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Big monsoon rainstorm
It was raining. I took some video of it.
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Skyrim Glitch - Missing ground
Just another day in Skyrim, riding THROUGH the mountains.
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Big monsoon rainstorm - the aftermath
This is what my parking lot looks like after that rainstorm.
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Arizona Night Monsoon
This is what it's like outside my house right now. Rainy and windy as hell. And still 90F degrees (rain doesn't make things cooler this time of year, it just turns the Hot into Muggy). My backyard is already a small lake. And this is before the storm really got started. In the ten minutes it's taken me to upload this, the thunder has gotten so loud that my neighbor's car alarm keeps going off and the wind is so strong it is picking up rocks from the gravel in the yard and throwing them against the windows. My cats are hiding in my closet and my dog is under my feet whining.
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Skyrim Glitch - Flying Fish
There are flying fish in Skyrim. Who knew?
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