which are reflected in the light when they are reflected in different colors. As the age progresses, these soft cotton materials disappear from the wings and once the fan's brightness is lost. The butterfly tastes something with his feet. By using the foot, he finds any plant or other food. The girl's butterfly sits on different trees and tastes its juice with two feet hugging it. On the feet of the butterfly, there is a chemosipetrar near the backbone, which finds a similarity to the chemicals of different plants, and then they place their eggs in it. In this way they taste different foods and their habitat. Adult butterflies always eat liquid foods such as honey. They do not eat solid food without such liquid food. In their mouth there is a type of cylindrical material with which they eat honey of different trees or flowers, and thus survive. Sometimes the wet soil or water from the sand drinks. Butterflies normally require 85 degrees Fahrenheit to fly. It is a cold blooded animal, so they can not control their physical temperature. For this reason, environment temperature plays an important role in controlling their body temperature. If the outer temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, then they can not move or they can not even go to their diet. If the temperature is between 82-100 degrees Fahrenheit, butterflies can move very easily. Sunlight heat is required for the movement of butterflies in winter season. It has its wings with newly born butterflies. Wait a few hours for his whole body to be dry. Grippakas help spread the wings. She could fly for the first time after her fan was completely opened. A butterfly's life span is roughly 2-4 weeks. During this time they only do two things to eat and breed. In blue blue butterflies live only a few days. Butterflies can see in 10-12 feet, and can not see more. They use the eyes in big things like finding companions, food collection etc. The butterfly ultraviolet rays also see a range that humans can not see. The butterflies make groups together to gather their food. Sometimes they wound their wings to avoid any kind of attack. In some cases, they also change the colors of their wings.
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Funny Cute Cat and Baby Friendship are Extraordinary Subjects||Beautiful Baby Gambado with Cute Cats
Funny Cute Cat and Baby Friendship are Extraordinary Subjects.Beautiful Baby Gambado with Cute Cats. Humans hatch Funny Cute Cat. And the Funny Cute Cat in the first of the human animals . Almost four thousand years ago the Cute Cats was adapted to poultry. There are about 100 species of Cute Cats in the world. The Funny Cute Cat is seen in almost six times more eye in dark night. Cats are very cool and moody. Looks like I'm thinking something or thinking about something. There are variations in their nature too. Discuss some interesting information about this creature Cute Cats is the most popular pet pet in America. A survey conducted by the American pet product manufacturers association (APPMA) found that there are approximately 73 million Funny Cute Cat in the whole of America, where dogs are About 68 million Cats have emotions and they may experience happiness, sadness, pain, anger, tension and humorousness. Although there may be many debates about the depth and depth of their emotion, research has confirmed that cats have tendency to understand the emotion of the human being. The gray matter of cats has many similarities in the human brain. On average, a cat sleeps for 16 hours a day. If your cat is 9 years old, then it spent 6 years of his life asleep. Cats often find a place of their choice and make it their favorite place of sleep. Cats look very good in the dark. To see anything clean, the person's light needs to be seen in one-sixth of the light. When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head high. Cat's eyes are the largest in the body of all creatures in the world. Elephants are very big, whales are huge, their eyes but body size is much smaller than cats. With age, the cat's eye color changes. Cute Cat can be trained to use human toilets and flash. Once you can train, the cat will always find the toilet to respond comfortably to the call of its nature. Despite a small size, there are about 290 bones and 517 muscles in a cat's body, where there are only 206 bones in the human body-which is much larger than the cat. In rare cases, cats are seen to break bones and they are usually kept intact even when they are removed from the top. In fact, the cat can jump about 5 times its own height in one jump. Cute Cat works very important with mustache. If you want to go through a small hole, the cat will only measure it with that mustache, then you will try to fix it. There is a special advantage of them. The collarbone does not have the head melted away, then it goes effortlessly across the hole. There are 9 thousand such types of 'sensors' who have the ability to test their food taste. Only 473 cats have such censor in cats. As a result, their tongue is less effective in relishing the taste. The cat is so forced to taste the food, the smell of the nose. Every person's fingerprint or fingerprint is quite different, such a cat's nose. Each cat has a nose. So if all of a sudden coincides with the coincidence, the two cat noses can never be exactly the same. There will be some differences. If you hear the sound of the cat, the cottage that makes the house cry, or the human blood pressure decreases. One study has proved it. Statistics show that around 40,000 people bite cats every year throughout America. According to the description of Briarcliff Animal Hospital, cats bite is very serious and can lead to difficult bacterial infections. It can be treated with penicillin. However, if it is ignored, it can spread through lymph system and in rare cases may cause death. If the cat is lost, she has the ability to return to her home in China. Experts believe that such an ability is related to the angular account of sunlight, the magnetic field of the Earth, and the PSI travel. There are many such evidence that the cat has crossed a long way in reaching home. The cat does not understand the sweet taste, so there is no need to give sugar to the cats used, it will not work. Chocolate is also harmful for cats. Funny Cute Cat like humans also speak different languages in different countries, that is, the cats of 'Miyu, Miyu' or not in all countries. The cat can make up to 100 kinds of words. Each year around 4 million cats are eaten on the continent of Asia. Chinese people eat more cat meat during winter. Because they think the cat meat will keep their body warm in the winter. Almost 24 cats fur is required to produce a coat. Like a dog cats have no milk. Scientists believe that there is no cure of breast cancer due to the test receptor or taste hormones.
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Wonderful Pet Cat Eating Food Compilations || Eating Cat Food in Satkhira
Wonderful Pet Cat Eating Food Compilations , Eating Cat Food in Satkhira If you are a new cat owner, your question will be first, when will you feed the cat? What to eat What kind of food does the cat like? Actually, it is not difficult to cats but rather take care of your cat and grow your cat healthy and beautifully. It is important to have protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the daily diet of cats. Besides, it is very important for the cats to drink water along with food. So let's learn some information about cat food. Cat's ideal meal Cats are mainly carnivores. So cats should have animal proteins, such as beef, chicken meat, fish etc. and of course the food must be boiled, because raw fish, meat in bacteria, which can cause cats many diseases. Nowadays, processed fish and meat are preserved in packets known as Wet Food and Canned Food. Carbohydrate foods such as rice should not be mixed more than 10%. Dry Food means that there are plenty of animal proteins and small quantities of plant proteins in which dry food is available to buy. Dry food is not harmful for cats if the food is high quality and with plenty of water to feed. This food contains 35-40 percent carbohydrate mixture. A cat's food and quantity depends on his age and weight. The amount of food also depends on whether these are indoor or outdoor cats, whether it is spayed or neutered. According to New York's Animal Medical Center, a healthy and adult 3-4 kg cats require a diet of 240 calories a day. That means 60-65 calories per kilo is needed. Dry Food contains 300 calories per day (calories by brand as low, how many calories it contains, is correctly written on the packet) and 85 grams of canned food is available in 250 calories. If you have 2 cups of dry food and 85 grams of packaged canned food. However, the amount can be reduced by the required amount. Cat food time It is better to feed the cat at the same time every day. If an adult (if older than 1 year old) the cat should be given two meals a day. Most people feed cats in the morning and at night, ie 10-12 hours intervals. But if you eat less then it can be given 3 times. Cats may eat after more than Dry Food but according to the amount of wet food and canned food, the remaining food will be removed as the food stored for a long time can be lost and it may cause diarrhea. It is good to not give dry food to extra weight cats because it can increase weight. Drinking enough water with Dry Food is important.
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