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Vue (2015, UK)
A brand new ident for Vue cinemas, visualising the performance of Dolby Atmos and Sony Digital 4K. Directed by Andrew Proctor at Mill+.
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Guinness - Surfer (1999, UK)
The full, extended version of one of the most acclaimed British ads ever made. Directed by Jonathan Glazer at Academy Films with VFX by Framestore, known at the time as The Computer Film Company. Starring Louis Mellis and world champion surfer Rusty K. SOUNDTRACK: Leftfield - Phat Planet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfer_(advertisement)
Charlie Brooker's 2012 Wipe - The Year in Shitverts
Charlie Brooker once again takes a look at some of the most overrated and stereotypical British ads of last year.
Murphy's Irish Stout - Last Orders (1997, UK)
Murphy's get animation talents from Japan in this advert, following the release of Ghost in the Shell in the UK. The ad acts like a non-Asian anime advert should - six samurai rushing through a futuristic megalopolis to get to the pub on time, in a high-octane sequel to the Brothers Quay's spot from a year prior. Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo, though some sources claim it to be Mamoru Oshii, at Production I.G. for Nexus Productions. Art was provided by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Kazuchika Kise.
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Guinness - noitulovE (2005, UK)
One of Guinness' most famous and successful ads in history, in which three forms of life travel through millions and millions of years in search of perfect taste. This advert went on to please critics, boost sales and become an award winner across the globe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoitulovE Directed by Daniel Kleinman at Kleinman Productions, with VFC by Framestore CFC. Soundtrack: Sammy Davis Jr. - The Rhythm of Life
Urban Outfitters - Tommy Wiseau (2013, USA)
Happy Memorial Day from the Room guy! Directed by Karl Beyer and Scott Ross.
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DVLA - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2002, UK)
In this advert, a family forgets to pay their road tax, making it a really Chitty day. *badum-chh* Directed by Andy Lambert.
Wilkins Coffee - Wilkins and Wontkins (1957-1961, USA)
Two of Jim Henson's earliest Muppets in most of the gloriously sadistic commercials that persuade you to drink Wilkins Coffee or die. Wilkins and Wontkins would also be used for a variety of other brands, including Red Diamond Coffee. Recovered from Garrett Gilchrist's suspended Henson Rarities channel.
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Got Milk? - Trix (1995, USA)
A paranoid man finally gets, out of all the things in the world, his most desired cereals. Produced by Calabash Animation, the creators of the Mastercard ad.
IKEA - Lamp (2002, USA)
The heartbreaking, award-winning tale of a lamp abandoned by its owner. Some of the criticism included similarities to ads by The Carphone Warehouse, and its win of the Cannes Lions Grand Prix over Honda's 'Cog', but above all that was critical praise and a place as the 8th most awarded commercial of 2003. Directed by Spike Jonze at Morton/Jankel/Zander. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamp_(advertisement)
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Esso Extra - Faces 2 (1956, UK)
Peter Sellers' stereotypical Esso logo this time takes on the United Kingdom itself.
DOE - Thoughts (1995, Ireland)
A PIF from DOE that's just as long as the 'Flowers' PIF from the same year, in which numerous songs are covered to set the mood to a speeding accident. Directed by Gerry Poulson at Toytown Films.
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Smokey Bear - Criminal (1985, USA)
The full version of a PSA the Ad Council had only shown us 30 seconds of. It tells us that even if it was a mistake, burning a forest will make you suffer the consequences.
Anti-Smoking - Natural Born Smoker (1985, UK)
A PIF that was released on television and in cinemas, scaring teenagers with a deformed person immune to the dangers of cigarettes. An ad so creepy it doesn't even need to use any type to get its message across - it's made pretty clear through visuals. Directed by Barry Myers, and winner of a Silver D&AD Award.
Sky Broadband - Incredibles 2 (2018, UK)
A Sky technician introduces the Parrs to super-powered wi-fi (which, them living in a world where technology is at a futuristic peak for the 60's, makes enough sense), and Dash just can't resist testing it around the whole house in just under a minute in a new Sky ad cross-promoting Brad Bird's near-stellar Incredibles 2, out in UK cinemas next week, and as good as it is (saw it a month early), none of the films or games have given Helen's elastic neck nearly as much credit as this. Animated at Pixar.
NSPCC - Ventriloquist (2004, UK)
Directed by Daniel Kleinman at Kleinman Productions. Winner of a Bronze award at the British Television Advertising Awards.
DOE - Flowers (1995, Ireland)
An Irish PIF warning people not to drink and drive with the tragic story of a mother's loss. Directed by John O'Donnell.
Wendy's - Soviet Fashion Show (1985, USA)
Rumor has is this ad was banned for being offensive. However, this was not the only spot to poke fun at Soviet Russia at the time. Directed by Joe Sedelmaier.
Kellogg's Coco Pops - Witch Doctor (2004, UK)
Parts 1 and 2 of the story of Crafty Croc's deal with a witch doctor, making him as invisible as possible so that he can steal that cereal. Animation by Espresso Animation.
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Virgin Cola - Home of Hedonism (1999, UK)
The Virgin Roller Cola Girl, a rollerskating babe with a shotgun, welcomes her viewers to her home. Directed by Robert Valley and Chris Hauge at Passion Pictures, based on designs by Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of Tank Girl and Gorillaz.
Jam Sessions - Sponge Cake (2007, Australia)
It's a viral spot for a G-rated game. G-rated indeed!
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Sony Bravia - Paint (2006, UK)
Jonathan Glazer's contribution to Sony's "Colour like no other" campaign, minus the Thieving Magpie. This director's cut was only shown in cinemas, albeit shortened down to 60 seconds. Produced by Academy Films.
Hamlet Cigars - Farewell (1999, UK)
The last ever public advert for Hamlet Cigars, due to ads for smoking on TV and cinema screens not being a good idea anymore. Besides, "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet" and a Chief Medical Officers' Warning do not mix very well. Rated 15.
League Against Cruel Sports - Game (1988, UK)
A cinema PIF against fox hunting, rated 18 most likely due to its disturbing nature and grisly messages. Directed by Stuart Macleod at Gold Macleod, with music by Phil Sawyer and Nick Portlock.
Weetabix - Driving Instructor (1997, UK)
A Weetabix classic, with a driving instructor eating Weetabix and believing that despite many tests gone awry, he will survive.
Cadbury - Cadbury Land (1998, UK)
I know this was already uploaded to YouTube, but since PIFMan092's been doing the same thing I thought I'd copy. In this ad, an odd-sounding boy named Dudley Sidebottom discovers the quirky, chocolatey world that lies beneath his local sweet shop. The voices were done by Neville John "Noddy" Holder of Slade, and the animation was done by John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy, George Liquor, that Simpsons couch gag) and the good folks at Spümcø. Even he apparently forgot about this ad. http://web.archive.org/web/20010808092916/http://www.spumco.com/entertainment/cadbury/ I uploaded this because these mascots are very unique, but none of their other ads have been uploaded by anyone. I've search many ad breaks uploaded to YouTube, but none to be found. More people remember the Yowies. The ads I do remember were four ads starring Giant Buttons, an older counterpart to the Buttons character, and one where the gang were playing hide-and-seek (I think). These ads were done by other studios. I just think these characters need more attention.
Audi RS4 - Spider (2005, UK)
A scary ad for the Audi RS4 quattro, directed by Lynn Fox (Patrick Chen, Bastian Glassner and Christian McKenzie) at Blink Productions with post production by The Mill. Rated PG.
Nike - The Morning After (1999, USA)
A man goes for a jog during Y2K. Winner of a Gold Lion at the Cannes Film Festival and an Emmy. Directed by Spike Jonze at Propaganda/Satellite Films. Rated 15 on UK cinema release.
BT - Burst Pipe (2002, UK)
An ad for the launch of BT Broadband, where the internet invades an ordinary street. Directed by Garth Jennings at Hammer & Tongs, creators of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) and Son of Rambow. VFX by The Mill and Aardman Animations.
Weetos - Mad Professor (1992, UK)
Long before Aardman animated the buff new cereal piece, they were the first ones to animate Professor Weeto!
Dairylea - Fridge Raid/Clever Invention (1998, UK)
Directed by Paul Berry at Passion Pictures.
Revels - Take a Chance (2001, UK)
The Russian Roulette scene from The Deer Hunter, but with chocolate. Directed by Andy Lambert at HSI London.
Confused.com - Somebody to Love (2010, UK)
Although the beginning stirred controversy due to the animation looking like squiggly-haired (or testicle-headed if you're a real perv) Cara was pulling the microphone out of her unmentionables instead of her pocket, this is a misleading but fun advert, and just the right way to honour the high amount of customers that visited the site, even if it wasn't really 18 million. I think this should've been the only one of its kind, though, as much later the breasts seemed to get bouncier, the pocket animation never changed its position, the singing became more annoying, the song choices less relevant and all the customers returned for no reason other than to insult humanity. Animated by Hornet and directed by Dan & Jason, featuring vocals by Louise Dearman of British Wicked fame.
Truth - Tough Love (2008, USA)
A pair of guys take their part-animated singing close to a tobacco company to sing about how smoking can affect romance. Directed by Tom Kuntz at MJZ with animation by Curious Pictures.
Aflac - Grand Canyon (2001, USA)
The Aflac duck finds himself in the cliffs.
Halifax - Top Cat (2016, UK)
A rather disappointing comeback for the original TC and friends, who consult/con Halifax to help upgrade his bin because it's been years since they gang shared interest in RBS. Still better than both the movies. Directed by Dom and Nic at Outsider.
Nike - Hare Jordan (1993, USA)
Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in the original Space Jam. Directed by Joe Pytka at his company Pytka, with animation by Darrell van Citters.
The Samaritans - Scream (1989, UK)
A disturbingly odd cinema advert (that also made it to TV) for The Samaritans, about a woman named Saira who's supposedly talking about suicide from neglect, but all we can hear is a variety of distorted, creepy noises including low-pitched screams. Directed by cinematographer Michael Seresin at BFCS. Rated 15, although this is one of the ads from the time where the rating looked like an 18.
MasterCard - Muppets (2002, USA)
To rid your brain of those Friendchips twats, here's some Muppets. Directed by Brian Henson himself.
Kellogg's Frosties - Tony Hard Sell (1960's, UK)
Thurl Ravenscroft returns as Tony the Tiger, Tony Jr. has a voice and Frosted Flakes? Well, you know.
McVitie's Pizza Slices - Martyn (1988, UK)
Animated by Aardman Animations.
MasterCard - Icons (2005, USA)
A Superbowl commercial featuring Charlie Tuna, Count Chocula, the Gorton's Fisherman, Mr. Peanut, Chef Boyardee, the Vlasic Stork, the Morton's Salt girl, the Pillsbury Doughboy, the Green Giant and Mr. Clean! The first experiment to cross multiple brand icons over including Mr. Peanut, the Morton Salt girl and the Green Giant since 1972's Exxon/Esso commercial. Animation produced by Calabash Animation.
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Disaster Action (1991, UK)
A PIF for charity Disaster Action when it was first founded - this was due to shocking incidents in the late 80's such as Hillsborough and UTA Flight 772.
Esso Extra - Faces 1 (1956, UK)
Peter Sellers lends his voice to some classic cartoon racism. Music by Barry Gray.
Post Strawberry-Blasted Honey-Comb - Recipe For Disaster (2003, USA)
This cereal lasted for a short while. And that's another reason why Postopia's games aren't so special now. VFX by Industrial Light and Magic.
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Shelter - Homeless Families (1991, UK)
An unsettling cinema PIF for Shelter, National Campaign for the Homeless. Directed by Roger H. Lyons at The Boys Own Picture Company. Submitted by ReciprocalZeugma, rated 15.
Childline - Call Centre (2005, UK)
A cinema PIF for Childline about children calling Childline from within the building, featuring a shocking final image. A Quiet Storm production. Rated 12A.
Johnnie Walker - Fish (2003, UK)
Directed by Daniel Kleinman at Spectre with VFX by Framestore. Winner of a Silver award at the British Television Advertising Awards.
Pot Noodle - Desperate Dan (2002, UK)
An adult advert for Pot Noodle that was banned for calling itself "The slag of all snacks".