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Cialis - Extended Version
Part of a presentation I did in Sociology class on the media and how we are saturated with commercials. Clips copyright their respective owners, used here for the purpose of postmodern consideration.
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Scratch Cat - Escape From Billie Jean
A mix I made of "Time To Get Away" by LCD Soundsystem and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.
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Lego Mario
A Mario sprite made from legos runs amok in the real world.
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Out Of Focus - Episode 1 - Part 1
The station is up and running again. Diane joins the crew and David finds a guest for the show.
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World War II. An American soldier finds himself stranded, without a legible map, and with an unwanted prisoner, a German Zeppelin pilot.
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Out Of Focus - Episode 1 - Part 2
Rob causes havoc and the show falls apart.
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Out Of Focus - Episode 1 - Part 3
The night wraps up.
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Out  Of Focus - Episode 2 - Part 1
The crew is being blackmailed, the girls are being bribed, and the guys try to save the day.
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Out Of Focus - Episode 2 - Part 2
Brian tries to get rid of magnets, Rob steals some stuff, the girls prey on a man's weakness and the rest do their things.
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Out Of Focus - Episode 2 - Part 3
The bone chilling conclusion
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Alex J. Spence - Demo Reel
Alex J. Spence is a graduate from Temple University's School of Communications and Theater, with a bachelor's degree in Film and Media Arts. His experience includes work in both production and post-production, with experience in both HD and standard definition. He has worked as a freelance video consultant for such companies as Laird Technologies and Genco Distribution. He has also done freelance work as a graphic designer and VFX consultant. His work has bridged across many various formats to include: cartoons, documentaries, action films, and sitcoms. His films have been received with much praise in a number of film competitions. Alex is a highly motivated worker and artist who is proficient in the editing programs: Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, with knowledge of Avid, Vegas, Pinnacle and others. He is experienced in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop CS4, Encore, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, DVD Studio Pro, Soundbooth, Soundtrack Pro, Pro Tools, Motion, Flash and has knowledge of Blender, Maya, color, and others. He is currently interested in obtaining a production or post-production entry-level position that will challenge his skills and help him grow as an artist.
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A little something i came up with while watching a progress bar. Music is a sample from Man Man
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In 2010 we were commissioned to do a Holiday Greeting Card Video for Gen Re by U Direct NYC and Turbine. This is some of the test footage we shot in my bedroom. This may grow into something more substantial.
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A gunslinger returns to town for revenge. This film was made in August 2010 as part of the Project Twenty1 Film Festival in Philadephia. We won the "Best Animation" category. Everything, including puppets, props and sets as well as the animation and editing was produced within three weeks.
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The Edge
An ordinary man responds to a strange call to adventure.
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Gus Karlson - Demo Reel 2010
I'm Gus. Here is a sample. Ask me for more.
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Where Is My Mind
A book runs amok in a library.
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My first AE test. From around 2008. The song is The Village Green Preservation Society, from the album of same name, by the Kinks. Buy the album, its golden.
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Less Than Air
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1572963/ Jackie, a young isolated man, begins to lose weight at a rapid pace after the death of his father. Winner: "Best Writing" Project Twenty1 Nominated: "Best Picture" and "Best Use of Element" Project Twenty1 2008
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