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Harley Davidson Commercial
Superglow 2011
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NETHER :    Official CINEMATIC Trailer in HD
Coming PC Game Nether Available : https://www.playnether.com/index.html Nether is a first-person, survival-shooter that introduces players to a desolated, sprawling urban cityscape (based loosely on Chicago). Nether features core survival elements, requiring players to scavenge for resources in order to survive as well as crafting. More importantly, Nether brings unique gameplay elements to the genre, and brings the experience to a new level. The city spans several hundred blocks and players can access most of the buildings, including multi-level skyscrapers that provide huge vantage points. Danger is around every corner, sometimes only a few yards from you, raising tension to a new level. Nether also presents players with a meld of PvE and PvP that fosters unique, emergent gameplay and forces big decisions when it comes to trusting other players. The enemies, called "Nethers," are unique and each species possesses both demonic and human qualities, making them fast, smart and hard to kill. This also factors in when it comes to working together to defend safe zones or clear out structures. Finally, by setting world objectives, Nether adds another dimension to the survival genre, which further sets it apart from other online games.
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MEAT LOAF AFL Grand Final 2011 Hilarious
NOTE : REDPONY Tours do not own the Copyright for this Video, they will Flag it and we will fight it in a Court of Law. Michael Aday aka Meat Loaf has threatened to sue all who have posted this Video attempting to Censor what happened in front of 100,000 people in Melbourne and some 30 + Million LIVE World Wide. Meat Loaf ( Michael Aday ) is now 63 years old, his ability to perform as he did only 6 years ago has clearly deteriorated to what we see here. If other Videos of his recent Tours were still available you would see this is not a one off, sadly they were also forced to be removed under threat of Copyright and being sued by Mr Aday aka Meat Loaf. We will also be threatened, but believe one performer thinking they can censor the World and re create history is well worth fighting for. We are not haters of Meat Loaf , but are offended at how as ticket holders for his 2011 Tour of Australia, we were called by Meat Loaf as Butt Smellers and our complaints of bad performances were disregarded. DON'T come to our Country and charge us for Concert Tickets at a price that doesn't warrant your lack of ability to PERFORM. We offer this Video as evidence of a person that stays in the Ring too long, clearly has hearing issues , sings out of Key, out of Tune, Mumbling, no timing, screams randomly. All in all Compare his performances to your Drunk Uncle Jim Bob singing Karaoke or not . LEAVE YOUR COMMENT as we Fight this through the Court Red Pony Tours Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/RedPony2 REFERENCE For Australian Reviews of Meat Loafs 2011 Tour http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Meat-Loaf-tickets/artist/735624 EXAMPLE of REVIEW What a waste of money nib Stadium - Perth - Sat 22 Oct 2011 Posted 31/10/2011 by Anonymous Firstly- I love Loaf. He's amazing. Or, at least, he WAS. What I saw was a monotonous effort by what once was an amazing recording and performing artist. His performance itself was great- but the sounds, Oh Meat, you've lost it :( Along with around 500-600 other people, I left early, after he butchered his way through my three favourite songs (2 outta 3 Ain't Bad, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, You Took the Words Right Outta My Mouth). I don't regret leaving early. And on the way home, just to prove I wasn't imagining things, Bat Outta Hell came on the radio. THAT was the sound I went to hear- and was sadly, sadly disappointed. "NIB Stadium - Perth - 22/10/2011 Posted 29/10/2011 by Trandy08 This Fan's Reviews Well what can I say!! I would have to of been one of Meatloaf's number one fans but his Perth concert was absolutely woeful. So so disappointed. Appreciate his effort but it was obvious he just doesn't have it anymore. Understand its not going to be like his cd but it was so far off it was embarrassing. Eagles, Fleetwood Mac - all in the same age group - they were exceptional - Meat left us sorely wanting - very sad. Spent a lot of money and left before the finale!! Thirsty Merc were fantastic. Had fantastic seats - it was a pity we couldn't enjoy the show." "Meatloaf was disappointing!!! Sydney Entertainment Centre - Darling Harbour - Wed 12 Oct 2011 Posted 27/10/2011 by Yowie This Fan's Reviews What a waste of time and money!! Very sad to say that Meatloaf has had his day and now it is time to hang up the towel!! The man could not keep up with the pace, forgot the words, was out of breath, changed the song endings, was out of tune and pretty crass when it came to talking to the audience. Ans to think the show was being filmed for a DVD - what a load of rubbish. I have never seen so many people walk out of a concert. Take a rest Meatloaf as no one wants to pick up a dead has-been off the stage. Very disappointing and wish I could have gotten a refund!! Favourite moment: ummm... Opening act(s): At least it was a song we knew!"
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MeatLoaf 2012 to Announce Retirement ?
Meatloaf after a disgraceful performance at the AFL Grand Final and an even more Shockingly bad Australasian Tour, is due any day to announce his retirement from Live performing, an Industry insider has commented. Through his Management company Red Pony Tours Meatloaf is having all evidence of his embarassing performances removed from Youtube and has threatened to Sue anybody who dares post a Video even though he DOES NOT OWN the Copyright
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KISS in Australia 2013 Is this the End ?
Paul Stanley recently had minor throat surgery for a niggling throat type infliction. We hope he has fully recovered for the Australian March Tour, however with a full scheduled Tour ahead there seems to be no time to rest. Gene also doesnt even bother singing backup Vocals, just pretends to . I would suggest checking out further before securing your Tickets. What's your opinion will you buy your Tickets regardless of what they sound like today or prefer to get what you paid for. Leave your comments below. FULL SHOW Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHmeJ11XHGw I do not own the rights to this Video nor do I claim any. It is used under the fair policy under Youtubes Guidelines for discussion.
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KISS What a Bunch Of LIARS, Paul Stanley Talking BullSh*T
Never trust these Guys, more Bullshit from Kiss. I've been a Fan since 76 and Gene and Paul would sell their Families, they even forget their Old Lies
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rFactor 2 V8 SUPERCARS 2012
Added this for the Adrenalin guys V8 Supercars 2012 is in the beta Stage for rFactor 2. Video shows the Models and new Sounds on the Modders development Track in rFactor 2. Head over to their site for more information and release date.
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Janis Joplin : Piece of my Heart
Janis Lyn Joplin (January 19, 1943 -- October 4, 1970) was an American singer, songwriter, painter, dancer and music arranger. She rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company and later as a solo artist with her backing groups, The Kozmic Blues Band and The Full Tilt Boogie Band. At the height of her career she was known as The Queen of Rock and Roll as well as The Queen of Psychedelic Soul. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Joplin number 46 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004,[1] and number 28 on its 2008 list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.[2]
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MAD MAX MOD for rFactor
A short Video of the great Mad Max Interceptor Mod for rFactor. This is not my Mod nor did I have any input on the creation, Video is created for promotion purposes
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Car of The Future V8 Supercars Adrenalin Factor  2013 rFactor 2 Beta Teaser
Teaser of Phase 2 testing for rFactor 2 COF V8 SuperCars 2013 by Adrenalin Factor 4 All New Models coming Soon go to http://www.adrenalinfactor.com
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Added this for the Adrenalin Guys BETA Testing has commenced. Excuse the graphics I had everything turned down low as my PC Lacks enough Ram for rfactor 2.
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H1Z1 Thriller Zombie Animation
Just added the Michael Jackson song Thriller to the H1Z1 Animations of the Zombie Dancing . I do not own the Rights to the animations or the Song and they are presented for discussion only
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Sim City 5 BETA Gameplay
Trying out the closed Beta, had some lag probs with Fraps. General look around game. I think it's going to be a great game, I disliked the Graphics as they seemed a little too cartoonish for me. Also I thought the total area you build your City on was very small. Whats your thoughts ? SUBSCRIBE for more Videos
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How to blow up Cherno, some Hackers didnt like all the Snipers on the Hill
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V8SuperCars rFactor 2
V8 SuperCars Mod testing with new Track Hidden Valley (WIP) one car in a little bit of trouble under yellow Flag
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2013 V8 Supercars Adrenalin Factor Adelaide Round 1
Adrenalin Factor V8 SuperCars Mod for rFactor 1 Download here www.adrenalinfactor.com Come Racing, sign up it's all FREE
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RFACTOR 2 MONACO LAPS Pre Release at Adrenalin Factor
WIP F2 at Monaco coming Soon to rFactor 2 by ISI www.adrenalinfactor for SERVER Information on rfactor 2
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V8 SUPERCARS for rFactor 2
V8 SuperCars rFactor 2 Beta 1.6 Test at Portugal Mod www.adrenalinfactor.com
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RFACTOR 2 Adrenalin V8 SuperCar Mercedes
A quick Video of the Progress on the Mercedes for the upcoming Adrenalin Factor V8 SuperCars 2013 Mod for rFactor 2
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2013 Adrenalin Factor V8 SuperCars Symmons Plains RD 5
SUBSCRIBE To See More V8 SuperCar Videos Get it all here http//www.adrenalinfactor.com ROUND 5 Race 1 Sprint Tyres in Use
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Uploaded for the Adrenalin Guys Early Beta Testing for rFactor 2 V8 SUPERCARS BAND : Bai Bang SONG : Raise Your Fist
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CHEV Holden VZ SS Crewman
Short Video after adding Pacemaker Headers and High Flow Cats. 2.5" System Work performed by Glenroy Exhaust in Melbourne Car is a Work in Progress
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Carlisle Homes NEW Home BAD PRESSURE
Moved into a new Home and this is my Water pressure. You think they would put up with this for 1 1/2 Months and counting without even being given a date when someone would come out to correct it ? FROM their Website Our Most Important Inclusion is You Our service is defined by the things we know will make a difference to you. From the day you start with us, to the day we hand over your keys and beyond we are committed to you. This is our difference and builds the foundations upon how we work with you." After Care Service " YES PLEASE can I have some After Care Service ???
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V8 SuperCars Next Generation 2013 mod for rFactor 2 HOLDEN
Adrenalin Factor VF Holden WIP Model for rFactor 2
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TAXI RIDE Gone Wrong Melbourne
Not saying Melbourne Taxi Drivers aren't great Drivers, but how does one roll a Taxi . I ended up with minor scratches and a story to tell. Went and checked out the car the next day, lets hope they arent going to try and repair it !
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Shannons Supercar Showdown EP 5 Part 1 2
Checking out the Simworx Simulator a V8SuperCaers mod they are running
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2013 Adrenalin Factor V8Supercars RD 2 Eastern Creek
Round 2 Season 13 Sign up to race or download Mod for rfactor at http://www.adrenalinfactor.com
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European Touring Car Championship
Some practice of the ETCC on the Adrenalin Factor Server www.adrenalinfactor.com
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EDFL Greenvale v Avondale Heights Under 18 Div 1 2013
Small Highlights from Greenvale v Avondale Heights EDFL Under 18 Div 1
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RUST # 2 Aussie Beer Drinking Noobing the Game Series little by little
We Drink Some more Beer and Discover some more of the Basics of RUST. SUB us and Follow our Journey
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V8 UTES Australia Skin rFactor
A blokes Ute Skin for rFactor
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A little Video on Gaming Setups
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Australian OPEN Tennis: DOG Loves Tennis
I looked around and our Dog had jumped on the back of the Couch and was listening to Maria Sharipova's Squeals, never done that before
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DAYZ I See my Killer !
Six Members in a Bus, raid a Factory, last one out gets nailed by a Bandit........Bandit was shot later 3,000 times. Well done to the Shooter, he was careless and paid the penalty
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This dog is starved of Water for up to 2 Weeks at a time, the hose is then turned on and the poor thing will do anything to get a drink of H2O....................... The above description is not true, and the dog is a kids pet who gets more attention than I. She just discovered she likes to chase the Hose, typical Jack Russell
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RFACTOR 2 Adrenalin Factor V8 SuperCars NG 2013 Nissan Altima
WIP Update 2 of the Nissan Altima Release will be at www.adrenalinfactor.com
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Inspired by GERANT's telemarketer Videos and during his absence tried one myself. he makes it look very easy. Side Note I have had a call back from these people and have been told I have won an Ipad to be delivered in 15 to 20 Days......we shall see If you like these kind of Videos look up GERANT he has 100's of them
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Home Arcade Machine
Vertical Arcade machine added to gaming Setup, Horizontal machine on it's way with Mame.
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rFactor 2 FG Falcon V8 SuperCars 2013
Adrenalin Factor V8 SuperCars New Generation 2013 testing the Ford Falcon www.adrenalinfactor.com
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Nic Cage in The Knowing
A little cameo I did with Nic Cage in The Knowing
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The Doors : People are Strange 1967
People Are Strange" is a single released by The Doors in September 1967 from their second album Strange Days which was also released in September 1967. The single peaked at the #12 position of the U.S. Hot 100 chart[1] and made it to the top ten in the Cash Box charts. It was written by Robby Krieger and Jim Morrison although credit was given to The Doors evenly.
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V8 Utes Australia : Kenny Simpson
V8 Utes Australia Kenny Simpson Livery
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Free to Play Infestation / WarZ First Thoughts
Trying out the much maligned Zombie game Infestation formerly known as WarZ Get your Trial Account here FREE http://infestationmmo.com/#getgame
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RUST Base Building Experiment
Continuing with Rust in this Video we Build a rather large Base
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AFL EVOLUTION Release Day Gameplay 2017
Some random Video filmed with Phone of new Release AFL EVOLUTION . PS 4 65 Inch Sony TV
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RUST Intro Noobing around
First thing to do in this game is make some friends early. these Guys allowed me to build near their base, shared Food and Tools while I noobed about. Great game
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Cockpit for Adrenalin V8 Supercars Mod for rFactor 2
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RUST Hiding your Base in a Base
Last Video on Base Building
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Bubbles Invade Home
We had an Invasion of Bubbles to our new House, thankfully DOG hates them and tried to eat them all
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Mad Max  Fury Road – Trailer  – Official Warner Bros
All Rights are Warner Brothers, reproduced for promotion and discussion Only. Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite Imperator, Furiosa. They are escaping a Citadel tyrannized by the Immortan Joe, from whom something irreplaceable has been taken. Enraged, the Warlord marshals all his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly in the high-octane Road War that follows.
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