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soleus 5000w/17,100 btu
soleus 5000w/17,100 btu garage heater
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1972 Bridgport Mill Running on VFD
1972 Bridgeport Running on GE vat20.
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danjal07 Live Stream
EQ2 Gameplay
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Zotac 1070 Amp Edition 3DMark Firestrike
Shadowplay recording while benchmarking my new Zotac 1070 Amp Edition with 3dmark firestrike.. I'm recording at 1080p System specs Gigabyte Ga-Z170x-gaming 5 I5-6600k@4.4ghz-Cryorig H5 universal cpu cooler 16g Gskill ddr4-3000 Samsung 850evo 250gb m.2 drive Mushkin eco3 480gig secondary drive evga 750g2 Crossover 32s 2560x1440 32inch monitor. 3DMark score without shadowplay recording http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9198232
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Cinebench r15 run at 3.8ghz for Whor Odin and derp derp Im not sure bitch on youtube..
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2017 10 15 21 15 36
Here ya go thor odin, some Star Wars Battle Front test Footage on high settings 1440p with my measly little rig..
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Intel I5-8600k for amd whore named thor odin..
This is a quick video of my sealed, new in box, I5-8600k for amd whore thor odin who didnt think I owned one..
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Typical Faulty Sapphire Nitro Fury
My new Sapphire Nitro Fury which has been running off and on for about 10hrs for benchmarking and stability testing, no overclocking on the gpu..... When it did this I was browsing a forum, I checked the gpu temp and it was at 36 celsius.. I unplugged the hdmi cable and plugged it back in and the picture was restored.. I dont believe these youtube reviewers on computer products for one minute... This is the second faulty Fury gpu i've received in 2 weeks, The first one was a Gigabyte Fury and had black screens at the windows login then driver would crash everytime...
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Hero's&Generals I7-8700k and Msi 1080ti Gaming X Trio
A short round of Heros&Generals...8700k@4.8ghz, avx offset of 200, thats why its running at 4.6ghz instead of 4.8ghz..I will be changing it to avx offset of zero because this 8700k runs fine without delidding... Whats all these amd fanboys talking about running hot?
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sapphire Nitro fury Flickering in YouTube player window #3
sapphire Nitro fury Flickering in YouTube player window #3
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Sapphire Fury Flickering in YouTube player window #1
Sapphire Fury Flickering in YouTube player window.
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Sapphire Nitro fury Flickering youtube player window 2
Sapphire Nitro fury Flickering youtube player window 2
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