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Reducing Home Allergies
Redesign Tips for Reducing Allergies in Your Home - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I'm Mary Bokovoy, owner of Hood River reDesign, and there are some simple things that you can do in your home design that will really lower your risk of allergies and improve the overall health for your family. The first is taking a look at your windows. Are they new and really well insulated, and you can easily close them completely. In the older homes, that becomes quiet difficult and are really drafty. What that does, obviously, is it just allows, you know, outdoor pollutants and some allergens to easily come, you know, into your space. So you really want to look into the investment, which of course, you're going to really get back when you're going to sell your home that you have upgraded, and then obviously you're going to save a lot of money, as well, with your heating and cooling cost. Second, when you go to look at your flooring options in your home, you want to, again, look at replacing any carpet you have, you might really want to look into replacing it with hard woods, tile or concrete. A hard surface is going to hold pollutants a lot less than a carpet would, obviously. So that is a really wise choice to look into. And lastly when looking at furnishings, you want to focus on leather or faux leather choices versus an upholstery choice, because, once again, with a faux leather situation, you can just wipe things clear versus with the fabric, it will hold allergens much more tightly. And so with those 3 tips I think that your home will be much cleaner and safer for your family.
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Vacuum Decorative Chips
Prior to applying the clear coat, it is critical to remove all decorative chips that have not adhered to the epoxy base coat to insure that you the clear can be rolled on top of the chips.
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