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Red The Harley-Davidson Chihuahua
This is what my mom and step dad's almost 2 year old chihuahua does whenever one of them (mostly my step dad) leaves on their Harley- Davidsons without him
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Our Huskies Are Bickering Again
This is something new our two female Huskies Dakota (our older brown one) and Cali (the black and silver one) started doing with me. They bicker over who gets to lay down the closest to me on my bed LOL And I have NO idea why my phone recorded the video like this so sorry if you get a crink in the neck...
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My Weird Cat
So this is my proof my older cat Houdette loves chocolate and NO I don't give her any chocolate she steals some of mine as soon as I'm away from it and somewhere else in the house but not this time!!
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Bickering Huskies
This is the first time I got to record our huskies bickering over who gets to lay beside me on my bed.
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My Cockatiel Loved Fruit Ninja
This is an old video that shows my Cockatiel, H (yes that was her actual name) use to love playing Fruit Ninja with my mom after she got home from work but unfortunately suddenly died a few months after this was recorded and we have no idea why either.. 😢 😢
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