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Rust part 1 - BEAR!!!!!
My First Video!!! Sorry about quality it is not what i wanted but i am fixing it i am new so try to go easy with the kys comments XD Rust Rust Part 1 BEAR!!!!!
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FAWHAT? - Facade gameplay part 1
hey viewers! today i will be playing some facade. if you want to see more of this please comment down below. NOTE: I am not totally happy with my recording sound but it will be fixed in the next video Let me now of playback issues!
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Rust Part 2 - trolling Bear
2nd video still with bad quality I GOT A FIX!!! so expect a good quality video i apologize for the quality but please enjoy
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THANKS! - thanks for the support!
really thanks guys i really appreciate it! I know its a bad vid but really wanted to say thanks!
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About my add video  -Update!
Hey everyone BurntCrops here today i will talk about the shit storm of comments on my ad video! Shoutout to Oskar for helping in the comments add me on steam : BurntCrops
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A taste of siege part 2// NOW IN 60FPS
i am back with another siege video enjoy! Sorry about lack of uploads i finally got my 1060 so should go back to normal
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Oxygen not included - Worst place in space!
today we have a new game! NOTE!!! - headset broke so hold on for next vid trying to fix it!
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IM BACK!!! A taste of siege
Hey finally im back here is some good old siege gameplay
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Rust Short! Failed Raid!
Rust me and bear go out to raid what a raid it was
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PUBG: a slightly disappointing round!
Note: I was not using a controller although the game said that I was i uninstalled the drivers so this should not happen again. BIG THANKS TO: Halcyon, Henco and Hyphen
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