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Fairy Tail | Camera Shy | AMV | Loke x Lucy {LoLu}
So I decided to make a LoLu video (again...). I can't help it I just love the pairing so much! ^^ if anyone has a song request don't hesitate to tell me and I will make a video with the song you want :) I hope you enjoy! :3 Song: Camera Shy Artist: School Boy Humor Anime: Fairy Tail Pairing: Loke x Lucy (LoLu) Like, comment and subscribe for more! ;)
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❤ Fairy Tail | BE SOMEBODY | Jerza & LoLu ❤
I hope you enjoy :)
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Fairy Tail AMV - Lucy x Loki - Your Love Is My Drug (LoLu)
I hope you enjoy :3
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Fairy Tail - Lucy x Loke - Truly Madly Deeply {LoLu} AMV
I hope you enjoy :3 Song: Truly Madly Deeply Artist: Cascada Anime: Fairy Tail Couple/ship: Loki x Lucy (LoLu)
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Fairy Tail AMV - Lucy x Loki - Safe & Sound
I hope you like it! :3
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Fairy Tail {Lucy x Loke} Black Widow [AMV] LoLu
I hope you like it! :) I think I like LoLu way too much XD I promise that from now on I will post videos with other ships as well :)
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❤️ Hitorijime My Hero ~ AMV ~ Kousuke x Masahiro ~ Heart Stop ❤️
If you haven't watched this anime...go watch it! You will die from all the cuteness! So I wanted to make this because I just love these two! And more people should know about this anime. It's so freaking adorable! So....yeah :3 I hope you like it! ^^
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Fairy Tail - AMV - Happily Ever After - LoLu, Gale & Jerza
I hope you like it :3
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu // AMV // Karma x Nagisa (KramaGisa) // Without You // 200 Subscribers Special
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't belive I actually have 200+ subs! How?! When?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are amazing! Thank you! ❤ Ok ok...I need to breathe... ok I'm back 😂 But really tho. Thank you, it means a lot to me that people acutally enjoy my videos! :') I may or may not be crying... 😅 Lol. Anyways! I hope you enjoy this little video I made for you! 😁❤ Comment and tell me what you think! ❤️ and tell me if you wanna see more KarmaGisa videos! (I'm planning to do a MikaYuu AMV next ^^)
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Fairy Tail ~ Angel To You Devil To Me ~ AMV ~ Jerza, LoLu & Gruvia
anime: Fairy Tail song: Agel To You Devil To Me Ships: Jerza, Gruvia, Lolu
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Fairy Tail ~ Lucy x Loki ~ Wonderland ~ AMV LoLu
I hope you enjoy! I own nothing! Please don't dislike because of the pairing!
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Fairy Tail ✩ AMV ✩ Sweetest Devotion ✩ Loke x Lucy (LoLu)
Hi. Man...it's been forever since I uploaded a video... But the important thing is that I finally sat down to make this one :) this song was requested by a Evans. Sorry I know this is a cover a the song you asked for but I just couldn't find the original. I didn't know where I could download it.....again sorry....I hope this is ok... Anyways.... I hope you enjoy the video ^^ Anime: Fairy Tail Pairing/ship: Loke X Lucy (LoLu) Song: Sweetest Devotion Artist: Adele Cover by: I'm sorry I have no idea who made this cover.....it didn't say...sorry I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING USED IN THIS VIDEO! IT ALL BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS!
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Fairy Tail | Lucy's Waiting For Superman | LoLu | AMV |
Ok so this... Was made just out of boredom... But I still hope you enjoy ^^ Song: Waiting For Superman Anime: Fairy Tail Couple: Loke x Lucy
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Fairy Tail ~ AMV ~ Gajeel x Levy (GaLe)
I hope you like it :)
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Black Butler // Sebastian x Ciel // New Perspective // Collab Part
I decided to make it as soon as possible because starting next week I'm gonna be extremely busy with school. So yeah.... I hope you like it and if there's anything wrong or if you would like to change anything just tell me and I'll fix it :)
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「HSS」Worm // MEP Part // Owari no Seraph // MikaYuu
NO HATE ON YUUNOA THO! I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE SHIP! I know, I know... I'm the worst for uploading one day before the deadline.... My program kept crashing like every 5 minutes (I almost had a mental breakdown because of this video...)! But anyways...I hope you like it :')
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Fairy Tail | AMV | Gray x Lucy | Chasing Ghosts | GrayLu
Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this little video I made for you. Ok...LoLu is my OTP but I also like GrayLu. I just think that they make a pretty cute couple (but I still prefer LoLu and Gruvia XD). That's all! :) song: Chasing Ghosts artist: Against The Current anime: Fairy Tail ship/couple: GrayLu (Gray x Lucy)
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Jellal x Erza - I'll be your Romeo - AMV
I hope you like it! :D
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「HSS」Jar Of Hearts // MEP Parts 5 & 6 // ons & Haikyuu!! // Mikayuu & IwaOi (backup)
I hope the backup parts are ok...I'm trash for these two ships...I'm sorry....
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ok here's the part with those 5 seconds I forgot to add the first time
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「HSS」Jar Of Hearts // MEP Part // Haikyuu // KageHina
I don't have anything to say...so yeah....hope the part looks ok...
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Anime MEP ~ Shatter Me ~ Part 13 ~ For Fizzy Burst
I hope you like my MEP part :) If any parts of the video are too bright just tell me and I wil re-edit them
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Anime MEP ~ Shatter Me ~ Parts 1 & 2 ~ For Fizzy Burst  (backup parts)
hey, so I'm done with parts 1 and 2. I hope you like them :)
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「FTS」You're Drop Dead Beautiful /Gruvia/
So here's my part :) I'm so happy to be apart of this studio :D If anything isn't okay with my part just tell me and i will re-makeit :) Song: Drop Dead Beautiful by Britney Spears Anime: Fairy Tail Couple/paring: Gray x Juvia (gruvia) Studio: Fairy Tail Studio Part: 5
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Anime MEP Part 5 For Mlp Jules 1000
I hope it's ok! :) sorry it took so long......
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Anime MEP Runaway Part 2 For Janusku Banusku
I hope you like it! :)
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Anime MEP - Shatter Me - Part 6 - For Fizzy Burst (backup part) - Gruvia
Hey, I finally uploaded part 6! Yay! I hope you like it :3 I just felt like making this part with Gruvia... I hope you don't mind :) Anime: Fairy Tail Song: Shatter Me Pairing: Gray x Juvia (Gruvia)
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For Zwei Otakus AMV Contest - Fairy Tail - Little Do You Know
I know it's a sad kind of video...sorry... But I still hope you like :)
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Anime MEP Faded Part 1 For Riha Anjum LoLu
I hope you like it! :3
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「HSS」Stitches / MEP / Part 11 / Jerza
Here you go! Hope you like it :)
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Anime MEP Crazy In Love Part 16 For Janusku Banusku | LoLu
I hope you like it :)
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Fairy Tail MEP Broken Hearted Part 6 for Anime❤Shipper
I hope you like it!
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Anime MEP Girls Vs Bitches Part 4 For xXMooniieXx
I hope you like it
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Anime MEP Part 2 For xX SunMagic Xx
I hope you like it :)
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