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PEGRITZ ON THA PORCH! S01E01: Welcome to Lovecraft Country
Sitting on the dock a' my porch, watching the tiiiiiiide roll a-splooorrrchh.... From the Eldritch Depths of southwestern Pennsylvania--Fayette County, to be specific--I come forth with tales of Strangeness! Ribaldry! Goofiness! Pantshitting Terror! Inbred Redneck Horror! Nameless Ancient Gods Hungry For Blood Sacrifice (and/or Moonshine)! Uhhhh....Yeah. That. What this *really* is is just me, a half-assed, half-crippled, half-mad, half-dead graphic designer, artist, and writer of weird shit (both in prose and in music), and there are some videos of me talking about silly shit that I've encountered here in the dark depths of southwestern PA.
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PEGRITZ ON THA PORCH! S01E02: Parkinglot Slapfight!
So I had to get a blood test yesterday, and witnessed something AWESOME in the parkinglot afterwards!
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