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No Mans Sky - custom settings - low end laptop - may 2018 (specs in description)
Laptop specs: amd a12 9720p R7 graphics 8gb ram stored on 128gb SSD
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Top 10 MOST INSANE FEROCIOUS BRUTAL Dubstep Drops of 2018 (part 1/3)
Obviously all the stupid adjectives and stuff is just a parody of other top 10 videos. except for the 2018 part... yeah sorry to disapoint but i actually made sure the songs were all from 2018. shet... 2018 i try and use unpopular songs u likely have never heard of inorder to expand ur variety 2018 i just wanna share some music with the viewer cuz im more bored than a homosapien who is experiencing symptoms of boredom. 2018 (best year) tearout is the best dubstep, best genre, thats where u find the best dubstep. tearout 2018 i guess ill make 2 more of these simply becuz i know some songs. itll kill time aswell. itll kill my boredom too. it wont kill me though... shet... 2018 also i just really want to reveal all kinds of dubstep in all its deserved glory to this foresaken 2018 world. 2018 2018