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Attack On Titan Episode #01 - season 1 episode 1 - Stick Nodes Pro (reupload)
Idk what happend, it just went to private so this is a reupload
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Titan Slayer Collab
Sorry for who didnt get in, maybe i missed your video or you didnt tell me that youve made it
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IT'S BACK! (Description) ATTACK ON TITAN OPENING -StickNodes
IT'S BACK!!! I decided to bring it back! By the way i am sick so i won't be uploading for a while so yeah.. enjoy and thank YOU for 90 subs!
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All shifters! So far.
1.Active animations 2.Future Zamasu 3.Gameplayer 96 4.Karma Anims (Me) 5.Explosive Animations 6.Tyler Anims SN 7.LeoGames/Animz 8.Bloody Anims Thanks for watching!
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ATTACK ON TITAN (Shingeki no kyoujin) - Sticknodes PRO #4
Sorry for a short video, just fixed my stick nodes pro, (had to re-buy it xD)
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Tokyo ghoul Opening - Stick Nodes Pro
Song : https://youtu.be/qOrXWhmUbJ0 I do not own the music or the anime so please support the official creators of tokyo ghoul ect. :D
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New Attack on Titan Intro!
Im sooo happy with this because the music timing was perfect!
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Tokyo Ghoul Opening
WAY Beter version then the other, hope u like it ;)
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R.A.H.D Episode #1
Sorry for a short episode, i was in a rush making this Because i wanted it uploaded as soon as possible and it only took me 340 frames btw its on 10 FPS 5 fp :D
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MHA opening
I used galssy sky because opening music didnt fit
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Death Inferno is OP - Mystic Guardian #01
The name of the game is Mystic Guardian VIP - Old school rpg Its only for android by the way!
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StickNodes Pro - Speed Making Jaws Titan - (Speed up)
Ayyy so i just made a jaws titan, hope you liked the video!
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StickNodes A
StickNodes A Live! with CameraFi Live
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Recreating A Scene From Cesar Uchiha's Video (Link in the Description)
Cesar Uchiha's video: https://youtu.be/CtRQzm6GTns Thanks for watching fam :D
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Walking Tutorial - StickNodes
Only make it more frames in between and its perfecto!
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Totally didn't copy Gameplayer #01
Lol, sorry gameplayer xD, and this is a part of my tokyo ghoul ep 1
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"No way..."
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ATTACK ON TITAN (Shingeki no Kyoujin) #3 - Stick nodes PRO
Thanks for your support i really love you guys, cya in the next video :) Song: https://youtu.be/TQUsnto_3pw
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All Titan roars from 1 episode (Attack on Titan)
I dont own this video, its used for entertainment. I do not own attack on titan xD
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Boku No Hero Academia Opening - Stick Nodes Pro #01
All credits for the music : https://youtu.be/fL-fmavkjvU ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord : https://discord.gg/Pm4kNgF Add me on Standoff 2 : ID 21028097 Follow me on Twitter! : https://twitter.com/AnimsKarma Thanks for the support! Cya in the next video :D!
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MAKING MADALIN/MADALIN SSJ - StickNodes PRO - Making Stickfigures #01
Who's next? Comment!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord : https://discord.gg/Pm4kNgF Add me on Standoff 2 : ID 21028097 Follow me on Twitter! : https://twitter.com/AnimsKarma Thanks for 86 subs! Thanks for watching!
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Don't forget to subscribe and join the jakepaulers, don't forget to be a maverick (Im joking) Here's the dowload link, Thanks for 117 subscribers! Link: https://mega.nz/#F!eYQTyAZZ!LGUuPyBX2pBid-FZlPvQBg
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Attack on titan Intro ( Longer )
Eh not bad
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Eren Vs Armored Titan - Sticknodes (reupload)
Reupload from my "Super saiyan blue goku black" channel
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ATTACK ON TITAN (Shingeki no Kyoujin) Stick nodes PRO
Thanks for watching, i love yall Song: https://youtu.be/XMXgHfHxKVM
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Rodney Okeith...
This is getting annoying and i think there should be put a stop to this..
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Hosting a collab (DESC)
Waddup my H0T subscribers! Im hosting a fahken collab Upload your collab entry into your channel and comment on this video when you upload it!!! Prizes 5. I send u Juzo and his titan forms 4. I send you the Female titan 3. Shout out 2. I give you a custom discord rank 1. You be a titan shifter
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If this gets copyrighted im done..
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Thank you...
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New series
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Choose mah hair boi! (I'm back)
Hi, thanks for 138? 138... how long have i been away again? A week? GEEEEEEEEEEEZ! Thanks alot guys! Means alot to me, if i aint lazy, i will make a 150 subs special (when we reach 150 subs of course), well... hmmm what else... OH! Join my discord here: https://discord.gg/P6v68Eb Uhhhhh Twi- Twitter here? *sudder..* https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimsKarma UUUUUUUHHHH, subscribe for... more... tacoooooss..............🌮............... i'm so weird, thanks alot and cya when in the next video :]!
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Comment how you look and your quirk.
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Important, please watch.
Decide, please...
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Akuma no chikara / 悪魔の力 ( New series Coming soon ) ( Desc )
If you want to join tell me in the discord.
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Why did i have to make it sync...
Picture changes everytime when voice changes lol
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New Intro!
Thats it, this is the intro.. no more changes( unless season 2 )
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Read Desc.
Hi Gameplayer, if you're reading this... I wanted to ask you to join my series! This is the titan and human form that i'll use If you're willing to join of course :D So comment bellow if you want to join because i was thinking of puttong you in The ep 2 of attack on titan! Thanks for reading this. And for the ones that want to join : xmak9200@gmail.com And for the ones that don't have stickfigures to send me and want to join : Comment bellow your name, hair colour, clothes and titan! (Attack, jaws, female, beast, or control titan) Control titan allows you to move your titan without being inside of it and make your limbs to weapons.. oh and war titan, you use weapons that you summon.
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Making a new character
Whats his name? Comment and a comment that has the most likes will win :)
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Sorry, but i warned ya!
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Lol, my inner Death Note fanboy is getting unleashed!
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Entry To Explosive Anims's Collab!
Non tween 132 frames 15fps took about 1-2 hours
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Music 👌 #1
Hope you like it, this is my first music video, and i used music jam maker so dowload it!
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New Characters
New characters for the series
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Trailer for Ep #01
So sorry for it being short its because im working on the episode itself
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5 Seconds Of Walking...
10 likes and i'll upload 10 seconds of running and a tutorial how to do that walking animation!!
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Test #01
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#GOTEEM! The music is not mine, all rights go to their respectful owner(s).
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