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TMG? Audio book song
I just found TMG a couple days ago and I love it so much... my friend hates it though lol. Either way this is the audible song that Cody and Noel made on Cody’s channel. The title of the video is “we’re making a song”
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Cody and Noel new song about time and watches.
Idek what this channel is at this point Or lack there of jajajajajajajaja
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A cute video of Garrett watts singing about Baskin-Robbins and Taco Bell
A clip from “ Ice cream nachos! Will it combo?” It’s a great video as you can see I love garret he’s such a cute little bean boi
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Some of my favorite Garrett watts moments ft mama Dawson
I made this in like 10 minutes and I don’t know how to edit.
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My new favorite song
I was bored and didn't feel like studying so I decided to upload a stupid video. All credits go to Tyler, the creator and the adult swim show loiter squad Even though it's over now but 💁🏾
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Just realized I accidentally cut the other one so I'm reuploadig it so you can see it in all its glory
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At this point I'm not even going to explain
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Judges: what is your talent?   Me:
All credit goes to Trin Lovell Check out her channel I love it https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCsQrcxNMs5DgA7nqFjPuxsw/videos
I don't even know what this is
This was sent on a group chat I'm in and I thought it was cool so here! Hope you like
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Sneak attack
Don't waste your time
This is so stupid don't waste your time watching it
Random thanks to my friend Detectivesleuth03
Sorry for all the "um's" and "dings" in the background. Sorry for the video in general
Dollar store walk Garrett watts
I don’t own any of this it was just for fun
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Imma chode -Cody ko
All credit goes to Cody ko. I just screen recorded his video XD
The lord is my shepherd
Hail Satan
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I'm sorry but I thought it was funny
Begone THOT/ Billy!
2 vines I can’t find anywhere and that I love
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Donkey knocked on the door hesitantly. “Enter, donkey.” Said a familiar voice. Donkey opened the door the see shrek laying down on the bed with his legs spread wearing nothing but whipped cream on his tits and a sock on his schlong. “Shrek we can’t do this! What about your wife?” Said donkey “She’ll never know. Besides I know that you’ll give me what she never could.” “What’s that?” “Cold. Hard. Cock.” Donkey gulped and closed the door ready to be punished by his ogre
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I'm bored (clip of a heathers song)
I just wanted to show that I got the heathers soundtrack for my birthday. And also I'm bored, brownie points for whoever knows the title of the song