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Transforming the Utility with Active Asset Management
An animation to show how CGI is supporting our transmission and distribution utility clients to transform their operations using active asset management. By taking a holistic view and a value-led approach to your asset management, you can improve reliability and visibility, optimize operational performance and minimize capital and maintenance costs, supporting the overall transformation of your organization.
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Managing Linear Assets Using Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Arunkumar Kaliappan, Senior Principal Product Manager and Shankar Kattamanchi, Group Manager Product Development discuss how pipelines, utility transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, roadways, and railways require unique capabilities in an EAM system. In Oracle Enterprise Asset Management 12.1.3, Oracle introduced support for compatible units (CUs) to support standardized, repetitive units of work involving labor, materials, and equipment to plan jobs, specifically in T&D environments. With Release 12.2.4, Oracle delivers new features specifically targeting linear asset management.
A Strategic Framework for Asset Management
Matt Crye, General Manager, EMEA of PowerPlan discusses how asset centric business can optimize their asset management framework to more easily meet their regulatory and financial goals. With the ongoing regulation changes, utilities of all sizes are evolving how they balance customer needs and expectations with regulators’ requirements while at the same time running a profitable business. For more information, visit us at http://www.powerplan.com or email us at iinfo@powerplan.com
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Strategic Asset Management
National Grid have been working with IBM on a more intelligent approach to Strategic Asset Management
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Asset Conditioned Based Risk Management   Electrical Transmission and Distribution Assets
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Using Advanced Analytics to Develop a Risk-Based Approach to Asset Management
AnacondaCon 2018. Will Collins. Will is going to illustrate how, by embracing data science and open source tools within the Anaconda platform, National Grid is building a risk-based framework to effectively manage its Electricity Transmission assets. Attendees will learn how National Grid's Analytics team has used Python to drive efficiencies within the business, developing tools that allow engineers to streamline their processes.
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2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report Forum - Overview
Gerard Reiter, TransGrid’s Executive General Manager for Asset Management, gives an overview of topics to be covered at the 2015 Transmission Annual Planning Report Forum.
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Asset Performance Management - what electric utilities should know about APM
How Asset Performance Management (APM) can impact electric utilities and their methods of collection, processing, analysis and communication of critical data. Read more on APM at http://fal.cn/APMelectricutilities
IBM Maximo Asset Management and Watson
Are you ready for a life-changing data analysis experience??? Watch as Liz, a fictional data analyst at a global manufacturing corporation, use Watson Analytics to explore Asset Downtime. She'll begin by simply importing a Maximo .csv file into Watson and have Watson guide her thru various data explorations, and analytic views. She then creates an InfoGraphic Dashboard of her explorations and analytic charts to share with her peer and management team.
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dobleARMS™: Asset Risk Management System
Asset Managers are plagued by too few or too many details, so quickly spotting developing problems and pinpointing which assets need the most attention is a challenge. That's why Doble developed the Asset Risk Management System (dobleARMS™), to provide intelligent alerts and notifications so you can make more informed decisions between times of crisis and long-range operational planning.
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WEBINAR: Asset Management IQ: How Much do you Know about AM Tools and Resources?
This interactive webinar will include an overview of Asset Management core principles and community/organization level of engagement with Asset Management. There are many tools and resources that communities can use as they move through the process of developing an Asset Management plan. This webinar will also provide an overview of available tools and resources.
The Main Roles in Asset Management
There are many roles that support an Asset across its life cycle. Sales, Design, Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, Maintenance, Legal, Commercial, Human Resources to name few. When it comes to Change it is important to identify and understand the dynamics that occur between some main roles. The reason the following four roles are so important is because they ultimately influence the ability to achieve the desired balance of Cost, Risk, and Performance. Structured Change brings together Asset Management and Change Management principles in order to deliver sustained Asset Management excellence to organizations. Our Presenter and Founder, Martin Kerr has over 20 years’ hands on experience in Asset Management and Change Management. Martin is a Certified Fellow in Asset Management (CFAM), a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) and a Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD). Martin is also a regular industry speaker on Change and Asset Management Leadership and is a volunteer with the Asset Management Council of Australia and the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management. Structured Change merges the fundamentals of ISO55000, ISO55001 & ISO55002 with our organizational values of • Safety • Value (before Revenue) • Integrity • Innovation • Sustainability • Consistency “We lead organizations to excellence through the application of Asset Management principles and processes…” https://structuredchange.com.au/asset-management-training/ Martin Kerr, Principal and Founder of Structured Change ~Certified Fellow in Asset Management (CFAM) ~Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) ~Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) ~ISO5500x TC251 Project Team Member ~GFMAM Project Lead ~EAM Specialist https://structuredchange.com.au/
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Predictive Asset Management: A Success Story
This Automation World webinar on Predictive Asset Management features a case study from world leading utility EDF Group explaining how they are leveraging predictive analytics to reduce equipment failures, increase reliability and improve performance. Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group Research Director, discusses the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) on maintenance practices. Kim Custeau, Director of Asset Management from Schneider Electric concludes with Visit our website for more information: http://software.schneider-electric.com/
Asset Insight: Using Data & Analytics to Effectively Manage a Power Plant’s Capital Equipment
A presentation at the OSIsoft Users Conference 2016 featuring Ed Fuselier of Kindle Energy, Salvatore Della Villa Jr. of Strategic Power Systems, and Thomas Christiansen of Strategic Power Systems. Kindle Energy Lonestar Generation site operates three combined-cycle gas turbine plants in Texas as part of its portfolio and utilizes the PI System in combination with SPS’ ORAP data transformation and analytical capabilities and MapEx Thermal Performance software to optimize plant operations. Prior to the implementation of this system, the work of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data was a “second job” for plant personnel. Each plant had different processes and personnel for this work, and it took a person-week to gather and document the required information for weekly reports. The combination of real-time data collection with industry leading reliability analytics has been transformative. Lonestar Generation passes the data captured from the PI System directly to the ORAP database. When the data points reach ORAP, they are run through a data validation process as well as transformation algorithms to convert the data into asset information, which is then used by several “apps” within the ORAP system to develop actionable intelligence. This arrangement maintains compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards placed on all power plants in the United States. Management, at all levels and across various departments, use the output of this system to ensure “best in class” availability, reliability, and thermal performance relative to corporate pro forma and market expectations. It also allows Lonestar Generation to measure operational readiness and thermal performance, perform compliance reporting, reduce costly unplanned downtime, and maximize parts life and repair capability for capital inventory. Lonestar is now able to respond to requests for data in minutes from any site using the same system, and questions on the validity and quality of the results have virtually disappeared due to standardization of the analytics and data collection process. By combining the real-time data management capability of the PI System with the benchmarking and analytics capabilities of ORAP and MapEx, Lonestar Generation is able to make informed, data-driven decisions that both contribute to the bottom line and provide a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
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IBM Maximo for Smart Asset Management
Daha fazla bilgi için : https://www.proya.com.tr For more details : https://www.proya.com.tr
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WEBINAR: Asset Management Core Component 5 - Long Term Funding
This is an opportunity for your water system to participate in a training event that will help the utility answer the question, "How can we spend our limited dollars to have the greatest impact?" This webinar will provide an overview of Asset Management and discuss the first core component of Asset Management, Long Term Funding Strategy.
Case Study: Cable Rejuvenation's Role in Asset Management
Rick Hudson, Engineering Supervisor at Salt River Project, discusses SRP's approach to their underground cable asset management program.
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Water Utility Asset Management
Jeff Stillman, Asset Management Practice Leader at Black & Veatch, discusses the benefits of asset management for U.S. utilities. Learn more: http://bv.com/reports TRANSCRIPT U.S. utilities should adopt best international practices for asset management because of the experience that's been gained elsewhere. In the U.K. and in Australia, heavy regulations and the privatization of industry forced the development of systems to evaluate the performance of the utility according to the ultimate service level goals. So, they've developed frame works that we can build on in the U.S. to actually measure our performance. It really addresses a lot of the top concerns of utilities and of customers in the industry today. A good asset management program can give ratepayers and stakeholders confidence that the utilities is spending the money in the best possible way. Black & Veatch recommends the more sophisticated programs like PAS 55 and ISO 55000 because they do provide a holistic approach. They don't necessarily have to be a very expensive approach. You can do it gradually by building a system so that you understand your assets, you understand the condition, and you build the data and the knowledge about the performance and the cost of the assets over time.
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World-Class Asset Management Solutions for Utilities
With our deep technology and real-world utility experience, Black & Veatch develops cost-effective, practical asset management solutions. Learn more: http://bv.com/home/capabilities/market/management-consulting/asset-management TRANSCRIPT Announcer: Water, Electric and Natural Gas Utilities provide the services that make our way of life possible. When you turn on a faucet, there’s clean water. When you flip a switch, the light comes on. And when the winter winds blow, you're warm and comfortable. These things are so easily taken for granted. Most customers don’t realize that providing these basic services is becoming more challenging and costly every day. Energy and labor costs are rising… Infrastructure is aging… Environmental programs require investment and there are constant expectations to keep customer rates low. All of this, combined with constricted budgets, create complicated choices for utility leaders on when to repair, rehabilitate or replace infrastructure assets. The cumulative effect of these challenges, if left unaddressed, can cause more frequent service interruptions that are costly to repair; increased health and safety risks for consumers, and other infrastructure failures that steadily erode the public’s trust in water and energy utilities. Black & Veatch works with utility leaders to stretch their resources further, manage challenges proactively and prolong the life of their assets through the implementation of best practice asset management. These programs are proven to optimize capital and operating costs, manage risk and enhance customer service levels, and plan infrastructure investments in a structured and defendable manner. Our approach is internationally recognized for helping clients attain sustainable, least-cost, minimum-risk asset operation and customer service through best practice asset planning, delivery and management. Together, we can overcome the challenges of today and be better prepared for tomorrow. With best practice asset management, we can ensure sustainable utility services that improve the communities we serve.
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NL Hydro's Asset Management Strategy
Scott Crosbie, Manager Office of Asset Management, explains how Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro manages its electricity assets and infrastructure.
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Transforming the Utility with Active Asset Management (British voiceover)
An animation to show how CGI is supporting our transmission and distribution utility clients to transform their operations using active asset management. By taking a holistic view and a value-led approach to your asset management, you can improve reliability and visibility, optimize operational performance and minimize capital and maintenance costs, supporting the overall transformation of your organization.
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Schneider Electric Powerful Diagnostic Tools - Asset Management Life Cycle Field Services
Without regular maintenance, electrical components have a higher tendency to fail. With Schneider Electric comprehensive #AssetManagement #LifeCycle Field Services, we provide you with experts who design for you a proper maintenance plan.
Electric company Power transmission | Power transmission,distribution  School of engineering
Electrical strength era, Transmission, garage, and usage. International energy Privatization Consolidation Deregulation free market opposition Emphasis on capital, investment strategy and economics, such as value discount era: need the bottom price generation available to satisfy the call for there are many factors involved in this method, complex, not simplest by using technical issues, but also via political considerations: Environmental considerations renovation and operating costs Inefficiencies because of transmission Regulatory troubles strength community proprietors - transmission power traders strength agents Mechanisms for exchange Wholesale energy pricing the value of energy buying and selling electricity provider vendors - distribution Retail operations - supply marketing offerings ageing infrastructure maintenance & scheduling strength fine & harmonic distortion Advances in system & power design lowering transmission loss gadget complexity era asset management Efforts to optimize utilization of era centers in line with marketplace demand Incentive to increase efficiencies of electricity flowers and structures Incentive to rationalize renovation schedules to decrease downtime improvement of communications amongst providers, and of tracking structures Transmission/community Grids Unbundling the transmission grid from each the generation and delivery creates a hassle - via definition it need to be a monopoly. Need to ensure open get entry to need for law and oversight need for protection & development of greater functionality as required danger of fragmentation, congestion, price lists, scheduling problems, etc. a couple of service opportunities: fuel, strength, water, monetary offerings (credit score) strategies of pricing for retail transport constant term pricing spot marketplace pricing regulated, capped or open get admission to pricing With huge, multi-linked structures inter-tying widespread regions of the globe, verbal exchange and manipulate grow to be issues committed communication strains net operation and manage DC generation/conversion transmission as opposed to AC generation and transmission the difficulty of small vegetation Methane Wind energy sun strength Tidal electricity Interconnections as a virtual plant control troubles specialised additives Harmonics Distortion: electricity digital loads, adjustable speed drives & switch-mode electricity materials Electromagnetic compatibility element magnets: machines, transformers, ACSR, and many others. Power component: displacement electricity issue versus genuine energy element electricity thing general harmonic distortion Irms/I1 the authentic strength factor Communications affect Gw2Ii2/Irms Crest factor Vpeak/Vrms There are numerous other unique purpose electricity quality indices Storable devices encompass electrical machines, transformers, some transmission conductors, and fluorescent lights with magnetic ballasting. Although now not strictly a source, a resonant gadget can exacerbate harmonics - structures containing each capacitance and inductance. An instance is an inductive load with electricity component correction. Motor beginning, transformer energizing, faults and load switching can all lead to voltage sag. Regular clearing time for a fault is two or three cycles Some insulation substances have predictable partial discharge behavior which may additionally make it possible to determine the country of the winding, in addition to the specific growing older mechanism. By retaining a record of PD interest it's far then possible to broaden a rational upkeep timetable. This form of tracking can be installation as a wise system to warn of impending winding failure. Pulse peak importance Pulse polarity Repetition price segment vicinity Plotted outcomes: Pulse top evaluation Pulse section evaluation tendencies the general degradation of the stator winding The partial discharge interest: the most value of pulses with a selected repetition fee The trend of partial discharge interest which yields the development of insulation aging evaluation of the pulse segment plot can pinpoint the area of the hobby - slot or unwinding Pulse patterns display the character of the partial discharge interest, including the principal assets. Voltage switches and versions operating situations Fluctuations in load suggest operating voltage degree Winding temperature Humidity growing older Winding displacement in slot - match. This offers upward push to the idea of an online machine control and statistics Acquisition system (SCADA) . To take benefit of this possibility will require substantial changes in person SCADAs, in addition to a very cooperative approach to selecting requirements Predicts conductor behavior over the lifetime by means of introducing statistical distribution of machine loads. transmission,automatic transmission,power transmission,computer engineering,PDU, Mechanical engineering.
Three Things About Enterprise Asset Management
Achieving asset health is of utmost concern to Best-in-class firms, which are 37% more likely to run EAM solutions. Best-in-class firms are also 44% more likely to be driven by the need to control equipment reliability and are 89% more likely to implement predictive analytics. They listen to their assets, and to act on what they learn via insights, analytics, and recommendations provided by EAM. To learn more, read the full report: EAM for Asset Health: Listen to Your Assets With Predictive Analytics and IoT https://ibm.co/2vkcvO7 Find out more about IBM Enterprise Asset Management solutions: https://ibm.co/2w2tKRW
iSolutions - AMT Asset Management Software - Job Planning Workflow - Central Planner
iSolutions - AMT Asset Management Software - Job Planning Workflow - Central Planner If you need any more information please goto www.isipl.com
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VUEWorks Asset Management System
VUEWorks® software is an affordable, web-enabled Integrated GIS, Enterprise Asset Management solution. Our software was designed for use by State and Local governments, utilities, corporations, schools, theme parks, and other organizations that need to track the condition, minimize failure risk, and optimize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets.
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Webinar: Value, Values & Asset Management Decision Making
This webinar explores the concept of value in ISO 55000 and explains how a utility’s strategic objectives and values can be used to develop a framework for asset management decisions. Hosted by Engerati on April 25, 2017 Speakers: - Rhys Davies, President of eAsset Management and Chair of the ISO/TC251 Committee - Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO Aging infrastructure, low growth and increasingly sophisticated demands from regulators and other stakeholders are creating a perfect storm, which is placing conventional maintenance and capital planning practices under pressure. This requires energy and water providers to do more with less and to become more transparent and rigorous in their business processes. ISO 55000 Many providers are looking to recent developments in asset management best practices, most notably the new ISO 55000 management standard for asset management. The essence of this standard is value realisation from assets - ensuring that the right things are being done right, and that these activities support the utility’s strategic objectives. In this webinar, we will: - Explore the concept of value, and focus on two core aspects of the ISO 55000 standard - how capital decisions are and should be made, and what framework is required to ensure decisions are optimal for all stakeholders. - Introduce a decision-making maturity scale to help you gauge how your organisation makes decisions today, and where you want to be in the future. Using simple examples, we will illustrate how value, risk and time play crucial roles in effective decision making. - Explain how to build a Value Framework for asset management decisions. This includes identifying your most important value criteria, aligning all criteria to a common evaluation scale, and using these criteria to decide what actions or investments will deliver the highest value. In this 60-minute webinar recording, you will gain an understanding of why it is important to quantify this value appropriately, because it’s a crucial factor in determining whether an investment has merit, and how it ranks compared with other possible investments in a resource-constrained world. We’ll also highlight the importance of timing since value, costs and risks all change with time. We’ll conclude with some examples of how Value Frameworks are deployed in practice in energy and water utilities, and provide you with tips on how to get started!
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Asset health management in the smart grid era
For more information, download this free white paper: "Using smart grid data to power end-to-end asset health management" http://poweranswercenter.com/703 An end-to-end asset health management strategy can help prioritize repair-replace decisions, improve reliability, increase workforce efficiency and meet regulatory milestones.
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Utility Risk Assessment:  Data Driven Planning
Ben McKinsey explains how our Utility Risk Assessment Visualization Tool can help you develop a unique, comprehensive risk profile for your transmission assets. Together, our tool and planning process provides you with the data you need to back up your decisions, justify projects and develop proactive solutions to manage risk and create long-term system resilience. You can be ready when disaster strikes. Find out how we can work together to develop a plan you’re confident in. https://www.hdrinc.com/resilient-transmission-systems
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Enhance your asset performance with Predictive Asset Optimization
Learn more about IBM Predictive Asset Optimization, an end-to-end solution that uses advanced analytics to help you enhance the performance of your assets and processes. http://ibm.co/ibmeam
Power Your Utility with Better Asset Data
Learn how utility organizations are better operating and managing their generation, transmission, and pipeline business through better utilization of their asset data. Many benefits that affect the bottom line are attained through managing asset information for instance it can help… • Reduce the risk of new capital projects • Ease engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) handover • Increase reliability in plant maintenance • Ensure successful shutdowns/turnarounds Critical elements like equipment, functional location (FLOC), bills of materials (BOM), and linear assets (LAM) are often inconsistent, incomplete, or inaccurate. Discover a combination of deep industry expertise along with SAP and Utopia solutions like SAP® Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management extension by Utopia (MDG for EAM™) can ensure success for your utility organization. Key takeaways from this webinar include… • Improve quality, reliability, and consistency of your enterprise wide asset data • Decrease risk on large capital projects, shutdowns/turnarounds, and on-going maintenance of generation facilities • Ensure you are best leveraging your SAP ECC, plant maintenance, and asset management systems Speaker: Scott Barrett #05043
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The Power of Asset Visualization with IBM Maximo Spatial
Learn How to Leverage Your Geospatial Capabilities & Improve Asset Management through the Intelligent Evolution of Enterprise Asset Management and GIS Integration (2013) Join us for this 40-minute webcast and learn how you can take advantage of the growing demand for easily implemented EAM and GIS integration solutions. While most organizations have mature GIS and EAM systems in place, the industry as a whole is just now beginning to understand the value of integrating these two enterprise systems as part of an overall asset management strategy. As a leader in GIS/EAM integration solutions and IBM and Esri business partner, GeoNexus Technologies offers the GeoWorx® suite of products designed to address today's agile business climate by leveraging industry-leading asset management, geospatial and business intelligence information technologies.
ELIA : Automated Fault Analysis
IVPower allows transmission system operators to partly automate the process of fault and disturbance analysis. In this video, Elia - the Belgian TSO - explains the added value of the installed IVPower solution both for a more efficient system operation and for fueling conditional maintenance processes by the asset management team. www.ivpower.com
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Clockwork Solution's Predictive Analytics for Enterprise Asset Management - Asset Life Cycle
Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytics for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions that improve availability and reduce maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. With over 30 customers, the company provides cutting edge solutions that analyze asset data, provide performance visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in increased availability, improved utilization, and billions worth of cost savings and profitability.
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Power Delivery Services: Transmission & Substation
Black & Veatch delivers today's most complex Power Delivery projects. Our thoughtful solutions are why our clients return time and again. Learn more at http://bv.com/home/capabilities/market/energy/power-delivery TRANSCRIPT: For over a century, the transmission grid has been the backbone of the electric power industry. With the integration of new generation sources and smart grid technologies, as well as the affects of evolving technologies into this aging infrastructure, there are more demands facing the grid than ever before. For decades, Black & Veatch has provided our clients with creative solutions needed to overcome these complex and ever increasing challenges. With Power Delivery offices nationwide, we have the local resources to quickly respond to our clients' needs. Black & Veatch provides enhanced coordination and communication, as well as a thorough knowledge of regional challenges, enabling us to tailor innovative and cost effective solutions. Our clients rely on us to provide services for every step of the project life cycle From project development, to engineering, through construction and asset management. We offer both union and open-shop construction solutions as well as construction management services, all while maintaining an industry-leading safety record. Black & Veatch's Power Delivery expertise is extensive. We provide and implement creative ideas to ensure reliability and meet cost and schedule requirements for overhead and underground transmission lines, as well as gas and air insulated substations. We have successfully completed HVDC, SVC, voltage and VAR projects, performed power systems studies and support the integration of renewable energy and smart grid technologies. At Black & Veatch, we maximize our clients' resources with our comprehensive project and program management solutions. The success of our projects is the result of our close working relationships with our clients. We strive to be a trusted partner, customizing our solutions and service offerings to each client's unique needs. Black & Veatch's experience is broad and varied. As an industry leader, we are consistently ranked among the highest for Transmission and Distribution in Engineering News Record's publications. We have the expertise to provide our clients with the results they need time and again.
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Utility Asset Management Visualization
The process of perfoming GAP analysis for Utilities by geospatially visualizing physical assets through data fusing of GIS, 3D CAD, and Structured and Structured Asset Intelligence
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EAM and Industry 4.0: managing assets and maintenance processes using IBM Maximo
Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are primary topics in the Asset Management and Maintenance landscape. New technologies offer great opportunities to improve manufacturing and maintenance processes, but the introduction of predictive or prescriptive analysis techniques requires a sound basis of traditional asset and maintenance processes management. IBM® Maximo® is the world’s leading EAM solution and is the system that most effectively allows strengthening the basis of traditional asset and maintenance processes management and can extend functionalities to the IoT, prescriptive maintenance, BIM, etc. In this webinar, we will explore the Maintenance Maturity Model of the manufacturing maintenance processes and how it is possible to manage them using IBM technology, including real examples from companies we worked with during our many years of experience as an IBM Business Partner. The webinar is in Italian.
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Insight to Asset Management - Next steps for ISO 55000
ISO 55000 is a living standard that’s reviewed and revised based on user feedback. Rhys Davies, Chairmen PC251 ISO 55000 Standard, details the next steps for the asset management standard and the plans to make it even more helpful to manufacturers. Learn more at http://bit.ly/22lfGNw Produced by: Tetra Pak Recorded at IMC-2015 The 30th International Maintenance Conference Courtesy of Reliabilityweb.com
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IBM Maximo Asset Management
Saiba como o IBM Maximo Asset Management pode ajudar a maximizar o tempo de atividade, impulsionar o desempenho operacional e acelerar a transformação em suas práticas de gerenciamento de ativos.
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Mbulelo Kibido, General Manager – Transmission Grid Planning, Eskom
Mbulelo Kibido, General Manager – Transmission Grid Planning, Eskom at African Utility Week 2015 For more interviews visit: http://goo.gl/33Gi7d
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Maximo Compatible Unit Estimating (CUE) Overview
Compatible unit estimating (CUE) is a fundamental component in a utility transmission and distribution work management process.  CUEs can be used to calculate the cost of work, determine the labor hours and the bill of materials needed to perform a specific or a work package. TRM Sr. Maximo Consultant, Ryan Adams, will demonstrate how CUEs work within Maximo and give you some tips on how to set up and implement, and some expert advice on avoiding CUE challenges.
EirGrid CEO Fintan Slye on the draft Grid Development Strategy
On 27 March EirGrid published Your Grid, Your Views, Your Tomorrow, a new, draft strategy for the development of Ireland‟s transmission grid. The strategy, on which EirGrid is seeking public feedback, is shaped by three key pillars; open engagement with communities, making the most of new technologies and a commitment to make the existing grid work harder before building new transmission infrastructure. Speaking at this morning‟s launch, EirGrid Chief Executive, Fintan Slye said, “We published Grid25 in 2008 based on the economic information and growth forecasts available at that time.As we all know, Ireland has withstood significant challenges in the intervening period. As a state company, our job is to work on behalf of all citizens to ensure a secure, affordable and sustainable electricity supply. This draft strategy is the latest review of our approach to ensure the needs and drivers for investment remain and we deliver the best solutions for the people of Ireland. “We committed last year, to be open with people and find out what it is they want from this most critical of infrastructure. We are now asking people to give us their views on our draft strategy.” The draft strategy, available at www.eirgrid.com/yourgridyourviews, also supports Ireland‟s energy, economic and social policy objectives, including the Government‟s Action Plan for Jobs and the IDA‟s Regional Development Strategy. The Review shows that the need for new infrastructure remains even though changed economic circumstances have resulted in reduced demand forecasts for 2025 and beyond. Taking these elements into account, a number of additional options have emerged for some of EirGrid‟s major projects (see note to editors). The ultimate cost of the programme is anticipated to be in the range of €2.7bn to €3.9bn, depending on which options are selected. The last review in 2011 estimated a cost of €3.2bn based on plans at that time. EirGrid CEO Fintan Slye concluded, “EirGrid must ensure the necessary grid is in place to ensure that Ireland remain competitive – fostering economic growth, attracting new investments, and supporting indigenous jobs. It must do this without placing too great a burden on communities, or too high a cost on industry. When we have received people‟s feedback we will submit this draft to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources for its consideration before publishing the final strategy later this year.” The draft strategy is available at www.eirgrid.com/yourgridyourviews
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IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights demo
Jim Crosskey shows the capability of this Maximo add-on product which uses IoT and helps improve reliability and optimize maintenance and replacement costs.
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GSEP webinar: "AEP's BOLD™ Transmission Technology"
This webinar was hosted by the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) and American Electric Power (AEP). In this webinar, Evan Wilcox, President of BOLD LLC, an AEP company and Director of AEP Transmission Planning, presents AEP's BOLD™ Transmission Technology. For more information about the GSEP: http://www.globalelectricity.org/en/ For more information about AEP: https://www.aep.com/
Robots Used on GIS and Asset Management System Project
Robots recently played a role in HRG's multi-phase project to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) and Asset Management System to inventory, manage, maintain, and analyze Capital Region Water's (Harrisburg, PA) infrastructure. This video was produced by WHP-TV CBS 21.
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Asset Management using Smap Survey
Smap Survey can be used to update collected data as well as complete new surveys. All you need is a unique key to the existing data. In this video, assets consisting of cables, trenches and pits have been published on a map (using MapBox's TileMill). The name assigned to each pit is included with the map tiles so that when you select a pit the name can be passed to Smap as the "unique key". Additional data is then collected using the Smap Webform tool that runs in a browser. The collected data is analysed on the Smap server.
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DynamicMetrix® Data Visualization Software Demo
DynamicMetrix® is a sophisticated web-based monitoring solution for power generation, transmission and distribution assets. Watch this demo video to see the wide capabilities of this system. Visit https://www.dynamicratings.com/products/dashboard-solutions/ for more information. Using this software, we help utilities collect and use condition-based monitoring information on their high voltage electrical equipment to improve their business performance.
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IBM Enterprise Asset Management
Managers face mounting pressures to maintain ROI on assets through their entire lifecycle, while easing teh brden of regulatory and compliance risk.
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Network Connection Codes - Realising the Energy Transition
Dr Gerald Kaendler, Head of Asset Management, Amprion GmbH & Convenor of the ENTSO-E Working Group on European Planning Standards