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Conceptual Gadgets - Wireless X12 Taser LLS Stun Gun
http://conceptualgadget.blogspot.com/2010/11/wireless-x12-taser-lls-stun-gun.html The LLS stands for Less Lethal Shotgun, and it is able to fire a charged round from up to 88 feet away. According to a Press Release, "it can pentrate clothing and transmit electrical impulses, causing the body to be temporarily paralyzed, unlike conventional stun guns which cause immobility by causing pain".
Government wants to ban Stun Guns
Join http://www.FightBack247.com to protect stun guns. The subject of stun guns is a controversial issue. At first glance stun guns may seem unenchanting, however its study is a necessity for any one wishing to intellectually advance beyond their childhood. Remarkably stun guns is heralded by shopkeepers and investment bankers alike, leading many to state that stun guns is not given the credit if deserves for inspiring many of the worlds famous painters. Inevitably feelings run deep amongst socialists, many of whom blame the influence of television. At the heart of the subject are a number of key factors. I plan to examine each of these factors in detail and and asses their importance. Go to http://youtu.be/Ek3HltwLdvY - If you are looking for the best Stun Guns Prices, check out http://www.Fightback247.com the best stun guns dealer.
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Riding the M26 Taser Gun
I bought the M26 Taser and I wanted to Ride the Taser for the full 5 seconds on myself before I ever use it on someone else for self defense, so enjoy the video, it was taking at Andrew's house on the farm. The reason i had the prong ends taped to myself was only cuz im a bony kid and if the prong had gotten stuck in a bone i would have to have it surgically removed so i decided on plan B. its still the same effect, i defiantly didn't fake this video.
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Student Uses Stun Gun On Administrator
A Millard South High School student could face a felony charge after police say he shocked the athletic director with a stun gun.
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losing a bet... get shock with stun gun lol
testing stun gun...3.2 million volts wont kill you, but guarantee its gonna hurt and burn lol
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Corey shooting himself with a stun gun
Video uploaded from my hTC mobile phone
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Cell Phone Stun Gun
http://www.phonestungun.net/Cell-Phone-Stun-Guns-c1.html?osCsid=54907bc054d72bf6fcd2217b043ae326 You will feel more secure when you have one of these cell phone stun guns, it looks like a cell phone but it's actually a stun gun. No attacker will see it coming. http://ezinearticles.com/?Cell-Phone-Stun-Gun&id=4583570
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Portable Coilgun Kontraband show 2010
built by http://www.youtube.com/user/Larsplatoon **UPDATE: Efficiency measured, read below for more info. After 2 long years of on-and-off work my coilgun project is finally completed. For anyone who doesn't know what a coilgun is, it's a gun that fires a projectile with magnetic force instead of gunpowder. The projectile from this gun won't kill a person, but the electrical energy stored in the capacitors is 78 times the lethal amount for human beings so this is no toy. Some technical data: - Action: single stage, bolt - Weight: 7.75lbs or 3.52kg - Power supply: 12V NiMH battery (needs recharge after ~15 shots) - Charging: 40 watt regulated ZVS flyback driver (charge time ~30s) - Capacitor bank: 4x 3900uF @ 400VDC - Stored electrical energy: ~1.25kJ - Switch: SCR - Body: lightweight ABS plastic pipe and sheets Performance Data: - Muzzle velocity: 39.2m/s - Projectile mass: 32.8g - Kinetic Energy: 25.20 J - Output efficiency: 2.02% ***Answers to commonly asked questions*** Q: Will it kill a human? A: The only ways it will kill is if someone were to touch the capacitors or high voltage charging circuit, which could easily cause electrocution. I suppose if you fired it straight into your stomach or face from point-blank range and refrained from seeking medical attention afterward, you could die that way as well. The muzzle energy of the coilgun is not comparable to regular firearms. Q: Will a smaller projectile result in better efficiency? A: No, a smaller projectile won't magnetically couple with the coil as well as a larger projectile will, and won't absorb as much energy. So a small projectile will actually carry much less energy and probably even travel at a lower speed. Q: Will rifling in the barrel improve accuracy? A: No- Rifling depends on the bullet expanding within the barrel, which doesn't happen with a magnetically propelled projectile at these speeds. Q: Will you sell it? A: Nope, sorry! Q: Will you post plans? A: And deprive you of the fun of building your own? Of course not! But I'm willing to point you in the right direction. It's not that hard- I started this project with zero experience with electronics. It takes more patience than anything else. Q: Will multiple coil stages improve power/efficiency? A: Yes! I only have one stage on this design for the sake of simplicity. Q: You should shoot it into some meat! A: That's a waste of a potential sandwich Q: What are the songs in this video? A: In order: Kick It, Rally, and Behemoths from Mechwarrior 4, Invaders by Excision and Datsik, Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton and GlaDOS Q: How do you claim 1.25kJ of energy? A: Some websites which feature my gun state that I am delivering as much energy to target as a .45ACP. They are incorrect, either because they didn't read my description or maybe they just didn't fully understand it. 1.25kJ is the ELECTRICAL energy stored in the capacitors, according to the equation E = 0.5*C*V^2. For this gun, C=15600uF and V=400V, thus E = 1248J. One of the main drawbacks for coilguns is EFFICIENCY, which, for single-stage hobbyist designs (like mine) is limited to about 3%. The efficiency of the CG-33 is 2.02%, so the kinetic energy (delivered to target by projectile) is about 25J, which is much more than a bb gun but much less than a real gun. Q: You misspelled necessity! You suck! A: I'm SO sorry. How can I possibly make up for for all the pain and distress I've brought into your life? -------
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NH: Armed protester vs. jail guard - Guns, open carry
Sponsor: http://Mandrik.com - News flash....the activist whose detention sparked this confrontation, has just been freed 2/3/10: http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?&topic=19942.msg317457#msg317457 If you can get vid of any reunions or celebrations that would be fun. Meanwhile regarding this vid......Jailed marijuana activist's secretive treatment sparks confrontation at Valley Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. Update on large 420 celebration planned for Nashua, New Hampshire. http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?&topic=20062.msg317377#msg317377 Update on New Boston gun seizure controversy: http://forum.nhliberty.org/index.php?topic=2801.msg21603#msg21603 This vid made possible by Porcupine 411, the Free Staters' info/emergency hotline in New Hampshire. Please donate to them: http://Porcupine411.com http://FreeStateProject.org How to buy an ad here: http://RidleyReport.com/Ad Welcome to our newest video contributer! http://YouTube.com/drumbum119 Other Images and/or info from http://YouTube.com/Renniks88 marijuana ron paul cannabis guns open carry jail protest ridleyreport prison firearms weapons gun rights control new hampshire revolvers pistols staters rich paul 420 celebrations free state project nh drug war on drugs dave ridley barry cooper report liberty marc emery rosa parks. Adam Lanza Connecticut shootings columbine massacres children school newtown sandy hook. live free or die civil disobedience valley street guards guard libertarian
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No solution
at the Coffee Bean
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3 kilowatt Induction heater melting zinc metal
Plans at http://inductionheatertutorial.com This is a 3kw induction heater melting zinc. You can see near the end as it drips down. Watch out of those fumes!
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how to make a homemade single shot pistol (22 cal)
homemade single shot pistol 22 caliber
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Police fire rubber bullets at striking teachers in South Africa
Police fired with rubber bullets on teachers taking part in a nationwide civil servants' strike in South Africa on Thursday. The violence came on the second day of the strike for higher wages. At first the march was peaceful, with some strikers dancing and blowing vuvuzelas. However the situation quickly deteriorated, with police loading shotguns with rubber bullets and firing on the crowd. Several teachers fell as they were hit with the projectiles. Teachers threw bricks and stones at police - at least one officer was seen bleeding from the head.
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Taser Gun 2
Taser Gun Demo 2 MDM 2010
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Weekend Project: Compressed Air Rocket
Project Update! -- Since the Compressed Air Rocket project was published in Make: magazine, it's been hugely popular. We have now released the next version of the Compressed Air Rocket v2.0 kit and a first-of-its-kind Air Rocket Glider. Find out about these projects and join the air rocket community at: www.AirRocketWorks.com. —Rick Schertle (Compressed Air Rocket designer) & Keith Violette (Air Rocket Glider designer) Blow your friends away as you send this 25-cent rocket hundreds of feet in the air. Get the PDF for this project: http://makezine.com/2010/04/14/weekend-project-compressed-air-rock/ The rocket template is here: http://cdn.makezine.com/make/15/Rocket_Template.pdf More great projects at http://www.makezine.com
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Getting Tased doesnt hurt LMAO
Brandon wanted to prove his manhood or stupidity, either way it makes me laugh.
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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars - Supers Exhibition
Watch in 720p for great quality playback. A compilation of the supers / ultras / hyper combos in the game. Here are the names of the supers, as requested. Listed as they appear in the English command list for the sake of consistency. Shinku Hadoken, Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shin Shoryuken, Gatchaman Attack: Lightning Strike, Science Ninpo: Bird Smash, Science Ninpo: Phoenix, Kikoushou, Hoyokusen, Shichisei Senkukyaku, Talon Burst, Mirage Swan, Science Ninpo: Phoenix, Finishing Shower, Valkyrie Turn, Darkness Illusion, Scrap Android, Brutal Ax, Super Destruction Beam, Boomerang Raid, Stun Gun Headbutt, Hyper Bomb, Voltekka, Super Spinning Tek Lancer, Space Knights Formation, Super Guts Bullet, Super Guts Upper, United By Fate (Double Guts Bullet), United By Fate (Double Guts Upper), United By Fate (Double Shooting Star Kick), Single-Handed Vacuum Spin, Tenshin Polimar Drill, Illusion Destruction Fist, Machine Gun Sweep, Max Power Drill Uppercut, Max Power Shining Laser, Yatter Wan Special Attack, Yatter Wan Flame, This Week's Suprise Robots, Sword of Purification, Oni Tactics (Lv. 1-3), Onimusha Transformation, Sword of Purification, Oni Cutter, Zan Ei Jin, Shiranui, Hiei Zangetsu, Roll Mop Up Turbo, Roll Down Time, Oh. No. You. Didn't!, In the Beginning, Punching Bag Fiesta, Supreme Evil Plan, Positron Storm, Load Special Armor-Piercing Shell, The World's Greatest Attack, Grand Slam Attack, Final Reversal Breaker, Come Forth, Gyakuten-Oh!, Desperado, Mach Speed, Slow & Zoom In, Gold Kick, Gold Crash, Gold Finger Crash, Arsenal Barrage, Tactical Caliber, L-P Buster, Crash Intrude, Voltekka, Omnidirectional Super Voltekka, The Real Megabuster, Dead Rising, Zombie Charge, Big Bad, Explosion, Condor Magnum, Bird Missile Strike, Science Ninpo: Tornado Fighter, Sogenmu, Rekkoha, Dark Hold, Super Passion, Omotchama's Roll, This Week's Suprise Robots. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars - Nintendo Wii
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Guns: The Open Carry Controversy
The fight over the right to bear arms in public gets even more heated.
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How To invoke your rights with The Police
This video shows how the police have no concept of your rights or your civil rights under the constitution.This is an excellent example of how to invoke your rights when confronted by the police. Rights that you do not use or are unaware of, do not exist. Protecting your rights is never the job of the police, only you can claim what is yours. This cop has no concept of the 1st, 2nd or 4th amendments. Notice how the intended victim invokes his rights not to identify himself and to carry a gun, which stymies the cop sending him back to his car with his tail between his legs. The people in this video are exercising their rights to Freedom of, expression, religion (This was an abortion clinic), to peaceably assemble, to bear arms, to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects. And the right not to be deprived of their life, liberty, or property, and the right to stand up to tyranny. You also have the right to observe the government, its employees and agents. There is no enforceable law against videoing the police and your interactions with them. There is nothing more American than what you see in this video. I wish I had been there. Folks, we live in dangerous times, a government that does not trust its citizens to bear arms, is a government not to be trusted by its citizens. The right to keep and bear arms should be of great importance to all Americans , if we are to remain a free country we MUST NOT let this right be taken from us Please keep your comments limited to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I, The Dancerooster, am not in the video, so don't waste you time attacking me. Remember, freedom isn't free, and no cop is going to protect it for you, that's your job, so flex your rights. The department of justice has announced that people have the right under the constitution to video police in the performance of their duties. Any officer that arrests a citizen for taping will be charged with false arrest & violating the 1st, 4th, & 14th amendments. Any officer that confiscates a phone or camera will be charged with theft, and video erasure carries the additional charge of obstruction of Justice & destroying evidence. And cops are no longer immune to personal law suites filed by victims. Sharp v. Baltimore Police Department. 12 states are now dropping their concealed weapons permit requirements. Four states — Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming — already allow residents to carry without a permit. "Our viewpoint is, a good person will always be a good person." "They don't need a license to be a good person." States dropping their requirement to have a concealed weapons permit include, Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virgina.
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Message to Mexico concerning the deaths of it's citizens by our border patrol
I think it's appaling the way the mexican government has been using the deaths of it's own citizens lately to try and brow beat our country into subission over the issue of illegal immigration ... There have been two deaths recently , the first involved a man who was escorted to the mexican border by our patrol officers after having been appreheded trying to enter our country illegally , after being procssed and then uncuffed to be let go at the border , he immidately became aggressive with the officers forcing them to pull out a taser in order to subdue him... he then went into a state of shock or some other form of complcation due to the stun gun and had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment where after our people most likely spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to keep him alive , he died a few days later.. The second event occurred in texas down by the rio grand in an industial section ... Two border patrol agents on bike came upon a group of inviduals trying to enter illegally into our country , they then proceeded to appreaend the men , the majority of whom fled back across the border into mexico with one man having been caught ... While our patrol offiers were in the proccess of preparing him for transport they then came under fire from the group that had just manged to evade capture by running back across the border ... The group began throwing large rocks and bricks at the officers as they attempted to do their jobs , one of the officers ordered the group to stop throwing rocks , when those commands were ingnored he then unhosltered his weapon and employed deadly force to protect his life and the life of the apprehened suspect ... The result was that a 15 year old mexican national was killed .. Mexcio has tried desperately to play up these two events , and it's become standard policy along the border to make any event that could reflect negativly on the mexican government and people appear to be the result of over zeous border agents ... in the texas incident It's been reported that "Shortly after the boy was shot, Mexican soldiers arrived at the scene and pointed their guns at the Border Patrol agents across the riverbank while bystanders screamed insults and hurled rocks and firecrackers, FBI spokeswoman Andrea Simmons said. She said the agents were forced to withdraw." After which mexican policethen crossed over to the US side which they are strictly prohbited from doing so , picked up a spent cartage from the crime scene , then walked backed over to the other half of the crime secne , to place the spent shell in mexican terroitroy next to the dead boy to make it seem as if the officer had crossed into mexico which our border patrol are expressely prohibited from doing so , and then excauted him at close rage ... Unfortunately for mexico , this was captured on camera ... It's absolutely sickening that a neigbhor who is suppose to be an ally is starting to resort to these types of progrganda games in order to infulence internal american perception which in turn influnecs our nations policies . At this point I'm even feeling sorry for mexico's pathetic attemps to paint our border patrol agents in a negative light considering that it's now become public knowledge that the dead boy was on a "most wanted" list of juvenile smugglers compiled by U.S. authorities in the El Paso area and had been charged with alien smuggling in 2009 Mexico's misplaced outrage over the deaths of these indviduals whom in both instances are responsible for what befell them rings hollow when compared to the murders caused by countless illegal immigrants within the untied states against our nations people , or even when compared to the drug war and crime that Is ragging against mexican citizens in their own homeland .. What's next mexico will you have your citizens stand next to the border with their newborn children waiting for a border patrol vehical to speed by so you can chuck your kids over in order to later claim that border patrol is running down new borns? I have to wonder , will the other rock throwers detained by the mexican police in their investigatiog be punished for their assult upon us border agents ? I highly doubt it ... Mr calderon is proably too busy condeming our nation to notice what's actually going on ... and I quote him now ""A death with that degree of violence is a truly unacceptable violation," Arizona immigration law "opens a Pandora's box of the worst abuses in the history of humanity." Sir your talent for exaugeration and mistruths are truly world class .... But on behalf of all amerincans I must say to you .... No dice .
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CA open carry UOC Unloaded Open Carry
In CA we have a unique chalenge to open carry. The gun has to be UNLOADED!!! This is my setup and how I stay legal. Always look up LAWS for yourself. CA law can be found at http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html On the above site select Penal Code and search 12026.1 12025. (a) A person is guilty of carrying a concealed firearm when he or she does any of the following: (1) Carries concealed within any vehicle which is under his or her control or direction any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person. (2) Carries concealed upon his or her person any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person. 12026.1. (a) Section 12025 shall not be construed to prohibit any citizen of the United States over the age of 18 years who resides or is temporarily within this state, and who is not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a firearm, from transporting or carrying any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person, provided that the following applies to the firearm: (1) The firearm is within a motor vehicle and it is locked in the vehicle's trunk or in a locked container in the vehicle other than the utility or glove compartment. (2) The firearm is carried by the person directly to or from any motor vehicle for any lawful purpose and, while carrying the firearm, the firearm is contained within a locked container. (b) The provisions of this section do not prohibit or limit the otherwise lawful carrying or transportation of any pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person in accordance with this chapter. (c) As used in this section, "locked container" means a secure container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock, combination lock, or similar locking device.
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End The FED protester harassed for legal open carry.
One of the protester at the End The FED Rally Philadelphia getting harassed for openly carrying his weapon. It would seem that this cop would do good to actually read the law. 18 Pa.C.S. § 6108: Carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia No person shall carry a firearm, rifle or shotgun at any time upon the public streets or upon any public property in a city of the first class unless: (1) such person is licensed to carry a firearm; or (2) such person is exempt from licensing under section 6106(b) of this title (relating to firearms not to be carried without a license). Taken from, http://www.pafoa.org/law/carrying-firearms/open-carry
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I made this video to show the ignorance of some people and police. I open carried an AK47 type rifle threw town and was stopped by the ignorant police here. Open carry is legal in my state. This wasn't the first time I had done this either. I had done it many times. I regularly open carry an AK when I walk to meet my wife at her work. This was just the first time I was stopped, and the last. I hope you guys like this video. I DARE you to do your own research of your own state to see if open carry is legal in your state and then I DARE you to open carry. It is your right. If you don't use your rights, you will lose them. The Government sees it this way: If you don't exersize your rights that means you don't want them. And the Government has spent a lot of time making everyone assume that guns are "illegal or illegal to openly carry". This is not true. Don't let them take our right to bare arms. Because the next right they take will be freedom of speach. Then it's to late and they will have won. And you will be a slave. Don't continue the ignorance. Please leave comments as long as they're cunstructive. Please subscribe to see my new videos. More videos to come. Thank you all for watching.
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Two people illegally detained  in Newark Ohio for Open Carry
One in cuffs & up against Ford explorer, myself gun taken, forced to show ID or go to jail. All for legally open carrying in Newak Ohio.
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Open Carry Advocate Sues City Of Brookfield
A woman who was arrested after bringing a loaded gun to a Brookfield church is now suing the city.
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Midnight Brown - Gravyrobbers
Midnight Brown - Gravyrobbers We need it You know what were talking about We wanna put our lips up to that gravy spout And get crazy On a whole quart of that mean juice With the prices so high We cant afford to let loose Pull the ski masks down Because its time to go To this rich guys mansion Where the gravy flows Grapple hook at my side Ive got the lock picks Wed better hurry And I got the no gravy fits Weve got faces like cops Weve got Karate Chops 4 security gaurds that think they can stop us If we just stay quiet Well get the gravy without a fight Groundskeepers by day Gravyrobbers by night Our life of crime it knows no bounds Gotta get all that gravy stashed in this town If any of you try to get in our way, then Blam blam blam Is all I gotta say Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid In this line of work every jobs a close call Had to stun gun 3 kids at the shopping mall We stick to the shadows, dont even show our teeth And we lie in wait Just dreaming about the liquid beef my gravy tank's on "E" And Ive got the shakes Brought the EMP to shortout robot snakes Crawling all around the gravy pit But were gonna bust em up and take all of it Suck it up with the gravy vacuum that I brought Hide the rest in my stomach I need a lot The getaway was smooth Another victory But now its time to change clothes and cut some trees Our life of crime it knows no bounds Gotta get all that gravy stashed in this town If any of you try to get in our way, then Blam blam blam Is all I gotta say Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Another day, another fancy operation With the blueprints out, planning our infiltration The pathways set, the caper is planned The Fort Knox of gravy All the gravy in the land Anaheim, CA is our destination The official capital of the gravy nation I just want to drink from the gravy sluice But the real prize is kept inside the Spruce Goose Magic goose filled with the best youll ever taste Security sweep in 5 minutes! Weve got to make haste! Here they come! RUN! If they trap us in Theyll sew our mouths shut And dunk us in gin Our life of crime it knows no bounds Gotta get all that gravy stashed in this town If any of you try to get in our way, then Blam blam blam Is all I gotta say Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid Gotta get it Gotta gotta get gravy Gotta get it Gotta gotta get paid
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Resident Evil 5: Chapter 3-1 Part 2 (Professional / No Weapon Upgrade)
Lol skiped a big treasure that was in plan sight XD Playing through solo on Professonal difficulty with out upgrading any weapons, I'll only be using the weapons I pick up through out the main game and I am also getting all BSAA Emblems.
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Potato Cannon
Simple potato cannon made from PVC pipe and Coleman igniter. Runs off of hair spray.
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me getting hit good with a taser lol
funny stuff
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Point blank potato gun. Vs box
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Crazy Fan Gets Tasered by Chubby Security Guard
The security guards are awesome. The kid was almost awesome until he got tasered and became the reason the guards became awesome instead. http://dailyangry.com
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XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (Heckler & Koch )
The XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System.The XM25 is an airburst grenade launcher derived from the XM29 OICW. It fires 25 mm grenades that are set to explode in mid-air at or near the target. A laser rangefinder in the gun is used to determine the distance to the target. The user can manually adjust the detonating distance by up to three meters shorter or longer. The gun automatically transmits the detonating distance to the grenade in the firing chamber. The grenade tracks the distance it has traveled by the number of spiral rotations after it is fired.These features make the XM25 more effective than traditional grenade launchers at the task of hitting targets that are behind cover or dug into the ground. Cartridge 25 x 40 mm Effective range 500 m point, 1000 m area The system has been developed by Heckler & Koch and Alliant Techsystems, while the target acquisition/fire control is developed by L-3 IOS Brashear. The most recent deployment plans call for a purchase of 12,500 XM25s at a projected cost per weapon system of $25,000. According to US Army project manager for new weapons, COL Douglas Tamilio, the rounds for the XM25 will cost about $24 apiece. Alliant Techsystems has indicated that the rifle may later use bullets with smaller explosive charges which will stun opponents rather than killing them. Caliber: Low-velocity 25 x 40 mm grenade. Thermobaric Flechette Training High-explosive airbursting. Non-lethal Range: 500 m point, 1000 m area. Operation: Gas operated semi-automatic. System weight: 14 lbs (6.35 kg). Target acquisition/fire control (XM104). Weight: 2.54 lbs 4x thermal sight with zoom. 2x direct view optical sight. Ballistic computer. Digital compass. Laser rangefinder. Ammunition fuze setter. Environmental sensors. Program status April 2005 - First prototypes are delivered to the U.S. Army for field-testing. September 2005 - Test firing by regular troops at Grafenwöhr Training Area.
Ghetto spud gun contest 09 entry
Built with ghetto everyday materials. Too bad it sucks ass.
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Serpa Quick Disconnect System for californiaflash
This vid is in response to a question from californiaflash. This is more info about the BLACKHAWK Serpa quick disconnect system. I like and use this system for UOC (unloaded open carry) in CA. The biggest problem we face in CA when UOCing is GFSZ (gun free school zones). CA law states that 1,000 feet from any K-12 grade school is a GFSZ. If I carry at a store or park, to get there I WILL pass through one of these GFSZ. So I drive with the gun in a FULLY enclosed LOCKED case. Once at my place of carry the PADDLE part of the system is already on my waist. Open the case and attach the gun holster to my belt. I like this system because the gun is ALWAYS HOLSTERD. Let me know what you guys think. SUB if you like what I'm doing I WILL be doing more. Thanks !!!ryanburbridge!!!
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Group Educating People on Open Carry Law in Michigan
As Reported by ANDREA ISOM, Fox 2 Detroit STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - Gun activists are fighting for their right to bear arms out in the open for everyone to see. Some cities have passed or are looking to pass laws making it illegal to cary a gun openly, but Michigan law says it's okay. FOX 2's Andrea Isom has more on the debate and one group's mission to educate. ------ Michigan Open Carry is hosting a seminar so you can learn all there is to know about the Open Carry Law. http://www.miopencarry.org Look here http://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,1607,7-123-1591_3503_4654-10947--,00.html or http://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,1607,7-123-1591_3503_4654---,00.html are the Michigan State Police sites in which you can find out more information about open/concealed carry in Michigan.
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DIY High Voltage Supply (12V to 50KV)
A demo on a homemade CW multiplier that puts out close to 50,000Volts. It's built from scratch and can run on batteries. More info: http://www.pocketmagic.net/?p=1497
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Police: Student Shows Off Loaded Gun At School
The Lincoln High student faces several citations, police say.
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NEW high -tech saudi machine gun
it doesn't need bullets!!!
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Taser training
Taser training
hair spray potato gun
cool potato gun
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SSF4 Combo Challenge 01 : 700 Class - Gen
SSF4 introduced a multitude of new characters and new moves, making way for countless fresh combos. Challenge: Get within 50 points of killing any dummy character using a combo that wasn't possible in SF4. Rule #1: Start the opponent with 100% vitality and 0 stun. Rule #2: Obey gauge limits. (Set S.C. Gauge to Refilll but use only 4 stocks. If you plan on building enough meter to use 5 or more bars, set S.C. Gauge to Normal or Max Start so we can verify your method. Keep in mind that super meter charges slower during combos.) Rule #3: No duplicates. (Look through all existing submissions to make sure your idea hasn't already been recorded. Don't worry, if two people independently upload the same combo within hours of each other, i'll accept both.)
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AA-12 - Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Weapon Guide
Facebook: http://facebook.com/AhoyYT Twitter: http://twitter.com/xboxahoy The AA-12 is unlocked at level 18. It is fully automatic, the only such shotgun in the game. The AA-12, or the 'Auto Assault 12', was originally developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson in the United States. The version in game is a modern revision to Atchisson's original design, as produced in 2005 by Military Police Systems, Incorporated. The AA-12, like all the other shotguns, fires the common 12-gauge cartridge. Based on the number of pellets per shot fired, it's likely to be Double-Aught Buckshot. The iron sights are somewhat bulky, but given the limited range of the AA-12 you are unlikely to have any problems aiming. As is typical for the shotguns, the AA-12 is deadly up close, capable of killing in one-shot at point blank ranges. As the AA-12 is fully automatic, the range and damage inflicted is somewhat less than the slower-firing SPAS-12, but two or three shots is normally enough to kill anyone within effective range. The reduced range means you will have to get closer to your enemy to kill them, but there's little that can stop you once you're in range. The automatic fire means the first shot isn't as critical as it is with the SPAS, as if you hold down the trigger you can unleash a further 7 shots in just a couple of seconds. The AA-12 has a relatively small magazine, however - just 8 rounds - so if you waste all of them you will be vulnerable until you reload. The AA-12 works best in situations where you can get close to an enemy before they have a chance to fire upon you. Stopping Power isn't essential with this weapon, as if you're in range holding down the trigger will unleash a deadly hail of buckshot. The key is getting as close as possible - so for your red perk slot Lightweight is by far the best choice. Couple the AA-12 with an SMG for maximum mobility. If you plan on using the AA-12 quite often in a game, you might consider using Scavenger Pro to bolster your ammunition supply - without it you'll get a mere 16 shells - with Scavenger you'll get a more wholesome 32. Scavenger is also good for refilling your supply of grenades - I found Stun Grenades were essential for slowing down enemies so I could get close to them and unleash the AA-12. I found the underused Sit-Rep to be a great third perk to use, particularly in Free-for-All where Claymores seem to be very popular. In situations where you see the red silhouette, you can throw a stun grenade to disable the claymore for a short while - then enter the building and clear out the campers with ease. Throw a frag instead if you want to destroy the claymore, and eventually you'll unlock Sit-Rep pro, allowing you to hear enemies' footsteps more clearly. At close range, the only things capable of beating the AA-12 are other shotgun users and Commando. If you adopt an aggressive 'shotgun rush' tactic with Lightweight, you will often take even the most well-prepared camper by surprise. Be sure to use your stun grenades - particularly in open areas where you are vulnerable. Hit them with a stun while you're in cover, then quickly avoid their fire and flank them. While they're stunned they won't be able to turn quickly enough to avoid you. The AA-12 might lack the power or range of some of the shotguns, but the sheer amount of lead that can be fired on target makes this an awesome weapon. Once you learn the art of getting close to your enemies, and using stuns and cover to turn situations around to your favour, you will be very effective in close quarters. With extended mags and an aggressive style of play, the enemy team won't stand a chance.
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Open Carry Michigan
Open Carry Michigan Calendar of Events http://www.michiganopencarry.org/events A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
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see more at: http://produceyourgreenpower.com/ Rick continues to prove he is a very Frugal DIY guy
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Open Carry In Long Beach CA Details
This is a vid to hopefully add some info to the Open Carry in Long Beach vid I posted. This is my first vid of me just talking. I hope I remembered what i wanted to say. I was NOT arrested or cited for doing ANYTHING wrong. I WAS given my gun and ammo back before I left the scene. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?77489-UOC-4th-of-July.-Police-contact.-Me-in-cuffs. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?77835-Need-Help-In-Long-Beach-LBPD-ROUND-TWO Thanks for all of the support MegaGevehr!
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Weekend Project: Rok-Bak Chair
This recliner is very comfortable, easy and inexpensive to build, and can be assembled or disassembled in a few minutes. Get the PDF for this project here: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/05/weekend_project_rok-bak_chair_pdf.html Subscribe to Make Magazine:http://bit.ly/cFWdpO For more great projects: http://www.makezine.com
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Lansing Ponderosa Encounter - Raw footage Police detaining and trying to illegally obtain ID's Pt 2
A simple open carry event was ruined when a force of 20 or so Lansing police show up and have no idea what to do. They blocked the entrance of the Ponderosa for what? To greet open carriers is what it looks like. Then it's followed by them trying to illegally obtain ID's and CPL's of open carriers. After a 15-20 minute detention with no purpose they let everyone leave. We've received information that the police illegal ran open carriers information through LIEN and took an online picture of open carriers to distribute as "persons of interest". Sounds like Obama administration at work.
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Home Defense Tips: Non-Lethal Weapons
http://www.homedefensetips.com Dave Young of Arma Training gives a series of home defense tips in order to keep your family safe. If you are concerned about house safety, these tips are for you.
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Intermediate Stripgenerator Tutorial:  Simple Pistol
Everyone enjoys guns... and what's better than being able to create your own simple handgun for yourself. With this tutorial, you'll be able to create a plan ol' pistol that you can tweak and adjust for your needs and wants. This might seem intimidating to create, but this pistol is really simple and easy to make if you watch the tutorial. If the tutorial is going fast for you, pause it and rewind as needed. Also, if you can, please donate to help me get my computers fixed (they work, but are full of viruses) and to get stuff to make my videos better. Thanks for any donations. http://bit.ly/SnakeYukinDonation If that doesn't work then try the download link at (it's in the left column): http://snakeyukin.skiegames.com/ If you would like to recommend a tutorial for me to do, simply drop a line here or leave a comment. Also, if you need help on something, don't be afraid to bug me here or over on Stripgenerator. My SG Account Page: http://snakeyukin.stripgenerator.com/ To keep up with new tutorials and tips by me, as well as any other video I decide to do, simply press that little subscribe button. It only takes one click. Also, you can keep up with me on twitter @SnakeYukin.
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how to make a Pistol a Shotgun
dont buy a Shotgun there not worth it !!!!!!!!!!!
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