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My Metaplastic Breast Cancer Story- Reconstruction options
After my second diagnosis I needed a mastectomy. I decided to have DIEP flap reconstruction done at the same time. In this video I discuss the two options presented, DIEP flap and implants with expanders.
My Metaplastic Breast Cancer- How the port works during chemo
Getting a port and my first chemo. What happens the first time you have chemo administered using a mediport. It's all part of my metaplastic breast cancer story.
Metaplastic Breast Cancer
When the Ken Burns documentary on "The Emperor of All Maladies" aired recently, they launched a complementary website. The site offers cancer patients the opportunity to share their story. This is a short version of my story for that project. The rest of this site is full of more detailed videos about specific elements of my experience.
Metaplastic Breast Cancer- My Second Diagnosis with MpBC
In this video I talk about finding a second tumor and having my second diagnosis with metaplastic breast cancer.
My Metaplastic Breast Cancer Story Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is often offered to women with metaplastic breast cancer, even with smaller tumors. I received dose dense AC\T, which is a common kind of treatment for triple negative breast cancers. (Although it is not the only kind offered)
Metaplastic Breast Cancer- My Mastectomy
My decision to have a mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction.
Radiation Treatment Metaplastic Breast Cancer
My Metaplastic Breast Cancer story. All about radiation, how it works and what to expect.
Metaplastic Breast Cancer- May 10, 2014
Big week for MpBC advocacy. Rev 2014 allowed me to meet some of the big names in the medical (cancer) community and introduce them to our cause.
My Metaplastic Breast Cancer Story
This is my metaplastic breast cancer story. I have broken up the videos into easy to watch sections. For more information on Metaplastic Breast Cancer visit our website: www.metaplasticbc.com or join us on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/metaplasticBCresearch/
Metaplastic Breast Cancer Blog Post May 3, 2014
My blog post on the past week and the advocacy work I have been doing for MpBC patients and myself.
Comparing 126 TNBC MpBC tumors at Caris LIfe Sciences
Researcher Rebecca Feldman discusses a research project done in 2014 for Caris Life Sciences. 126 Metaplastic tumors that were profiled at Caris were analyzed for similarities and potential drug targets.
Metaplastic Breast Cancer Introduction
This is my Metaplastic Breast Cancer story. You can learn more about my personal experiences and also follow my weekly updates on the advocacy I am doing for metaplasctic breast cancer patients and myself.