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[GD 2.11] Spark by PotatoBaby (Easy Demon) (Weekly Demon) 100% [Mobile]
My very first video in YouTube and I'm happy about it :) Sorry for bad quality, I'm using Mobizen as my screen recorder and it can only go to 360p without lag ============================== Level : Spark Creator : PotatoBaby Song used to this video : Soundtrack : Little Flame Artist : Lethalix ============================== I hope you enjoy the video :) Voice Reveal at the end?
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The Caverns by pasiblitz 37 - 100% [Mobile]
Practicing "The Caverns" by pasiblitz, an Insane Demon and I want to beat this level. Also, I'm not gonna' use this channel anymore, I am planning to make another channel to upload successful videos, this channel that I currently using is just a piece of junk. Congrats Pacosky18, DiscJoker and other mobile players who beat Extreme Demons!
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