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Firefall HD
1080p gameplay test of mine, of Firefall - this game is gigantic, and fantastic! its very scalable, you can play it on a very low end pc. It's about 5 gigs to download, and you have to go to the firefall game site, google it, and create login first. Why am I explaining backwards? who knows. See you there !!! I'll be SerialTrillA, GGS !
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Gaming with my eyes closed
Ha, made you watch! This was a test of nVidia ShadowPlay rec. Now that I've tested and approved, world will see some crazy shit. Soldier Front 2 - my first gameplay upload! i had my eyes closed ; not,
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20130623 191432
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Nvidia Shadow Play is awesome, and so am I in Soldier Front 2
Soldier Front 2, pretty fun straight forwards first person shooter (FPS) delivered free through Steam, you can get reward upgrades and rentals of weapons and such or you can use your own money (unlikely) to purchase game courency to purchase stuff, but the game is free, and fun, great practice if you gather up some cash, which is either awarded after playing well, or through generous rewards just because, from the game, which allows you to hit Space bar and respawn instantly, ideal for no frustration practice, helps anyone become awesome in any FPS! check it out.
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Tomb Raider Ultimate settings - TresFX hair  - now you see it, now you dont!
Not so perfect TR TresFX hairdo, identity crysis causes Lara to go monkey-insane and commit suicide, fantastic stuff!
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