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I have a crush?!? • Q&A with Me
Hope I made you laugh. I will try to post once a week but I will probably fail at that. In this rachet vid I answered some of y’all questions that you guys sent me on Snapchat. Please subscribe and leave a comment below. Love y’all😊
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A.S.M.R. FAIL‼️‼️ w/ Jordyn
Intro - Deorro- Bailar Outro- Shane Dawson - Ringtone
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Get UNready with me😎🤠
i’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while. yes ik this vid was VERYYY crappy but trust me that my next one will be better😎🤩
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Send this to your crush without context💝💕💗💞
Guys, I love myself😂😭😭 song: crush song -twainz song: i like twins - the bramfam s n a p c h a t: @jaddison2006 i n s t a g r a m: @jas0n101
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