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Transforming the Utility with Active Asset Management
An animation to show how CGI is supporting our transmission and distribution utility clients to transform their operations using active asset management. By taking a holistic view and a value-led approach to your asset management, you can improve reliability and visibility, optimize operational performance and minimize capital and maintenance costs, supporting the overall transformation of your organization.
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Managing Linear Assets Using Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Arunkumar Kaliappan, Senior Principal Product Manager and Shankar Kattamanchi, Group Manager Product Development discuss how pipelines, utility transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, roadways, and railways require unique capabilities in an EAM system. In Oracle Enterprise Asset Management 12.1.3, Oracle introduced support for compatible units (CUs) to support standardized, repetitive units of work involving labor, materials, and equipment to plan jobs, specifically in T&D environments. With Release 12.2.4, Oracle delivers new features specifically targeting linear asset management.
Strategic Asset Management
National Grid have been working with IBM on a more intelligent approach to Strategic Asset Management
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Asset Conditioned Based Risk Management   Electrical Transmission and Distribution Assets
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Transforming the Utility with Active Asset Management (British voiceover)
An animation to show how CGI is supporting our transmission and distribution utility clients to transform their operations using active asset management. By taking a holistic view and a value-led approach to your asset management, you can improve reliability and visibility, optimize operational performance and minimize capital and maintenance costs, supporting the overall transformation of your organization.
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Asset Management Fundamentals
Principal Consultant, Scott Yates describes the fundamental elements of Asset Management.
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Webinar: Asset Investment Planning & Management – A Best Practice of ISO 55000
On April 4, 2014, Energy Central hosted a webinar featuring Boudewijn Neijens from Copperleaf, Jim Nightingale from Capgemini’s energy practice, and Jim Dieter, ANSI US Head of Delegation to ISO PC/251 for ISO 55000. In this webinar, the panel of experts discuss: - An overview of ISO 55000 - Capital planning under ISO 55000 - Leveraging AIPM to realize the maximum value from your assets - Case studies and project experience - Getting started with ISO 55000 and AIPM
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2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report Forum - Overview
Gerard Reiter, TransGrid’s Executive General Manager for Asset Management, gives an overview of topics to be covered at the 2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report Forum.
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Electric Distribution Asset Inventory and Analytics
Quantum Spatial creates detailed 3D models, maps, and for electric distribution systems using advanced geospatial analytics. Quantum Spatial provides complete asset inventory, boosts, joint use revenue capture, and identifies system risks. Quantum Spatial's distribution asset inventory products include 3D models and high resolution spherical imagery.
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World-Class Asset Management Solutions for Utilities
With our deep technology and real-world utility experience, Black & Veatch develops cost-effective, practical asset management solutions. Learn more: http://bv.com/home/capabilities/market/management-consulting/asset-management TRANSCRIPT Announcer: Water, Electric and Natural Gas Utilities provide the services that make our way of life possible. When you turn on a faucet, there’s clean water. When you flip a switch, the light comes on. And when the winter winds blow, you're warm and comfortable. These things are so easily taken for granted. Most customers don’t realize that providing these basic services is becoming more challenging and costly every day. Energy and labor costs are rising… Infrastructure is aging… Environmental programs require investment and there are constant expectations to keep customer rates low. All of this, combined with constricted budgets, create complicated choices for utility leaders on when to repair, rehabilitate or replace infrastructure assets. The cumulative effect of these challenges, if left unaddressed, can cause more frequent service interruptions that are costly to repair; increased health and safety risks for consumers, and other infrastructure failures that steadily erode the public’s trust in water and energy utilities. Black & Veatch works with utility leaders to stretch their resources further, manage challenges proactively and prolong the life of their assets through the implementation of best practice asset management. These programs are proven to optimize capital and operating costs, manage risk and enhance customer service levels, and plan infrastructure investments in a structured and defendable manner. Our approach is internationally recognized for helping clients attain sustainable, least-cost, minimum-risk asset operation and customer service through best practice asset planning, delivery and management. Together, we can overcome the challenges of today and be better prepared for tomorrow. With best practice asset management, we can ensure sustainable utility services that improve the communities we serve.
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Asset Management using Smap Survey
Smap Survey can be used to update collected data as well as complete new surveys. All you need is a unique key to the existing data. In this video, assets consisting of cables, trenches and pits have been published on a map (using MapBox's TileMill). The name assigned to each pit is included with the map tiles so that when you select a pit the name can be passed to Smap as the "unique key". Additional data is then collected using the Smap Webform tool that runs in a browser. The collected data is analysed on the Smap server.
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Asset Insight: Using Data & Analytics to Effectively Manage a Power Plant’s Capital Equipment
A presentation at the OSIsoft Users Conference 2016 featuring Ed Fuselier of Kindle Energy, Salvatore Della Villa Jr. of Strategic Power Systems, and Thomas Christiansen of Strategic Power Systems. Kindle Energy Lonestar Generation site operates three combined-cycle gas turbine plants in Texas as part of its portfolio and utilizes the PI System in combination with SPS’ ORAP data transformation and analytical capabilities and MapEx Thermal Performance software to optimize plant operations. Prior to the implementation of this system, the work of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data was a “second job” for plant personnel. Each plant had different processes and personnel for this work, and it took a person-week to gather and document the required information for weekly reports. The combination of real-time data collection with industry leading reliability analytics has been transformative. Lonestar Generation passes the data captured from the PI System directly to the ORAP database. When the data points reach ORAP, they are run through a data validation process as well as transformation algorithms to convert the data into asset information, which is then used by several “apps” within the ORAP system to develop actionable intelligence. This arrangement maintains compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards placed on all power plants in the United States. Management, at all levels and across various departments, use the output of this system to ensure “best in class” availability, reliability, and thermal performance relative to corporate pro forma and market expectations. It also allows Lonestar Generation to measure operational readiness and thermal performance, perform compliance reporting, reduce costly unplanned downtime, and maximize parts life and repair capability for capital inventory. Lonestar is now able to respond to requests for data in minutes from any site using the same system, and questions on the validity and quality of the results have virtually disappeared due to standardization of the analytics and data collection process. By combining the real-time data management capability of the PI System with the benchmarking and analytics capabilities of ORAP and MapEx, Lonestar Generation is able to make informed, data-driven decisions that both contribute to the bottom line and provide a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
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WEBINAR: Asset Management IQ: How Much do you Know about AM Tools and Resources?
This interactive webinar will include an overview of Asset Management core principles and community/organization level of engagement with Asset Management. There are many tools and resources that communities can use as they move through the process of developing an Asset Management plan. This webinar will also provide an overview of available tools and resources.
Solving Today’s Outage Management Challenges
OATI’s Outage Management System solution, OATI webOMS, allows transmission, distribution, and generation personnel to coordinate all activities for outage scheduling and management based on their business processes. OATI webOMS’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, automatic notification alerts, and its ability to interface with other systems, including Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs), allow users to seamlessly plan, submit, and track outage requests. Learn more at: oati.com/oms. This YouTube video is the proprietary material of Open Access Technology International, Inc. Video may contain third party product names, company names, trade names, and/or logos. Use of Trademarks does not imply any association with, sponsorship, or endorsement by these third parties. You may not use any portion of this Video without the written permission of OATI. If you have any questions, please contact Communications@oati.net.
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NL Hydro's Asset Management Strategy
Scott Crosbie, Manager Office of Asset Management, explains how Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro manages its electricity assets and infrastructure.
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UTILIMAP "AMPS" - Asset Management Program Solutions
Management of inspection and maintenance services for utility poles for power companies.
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Enhance your asset performance with Predictive Asset Optimization
Learn more about IBM Predictive Asset Optimization, an end-to-end solution that uses advanced analytics to help you enhance the performance of your assets and processes. http://ibm.co/ibmeam
Three Things About Enterprise Asset Management
Achieving asset health is of utmost concern to Best-in-class firms, which are 37% more likely to run EAM solutions. Best-in-class firms are also 44% more likely to be driven by the need to control equipment reliability and are 89% more likely to implement predictive analytics. They listen to their assets, and to act on what they learn via insights, analytics, and recommendations provided by EAM. To learn more, read the full report: EAM for Asset Health: Listen to Your Assets With Predictive Analytics and IoT https://ibm.co/2vkcvO7 Find out more about IBM Enterprise Asset Management solutions: https://ibm.co/2w2tKRW
Webinar: Value, Values & Asset Management Decision Making
This webinar explores the concept of value in ISO 55000 and explains how a utility’s strategic objectives and values can be used to develop a framework for asset management decisions. Hosted by Engerati on April 25, 2017 Speakers: - Rhys Davies, President of eAsset Management and Chair of the ISO/TC251 Committee - Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO Aging infrastructure, low growth and increasingly sophisticated demands from regulators and other stakeholders are creating a perfect storm, which is placing conventional maintenance and capital planning practices under pressure. This requires energy and water providers to do more with less and to become more transparent and rigorous in their business processes. ISO 55000 Many providers are looking to recent developments in asset management best practices, most notably the new ISO 55000 management standard for asset management. The essence of this standard is value realisation from assets - ensuring that the right things are being done right, and that these activities support the utility’s strategic objectives. In this webinar, we will: - Explore the concept of value, and focus on two core aspects of the ISO 55000 standard - how capital decisions are and should be made, and what framework is required to ensure decisions are optimal for all stakeholders. - Introduce a decision-making maturity scale to help you gauge how your organisation makes decisions today, and where you want to be in the future. Using simple examples, we will illustrate how value, risk and time play crucial roles in effective decision making. - Explain how to build a Value Framework for asset management decisions. This includes identifying your most important value criteria, aligning all criteria to a common evaluation scale, and using these criteria to decide what actions or investments will deliver the highest value. In this 60-minute webinar recording, you will gain an understanding of why it is important to quantify this value appropriately, because it’s a crucial factor in determining whether an investment has merit, and how it ranks compared with other possible investments in a resource-constrained world. We’ll also highlight the importance of timing since value, costs and risks all change with time. We’ll conclude with some examples of how Value Frameworks are deployed in practice in energy and water utilities, and provide you with tips on how to get started!
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Opportunity for Operational Excellence: Improving Productivity and Asset Management for Utilities
Our mission is simple: to collect, develop, create and distribute the data you need - from operational excellence to compliance and regulations for the energy industry. It's all here. Find more resources on www.docuenergy.com.
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Power Delivery Services: Transmission & Substation
Black & Veatch delivers today's most complex Power Delivery projects. Our thoughtful solutions are why our clients return time and again. Learn more at http://bv.com/home/capabilities/market/energy/power-delivery TRANSCRIPT: For over a century, the transmission grid has been the backbone of the electric power industry. With the integration of new generation sources and smart grid technologies, as well as the affects of evolving technologies into this aging infrastructure, there are more demands facing the grid than ever before. For decades, Black & Veatch has provided our clients with creative solutions needed to overcome these complex and ever increasing challenges. With Power Delivery offices nationwide, we have the local resources to quickly respond to our clients' needs. Black & Veatch provides enhanced coordination and communication, as well as a thorough knowledge of regional challenges, enabling us to tailor innovative and cost effective solutions. Our clients rely on us to provide services for every step of the project life cycle From project development, to engineering, through construction and asset management. We offer both union and open-shop construction solutions as well as construction management services, all while maintaining an industry-leading safety record. Black & Veatch's Power Delivery expertise is extensive. We provide and implement creative ideas to ensure reliability and meet cost and schedule requirements for overhead and underground transmission lines, as well as gas and air insulated substations. We have successfully completed HVDC, SVC, voltage and VAR projects, performed power systems studies and support the integration of renewable energy and smart grid technologies. At Black & Veatch, we maximize our clients' resources with our comprehensive project and program management solutions. The success of our projects is the result of our close working relationships with our clients. We strive to be a trusted partner, customizing our solutions and service offerings to each client's unique needs. Black & Veatch's experience is broad and varied. As an industry leader, we are consistently ranked among the highest for Transmission and Distribution in Engineering News Record's publications. We have the expertise to provide our clients with the results they need time and again.
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Predictive Analytics for Asset Management - FundGUARD
FundGUARD™ delivers predictive analytics in the Cloud or On-Premise to improve sales productivity, increase diversification and assets under management, and reduce redemption risk for mutual fund distributors.
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GIS Centric Asset & Work Management Software for Utilities and Local Government
Elements XS3 offers a complete set of tools for GIS-based asset and work management. Learn more at http://3.elementsxs.com.
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Asset Management Solution Electric Power Plants - 832.437.3383
Momentum | Power Plants Asset Management | 832.437.3383 www.momentum-solutions.net Momentum is an Asset Management Company serving the electric power industry. Whether you own a combined cycle, simple cycle, cogeneration, CHP, Coal, or Biomass power plant Momentum provides you with complete Asset Management solution. Momentum also provides solutions for specific needs or issues you may be facing; due diligence of potential acquisitions, turnaround of under performing assets, operations and Maintenance, and asset optimization. With our approach to problem solving and diverse experience we provide you with the right solution for your need. Asset Management - Power Plants
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Utility Risk Assessment:  Data Driven Planning
Ben McKinsey explains how our Utility Risk Assessment Visualization Tool can help you develop a unique, comprehensive risk profile for your transmission assets. Together, our tool and planning process provides you with the data you need to back up your decisions, justify projects and develop proactive solutions to manage risk and create long-term system resilience. You can be ready when disaster strikes. Find out how we can work together to develop a plan you’re confident in. https://www.hdrinc.com/resilient-transmission-systems
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Power Your Utility with Better Asset Data
Learn how utility organizations are better operating and managing their generation, transmission, and pipeline business through better utilization of their asset data. Many benefits that affect the bottom line are attained through managing asset information for instance it can help… • Reduce the risk of new capital projects • Ease engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) handover • Increase reliability in plant maintenance • Ensure successful shutdowns/turnarounds Critical elements like equipment, functional location (FLOC), bills of materials (BOM), and linear assets (LAM) are often inconsistent, incomplete, or inaccurate. Discover a combination of deep industry expertise along with SAP and Utopia solutions like SAP® Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management extension by Utopia (MDG for EAM™) can ensure success for your utility organization. Key takeaways from this webinar include… • Improve quality, reliability, and consistency of your enterprise wide asset data • Decrease risk on large capital projects, shutdowns/turnarounds, and on-going maintenance of generation facilities • Ensure you are best leveraging your SAP ECC, plant maintenance, and asset management systems Speaker: Scott Barrett #05043
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Webinar: Risk Based Asset Planning for Cables
June 21, 2016 11:00 a.m. PDT | 2:00 p.m. ET Featuring Robert Otal, Director of Asset Management and Analytics, METSCO Energy Solutions Risk-Based Asset Planning for Cables Webinar Learn how to improve long-term cable reliability and lower SAIDI numbers while improving customer satisfaction. Robert Otal will share his experiences working with utilities across North America: -Principles and best practices in effective asset management -How to accurately assess condition of assets -Setting project priorities -Optimizing your investments -The pivotal role of cable rejuvenation in cost-effective plans -Striking a balance between cable replacement and rejuvenation
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Insight to Asset Management - Next steps for ISO 55000
ISO 55000 is a living standard that’s reviewed and revised based on user feedback. Rhys Davies, Chairmen PC251 ISO 55000 Standard, details the next steps for the asset management standard and the plans to make it even more helpful to manufacturers. Learn more at http://bit.ly/22lfGNw Produced by: Tetra Pak Recorded at IMC-2015 The 30th International Maintenance Conference Courtesy of Reliabilityweb.com
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dobleARMS™: Asset Risk Management System
Asset Managers are plagued by too few or too many details, so quickly spotting developing problems and pinpointing which assets need the most attention is a challenge. That's why Doble developed the Asset Risk Management System (dobleARMS™), to provide intelligent alerts and notifications so you can make more informed decisions between times of crisis and long-range operational planning.
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Utility Asset Management Visualization
The process of perfoming GAP analysis for Utilities by geospatially visualizing physical assets through data fusing of GIS, 3D CAD, and Structured and Structured Asset Intelligence
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Clockwork Solution's Predictive Analytics for Enterprise Asset Management - Asset Life Cycle
Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytics for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions that improve availability and reduce maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. With over 30 customers, the company provides cutting edge solutions that analyze asset data, provide performance visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in increased availability, improved utilization, and billions worth of cost savings and profitability.
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CM-CIC Asset Management répond aux CGPI
Gros plan sur CM-CIC Asset Management. Qui est vraiment cet asset manager ? Quels sont ses points forts ? Quelle type de gestion pratique-t-il ? Voici en substance les questions posées par les CGPI lors du Salon Patrimoinia 2013. Réponses en images.
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Cascade Asset Management
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ELIA : Automated Fault Analysis
IVPower allows transmission system operators to partly automate the process of fault and disturbance analysis. In this video, Elia - the Belgian TSO - explains the added value of the installed IVPower solution both for a more efficient system operation and for fueling conditional maintenance processes by the asset management team. www.ivpower.com
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GE's Smallworld: Powerful Network-Based GIS for Utilities
With more than 25 years' experience and a proven network-based model, GE's Smallworld geospatial asset management offerings provide today's utilities with elegant solutions to network data management challenges. Learn more at https://bit.ly/2KReRJ0
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Network Connection Codes - Realising the Energy Transition
Dr Gerald Kaendler, Head of Asset Management, Amprion GmbH & Convenor of the ENTSO-E Working Group on European Planning Standards
Investment Strategy - ODDO BHF Asset Management - June 2014
Laurent Denize, co-chief Investment Officer, presents ODDO BHF Asset Management's investment strategy for June 2014. ODDO BHF is an independent Franco-German financial services group, with a history stretching back over 150 years. It was created from the alliance of a French family-owned business built up by five generations of stockbrokers and a German bank specialising in Mittelstand companies. ODDO BHF operates in three main businesses, based on significant investment in market expertise: private banking, asset management and corporate and investment banking. The Group has a specific ownership structure as 60% of its capital is held by the Oddo family and 30 % by employees. This “partnership” ethos guarantees the long-term involvement of its teams. http://oddo-bhf.com
Robots Used on GIS and Asset Management System Project
Robots recently played a role in HRG's multi-phase project to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) and Asset Management System to inventory, manage, maintain, and analyze Capital Region Water's (Harrisburg, PA) infrastructure. This video was produced by WHP-TV CBS 21.
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IBM Enterprise Asset Management
Managers face mounting pressures to maintain ROI on assets through their entire lifecycle, while easing teh brden of regulatory and compliance risk.
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Stabilized HD Video Transmission Line Survey
Quantum Spatial uses fully stabilized aerial video to provide comprehensive transmission line surveys and asset inventory. Stabilized video provides a visual delivery mechanism for geospatial analytics that's easy for your entire utility project team to understand.
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Digital Asset Management
Combining the power of BIM, GIS and EAM to optimize work plan priorities
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LA Power Communication Tower & Transmission
Drone-Fleet.com offers FAA Compliant Infrastructure & Asset Inspection. This is an example of how Aerial Inspections help ensure the safety and integrity of Power Transmission & Communication for Los Angeles County.
Laser Scanning Towers
We have extensive experience of using terrestrial LiDAR (shown here) and airborne lidar as well as photogrammetric UAV technologies to provide solutions to the powerline industry (and in fact any corridor mapping project). Applications of the technology include: Surveying of cateneries for soft (vegetation) and hard (buildings etc) clearance (vegetation management) and infringement surveys. Danger tree analysis. Thermal uprating of transmission lines. Re-engineering - creating engineering drawings of existing towers, where plans have been lost. Tower verticality and deformation reporting. Conductor and/or insulator replacement. Asset management - for GIS input. 3D modelling of the towers and catenaries and all surrounding environments. Ideal for visualisation and presentation to the public or clients. Topographic mapping of the pipeline corridor - for new build and re-alignments. Sub- stations for downlead infringements, safety planning of clearances between plant. Data loads directly in to PLS-CADD - and is applicable to transmission and distribution powerline networks. Emergency access planning.
Maximo 7.6 Spatial Features and Enhancements
Maximo’s Spatial Asset Management features enables users to view complex GIS information. It provides a geospatial context of work, assets, and relevant land-based features. The ability to visualize information can improve reliability, longevity, and efficient work execution. Learn about Maximo 7.6 Spatial features and enhancements and how Spatial data can help enrich your Maximo data and usability. Also, learn about the new GIS data synchronization capabilities and how GIS features and its related data can be synchronized with Maximo and vice versa. This presentation covers the following topics: - How to create a seamless user experience with dynamic GIS functionality. - Eliminate the need for data duplication. - GIS functionality inside Maximo to create efficiencies in business processes and improves communication. - Ability to access data that is not maintained in an organization’s GIS systems.
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Asset health management in the smart grid era
For more information, download this free white paper: "Using smart grid data to power end-to-end asset health management" http://poweranswercenter.com/703 An end-to-end asset health management strategy can help prioritize repair-replace decisions, improve reliability, increase workforce efficiency and meet regulatory milestones.
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The Future of Vegetation Management
AuraTech Innovation has developed a vegetation management solution to efficiently plan and implement a targeted vegetation and tree clearing programme around overhead transmission and distribution lines. Drone operations are carried out using a survey grade LiDAR sensor to produce a high precision 3D map of the network, vegetation data is then extracted and analysed for encroachment and displayed through our cloud based mapping portal Atlas. This three stage process consists of data acquisition post processing & analysis visualisation www.auratech.co.uk/vegetation-management
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TeleVAS Holdings Sdn Bhd - Products & Services
A quick insight to TeleVAS products TeleVUE Web Conferencing system Niometrics Policy Enforcer Wireless Video Transmission Web broadcasting / live streaming Forcelink Asset Management Visit our website www.televas.com.my for more information
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DynamicMetrix® Data Visualization Software Demo
DynamicMetrix® is a sophisticated web-based monitoring solution for power generation, transmission and distribution assets. Watch this demo video to see the wide capabilities of this system. Visit https://www.dynamicratings.com/products/dashboard-solutions/ for more information. Using this software, we help utilities collect and use condition-based monitoring information on their high voltage electrical equipment to improve their business performance.
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Three reasons why CEOs must 'get' Blockchain and fast
From a CEO strategic agenda perspective, why Blockchain? Blockchain brings a set of powerful extensions to the Internet, as the Web extensions did previously, to make the Internet 10-100x more powerful! So what? 1) Blockchain technologies can allow new operating models capable of eliminating 50-95% of operating costs (for example in Capital Markets such as Asset Management & Global Custody, Insurance, Payment processing). If adopted by your key competitors or new entrants, like Nokia, your margins and revenues could cave in causing enterprise/ market value to fall to near zero. 2) Blockchain creates new revenue opportunities such as new Asset classes (that were too expensive or difficult to launch previously), new market propositions and services to support the 20 billion IoT devices expected by 2020. 3) Through Blockchain, 'software is eating the world' faster than ever. It used to take 10-20 years for new business models to disrupt market leaders (eg Kodak), now takes a much shorter period .. 2 to 3 years (e.g. Nokia, Blockbuster, growth of WhatsApp destroying mobile telco SMS income). Blockchain disruption could be even faster across a number of markets (including Asset Management, Insurance, Money Transmission, Trade Finance, Banking, Energy Trading, Social Media, Advertising, Supply Chain, Logistics, Health, Pharma).
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