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YGIP - Fall Further - Ep01 - Expansion
In this episode, I settle my second city, and start worshiping Cthulu.
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Maple Leaf Engineering
This video provides a brief history of engineering techniques used to facilitate advanced movement using warframes. Music: Magnolia, by Robodub: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Robodub/Dub_Archive/Robodub_-_Magnolia
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YGIP - BG2 - 002 - Classes
Fighter, Ranger, and Paladin class analysis.
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0 - The Build
Hello! This is the build I use for solo/small group WvWvW as a thief in Guild Wars 2! ------------------------------ Link to the build: http://www.guildhead.com/skill-calc#cVkmMc0MzmvaFomvhxmVfaGGzzcaVk08kiI7khi70z7070z7kGL70V
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YGIP - BG2 - 018 - Fighter Stronghold (Incomplete)
In this episode I try and tackle all of the fighter stronghold quests, but get stymied by a strange bug that prevents it from progressing.
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YGIP - Minecraft - 0003 - Furnace Spiral
In this episode, I show my design for a high smelting-speed furnace room, which I've dubbed a Furnace Spiral. I also talk about a new design goal for my tornado.
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YGIP - BG2 - 025 - The Stormlord
In this episode, we do the Cleric's stronghold quest. It's worth mentioning that I haven't done that one in quite awhile. :)
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YGIP - BG2 - 028 - A Mages Stronghold.avi
In this episode, we put our stronghold to use.
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YGIP - BG2 - 004 - Classes
Bard, Sorcerer, Monk, and Barbarian class analysis.
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YGIP - BG2 - 056 - Melissan Sucks
Oh look, Grimnir the Perfectly Sane fuckin' nailed it. Time to reclaim our throne!
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YGIP - BG2 - 015 - Boots of Speed and Kundane
In this episode we bail Haer'Dalis out, and get some of the best equipment in the game.
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YGIP - Fall Further - Ep02 - More Expansion
Keep settlan!
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6 - Back in Action
I'm back! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff to do! It's been a long time since I've been able to get any meaningful footage from WvW. Unfortunately, Sanctum of Rall has been stomping some people (possibly through the use of bugs as noted on the forums; I can't prove any of that, I stopped WvW over two weeks ago). With the subsequent removal of the Orbs of Power, and some exploits allowing people to sneak into keeps, hopefully I'll be able to get my fun on in WvW. I'll also be showing some efforts at trying out elementalist in structured. Shoutout to KhaztheMerciless for reminding me to upload more thief videos, and by conjecture inspiring me to check WvW to see if it's silly or not.
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YGIP - Fall Further - Ep00 - A Brief Introduction.avi
In this let's play, I'll do a quick introduction to Civilization 4 and the Fall from Heaven 2 mod Fall Further. Experienced Civ4 players may want to skip the first turn of the game, as it will be me explaining what tiles do.
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YGIP - BG2 - 001 - Races
A quick explanation of the races in Baldur's Gate 2.
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2 - Nearly Geared, but More Losses
In this episode, I die a bit, kill some people, and am much closer to being fully geared than I was previously. Pretty soon I'll be able to get the ball rolling with the more expensive food, and start saving up for alts! (Maybe some crafting too, so that I can make myself some new bags or something.)
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3 - Good Fights at the Flags - Also, Hax!
In this video, we get to watch a guy from Yak's Bend either hacking, or doing something really abusive.... he still dies. Lots of good flag camping fights. Glitch/Hacking at 7:55ish. My Build: http://youtu.be/5n_LAxKp81g
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YGIP - BG2 - 003 - Classes
Cleric, Mage, and Thief analysis.
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7 - Solo Roam - The Zerging
Just some putzing around in the early hours!
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YGIP - BG2 - 016 - Kangaxx the Weak
In this episode we crush Kangaxx without breaking much of a sweat.
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YGIP - BG2 - 044 - Dragons and Demons and Drow, oh my!
At long last, we get to summon a demon! He's tough as nails if you fight him, by the way.
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Dark Souls Bingo Run 2 - Bingoer
In this episode, I had to do another bingo run of Dark Souls. And by "had to" I mean "I chose to." For this one, we go kill Siggy, Get 36 Endurance, Get the Remedy Sorcery, get the Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly, and Never Wear Armor. I fucked up never wearing armor until I was out of the Asylum, but it didn't have any effect on gameplay, so I'll let the run stand. Conveniently, I have the power to let the run stand because there's no authority capable of refuting my assertion. Haha! -- www.twitch.tv/endofhero/c/2731188&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=endofhero&utm_medium=youtube
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1 - Solo Thief WvW - Basic Roaming Patterns
And now, on to the meat! This video is a brief demonstration of roaming patterns and bad players from Darkhaven and Sorrow's Furnace. Build Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n_LAxKp81g&feature=g-upl
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YGIP - BG2 - 048 - Gromnir the Sane
In the first episode of Throne of Bhaal, we deal with a perfectly sane and reasonable Bhaalspawn named Gromnir, who doesn't trust Melissan for reasons that are probably quite clear.
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YGIP - ToME - 1 - Temporal Warden
Temporal Wardens are hard, but fun!
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YGIP - BG2 - 055 - Monks Suck
Now this damn monk...
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YGIP - Fall Further - Ep03 - Quick Little Cuts
Lots of little cuts to the juicy parts!
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YGIP - 032 - Watcher's Keep - A Maze Full of Bullshit (And Traps) (And Demons).avi
There are many secrets in this game, many of which drive some peeps insane...
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YGIP - 035 - Crushing the Shadow Thieves
At long last, THE PLOT MARCHES ON!
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YGIP - BG2 - 024 - The Cult of the Unseeing Eye
In this episode, we squash a bunch of stupid cultists.
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YGIP - BG2 - 006 - Save Transfer Reminder
In retrospect, I should have attached this to the end of another video, but I forgot. I'm still new to the video editing thing, so hopefully you can forgive me. :)
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YGIP - BG2 - 54 - Abazigal Sucks
And now the dragon...
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YGIP - BG2 - 049 - Demigorgon
Today, we reload a whole bunch because we fight Demigorgon the "fair" way.
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LP - Dark Souls - Ep001 - Glaive Time
In this let's play, we'll die a few times! Because FUN! On a more serious note, this is a let's play of Dark Souls for the PC. In it, we'll pick up the Silver Serpent Ring early for the extra souls, and then blast through as quickly as we can! (Actually, it's pretty slow, but I'm trying to show everything. :)) We start this episode off with a run down to kill Pinwheel, and survive the run to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring for bonus souls. We also get enough souls (mostly from pinwheel himself) to use our Black Knight's Halberd.
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Ep021 - Papa Nito - Hard Edition
In this episode, I farm a Murakumo, and then go fight Gravelord Nito himself. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a holy weapon, so I do it the hard way.
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YGIP - BG2 - 000 - The Primer
This is a primer to Baldur's Gate 2, and covers many basic concepts that you might be unfamiliar with if you've never played BG2, as well as some information about fixes and tweaks that were added to make the game more playable.
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YGIP - BG2 - 005 - The Party, The Enemy
In this lengthy episode we create a complete six person party, and get a brief introduction to the antagonist.
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Melee Leveling   Stealth Tutorial
In this video, I demonstrate stealth techniques which are effective at leveling melee weapons. The mission happens on Ceres, at the Hapke node, and features spying and Loki.
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In the final episode of my first forays into Civ4:FFH:FF2 I spread the one true religion to everyone else (agnostics included) and win the game. This is also the first video uploaded at the blazing fast speeds afforded to me by DSL. Instead of taking 500 minutes like the last video, this one is expected to take 60-70, and I'm able to still use the internet at the same time! Weeee!
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YGIP - KotoR - 1 - A New Hope
Let's play Star Wars!
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YGIP - BG2 - 040 - Random Stuff in the Underdark
We finally breach the surface, and make our way into dangerous territory. Prepare your quickload button, because this place can be nasty!
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YGIP - 033 - Watcher's Keep - Lum the Mad, Carston the Incompetent
There's a big box full of goodies, and all we have to do is kill a dragon and a demi-lich, and a whole bunch of illithids, githzerai, some minotaurs, and some other nonsense!
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YGIP - Kotor - 2 - Let's Die a Lot!
In this episode I get wrecked in the arena! Also, Pazak!
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Dark Souls Bingo Run 3 - The Bingoing
Just another Dark Souls Bingo run. These are pretty fun! -- www.twitch.tv/endofhero/c/2772537&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=endofhero&utm_medium=youtube
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Ep018 - Seeth the Troller
In this episode, I get trolled trying to get Seeth's Tail. It takes forever, and it's shameful. Also, the Duke's Archive.
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YGIP - Endless Space - Super Dudes 1 - Easy Science 1
Learning a new game!
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Ep003 - Drake Pup Used Dragon Tail - It's Super Effective!
In this episode, I remember to show you guys how I got to Black Knight Halberd Land, and I get Pokemon'd in the process. Also, Wolf Ring and Moonlight Butterfly.
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Ep023 - Giant Trolls
In this episode, we start exploring the bonus content. This is a blind run for me, so it was kind of fun!
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