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Ds/3ds game collection 12-27-13
i had this unlisted for awhile but i just rewatched it and wow i was such a baby like my voice is so immature plus i was sick yo i was 15 when i made this LMAO wow don't even play my ds anymore i wanna get a new one cause i feel like if i turn it on one more time it'll die cause it's been so long omg my poor animal crossing villagers miss me i need to check up on them but i can't afford a new ds plus i have never finished not one of these games for some reason recently my attention span has been so short it's weird i'll try to watch a 10 minute video then stop then come back to the video later it started when i got back from new mexico cause i was so overwhelmed to be back in civilization and i just now realized i get to write 5000 characters in this thing WHHHAAATTTT wow insane anyway i wish i could've recorded when i was in the south west it was dope out there i really want to be a youtuber i'm tired of being poor how all these people blowing up wtf do u gotta be pretty why is there a prejudice against ugly people i'm tiredt of this shit if u still reading this share this with your friends so i can become famous and not poor i don't like attention but in today's society attention and fame equals money which is sad but i think it was like that too back in the day with einstein and shit whoever was well-known was usually respected and famous like plato homie still out here holdin it down even after death wow what a legend i wanna be like plato put me up here with him not because he was famous but because he did great things and influenced many then and now with his ideas and perspectives i just want to be respected but i guess with this paragraph it probably wont happen urghh oh well que sera, sera my life path will became clear soon i need to rake the leaves from it first.
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Raw, Vegan, Healthy, Simple, Affordable || What I ate in a day (parody)
i love finding old videos man i made this when i was SEVENTEEN it seems like so much longer than that woooowwww it's only been like 2-3 years but wow i feel like i was so young idk it's weird btw this vid shoulda blown up this is a genius concept that wasn't made before when i made this i think idk but if you see any raw vegan parodies like this they stole it from ME ok i'll probably regret making this public again i was trynna keep a certain aesthetic with the channel and rebrand it but i couldn't keep up because i didn't want to because i like getting good grades and forgot about film making for a while but HEELP ME GET BACK INTO IT SUSCRIBERSE oh yeah by the way that's not my insta anymore okay thank you bye mes amis.
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ASMR draw abstract lines and color with me// coloring sounds, satisfying :)
i filmed 2 others so if this vid gets 2 likes i'll post them uwu
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breakfast, lunch, what I ate a few weeks ago
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