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AC Brotherhood- Scroll Of Romulus 4 Full sync walkthrough.mp4
Made this coz the 4th entrance is a little hard to find. Bear with the framerate :)
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Tom Clancy's The Division - Pyre Echo (Brutal)
This echo is one of the most disturbing echos that I found in the game. Located on the West 34th Street intersection, it shows the heinous acts committed by the cleaners. Probably one of the most brutal echos in the game. It is amazing how the game devs managed to keep the horrific feel without animation or graphic violence! It shows how bad of arsonists/pyromaniacs these cleaners are in the game!
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Every TV-Show ever.
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The Night King's inspiration.
It wasn't the olympics that inspired him, it was the spartans! It all makes sense now!
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Another Crious Gamers Video, the better one :D
Ok, i have tried my hand at another promotional video for crios gamers(www.criousgamer.com). See it Rate it :D
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Crious Gamers
Ok! gamers, the really good site for advanced gamers. Come join the forums and enjoy the stay there.
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The Division - Invisible Wall
Invisible Wall bug, encountered lot of times randomly.
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