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Testing the As seen on TV crumby mini vacuum
I put this little guy to the test. Here are the results.
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Check out how well Nair Hair Removal works!!
I let the hair grow on my legs for 1 week. Watch the video to see how well it works.
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Biore strips.  Do they really work?
A silly video for all the serious people and their biore strips!
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My dog has crooked teeth!!!! OH MY
Just a silly video of Marley.
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What to do with a fidget spinner
Silly video for fidget spinner users!
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tiger and sprinkles
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Playlist Live 2017
A few clips from Playlist live Orlando Fl.
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Having fun with L'OREAL infallible lip paints
A silly Makeup Guru tutorial!!!
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Dogs react to Holly Jolly Christmas Singing Dancing Santa
They look bored with santa!
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Christmas Lights at Disney Springs Florida.  Not what I expected.
I thought there would have been magical light everywhere.
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Valentine's Day goes to the dogs!!!
Share your love with your dog.
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L'OREAL Mascara 5X fuller lashes tutorial!
WARNING!! I am not a makeup guru!!
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Dogs react to chirping  bunny chick
Watch how Marley and Tigerlily try to get this cute little chick.
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