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OP Juan Shinobi Tricks & Tips! BLOCK N LOAD
Would really appreciate some shares. I want this game and channel to take off XD steam:skylentshore
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Getting Started in Block N Load Tips for New Players
steam: skylentshore This is a video talking about some important concepts that need to be understood before you really get deep into the game. Until you learn these things, your teammates might hate you.
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Very First Match of Hi-Rez's new game - Paladins! (bot match)
http://www.paladins.com/ Yes, this is a super basic video but so much more to come friends. My hype is undying and I hope you are as excited as I am for what is to come.
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Top 10 Rogue - Lites
Hope you enjoyed the list, I have more coming! Show support by throwing up some comments on what you would want to see come next! Or if there was any game you want to give a shout out to that I missed in this list, go ahead! BTW my IGN for most games is Skylent or SkylentShore or Skylent Shore "see the pattern?" It's my name! So just add me and let's play already! Rogue Lite is a genre defined, very recently I might add, by being Rogue Like whilst also not being turn based. Essentially, the difference between an action rpg and rpg but translated to Rogue. Hope that makes sense to you because honestly it didn't make much sense to me. I figured the genre was just naturally going into a more mechanical and action oriented direction simply because technology allows us to do so now versus what was available back when the original Rogue was developed. However, since developers and players alike are starting to brand this genre as "lite" vs "like" then I guess this top ten could be educational as well as entertaining for those who might be out of the loop. If you are interested in more of my content, I do professional first impressions over at www.youtube.com/freemmostation and more recently started making top tens and reviews over at www.youtube.com/attackgamingofficial
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How to Play Dungeon Souls but with more TIPS!
if you are interested at all in this title, this video will essentially wrap up all mystery as to what the game holds in store for you. Except the difficulty, trust me, it is one of the hardest games.
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Learning to Deck Build, Duelyst Daily
My first real attempt at making a "Squad" or deck in this game. Will research more after this but take this video as a "first impressions" type.
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Archer in Dungeon Souls but with more arrows!
this little green dude packs a punch, just also gets punched pretty freaking hard too.
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Trove Corner Stone Tips
Have any? Let us know!
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Trove - Live First Impression (UPDATED)
Me starting a new character, NEON NINJA, on the free to play voxel mmorpg TROVE!
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Paladins!  Evie First Impressions
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Paladins!  Buck First Impressions
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First Impressions: Rainbow Six Siege
Stream: Rainbow Six: Siege!
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First Impressions: Rainbow Six Siege
Stream: Rainbow Six: Siege!
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Indie Gaming: Condor!
http://connor-sherlock.itch.io/condor Condor is a platforming game that mixes up the formula by giving you tons of ways to solve its jumping puzzles. Not terribly inspired or unique mechanically but it is fun even if simple.
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GW2 Heart of Thorns! EXPANSION HYPE! Revenant Leveling
Let's level up our Revenant and get into the expanded content ASAP!
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Indie Game: EGGNOGG +
http://madgarden.itch.io/eggnogg This game was a riot. Play this now!
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Trove Sky Islands and jumping around vs gliding
If you have gear that gives jumps, you can make the Sky area your bitch as long as you aren't stupid "like I am sometimes". Though Gliders do make life ez.
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Let's Play Vermintide!  Waywatcher Gameplay
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide STREAM
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Dungeon Souls First Impressions
I'm Skylent! You may know me from freemmostation.com or mmoatk.com but I'm here on my personal channel taking a first look at a game I am personally pretty excited to dive into. Come with and lets have some fun! "hopefully" Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383230/
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Besiege Early Access First Impression
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Thief! Hardest Class in Dungeon Souls?
Probably. I'm still newb but holy shit I got my ass kicked. Guess that is where the "souls" comes from huh? Having fun? Let me know and I'll keep them coming!
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Dirty Bomb Glitch: Look at me, I'm the Turret now
Dirty Bomb glitch, I don't have words.
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Bellona jungle full game w/ commentary SMITE
check out mmoatk.com or youtube.com/attackgamingofficial for new class/god/champion/hero first impressions and games like this one.
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Soul Guardian, can you guard your own soul?  Here I come!
Let's see how far I can go with barby. Want to unlock the Cleric class.
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SkySaga Re-Visit for FreeMMOStation.com
Doing a live stream while I gather game capture footage for my revisited impressions video on SkySaga! This is a Minecraftian style adventure game that really focuses on that adventure and quests.
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Pharah - Gameplay Commentary
What do you guys think of Pharah? The only rocket class so far of Overwatch, I think she is pretty awesome! I need more practice but I do believe I will actually practice her.
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Nosgoth New Summoner Class Gameplay
Check out one round with the Summoner here with me Skylent Shore.
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Paladins!  Skye First Impressions
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Paladins! Grohk First Impressions
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Gameplay Commentary with Dungeon Souls, VLOG
Gameplay plus commentary...what a novel idea!
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Indie Game: Naut
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Deceiver Fisherman Loadout!
Cast your hook "Dominate Mind" and net yourself some fresh flesh! Overall I am not a huge fan of Dominate Mind and I think I'll use it more once we get some more options with the Deceiver class.
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Streaming Duelyst Daily!  Today we are doing misc ranked decks and building random
Having fun and good games all around, lets play some Duelyst!
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Skylent VS Roberthun Duelyst Daily!
We played a bit more after this and he beat me when I switched to Vetruvian one game though I only have cards for Abyssian. So if anyone wants to challenge, do know atm I can only really play with Abyss decks until I get more spirit to craft other decks. Good games! This was just for fun and in no way is this official or anything like that : 3
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Scout Legolas Loadout!
I think if you are to use grappling hook, it should probably be used in a run and gun type of build since it is so much stronger as an escape tool than an engage. Pair that up with sprint modifiers and you'll be good to go!
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Nuclear Throne First Impressions!
man...dude...what even THIS GAME IS AWESOME!
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Robocraft is always getting updated, and I remember way back when it was just a small indie game and I showed it off to the world for the first time. I was one of the first players, and I'll be one of the last "hopefully it doesn't die XD" I like this game, watch me play!
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Paladins! Barik First Impressions
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Songhai Duelyst Daily
Wow, this general is hard. I think he rewards patience which is something I...don't really have XD Combos mates, combos everywhere! If you like Rogue in Hearthstone, you'll like this guy.
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Relic Hunters Zero First Impressions
If you like Nuclear Throne, you might want to check out this co-op f2p game! http://store.steampowered.com/app/382490/
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 BETA with Skylent
Same old same or something new? Let's find out together! Still getting used to YouTube Live Streaming so apologies in advance for any hiccups along the way mates.
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Duelyst Daily with VANAR KINDRED
Getting better right? At first I didn't like Vanar so much but now I think I really do. Not as unique "as far as I can tell with the base deck" as Abyssian but I'll keep looking into deck customization for her now.
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