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5 Primary Bone Cancer Symptoms You Should Know
Unlike other tumors, primary bone cancer doesn’t happen because of metastasis (when cancer spreads). The most commonly affected areas are the bones around the knee. Maybe you’ve already heard about this kind of cancer. Most of the time, when we talk about cancer in the bones, it has spread from somewhere else. This is secondary (metastatic) bone cancer. When a tumor spreads, it can attack any part of the bone. But according to recent medical research, “primary bone cancer” diagnoses are on the rise. This is where the tumor starts in a particular bone, instead of spreading to it. As long as you pick it up early, the survival is relatively high. That’s why information and prevention are so important. The “good” news is that it’s easier to diagnose this kind of cancer because of a very specific kind of pain. Today, we’re going to talk about other primary bone cancer symptoms, so that you can stay on the lookout. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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8 Foods That Cause Gout
Gout is a painful inflammation in the joints caused by the accumulation of uric acid. Gout can attack the feet, knees, and ankles, but most of all, the big toe. Episodes of gout can last for months and those at risk are adult men and people who are obese. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Celery Seeds: A Natural Tea For High Blood Pressure
If you’ve just undergone a medical treatment, talk with a specialist before trying this. Pregnant women should also avoid it. Celery seeds are a little known food today. Believe it or not, they’re an excellent treatment for high blood pressure and other disorders. However, it’s important to know how to take them and what the potential side effects are. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Natural Lubricants For Your Intimate Zone
Did you know it's possible to use natural lubricants to help with vaginal dryness? Learn more about a few options in this article. Even though natural lubricants can help you with vaginal dryness, you should also consult a gynecologist. As such, you can find out whether the lack of lubrication is related to a hygiene issue. Discover five natural lubricants you can make at home to help you keep things flowing down there. Natural lubricants Dryness in the intimate area can be due to hormonal changes. In addition, it’s often due to a decrease in estrogen levels. As a result, the natural pH of your microbial flora changes. The flora is a group of healthy bacteria that protect the area against viral attacks, yeast infections, and bacteria. When this happens, the delicate skin tends to become irritated and symptoms like vaginal itching, foul odors, and pain during sex occur. Most troubling is that it can often lead to infection, which tends to affect sexual relations. As such, it’s crucial to seek treatment. We’ve taken care to choose ingredients with that are suitable to use in this part of your body. In this article, we’ll share 5 natural options to relieve this problem without having to spend a lot of money. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Sleep Better With Garlic Under Your Pillow
The sulfurous compounds and zinc in garlic naturally promote relaxation and will help you fall asleep faster, restoring your energy to take on the next day. Garlic has been a popular food since ancient times, both for seasoning and as an active ingredient in hundreds of different remedies. But we’ve got an amazing fact for you today – you can actually sleep better with garlic! Garlic actually comes from the onion family. Despite its strong aroma, it’s one of the most consumed foods around the world. In times gone by it was used to give flavor to dishes, repel pests and even demons. While this last one is pure superstition, there are many people who think that garlic can help combat negative energies. Whatever the case, we know garlic is rich in essential nutrients. It possesses many important medicinal properties and a variety of benefits for your health. Below we’ll show you some of the most important properties. In addition, we’ll show you an intriguing treatment that some people are using to sleep better. Are you interested? Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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10 Symptoms Of High Cholesterol That You Shouldn’t Ignore
Since the symptoms of high cholesterol aren’t very clear, it’s very important that to learn to identify those subtle symptoms which, while they might be caused by something else, may be warning us of a problem. Cholesterol is a lipid that’s present in all the cells in our bodies. While most people only know its harmful effects, in reality, it’s essential for the optimal functioning of our body. The liver is responsible for removing most of it. However, it’s also absorbed through the consumption of foods that contain it. There are, however, many symptoms of high cholesterol that you are unlikely to know about, so today we are going to reveal 10 of them. Cholesterol is necessary for the production of bile, which is responsible for digesting fat. In addition, it’s also responsible for the production of some hormones and helpful for your cardiovascular health. The problem is that, even though many organs need it, too much cholesterol causes irreparable damage. Furthermore, many people are unaware that they have high cholesterol. After all, the symptoms of high cholesterol are many and varied. Consequently, it can lead to the development of more serious health problems, such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and kidney failure. Because of this, it’s very important to identify any signs that could help detect any problems early on. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Weekly Detox With Tomato Juice Garlic And Turmeric
Looking for a great weekly detox? Look no further than this tomato, garlic and turmeric mixture. It's healthy and helps cleanse and detoxify your body! Get rid of toxins with this weekly detox diet based on tomatoes, garlic, and turmeric. These three have excellent benefits for your health and can help you prevent disease naturally. In today’s article, we’ll describe in detail all the benefits of this delicious and invigorating vegetable juice. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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11 Daily Habits That Damage The Brain
Here are some habits that damage the brain. Be careful to avoid them! You can’t figure out what’s going on: you’re tired, you can’t concentrate, you forget things. But the strangest thing is that it only happens when you do certain things. Sometimes it happens when you wake up early and don’t eat anything until the afternoon. It might occur when you get too stressed out at work. The problem is that you might be engaging in habits that damage the brain. Everything you do influences your body in a certain way. What’s more, certain activities prevent normal brain functioning and even damage its structure. Now imagine that you repeat these actions daily for years and years. Can you guess what happens? Your own habits are breaking down your brain! But don’t worry, there’s still time. Changing your lifestyle can guarantee good health for both your brain and body. In this article, I’m going to talk about these terrible daily habits that damage the brain. My brain and I Your brain is an extremely complex and delicate organ that takes direct or indirect action in all bodily processes. It regulates homeostatic functions like heartbeats, fluid balance, blood pressure, hormonal balance and body temperature. It’s also responsible for movement, cognition, learning, memory, human emotions. Therefore, it’s central to your health. According to numerous scientific studies, the way in which one lives ones life could damage brain cells. This can happen over the short or long-term. If it’s in the long term, it can lead to the development of degenerative diseases or other conditions. On the other hand, when you engage in healthy activities, you active your brain and make it health again. Some examples of healthy activities are eating a balanced diet and doing physical exercise. Let’s get to work and learn about 11 daily habits that damage the brain. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Natural Remedies To Control Bad Vaginal Odor
Although these topical remedies for vaginal odor are usually effective, if the problem persists, you should seek the help of your gynecologist to avoid any bigger problems. Vaginal infection? One of the most common reasons that women visit their gynecologist, without a doubt, is because of bad vaginal odor. In addition to the smell, it is common to have other symptoms like an itching or burning feeling, inflammation, and vaginal secretion. Also, you have to keep in mind that the odor can change before and after your period, sexual relations, or after doing physical activity. Meanwhile, deodorants, gels, sprays or vaginal washes can have a counterproductive effect since they can irritate the infection. Proper cleansing will help you avoid an infection. It should be noted that you do not need to cleanse the inside of the vagina since it already has a natural way of doing so. Every day a white substance is released from the vagina that can become yellow when it dries, but it does not have a gross smell. The vagina secretes it in order to maintain its pH level. Factors that increase your risk Wearing tight underwear or underwear made from synthetic material Sexual relations without protection Frequently taking antibiotics Parasites Urinary or fecal incontinence Hormonal changes Fortunately, there are natural remedies that help to fight bad vaginal odor. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Onion Garlic And Lemon The Three Superfoods
By themselves, onion, garlic, and lemon are extremely beneficial for your health. By mixing them in a unique remedy, however, you can get the benefits of all three combined. Onions, garlic and lemons: three superfoods that you absolutely must have in your homes. They are used in thousands of recipes and also in home made remedies. In this article, we want to tell you why you should eat onion, garlic, and lemon on a daily basis. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Try These 7 Remedies For A Sore Throat
To alleviate a sore throat and accelerate recuperation, it's very important to stay hydrated. Drinking ginger tea, and being hydrated helps the pain and the congestion. A sore throat can occur in the summer or the winter. Being exposed to constant brusque changes in temperature produces inflammation that can annoy us 24 hours a day. This commonly causes the following: • Infection of the tonsils or the pharynx • Sleeping with the mouth open • Breathing through the mouth • Breathing contaminated air Among the symptoms are burning, itching and discomfort when swallowing. To reduce the discomfort caused by a sore throat, you can use some analgesics such as aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol. However, you can combat theses symptoms with natural remedies that are not going to harm the stomach and will also alleviate the pain. If the pain persists or if you have a fever it’s best to see a doctor. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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What To Eat And What Not To Eat During Your Period
To avoid menstrual pains, it is recommended to increase the consumption of fresh produce rich in vitamins and minerals, and avoid fried and processed foods. During that time of the month, women can get more stressed out and suffer from mood swings. By eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones, you can help reduce stress and stay bright and breezy. In this article, you’ll discover great nutritional tips on what to eat and what to avoid during your period. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Try This Beneficial Detox With Pineapple
Due to a lack of energy during this detox, you may find that you suffer from anxiety, general discomfort, and mood swings. There are several plans to detox with pineapple. They’re based on the known properties of the fruit that aim to help you lose that weight and feel better. What are those properties? Let’s look into it. Pineapple is one of the most famous fruits around thanks to its diuretic and cleansing properties. Those properties promote weight loss and are beneficial to the body. It contains plenty of water and antioxidants. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it can fight fluid retention and eliminate toxins, while helping you shed a few pounds at the same thime. How to detox with pineapple Because of the many bad habits in our modern lifestyles, the body gets overloaded with functions to perform. Because of this, it can be difficult to remove the toxins that build up in the bloodstream, which can affect our bodily systems. Thanks to pineapple’s high content of vitamins, minerals, and water, this fruit can promote your body’s natural detox. As a result, it’ll optimize system function and help eliminate those harmful waste products. In addition to this, pineapple contains high amounts of a digestive enzyme known as bromelain, which promotes good digestion and nutrient absorption, improving bowel function. Before going on a detox with pineapple The pineapple detox is a great way to eliminate any excess fluid in the body and cleanse your liver, kidneys, and pancreas. However, we caution that you shouldn’t do it very often or for extended periods of time because it’s very low in calories and lacks the nutritional requirements you need to stay in good health. We recommend that you perform this detox for four days, long enough to lose a few pounds and cleanse your entire body. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Best Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers
Ouch! Ulcers hurt so bad. Most people experience ulcers at some point in their lives and they can be so annoying. Mouth ulcers are usually sores that appear on the lips, cheeks and the floor of the mouth. Though harmless, ulcers can be extremely painful and may even kill one's desire to eat. These ulcers can happen due to constipation, hormonal fluctuations and extreme acidity. Sometimes ulcers may appear due to deficiencies like iron deficiency, vitamin B and C deficiency too. Luckily, ulcers can be treated easily and with some simple home remedies too. So look no further than your kitchen and use our set of remedies to end ulcers! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Losing Weight With The Pineapple And Aloe Vera Diet
Learn about how you can lose weight with pineapple and aloe vera! Not only is this diet delicious, but it's low in calories, which is great for weight loss! The combination of pineapple and aloe vera is used as a natural remedy. It’s also been gaining more popularity in the world of dieting. Moreover, its health properties are well known. It detoxifies, heals and takes care of your digestive system. This diet deserves to be taken into consideration. It gives you all the benefits of pineapple and aloe vera without containing too many calories. This will allow you to feel confident that you’re taking good care of our body. We’ll tell you what it’s all about so you can try it for yourself! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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The Benefits Of Eating Oatmeal Everyday
You'll discover the benefits of eating oatmeal in the following article. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal because it fills you up with energy to face the day in the best way possible. Have you ever thought of why they suggest adding oatmeal to your first meal of the day? Well, read on to find out! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Fruits That Reduce Uric Acid Naturally
Many may not know this, but ruci acid is a byproduct of the different processes our body undertakes. High levels of uric acid can be unhealthy, and so we must try to reduce these. Uric acid is a problem for a lot of people and can cause serious health issues. All of us have this compound in our blood, but in small quantities, and we should always try to keep those levels low. One way to do this is by watching what we eat and consuming fruits that can help reduce uric acid naturally. What is uric acid and why does my body produce it? Uric acid is basically a waste product in our blood that comes from dead cells and purines in the foods we consume. As we mentioned above, it is normal for all people to have a certain amount of uric acid in their blood, but if we fail to watch what we eat, this element can be produced in excess. At that point, our kidneys can become unable to filter it and it becomes concentrated, producing a disease known as hyperuricemia. If we don’t control this element, the amount of uric acid in our blood will continue to increase, putting us at risk for crystalized uric acid in our joints and muscle tissue. This produces gout – very common in the toes – which is characterized by unpleasant and painful joint inflammation and reddened skin. What foods should we avoid? With a little bit of effort, you can overcome this disease. But you should make sure to avoid excess consumption of red meat, game meat, alcoholic beverages, coffee… Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Garlic
Every 100 grams of garlic will serve you with close to 150 calories, 33 grams of carbs, 6.36 grams of protein. Garlic is also enriched with Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Egg And Beer Treatment For Silky And Healthy Hair
Are you ready to have silky-smooth, manageable hair? If you still haven't given your hair a nutritious treatment, prepare this recipe and repair your damaged hair without needing to buy expensive products. Our hair is exposed to a number of traumas that can cause dryness, weakness and excessive hair loss. We care about keeping our hair clean and shiny. However, continuous sun exposure, the use of heat appliances and some chemical products can cause serious damage. In this article, you’ll learn about treatments for silky and healthy hair. The problem is that not all commercial treatments help us revitalize our hair, and many are so expensive that we can’t afford them. What some people ignore is that there are remedies that are 100% natural. Although they’re not so popular, they can have some interesting effects for those looking to help their hair recover in a healthy way. In this article, we suggest an egg and beer treatment made of two ingredients that are full of nutrients that strengthen and renew the hair strands. Are you ready to give it a go? Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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6 Steps To Get Rid Of Acne
Besides taking care of your skin, you need to pay attention to your diet and hydrate yourself correctly to eliminate toxins and get rid of acne. Acne is one of the worst nightmares when you have a pretty face. The vast majority suffer from this problem during adolescence, and then it goes away completely. However, there are those who see the need to look for options that eliminate the acne that they suffer from because of hormonal problems and habits. Luckily, getting rid of acne isn’t an impossible job. This requires a certain effort and a change of certain habits. In this article, we’ll give you a series of steps that will be a great help for reaching this goal. What is acne and why does it appear? We’ll start with the basics: understand what acne is. Acne is a skin problem that is characterized by the formation of pimples, blackheads, red spots, and skin inflammation. The reason that acne appears is because your sweat glands work too actively. This causes an accumulation of grease, dead skin cells, and bacteria. With the consequent inflammation of the pores, acne appears. Steps to get rid of acne You won’t look great if you don’t take time to take care of it yourself. Follow the following steps to eliminate acne and correct the problem quickly. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Why You Should Eat Cucumbers
Cucumbers are a great choice if you don't like drinking water because of its lack of flavor. Since cucumbers are 90% water, consuming them helps keep you hydrated. Not many people are aware of the amazing qualities of cucumbers. Once you find out how they can benefit your health, you’ll definitely want to know how to eat cucumbers as a part of your family’s daily meals. We’ll tell you all about why you should eat cucumbers here! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Slimming Properties Of Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar can help fight off that hunger and cravings for sweets that appear when you're trying to lose weight. Apples have always been considered one of the healthiest, nutritious and tasty fruits. In this article, we’ll talk about the slimming properties of apple cider vinegar, which is also really good for your general well-being. If you’re trying to lose weight, then apple cider vinegar has some great slimming properties. You’re bound to love these effects, and they’re really economical and easy to achieve, too! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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What Happens When You Do Regular Yoga
Yoga, like all physical activity, contributes to your body’s well-being. Its constant practice will help you to achieve greater mental control and the ability to focus on the present moment. Yoga is a discipline with multiple benefits. It provides a connection between the body and the soul. When you start practicing regular yoga, you begin to enjoy countless health benefits. First, you’ll notice a change in your overall well-being. Your levels of stress and anxiety will decrease, and you’ll learn to become more grounded in the present. Yoga as a medicinal therapy can be used to improve people’s quality of life. Through this discipline, you can solve health problems such as heart disease, blood circulation, arthritis, back pain, among other things. In this article, we’ll explain what will happen to your body when you start practicing regular yoga. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer
If, among other symptoms, you feel discomfort during urination or sexual intercourse, it could be indicative of cervical cancer. Being overweight can also increase the risk of developing this disease. Until about 40 years ago, cervical cancer represented one of the greatest threats of death for women. Today, due to medical and technological advances, deaths from this disease have declined significantly, but since it continues to be a threat, we should know about the main warning signs of cervical cancer. Research, medicine and technological advancement have been able to determine key symptoms that allow the detection of the disease in time to give early treatment. For this reason, it’s important that all women are well informed about the warning signs of cervical cancer and consult a doctor early if they feel they’re at risk. What are the risk factors for cervical cancer? Knowing the risk factors for cervical cancer is also very important for prevention or timely detection. With this information women can identify if they’re potentially at risk of developing the disease. Infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV): HPV virus is a major cause of cervical cancer. It’s transmitted through sexual intercourse and can usually be detected with a Pap smear or by detection of warts in the genital area. Diet: A poor diet can lead to a state of being overweight or obese, which increases the risk of developing cervical cancer. Genetics: Women who have a genetic history of cervical cancer have three times more probability of developing this disease. HIV: this virus weakens the immune system and puts the body at a higher risk of becoming infected with HPV. Consumption of tobacco or snuff. Early age of first sexual intercourse. High number of children. Menopause after age 52. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Exposure to high levels of estrogen. What are the warning signs of cervical cancer? One of the disadvantages of cancer is that it is often a silent disease in its early stages; this is one of the reasons why there continue to be many deaths from this disease. However, being warned in time by the symptoms that may seem common is key to timely detection and treatment. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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6 Reasons To Drink Warm Water On An Empty Stomach
Drinking warm water on an empty stomach daily benefits the digestive system and stimulates the removal of toxins that affect the immune system. According to experts, it’s best to start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon or tea, which diminishes the activity of free radicals in the body and provides a protective barrier against multiple diseases. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Foods You Thought Were Bad But Nutritionists Recommend
Butter, eggs, beef fat, and dairy products are foods that when eaten in moderation support multiple health benefits for your body. Every day, we make errors about what we’re eating without even knowing exactly what they are. Take note of the following foods because you probably thought they were bad, but actually are not. On the contrary, nutritionists recommend them! In any case, there’s a recommendation for all of these products: if you decide to incorporate some of these foods into your diet, make sure that they’re high quality. It’s also important to keep in mind the portion size that you’re introducing, because it all might be recommended but not in excess. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Fat Mass
Are you trying to lose weight but seeing little results? In today's post, we'll clue you in on some tricks for reducing your fat mass. Are you trying to lose weight but seeing little results? Have you thought about what you’re doing wrong? In today’s post, we’ll clue you in on some tricks for reducing your fat mass. Remember that some of your daily habits might have a bigger effect on your weight than you might think. However, reaching your goal weight doesn’t have anything to do with super strict, unhealthy diets. Check out the list below and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. You’ll see your size shrink as you prevent your body from accumulating more fat. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Powerful Health Benefits Of Tomatoes
Tomatoes are considered a superfood because they boast many health benefits and are effective in the prevention of various illnesses. Let’s take a look at their many benefits here! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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The Best And Worst Foods To Eat When You're Sick
Your body burns more calories when you have a fever. If you don't eat enough nutrient-dense foods, you will lack the energy your immune system needs to help you recover quickly. We will helps you. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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6 Natural Home Remedies To Treat Gingivitis Naturally
Did you know that the nature of apple cider vinegar has made it a great ally for your oral health? This ingredient can even help treat Gingivitis naturally. Gingivitis is the oral problem that happens when your gums become inflamed and red due to a bacterial infection. It usually starts from plaque deposits. These are the accumulation of food residue. Generally, they build up because of bad hygiene. While some cases are sporadic, it’s important to get the right treatment. This way you can avoid complications and more severe diseases. Also, given that the microbes keep growing, it could turn into a painful condition. Among other things, it can cause bad breath, bleeding, and sores. The good news is that there are several naturally based remedies. Their properties make it easier to control this problem. They do this without causing unwanted secondary effects. In this article, we have compiled the 6 best treatments. This way you’ll have them in mind to fight the first symptoms. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Delicious Smoothies For Your Detox Diet
By simply mixing fruits and vegetables you can get some great drinks for your detox diet. They'll soothe your hunger and help you lose weight too. There are literally dozens of available recipes for smoothies for your detox diet. They combine anti-oxidant and purifying ingredients which the body uses to remove toxins and help you shed weight. Although they’re certainly no miracle, they can definitely provide a lot of health benefits. In fact, they’re recommended for losing weight after a binge and for controlling hunger in between meals. Are you trying to detox your body? Do you want refreshments without taking on a lot of calories? If so, don’t hesitate to try out the recipes in this article. All of them mix healthy fruit and vegetables with digestive and slimming properties. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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10 Foods You Should Never Store In The Fridge
It is a common belief that a colder environment may be safer and more hygienic for our food ingredients as the low temperature helps in inhibiting the activity of micro-organisms and bacteria that can spoil our food. While part of it is true, some foods like raw meat should be frozen, most of us end up applying the same rule to all our vegetables too. The right way to store our groceries depends on the kind of the vegetables in question. Some may thrive best in a colder region, but others need to be kept in a warm place. Here are eight vegetables you've been wrongly storing in the fridge, but there are better ways to keep them. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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10 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth Naturally
Besides eating these foods to whiten your teeth and avoid oral problems, it's important to have good dental hygiene and brush your teeth after every meal. There are many aesthetic treatments for whitening your teeth. Among them, there are expensive dentist visits. And at the same time, there is an innumerable number of things that stain your teeth. Among these are coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, and tobacco. Luckily, by eating certain fruits or vegetables, you can whiten your teeth naturally and prevent diseases. This is due to the nutrients that these foods give you. They strengthen your immune system.
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Strengthen Your Bones And Alleviate Pain In Your Joints With This Natural Drink
You can make use of this drink as a form of prevention or treatment. Thanks to its ingredients, it will help to strengthen your bones and alleviate pain. Bones and joints are responsible supporting your body. After all, they connect with each other and facilitate movement. However, the tension and the pain that they can develop recurrently is a common problem. Most of the time, this is caused by an inflammatory response of your immune system. This pain comes with the wear and tear due to aging. However, it it may also occur in younger people because of injury or illness. Whatever the case, they’re problems that significantly affect our quality of life, especially when they prevent us from doing everyday tasks. Luckily, by keeping an eye on our diet, we can make sure that we consume the essential nutrients that help to strengthen our bones and joints. Below, we’ll share a recipe for a natural drink that helps strengthen your bones and alleviate pain. Don’t miss out! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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A Ginger Garlic And Honey Remedy For High Cholesterol
High cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular problems, the world's biggest killer. Therefore, you need to keep your cholesterol levels under control. If you tend to have high levels of cholesterol it’s vitally important to keep them under control. In this article, we’ll tell you how to make a ginger, garlic, and honey remedy for high cholesterol. To prevent cardiovascular problems or complications, you should stick to a balanced diet and control your cholesterol levels with the right medication. Or, better yet, control them with a natural remedy for high cholesterol! It’s always cheaper and has almost no side effects. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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8 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Joint Pain
Joint pain can be characterized from mild to severe, acute or chronic. It can cause discomfort, pain or inflammation from any part of a joint. The most common causes of joint pain include gout, arthritis, injuries, broken or dislocated bones, fibromyalgia and lupus. If you suffer from joint pain, the foods you eat may be aggravating your inflammation. Here are eight foods you should avoid to help keep joint pain at bay Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Reasons To Eat Quinoa
Quinoa is suitable for all types of diets, as it doesn't contain any gluten, and has multiple health benefits. It can be eaten in seed or sprout form. Quinoa is great for you in so many ways. Plus, since it doesn’t have any gluten, it works for all types of diets, whether in seed form or as sprouts. Have you tried quinoa? You’ve probably noticed that quinoa has become quite popular in recent years. What you may not know is that there are some very good reasons for its popularity. Some say gluten-free diets are good for health. One of the best foods for those who have gluten intolerance is quinoa. You can consume quinoa seeds as a substitute for rice in any of its colors (red, white and black). If you want to get the most out of it, you can also consume its leaves. You can use them just like spinach, and all you have to do is sow some seeds. The composition of quinoa Quinoa is made of complex carbohydrates. Each 100 grams of quinoa gives you: 16 grams of protein 15 grams of insoluble fiber 200 calories 39 grams of carbohydrates 4 grams of fat This translates into a very filling food that contributes to keeping your weight low. In addition, its texture is perfect for satisfying cravings for pasta or rice. In addition to the above, this plant is rich in: Minerals (magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus) Vitamins (B complex, E) Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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The Best Fruits To Treat Fatty Liver
Fruits are nature's gift for our health. They can bring many benefits to the table and help out with the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Fatty liver disease is a common condition. It happens when fat deposits accumulate around the organ, affecting its basic functions and causing inflammation. Fatty liver disease can be treated by adopting diet and lifestyle changes. Below, you’ll find some of the most common fruits that help to treat this condition. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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The Health Benefits Of Lentils
Thanks to their high fiber content, lentils are recommended to help you feel satisfied and improve digestion. For these reasons they also promote weight loss. Do you like lentils? How often do you eat them? Do you know the health benefits of lentils? Believe it or not, this food provides excellent health benefits, but you might not be eating them as often as you should. It’s been shown that lentils are recommended as a diuretic food with many benefits. They have a high content of essential nutrients like polyphenols and other bioactive compounds. These protect your body from degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart problems. As if that weren’t enough, lentils are a very versatile food and are ideal to integrate into a healthy diet. That’s why today we want to talk about the benefits of lentils: you’ll find that there are many. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Discover 5 Ways To Increase Blood Flow To The Brain
Do you know what happens if, at some given moment, an adequate supply of blood does not make it to the brain? It can produce ischemia: a small part of our brain tissue begins to die, there are less connections, our memory fails, there is increased risk of brain strokes… It is also important to know that by the simple act of increasing blood flow to the brain, it will help us to avoid more serious diseases and, further, we will enjoy a healthy brain and a higher cognitive function, increasing our memory and concentration… Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Try These 8 Ideal Foods To Lower Uric Acid Levels
Following a balanced diet will avoid elevating levels of uric acid. In addition, the consumption of water is fundamental in eliminating toxins. Uric acid is a chemical that your body creates automatically through decomposing substances called purines. Purines can increase your uric acid levels. The following foods contain purines: Liver Fish Seafood Beans Peas Lunch meats Sodas Beer Generally, the body is able to dissolve uric acid in our blood. It then travels through the kidneys and is completely eliminated through urine. In spite of this, some people are not able to eliminate sufficient quantities of uric acid. This is due to the fact that the body generates this chemical in greater quantities than it should. In this case, it can cause a variety of ailments: Continual and excessive inflammation of toes and fingers, causing a lot of pain Crystallization of uric acid that causes kidney stones Change of PH in the urine that also causes a lot of kidney stones Luckily, with a healthy diet, it’s possible to regulate your levels of uric acid. In this article, we’re going to give you the keys to a healthy diet. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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7 Foods That Will Naturally Cleanse Your Liver
Our livers work extremely hard every day to protect us from adverse effects from toxins and often it is easy for our lives to become overworked compromising our health significantly. The primary way in which your body expels toxins is via the liver, which detoxifies and cleanses your body by continuously filtering the blood of poisons that enter it through the digestive tract, the skin, and the respiratory system. But when your liver becomes overworked as a result of stress or excessive exposure to toxins, your entire system can be thrown off balance, and your health severely compromised. Since the liver is also responsible for producing bile, another form of detoxification that is metabolically necessary for the breakdown and assimilation of fats and proteins from your food, it is exceedingly important that your liver is properly maintained. Without a well-functioning liver, your body will be unable to cleanse itself and absorb nutrients, which is a recipe for a health disaster. "The thousands of enzyme systems that are responsible for virtually every body activity are constructed in the liver," writes Dr. Karl Maret, M.D., about the importance of vibrant liver function. "The proper functioning of the eyes, the heart, the brain, the gonads, the joints, and the kidneys, are all dependent on good liver activity." "If the liver is impaired from constructing even one of the thousands of enzyme systems the body requires, there is an impairment in overall body function and a resultant greater metabolic stress on the individual." So here are seven important foods you may want to begin incorporating into your diet in order to maintain a healthy liver. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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The Best Possible Foods For Healthy Skin
When you have a healthy diet, you’ll get younger looking, more radiant skin. Chocolate, nuts, and broccoli provide important nutrients for skin health You can use all the creams and expensive treatments in the world, but to get healthy skin, you need to change your diet. In today’s article we’ll tell you what foods shouldn’t be absent from your table every day so you’ll look good on the outside, and feel better on the inside. What foods are good for healthy skin? Having good nutrition is fundamental to your health. This isn’t only related to the prevention or treatment of disease, but also about how you look. Your skin needs different nutrients in order to produce collagen and protect you from the elements. With a healthy and balanced diet you’ll have younger, more radiant skin. Of course, you do need to add regular exercise and the occasional treatment like exfoliation and deep cleansing to your routine. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Home Remedies To Lower Your Bad Cholesterol
A build-up of bad cholesterol (LDL) can cause serious cardiovascular issues, so detoxifying your body is essential if you want your cholesterol under control. Hypercholesterolemia, or the excessive accumulation of cholesterol in your arteries, is a disorder that affects more and more people every day. This lipid, which is naturally produced by your liver, is in many foods that you eat. Because of this, your body retains too much. Today we’ll look at remedies to lower your bad cholesterol. As a result of this retention, your risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases goes up. Plus, other vital systems in your body are compromised, too. The most concerning thing of all is that it doesn’t often have obvious symptoms, so it’s usually detected late when complications have already started. Therefore, living a healthy lifestyle is a best idea. That means eating a moderate amount of fat and increasing your consumption of foods that help eliminate bad cholesterol. Since many people these days are trying to get their cholesterol under control, we’re going tr share 5 home remedies that can really help. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Natural Prevention And Treatment Of Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids is an embarrassing condition, but there are natural ways that you can treat or even prevent them. Today we’re showing you some tips for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. Don’t miss them! The term “hemorrhoids” already shows their uncomfortable reality, since the word comes from the Greek for “blood flow”. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, then you already know that they are basically an inflammation of the veins that are situated in and around the anus. Consequently, these act as as a cushion and hold in your feces. If you have them, it’s very easy to tell. There will be a painful sensation in the rectum and, in turn, possible blood in your bowel movements. In addition to that you may have discomfort while sitting, occasionally feeling as if something is exiting the rectum. Normally, they start to appear when you’re in your forties. Your medical specialist — known as a proctologist — will give you the official diagnosis. He will then decide the methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The reality of this condition is that it sometimes causes shame or embarrassment. As a result of this, many people don’t go to see their doctor and prefer to look for treatments on their own. Because of this, we recommend that if you suffer from hemorrhoids, talk to a professional. We can offer you some advice that can compliment, not replace, medical treatment. You’ll then be able to carry them out on a daily basis. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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5 Protein Shakes That You Should Include In Your Diet
Protein shakes have become a favorite supplement for those who seek to gain muscle mass and lose weight. Learn some great protein shake recipes here! Protein shakes have become a favorite supplement for those looking to gain muscle mass and lose weight. Of course, a complete and healthy diet is also required to achieve these objectives. Still, these drinks are excellent allies for nutrition. It’s true that the health food industry has developed several formulas that allow them to be prepared almost instantaneously, with or without added ingredients. However, there are also natural recipes that concentrate high quality-proteins that some foods naturally provide. So, do you still leave them out of your meal plan? Despite their popularity, many people still do not know what they can do. That’s whyin this article, we want to review their main benefits and give you five ways to make them at home. The Health Benefits of Protein Shakes Including protein shakes in your diet is an effective method to help meet your daily protein requirements. As you may know, a sedentary person requires at least 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram (two pounds) of weight and up to 2 grams when doing some kind of athletic activity. This essential macronutrient makes up part of the main structures of the body. Also, it intervenes in important processes like metabolism and hormone segregation. As a result, assimilating it in the right way helps you take care of your health and lose weight. So, why is it good to drink protein shakes? They act as supplements that support the development and maintenance of muscles, especially when you keep up a regular physical training regimen. They contain energy-rich ingredients. These optimize physical and mental performance. Protein shakes prevent muscle injuries and cramps during and after exercise. They strengthen your immune system. As a result, they reduce your risk of infections. In addition, they allow you to follow a healthier diet to manage weight gain. They have a filling effect that helps you not overeat. Delicious Protein Shakes to Include in Your Diet Many foods that contain proteins, such as vegetables, seeds and nuts, can be useful for preparing protein shakes. Not to mention, you can drink any of these recipes before or after workouts.
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18 Superfoods For Your Heart
While deaths due to heart disease have dropped in recent years, it's still the No. 1 killer of Americans. The good news is that we now know a ton about how to prevent cardiovascular disease, which includes both strokes and heart attacks. It's clear that healthy eating and living (like exercising more!) can make a huge difference. If you like this video, like, share and subscribe to get more useful information about healthy. Thank you! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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How To Clean And Care For Your Kidneys
Your kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body. Read more about how to care for them and some natural remedies to keep them healthy! In reality, there’s no way of knowing if your kidneys are in need of cleaning. However, those who undergo kidney cleaning or detoxification treatment say that they feel much better afterward. Also, many ailments tend to go away, such as strong headaches, fatigue, abdominal pain, and skin problems. During the detoxification process, keep in mind that some people may experience severe headaches. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged, or worse, stop the treatment, as these symptoms are very common and normal to experience during detoxification therapy. Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain healthy kidneys! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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Benefits Of Garlic And Honey On An Empty Stomach
Taking garlic and honey on an empty stomach is a sure bet for your overall health. There’s not a single treatment that does so many things at one time and without any side effects. You’ve probably already heard about the incredible benefits of garlic. If you take advantage of the mixture of garlic and honey, though, their properties actually multiply. Both garlic and honey are powerful antibiotics that also support your immune system. But why should you consume garlic and honey on an empty stomach? The reason is pretty simple. Your stomach is now completely empty and ready to start working.That’s why it’s ideal to start your day with something that prepares your stomach to metabolize your food in the most optimal way. This means two things: - You won’t put on as much weight, - You’ll be able to make the most of the nutrients you absorb and rid your body of more toxins. In today’s article, we want to describe the benefits of eating garlic and honey on an empty stomach and the added bonus if you combine them together. Don’t miss out! Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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9 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating 2 Eggs A Day
The useful properties of chicken eggs have been repeatedly questioned. People slandered this product which has now been proven to be unique in its composition in various ways. Some researchers collected the results of recent studies on the benefits of chicken eggs for the human body. It turned out that 2-3 eggs is the optimal daily dose. Subscribe on Channel: https://bit.ly/2CNy5OV
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