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Adventuring the Pacific NW | Subaru-Adventures | FozRoamer | ADF 2016
On 20 October, 2016, Anderson Design & Fabrication installed its 2nd lift for the 2009 – 2013 Subaru Forester SH 4” Lift. Harley with FozRoamer from Southern California had its lift upgraded from a 2” to 4” ADF. Subaru-Adventures.com heard from Josh with Foztrek.com in Australia of FozRoamer’s visit at ADFs headquarters for the lift install. It was past due in taking the Subaru Loyale on an adventure and meet up with other Subaru enthusiasts. Having trustworthy, honest, and reputable local shops in the Pacific Northwest have been what many of us admire about the Subaru community for decades now. Custom fabricators and designers across the world work hard to engineer custom lift kits and other miscellaneous parts for both old and new generation Subarus. It’s not just Subarus, but the friendship on our journeys. With short notice after the ADF 4” install, five of us had an opportunity to explore Mt. Hood National Forest with heavy rain fall amongst a water crossing. With only the rear left strut lower seat displacing itself, I was forced to reinstall the King Springs sacrificing ½” in drop in the rear.
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ROKSTAD POWER | ERICKSON INC. Brucejack Transmission Powerline Project TRAILER
On 29 September @ 12:50, Bubba placed the final bridge to complete the 35-mile (56-kilometer) 138-kV transmission line to support the Brucejack Gold Project led by Rokstad Power. Structure 6013 weighing a total of 282,200 lbs. (128,457 kg) is one the highest transmission towers in Canada standing at 145 ft (44 m) and an altitude of around 6,000 ft. ASL. It combines a total of 31 pieces with a total of 23 picks with the S-64F Air-Crane (25,000lb max capacity) and 4 picks with the Bell 214B-1. Structure 6016 spans across the Knipple Glacier to 6017 making it the tightest wire and longest span in North America with a length of 1.4 miles (2.2-km) with the glacier sitting about 2,000 feet below. At 05:30 Thursday morning, the Aurora Borealis passed through over Power Camp. At 09:56, Bubba set its last 132nd single steel monopole tower just below the Knipple Glacier. The Brucejack Gold Mine is located just North of Stewart, British Columbia and just 25 miles from the Alaskan border. Pretium Resources Inc. plans to start commercial production in 2017 with an estimated 6.9 million ounces of gold and an anticipated 18-year lifespan. The company believes the mine will produce at least US$2.36 billion of gold. In the six-month construction window for this project, about 20 million pounds of concrete and 5.3 million pounds of steel were moved requiring 391 tower picks from the S-64F & S-64E Air-Crane. The completion of this project wouldn’t be possible without a team effort from Surveyors, Engineers, Geologists, Blast crews, foundations to include the rebar benders, truck drivers, drillers, all the many support helicopter crews, the amazing staff of cooks at camp, housing staff, maintenance personal, security, and all those crazy lineman crawling around up on the towers, and many others not mentioned. It has truly been a privilege for us all working in these remote areas of Northern British Columbia.
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Subaru-Adventures - Walker Valley Offroad Park 2014
29 November 2014 Pre-Meet in Mt. Vernon @ 10:00. A rare show of Subarus gather onto what they say is a typical drive. From driving over 2’ boulders to the entrance of Walker Valley Offroad Park with weather conditions consisting of snow, ice, rain, and pathways mostly mud and water bed crossings; the group made it through OK with only minor body damage and a broken headlight, snapped rear axles, and a bent rear hub. Starring Jeff, Nick, Ted, Patrick, Todd, Josh, and Rick.
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Bipole III Transmission Line with Erickson Inc. | Manitoba, Canada
As Bubba arrived from Red Deer, Alberta, the Bipole III high voltage direct current transmission project was underway just South of Thompson, Manitoba that will deliver renewable energy to the Winnipeg region and the United States, helping reduce fossil fuels and to be completed in 2018. Temperatures were forecast in the coming weeks to drop to -30C nearly stopping job operations. With 80 mph hurricane force winds of the S-64F Air-Crane, the wind chill of the rotor wash dropped temperatures to the -50C directly towards the load masters and rigging crew. In temperatures like these, winter covers were installed each night to allow for the Wacker Neuson Indirect Fire HI 400 Heaters to warm the main gear box oil and fuel control units of the Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-5A engines each morning. Preparing the aircraft for preflight took nearly an hour. Nothing seemed to want to cooperate, but the crew & Bubba took it strong and flew nearly 100 hours in the month of December and January to finish the first section of the powerline project. Temperatures were low enough to cause contrails to grow and thicken about ¼ to ½ mile wide with each pick according to our pilot, Brad Warren. “We made our own threatening weather!” “So every pick the cloud would build to the point where it became a problem for visibility. We would try flying higher so the next time we could fly under the clouds we formed.” Apart from helicopters, you can visit the Wolf Mural in Thompson, Manitoba on Highland tower. It is the largest photo-real mural in Canada. It rests on a 10 story apartment block, Highland tower. This building is visible from downtown and can be seen from 1 mile away. This fine piece of art was painted by Charles Johnston in 2005. The original “Wolf Sketch” art was created in 1990 by Robert Bateman. “I can’t conceive of anything being more varied, rich and handsome than planet Earth; its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it…then put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I want to dedicate my life.” The mural is 64 ft wide by 86 ft high, the Wolf Mural cost $125,000 to be set up by the Manitoba Hydro and Shelter Canadian Properties. The mural only sees the sun a few hours on summer mornings which will extend its life expectancy to over 20 years. Bateman’s message for “Wolf Sketch” is one of “eye to eye with respect”. He states, “Wolves – gregarious family animals – do not often stare directly at man, or at each other for that matter. They are creatures of complex, almost chivalrous behaviour, and perhaps they feel that eye to eye staring would be rude and almost confrontational. They do indeed make direct eye contact if they intend to confront. Perhaps this is why we find the direct gaze of a wolf so compelling. This drawing was executed on very rough paper because I wanted to give a felling of the rough power of a wild wolf.” Sources: www.robertbateman.ca https://www.hydro.mb.ca/projects/bipoleIII/
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Subaru-Adventures - Walker Valley Offroad Park 2015
December 13, 2015 The weather was expected to be 100% precipitation at Walker Valley ORV Park in Mt. Vernon, Washington State. Six off-road enthusiasts and myself were ready on battling the wettest conditions in our 4WD vehicles. Special Guest, Rohan Maxim from Queensland, Australia had the opportunity to join us from his home land and have a glimpse of the equivalent conditions the Northwest has to offer. Filming this did not make it any easier using a weather proof case for the SLR with humidity at 100%. Rain or snow, we were on our way to Walker to regroup while Josh installed his passenger rear axle to engage the welded rear differential. Two miles past the entrance gate of Walker Valley Park, Josh snaps the rear stub shaft on his converted Subaru GL wagon ute. It may not have helped having me in the bed while filming and Rohan as a passenger climbing the off cambered hill, but within 10 minutes, Josh replaced the stub shaft with his spare, and we were on trail once again. Other than Jeff having a leaking valve stem on his Subaru GL Wagon named “Butters”, we escaped the dark misty forest without any harm done. Patrick’s GL hatch has been out of service due to a bent steering rack, but it did not stop him from bringing his Jeep Cherokee. The day was fun and hopefully will see snow our next go around! NW WASHINGTON OFFROAD - SUBARU-ADVENTURES.COM BUGGIN'OUT - BERSERKARU
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The Journey of a Motorcycle Traveler | Tommy Elvis Torresdal 🇳🇴 | 8 Years Around the World | BMW HP2
http://subaru-adventures.com/the-journey-of-a-motorcycle-traveler-tommy-elvis-torresdal-8-years-around-the-world-bmw-hp2/ In 2009, Tommy started his journey from Stavanger, Norway and rode his motorcycle through Asia to Australia and finally the Pacific. It took him two years. He lived in Perth, Australia for about four years working and saving his money for his upcoming trips. I met Tommy through his friend Nathan Hammond while working at the Jandakot Airport in Perth with Erickson Air-Crane for the fire season. He shipped his Australian registered 2006 BMW HP2 named Balder to New Zealand and then to Chile, South America. He has spent the last three years riding from Chile to Bellingham, Washington State USA while visiting many wonderful warm people along the way including some long time friends. As Tommy’s friend Alex puts it: “Tommy is the one who hardly anyone knows, but who has been around the world. He’s the guy who epitomizes the old saying, “He who does the thing, has the power.” Tommy’s dream is to ride across every country in the world, making new friends and spreading joy where he can. He has currently traveled to over 41 countries. Tommy is a believer in Tryology. Just try what works and become a believer. His motorcycle is named Balder, which is a god in Norse mythology, and a son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg. He has numerous brothers, such as Thor and Váli. On the side of his motorcycle, one will notice a Norwegian poem written in old runic. The poem is about setting an intention for Tommy and the motorcycle on the journey. It’s about setting an intention of spreading good energy to the people that they both come across. ╬╬╬╬╬╬ Quotes: “You were born to be real, not to be perfect.” “The rear wheel does what it wants, focus on the front wheel and you will stay upright. That also goes for life too.” “Every person we meet has something to teach us. That’s worth listening to. It happens every day!” “The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing.” ╬╬╬╬╬╬ Countries Visited: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Laos, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Iceland, Canada, Norway Total: 43
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Wild Subaru Hunting | Pacific Northwest | 2016
Wild Subaru hunting in the Pacific Northwest with Special narrative guest, Michael Anderson. Bryan explores Heather Medows and makes its way to Chair 1 at Mt. Baker Ski Area in a 1992 Subaru Loyale Expedition L Series.
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Craig Breen wins the S2000 World Rally Championship in Rally de Espana 2012
Craig Breen wins the S2000 World Rally Championship in Rally de Espana. The Waterford driver finished 2 minutes and 5 seconds ahead of title rival PG Andersson to win his second world rally title in two years following his victory in the WRC Academy last year. Breen and co-driver Paul Nagle started the event slowly on Friday in their Ford Fiesta S2000 but took the lead on stage three and at the end of day one he led by over three minutes. With a sizeable lead established Breen knew a controlled drive would bring victory and it's a lead that the 22-year-old didn't surrender across Saturday and Sunday. The Motorsport Ireland Driver of the Year secured his fourth win of the season and his third in a row in the after victories in at Rally GB and Rallye de France, coupled with a win at the first event of the season in Monte Carlo. The victory is even more remarkable considering the tragedy that Breen has had to deal with this year. In June, he lost his co-driver and best friend Gareth Roberts, after a tragic accident while competing at a rally in Sicily. An emotional Breen said at the finish; "It's incredible, I can't believe it... there's so many things... I am so, so happy, I need to thank so many people, hundreds and thousands... I'm a kid and I can't believe I've done it" Joe Corcoran, President of Motorsport Ireland said; "What Craig has achieved this year is nothing short of remarkable. " "Last year's WRC Academy victory showed the world what he was capable of and he began this year where he left off last year with some great performances. "Craig was then struck with tragedy in June and many thought it may be appropriate to step back from rallying but Craig channelled his emotions back into rallying in memory of his best friend and co-driver and this mental strength and determination coupled with his unbelievable talent has seen him become a World Champion again. Irish sport has witnessed an amazing story here today." - source http://www.rte.ie/sport/motorsport/rally/2012/1111/345165-craig-breen-secures-world-championship/ We are very proud of you! Congratulations!
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The Story of Little Red | A 1984 Subaru GL 4x4
November of 2016, I found an online posting of a 1984 Subaru GL Hatchback for sale in Hood River, Oregon. Merl, the 2nd owner of the Subaru, asked an employee at his local Les Schwab tire center to list the Subaru for sale as he wasn’t comfortable advertising it. In the coming days, I arranged for my friend Phil and I to drive down in a slightly more modified 84’ Subaru GL built by Gregg Huld More to the story here: http://subaru-adventures.com/the-story-of-little-red-a-1984-subaru-gl/
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Special Stage Ouninpohja, The Monster Stage of the WRC- An Overview
What is Ouninpohja? A special stage in the Rally of Finland of the World Rally Championship which includes around 160 jumps in 33 kilometres. It is an extremely very high speed stage consisting of multiple crests and jumps. So Fast. So Demanding. No excuses, corner after corner, small jumps every corner, the vehicle flying sideways. Narrow twisty roads to very wide fast roads. A stage to have 100% confidence in. Small mistake and will include a big off. It was banned at one point in the WRC for being too fast. Record Average Speed: Petter Solberg 2004- 130.28kph Record Jump: Marko Martin 2003: 57 Metres It is nonetheless, Gravity defying, Breathless, Terrifying, and the greatest challenge for the World's greatest drivers.
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Tudom, az Én Megváltóm Él. | Szabó János
Ének Szöveg. 1. Tudom, az én Megváltóm él, Hajléka készen vár reám, Már int felém, és gyermekének Koronát ád a harc után. Bár a világ gúnyol, nevet, Honvágy tölti el lelkemet, És nemsokára hív az Úr: Jövel haza, én gyermekem! Kitárt karjával vár az Úr: Pihenj, nyugodj a keblemen. 2. Jézus nevében bízom én, Ő törli el sok bűnömet, Jézus ajkáról hallom én: Ó, jöjj haza, vár Mestered. Bár a világ gúnyol, nevet, :/: Honvágy tölti el lelkemet, És nemsokára hív az Úr: Jövel haza, én gyermekem! :/: Kitárt karjával vár az Úr: Pihenj, nyugodj a keblemen. 3. Előttem, ó, az oly csodás, Hogy értem szállt a földre le, Hogy érettem is szenvedett, Én bűnömért is véreze. Bár a világ gúnyol, nevet, :/: Honvágy tölti el lelkemet, És nemsokára hív az Úr: Jövel haza, én gyermekem! :/: Kitárt karjával vár az Úr: Pihenj, nyugodj a keblemen. 4. Tudom, hamar jő Mesterem, Az óra fut, a nap közel, Előtte állok csakhamar, Édes Jézus, jövel, jövel! Bár a világ gúnyol, nevet, :/: Honvágy tölti el lelkemet, És nemsokára hív az Úr: Jövel haza, én gyermekem! :/: Kitárt karjával vár az Úr: Pihenj, nyugodj a keblemen. Sankey Ira D., 1870-1908 a Jób 19,25 alapján Stebbins C.G. után F.: Nyáry Pál
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Subaru-Adventures.com | ADF | Mattracks BajaSTi  | Winter on Mt. Hood Oregon
On Thursday December 8th at 23:00h, I set out to Sandy, Oregon in the 1992 Subaru Loyale to regroup at 06:00 Friday morning with the ADF Crew, Willow, and Sean in his 2005 Subaru BajaSTi on Mattracks. It seemed to be only the beginning of winter in Washington State with temperatures resting around zero degrees making it very susceptible to freezing rain. Conditions had worsened South of Seattle with a fresh 1’ blanket of snow fall across Interstate 5. Arriving in Sandy, Oregon at 03:00, the streets were covered with a layer of ice making it a good choice travel at night to prevent anymore risk with other vehicles. I drifted for a parking lot to get 3 hours of sleep before awakening to meet up with everyone at 6:00. Arriving at Little John Sno Park, temperatures dropped to -8C (17.6F). As Sean & Willow unloaded the vehicles, I took the opportunity of the empty parking space in the Subaru Loyale reminding myself of a World Rally Driver. Beauty surrounded us following Sean’s tracks, which helped with traction of the fresh snow fall that had fallen the previous night. The ADF boys didn’t waste time for firewood and they already had their chain saws cutting dead wood in the forest. Just before dusk, Sean and I took a trip with the Subaru BajaSTi in at least 2 feet of fresh powder with Braden Anderson following behind on his snowboard. As we returned by dusk, we collected more firewood and prepared some warm tea and dinner. The moon shined amongst the moving clouds before a restful night. It had snowed at least 6” by morning and the cloud had moved on to bring upon a beautiful sunny view of Mt. Hood in the distance. As we drove down the mountain, we were challenged by two steep hills. Little did we know the highway conditions would put a delay on our trip home.
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Subaru-Adventures Cape Sante, Anacortes & Mt Baker Exploration
10 April 2015 The sun was shining bright over Anacortes, Washington State. Cap Sante was clear and the tourists were at minimum. It wasn’t long before driving the 84’ Subaru GL to the very edge where the Subaru GL sat in low range 4WD. The very next day the 84’ Subaru GL was mountain bound to Mt. Baker exploring the Northern Cascades of Washington State. With only a minor issue with one of the front cv axles, an obstacle interference with the quadcopter, and a broken accelerator cable; the trip was too short.
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Mt. Rainier - Burley Mountain Look out - Bethel Ridge, Washington State [Part 2]
31.08.2014 Day 3 Enroute from Burley mountain lookout towards Bethel Ridge. We pass through Packwood, Washington for refuel during a Flea Market in town. Arrive in the late afternoon to campsite. Set up camp, shower and eat some dinner. Winds were expected to rise that night. Bethel Ridge Lookout the next morning. Full version here: http://vimeo.com/115952197
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Subaru-Adventures.com | GL - Winter @ Twin Lakes - Skyline Divide - Mt. Baker
November 19, 2016 The 1984 Subaru GL "Gordon Lightfoot" and I had a late start to Twin Lakes – Mt. Baker, Washington State. By 13:00h, I began the ascent on the single lane dirt road. I was greeted by Jeeps returning from the top. Due to the foot of snow fall the previous night, the road would have been treacherous to continue uphill with oncoming vehicles returning from the top. By surprise I met Jason who owns the monster Subaru Brat on Toyota frame returning. I was able to obtain the CB and Ham Radio frequencies from some other vehicles to speak with the last member of the group at the top for information on conditions. Little did Kevin know I wasn’t in a typical Subaru ;) Out of curiosity, I launched the drone to sneak at the hairpin corners above. I decided to go with plan B and explore Skyline Divide Trail off of Glacier Rd. To my surprise, I discovered an empty trail head parking to capture the Subaru GL in action the next morning. Due to the shorted daylight hours, I went to sleep at 19:00h and awoke at 05:30 comfortable throughout the night. I was hoping for snow fall overnight, but temperatures kept above freezing. After a few high speed passes in the morning, I was satisfied and ready to head home.
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Nehalem Oregon Adventure 2013 with Subaru Loyale
16.02.2013 Meeting the other crew in there Subaru Forester, Jeep Cherokee, and a Kia, we were driving West towards the coast of Oregon. Despite the fallen trees, 2 feet of snow preventing us from getting over the pass, a non-functional primary radiator fan, a torn mudflap, and an enormous amount of rain, it was a great day. Getting an intro to Geocashing, some new insight to plowing through snow in my 92' Subaru Loyale, and learning from the professionals, I felt the day was complete. Arriving in Portland, Oregon at 12midnight, easiest option was pulling out the sleeping bag and getting some rest at a nearby rest area.
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In Memory of Kiwi’s Legend, Kelly McGarry [Short Film in Queenstown, New Zealand Summer 2013]
Rest in Peace Kelly McGarry. Thanks for all you have given to us in the mountain bike community worldwide. Kelly was a warm-hearted, friendly and relaxed guy. He stood for true essence of mountain biking through every aspect of his life and spent thousands of hours building riding courses throughout Queenstown. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, girlfriend, and close friends. The mountain bike world lost an exceptional character. We all consider it an honour to have an opportunity to ride with Kelly. March of 2013, I had the privilege riding and filming with Kelly along with other pro freeride mountain bikers including Cam McCaul, Chad Kagy, Sam Pilgrim, and Kurt Sorge during the Queenstown’s Mountain Bike Festival. It is hard to believe how nearly 3 years ago I visited Queentown. Later in 2013 at RedBull’s Rampage in Utah, Kelly McGarry back-flipped the 72ft (22meter) Canyon Gap, which stunned the world. You can view the video here. GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x76VEPXYaI0 Huge MTB backflip over a 72 ft canyon gap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0Mr9Z1fhtE Body of Work: Kelly McGarry's Historic Canyon Gap Backflip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFgoXlXsFk8 http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/76467759/kiwi-mountain-biker-kelly-mcgarry-dies-after-collapsing-on-queenstown-bike-trail He will surely be missed amongst many of us. Mountain biking will not be the same without him and Brian White who passed away in 2014. Life is short so make the most out of it. Thanks to all my friends in New Zealand for making my year so much brighter in 2013 Cover Photo by Sven Martin Photography
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As The Rotors Turn with Erickson Air-Crane II [2012 EDITION]
A full array of film and pictures from sea snorkeling in Greece, loading the aircraft to Australia, and a power line job in Arkansas. The S-64 Air-Crane lives on being its 50th year in 2012 since its first flight on May 9th, 1962. The Sikorsky Skycrane was used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. It served with the 1st Cavalry Division. While there they retrieved some 380 downed aircraft. The last Sikorsky Skycrane helicopters were retired from military duty in 1993 by the 113th Aviation Unit of the U.S. Army National Guard based in Reno, NV. Today the Sikorsky Skycrane is in civilian use as a water bomber, heavy lift industrial aircraft, and by lumber haulers. Erickson Air-Crane is now the manufacturer and primary operator of the helicopters. I Do Not Own Rights to Music.
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84' Subaru GL | Canyon Creek - Snoqualmie National Forest | Subaru-Adventures.com
Enjoy an epic Subaru journey through the northern parts of Snoqualmie National Forest of Mt. Baker experiencing some early summer overlanding in a 1984 Subaru GL and 2006 Subaru Forester. http://subaru-adventures.com/subaru-adventures-2018-84-subaru-gl-canyon-creek-snoqualmie-national-forest/
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Welcome to Subaru-Adventures.com
There is much more to vehicles than daily driving, racing or letting them sit in a garage. It is the freedom in reaching those undiscovered places in the World. Here is another Subaru-Adventures Promo Film the team put together! Cheers!
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Strait of Canso Maritime Link Transmission Crossing with N163AC |  Nova Scotia, Canada 2017
N163AC with Erickson Inc. completed two of the 538 ft. (164m) transmission towers across the Straight of Canso on November 2, 2017. The towers will help connect the Maritime Link from Cape Breton to Mainland Nova Scotia, Canada. Two of the big towers will hang two three-kilometre-long powerlines, each weighing about 16 tonnes and standing 530 feet high. The heaviest of the 16 segments weighed up to 20,000 pounds. Once the final towers are done, they will take one of the 230,000-volt line off the existing towers built in 1982 and put it on the new crossing, along with a new 345,000-volt line to connect the Maritime Link to Mainland Nova Scotia.
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Hidden Lake Lookout: An Adventure in the Rain
Link to Youtube for Film: Hidden Lake Look Out, Marblemount, Washington State: In Memory for John-Hans Melcher Weather/Elements: Raining & Overcast. Fog high up on mountain. Location: Parked Toyota Tacoma @ Trailhead that is 5 miles up FR1540 OFF Cascade River Road (Elevation 3600FT) Roundtrip: 9 Miles Sightings: Terrain: High Point: 6,890ft. Started our hike a little after 9:30 AM. Crossed streams. Lot of water on the trail. Spotted a Marmot resting on a rock in an avalanche chute @ mile 2. Came into a meadow with a heap of blueberries. Nice Treat! Took 4 hrs to get to lookout! Burnt 2,321 calories! Lookout point over looks 300’ of sketchy rocks. Being the first to look out and claim the shelter. Hours later 2 brothers from New York showed up on a cross country trip. Weather cleared up around 15:00h. John-Hans Melcher “The Chime Man” lived a lively life. Studying Music Performance Masters at University of Michigan, John taught in his everyday life goodness, kindness, and generosity. He helped children learn through a Step Wise Training. He had a way to bring a smile to us all. Thank you for your friendship. John passed over 21 September, 2014.
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Subaru-Adventures.com featuring 84' Subaru GL on Day Trip
The 84' Subaru GL "Gordan Light Foot" takes a day trip to Red Mountain near Mt. Baker, Washington to be used where it should. Offroad. With only 3 hours to spare, this was all we could find. Until next time, there will be a lot more exciting footage. Regards, Subaru-Adventures Team
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Red Rock Canyon - Kraft Mountain Hike - Las Vegas, Nevada
16.04.2015 Difficulty: Difficult Length: 4.0 miles / 6.4 km Duration: Half day Kraft Mountain sits on the eastern edge of Red Rock Canyon. This backcountry route reaches the summit of Kraft Mountain. Several alternate exits exist for this mountain peak.
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2012 Subaru Christmas Tree Run Mt. Rainier, Washington State
The Annual Christmas Tree Run to Mt. Rainier went really well. We had folks from all over Washington State and Oregon participate with around 23 cars including Jeeps, 4Runners, DL EA82, EA81, Loyales, GLs, a Brat, 2.5rs, WRX, Legacy, Forrester and even a Austrian 1970 Pinzauer! We met in Enumclaw, Washington at the McDonald at 09:00 and arrived at base camp at around 10:30-11:00. The organizers had already been there setting up the tent and starting a fire for the food. Many of us played around in the camp with our Subarus, Children played on the small hills with their sleds and a few of us drove up to look for a Christmas Tree. I personally had to unload my spare 5spd dual range transmission with a spare rear lsd to make my load lighter so I set it on a tarp at basecamp. There were many people on the mountain including big trucks. Some of them got stuck so it slowed down our travels. Many of us were equipped with ham radios, cbs and frs' so communication wasn't an issue. Overall, there were no dramas, we got down the mountain safely and one couple from Moses Lake ended up staying the night at basecamp while the rest of us headed home. This annual Christmas tree run meet started around 12 years ago from a group of guys on the USMB. (Ultimate Subaru Message Board). It has continued over the years with some great turns outs. Families, children, guys and gals all welcomed. The last time I joined was in 2006 and road in the back seat of a Subaru Brat to film and take pictures. This year I drove in style with an 84' Subaru GL Hatch. Thanks to Grant for the video footage and to everyone who participated into making this short film happen.
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Subaru-Adventures  [FULL FILM] Sasquatching - Sisters, Oregon - Broken Top Mountain
On September 20, 2015, Gregg, Jason and I set forth in driving to this beautiful region in the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon State. Just 20 miles west of Bend, Oregon; the three of us aired down to 22psi for a detour off Hwy 22 on the Old Santiam Wagon Road (Big Lake Rd. NF500) to set up camp just outside Sisters at “Army Man Camp”. In summer and early fall, the Broken Top Trail is accessible closest to the mountain crater via a Todd lake and up Road 370. The seasonally open Road 370, which forms part of the wilderness area’s eastern border, is one of the most rugged in the state, but not for our Subarus and Jason’s Kia Sport. Not to mention my friend Matt’s stock 90’ Subaru Legacy wagon even made it to the trail head of Broken top! In only a few hours we were at the trail head to Lost Lake. By coincidence we crossed paths with Matt who has been a friend I haven’t seen for years! When hiking to the peak near Lost Lake, presents an awe-inspiring panorama that encompasses seemingly all of Central Oregon, including the Three Sisters, Mount Adams to the North, and the peaks that circle Waldo Lake to the South. Breathtaking! It was a delight trailing with Gregg who has been exploring the areas since the 80s with a large amount of knowledge in trekking. I look forward to more exploring if time and funding permit. I am planning to make it to the Colorado Rockies Spring of 2016 during the Overland Rally Expo WEST held in Flagstaff, Arizona May 20-22, 2016. Colorado is one of the most picturesque and highest mountains in the Continental United States and during May 2016 should be a great time during the cherry blossoms blooming and snow caps melting. With its higher altitudes and similar characteristics to the Swiss Alps will give the EJ22 powered Subaru a test for its higher altitude abilities. The trip will be a challenge amongst traveling light in testing endurance, cold weather, and atmospheric denser air and allowing more incredible footage of different sceneries. Thank you in advance for all your support, Bryan & Gregg
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[TRAILER] Subaru-Adventures @ Mt. Rainier - Burley Mountain - Bethel Ridge
Taking the 92′ Subaru Loyale offroad has been one of the greatest rewards after last years build. Testing its reliability on rugged terrain powered by an EJ22 has been another task to achieve. Other than a disconnected coupler from the hot water heat exchanger to the heater core resulting in losing 50% of coolant and a torn off mudflap, the vehicle has done exceptionally well. Day 1&2: Weather: 80% precipitation. A glimpse of Mt. Rainier from the Southwest end @ 10;00 followed by a drive to Burley Mountain Lookout in Gifford Pinchot National Forest reaching over 6,000ft above sea level. A nice way to end the day in the lookout tower warmed by a wood stove with a 360 degree panoramic view waiting the next morning. Day 3: Enroute from Burley mountain lookout towards Bethel Ridge. We pass through Packwood, Washington for refuel during a Flea Market in town. Arrive in the late afternoon to campsite. Set up camp, shower and eat some dinner. Winds were expected to rise that night.
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Flight in a Polish PZL-104 Wilga 35A over Miskolc, Hungary
A flight in a PZL-104 Wilga 35A over Miskolc, Hungary. Special thanks to Róbert Kapitány, Tibor Szakos, and Miskolc AeroClub. PZL-104 Wilga (Golden Oriole) is a Polish designed and built short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Civil Aviation utility aircraft manufactured by PZL "Warszawa-Okęcie". The Wilga has evolved through many ever-improving versions during its continuous production run from 1962 to 2006, when the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) announced on their website that they decided to stop the production of this aircraft. 35A was a Mass-produced basic variant for sports aviation, with glider towing hook, produced from 1968. In Poland, they form the backbone contingent of the Polish Aero Club where they are the basic aircraft used in flight training. Polish pilots flying Wilgas have won numerous prizes in the FAI World Rally Flying and Precision Flying Championships, from 1978 to 2006. In military service they are used as liaison, recovery and light observation platforms.
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Proformance Racing School - My Experience
I recommend anyone to attend a driving school. With how many years of experience, there will always be a technique you can be better at. Filmed 03.07.2014
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As The Rotors Turn with Erickson Air-Crane in Calgary, Alberta
Starring Travis Harrold, Brad Warren, Jamie Fallon, Austin James, AJ, Ty Burlingham and more.
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Summer Shakedown Dual Sport Adventure Riding
Summer is finally nearing and the Yamaha WR250R is ready for some trail exploring. A few tips and pointers from long time friend last week on the foot hills of Mt. Baker. Also an ops check with the 360 swivel bar mount for my Go Pro. I found out quickly viewing the footage will get me dizzy! The NW Overland Rally Expo will be held June 23-26, 2016 in Plain, Washington State where I will attend and advance my skills with others willing to join in either a 4 wheel vehicle or 2 wheel. http://www.nwoverlandrally.com/ This summer, I plan on taking the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) from Oregon to Canada across the state of Washington. This scenic off-road route for Subarus and dual sport adventure motorcycles runs North to South covering 575 miles of un-paved back roads through the beautiful Cascade Mountains and some arid landscapes of Eastern Washington. Some of the roads are wide, well-maintained gravel and many are rugged and narrow 2-track with steep grades, exposed corners and no warning signs or guard rails. It offers a less-travelled path for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Washington. Many of the roads have been in place for decades and some have significant history dating back generations. It takes most people about 5-6 days to complete the route and there are some easy alternate sections to get around difficult stretches. There are many great camp spots along the way. The route also works well for those looking to stay in hotels or to do a little of both. The WABDR is also suitable for Subarus and other 4x5 vehicles looking for an easy, scenic drive. http://www.backcountrydiscoveryroutes.com/WABDR
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Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland | Arrows of the Sea | N163AC | Maritime Transmission Link
Newfoundland and Labrador may just be the world’s seabird capital. It is home to the hemisphere’s largest gather of marine birds. Every year some 35 to 40 million seabirds travel to this Heavenly Island called Newfoundland. Watching the Northern Gannet has been one of nature’s most amazing sights to view. These large white with black wing tip birds dive from as high as 100 feet and end with a spectacular crash into the ocean to feed on the huge schools of herring and mackerel that frequent the coast of the Cape. These birds have up to a 6 foot wing span! https://roadsendnaturalist.com/tag/northern-gannet/ At the Southwest end of the Peninsula at Boutte du Cap Park on the cliffs were spotted Sealions in groups of 10+ swimming and the Fin and MinkeWhales that surfaced and skimmed along while feeding. Hidden Falls was also another scenic stop located in Sheaves Cove where a view of the waterfall and sea animals were photographed and filmed. While driving near the scenic French Ancestor Route on Port au Port Peninsula, Alpacas of Newfoundland roamed the hillside overlooking Bay St. George. Alpacas have been a domesticated species of the Andes of South America, which resembles the llama. I have never felt anything soffer than the Alpaca fiber. Since April, N163AC continues to lift Powerlines on the Maritime Transmission Link just South of Stephenville on the island of Newfoundland that will extend to Nova Scotia. A power dam at Muskrat Falls in Labrador will generate the power. The Maritime Link is historic because it will be the first submarine electric interconnection between Newfoundland & Labrador and the North American electricity grid. There will be a combination of over 1500 steel towers and wooden structures to carry the power over land. Apart from the powerline erections from the Air-Crane, there has been Subsea Cables installed between Cape Ray and Point Aconi. Specialized ships and equipment will lay two cables on the ocean floor. To protect them from pack ice, anchors and other risks, they will be buried or covered. Power is transmitted along the conductor, which is in the centre of the cable; all the other layers of the cable are added to protect the conductor. The two cables are each 170kms long. Diverting back to the Port au Port Peninsula, Hidden Falls, located in Sheaves Cove was beautiful both for the view of the water fall as well as sea lions and whales in the distance. Thanks to Keith Campbell for the addition ground footage of Bubba setting the transmissions towers using a mounted Go Pro Hero 4. Source: http://www.caperace.com/seabirds-newfoundland
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Car Builds by Slade | Subaru Legacy RA Project
When it comes to car restoration and builds, Nick Slade (22b05STI) is it. It’s only true dedication and patience to bring a car back into a new state like his Subaru Legacy RS project. Feel free to visit Car Builds By Slade to explore more of his fine work and a page dedicated to documenting projects that he has done in the past and projects that are presently involved at the shop. Nick remodeled the shop in 2014 located in sunny California and has since been building race cars and restoring customer cars. The history, stories, and memorabilia gathered are worth appreciating of Nick and his father Bob Slade. Nick goes back where he did an apprenticeship in New Zealand working for a dealership called Trevor Crowe Subaru (Trevor was well-known racecar driver in NZ) while he was actively involved in all his races and rally activities. Nick and his team were given a 1990 Legacy RS by Subaru of New Zealand to run in the NZ Touring Car series (with Possum Bourne as co-driver), and went on to run the car in the Rothmans Rally of New Zealand. Nick spent his time as an apprentice working on the Legacy in races and rallies throughout NZ as well as working at the shop, servicing and carrying out pre-delivery checks on new Subarus. Nick later moved to USA in 93’ and spent nearly 10 years in the IndyCar and Champ Car series as well as restoring two original Ford GT40s and Ferrari BB512s, and many other Indy car and Formula cars. It was not until 2002, when Nick bought his first Subaru WRX new from the dealership. Shortly after, the STi was released, and in 03’, Nick was able to pre-order the ’04 STi later trading it in for his 05’ STi. In 2008 Nick was very fortunate to be able to purchase a rare Subaru Impreza WRX STi 22B in New Zealand. After all the different motorsport activities and years, Nick still has a passion for Subarus as a performance car. His most recent purchase is the Subaru Legacy, where it all started for him. Nick has a tall order to restore this Subaru Legacy. In the shadow of American iron, past the watercooler debates of European luxury and more ambitious import brands, Subaru slowly and steadily brought its own brand of styling to American shores. The 1991 Legacy RS may not look like hot stuff to most import fans, but that’s because it is SUPREMELY function. There is a bit of a Spartan-yet-sporty nature about this car’s styling that emits a kind of domestic rallysport heritage from American muscle (because rally oil runs deep through this car’s veins). Adequately-portioned foglamps and a small (but fully functional) hoodscoop brings utility (and look cool too). At the heart of the project, the desire was to restore the vehicle to original condition, a task which Nick looks well on the way to achieving. The progress that Nick has made to date is fantastic – with a chassis in what looks to be very good shape, fresh replacements for some internal parts, and a car that would wind up being an absolute joy to drive ever day – or an absolute blast on the track. Nick’s Legacy RS is among some of the finest Subaru vintage to be seen. The car is a case study in the passion of an owner to restore one of the hard-working cars of rally and road racing history. The diligence and hard work poured into this vehicle is both worthy of nothing short of respect. Build Thread Below: http://www.rslibertyclub.org/forums/showthread.php… Words by: Rye Haneda Pictures by: Nick Slade and Bryan Dudas
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Snow Pulking Adventure – Cloud Cap- Tilly Jane – Mt. Hood, Oregon
January 23-24, 2015 [A pulk (from Finnish pulkka) is a Nordic short, low-slung small toboggan used in sport or for transport, pulled by a dog or a skier, or in Lapland pulled by reindeer. The sled can be used to carry supplies such as a tent or food, or transport a child or other person.] The morning was young at 00:35h while Gregg and I finished packing and modifying our sleds. We would need sleep before our departure to Mt. Hood at 06:00am. Arriving at Tilly Jane parking area and meeting up with Benson, we were set out at 11:00h headed out 2 miles on Forest Road 3512 also known as Cloud Cap Road. At the junction of Wagon Road we headed up into the barren snow laden landscape. On route, I made a few way points on my GPS Garmin enroute. About halfway up, I begin feeling the already 5 hour trek in. Carrying our sleds had helped enormously as it distributed the weight. Our original intention was building snow caves, but darkness was setting in. Winds begin to increase while precipitation led to heavy snow fall. Goggles were recommended and frequent stops to rest from the 3,000 ft. elevation gain. We used the alternative Cloud Cap Road to allow for more level terrain for recovery just before returning on Wagon Road which is steeper. The weather was deteriorating as winds increased. We were all feeling it. Once again on Cloud Cap Road just below the reservations only Snow Shoe cabin, we continued to make our way to Tilly Jane in the dark. The Creek Crossing was treacherous as pulling sleds slid off the sides causing great difficulty. Once past the creek the 1930 abandoned cook house came into view. We continued to the more habitable and occupied A frame house. When we arrived, it was nearly packed… reserved for a group. According to Gregg, the last time he was here, there were no reservations required. It was 7 hours and nearly 8 hours after leaving the trail head. Exhausted and relieved, we decided it be best to stay in the abandoned cook house. Making a perimeter walk around, I noticed holes in the roof. As I walked around, I found the entrance door half buried in snow. As we entered, snow drifts filled the inside with individual mounds. It was 25F (-3.9 C) with a calm wind at this point. Conveniently, there sat a fire place with a missing chimney. With as many holes in the roof and ventilation from the cold breeze, we decided it be safe in building a fire with the 3 each (4 hour) presto logs we hauled up. It would be a relief from the drafty shelter. Our only other choice to the cabin was building a snow cave shelter and using our backup bivy sacks. As we settled in cold and wet feet, we begin melting snow to make a hot cup of soup. Gregg crawled into his -35F down sleeping bag on his bunk and was asleep in no time. Benson and I prepared dinner and kept the wood stove stoked. In the mean time, I shoveled the snow drift from the portion of my bunk and prepared for sleep. It was 21:30h by the time I put my other pair of wool socks, jumping into my comfy sleeping bag, and closing my eyes. Gregg awoke at 22:45h to relieve himself, make dinner, and stoke the fire again. The wood stove radiated heat to keep the chill off. He was back asleep shortly afterwards. Once the fire died out around 4:00, we could feel the chill again. Benson got up first at 04:20 and restarted the fire. The rest of us awoke and had a warm breakfast for the next hour. As we packed our gear, the sun arose. The winds were calm and the air was clear crisp with 4-6” of fresh snow. The views of Wy’east were majestic with Mt. Hood just around the corner glistening above the tree line. The trek down was much easier after we refueled our bodies with much needed rest. We made great time coming down the Wagon Road as we skirted off trail a bit for more magical views. Gregg followed some old ski tracks in a drainage (parallel to the trail) as Benson and I followed. As Gregg was on skies, Benson and I hopped on our sleds and rid down as we were children once again. Waaaaahoooooo! We were treated with clear views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. Once down to Forest Road 3512, it was easy trekking down especially for Gregg on skies all the way towards the parking area for miles. Benson and I were forced to walk as the slope wasn’t steep enough. It only took 4 hours to arrive at the parking area from the cook house. A total of 12 hours of trekking. All our pain and hard work was paid for with amazing views, sunshine, photos, and smiles. It was a great Snow Adventure! Bryan, Gregg, & Benson
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Norway 2016  🇳🇴 | Stavanger - Preikestolen | Kjeragbolten | Rosfjord – Lyngdal | MS Sandness
During my two weeks in Norway, I had the opportunity in visiting the areas of Stavanger, Kristiansand, Lyngdal, Mandal, the Krieg Mountains, and Preikestolen. Preikestolen is a famous tourist attraction just outside Stavanger which has a steep cliff rising 604 metres (1,982 ft) above the Lysefjorden fjord. Norway’s vast over deepened, narrow and steep sided fjords cutting through the landscape millions of years ago makes Fjords some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. What stand out most from Norway is its colours, shapes, coast lines and picturesque coastal landscapes of fjords, hills amid the highways, tunnels, lakes, and traditional houses built from centuries ago. The Kjeragbolten (boulder) on the Krieg mountain is a 5-cubic-metre (180 cu ft) glacial deposit wedged in the mountain’s crevasse suspended above a 984-metre (3,228 ft) deep abyss. Another landmark not to miss was Norways’s first lighthouse at Lindesness built from 1656. The waters around the southernmost point of Norway are also known as the “Spit of suffering”: Where two oceans meet and currents and wind rule over life and death. This seaway has been one of the most important trade routes in Northern Europe since the Middle Ages. Lastly, Rosfjord is a fjord in the Norwegian municipality of Lyngdal where I was able to get some aerial captures with my drone. Thanks to Glen Alden for taking me out on his boat that evening. The harbour of Agnefest has a history going back at least to 1771. Because of the high salinity of the water the fjord rarely freezes, making it a suitable harbour.
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Mt. Baker - Grant Peak Climb 2015 "The First Drone Flight on Summit"
Brandon and I set out to Mt. Baker on October 6, 2015. The Intimate ice is what this hike is all about. Coleman Glacier, the largest of Baker's dozen-plus glaciers is primarily what we climbed to the Roman Wall which seems endless while at this point. With the overall hike being intermediate, it makes for an exceptionally acceptable hike to everyone. Because of taking the opportunity to document this experience, the camera equipment had increased the weight of my backpack to 50+lbs not including the Quadcopter and accessories Brandon helped in summiting. From all of the footage this had made for one of the more challenging videos to put together reaching over 40 hours in editing trying to squeeze it in 10 minutes 3 seconds, which I feel is pushing it. UNOFFICIALLY RECORDED, Bryan Dudas & Brandon Rojas were first to make flight using a drone on Grant Peak – Mt. Baker Summit in Washington State, USA, on 6 October, 2015 @ 12:30pm. I had the privilege to hike with Brandon who just finished walking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada by “taking the path of most resistance.” Coleman Glacier, an absolute must climb for everyone. 15 years viewing the mountain would never be the same after summiting it on October 6, 2015. After all, life in reality is simple…. We only make it complicated. After climbing any summit, one will realize the simplicity in living in the outdoors with the proper knowledge and equipment. Through Brandon’s expertise and knowledge in crossing the PCT of 2,665 miles in 120 days and 22 zero miles days made this hike effortless to him. There is definitely an advantage of being in SHAPE. It took a mere 4 hours (5.56 miles total ascend 5,271ft) from the Trail head to Base Camp and another 5 hours (3.76 miles to the summit at 10,781 ft.) In comparison to having someone in shape does it in 6 hours to summit beginning at 2am and returning to the trail head in 5 hours. However, there is no rush to absorbing the incredible beauty of this mountain in 2 days :-) 3 Main Items will make your climb more enjoyable (Saving Weight): 1) Quality Light Weight Shelter 2) Quality Lightweight Backpack 3) Quality Lightweight Sleeping Bag & Pad Also bringing the LIGHTEST most COMPACT highest CALORIE Food (Balance between weight & nutrition) Schedule: October 5, 2015: Left Trailhead: 14:20 Arrived Basecamp: 18:20 (Total: 4 hrs / 5.56miles / 5,271 ft total ascent / 6,924 altitude) October 6, 2015: Woke up: 06:30 Left Basecamp: 07:30 Arrived Summit Grant Peak: 12:30 (Total: 5 hrs / 3.76miles total 9.29 miles/ 9,058 ft total ascent / 10,781 ft altitude) Maximum 30 minutes at Summit due to high chilling winds Arrived back at trail head: 19:30 Happy Hiking Everyone, Bryan
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Arctic ❄️Temperatures with Erickson Inc. N163AC | Bipole III Xmission Line | Gillam, Manitoba 🇨🇦
Working in such a cold climate in Northern Manitoba with -30°F (-34.4°C) conditions have brought to our attention the phenomena that takes place with certain atmospheric conditions, mechanical anomalies, and nearby wild life. One phenomenon is the wing tip vortices created on the tips of the main rotor blades of the S-64F Air-Crane. These helicopter rotor vortices form during extreme cold conditions. The warm exhaust gases from each 4,800 hp Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-5A turboshaft engine condenses water vapor into tiny water droplets which freeze if the temperature is low enough. This is the exact same principle that occurs with airliners flying at high altitudes; usually above 8,000 m (26,000 ft), where the air temperature is below −36.5 °C (−34 °F). In our situation here in Northern Manitoba in mid January, they form closer to the ground where the air is cold and moist. Depending on the dew point and temperature spread, cloud conditions will form when the difference is less than 2.5 °C or 4 °F. The other phenomenon is throwing hot boiling water in the air. The leading explanation for this strange phenomenon is straightforward. Hot water evaporates more than cold water. As boiling water cools down, a small amount of its mass is turning to steam and floating away. Hot water freezes faster than cold water simply because less of it has to turn into ice. In any case, these are not the most ideal working conditions, but as long as the grounds are frozen in Northern Manitoba, the easier it is for ground crew to access the muskeg layers that the Bipole III Transmission Line is being laid on. In some parts of the north, it stays frozen year round and is called permafrost. Seasonally frozen earth or ground is not permafrost as it does thaw out eventually in the spring and is considered muskeg. As for the mechanics and pilots of the S-64F Air-Crane, it will be essential in keeping the hydro-mechanical fuel controls on the engines, electronics, and certain components pre-heated for each flight. This is Manitoba, the land of the unexpected; where Moose, Bison, Polar Bears, Wolverines, Arctic Fox, Lynx, Quail, Badgers, Black Bears, Beavers, Cougars, Coyotes, Bobcats, and the Tiger Salamander roam.
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NW Overland Rally Expo 2015 Starring Pablo & Anna [27-28June]
Photos Here: http://subaru-adventures.com/nw-overland-rally-expo-2015-starring-pablo-anna/ Link on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/132956195 On June 27, 2015, the 1992 Subaru Loyale had the opportunity to attend the Northwest Overland Expo 2015 in Plain, Washington State for its first time. As temperatures soared over 106F, it did not stop from hundreds of others to enjoy the event, activities and stay for the raffle winnings and free merchandise handed out. With the summer evening night fell and Venus and Jupiter shining bright, the day was nearly over with another warm day to follow. I was thrilled to hear that Pablo and Anna would be attending of viajeros4x4x4.com in their Cockroach, a Mitsubishi L300/Delica 1991 4wd van, traveling around the world since June 2000. They started in Barcelona, Spain, and they’ve been through Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa from Cairo to the Cape. Then they crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a fishing vessel and overlanded slowly all the continental corners of America, from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to Deadhorse and Inuvik in Alaska and Canadá. Also completed the TransAmazon Road, the Panamerican Highway, the Dalton, the Dempster and traveled in several cargo ships. “Life is wrong in this system that makes us work when we are young; and allows us to travel when we are old. Let us try something new in a different way. After 15 years leaving Spain and driving the Globe, , we do not know how to return to that life. Now we belong to the road and it is great to be outside. It’s amazing. You feel life in a different way. “ -Pablo & Anna www.viajeros4x4x4.com More articles of the Overland Expo 2015 on Expedition Portal http://expeditionportal.com/the-2015-north-west-overland-rally-recap/
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Pacific Northwest 2018  | A Subaru-Adventures Film | Pacific Coast Highway 101
Explore an all new Subaru-Adventures.com film of the Pacific Northwest and discover the wonders of nature that are so prevalent, from the snow-capped mountains of Mount Rainier to the Oregon Coast in a Subaru Outback. http://subaru-adventures.com/pacific-northwest-2018-mount-rainier-glacier-bethel-ridge-pacific-coast-highway-101/
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The Adventure on Mt. St. Helens [Subaru-Adventures.com Film]
There is nothing in the world that compares to being right next to an active volcano by yourself. This year will be 36 years since Mt. St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. As we witness the incredible transformation of the landscape, we gain a new respect for nature’s destructive power and capacity for regeneration. The northern slope of the mountain was buried with several feet of ash. Virtually all life was extinguished. 57 people died. This included loggers, campers, scientists, and a reporter. Some were up to 13 miles away in areas considered safe. The plume of steam and ash rose miles into the sky for the rest of the day. The drifting ash cloud disrupted air traffic for hundreds of miles. The scale of the destruction was enormous. Across 230 square miles (596 square kilometers), the surge of ash and rock incinerated trees. The shockwave rolled over the forest for another 19 miles, leveling century-old trees; all the trunks neatly aligned to the north. Thousands of birds from over 100 species disappeared. Billions of insects were gone. Deer and elk were wiped out. The landslide was torn 1,300 feet off the summit leaving a gaping crater a mile wide and 2,000 feet deep. Mt. St. Helens eruption was the largest volcanic eruption in North America in nearly a century and the lateral blast was 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. The explosive eruption of ash reached 31 km (101,700 feet), and the highest Pinatubo plume got as far as 45 km (147,600 feet). On March 19, 2016, Gregg and I set out for Cougar, Washington to obtain $20 Snow-Park Permits and Climbing Permits (Over 4,800ft) before finding a camp spot. Previous years only required a NW Forest Pass, but now are required both the Sno-Park Permit and Climbing Permit. We found a secluded spot for our Subarus in the evening. Gregg and I tested our new tents, air mattress, and my unsharpened hand chain saw. At 02:30 Sunday morning, we packed our gear and made some brekky. At 5:15 at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park, we set forth on the 7 mile trek. We used this route since the road to Climbers Bivouac is closed in winter. About 2 miles up the Worm Flows route trail, Gregg felt feverish temperatures and decided it best to return to the car and take a rest. I continued to the summit. I followed a couple up which were about 100 yards in front. At 4 hours into the hike, I rested a few minutes at the seismic monitor on Monitor Ridge at 5,700 ft. At around 6,000 ft., I installed my crampons. From the West, dark clouds begin to move in. A few feet, I caught a glimpse of a crow. The rain showers began and I was forced to install my rain fly to my backpack. Rain turned to snow quickly at 7,000 ft. with 1 hour to reach the ridge. Visibility had deteriorated to only 15ft and there were no signs of the people I had seen earlier. I was warned and aware of the overhanging snow cornices and a deathly drop of 1,500 ft. Reaching the South ridge at 8,281 ft., I could see a slight shadow of the cornice edge in the distance and made sure to keep at least 15 feet separation. It would have been careless to continue to the actual summit with the current conditions. I was 7 hours into the hike at this point. The winds had increased and I noticed my foot path was being covered up by snow drifts. I had only minutes before putting on my goggles and trekking back down before risking danger. The white out conditions were very poor that I was forced to check my track on my gps. The wind chill numbed my face and my words became slow while speaking to the camera. I would have to continue another 1,000 ft. before finding a descent place for lunch. I had passed my task and made it safely back to the Sno-Park in less than 3 hours. Gregg was feeling much better after I had returned. I question if he really was feeling sick and trying to find an excuse. Usually Gregg is ahead of me, but it was not his day. The center portion of the crater supposedly has grown in the last few years. The time lapse below shows a transformation from 2004-2008. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6B1m... Here is a great site if you are interested in climbing Mt. St. Helens http://www.seattleoutdoorsinfo.com/hi... The Landslide "video sequence" was a recreation by USGS Scientists based-upon the still photos taken by Gary Rosenquist, friend of Keith Ronnholm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H_HZ...
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Rohan Könyörtelen az Idő
http://www.verseskonyv.com/rohan-koumlnyoumlrtelen.html Rohan könyörtelen az idő, Vele századok s ezredek. Hervad a szép ifjúság, erő; A népek, törzsek, nemzetek. S a múló rövid földi évek Eltűnnek éjben nyomtalan, Repül szelek szárnyán az élet, Mi is vele megyünk gyorsan. A földi gyönyör mind elmúlik, A munka, gond, sok küzdelem, A rang, dicsőség porba hullik, S nem kell belőle semmi sem. Ó! ember, mondd, miért születtél? Mért kell szenvedned itt neked? Mit tett e földön szomjas elméd? Porrá lesz mind, mi porból lett. E földnek csábja s múló érve Elmúlik s mégy a sír felé, És nem gondolsz rá évről évre, Hogy tested az enyészeté. De van élet a síron túl is! Örök, boldogság élete. Ítélet elé fogunk állni, Ó, erre gondoltál-e te? Énekli: Szabó János
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Oregon Trail Rally 2016 In Memory #40 Dave Mirra [Subaru-Adventures.com Film]
Oregon Trail Rally 2016 was underway on Friday April 22 and Portland International Raceways. This year, we were shocked to hear the loss of BMX legend Dave Mirra in February after taking his own life from depression. Mirra got his first chance to drive a top specification Open Class Subaru rally car in competition on the final day in 2008 at the Oregon Trail Rally, after swapping cars with Monster Energy teammate Ken Block. Mirra was nothing short of impressive at the wheel of Block’s 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, netting a 3rd and a 4th fastest overall stage time on two of the four competition stages run on Sunday. The two friends kept things interesting by arranging a car swap with each other! Block literally signed his top-spec Open class rally car over to Mirra on Sunday with a message on the hood that read; "Congrats Dave, it's graduation day-- here's your new car. Keep the shiny side up!" http://www.motorsport.com/rally/news/oregon-trail-mirra-block-swap-subaru-rally-cars/ Mirra competed in the Oregon Trail Rally in 2009, 2010 and retiring at the end of the season in 2011. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CGW34J-nHc Mirra struggled deep depression as friends say he continued to feel “lost” despite his important role in the community. Sadly, it appears Dave may have even battled with these issues long before his retirement in 2011. If you need help, please remove that suicide is the only option. You are worth it and life is worth it! There is help. 1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org Day 2 of the Oregon Trail Rally was full of new stages near Goldendale, Washington including the Maryhill Loop Road off of U.S. Route 97. The spectating view point was incredible to watch. Built in 1911 as the first asphalt road in Washington State, and bypassed by the present U.S. Route 97 after World War II, the road achieved low grades with horseshow curves. The design became the model for the Figure-Eight Loops on the Historical Columbia Highway in Oregon. The road is now owned by the Maryhill Museum of Art. And most beautifully, each year, from the end of April, through the middle of May, an amazing springtime bloom occurs alongside Oregon and Washington’s Columbia River. Brilliant yellow Balsam root and blue-purple lupine blossom for miles across the meadows, hillsides, and oak-dotted ravines of the Columbia Hills. David Higgins/Craig Drew and Travis Pastrana/Christian Edstrom rallied their way through the rolling hills of Dufur, Oregon on Day 3 of Round 3 of the Oregon Trail Rally. Between these 2 Subaru team mates, it was nothing short of nail bitting as their times were within mere seconds of each other through the 3 day event. There was also a battle between Ryan Millen/Christina Tate and Cameron Steely/Preston Osborn as they made their ways in the 2wd class. Steely had a bit of an edge on the final two stages of Sundays rally with the lead over Millen but with a flat on the last stage, Millen/Tate were able to pass Steely on time and take the win. David Higgins took his 8th consecutive win of the Oregon Trail Rally and was not ready to let Pastrana take away its streak. For spectators, the stages had some amazing action packed spots to watch. Thank you to all the volunteers of this event and to the Oregon Trail Rally for making this possible. - See more at: http://www.rally-america.com/news/entry/battle-royal-between-subaru-teammates-and-ford-honda-manufactures-at-2016-o#sthash.okPB28Fe.dpuf
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West Coast Subaru Show 19 | WCSS Port Townsend, WA with Subaru-Adventures.com + Real Time Footage
This year, Subaru-Adventures.com had the opportunity to bring three of its vehicles to West Coast Subaru Show 19 on the Olympic Peninsula held in Port Townsend, Washington on August 25-27, 2017 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. At the show we had special guest, Đäniel Niegreisz who traveled from Hungary to participate at his first WCSS. He arrived driving the 84’ GL hatch built by Gregg Huld along side Makiah Guisewite in the 99’ Impreza 2.5RS. Thank you both for driving and making it. The three day event was full of action from a full display of Subarus at the Show-N-Shine car show with 21+ different classes to cover all model, years, and chassis that Subaru has released. The mud pit opened where owners took to the mud in creating a dirty mud show for spectators, photographers, and drone operators. Unfortunately for my Phantom 4, there were technical difficulties due to an internal communication error resulting in no aerial footage. Jesse put on another spectacular show in his 1983 wagon as well as Terra Lynn Burk in her Subaru Impreza named ‘Kofuku’ and William Timmin’s (www.TssFab.us) in his Bajabaru. The West Coast Subaru Show started in a small parking lot in 1999 and has become the weekend festival that exists now thanks to all the dedicated organizers including Chris Tex Walker, Monika Walker, Erich Breitkreutz, Brittany Little, Jay & Sarah Spang, and a ton of other very valuable volunteers. Thanks as well to all the sponsors involved including Smart Service, All Wheel Drive Auto, SubaruGenuineParts. The event offered overnight camping accommodations drawing Subarus from all over the West Coast from British Columbia to Arizona. This year, over 360 Subarus and around 720 people attended the event. At the end of the day, WCSS handed out the Show-N-Shine awards, as well as raffling prizes from what their generous sponsors donated. It was also a surprise to everyone of Jillian Warren proposing to Austin Westphal during the reward ceremony. Congratulations to both of you! The announcement of your engagement was without a doubt perfect among your close friends in the Subaru community. During the ceremony, I was humbled to hear the announcement of the 1992 Subaru Loyale placing Best Overall Old School. It was this Subaru previously owned by Chris Miller that inspired the launch Subaru-Adventures.com to share its uniqueness and versatility we dreamed to complete and share with the world. The 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS was also generously given 3rd Place Impreza (1999 – 2001). This Impreza was my first Subaru purchased in 2004 and today it was awarded its first trophy in a car show. Thanks to Yuriy Antonenko with Force Dreams on manufacturing the genuine WRC lamp pod replica. His passion and dedication in building WRC replica parts truly shows the master in art he has inside. Thanks to Goffrayfotos for capturing additional photos of the announcements at the reward ceremony. As the evening set in, many attendees returned to their campsites to enjoy another night. As Chris Tex Walker would describe, “This is truly the best part of the show in the evenings getting a chance to talk about the day, meet new friends, catch up with old friends, and prepare the vehicle for Sundays drive home. - http://www.nwmotiv.com/west-coast-subaru-show-2014/ Thanks to everyone who participated and apologies to who's Subaru’s I did not include in the production. Hope to see you next year, Bryan
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Birch Bay, Washington  Subaru World Record Parade 2016
Birch Bay, Washington State had the opportunity to be part of the longest Subaru parade in North America with a total of 522 Subarus; some traveling as far as Alaska, Canada, Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. Despite not making our number of 550 Subarus (Russia holding the Guinness World Record of 549), the event was well organized amongst Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and Dewey Griffin Subaru Dealership of Bellingham, Washington. Thank you to Tanya of Dewey Griffin Subaru, and all the volunteers for making this event possible. In Memory of Rally Driver, Matthew Noble-Marker, this World Record Attempt was inspired by last year’s attempt for Matthew and his parents. Matthew lost his life in 2011 at the Rally America National Championship – The Olympus Rally when he was “Livin’ the Dream” Rally in Peace MNM. Despite being 28 cars short from taking the record from Russia, we will try again. We Love You Russia! World Peace to All
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2018 Fire Season beginning | N163AC
Currently near Days Creek, Oregon Call-When-Needed for the U.S. Forest Service. The past two weeks, “Bubba” has been parked next to N179AC “Elvis” in preparation for the 2018 fire season. Elvis just returned to the United States after being in South America the last few years. This past Sunday, thunderstorms shot out around 2,000 lightning strikes across Southern Oregon creating multiple forest fires. N163AC was dispatched Call-When-Needed 1 hour North of Medford, Oregon last Friday. The hot and dry summer months have began and has been much more workable than the Canadian North. Time passes, yet memories and footage remain for future films to come. Have a safe summer, Bryan
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Monster RX-7s vs. Skyline R32 GTR vs. Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS
Group of long time friends get together on a sunny morning on 15 February, 2015 to what turns to be an epic drive near Mt. Baker, Washington State Intro Mt. Baker Clip Photo Credit: Brett Baunton
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Amateur Ham Radio Field Day 2012: Albany, Oregon with W7SST
A successful weekend in Albany, Oregon transmitting on some HF across North America and even Hungary and Slovakia at midnight. Usually, getting prepared for the next natural disaster is serious business. But on Saturday and Sunday, Mike, Terry, Phill and myself turned disaster preparation into an around-the-clock competition, a training exercise and an opportunity to give the general public a better idea of what ham radio operators do. We were among 35,000 other amateur radio operators in Mexico, Canada and across the United States tuning in to Field Day, a competition aimed at determining which radio stations are the most prepared for the next natural disaster. To prove our readiness, Mike, Phill and Terri had to set up their stations outside, which involved finding a local area where figuring out the proper way to position an antenna in a tree so a signal will go through. They'll use the signals they get to contact as many other ham operators as they can over a 24-hour period of time. If they simply have a brief talk, the team gets a point. If Morse code is used, the team gets two points. The primary reason is for experience and becoming familiar with the physics and operation of radio frequencies. Being that everyone relies on mobile phones and internet, going back to transmitting on radio frequencies, it brings a different understanding and means of appreciating being to talk to someone half way across the world for FREE. I recommend everyone to take their test for a Ham Radio License. Bryan W7WRC
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The World's Most Epic Trek: Mt. Everest Base Camp |  Kalapatthar
Starring: Hunter Mann Dempster | Jayson Dudas | Bryan Dudas When my older brother Jayson asked if I could join to trek the base camp of Mt. Everest in Nepal, I was hesitant. Jayson so far has traveled 156 countries; Nepal being #149. He plans to reach all 196 countries of the world in the next year. The trek begins in Lukla at 2,860 metres (9,383 ft) and continue for 38 miles to the Everest Base Camp and an alternative 2 hours to Kalapatthar lookout, which is 5,545 metres (18,192 ft). 63 years ago , May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were first to reach the summit of Mount Everest. On 26th May, 2016 Jayson, Hunter and I made our last 2 hour leg from Gorak Shep, a small settlement towards Everest Base Camp sitting at 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) on our 5th day departing Lukla. God surrounded us with beauty. We trekked along the rocky terrain of the Khumbu Glacier with a temperature of 40F (4.4C) dropping to 29F (-1.6C) at night. Trekking on the peaks of the world’s highest mountains was constantly a tough challenge both physically and mentally. Perhaps even emotionally. At high altitudes the sunlight was intense, cold winds buffeted from every direction and the difficulty breathing leaved a headache awakening each morning. However there is nothing to trade for this incredible experience with my brother Jayson and his friend Hunter. Along our accent towards EBC, we met up with a Sherpa guide who just summited Mount Everest for the 10th time. We congratulated him and exchange personal details. We finally arrived at our destination alongside the Khumbu Glacier of Everest Base Camp. The pile of rocks sitting at our feet with prayer flags of the infamous Khumbu Ice Fall in spring is home to some 30 teams (hundreds of climbers and support staff) aspiring to climb to the summit of Everest. Within minutes after taking pictures/interviews, Jayson, Hunter and I further explored the Khumbu Ice Fall and the region around Everest Base Camp. I cannot fully begin to grasp what we had experienced. In our own pictures and video clips, I hope to share as vividly as possible in this 1 hour 10 minute film. The breathtaking beauty of the snow-covered peaks, the unmatched generosity of the local villages, and the sense of peace and contentment that came with slowing making one’s way through the many foot hills of the Himalayas. It was an experience that will stay with us forever. And that’s the beauty of experience. To truly understand it, you must live it. Allow it to become part of who you are. -BDudasProductions 2016
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