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Titanfall2 (GMV)-Yin Yang
hi everyone,i'm now upgrading to a good mic in order to makle commentary videos and thought of making this gmv untill that day comes... Hope u enjoy it!!!if you do be sure to leave a like share and subscribe for more content!! i do not own any rights to this song therefore im not monetising the video,the song used in this video is USS-YIN YANG HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!
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Guts vs Griffith-Berserk and the band of the hawk
Guts wants to leave the band of the hawk but griffith wont let his best warrior go so easily!....
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Titanfall 2-Jump!
enjoy! song used:jump by Van Halen(i do not own any rights to this song,it is property of its respective owner) LIKE,SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Also join the loukanika network on pc and xb1(LkNk)
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TItanfall 2-"Gangsta shit" a titanfall 2 montage
hope u all enjoy the video...leave a like if u do.... join the purple army network and the LkNk network!!! Have an awesome day and kill tones!!!
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Almost!!(gr commentary)
as said in the title above
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Titanfall 2- "The purple army Ronin" 15pilots-2 titans-0 deaths  in 3min
Unfortunately the whole game was not recorded tho i got 36 kills but i managed to make this clip into a standalone ronin video mostly,i hope everyone enjoys it! song:NERO-SATISFY
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Titanfall 2-Ronin the turbo killer(multikill icluded)
A Ronin on an insane killing spree in the sound of turbo killer from carpenter Brut. intro song:snoop dogg-mission cleopatra video song:turbo killer-carpenter brut i do not own any of these songs it is property of their respective owners
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4K Gameplays TUROK 2008
a new series in the channel i'm taking last gen games and upscaling them to 4k 4k see how they hold up today!! check out for yourselves,if u liked the video subscribe for more content
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Gears vs giant Brumak
gears of war ultimate edition brumak boss fight
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Gabriel vs The Gravedigger Castlevania  Lords of Shadow
the Gravedigger boss that protects the gates of the underworld...today his name will be put to the test...
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The most awesome level in the history of universe!!!Rayman Legends
just watch it,you'll know why!!you'll laugh sssooooo hard! Game:rayman legends LVL:castle rock
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Gears of war U.E.- Corpser Boss fight
marcus and the gears vs the corpser! enjoy this awesome boss fight from the remastered gears of war!
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Redout!Best wipeout clone ever!!!
check out this amazing futuristic racer also vr ready! Calima gameplay with vanguard class ship! Enjoy,like subscribe and share
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Hell Guards vs The Doomslayer (ultra-violence mode)
i seriously love this game so much! enjoy this awesome boss fight untill the new titanfall video is ready! have an aweome day
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Guts saves Casca from Silat-Berserk and the band of the Hawk
yet another awesome battle from the berserk latest game!enjoy!
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Titanfall 2-"fight or die"
yet another little montage of highlights of todays games,see you all soon with a decent stream!have an awesome day! song used:dance or die-starcadian (i do not own any rights to the song,it is property of its respective owner)
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This is the second video to the series featuring the very demanding 2015 tomb raider AA + VSYNC OFF it hovers mostly on the 60 fps with a minor pop up at the last benchmark and one stutter at last scene which did not affect the experience overall and never happened ingame,it might be the recording and running fraps along with the game that probably caused this! I hope u enjoyed the video and pls like and subscribe if u did...
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The saltball.mp4
just...enjoy! have an awesome day! song used:mc hammer-can't touch this (i do not own any rights to this song,it is property of its respective owners)
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Titanfall2-Tone tings #2
tone's no2 rampage! enjoy!like share sub and join the loukanika network on pc/xbox1
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Titanfall 2 (GMV)- Papa's got the touch!
hi everyone,excuse me for taking so long to upload titanfall content,but i prefer it to be quality than quantity... song:stan bush-the touch,i do not own any rights to this or other songs appearring in this montage,it is property of their respective owners....
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Titanfall2-Ronin on a spree(megakill included) tf legends submission
Please enjoy!! 12pilots and 3 titans in less than 3 min subscribe,like,comment and share also join the network on xbox and pc Loukanika(LkNk)
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Titanfall 2-back on pc
hi everyone im bringing you a small montage of my few games back on pc this weekend! I hope u enjoy! song used:scandroid-neo tokyo
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G4560+GTX1050TI vs FORTNITE @ epic settings
just another one of those vids...as i found out the stutter u will be seeing at the drop in the beginning never again occured during my 4 hour test...dont rly know why that stutter happened...
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Most intense dogfights ever!! Ace combat assault horizon 1st mission
Im not playing many games of this type,but i have to admit this one is by far the most fun and intense gameplay i've had in a game like this up to date!!! Enjoy the video of this insane air battle over the miami beach and if you do please be sure to like and subscribe for more content!!!have a good one!!
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G4560+GTX1050TI vs DARK SOULS 3 @1440P MAX SETTINGS(upscale)
just another one of those vids... the 2018 console killer is back!
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Titanfall 2-future ninjas
Like-subscribe-share intro song:snoop dogg-mission cleopatra song used:pylot-caine (i do not own any of these songs used in the video,they are property of their respective owners)
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Titanfall 2-we are electric
join the network loukanika on xbox and pc (LkNk)
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Titanfall 2-stamina
DON'T BLINK! LIKE,SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!it helps a lot Song used:Bestrack-stamina (i do not own any rights to the song used in this video,it is property of its respective owners)
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Titanfall 2-well i tried the r97!(raw gameplay)
a late match i got into today...as i found out the streaming stresses my pc so i get frame drops,i did a whole lot better ofstream but i managed to save many of the games i had. ENJOY
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1v2 with snipers in ironsight!!
Just a video with a couple of friends sniper battling in the new map cruise in ironsight! like,subscribe and share! song used:snoop dogg-mission cleopatra (i do not own any rights to this song,it is property of its respective owner)
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It couldnt be a benchmark series without crysis!! enjoy this still amazing looking and pc crushing game! the song playing during the benchmark is the crysis 2 main theme by hans zimmer,i do not own any rights to this song it is property of its respective owner
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Titanfall 2-kung fu fighting
Enjoy the video!its a small compilation of yesterdays games! SUBSCRIBE,COMMENT AND SHARE! Join the Loukanika army (LkNk) on xbox and pc Song used:Cee Lo Green & Jack Black - Kung Fu Fighting(i do not own any rights to this song,it is property of its respective owners) my rig:Ryzen 3 2200g 8gb ddr4 3200mhz dual-x sapphire r9 270x 4gb
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TITANFALL 2:Till i collapse 16 pilots-2 titans
hi,this is the first video of tf2 im uploading...i know im late to the party but i hope u enjoy it regardless.. have an awesome day! i do not own the music in this video it is property of their respective owners song:eminem till i collapse
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This is how 500 hours of Titanfall look like
just a compilation of game highlights that somehow didnt make it as a whole commentary game... I hope u enjoyed it,more commentary videos coming tomorrow!
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Titanfall 2-the gamesager loadout(well kinda)
just a fun game i had!! be sure to leave a like an subscribe if you liked the content! Also check out iniquity games at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoGO-Se4qziw4wxP3MgLL6w and my boy C4Kris at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcFU9FieG01rXtO6fDCJAMg
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will GTX970 bottleneck an old I3?!BENCHMARKING DOOM
i had an idea to put my gtx970 in to my old i3 2100 to see how much my cpu would bottleneck the 970.... I have to say the results were pretty surprissing,the game is running at 1080p almost maxxed out!!! LIKE,SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE PC SPECS: i3 2100 3.2ghz 8gb ddr3 hyperx fury strix gtx970 4gb sata 3 WD green 1tb
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Guts vs Zodd-Berserk Band of the Hawk gameplay
ive been playing this awesome hack and slash game for the past two days! being a huge berserk fan i couldnt leave out that awesome fight! hope you like the gameplay and comment if you'd like more berserk gameplay!
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DOOM - Argent tower fight (ultra violence)
one of my favorite fights in the game accompanied by mick gordon's awesome bfg division....
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Titanfall 2-"like a boss" 31pilot-6 titans-0 DEATHS!!
Hey everyone! thanks in advance for being here and watching the video if u enjoyed it feel free to leave a like,subscribe and share with your friends to help the channel grow! Also any feedback about the funny robot voice would be appreciated....i thought it was a good idea,what about u?feel free to comment below! the song used in this video does not belong to me nor i'm monetising the video it is property of its respective owner intro-outro song:DjAssas1n-Frag out
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Titanfall 2- The papercut
yet another montage for a series that im thinking of starting.. This video im trying out the papercut 2 you loadout and try for the win! Enjoy! song used:bestrack-don't quit (i do not own any rights to this song,it is property of its respective owner!)
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Titanfall-Hacker with sp spotted still got rekt!(στα ελληνικα-gr commentary)
from time to time i still hop in titanfall 1 because some of my friends play and frankly it is still lots of fun.....however yesterday we bumped in to lifepoint78 i think his name who was not only using sp but also aim and fast movement hacks! After our first match against him where we got rekt we formed startegies like bait and flanking with my friend and managed to utterly destroy him!sorry in advance for the commentary being in greek but it was a random moment while playing with my friends,i hope u enjoy!!!
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Titanfall 2-Tone tings #3
like,subscribe,share join the loukanika network on pc and xbox one to play together LkNk clan tag
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Titanfall 2-let the memes begin!(24.5 K/D)
I joined another late game as usual in todays warmup and it ended begin my second flawless match ever! intro song:snoop dogg-mission cleopatra outro song:mc hammer-cant touch this (i do not own any rights to these songs,they are property of their respective owners)
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crx b16a 170ps vs opel corsa opc 210++ps
honda power!!! if you like the video like,share,comment and subscribe for more!!
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True survivor-fortnite
I hope u liked the video,give me a thumbs up for some more fartnut!! LIKE-SUBSCRIBE-SHARE Song used:true survivor by david hasselhoff(kung fury ost) the music in this video does not belong to me it is property of their respective owners
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100 subs shoutout and Headset giveaway
i realy wanna thank all of you for your support and 104 subs thiswhole year!you are the best and the only reason apart my love for this game that keeps me uploading! songs used:snoop dogg-mission cleopatra uss-yin yang I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THESE SONGS,THEY ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!
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Check out this amazing redout races that made me throw up a little in my mouth from all that speed If you liked the video be sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more pure gaming content
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Hey everyone!as i am saying in the title my account was hacked and all of my videos deleted! but thats not gonna stop me... here is the new video of the game inside!!! ENJOY!!! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE...THANK YOU
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Titanfall 2-Big trouble in little boomtown
sorry for not uploading sooner but im working 12 hours a day the past two weeeks..i hope u enjoy this game,if u do be sure to leave a likie,share and comment...
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