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Lenexa KS yugioh regionals game 2: JR Meredith vs. Jesse Choate
game 2 between flamveils and glad beasts in round 6.
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beating Six Samurai
beating six samurai
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Adam Block vs. Jason McCaig game 2
game 2 mirror match
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Adam Block's OCG Doppel Draw decklist, updates
OCG Doppel Draw list, with edits, and some updates on videos etc.
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Lenexa Kansas Regionals Round 6: JR Meredith vs. Jesse Cholate
game 1 between two of the 6 undefeateds in round 6 of 8.
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game 2: me vs. annoying kid
game 2
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maxvs davidgame1
finals of krypton locals Max (Gravekeeper's) vs. David (Debris plants)
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new debris plant deck + Omaha regionals on the 12th of Feb.
new plant build Omaha regionals on the 12th of Feb. at Coliseum Gaming
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Adam Block's Chaos Debris Deck w/ help of JJ
props to Jeff Jones with coming up with an insanely good build of plants for this format IMO.
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Adam Block's Updated Debris Deck - Going to the OCG to beat a new threat
with the long title, most duelists should know the deck already i'm about to describe
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Trade binder video -- plus more videos to be done
my first trade binder vid, enjoy!
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BlockDad.dek version 1.01
has been updated since i made this..lol..but decided to put it up anyways for people to see the begging of it.
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Adam Block's Quickdraw/Debris/Plant deck
A deck profile of a deck i've been working with for a while. Enjoy! Rate, Comment, Subscribe! Thumbs Up!
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Zombie - Monarch - DAD - Fusion control, that's right, i called it a whole 4 decks
An invention one of my friends that used to play this game a lot did a long time ago. sorry i'm kinda quiet in the video, turn the volume up :P let me know if you have any questions. rate comment and subscribe!
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David's Debris Build
i thought i'd give this deck a try on my channel since David's has kinda been shut down.
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game 1: me (zombies) vs. randy kid (see description)
yeah...so before the tournament this kid was making fun of me a little for something i can't help, and a big deal out of me going to nationals so i decided to record our match instead of a later round, this is round 1 btw. he's a newb, but when someone pushes my buttons and treats me like a newb, i'm out to prove a point.
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Zombie Hero locals report and tech card update for Synchron decks!!
enjoy. i'll post the vid with the decklist in later.
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segment 1 - Beating the Bad match up (Quickdraw vs. Gravekeepers)
my first segment vid. let me know what you think, and give me suggestions on where to go next. thanks youtube. subscribe and rate!
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what to run at regionals..i need your help!
what should i run at regionals, if you have a unique varient of quickdraw, debris or zombies, get at me.
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Post regionals deck + explaination + match ups
My regionals deck, along with an explaination of card choices and my match ups.
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Doppel Draw deck for march 1st
an updated "quickdraw" deck for march 1st!
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Evolving Meta Trends pt. 1
not really a segment, but kind of an expliantion of where the meta is going in my opinion and some card choices i think would be good in it.
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Adam Block's Debris Hime deck. yes or no?
subscribe and comment as to weather i should use this deck next or continue on with my quickdraw deck. it would help a lot.
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Post STOR quickdraw deck
my post STOR quickdraw deck that's ready to take the end of the format.
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Machina Gadget deck profile
Machina Gadgets
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SUPER plants - KC YCS
hey guys, sorry for not posting too many videos this past month. NEW plant deck, tour guideless of course.
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quick update vid
just a quick update for viewers and certain people
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Evolving the Meta pt. 2 + getting ready for regionals
Part 2 of the last video.
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Post SD regionals and deck top 4
thanks to Erik M. for letting me borrow Trishula for the regionals and all the people up there i faced and met!
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Q & A, give me questions people and i will answer them. Yugioh & non yugioh questions accepted.
Send me a question in a comment or to my inbox on here or on my facebook as well.
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Monarch.dek for locals tomorrow/regionals in SD on the 23rd!!
so here's an updated version of my monarch deck, i ran something like it last format, also i did -Water ARt +2nd pot of avarice. seems to be working well and is great at keeping advantage in the hand and on field at the same time. also, will try my best to attend the regionals on the 23rd in South Dakota.
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Adam Block's Zombie profile ("fun deck" ;) )
so this is a deck i made for fun kinda, gonna run it at a tourney tomorrow, i got a little tired of quickdraw and debris, so see how this goes :P
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not for those that are used to "censored Adam" "B-F's a W*****"
cause you think i'm afraid to say it to your face, i'll say it on the internet and to your face. was trying to be nice. But f*** you.
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Stradegy Video - Utilizing What You Have - Innovation
I talk about different decks in the meta, how to run deck without certain "pricy" cards by most people's standards, and the best play first turn (the most defining turn of the duel)
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I summons zee cat - Short new years day vid from pre parrty
happy new years everyone!! enjoy as zee cat pounces on his prey...the lazer light!
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final probably regionals.dek
Z_z suggestions are good. hope you all enjoy the full decklist. p.s. sorry my finger is in the video so much. =/ lol. i was holding the camera at an akward angel.
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Back w/ deck of the format
Sorry for not posting anything for a while! :)
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South Dakota reionals deck list!! no YCS KC for me
explained in video, sorry for sounding so rushed, didn't want to record whole thing again for it running over battery time... now everyone sides dust tornado and 3rd MST (of course), love side deck for rescue rabbit at YCS, but still running it here
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New DAD Deck + Shoutouts
http://www.youtube.com/user/YgoAddict enjoy!
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Sea Serpant/Water Plant
original deck list/profile and channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oPfXx3E7hg Europe knows their stuff!!
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post locals zombie hero
enjoy the list and all!
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KC regional deck list
decklist for KC regional, see ya there!
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A return to the "dark side"
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shout out to Cesar Gonzalez
his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gcesar40 check his channel out, sub to him and me as well! thanks youtube! peace!
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Anti - Meta Chaos + Blood Mefist Tournament @ Elite Card Shop
Blood M. tourney at ECS February 2nd 2013, La Vista Nebraska. Visit Facebook page of Elite Card Shop or Mark Roxbourgh/Hill for more info.
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"yugitube vs. DN" he said it best
about the duelist Network "issues" you could say.
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Tour Bus to Anniversary!!! (pretty unrealted to Yugioh actually)
Sorry for the constant shaking of the camera, if you couldn't tell, I was super tired. and still am.. :P
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