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Fnaf 1 theme song by TLT (smule magic piano)
To play this download the app smule, play any song in the universe but get smule coins first! ROBLOX: OvalRobloxisawesome Snap: Catlover4ever11 Musically: TheLegendTeller Insta: creepypastaoval ————————- ————————— I am just a weird girl who loves ANIME, fnaf, ROBLOX, AJ, music, dance, instrumental playing, and much more :3 I am a huge fan of fnaf and fan fictions + comics. My favorite characters from fnaf are Marionette, Bonnie, foxy, and from sister location I love ft. Freddy and Circus Baby all of them pretty much xD. I don’t accept much friends requests on ROBLOX so just follow me instead! Put your username below if you want me to add you.. subscribe for more smule content!
RARE vines compilation (watch till end for oc’s)
Hey, I’m just a weird girl who loves gaming and memes! Follow me at: Roblox: OvalRobloxisawesome Insta:creepypastaoval Snap: catlover4ever11 Devianart: creepykaylee88 Subscribe for more awesome content! Hope you enjoyed 😘
An impression of what shakira does when the waters to hot (not mine)
I laughed at this for an hour straight, help
How to create a movie on MSP on any mobile device
My first msp video :D I actually love the game and am on lvl 11! I shot this a week ago and never got around to uploading, hope it helped a lot! Xoxo Add me: Snapchat:catlover4ever11 Insta: creepypastaoval ROBLOX:OvalRobloxisawesome Phone number: just kiddin ;) Love you guys 💗 Shout out to a ROBLOX user: dan45888
Cute outfits #1 roblox
Don’t judge me lol. My first intro EVER. will be deleting my face vids ;3 Who to follow?: ROBLOX @dancergirl65847 @OvalRobloxisawesome @realgirlintown @XxHeyitzClarexX @The_catnamedJOJO @roblox Bai
My avatar evolutions 2016 - 2018
Yeah so I used iMovie and Vont to edit this and screenshotted every character I had kept track of in these few years! I enjoyed making this video so much so it would mean a lot to me if we could get at least 5 likes! Let’s hit 10 subs for a special shout out!! I know it’s kinda dumb but I’m not to big on YouTube yet lol. So here are the people who helped in the making of this vid! ROBLOX: @dancergirl65847 @realgirlintown Me) @OvalRobloxisawesome Join my ROBLOX group called TRIBUTE TO EMILY. it’s a group where every 5th member earns 50 robux’s! Follow me, I’d really appreciate it. Follow my sisters to! 👆 comment for a sub back as long as u sub to meeee! Love y’all ^-^
Progress on animating
Sorry for my bad spelling!
Brendon Urie Snapchats (Panic! At The Disco) ! Not all snaps ! Whoop
Yesh dis is meh favorite band and is also my bff’s Morgan Keller Snapchat: catlover4ever11 Insta:creepypastaoval Roblox:OvalRobloxisawesome Number: just kidding ;) Subscribe for more m8 :3 Love you all All most there Stop trying Hahaha not even close Hello dere
Friend got her foot stuck in a jacket..... hahaha
ROBLOX friend: realgirlintown Musical.ly friend: @carrerapeace Snapchat: @carrerapeace Love ya'!!!!!!!!!!