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Hopi-Kaibab National Forest Springs Restoration Project
Hopi-Kaibab National Forest Springs Restoration Project Description: The video documents ongoing partnership between the Kaibab National Forest and the Hopi Tribe to conduct restoration treatments on natural springs while outreaching and training Hopi youth. Through this partnership, Hopi tribal elders share traditional ecological knowledge to be integrated into Forest Service natural resource management plans.
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Deschutes National Forest Wilderness areas: Yours to enjoy, Yours to protect
A video showcasing the uniqueness and stewardship of Deschutes National Forest Wilderness areas Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak and Three Sisters.
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Land Use Planning to Support Economic Development
Watch the full course: https://courses.planetizen.com/course/planning-economic-development This course provides a general understanding of macro-level socio-economic trends, along with related business and industry trends, likely to influence economic development plans and associated land use policies over the next 20 years. By the end of this course, you will understand how land-use policies (e.g., comprehensive and master plans) can further or hinder economic development activity, why it's more important to focus on regional and national trends rather than local trends, and how land-use policies not grounded in local and regional market reality will, eventually, undermine the fiscal and economic climate of a locality.
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EU LIFE+ „River landscape Enns“ - Documentation long version
The LIFE+ “River Landscape Enns” project area extends over two groups of implementation measures along the River Enns from Öblarn to Admont. The following 8 measures were implemented in the project: • Reconnection of two old meanders to the River Enns • Four widenings of the river bed • Revitalisation of the mouth sections of two tributary streams to make them accessible to aquatic species once again In addition, these measures made it possible to secure local stands of existing, valuable alluvial forests, create areas in which new alluvial forests can develop and to create riparian ponds. Along extended sections the bank reinforcements were removed in order to once again offer the River Enns the chance to develop dynamically. Infobox project data: Project area: Styria, district of Liezen Project budget: 2,863,102 € EU share: 50% Project duration: January 2011 – December 2015 The national share of funding is carried with 70% by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management along with 30% from interested parties (environmental ombudswoman, Verbund Hydro Power).
Welcome to the Forest Service New Employee Orientation: Earnings & Leave and SF-50
Overview of the Earning & Leave Statement and the Standard Form 50 Notification of Personnel Action.
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Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
This video is part of the Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies Web site and resource library: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/essentials.cfm The Federal-aid Essentials Web site contains a resource library of informational videos and related materials. Readily accessible and available when you need an answer, each video addresses a single topic presented in everyday language-condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples. This Web site allows you to indicate areas of interest and receive alerts when material that matches your interests becomes available. You also can give feedback that will help FHWA continue to provide useful assistance.
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Climbing Mt. Hood - Key Points to Know Before the Climb
This video gives some great tips and advice for anybody interesting attempting to climb Mt. Hood. Learn about some of the most critical things you need to know to stay safe and have an enjoyable time climbing and where you can go to get more information. Check out Mt. Hood National Forest's website for more information: www.fs.usda.gov/mthood.
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Gaviota Coast: SoCal's Celebrated Rural Shoreline
The Gaviota Coast features one of the most coveted shorelines in the state. It is Southern California's largest stretch of undeveloped coastline, containing approximately 50 percent of its remaining rural shores. Located in Santa Barbara County, this 76-mile swath of pristine beaches and idyllic landscapes passes through National Forest lands and five state and county parks. Recreational opportunities abound on the Gaviota Coast, which is why the California Coastal Trail plays such an integral role in the region's future. "The California Coastal Trail has been a complete success as a planning tool to increase coastal access," remarks environmental advocate and author John McKinney. With plans to expand the trail, it is hoped that the Gaviota Coast will become more accessible to the public, contributing to a greater experience of this tranquil strand.
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Gold Prospecting Nelson Creek and Walk.
www.patreon.com/user?u=4325309 Nelson Creek has a number of short walks to choose from, including the wheelchair accessible Colls Dam Walk. To find the starting point for the walks, walk through an old hand picked tunnel and cross the Nelson Creek suspension bridge. Callaghans Track Time to the lookout: 30 min, one way Distance: 1.3 km, one way Time to Prices Creek Road: 45 min, one way Distance: 2 km, one way This easy to moderate track climbs steadily to a mossy knoll lookout point where you get a view into the bush clad valleys on either side of the ridge. On the way to the lookout point the track crosses a couple of deep tail races and a large water race as well as passing through regenerating beech. As the track climbs the forest is mostly podocarp/hardwood with rimu, miro, rata, quintinia and kamahi being the most common species. After the lookout point, the track levels out and eventually links with Prices Creek Road- a forestry road. Return by the same route. Tailrace Walk Time: 20 min return Distance: 900 m This short walk crosses a number of impressive tailraces. Old gold workings are also visible throughout the red and silver beech which are the dominant tree species. Colls Dam Walk This walk has wheelchair access Time: 40 min loop track Distance: 1.1 km This high quality walk must be started from Gows Creek carpark if you wish to get wheelchair access. The walk takes in some good examples of tailraces and tailings as well as providing a pleasant lookout point above the historic Colls Dam. Getting there From Greymouth follow SH7 about 25 km north to Ngahere. Turn right at the Ngahere-Kopara Road and carry on to the Nelson Creek Settlement. The turn off to access the picnic, camping area and walks is opposite Nelson Creek Hotel. Nature and conservation The forest in the Nelson Creek area, which is predominantly beech, is now regenerating. It was felled in the past to provide fuel and timber for huts, fluming and other mining structures, and was used in farming to a small degree. Red and silver beech can be seen on the lower slopes and hard beech on the higher slopes. Tailings The Nelson Creek area is formed from layers of sandstone overlaid by glacial outwash gravels. Gold was concentrated in trough-like hollows on the surface of the sandstone. Ground sluicing was the main method of working the gold. Sluicing needed a good supply of water which was directed over the working face, washing the gravels out. Large rocks were lifted aside and stacked as tailings, while the smaller material was washed down tailraces containing riffle boxes to 'save' the gold. Tailraces were also essential to remove excess water from the working area. History and culture Nelson Creek has had a varied goldmining history of success and decline from its beginnings in 1865, when it was rushed as a shallow creek working, which yielded shotty course gold. Some areas were rich in gold but finds were patchy. At the height of the rush over 1200 miners were scattered throughout Try Again Terrace downstream from Nelson Creek, but numbers fell almost immediately, once the productive ground was worked out. Nelson Creek suspension bridge The suspension bridge crossing Nelson Creek is a historic bridge. It was originally built in 1872 and has been rebuilt a couple of times, most recently by the New Zealand Forest Service in 1982 using the original plans. Know before you go You should wear comfortable footwear and take wet weather clothes as the West Coast is known for sudden changes in weather. Wasps will be present through out this area in summer. Take care off formed tracks as shafts and tunnels are scattered throughout the area.
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PUBLIC LAND TRANSFER - Colorado Example of "state transfer" (Episode 6 of 15)
Stealing your public lands is an idea disguised under the concept of "State Transfer." No state has more restrictive access and recreation laws than the state of Colorado. This video shows how 23 million acres of currently accessible Federal lands would be off limits in Colorado under the foolish notion of "State Transfer." In effect, State Transfer in Colorado steals from you, the American Citizens, access you currently enjoy to the 23,000,000 acres of Federal lands you currently use for recreation in Colorado. ** Subscribe to Randy Newberg, Hunter https://goo.gl/4TZOiJ Download episodes: http://randynewberg.vhx.tv/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/randynewberg Forum: https://www.HuntTalk.com Website: http://www.RandyNewberg.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/randynewberg
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How to Grow a Vegetable Garden without Fertilizer & Soil Amendments
John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to the home of Tino in Houston, Texas who grows the Big Fat Greek Vegetable Garden. You will discover how Tino grows food without adding any fertilizer or Soil Amendments. In this episode, John will take you on a tour of Tino's front yard garden and show you may of Tino's techniques that allow him to grow on the free and cheap. Tino is a unique gardener that does not believe in many commonly accepted practices in the garden, and instead, comes up with his own gardening style. You will learn the two ways that Tino starts his seeds to grow into full-size vegetable plants. You will discover how Tino grows the most food in the least amount of space. You will learn how Tino makes sure his plants are strong and seek out their own water and nutrients. You will discover one of the best time-saving tips for transplanting seedlings that can save you time. You will also discover how you can use 100% straight compost to grow your seedlings instead of a sterile seed-starting mixture. You will also learn how some common vegetables at the store can be used to grow your garden. You will discover how to best start seedlings in trays. You will learn how Tino is re-using an old ice machine to make a one-of-a-kind composter. You are sure to learn many other gardening tips and tricks that can save you time and ensure you have a healthier and more productive garden. Finally, John will interview Tino at the end of this episode and ask him a few questions: 0:44:44 Why are you growing all this food here? 0:45:29 Why is it so important to communicate to your plants? 0:48:23 Why do you only minimally water and let plants fend for themselves? 0:50:42 What don't you add compost and worm castings to your garden? 0:54:30 Why don't you believe in using rock dust in your garden? 0:57:37 What are your thoughts on chemical fertilizers? 1:00:15 How can someone get ahold of you to buy vegetables or plant starts? After watching this episode, you will learn more about how to garden without soil amendments and fertilizer. You will also learn many helpful gardening tips including how to start seeds. Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=growingyourgreens Follow John on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/growingyourgreens/ Watch all 1200+ Episodes from GrowingYourGreens at https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens/videos Buy Rare and Unique Seeds that John Grew http://growingyourgreens.ecwid.com Contact Tino by Calling him at 281-808-0623
DrupalCon New Orleans 2016: Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8
Creating an accessible web experience improves SEO, usability, and increases the size of your market by opening it up to the vast number of humans in the United States who have restraints on their ability to interact with web content. What if there were economical ways of creating an accessible site? Spend an hour with us, and we will walk you through the benefits and challenges of accessibility. We’ll help you understand the latest best practices for planning, implementing, and reviewing your site for accessibility. Most of all, we’re going to provide you with a playbook full of guardrails to easily maximize the accessibility of your Drupal 8 site website. We want to make accessibility easy because it is too important to ignore. Take-aways Strategies for making the case to “go accessible.” Experience websites through a screen-reader on a non-compliant, as well as a compliant website. Learn a time and budget-saving method for creating closed captions in video content. “Out of the Box” Accessibility features of Drupal 8. Accessibility Playbook on how to ‘keep the guardrails up’ and continue to make your site’s theme accessible.
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Designing and Building Sustainable Homes That Make Life Easier  A look inside the Universal Design L
Take a behind-the-scenes look from design, to construction, to post-occupancy, of the Universal Design Living Laboratory, the national demonstration home and garden in Columbus, Ohio. This spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Prairie Style home is unlike any you’ve seen. Clever design features and meticulous detailing make this home convenient, accessible, functional, peaceful and safe for everyone during every stage of life — regardless of age, size, or physical ability. This high performance custom home showcases asked for, forward thinking features, such as universal design, green and healthy construction principles. You will learn about these benefits, and more, during a virtual tour of the home. The Universal Design Living Laboratory is the top rated universal design home in North America earning three national certifications that include, Home Innovations Lab NGBS Gold, Zero Step Gold and pending LEED for Homes. Lessons Learned •Incorporate universal design features into residential housing. •Recognize universal design features in the kitchen, bath wardrobe/laundry, and entrance that provide for accessibility, independence, safety and comfort. •Recognize problems in existing homes that limits accessibility and provide solutions to improve accessibility. •Understand how GreenBuilding and Remodeling go hand in hand with Universal Design & Accessibility Continuing Education Units (CEUS) 1 Hour in •1 GBCI (LEED H Specific Pending) •1 AIA – LU|HSW •1 NARI Green •NGBS •State License may apply To get CEUS go to our webpage and take a quiz https://greenhomeinstitute.org/portfolio-item/most-accessible-home-in-the-country/
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Top 10 places in the world you must visit before you die
These video contains Top 10 List of Honeymoon places ... The world is home to numerous amazing places that many of us are missing out on. We count down the top 10 places you should visit in the world before you die! These places are:- 10. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 9. Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon 8. Blue Lagoon, Iceland 5. Cinque Terre, Italy\ .Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon Blue Lagoon, Iceland Cinque Terre, Italy etc. Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit before you die Whitehaven Beach – Australia top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Whitehaven Beach is known for its white sands. The Beach is a 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island. The island is accessible by boat from the mainland tourist ports of Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour, as well as Hamilton Island. The Beach was named the top Eco Friendly Beach in the world by CNN.com. Dogs are not permitted on the beach and cigarette smoking is prohibited. Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii A fantastic lobby with waterfalls and pools greets visitors to this lush Kaanapali resort where the impressive scenery, friendly service, fabulous spa and awesome swimming pools are the highlights. The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka’anapali is located along a breathtaking stretch of the gorgeous, white-sand Ka’anapali Beach. The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye – Scotland The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye - Scotland If you are backpacking in Scotland generally or are planning a trip to the Isle of Skye then I heartily recommend that you visit the so-called Fairy Pools.The Fairy Pools is located in Cuillins Hills, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The Fairy Pools are a series of clear, cold pools and waterfalls formed as Allt Coir’ a’ Mhadaidh tumbles down from the foothills of the Black Cuillins into Glen Brittle. Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake – Chile Marble Caverns Azure temple, Lake General Carrera in Patagonia, Chile, A natural wonder that could be the world’s most beautiful cave network. An Azure Temple created by nature, the walls of this network of water-filled marble caverns show just how magnificent the precious geography of our planet can be. The Shahara Bridge – Yemen The Shahara Bridge - Yemen This bridge was constructed in 17th century to connect towns at the tops of mountains in the state of Yemen. Shahara Bridge built to fight against Turkish invaders. It’s a scary bridge and a popular tourist attraction. Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon National Park Havasu Falls - Grand Canyon National Park Havasu Falls is paradise on Earth. This is an absolutely amazingly beautiful waterfall located in a remote canyon of Arizona. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within the Havasupai Indian Reservation attract thousands of visitors each year. The Havasupai are intimately connected to the water and the land. This blue- green water is sacred to the Havasupai. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon – Iceland Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur is a canyon in south east Iceland which is up to 100 m deep and about 2 kilometres long, with the Fjaðrá river flowing through it. It is located near the Ring Road, not far from the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.The canyon was created by progressive erosion by flowing water from glaciers through the rocks and palagonite over millennia. Arang Kel, Neelum Valley – Kashmir, Pakistan Arang Kel, Neelum Valley - Kashmir, Pakistan A Breathtaking, Lush Green Village In Neelum Valley, Kashmir. Situated at the hill top near Kel, about 1500 feet ascend from River Neelam. It is also a village full of beautiful sceneries. It is a piece of utmost beauty, one can find in Kashmir. Visit Neelum Valley for Arang Kel, a worth visiting place. The Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland The Dark Hedges - Northern Ireland This beautiful avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century. The Dark Hedges is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland and a popular attraction for tourists from across the world. It was intended as a compelling landscape feature to impress visitors. Coast near Marsa Matruh – Egypt Coast near Marsa Matruh - Egypt Mersa Matruh is a major Egyptian tourist resort and serves as a getaway resort for Europeans as well as Cairenes eager to flee the capital in the sweltering summer months. It is served by Mersa Matruh Airport. The city is known for its white soft sands and calm transparent waters.
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Railroad Coordination and Certification Requirements
This video is part of the Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies Web site and resource library: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/essentials.cfm The Federal-aid Essentials Web site contains a resource library of informational videos and related materials. Readily accessible and available when you need an answer, each video addresses a single topic presented in everyday language-condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples. This Web site allows you to indicate areas of interest and receive alerts when material that matches your interests becomes available. You also can give feedback that will help FHWA continue to provide useful assistance.
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Big Bend Ranch State Park - Overnight Visit August 2016
This is my visit to Big Bend Ranch State Park, near Presidio, Texas. Rain and clouds ruined my star gazing plans, but it provided afternoon temperatures in the low 70’s, a rarity during this off season visit. The footage includes clips from the drive to the South Leyva Campground, my campsite, a short hike on the Cinco Tinajas Trail, and the drive back out of the park. The music from my car stereo only lasts the first few of minutes at the beginning of the video; no artist infringement intended. The South Leyva Campground is 28 miles (about 1.5 hours) from Highway 170 and about a mile from the Sauceda Headquarters. This campground features 11 sites with tables and shade and a centrally located primitive toilet. There is no water or electricity. It is located next to the main, grated dirt and gravel road and is easily accessible to most 2WD vehicles. Unless you are 4WD enabled, this is the only road into and out of the park. Big Bend Ranch State Park is extremely isolated and the perfect place to go to get away from it all. Besides the rangers at the headquarters, I only saw one other car; leaving as I was arriving. If you are able to camp primitively, the park can provide the opportunity to escape the crowds that can be found at Big Bend National Park. I tried to capture the feel of the scenery and what it can be like to visit this park, but the footage pales to the actual experience of being there. I suspect the best adventures in this park require 4WD access, but do not let that deter you from a visit, if you only have a 2WD option. Official information about the park can be found here, http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/big-bend-ranch
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The Most Accessible Home In The Country
Take a tour of the most accessible home in the country. Take a behind-the-scenes look from design, to construction, to post-occupancy, of the Universal Design Living Laboratory, the national demonstration home and garden in Columbus, Ohio. This spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Prairie Style home is unlike any you’ve seen. Clever design features and meticulous detailing make this home convenient, accessible, functional, peaceful and safe for everyone during every stage of life — regardless of age, size, or physical ability. This high performance custom home showcases asked for, forward thinking features, such as universal design, green and healthy construction principles. You will learn about these benefits, and more, during a virtual tour of the home. The Universal Design Living Laboratory is the top rated universal design home in North America earning three national certifications that include, Home Innovations Lab NGBS Gold, Zero Step Gold and pending LEED for Homes.
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Doctors Grow and Eat Plants for the Most Health Benefits
John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to visit his friends, Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. home, who he helped them build and start to grow their vegetable garden in 2010. In this episode, you will get the 6 year update on how their garden is growing, and what they are still growing this time of year. You will discover the Dina's favorite vegetable they grow that provides them year-round nutrient-dense food to eat year round that has been growing for 6 years.. You will discover how easy it is to propogate purple perennial tree collards by taking tip cuttings, and putting them in water until they root and then transplanting them into 4" pots. You will also discover why they started this year making their compost and how they can ensure it is ready sooner rather than later. Finally, John will interview Dr. Rick Dina, D.c. and ask him the following questions: 16:10 Why did you decide to start gardening and grow your own food? 17:40 Why are Tree Collards Greens so important? 19:14 Why should people grow and eat leafy greens? 23:10 Can you get enough protein from greens and other foods from your garden? 24:25 How can someone eat more greens in their diet? 28:25 Why is eating more plants important? 31:41 What dietary lifestyle do you recommend to people? 36:53 Tell me more about the upcoming free health summit you and your wife are having? 39:36 Any final tips for my viewers? 41:08 How can people get ahold of you for nutritional consulting? Previous Episodes Filmed at the Home of Doctors Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.: Part 1 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Planning, Site Selection, Layout, Placement (from 2010) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2WGtYxAEdo Part 2 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Shopping, Preparation, Supplies and Irrigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoWJH-E8mpk Part 3 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Irrigation from Sprinklers to Drip System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJvrwzTcwew Part 4 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Pressure Test, Post Holes and Concrete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwex0pWtNjU Part 5 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Sides, Gophers Protection, Sheet Mulch and Filling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00yIILtZKfg Part 6 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Drip Irrigation Install 1/2" PVC to Drip Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p16T_jr-XXs Part 7 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Drip Emitter Install and Final Testing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgZRp7942G8 Update from Dr. Rick and Dr Karin's Garden in late 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xo0A5FOeiM Update from Dr. Rick and Dr. Karins Garden in Earyl 2011: Aphids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wYRxDDKOE8 Update after 1 year in their Garden May 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8A4g07dXqk Subscribe to GrowingYourGreen for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=growingyourgreens Follow John on Instagram for More Pictures from the Garden: https://www.instagram.com/growingyourgreens/ Register to get free access to the Raw for Life Health Summit at: http://rawforlifesummit.com/JKohler Learn more about and contact Drs. Rick and Karin Dina at: http://www.rawfoodeducation.com http://www.rawfoodconsulting.com
2017 Newmar Canyon Star Gas Motor Coach
Canyon Star is different. Different because it’s a gas–engine coach that provides you with “diesel pusher” luxury. And different because it embodies the most versatile motor coach in its class. Canyon Star offers nine (9) distinctive floor plans, which include wheelchair-accessible, toy hauler and “Utility Shed” layouts. Flexsteel® Ultralux furniture comes standard, beginning with power captain’s chairs and a passenger workstation with footrest. For 2017, Canyon Star is led by an all-new two-bunk, two-full-bath floor plan (3925) designed to help you and yours enjoy all that the good life has to offer. Newmar builds luxury RVs and motorhomes. Explore all of our models and find the best coach for your needs today. www.newmarcorp.com
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waterfall in the forest.
waterfall in the forest. Get acquainted with the hypnotizing natural phenomenon of waterfalls in Arkansas graciously provided by Mother Nature herself. Some of the most incredible natural waterfalls in Arkansas can be found in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountain ranges, which cover approximately two-thirds of The Natural State. REMEMBER: Waterfalls are at their scenic best during rainy phases. They may not be quite as splashy during the summer months, so if you’re planning a photo shoot of a waterfall running full out, the wetter spring and winter months are best. A word of caution: some of these beautiful waterfalls are located in fairly remote areas of Arkansas. They require some travel on trails that may be difficult to reach–some physical stamina may be required. We've done our best to classify the falls as to their ease of accessibility. Read on to learn more about Arkansas’s most stunning waterfalls and add some of them to your next outdoor itinerary.Waterfall Glen’s 773-acre Bluff Savanna, which roughly covers the southern part of the preserve between Argonne National Laboratory and the Des Plaines River. Waterfall Glen is one of highest ranked conservation areas in the county,it contains 422 native plant species, including one state threatened and 36 of special concern. Individual black and white oaks, shagbark and bitternut hickories, and black walnuts range from 180- to 215-years-old. With Waterfall Glen having older trees and being wooded birds like pileated woodpeckers, scarlet tanagers, ovenbirds, wood thrushes, broad-winged hawks, and barred owls, are attracted to the area and some species breed there. Ephemeral ponds make the savanna an essential habitat for salamanders and frogs.
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The New Dust Bowl - TechKnow
On this episode of "TechKnow," Phil Torres and Shini Somara head out West to see how the drought is impacting the state of California. Phil teams up with scientists at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory who are using satellites and airborne flying laborators to track and measure the amount of available water in the Sierra Nevada snow pack. The goal is to give water managers an accurate assessment of much water they can expect to come from the mountain region during California's ongoing drought On the ground, Shini Somara ventures to the Central Valley to explore a new technology: solar desalination. A start-up company called Water FX is using solar thermal troughs to provide freshwater to farmers. For more TechKnow: http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/techknow.html
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Joseph Prince - Experience Victory Over Sexual Immorality (Full Sermon) 23-Aug-2015
Get wisdom on and find freedom in this one area that has many trapped in a cycle of defeat and addiction. In this illuminating and powerful message by Joseph Prince, understand how sexual immorality begins, takes root, and can tear a person and relationships apart. See how God’s grace is available to you in the midst of your struggles and be anchored in the gospel truths that are key to lasting victory over lust and sexual sins. Hear this liberating message and receive power to break free from bondage and step into God’s best for your body, mind, marriage, and ministry! Get the full message at: JosephPrince.com - http://bit.ly/1hed55u Find us at: http://www.facebook.com/josephprince https://twitter.com/JosephPrince Closed Captions available in the following languages French Joseph Prince – Triomphe de l’Immoralité sexuelle (Sermon intégral) – 23 août 2015
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City Of Gold Mine, Bodie Ghost Town
City Of Gold Mine, Bodie Ghost Town. Bodie Ghost Town State Historic Park is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town. Visitors can walk down the deserted streets of a town that once had a population of nearly 10,000 people. The town is named for Waterman S. Body (William Bodey), who had discovered small amounts of gold in hills north of Mono Lake. In 1875, a mine cave-in revealed pay dirt, which led to purchase of the mine by the Standard Company in 1877. People flocked to Bodie and transformed it from a town of a few dozen to a boomtown. Only a small part of the town survives, preserved in a state of "arrested decay." Interiors remain as they were left and stocked with goods. Designated as a National Historic Site and a State Historic Park in 1962, the remains of Bodie are being preserved in a state of "arrested decay". Today this once thriving mining camp is visited by tourists, howling winds and an occasional ghost. Bodie is a ghost town. Today it looks much the same as it did over 50 years ago when the last residents left. To preserve the ghost town atmosphere, there are no commercial facilities at Bodie, such as food or gasoline. There is a bookstore inside the museum where you may also inquire about daily tours. Restrooms (flush toilets) are located at the parking lot and the picnic area. Souvenirs and Collecting Everything in Bodie is part of the historic scene and is fully protected. NOTHING may be collected or removed from the park. Metal detectors are not allowed. Closed Areas For public protection, certain unstable sections of the park are posted as prohibited areas, and are closed to entry by park visitors. Camping There is no camping at Bodie. Contact U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management offices for nearby camping information. Winter Visits Bodie is open all year. However, because of the high elevation (8375 feet), it is accessible only by skis, snowshoes or snowmobiles during winter months. Snowmobiles must stay on designated roads in the Bodie Hills. Winter weather is often unpredictable. Sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and white-out conditions are common. Many four wheel drive vehicles with chains get stuck each year in powdery snow. In Spring, mud can be a problem. Local towing services, when available, can be costly.
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Klondike Alaska: A Rail History
For most people, railroads in Alaska and the Yukon are synonymous with the Alaska Railroad and the White Pass and Yukon Railroad whose passenger cars provide tourists with vistas of awe-inspiring terrain. That same terrain provided enormous challenges for early settlers of both territories. Railroads were an integral part of overcoming those challenges. Dozens of other railroads also laid track in Alaska, the Yukon, and northwest British Columbia and provided the means to transport supplies to settlements and to transport the region’s raw materials to outside markets. Klondike Alaska charts the history of many of those railroads. ©KUAC 2005 DVD's of this program are available for purchase at www.kuac.org.
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Robin Hill ‘Nesting’ Treehouse Development Accommodation – Hotel and Leisure Isle of Wight
The plan is to have the first phase of the development operational in early 2018. British luxury treehouse builder Blue Forest, the same firm responsible for the Quiet Treehouse and Eco-PERCH, recently unveiled its plan to construct a low-impact vacation home development in the UK. Dubbed Nesting, the project features bird nest-shaped treehouses that include energy-efficient lighting, heating, and insulation. Nesting is due to be located in Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight, and in addition to 22 bird nest-shaped treehouses, will also feature 28 timber lodges and 40 glamping tents. Each is designed with a view to minimizing the impact on the existing landscape. "The scale of the proposed buildings enables them to fit within the existing landscape, subservient to the existing and proposed mature trees and bushes," Blue Forest CEO Simon Payne. "The height at which the tree houses are set has been adjusted to suit the adjacent tree canopy levels, in order that they do not break to upper tree line. Their curved form also assist them to blend in with their natural setting." The design of the treehouses is inspired by the nest of the Weaver bird. They will be prefabricated using sustainably-sourced timber and clad in Western Red Cedar Shingle, which will age over time as it comes into contact with the elements. The treehouses will be elevated on stilts or supported on small concrete pads situated outside of root protection zones. With a view to reducing energy use, the treehouses will sport walls between 150 - 300 mm (6 - 11.8-in) thick and feature ample insulation. Lighting will come in the form of energy-efficient LED lighting and an air-source heat pump will be installed to warm the interior. While the interior plans of the treehouses have not been finalized, Payne that there will be two basic types. The smaller will be a double bed unit, while a larger version will sleep four. Both will feature an open plan lounge area and small balcony, en-suite bathroom and small tea/coffee area. A planning application was recently submitted and, all being well, Blue Forest hopes to have the first phase of the development operational in early 2018. East London-based architecture firm Tate Harmer is also working on the project. Source: http://www.blueforest.com
Costa Rica Adventure Tour, a Journey To Poas Volcano National Park
Costa Rica Adventure, a Journey To Poas Volcano National Park. Poás Volcano is one of the major attractions in the Central Valley region and one of the most visited national parks in all of Costa Rica. Poas Volcano – The Crater Poás volcano is a powerful symbol of the geothermal forces that formed Costa Rica. When the mist and clouds part you’ll see the sulfuric, bubbling, green rain fed lake at the bottom, surrounded by smoke and steam rising from fumaroles. Water from the lake is constantly seeping through cracks in the hot rock, evaporating and building pockets of steam. When the pressure in these pockets exceeds the weight of the water above, the steam breaks through in geysers that rocket up to 820 feet (250 meters) high. Don’t worry about getting a shower though, the crater is 1,050 feet (320 meters) deep. At almost a mile (1.6 km) across it’s also the largest active crater in the world. modern visitors center (wheelchair accessible) and small museum explains and interprets the geothermal and ecological attractions in the park. A cafe serves coffee and hot drinks—as much to wrap your hands around to warm them as anything else—sandwiches, and snacks. Poás is active, but don’t expect to see a full fledged eruption or even any lava flow here, the most recent period of eruptive activity ended in 1954. The last major activity was in 1910 when nearly a million tons of ash was ejected along with an immense column of smoke and steam.The volcano provides an excellent if extreme example of the effects of acid rain. Around the caldera, and for several miles downwind, the vegetation is stunted brown and black by the tainted moisture that precipitates from the omnipresent clouds near the peak. Hiking and Walking Trails Trails that lead through cloud forest stunted and twisted, not only by volcanic emissions but the rigors of the cold windy high altitude habitat. Lake Botos fills an extinct crater at the end of one trail, and is home to many cloud forest birds including hummingbirds, tanagers, flycatchers, toucanets, Costa Rica’s national bird the clay-colored robin, and the area’s most famous avian resident, the resplendent quetzal. The paved, level, 0.3 mile (0.5 km) crater overlook trail starts at the visitors center and takes about 15 minutes each way. There is a viewing platform surrounded by a short wall. The Botos trail, 0.9 miles (1.4 km) branches off the overlook trail just before the viewing platform and climbs gently to the lake. The 0.6 miles (1km) Escalonia cloud forest trail is an excellent route to see all of the birds that live in the park, and two of the endemic species—Poás squirrels, and escalonia trees easily identified by their unique pagoda shape. Poás is above the frost line, and temperatures below freezing are possible. Nearly constant winds and saturating humidity contribute to biting cold at the rim. When to Visit or see summary Poás clouds over well before noon year round and in the rainy season it may not clear off at all. The best time to visit is always early in the morning but you can use the drop down menu to see what the weather is likely to be like in the month you’re planning to travel. Quick Facts Poás Volcano National Park Poas Volcano National Park Location Poas Volcano National Park Location Protecting 5,600 hectares with elevations range from 2400 to 2708 meters (7874 to 8885 feet) Poás is a small but important park. You can find cloud forest and tropical rainforest-upland habitats within the boundaries. The story of conservation at Poás began in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the 1960’s. Mario Boza was a student when he visited the park in the United States and was so impressed that he developed a plan to manage the area around Poás Volcano in a similar way, presented it as his masters thesis, and pursued its implementation. How the plan was adopted as an integral part of the birth and development of the National Park system in Costa Rica is described in David Rains Wallace’s book, The Quetzal and the Macaw.
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Growing a Back To Eden Garden with Wood Chips
John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to his friends Paul's place who is growing an organic garden of eden in his backyard using wood chips. You will discover how Paul is using Wood Chips and Manure to build the soil and feed the plants instead of using chemical fertilizers. First, John will share neighboorhood homes and how most people simply do not value growing food. Next, John will give show you the front yard of Paul's place to show you the difference just a few fruit trees can make. You will also discover the pile of wood chips, and how this free fertilzer source can build your soil and feed your plants valuable nutrition that is desperately needed in the South Florida soil that lacks in organic matter. Next, John will give you a tour of the fruit trees, vining crops and vegetable garden that Paul is growing in his backyard. John will share one unique vining crop that produces highly pigmented, antioxidant rich fruits that are usually not eaten and grows like a weed in South Florida. John will then specifically share why Paul is growing certain fruit trees in certain areas and why Paul choose the trees he did. You will discover the irrigation system that Paul is using to water his trees instead of doing it himself. John will then share with Paul what he would do to take this garden to the next level, and further develop it into an even more bountiful and productive urban homestead. Finally, John will interview Paul where he will answer the following questions: 40:34 Start of Interview with Paul Nison 40:44 Why did you decide to grow your food? 42:13 How important is it to grow a garden for your family? 44:28 Why did you choose the specific fruit trees to grow? 47:18 How do you deal with Pests Organically in South Florida? 50:05 What about putting in a well for water for irrigation? 51:26 Have you sprayed you trees with anything? 53:40 Who really is behind your fruit tree orchard and garden? 54:44 How to Chickens and Goats fit into Homesteading? 55:56 How much Meat and Animal products are healthy? 59:51 Any last comments to my viewers? Related Links: Growing and Harvesting Ashitaba Seeds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgWs4Z4pMWI Growing the biggest Yacon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwMm30PFPcs Harvest 8 Pounds of Sunchokes in a 3 Gallon Pot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeiaHSg3f2o Seminole Pumpkins (Native to Florida) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tTC5Z3fHP8 Rare Heirloom Everglades Tomato https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxAi3CfD6rE Best liquid fertilizer to grow huge plants in your garden (Ocean Solution) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUlxbByK3yQ Edible Patio Condo Vegetable Garden Conversion (original episode with Paul) part 1 and part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p_R63sfdEQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKeLFnTwVxU Condo Patio Garden Update (How Paul's Garden Grew) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPwACu-4ty4 How to Use Your Waste to Make Fertilizer (Humanure at Paul's Place) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSwnXnKxyR0 Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=growingyourgreens Follow John on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/growingyourgreens/ Check out Paul on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Thehealthwatchman https://www.youtube.com/user/thedurianking http://www.healthwatchman.com/
Forest Service Christmas Tree Permits
Learn all about getting a Chrsitmas Tree permit with the US Forest Service on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest with Forester Lee Redmond,
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Full-time RV: When the Homeless Become the Homeless part 2
Still waiting like a toad on a log for my house car to get back to me.
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Blue Zones: How to live longer and happier lives w/ Dan Burden – #252
Dan Burden and Samantha Thomas come on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss the Blue Zones project, a project that focuses on enabling cities to develop strong, healthy communities and how they have already upgraded longevity across the country. Dan Burden, the Director of Innovation and Inspiration for Blue Zones, LLC, has focused his entire career on helping the world get back on its feet. Dan created the walking audit; a highly interactive way to help people see their community through a sharper, more people focused lens. This popular annual NPSG walking audit workshop is designed to help participants fine-tune their most engaging public interaction skills. Dan illustrates the benefits of sometimes-simple and oft-difficult changes, and provides a roadmap for people to create neighborhoods, streets and cities that are more healthy and better connected. Samantha helps communities—neighborhoods, towns and cities—become healthier, better connected, more accessible and age-friendly. Samantha has worked in over 100 cities, facilitating walkability, active-living and safe routes to school workshops and developing community-led action plans for communities. She brings to this effort a diversity of experience in community engagement, the power of neighborhood leadership, and civic co-creation from living and working in South Africa for a year, to two years as AmeriCorps volunteer with Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and the City of Saint Paul Office of the Mayor. Featured Blue Zones - https://www.bluezones.com/about-blue-zones/ Dan Burden - https://www.bluezones.com/speaking/dan-burden-speaking-2/ Blue zones book - http://geni.us/13iQ Blue Zones on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BlueZones Twitter – @Bluezones - https://twitter.com/BlueZones?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Resources: Champions of Change – White House - https://www.whitehouse.gov/champions/transportation-ladders-of-opportunity/dan-burden Vision zero - http://www.visionzeroinitiative.com/en/Concept/ Bicycle-friendly Copenhagen a model for big cities - http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/12/14/us-climate-copenhagenisation-idUSTRE5BD2GK20091214 Google driverless car - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_driverless_car Car2Go - https://www.car2go.com/en/ Donald Appleyard - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Appleyard THE CITIES OF THE FUTURE ARE PEOPLE-FRIENDLY CITIES - http://denmark.dk/en/green-living/bicycle-culture/the-cities-of-the-future-are-people-friendly-cities/ Walk score - https://www.walkscore.com/ Life radius - https://www.bluezones.com/services/our-approach/ Pogo Park - http://pogopark.org/ Dan Buettner - https://www.bluezones.com/speaking/dan-buettner/ Bulletproof: Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat - http://www.bulletproof.com/sleep-induction-mat?utm_source=sm&utm_medium=yt&utm_campaign=pod251&_ga=1.45856353.439717621.1428858013 Zen Tech Sleep Shield - http://www.bulletproof.com/zen-tech-iphone-61?utm_source=sm&utm_medium=yt&utm_campaign=pod251&_ga=1.45856353.439717621.1428858013 Bulletproof Coffee Shop - https://www.bulletproofexec.com/bulletproof-coffee-shop/ Bulletproof Conference - https://bulletproofconference.com/bp-conference-2015 Moldy Movie - https://moldymovie.com/index Bulletproof Diet Book - http://geni.us/bulletproofdietbook Free Bulletproof Diet Roadmap - https://www.bulletproofexec.com/the-complete-illustrated-one-page-bulletproof-diet/
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Lost! No Cell Service
Come with me and find Lost Creek! But go ahead and place your cell phone on travel mode, because there's no cell service where we're going! Most people have no idea that places like this are still accessible to the public, but they won't be for long. If you're looking for a place to explore east of the Mississippi that's still wild and untamed, this is the video for you. I'm telling you, this place is amazing! Lost Creek Recreation Area (Camp Ground) http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cherokee/null/recarea/?recid=35066&actid=29 Lost Creek Camp Ground Wild Flower Trail (This is not the trail I used for the hike but it’s a great trail) http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/regions/southern/LostCreek/index.shtml Lost Creek Camp Ground Google Earth https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lost+Creek+Recreation+Area/@35.1620041,-84.4690837,390m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x885e4dc59150276b:0x44a88c0b0ad44b48!8m2!3d35.1620199!4d-84.4688166 Open Field in Video https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lost+Creek+Recreation+Area/@35.1543075,-84.4348301,195m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x885e4dc59150276b:0x44a88c0b0ad44b48!8m2!3d35.1620199!4d-84.4688166 United States Government Publishing Office https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2007-04-13/pdf/07-1834.pdf
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First Lady Michelle Obama, Craig Robinson, and Michael Wilbon at 2016 Project Play Summit
First Lady Michelle Obama headlined the 2016 Project Play Summit in an intimate conversation with her brother, ESPN’s Craig Robinson. Michael Wilbon, co-host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption moderated. Three kids from South Side Chicago, all grown up, reflected on their childhood, parenting active children, and the importance of making sport affordable and accessible for all youth — regardless of zip code or ability.
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Basic Trail Maintenance VCC
This video is about Basic Trail Maintenance
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Dinosaur Valley State Park Campground Glen Rose Texas - 360VR Tour
The future is here. 360 VR Tour of Dinosaur Valley State Park Campground Glen Rose Texas Instructions on using the video: This is a 360 VR Tour meaning you can look all around the video, up, down, left, right. Simply use your mouse to click and grab the screen to look around. Youtube automatically loads the video in very low resolution. It is up to you to increase the quality by selecting the little gear icon at the bottom right of the video window (hover your cursor over the video and you will see it). If you are viewing this on a mobile device you will need to view it in the Youtube app to get the proper experience. If the video looks wobbly/ weird it means your browser needs to be updated. Dinosaur Valley State Park Campground in Glen Rose Texas offers partial hookup RV and primitive tent camping in a world famous location. Dinosaur Valley State Park is home to a collection of preserved dinosaur foot tracks in stone along the river. The park is also home to two giant dinosaur statues near the entrance gate. A popular state park the main camping loop is a paved spur off the park road with sites for tent and RV camping. Able to accommodate RVs up to about 40′ in length (site dependent) the campground is popular year round. In addition primitive hike-in tent camping sites are located along the numerous trails meandering throughout the park. Dinosaur Valley State Park trails are popular for mountain bikers, horseback riders and hikers. Scenic vistas, large waterfalls, and quiet creeks are all accessible by trails. Texas State Parks charge both a per site charge PLUS a per person entry fee. Dinosaur Valley State Park is a popular destination and charges a higher fee as a result. An annual pass can offset these fees for your camping group. Reservations can be made in advance. Check their calendar of events when planning your trip. The park does close occasionally for special events including hunting. The river through the park has a couple swimming holes for warm days. In addition anglers do not need a fishing permit to fish within the state park. Look where you're going with http://www.CampgroundViews.com Tour campgrounds and RV Parks around the US with thousands of videos, photos and written reviews. Subscribe to this Youtube Channel or join the club over at the website. Music Licensed from: MusicBakery.com and/ or PremiumBeat.com
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Todd Elsworth, Executive Director of Recreation Northwest
Todd was selected as the Grand Marshal of the 2016 Bellingham St. Patrick's Day Parade. Each year, the Bellingham St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee carefully selects a Grand Marshal to lead the parade down the streets of Downtown. The representative chosen exemplifies superior qualities of leadership, a strong dedication to our community and an overall positive attitude. Anyone who comes within 10 feet of Todd Elsworth can’t help but find themselves drawn to his charismatic personality and contagious positivity. Arriving in Bellingham in 2001, Todd wasted no time getting involved with non-profits, environmental stewardship and community outreach. In the last 15 years, Todd has become a well-known advocate for the trails and waterways that he loves. As the Executive Director of Recreation NW, brings decades of extensive event production and marketing experience. He has served on start-up boards, managed his own consulting business and worked for local and global non-profits. He brings an entrepreneurial approach and is known for developing innovative ideas and bringing the right people together to make it happen. His managerial experience helps lead the board and their fundraising efforts, complemented by his sales background in sponsor relations and development. From the outset, Todd Elsworth has been recognized for his approach and for raising the bar on sustainable event management and promoting racer stewardship. As an example, he has been a presenter on Sustainable Event Practices for the national organization, Council for Responsible Sport. He was also recognized in 2013 as one of “Ten Who Cared” in Whatcom County for the environmental stewardship focus of the Bellingham Traverse. Just last year, Todd worked with the FP Forest trail project to help make the “100 Acre Woods” more accessible and sustainable. For 2016, Todd says, “We have been working with our team of trail professionals and Parks and Recreation Department to determine the best route to get people across the wetlands and into the woods. We are planning on building a boardwalk to minimize the impact on the landscape and provide access for people into the forest. We anticipate volunteer work parties in May to make it all happen.” When asked about his favorite parade memory, Todd reminisced watching the parade with his daughter, Violet: “She was standing in the rain in her all green rain suit as we watched the parade roll by with Adam Lent dressed as Fat Bastard! She's looking forward to this experience as well.” Be sure to grab a front seat on March 12th, 2016 in downtown Bellingham and watch Todd and Violet Elsworth decked out in green as the lead the way- you won’t want to miss it!
Part 2 of My RV Travels on Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV
Several people asked that I visit this place, so I did. I'm GLAD I did cause it was a blast. Thanks for the suggest, kids! I'm going back today. Thanks for waiting, I took lots of random footage and editing, ugh, is not my strong suit. Small claims court is LMAO!!!
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Custom Built River Front Home
For more details: http://view.paradym.com/3878866/prt/30541 348 Naomi Drive Pottersville, MO 65790 $399,900, 3 bed, 2.0 bath, 3,600 SF, MLS# 60060270 Unsurpassed River Front Home with Guest House, 1.7 Acres and End of the Road Private Setting - Stunning 2 story Custom Built Log Home with Captivating Views & Accessibility to North Fork of the White River - Open Floor Plan, Tongue & Groove Ceilings, Hardwood Floors, 2 Staircases, Granite Counter Tops & Amazing 4 Sided See-Through Native Stone Fireplace - 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Living Room, Family Room & Rec Room - 4 Car Garage & Guest Home with Wrap Around Porch - Walk-Way to Covered Deck House Leading to Your Own River Frontage - Grab Your Fishing Pole to do some trophy trout fishing or float to Northfork Lake - Looking for a full time home or a place to enjoy long weekends, holidays & vacations, you won't find a property that has this much to offer & only 7 miles from the hospital! Presented By: Kimberly Miller, United Country Missouri Ozarks Realty, Inc 417-256-1000 View My Inventory: http://my.paradym.com/inventory.asp?u=119273
Half-day Sound Paddle & Cruise - Sitka, Alaska
Spend a half-day kayaking on the Sitka Sound with this tour from Alaska Shore Excursions. Learn more: https://alaska-shoreexcursions.com/sitka/halfday-sound-paddle-cruise-tour Paddle through mazes of reef and kelp forest as you explore areas only accessible via kayak. Watch for marine life including crab, sea stars, sea anemones, and more. Sometimes we even see sea
Marwayne’s sustainable road and water system rebuild  2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Award winner
Learn about the Village of Marwayne, AB’s Center Street Revitalization: From the Bottom Up! project, for which it won a 2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Award in the Neighbourhood Development category. Read the case study: http://www.fcm.ca/x28708.xml With an innovative project to upgrade its Center Street infrastructure, Marwayne completed vital repairs to aging infrastructure and took a giant leap forward in terms of community renewal. Now Center Street is a draw for crowds and a boon for business. Faced with leaking water and sewer pipes beneath its Center Street, Marwayne had to dig up the street to replace the pipes. Guided by its Sustainability Plan (2008), Council Strategic Plan (2011) and other information, the village identified an opportunity to rebuild Center Street better than before. The village not only replaced its crumbling sewer and water mains and installed a new stormwater system, but also cleaned up a brownfield site, widened sidewalks, improved accessibility, and added planted boulevards, new street lighting and signage. The Center Street revitalization has greatly reduced waterline leaks, cleaned up contaminated soil and improved water quality and supply. It has reduced the village’s carbon footprint and created an appealing space for residents doing day-to-day business and attending public events. A grant program helps business owners upgrade their storefronts, and the revitalizing the street has also attracted new businesses that will increase tax revenue. Residents hope the project will improve property values for existing businesses and boost the village’s economic base. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Awards celebrate the best sustainability and environmental initiatives in municipalities of all sizes and regions across Canada. Established in 2000, the awards generate national and local recognition for sustainability projects that take an integrated approach, leading to environmental, economic and social benefits. The awards are open to all municipal governments and their private-sector partners and are presented in six categories: energy, transportation, waste, water, neighbourhood development and brownfields. Learn more: FCM Sustainable Communities Awards 2016 Winners: About FCM’s Sustainable Communities Awards: http://www.fcm.ca/home/awards/fcm-sustainable-communities-awards.htm Federation of Canadian Municipalities: www.fcm.ca FCM’s Green Municipal Fund: www.fcm.ca/gmf
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A Thriving Desert - Joshua Tree National Park
Located just two hours east of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is a one-of-a-kind desert getaway that boasts some of the most dramatic scenery in southern California. From the weird and wonderful Mojave Desert to the vast and stark Sonoran Desert, lies one of North America’s most strange and surreal environments—Joshua Tree National Park. The twisted trees, impossible rock formations, and other-worldly geography of Joshua Tree have enticed rock climbers and rock stars alike to explore this desert wonderland. Described by early settlers as, “The most repulsive tree in the vegetable kingdom,” the Joshua tree is endemic to the southwest and is an indicator species of the Mojave Desert Hidden Valley - surrounded by towering rocks and was used as a hideout by cattle wrestlers in 1800s Keys View – Bask in panoramic views of Palm Springs and Coachella valley from one of the highest points in the park Ryan Mountain – a dramatic hike that offers sweeping views in the heart of Joshua Tree 49 Palms Oasis - this gorgeous palm oasis, reached by a moderate trail, is one of the finest destinations in the park Arch Rock Nature Trail – stroll along fantastic border formations in route to a dramatic natural stone arch Cholla Cactus Garden - this magnificent garden of multicolored cacti is one of the most surreal sites in the park Hike to this “Lost” Palm Oasis nestled in a remote Canyon and reached by a 3.5 mile trail Thank you for watching and happy travels to you! We would appreciate a thumbs-up, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, and/or SHARE. _________________________________ ABOUT MYTRIP-MYWAY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We are Bob and Betty (married over 40 years) and we love to travel on a budget (48+ countries, 46 states, and 236 National Parks – but who’s counting). We have learned that life is a great adventure and most travel experiences hold answers to questions we had not thought to ask. We make adventurous, educational, and off-the-beaten-track videos to inspire our viewers to get out and explore the world. Follow our journey and you too may get answers to questions about the world you have not yet learned to ask. This visit was produced during our latest travel project: a four-year RV travel adventure aimed at visiting ALL 411 United States National Park Service units and all 50 states. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel to be notified when we add a video. ____________________________________ YOU CAN ALSO FIND US HERE – WE ENJOY KEEPING IN TOUCH AND WE RECIPROCATE: Affordable travel coaching and planning WEBPAGE http://mytrip-myway.com Like us on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/betty.mtmw Follow us on TWITTER https://twitter.com/MyTrip_MyWay Circle us on GOOGLE+ http://bit.ly/1WLTgRO Subscribe to us on YOUTUBE http://bit.ly/20XsLdd ____________________________________ CHECK OUT MORE OF OUR VIDEOS BY CLICKING ON ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: United States National Parks Videos - http://bit.ly/1Q4VlGA Travel Tips Videos - http://bit.ly/1TBnw2p Northwest United States Videos - http://bit.ly/1mZXDMZ Southwest United States Videos - http://bit.ly/1p9gWFl Northeast United States Videos - http://bit.ly/1QAuRtL Southeast United States Videos - http://bit.ly/21k6P1C ____________________________________ CREDITS: Desert City by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100564 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
Rethinking the Value of Forests: From Timber to Water, Education and Health
The College of Natural Resources was honored to welcome Dr. Heather Tallis, Acting Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy, as the 2016 lecture speaker. As complex problems like climate change, water scarcity and inequality blur the lines of traditional sectors, we have the chance to change the way we think about and manage forests. Some cities are already embracing forests as part of their water infrastructure, making investments that diversify forest revenues and improve drinking water quality. Emerging research shows even more provocative possibilities for forests, suggesting they may increase test scores, improve health, or even prevent death. Dr. Heather Tallis explores how these new insights might change the way we value and manage forests.
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Yosemite Vacation
Yosemite National Park Video Tour Yosemite National Park is a national park is in the U.S. state of California.The park covers an area of 747,956 acres and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.About 4 million people visit Yosemite each year. Yosemite isrecognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, glaciers.Almost 95% of the park is wilderness.John Muir led a successful movement to establish a larger national park encompassing not just the valley, but surrounding mountains and forests as well—paving the way for the United States national park system. Yosemite is one of the largest and least fragmented habitat blocks in the Sierra Nevada, the park supports a diversity of plants and animals. The park has an elevation range from 2,127 to 13,114 feet (648 to 3,997 m) and contains five major vegetation zones: woodland, lower montane forest, upper montane forest, subalpine zone, and alpine. In California's 7,000 plant species, about 50% occur in the Sierra Nevada and more than 20% within Yosemite. There is suitable habitat for more than 160 rare plants in the park. Almost all of the landforms in the Yosemite area are cut from the granitic rock of the Sierra Nevada Batholith. The Tunnel View is the first view of the Valley for many visitors and is extensively photographed. El Capitan, a granite cliff that looms over Yosemite Valley, is one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in the world because of its diverse range of climbing routes in addition to its year-round accessibility. Granite domes such as Sentinel Dome and Half Dome rise 3,000 and 4,800 feet above the valley floor. The high country of Yosemite contains beautiful areas such as Tuolumne Meadows, Dana Meadows and more. The park has three groves of ancient giant sequoia trees; the Mariposa Grove (200 trees), the Tuolumne Grove (25 trees), and the Merced Grove (20 trees). This species grows larger in volume than any other and is one of the tallest and longest-lived.Yosemite is famous for its high concentration of waterfalls in a small area. Some of the most visited sites in Yesomite are El Capitan, Half Dome, Vernal falls, the tunnel view, Tuolumne Meadows, cathedral peak, Bridalveil fall,Glacier point, Mariposa Grove of giant sequoia.
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Detroit Lake State Park Campground
Nice - BIG - campground directly on Detroit Lake (when the water level isnt as low as it was this summer - 2015)
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Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek There are few treks that combine so many different landscapes and bring you so close to the base of 7,000 and 8,000 meter peaks in a such a short period of time as the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The Annapurna Base Camp trek is one of the most popular treks in the Annapurna region. The trail goes alongside terraced rice paddies, lush rhododendron forests and high altitude landscapes with the Annapurna Range in view most of the times. The setting of Annapurna Base Camp at 4130 m is unique and incredibly spectacular, set amidst the majestic peaks of Annapurna I (8091 m), Annapurna South (7219 m), Machapuchhre (6993 m) and Hiunchuli (6441 m). The Annapurna Base Camp Trek takes 7 to 11 days, depending on your itinerary and length of walking days. The itinerary presented here takes 11 days, starting from Nayapul (a 1 1/2 hour drive from Pokhara) and going north up to Gorepani and the famous viewpoint of Poon Hill. From Gorepani you go eastward to Chomrong and then north again entering the Modi Kola Valley which leads up to the Base Camp. Many people trek the circuit Nayapul-Ghorepani-Ghandruk-Nayapul, which is very rewarding in itself. This trek can easily be done with children as well. You can return via Jhinu Danda and give your tired muscles a well deserved rest in the delightful hot springs. Upon your return it is worthwhile visiting one of the Gurung villages of Ghandruk or Landruk. The lodges in the Annapurna Trekking Region are well equipped with extensive menus ranging from the typical Nepali dahl bath (rice with lentils) to pizza and chau mein. Hot showers are readily available as well. If you are planning to trek in the winter months please check with a travel agency to confirm which lodges are open. The Annapurna trekking region is easily accessible with different trailheads starting just an hour or two away from Pokhara. Between Himalayan Hotel and Machapucchre Base Camp there is a risk of avalanches so make sure you have the latest information on trail conditions before setting off or hire a knowledgeable guide. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek can easily be done independently. It is possible to do this trek in all seasons, however, in the winter the Base Camp can sometimes be closed due to the snow level. In spring time the huge rhododendron forests are in full bloom which gives the trek an extra appeal. - See more at: http://greathimalayatrails.com/ght-trek/annapurna-base-camp-trek/#sthash.x3sGFZaB.dpuf
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200 Differently Abled Persons Visit Kondapalli Fort
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Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
https://www.expedia.com/Vancouver.d178315.Destination-Travel-Guides Vancouver’s breezes carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the urban delights you’d expect from a city regularly voted, “the Worlds most livable”. The city takes its name from the British navigator who landed here in 1792. The original settlement was called “Gastown”, in honor of Gassy Jack, who built the city’s first tavern. Gassy Jack and his makeshift pub may be long gone, but in the historic neighborhood of Gastown, his spirit lingers on. Vancouver’s early history continues at Waterfront Station, the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The railway’s construction brought Chinese workers by the thousands, whose descendants have enriched Vancouver ever since. Experience this interweaving of cultures in Chinatown, where the fusing of Oriental flavors with local seafood has helped earn the city the title, “the Culinary Capital of Canada.” After visiting Vancouver’s central highlights, ride the ferry to Granville Island. Stock up on provisions at the Granville Island Public Market and sample craft ales at Granville Island Brewing. From Granville Island, head to Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain, a peaceful oasis high above the city. When it’s time to answer the call of the wild, cross the Lions Gate Bridge to The North Shore, a wilderness where bears roam and salmon-filled rivers flow through old-growth forests. Less than a two-hour drive from the city is Whistler Blackcomb Resort, the largest ski resort in North America. The beautifully connected runs here cater to all skill levels and attract elite skiers and beginners from all over the globe.
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Anna Ruby Falls
Note: This video is raw with not editing and audio may not be great neither. This video is intended for you to have an idea of the place and area, and for you to decide or not to make plans to explore it yourself or get in touch with me to put a group together and all of us have fun. Anna Ruby Falls These beautiful falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest and are readily accessible for the price a few dollars and a little bit of hiking. The water cascading over the drop offs is created by two creeks. The Curtis Creek falls drop 153 feet and the York Creek falls are a much shorter but still spectacular 50 feet. To get to the visitors center you will need to drive through Unicoi State Park. Once you drive through Unicoi Park you will enter forest service property and soon arrive at the Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center. You can reach the falls via a ~ 1/2 mile paved trail that leads from the parking lot to two viewing decks. From there you get a nice view of both falls. More adventurous hikers can also walk the 4.6 mile Smith Creek Trail, which connects the base of Anna Ruby Falls to Unicoi State Park. Directions Take GA 75 north from Helen 1 mile. Turn right on GA 356 for 1.5 miles;then left on the entrance road to the falls. Follow this well-marked road through a federal campground to Anna Ruby Falls parking area. Contact: Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehikingbudy/ Email: hiker.carlos@thehikingbuddy.com Website:(Under sonstruction) www.thehikingbuddy.com Please feel free to like this video, share it or comment about it. Oh, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! :)
BBC Reporting Scotland - Childcare Provision
Early Years Scotland's Chief Executive, Jean Carwood-Edwards, speaks in a BBC Reporting Scotland report on the future of childcare provision ahead of the Scottish parliamentary elections in May 2016. Jean was filmed at Early Years Scotland's Stay and Play session at Scaraway Nursery in Milton, Glasgow.