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Ears pierced for the first time at Claires
Brylee gets her ears pierced for the first time!
Baby I'm Worth it  - Kids make Popcorn Pancakes
Girls make popcorn pancakes and have fun in the kitchen
Fun gymnastics tricks
Brylee and Maylin show off some of their gymnastics moves and tricks in the gym!
Easy homemade ice cream
Brylee, Maylin and a special guest Kaebri make yummy homemade ice cream!! Only 3 ingredients, it is super easy to make!!
Learn how to do a cartwheel and somersault!
Girl is showing off her gymnastics moves!! She will teach you how to do a cartwheel and a somersault! How to do a pike, tuck and straddle. One day she will be in the Olympics!
Meeting Disney Princesses - Disney Parade - Tokyo
Snow White stopped to meet with Brylee during the Disney Land Parade in Disney Tokyo! We were so excited!!
Cooking with Disney Frozen Elsa and Frozen Anna - easy vanilla cake
Follow Elsa and Anna...Brylee and Maylin...along as they use the ingredients they purchased on their shopping adventure to make a delicious vanilla cake!
Kinder Surprise Eggs Toy Review - Star Wars
Brylee and Maylin open up Star Wars Kinder Surprise Eggs!
Going to the Zoo - Calgary Zoo
Brylee and Maylin have their good friend Brady join them at the zoo. Follow along as they check out the penguins and the Canadian Wild.
Kids go shopping!!
Brylee and Maylin go on a shopping adventure. They are equipped with their own shopping cart and grocery list. Follow along as the buy groceries in order to make a special surprise!!
Brylee and Maylin take on the Bean Boozeled Challenge! Rotten milk and stinky feet! Yuck
Uptown Fun - Girls teach you how to make Rainbow cake
Brylee and Maylin making a delicious rainbow cake from scratch. From making creamy cream cheese icing to making the vanilla cake Brylee and Maylin will show you how to do it. Please share and like our video. Please comment on our video. We want lots of new ideas that we can cook for you and share our ideas. We believe all kids should learn how to cook. We have so much fun doing this.
Crazy Kayakers and the Waterfall
We came across some crazy kayakers going down Elbow Falls while hanging out at the falls for the day. The boys were between ages 10-14. It was so cold!!
You are my sunshine my only sunshine
Little girl sings my little sunshine before bed. So adorable and only 2!
How to make a sensory activity for preschooler. Cloud Dough
Brylee and Maylin have fun showing you how to make Cloud Dough! Cloud Dough is a great everyday sensory activity! Only 2 ingredients needed ~ oil and flour.