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blood pressure with coconut oil
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Reduce high blood pressure naturally |  Blood pressure and coconut water | Hypertension
Coconut water is a clear, light, liquid that is quite refreshing. Extracted from young, green coconuts that have not reached maturity, coconut water is actually comprised of about 95% water content. Essential B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements (such as zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, and manganese). The 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium). Cytokinins, which are plant hormones that can fight against cancer and aging. Amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Perhaps the most compelling reason to drink coconut water is the fact that it reduced blood pressure in 71% of those who drank it. Hypertension can lead to stroke, myocardial infraction, heart failure, and much more. Beyond that, it is a leading cause of chronic kidney failure. Diet Table - TIPS IN A MINUTE Diet Table gives Natural home remedies and tips utilizing natural ingredients to cure and prevent any ailment. Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/DietTable Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/dietintable/ Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/TableDiet Disclaimer: The information provided by Diet Table channel are for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. Before starting a new diet always seek the advice of your physician. If you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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It's all around the internet. Coconut has many health benefits. From the leaves down to it's roots, coconut is indeed a miracle tree. Besides coconut oil, did you know that its refreshing water is very beneficial as well? Coconut water is a very trendy drink, popping up in many grocery and health food stores. More and more companies are coming up with different bottled coconut water, claiming that it can do wonders for our health. Coconut water is packed with nutrients that yield an array of health benefits. It is 95% water and is extracted from young coconuts. There is usually some soft meat on the inside walls of the coconut which you can happily spoon out and enjoy the jelly-like treat. Here are few benefits of drinking coconut water: 1. Prevents dehydration Coconut water is great for rehydration It’s also ecological and a good alternative to bottled water, especially in places where you can’t drink tap water. It can be a particularly suitable drink after you’ve done some strenuous exercise. 2. Fuels the brain and muscles Coconut water contains 295 mg of potassium, which means that one cup of this tropical drink regulates heartbeat and muscle function. The electrolytes facilitate nervous system functioning and nerve transmission as well as better cognitive functioning. 3. Anti-aging There's a reason why coconut been dubbed ‘the secret fountain of youth’. It contains a group of plant hormones called cytokinins, which are involved in the growth, development and aging of a plant. They prevent cells from undergoing degenerative changes. 4. Aids Digestion Coconut water is a digestive tonic. It has been used to treat different tropical ailments, including stomach flu, dysentery, constipation and parasites. It helps with food absorption and improves digestion via its bio active enzymes. 5. Benefits the heart and urinary tract High levels of potassium in coconut water help prevent heart attacks and lower blood pressure. 71 percent of people who regularly drank coconut water, reduced their blood pressure through this practice. Coconut water can also help with kidney stones and is a diuretic. 6. Improves blood circulation Coconut water can strengthens the heart, reduces bad cholesterol levels, and prevents blood clot formation. This lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, coconut water is so similar to blood plasma in its chemical makeup it can help save lives. Although coconut water is very good for you, you don’t want to be overdoing it. In moderation, coconut water should help you stay healthy, young and fit.
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Coconut Water Nutrition Benefits - Reduces Blood Pressure - Nutrition Tips - Health
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High Blood Pressure & Coconut Oil
Skin Body Face Products : https://goo.gl/esZVuD High Blood Pressure & Coconut Oil
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Was Coconut Water Really Used for Blood Transfusions #723
http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com - In this episode, Elaine Wilkes and I discuss coconuts, fungicides, and health myths... If you ever eat coconuts, you'll want to listen to this one. Elaine also shares information about a unique type of brainstorming some companies are doing to help their teams come up with new ideas. Take a look...
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Eat Honey Mixed With Coconut Oil Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!
Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Recipes4Health: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bZhXBHIb51n1fE3VWPmcQ/videos To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: http://www.benefitsoffood.blogspot.com For health conscious individuals, honey and coconut oil have long be used for their health promoting abilities and medicinal properties. Both foods have great healing benefits for our bodies, as well as unique and potent compounds. Even more, when combined and consumed together, these health benefits are enhanced, making this mixture incredibly beneficial for our overall health. Lets discuss some reasons why you may want to consume honey and coconut oil consistently. 1. First, honey mixed with coconut oil can help to improve our overall heart health a number of different ways. Coconut oil is especially helpful in lowering the risks of heart disease and reducing high blood pressure. The natural saturated fats in coconut oil can help to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, while also increasing good HDL cholesterol. It can also benefit the heart by lowering high triglyceride levels. Honey is also very heart healthy. Its unique and powerful antioxidant compounds have been shown to lower blood pressure while also reducing both total and LDL cholesterol levels. Like coconut oil, it can also significantly raise HDL cholesterol while reducing heart disease risk factors. 2. This mixture is also an incredible antioxidant powerhouse, and is loaded with many different types of health promoting antioxidants. Studies have shown that regular consumption of raw honey can raise antioxidants in the body, promoting of overall health. Honey contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols as well as flavonoids such as pinocembrin. Coconut oil is also incredibly rich in antioxidants, especially organic virgin varieties. This allows honey and coconut oil to treat arthritis symptoms and help reduce inflammation through out the entire body. 3. Consuming honey and coconut oil can also help to boost and increase energy naturally. Raw honey is a great source of natural sugars as well as water, which is important for hydration. Honey provides our bodies with an easily absorbed supply of energy which comes in the form of liver glycogen. In fact, honey is so beneficial for its energy boosting properties, research has shown that it is one of the best carbohydrate choices before performing exercise. It also contains energy boosting nutrients as well. Coconut oil can also improve energy and endurance. It is easy to digest and can be used directly by the liver and converted into energy quickly. 4. This mixture also has tremendous healing and antibacterial effects for our bodies. Honey has been used to treat minor wounds and burns. These incredible healing powers of raw honey come from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which allows it to heal and nourish tissue. Coconut oil is also well known for its amazing antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. As well, it contain lauric acid, which can help reduce candida and bad bacteria. These qualities of honey and coconut oil make it helpful with fighting fungi, viruses and other toxins in the body while also boosting our immunity. 5. Lastly, consuming a mixture of raw honey and coconut oil can help to promote healthy weight management, and even weight loss. Research suggests that using honey instead of sugar can help lower blood sugar and even help lower serum triglyceride levels. As well, raw honey has been found to activate hormones which can help suppress appetite and prevent overeating. Coconut oil can also help with weight management. It can help promote proper and healthy thyroid function as well as increase the body’s metabolic rate, allowing us to burn more calories throughout the day. Just be sure to consume this mixture in moderation. You can make this mixture at home quite easily. Just add 1 teaspoon of raw honey and combine it with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. A little bit of each ingredient will go a long way in promoting your overall health, especially if you are consuming it regularly. Thank you for watching the video! Please like, comment and share. If you would like to hear about more healthy foods, and food and beauty tips, please subscribe to the channel. Have a GREAT and HEALTHY day! DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.
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🎓 Beating high blood pressure with coconut oil and exercise
- Either coconut oil supplementation or exercise training was shown to reduce blood pressure. However, only combined coconut oil and exercise training were able to bring the pressure back to normotensive values. The reduction in blood pressure caused by the combination of coconut oil supplementation and exercise training might be explained by the improvement of the reduced baroreflex sensitivity and by the reduction in oxidative stress in the serum, heart and aorta. * Coconut oil supplementation and physical exercise improves baroreflex sensitivity and oxidative stress in hypertensive rats Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 10.1139/apnm-2014-0351 - http://healthresearchreport.me/2015/02/10/beating-high-blood-pressure-with-a-combination-of-coconut-oil-and-physical-exercise/
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How to Overcome High Blood Pressure Naturally
For more info: https://draxe.com/natural-ways-to-lower-blood-pressure/ Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top foods and supplements for overcoming high blood pressure. Blood pressure can be easily balanced out if you follow the steps in this video. High blood pressure is usually caused from excess sodium consumption, increased stress, or poor diet and exercise. There are three specific nutrients you want to get in your diet if you have high blood pressure: 1. Potassium 2. Antioxidants 3. Omega-3 fatty acids 4. Bonus=Magnesium Foods you want to avoid: 1. Excess sodium 2. Processed sugar The best supplements to naturally treat high blood pressure: 1. Fish oil 2. Magnesium 3. Coenzyme Q10 4. Garlic Essential oils to use are: 1. Lavender essential oil Lastly, make sure you’re exercising 20-30 minutes, three times a week. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to naturally lowering your blood pressure. For more information on blood pressure, you can check out this article: http://draxe.com/natural-remedies-high-blood-pressure/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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Eat 1 Spoon Of Coconut Oil Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!
Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Recipes4Health: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bZhXBHIb51n1fE3VWPmcQ/videos To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: http://www.benefitsoffood.blogspot.com It is often recommended that we stay away from fats if we want to improve the overall health of our bodies and live a more healthy life. When we think of dietary fats, we often connect them to weight gain, a decrease in heart health and other health complications. To be certain, saturated fats, trans fats and other fats can be detrimental to our health, especially when consumed in high amounts. There are other fats however, when consumed in moderation, that can greatly improve our overall health and provide numerous health benefits for us that other dietary sources cannot. One great fat source for our health is coconut oil, a known superfood. Coconut oil provides numerous health benefits, and these benefits have been well researched and discussed in many studies. Lets discuss some of the health benefits that coconut oil can provide when it is consumed regularly. 1. First, coconut oil can help to boost our immune system and immunity. This is due to is tremendous antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The lauric acid found in coconut oil works to reduce candida, while also fighting unwanted bacteria and different viruses. Also, the antibacterial properties it contains makes it harder for viruses to thrive, which has the benefit of boosting our immunity. 2. It can also help to improve digestion. This is achieved since coconut oil can help our bodies to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, including magnesium and calcium. Gut health is also improved since it can destroy bad bacteria while improving good bacteria. This can be beneficial for those individuals who are struggling with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or stomach ulcers. As well, the saturated fats found in this healthy oil have antimicrobial properties, which can help deal with different fungi and parasites that can lead to indigestion. Digestion is also improved as the absorption of nutrients and amino acids is increased. 3. Consuming coconut oil can also have tremendous benefits for our skin. It is used as an effective face cleanser and moisturizer. This can allow your skin to look more radiant and appear less dry while dos preventing dryness and flaking. When applied topically, it can also be effecting in treating various skin problems and ailments, including eczema, psoriases and less complication skin infections. The high amount of antioxidants found in coconut oil means that it can benefit the skin when consumed as well. These antioxidants can prevent and delay the appearance of wrinkles and age-spots. 4. Another benefits of consuming coconut oil is that it can help with weight loss. As studies have shown, the short and medium-chain fatty acids it contains can help to lose excessive weight since it can boost the body’s metabolic rate by boosting the function of the pancreas. This allows for more calories to be burnt through out the day and lead to greater weight loss. As well, these fats are digested and converted into energy more easily then other fats or dietary sources. 5. Coconut oil is great for our heart and overall cardiovascular health. Coconut oil contains a good amount of natural saturated fats. These fats differ from other saturated fats however in the fact that they are are medium-chain fatty acids consisting of different types of healthy fatty acids. These fats in coconut oil are processed differently from long-chain fatty acids from plant-based sources, and are more quickly digested and turned into energy. As well, these natural saturated fats can help to increase “good” HDL cholesterol in the body, while also converting “bad” LDL cholesterol into good cholesterols. This lowers the risk of heart disease and promotes overall heart health. If that wasn’t enough, coconut oil can also lower high triglyceride levels and decrease high blood pressure. 6. Lastly, consuming coconut oil consistently can be beneficial for those individuals who struggle with type 2 diabetes. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can help to balance the insulin reaction in our cells and promote healthy digestion. This again will promote the health of our pancreas and decrease the amount of strain put on it while giving the body a consistent energy source not dependent on glucose reactions. This has the benefit of preventing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.
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Is coconut water good for high blood pressure
Is coconut water good for high blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Is coconut water good for high blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
Coconut water Nutrition Benefits- Reduce Blood Pressure
In most tropical countries with long coastlines where coconut palms grow in abundance, coconut water has always been used as a refreshing drink and a health enhancer. The people of the Pacific Islands respect the coconut and use all of its parts for food and medicine. It is only recently that this humble natural beverage has started receiving the attention it clearly deserves in North America. If you are not familiar with this drink, coconut water is the nearly colorless liquid contained within a coconut. Although it used to be referred to as the milk of coconut, or coconut milk, earlier, it is not to be confused with the white milky liquid extracted from coconut meat.
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Is coconut oil good for high blood pressure
Is coconut oil good for high blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Is coconut oil good for high blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
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Can coconut water lower your blood pressure
Can coconut water lower your blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Can coconut water lower your blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally
For more info: https://draxe.com/natural-ways-to-lower-blood-pressure/?utm_campaign=Youtube-Mar-2015&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=bloodpressure In this video I’m going to share with you the top ways to lower blood pressure naturally. There are millions of people around the world who are struggling with high blood pressure. Here are my top five remedies: 1. Consume a Mediterranean-like diet (fruits, veggies, seafood, health omega-3 rich fats) 2. Take a fish oil supplement (1000mg daily) 3. Take a magnesium supplement (500 mg daily) 4. Take a potassium supplement or consume potassium-rich foods (coconut water or bananas) 5. Take Coenzyme Q10 Following these tips will have you well on your way to naturally lowering your blood pressure! *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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Enhanced VCO - Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure  & Strokes Prevention
Enhanced VCO - Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits, Heart Disease & Strokes Prevention http://enhancedvco.com/ The Healthiest Dietary Oils On Earth! “Discover The Secrets Behind This Inexpensive Superfood That Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Hardening Of Arteries, Improve Digestion, Strengthen Your Immune System and Even Help You To Lose Weight Without The Nasty Side Effects Of Drugs!” http://enhancedvco.com/ lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyQPQ3S5fy8 chw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyQPQ3S5fy8
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Coconut Water Nutrition Benefits Reduces Blood Pressure - Nutrition Tips - Health Tips
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Coconut Water Keeps Blood Pressure Under Control During Pregnancy- How Much To Consume
Though there is no denying the fact that coconut water a health powerhouse, let us take you through benefits, side effects of and bust myths on drinking tender during pregnancy many doctors encourage pregnant women to drink. There is some evidence that coconut water may help build up immunity, improve kidney function, prevent urinary tract infections (uti) and lower high blood pressure, but more research needed before we can say for. Coconut water can drinking too much be dangerous? University benefits of coconut during pregnancy that we bet you didn how is useful pregnancy? Stylecraze. Health benefits of coconut water for pregnant women youqueen. Less calories it is low in and contains some 31 jul 2017 coconut water one such food type that provides many health benefits necessary to be consumed during pregnancy. This begs the question if it is safe during pregnancy? Momjunction tells you 11 aug 2016 know facts, benefits and precautions pf consuming coconut water in pregnancy. May lower blood pressure coconut water can your pressure, but if you are already on medications for high do check with doctor whether is an ideal choice of drink 16 mar 2016 consumed during pregnancy has various health benefits, including immunity booster, fights heartburn and constipation, effective natural diuretic, dehydration exhaustion, when body gets a supply the right amount electrolytes, remains in control 17 jun protect against infections evidences have shown that helps to build up immunity, improves function kidney, prevents urinary tract (uti) as well lowering levels. Being health benefits of coconut water during pregnancy. In addition, since it is zero calorie, will keep her fit and baby developing 2 nov 2017 hence, this natural, sterile drink safe for consumption during pregnancy; It helps in strengthening the immune system, fighting preventing infectious illnesses thus, to regulate control cholesterol, blood sugar pressure levels body also improves circulation 19 sep 'she put lime coconut, she called doctor, woke him up said, ain't there nothin' i can take say, relieve bellyache? ' studies have shown that coconut water reduce risk of heart attacks, lower pressure, hypertension (1). Coconut water is particularly good for pregnant womencoconut contains potassium and magnesium, which help to keep blood pressure levels in check. What are the benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy. Coconut water & blood pressure 12 amazing benefits of drinking coconut during pregnancy. This is often fertile ground for those out to make a quick buck with the latest fad, but in case of coconut water, preliminary 25 sep 2017 water an energizing, sweet, and clear isotonic drink which helps your body replenishing lost fluids. What will happen if i drink coconut water daily? Quora. Parenting 8 essential benefits of coconut water during pregnancy. Doctors often recommend coconut water during pregnancy as it helps fight constipation, heart burn and slow digestion 22 oct 2015 is
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11 Health Benefits of Coconut Milk
Get the Coconut Lovers Magazine for iPad & iPhone now - https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=909943999&mt=8 Visit: http://www.coconutloversmag.com/ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thecoconutlifestyle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coconutloversmag Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/coconutlovermag Instagram: http://instagram.com/coconutloversmag Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/coconutlovermag 11 Health Benefits of Coconut Milk - Strengthens Bones -Treats Arthritis -Lowers Cholesterol -Aids in Weight Loss -Builds Immune System -Has Anti-Aging Benefits -Reduces the Risk of Anemia -Relaxes Muscles -Reduces Inflammation -Balances Blood Sugar Levels -Lowers Blood Pressure How do you use Coconut milk in your daily life?
If You Are pregnant, This is What Will Happened if you Eat Coconut Foods!
If You Are pregnant, This is What Will Happened if you Eat Coconut Foods! Yes, it very safe to drink coconut water in any form such as solid form , coconut oil, tender coconut, ripe coconut, coconut water, etc are all very beneficial to be had during pregnancy. Coconut can be safely consumed during the 9 months of pregnancy. Your body best to absorb of its benefits only when you consume fresh coconuts as it begins fermenting when left open and exposed to air. It contains rich vitamins and minerals of • Calories of 46 • Sodium of 252mg • Potassium of 600mg • Carbohydrates of 8.9grams • Dietary fiber of 2.6grams • Sugars of 6.26grams • Calcium of 6% Here You Find the 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Coconut While Pregnant 1. Healthy Brain Growth Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids are important for your baby’s brain growth and enhances the health, growth, and proper nourishment of the unborn baby., which is very rapid in the final weeks of pregnancy and continue all over the first 2 years of baby’s life. 2. Longer Lasting Energy Coconut oil is digested in unique way. It can provide energy fast and easily when you are suffering from dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion after some workout. 3. Balanced Blood Sugar Since coconut does not contain sugar thus will not cause sugar crash, it leads to more balanced blood sugar to prevent from diabetes condition. 4. Less Morning Sickness By eating more coconut means less sugar, it provides a longer-lasting energy also importantly they balanced blood sugar can reduce from morning sickness condition for many pregnant women, It is known to possess cooling properties, which ward off conditions like bilious fever and vomiting. 5. Balanced Weight Gain Apparently, for most pregnant women are going to gain weight, but for really obese women, please talk to your care provider about diet that is healthiest for you. Most pregnant women want to avoid are excess or unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy. They can benefits by using coconut to keep their body balanced and reduce from unhealthy abdominal fat. This helps to promote good weight gain, instead of extra unhealthy belly fat you’ll have to lose later. 6. Avoid Yeast Infections Coconut is rich in natural substance, called lauric acid, that helps to remove candida albicans (the causes of yeast infections). The benefits works by removing your body of systemic yeast and can help you to prevent from yeast infections, especially during pregnancy. 7. Better Hormone Balance Main benefits in coconut with its rich amino acids, vitamins and minerals helps to keep healthy balanced hormone also healthy thyroid function. This makes pregnancy a better experience, and better balance after baby’s born! 8. Improves Healthy Heart: Drinking coconut water promotes the levels of potassium, magnesium, and lauric acid, that help in regulating blood pressure. It also increase good cholesterol level and fight from bad cholesterol. Its rich content of vitamins, essential proteins and electrolytes assist in regulating sugar levels, blood pressure levels and stimulate circulation. Drink a glass of coconut water every day is very useful because during final trimester when there is brewing tension of labor can actually increase your blood pressure. 9. Relieves Heartburn and Constipation Hormonal fluctuates during pregnancy can cause problems such as heartburn, constipation, and indigestion. The rich dietary fiber strengthens digestive system thus ease digestion, regulates pH levels, and prevents constipation. Coconut water is also known as natural acid neutralizer and therefore prevents heartburn. 10. Improves Amniotic Fluid Levels Drinking coconut water promote overall environment of your growing fetus especially consumed in the third-trimester boosts the amniotic fluid levels and enhances blood volume and circulation. Pregnant women naturally have a slightly blocked immune system. Coconut oil thus defends from the bad germs to ensure you stay healthier naturally. Coconuts products can be in various forms, but best is fresh coconut are just Plain Delicious while packed with all of these benefits, so pregnant mom, please enjoy them during pregnancy! https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sleeping_baby_in_crib.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin_(medication)#/media/File:Suckale08_fig3_glucose_insulin_day.png https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/16067780737 https://www.flickr.com/photos/crossfitpaleodietfitnessclasses/8206430149 https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevygee/3333942627 https://www.flickr.com/photos/tipstimesadmin/11375927706 https://www.flickr.com/photos/48072865@N03/4404740579 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yeast_Infection.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Amniotic_fluid_embolism.png https://www.flickr.com/photos/loosepunctuation/949757689 https://www.army.mil/article/161876 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:GERD.png
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Coconut Water Found To Lower Blood Pressure By As Much As 71% In Study Participants
Coconut Water Found To Lower Blood Pressure By As Much As 71% In Study Participants ===================================================== Thanks for watching. if you like the video please subscribe my you tube channel and give a thumbs up and share it with friends and family. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Our channel https://tinyurl.com/ltn9cc5 Follow Me on Facebook https://tinyurl.com/msjdjy9 ====================================================
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Coconut water is a home remedy for high blood pressure /ब्लड प्रेशर का घरेलु उपचार है नारियल पानी
ब्लड प्रेशर का घरेलु उपचार है नारियल पानी/Coconut water is a home remedy for high blood pressure video link:- https://youtu.be/J846AI7KAkA channel link :-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzSPtyMBVjzdqtt12ZAWVmA Follow us on facebook😁
7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water | Healthy Food | Healthy Eating
http://serious-fitness-programs.com/weightloss Follow Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSeriousfitness Get your coconut water today! http://amzn.to/2oC8zpd http://amzn.to/2oBV0pS http://amzn.to/2oZSYfI We don’t know all benefits of drinking coconut water, but we know they are vast. This nutritious beverage can keep the body hydrated, eliminate aches, and treat digestion issues. Famous people sometimes swear by the benefits coconut water brings, and a variety of professional athletes drink it to enhance their performance off and on the field. It’s one of the few organic beverages that can offer your body an abundance of advantages. Continue watching this video to learn 7 positive benefits of coconut water has on the body. Aids in Weight Loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, coconut water is just what you need, as it’s easy on the stomach and low in calories. This refreshing and light beverage is comprised of bioactive enzymes that enhance fat metabolism and aid with digestion. Also, coconut water is high in potassium, balancing out the level of sodium you consume. Too much sodium in the body can result in water retention, and in turn, an increase in water weight. As such, coconut water aids in purging extra water and toxins from the body. You may consume an 8-ounce glass 3 to 4 times weekly to expedite your weight loss goals. Low In Calories. There are 46 calories in a cup of coconut water, along with several essential nutrients. It is a smart choice in comparison to processed drinks, which are full of added flavor and sugar, both of which will only result in weight gain. Water does not contain the organic electrolytes found in coconut water. By drinking coconut water, you’ll remain hydrated and lose weight in the process via a reduced consumption of calories. Hydrate Your Body. Coconut water will keep you hydrated and healthy. Upon drinking it, you’ll feel fuller and won’t get hungry for at least 30 minutes after you drink it. Lowers Blood-Pressure. To keep the right amount of electrolytes in the body, coconut water regulates your blood pressure, acting as a balancing mechanism of sorts. Controls Cholesterol Levels. Coconut water regulates the cardiovascular system by elevating healthy cholesterol level and decreasing bad levels of it in your blood. Encourages Cell Regulation and Growth. Coconut water is an anti-aging fruit. It’s comprised of lauric acid and cytokines, which are necessary for cell regulation and growth. Helps with Migraines. Coconut water can prevent migraines from happening and helps to get rid of them via the magnesium it contains. Drinking organic sources of magnesium can be somewhat complicated, but coconut water allows you to get more magnesium into your body in a simple and delicious way. Try to consume a few cups of coconut water weekly at the very least. Doing so will hydrate your body, keep healthy sodium levels balanced, and provide you with vital minerals like magnesium and potassium. You’ll get an abundance of benefits from this nutritious beverage by drinking it regularly. Music: Happy Whistling - PaBlikMM licensed from audiojungle https://goo.gl/K3skc7
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Can coconut oil raise your blood pressure
Can coconut oil raise your blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Can coconut oil raise your blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
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The Miracle Healing of Beet Juice for High Blood Pressure and Your Heart - Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C.
Medical research has shown that beet juice can naturally help many diseases of the body. Make sure you like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motivationaldoc/
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Eat Apple Cider Vinegar Mixed With Coconut Oil Every Day, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!
Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Recipes4Health: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bZhXBHIb51n1fE3VWPmcQ/videos To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: http://www.benefitsoffood.blogspot.com 1. First, consuming this mixture can help those individuals who are suffering from diabetes or who are at risk of developing this disease. Apple cider vinegar is well known for naturally lowering blood sugar levels and fighting diabetes. It has been shown in studies to have many different benefits for both blood sugar levels and insulin function. Apple cider vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity, insulin responses and even help to lower blood glucose. This is what makes this vinegar useful for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The fatty acids in coconut oil can also help to balance insulin reactions in our cells while also improving glucose reaction. This can help to prevent unwanted insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. 2. Consuming apple cider vinegar and coconut oil can also help with weight loss and work as a weight loss aid. Apple cider vinegar can help to promote satiety by helping to balance insulin levels and lowering glucose levels. This can help to make you feel more full during the day and prevent overeating or snacking. Coconut oil is also great for weight loss a number of different ways which have been backed by studies. Consuming this healthy, no-carb oil can help with burning more calories during the day and decrease appetite. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have been found to have fat-burning abilities. As well, it contains capric acid which can help with thyroid function and also burn fat. Of course, this mixture with help enhance weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise. 3. Consuming this mixture can also improve our overall heart health a number of different ways. Both ingredients offer incredible heart health benefits. Apple cider vinegar can help to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol in the body and also unwanted triglyceride levels, both of which but us at risk for cardiovascular disease. Also, this vinegar contains a powerful and potent antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid. This healthy antioxidant has been shown to protect us from LDL cholesterol becoming oxidized, which can lead to heart disease. It may even help to reduce blood pressure. Coconut oil is also very healthy for our heart. It can help to increase “good” HDL cholesterol levels in the body, while also converting LDL cholesterol into good cholesterol. If that wasn’t enough, consuming coconut oil consistently can also help to lower high triglyceride levels and lower the risk of heart disease. 4. Consuming apple cider vinegar and coconut oil together will also provide tremendous anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Apple cider vinegar has demonstrated that it can help to eliminate unwanted pathogens in the body, including numerous types of bacteria. This anti-bacterial function is often attributes to acetic acid, which is found in large quantities in apple cider vinegar. This acetic acid can help to eliminate bacteria in our bodies and prevent them from thriving. It is also a natural disinfectant and has been used to treat fungus and different infections, such as nail fungus and ear infections. Coconut oil also has many of these properties. it contains lauric acid, which can help to reduce bacteria in the body, reduce candida and prevent different viruses. Due to these amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral effects, eating apple cider vinegar and coconut oil can help to boost our immunity. 5. This mixture can also help to reduce inflammation throughout our entire body due to the amazing anti-inflammation properties of both apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Apple cider vinegar contains inflammation reducing acetic acid and antioxidants. As well, it can help to detoxify our bodies and bodily organs. Coconut oil is also well known for having high levels of antioxidants which can reduce inflammation as well as help treat symptoms of arthritis, such as pain, swelling and stiffness. It may also help to suppress inflammatory cells and work as a beneficial anti-inflammatory. For best results, try to use virgin coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar as this will be more pure and have a greater level of antioxidants. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.
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Can Coconut Oil Be Used For Treating High Blood Pressure?
Can Coconut Oil Be Used For Treating High Blood Pressure? There is one organ which causes high blood pressure (and it's not what you think!) and there are specific exercises you can use to target and fix your blood pressure easily. No diet, lifestyle changes or medication required: http://hibloodpressure.stream/ Answers from: June Stevens Because coconut oil is approximately 92 percent saturated fat and contains medium chain fatty acids, or Omega-3 fatty acids, it is believed to be better for lowering blood pressure than vegetable oils. The consumption of polyunsaturated fats, such as Omega-6 fatty acids like soybean and vegetable oils, causes your blood vessels to constrict. However, the Omega-3 fatty acids in coconut oil do not have the same effect. In fact, they widen your blood vessels and relieve inflammation of the arteries. Subscribe to our channel!
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Remedy for High Blood Pressure that works
Grandmother's tricks! Takes minutes to lower the blood pressure by the old method of placing feet in warm water and drinking the easy-made drink that involves 2 ingredients; easily obtained from a grocery store and one from your backyard trees, perhaps. Just buy any mineral water and squeeze one large lemon into the mineral water. This method has worked well for my grandmother's Hypertension for years. Also includes some tips of what foods to avoid, like sodium rich foods, canned foods that are either high in sodium or sugar, alcohol. Video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.
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Coconut Water Benefits
http://www.thebaldchef.net/healthy-food-and-life-style.php Sports Drinks Do They Hydrate? Coconut Water Benefits are many if you read up on the subject.Studies have shown that drinking coconut water directly lowers blood pressure in 71% of people.Coconut Water is a natural health drink, coconut water does not contain any preservatives, fats or cholesterol. ◦The pH of coconut water is isotonic with our blood. coconut water can be used as a plasma substitute in extreme emergencies. And it's a great way to hydrate your body without using energy drinks .
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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water - Health Tips
Coconut water is the juice found in the center of a young, green coconut. Coconut water has always been used as a refreshing drink and a health enhancer. Coconut water has been around for ages and is a natural source of essential minerals, vitamins and electrolytes like sodium and potassium. To reap the maximum health benefits, opt for fresh and pure coconut water over the bottled version. Here are 7 amazing health benefits of coconut water. Rehydrates the Body Its electrolyte composition, helps to rehydrate the body in case of dehydration. Lowers Blood Pressure High in potassium, helps lower blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of sodium. Improves Digestion Contains tannins, which are known to reduce inflammation and improves digestion. Maintains Heart Health Helps lower LDL and increase HDL levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. Promotes Weight Loss Coconut water helps flush out excess water as well as toxins from your body. Protects Liver Tender coconut water for its hepato-protective properties show that it is good for the liver. Relieves Hangovers Antioxidants helps fight oxidative stress caused by indulging in too much alcohol. Watch more: 21frames.in/dietingright Like us: facebook.com/VentunoYoga Subscribe: youtube.com/user/VentunoYoga Follow us: instagram.com/ventunoyoga Follow us: twitter.com/VentunoYoga A Ventuno Production http://www.ventunotech.com
5 Reasons To Drink A Glass Of Coconut Water Every Morning
Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Recipes4Health: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bZhXBHIb51n1fE3VWPmcQ/videos To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: http://www.benefitsoffood.blogspot.com Hydration is very important for those individuals who want to improve their health and live a healthy lifestyle. It can help keep us energized, lose weight and cleanse and flush out the body. Coconut water is becoming more popular today due to its amazing hydrating properties and its health promoting abilities. It also tastes great and is low in calories. Lets discuss some of the great reasons to consume a glass of coconut water regularly. 1. First, coconut water is a great way to increase the amount of vitamin, minerals and nutrients we are consuming. This includes good levels of important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin C and calcium. As well, just a single one cup serving offers about 3 grams of fibre and two grams of protein. 2. Consuming coconut water can also have benefits for those individuals with diabetes or who are at risk of developing the disease. Studies have shown that it can help to lower blood sugar levels when consumed regularly. Coconut water is also a great source of magnesium which can help to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels for those individuals with type 2 diabetes. 3. Coconut water can also help to cleanse and detoxify the entire body. This is often attributed to the good amount of antioxidants this drink contains. These antioxidant compounds and healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C found in coconut water help with the removal of free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of oxidative stress, damage to our cells and the risk of disease. It can also help with the elimination of toxins from the body and organs. 4. Drinking coconut water may also help to promote the overall health of our kidneys and prevent kidney stones. The antioxidant compounds and healthy vitamins and minerals help the kidneys to work efficiently. Even more, drinking enough fluids and being properly hydrated helps with kidney stone prevention. Studies have found that coconut water can prevent compounds from sticking to the kidneys and urinary tract while reducing compounds found in the urine that can cause kidney stones. 5. Lastly, drinking coconut water regularly can help to promote heart health and improve cardiovascular health. It has been shown to help reduce the risks associated with heart disease. Coconut water can help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood while also reducing blood pressure. Coconut water also contains many different nutrients that promote the overall health of our heart, such as potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants. Thank you for watching the video! Please like, comment and share. If you would like to heart about more healthy foods, and food and beauty tips, please subscribe to the channel. Have a GREAT and HEALTHY day! DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While we have tried to ensure that the information is sound and accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information in this video should not be substituted for professional medical advice and opinions. If you are experiencing any ailments, serious or otherwise, always seek professional medical treatment and advice.
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Is Tender Coconut Water Good For High Blood Pressure?
The health benefits this fruit offers are many. Amazingly, coconut water was found to lower the blood pressure of 71. Many health conscious athletes choose coconut one of the benefits water is control hypertension (high blood pressure). Background the incident of prehypertension in indonesia has started since young adulthood. 10 disadvantages of coconut water you should be aware of. 28 nov 2011 coconut water is not only delicious, but it could be a viable natural solution to lowering your blood pressure. It is because coconut water naturally enriched 6 dec 2014 if you really like the flavor, it can be a low calorie, sugar alternative to soda. Coconut water and cocoa on blood pressure. One of the risk factors prehypertension is low potassium intake. Coconut water can also boost the effectiveness of antihypertensive treatments 6 oct 2017 in human clinical trials, coconut has shown for total body rehydration and blood volume restoration after exercise, as a therapeutic moisturizer mild to moderate dry skin, treatment high pressure. Coconut water is particularly beneficial for lowering blood pressure. The daily intake of one or two glasses tender coconut water can be beneficial in controlling hypertension 31 dec 2012 people with high blood pressure must keep their bodies well hydrated. This natural drink indeed is an excellent source of potassium; You get over 600 mg this mineral from 11 oz 19 sep 2017 dubbed as the 'magic drink, 'nature's drink' etc. Cozier;Clendemic in black population globally and inbackground hypertension (high blood pressure)12 may 2016 high pressure also known as affects at last one four adults the uk. Lower your blood pressure with coconut water natural society. Drinking coconut water can lower blood pressure in people with prehypertension, as well those diagnosed high. All of these nutrients are linked to health benefits, including lowering high blood pressure. Coconut water & blood pressure can drinking coconut lower high pressure? Resperate. Coconut water is rich in potassium, electrolytes, and other important nutrients 30 jul 2016 add the fact that there a lot less sodium, you'll know why doctors all over world consider coconut better than sports drinkscoconut finds itself high on list of home remedies for blood pressure. Coconut water for high blood pressure lower your 3 fabulous coconut health benefits university news. Studies have shown that coconut water has been used as a refreshing natural beverage. Dietary intakes of high potassium will decrease blood pressure (bp). It is a good idea to drink eight 10 glasses of water daily. They also make coconut water an excellent way to hydrate your body without depleting vital minerals. [2] coconut water health benefits clearly exist, but so do risks. Livestrong livestrong 465036 coconut water blood pressure "imx0m" url? Q webcache. Oct 2017 the study in west indian medical journal reported that coconut water did have a definite effect on blood pressure, lowering systolic press
Who should not drink Tender Coconut Water ?
Who should not drink Tender Coconut Water ? - Tamil Health Tips Tender coconut water is a suitable drink for this summer season. Many people drink tender coconut water in the morning. We all know that tender coconut water water contains many nutrients and it gives us many health benefits. We are going to share who should not drink tender coconut water.. If you have food allergy don't drink tender coconut water.. Because sometimes it may aggravate the allergy problems. Tender coconut water is rich in vitamins and amino acids. It is rich in sodium and potassium than any other food item. Tender coconut water is recommended for Heart patients because they can get the necessary potassium from it. If they have kidney problem they should not drink tender coconut water as it may cause death. As tender coconut water is rich in carbohydrates and calories, diabetes patients should avoid taking it. It increases the blood sugar level and as it is rich in sodium it may increase blood pressure. There is more carbohydrates and calories, diabetes patients should avoid taking tender coconut water. It increases the blood sugar level and as it is rich in sodium it may increase blood pressure. Normally people take tender coconut water to reduce excess body heat. But some people have cool body naturally. It is better if such people avoid taking tender coconut water as it may result in fever and other health problems. Many people drink tender coconut water in the morning stating that it gives us many health benefits. But it is not true. The acid in tender coconut water causes ulcers in the stomach. But when taking in empty stomach, the minerals like potassium, glucose present in tender coconut water could not flush out and affects the kidney. Prolonged use can result in loss of appetite and cause Acid peptic disease in stomach. So stop if you have the habit of taking tender coconut water in empty stomach. Some people tell that tender coconut water is a suitable drink for sportsmen. But it is not a suitable drink for athletes. The reason for this is it contains less carbohydrates and more potassium. More Health Tips in Tamil Subscribe Our Channel : https://goo.gl/fNsNDP For More Tamil Health Tips : http://24tamil.com FB : https://www.facebook.com/24tamildotcom Twitter : https://twitter.com/24tamildotcom Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+24tamildotcom Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/24tamildotcom #24Tamil #TamilHealthTips
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Can coconut oil reduce high blood pressure
Can coconut oil reduce high blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Can coconut oil reduce high blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
Is Coconut Oil Bad for Your Cholesterol?
The reality is, cholesterol is not black and white.
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Top 10 Health Benefits of Coconut Water
Top 10 Health Benefits of Coconut Water For centuries, people from tropical regions have known about the amazing health benefits of tender coconut water, which comes from young green coconuts. Each nut contains about 200 to 1,000 milliliters (approximately 1 to 4 cups) of coconut water. It is a delicious and refreshing low-calorie natural beverage. Tender coconut water contains more nutrients than mature coconut water. It’s packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. 1. Rehydrates the Body Coconut water is an excellent thirst quencher to beat tropical summer thirst. Because of its electrolyte composition, coconut water is also used to rehydrate the body in case of dehydration and fluid loss due to diarrhea, vomiting or excessive sweating. A good source of carbohydrates, it also helps lift your energy level. 2. Lowers Blood Pressure Coconut water is considered good for controlling high blood pressure, thanks to its vitamin C, potassium and magnesium content. Potassium, in particular, helps lower blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of sodium. A study published in the West Indian Medical Journal in 2005 also found that coconut water helps control hypertension. 3. Heart Tonic Cholesterol- and fat-free tender coconut water offers cardioprotective benefits. It helps lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL or the ‘bad’ cholesterol) and increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL or the ‘good’ cholesterol) levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. 4. Relieves Hangovers Coconut water is also a great natural remedy for hangovers. Alcohol robs your body of hydration and this dehydration causes your morning-after booze blues. Coconut water replenishes the electrolytes in the body and boosts hydration, thus making you feel better. 5. Promotes Weight Loss Coconut water is an ideal drink for weight loss. It is low in calories and easy on the stomach. In fact, this light and refreshing drink contains various bioactive enzymes that aid digestion and boost fat metabolism. 6. Treats Headaches Most headaches, even migraines, are triggered by dehydration. In such cases, coconut water can be of great help in supplying electrolytes to the body and boosting hydration. 7. Balances pH Levels Stress, toxic load and a diet high in acid-forming foods, such as processed fast foods, often contribute to acidic pH levels that cause low energy and reduce the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. 8. Regulates Blood Sugar Coconut water contains amino acids and dietary fiber that help regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. 9. Natural Diuretic Coconut water acts as a natural diuretic. Thus, it promotes urine production and flow, cleansing your body of toxins. It also helps prevent problems like urinary tract infections. 10. Slows Down Aging Coconut water contains cytokinins that have anti-aging effects on cells and tissues. This reduces the risk of developing degenerative and age-related diseases. Warnings • Coconut water may not be suitable for those with nut allergies. • It may cause bloating and mild stomach upset in some people. • Do not drink coconut water for at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery as it may interfere with blood pressure control during and after surgery. • People with kidney dysfunction should consult their doctor before including coconut water in their health regimen. Source -http://www.top10homeremedies.com/news-facts/top-10-health-benefits-coconut-water.html
Coconut Water Benefits !!!!!!!!
Coconut water benefits are many. Here are some things to know about Coconut water. The liquid inside the coconut contains approximately 46 calories per cup, 10 grams of natural sugar, with little protein and it is fat free! It contains multiple vitamins, minerals, and phytochemcials that are ideal for human health. (1) The primary nutrient in coconut water is potassium. It contains approximately 600 mg (12% DV) making it a high electrolyte beverage. Coconut water also contains a small amount of sodium, about 40mg and up to 10% of your daily calcium and magnesium needs. (2) Electrolytes are critical to maintain blood volume, heart health, and well as to prevent dehydration. Maintaining electrolyte levels can help reduce fatigue, stress, and help maintain muscle relaxation. There has also been some interesting research regarding the cytokinin content of coconut water which in the future may show some anti-cancer properties. Cytokinins are naturally occurring plant hormones that may help reduce the growth of cancer cells, although more research is needed at this time. (3) With these nutrition benefits is coconut water good for you? The answer is yes! If you really like the flavor, it can be a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to soda. It is pretty refreshing to consume on a hot day, to help re-hydrate. Other health benefits of coconut water include: Lowered blood pressure Weight loss Increased athletic performance Boosted energy Lowered cholesterol Reduced cellulite Relax muscle tension 2. Lower blood pressure A 2005 study found that when subjects were given coconut water for two weeks, their systolic blood pressure was 71% lower and their diastolic blood pressure was 29% lower than those who drank plain water. The high potassium content of coconut water has led researchers to investigate the potential benefits for reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Potassium counteracts the effect of sodium in the body, helping lower blood pressure. Our bodies have an amazing natural ability to cleanse and detox on their own, if provided the correct nutrients hydrating coconut waterand hydration. Inadequate hydration leads to the build-up of toxins in our bodies because the liver and kidneys, the detoxifying organs, are unable to function properly without adequate water. Dehydration resulting from water or electrolyte loss leads to fatigue, irritability, confusion, and extreme thirst. These symptoms result from the inability for the kidney to adequately flush toxins out of the system. Adequate fluid intake, ideally 8-10 cups per day, can help prevent dehydration and maintain the body’s natural detoxification ability. Although water is great, during very hot weather or strenuous exercise, more than just plain water may be necessary. Coconut water contains a similar electrolyte profile to human blood, making it an ideal beverage to replace fluids and help remove toxins from the body. The electrolyte potassium, specifically, can help counteract some of the negative effects of a high sodium processed diet.
Is Coconut Water Good For Diabetes?
Is Coconut Water Good or Bad For Diabetes Download Diabetes Management Book: http://bit.ly/2g0NDAH Hello, I'm Ty Mason from TheDiabetesCouncil.com, researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I'm going to answer the question, is coconut water good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you download my free diabetes management book which also includes a diabetes grocery shopping guide (foods to eat and avoid) and other tips to better manage your blood sugar to avoid complications. Let me state right up front I am not a fan of the coconut. I have stated this before and my opinion hasn’t changed. One of my biggest fears in life would to be on one of those survivor type TV shows on an island with nothing but coconut to eat. I have never liked the taste or texture, even the smell makes me nauseous. So I would never even consider coconut water as a way to hydrate. But, as I always try my best to do, I went into the research for this video with an open mind. The nutritional breakdown of coconut water is interesting: 46 calories 0.5 grams of fat 9 grams of carbohydrate 3 grams of fiber 2 grams of protein 252 milligrams of sodium 600 milligrams of potassium Coconut water is a relatively low cal/low carb beverage. It also contains a fair amount of sodium and potassium as well as magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. Collectively, these minerals are known as electrolytes. Instead of sugary sports drinks, coconut water has become an all-natural way to replenish electrolytes for many athletes and those who work out regularly. But is it good for diabetes? Pure coconut water is sterile, thus it is safe. It contains very little in carbs but most of those carbs come from sugar. The GI of coconut water is 3, the glycemic load is zero. Therefore as little potential to raise your blood sugar. So yes, coconut water is good for diabetes. BUT, you must read labels on this one. If you choose to try coconut water make sure you are getting pure coconut water. 100% natural and 100% pure coconut water are not the same thing. Sugar is natural. So if a company decides to add sugar to the water to make it taste better, it is 100% natural, but not 100% pure coconut water. I hope this answered your question is coconut water good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes management book. Let me know if you have any other diabetes related questions.
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Top 10 Benefits of Coconut/Coconut Magic - Heals HIV | Improves Heart Health
Watch this Incredible benefits of Coconut/HIV Healing Power/No Risk of Heart Attack/AntiAgeing/Thyroid Function. Subscribe Us - https://www.youtube.com/c/CuriousKittle Coconut water fights against HIV Infections, Risk of Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Low BP, thyroid problem, Kidney stones, urinary infections, Liver problem, Alzheimer’s effect, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis, Obesity and overweight, immune deficiency, Ageing of skin, Intestinal disorders, Constipation, Dehydration, dysentery and piles. Coconut water, which considered as a cure for HIV, is cholesterol-free, And rich in fat and fiber, vitamins like C, A, E, and K, Foliates, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin, minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, selenium, zinc. Coconut water contains monolaurin, an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-prozoal monoglyceride, that is used to kill lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, Herpes, cytomegalovirus, flu and various pathogenic bacteria. It helps in keeping check over urinary infections. Coconut water is very effective in treating kidney and urethral stones. Reducing the risk of heart attack, it helps in controlling high blood pressure, and regulates blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity. Cytokinins present in coconut that has anti-ageing effects on cells and tissues. Coconut water is low in calories which makes its great for losing weight and reducing belly fat. Reducing risk of Alzheimer’s disease, coconut water helps in proper liver function, promotes self defense against rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Having anti-ageing and anti-toxin effects, coconut water helps in perfect handling of digestive disorders like indigestion, ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, dysentery and piles. Coconut water gives relief in dyspepsia, vomiting and bloating. Coconut water is a perfect drink for mother-to-be and pregnant women, natural remedy to relieve acidity, heartburn, constipation during pregnancy. Coconut water is similar to human plasma making it a fantastic sports drink. Coconut meat contains excellent levels of vitamins and minerals which relieves chronic fatigue and improve thyroid function and also restores the electrolyte balance. CuriousKittle: CuriousKittle striving to present informative HD videos on all intersting topics surrounding human, animals and nature with quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, observation, learning and entertainment. Disclaimer: This video is for informational, entertainment and educational purposes only, and is simply a collection of photos and information available in the public domain.
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Apple Cider Vinegar vs. Coconut Vinegar- Which is Healthier? Thomas DeLauer
Click Here to Subscribe: http://Bit.ly/ThomasVid Website: http://ThomasDeLauer.com Apple Cider Vinegar vs. Coconut Vinegar- Which is Healthier? Thomas DeLauer Similarities: Acetic Acid and Fat Loss- The main mechanism by which acetic acid intake suppresses body fat accumulation is believed to be due to the up-regulation of fatty acid oxidation. In one study, researchers analyzed for SREBP-1, an enzyme that regulates gene expression of lipogenic (fat manufacturing) enzymes and PPARalpha, a gene that regulates fatty acid oxidation, in the liver, where almost all acetate in the portal circulation is metabolized. Researchers found that PPARalpha gene expression in both the high and low-dose groups was significantly upregulated. Uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), which plays a role in thermogenesis (metabolizing fats to produce heat) was also elevated (2) Glycemic/Insulinemic: Acetic acid is able to reduce glycemic and insulinemic responses to foods, such as a starchy meal, by delaying gastric emptying. cetic acid has been shown to decrease the activities of a number of intestinal glucose transporters and disaccharidases (digestive enzymes that break down disaccharides into their two constituent sugars; sucrose, for example, is broken down into fructose and glucose by sucrase, a disaccharidase) In studies, acetic acid has been shown to inhibit sucrase activity and been shown to cause a decrease in maltase and almost a complete inhibition of trehalase and lactase. Moreover, acetic acid also inhibits the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) - ACE inhibitors have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects (3) Potassium: Coconut vinegar: 10,300mg/L ACV: 90mg/L Potassium and sodium both perform many of the same body functions, such as muscle contraction and fluid balance, however they do so in an opposing manner. Sodium draws fluid out of the cells, increasing blood pressure, while potassium draws fluid into the cells, decreasing blood pressure - regulate blood flow and control the level of fluid inside and outside cells which maintains proper fluid balance in your tissues. Magnesium: Coconut vinegar: 290 mg/L ACV: 4 mg/L Magnesium directly interacts with your muscle tissue through a process called ion transportation. It bonds with specific receptor sites that open up the cell membrane and allow other mineral ions to enter, such as calcium and potassium - these ions help regulate muscle contractions and might ease muscle tension. Also binds to GABA receptors and activates them, which promotes sleep and reduces anxiety and stress - responsible for over 300 other biochemical reactions in the body. Sodium: Coconut Vinegar: 450 mg/L ACV: 0 mg/L Sodium helps control blood pressure as it attracts and holds water, so the sodium in the blood helps maintain the liquid portion of the blood. Also regulates muscles and nerves as they require electrical currents to function properly - for muscle cells, these electrical currents stimulate contraction of the muscle. Nerves, on the other hand, need electrical activity to communicate with other nerves. Conclusion: Both offer similar benefits, and while coconut vinegar has a better nutrient profile, it’s probably most preferable for someone on keto or that utilizes fasting - main reason being that it’s high sodium content wouldn’t be as preferable for those with a more standard diet. References: 1) Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM. (2015, October 5). The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Retrieved from https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/the-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar/ 2) Life Enhancement Products. (n.d.). Fat reduction: Consumption of acetic acid (vinegar) suppresses body fat accumulation in mice. Retrieved from http://www.life-enhancement.com/magazine/article/2292-fat-reduction-consumption-of-acetic-acid-vinegar-suppresses-body-fat-accumulation-in-mice 3) Life Enhancement Products. (n.d.). Effects of Acetic Acid (Vinegar) on Glycemic and Insulinemic Response to Food: Inhibitory Effects on Digestive and Other Enzymes. Retrieved from http://www.life-enhancement.com/magazine/article/1711-effects-of-acetic-acid-vinegar-on-glycemic-and-insulinemic-response-to-food-inhibitory-effects-o 4) What Is Coconut Vinegar and Should You Be Drinking It? | Reader's Digest. (2017, May 30). Retrieved from https://www.rd.com/health/wellness/coconut-vinegar/ 5) Benefits of Coconut Vinegar vs. Apple Cider Vinegar. (2017, September 15). Retrieved from https://www.superfoodly.com/benefits-of-coconut-vinegar-vs-apple-cider-vinegar/
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Can coconut milk cause high blood pressure
Can coconut milk cause high blood pressure - Find out more explanation for : 'Can coconut milk cause high blood pressure' only from this channel. Information Source: google
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12 Research Based Health Benefits Of Coconut Water
12 Research Based Health Benefits Of Coconut Water 1. Rehydrates As Effectively As Sports Drinks The benefits of coconut water after a workout may just be comparable to those artificially flavored carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages packaged in fancy bottles. With essential minerals and electrolytes, tender coconut water has all the trappings of a rehydrating sports drink. 2. Lowers Blood Pressure Who knew one of the benefits of drinking coconut water could be better blood pressure management? According to a 2-week study on 7 participants with hypertension, 5 showed a significant reduction in mean systolic pressure, while 2 also showed a substantial drop in diastolic blood pressure. The study concluded that just 300 ml of coconut water consumed twice a day can control high blood pressure. 3. Reduces Blood Glucose In Diabetics There are many medical benefits of coconut water including better glycemic control. When tested on diabetes-induced rats, coconut water showed therapeutic potential in lessening blood sugar levels and oxidative stress. 4. Prevents Dehydration Due To Diarrhea Tender coconut water benefits your tummy and may be used as an oral rehydration aid to replace fluid loss from the gastrointestinal tract in patients suffering severe dehydration due to diarrhea.It’s light enough to be tolerated well. 5. Protects And Heals The Liver One of the benefits of tender coconut water includes better liver health, thanks to its antioxidants. It protects the liver and heals damaged liver cells, as observed in a study on rats. In particular, green coconut water benefits your liver and overall health more. 6. Reduces Cholesterol Levels Thanks to our fast-paced lives and the increasing dependence on processed and junk foods, cholesterol issues are on the rise. The use of coconut water (both tender and mature) on a regular basis has shown to convert excess cholesterol to bile acid in rats. These bile acids are then excreted. Coconut water also reduced the fatty accumulation in the tissues of the liver and aorta. 8. Can Aid In Weight Loss The benefits of coconut water for weight loss are largely due to the low-calorie content and high nutritional value of this drink. It has zero cholesterol and makes for a great substitute for sodas and other high-on-sugar drinks. It’s a great swap to cut calories. Its natural sugars provide you with energy without causing a crash later on. 9. Can Improve Fertility In Men In Ayurveda, coconut water is said to promote semen quality and quantity. It also clears up the urinary path. 10. Dissolves Kidney Stones Studies reveal that there are benefits of coconut water for kidneys. The consumption of coconut water just 2 to 3 times a week can be very effective in dissolving kidney stones by reducing their size and helping expel them from the body. It can also clear up bladder infections. 11. Reduces Age Spots And Wrinkles This miracle drink works from the inside out to give you flawless skin! The benefits of coconut water for skin largely include anti-aging properties. It offers nutritional support for healthy skin by restoring strength and elasticity and reducing age spots, wrinkles, and sagging. 12. Helps In Hair Growth And Removes Dandruff Wait, we almost forgot about coconut water hair benefits! Just like coconut oil, coconut water also takes care of your mane. A coconut water hair rinse can tame frizzy hair while also taking care of a dry scalp and dandruff. You can even enjoy the benefits of coconut water for hair growth as the lauric acid in it helps improve hair strength . Source - https://india.curejoy.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More Home Remedies Videos : SQUEEZE 1 LEMON WITH 1 SPOONFUL OF OLIVE OIL AND YOU WILL NEVER STOP USING IT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJwm9iaRy7Q This Is Not A Joke Half A Lemon Dipped In Baking Soda It's Amazing What You Can Do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUdlCj_p5e0 Good Bye White Hair! Leave This On Your Hair For 5 Minutes And Never See White Hair Again! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efGLJlckgLY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ➜ Please Share This With Your Friends And Family. ➜ Subscribe : https://goo.gl/8qbbjV ➜ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EverydaySimpleHealthTips/ ➜ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/EverydaySimpleHealthTips ➜ twitter : https://twitter.com/HealthTipssssss ➜ Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EverydaySimpleHealthTips ➜ Blogspot : http://everydaysimplehealthtips.blogspot.com
Eat 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil Daily And What Happen ?
Diabetes is a metabolic condition characterized by inadequate use or production of insulin. Although it's incurable, it is treatable through exercise, foot care, medication, blood-glucose monitoring and blood-pressure, weight and cholesterol control. Accordingly, it's best to avoid oils, which can increase triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Coconut oil is an exception, potentially benefiting those with diabetes. Cellular Absorption of Energy. Insulin is an enzyme you need to absorb energy from carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrates, your body converts them to glucose. Once glucose enters the bloodstream, your pancreas releases insulin, which signals cells to absorb the glucose. The cells release another enzyme, carnitine tranferase, which allows the glucose to enter the mitochondria, which are the cell engines. The glucose fuels the mitochondria, thereby fueling the cells. Some metabolic conditions cause insulin resistance, whereby cells do not respond to insulin normally, so their glucose absorption is inadequate or nonexistent...... Don’t Forget To Share With Your Friends And Family On Facebook & Google+, As You Might Help Someone In Need.... If You Want More Recipes And Tips, Subscribe to The Channel Now Here : https://goo.gl/t4uBhp → Our Google+ : https://goo.gl/mFLjw6 → Our Facebook : https://goo.gl/4vzUWE - More Health Tips Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/MRG1hx - More Beauty Tips Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/z4cbju - More Wonderful Life Playlist Here : https://goo.gl/e7pZKm DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need.
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Drink Coconut Water Daily And You'll Be Amazed With What Happens To Your Body
Drink Coconut Water Daily And You'll Be Amazed With What Happens To Your Body. 1. Coconut water is a tasty natural drink, which is loaded with several minerals. Here are the health benefits of coconut water: Coconut water dehydrates your body. Drink coconut water after exercise or sweating to hydrate your body. 2. In addition to all of its hydrating benefits, coconut water contains antioxidants that help to neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals created by exercise. 3. Coconut water is a rich source of potassium, which is very important for your health. It reduces muscle cramps and also lowers your blood pressure. 4. Coconut water acts as a diuretic and increases the flow and production of urine. Due to its minerals, potassium and magnesium content, coconut water is very beneficial to a person suffering from kidney disease. 5. Coconut water balances the pH level of the body. 6. Coconut water is also good for heart health. It reduces the bad cholesterol or LDL and increases good cholesterol or HDL. 7. Rich in magnesium, coconut water is also good for migraine. 8. Coconut water also improves metabolism, removes toxins from your body. Visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fast-Remedy-1300013766702384/ Images Are Licensed Under Creative Common. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Fast Remedy channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment. Images licensed under CC: www.pixabay.com www.flickr.com www.pexels.com
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Health Benefits of Coconut Water
Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water. MAKE THE PERFECT BRUNCH AT HOME THIS SUNDAY : https://www.foodandcultureawards.co.uk/perfect-sunday-brunch/ Coconut Water Health Benefits • Prevents urinary tract infection. • Extremely beneficial during pregnancy. • It is good for your heart. • Help lose weight. • Hydration. • Antioxidants. • Regulates blood pressure. • Candida. • Digestion. • Reduces the risk of kidney stones. Health Benefits of Coconut Water Health Disclaimer The Information on this channel is designed for educational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems. a2ztube warrants that the content in this video is provided on an "as is" basis with no express or implied warranties whatsoever. Any reference of any third party logos, brand names, trademarks, services marks, trade names, trade dress and copyrights shall not imply any affiliation to such third parties, unless expressly specified. PLEASE CONSULT A DOCTOR WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS Health Benefits of Coconut Water Thank you for watching. Watch Movies: http://music.a2ztube.co Watch TV Shows: http://tv.a2ztube.co Music Albums: http://music.a2ztube.co Tutorials: http://edu.a2ztube.co Benefits of Coconut Water Visit our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/a2ztutorial http://www.youtube.com/user/a2zguide Subscribe to stay updated: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=a2ztutorial http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=a2zguide Join Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/a2ztube Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/a2ztube Coconut Water Benefits Audio Credits: http://www.Machinimasound.com Jason Farnham (Locally_Sourced) http://www.jasonfarnham.com/ Image Credits Image courtesy of [cuteimage] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [ddpavumba] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [Toa55] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image courtesy of [dream designs] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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12 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water Daily
Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside a young, green coconut that is commonly about the size of a basketball. It's not to be confused with coconut milk, that is produced from the water and the flesh inside of a mature coconut (this is actually the difference between coconut milk and coconut water). More than 95% of coconut water is water. While it may not be a miracle cure, it does have many health benefits: #1 Weight loss - it is a good source of fiber. Dietary fiber does not get digested by your body; hence, it stays in your system longer and keeps you feeling full. This is the reason you rarely feel hungry and eat less after you consume foods high in fiber. #2 It's good for your skin - cytokinins are little-known, yet highly beneficial compounds found in coconut water. According to research, cytokinins slow down the development of cancerous cells as well as they slow down the aging process. #3 It's better than a sports drink - coconut water replenishes body fluids as well as a sports drink and better than water, according to a study issued in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. #4 Antibacterial properties - it contains monolaurin, an antibacterial, antiviral, and antiprotozoal monoglyceride which is used to kill lipid-coated viruses, like - Herpes, HIV, flu, cytomegalovirus and numerous pathogenic bacteria. #5 Antioxidant properties - recent study concluded that coconut water contains antioxidants which modify free radicals, so they no longer cause damage. #6 Good for digestion - due to its high concentration of dietary fiber, it reduces the occurrence of acid reflux and helps in the prevention of indigestion. Therefore, if you regularly encounter difficulty during the digestion process, coconut water may provide a source of relief. #7 Prevents kidney stones formation - kidney stones occur when there is an accumulation of crystals in your kidneys which should have been flushed out through urine. Studies have established that coconut water reduces the amount of crystals deposited in the kidneys, that considerably lowers the occurrence of kidney stones. #8 Lowers blood pressure - a 2005 study issued in the West Indian Medical Journal concluded that coconut water helps control hypertension, thanks to its potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium content. #9 It's alkaline - it has a high alkalizing effect on the human body, that can help correct the cumulative effects of acidifying foods which make up most diets today. #10 Plain coconut water could be a better choice for kids and adults looking for a beverage that is less sweet because it has less sugar than many sodas, sports drinks, and some fruit juices. #11 A good source of potassium - it carries a good amount of electrolyte potassium. For example, 100 ml of coconut water has 250 mg of potassium which helps replenish electrolyte deficiency in the body due to diarrhea. #12 Boosts metabolism - it contains water-soluble vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and folate, which act as coenzymes essential for cellular function. Besides, coconut water contains bioactive enzymes, like - catalase, acid phosphatase, dehydrogenase, peroxidase, diastase, and RNA-polymerases that also boost the metabolism. Tip - the fresher the coconut water, the better, because once exposed to warm temperatures and air, it rapidly ferments and loses its nutritional value. Also, drink unflavored coconut water to keep nutritional benefits up and calories low. Thank you. This was our video about the benefits of coconut water. Source - http://www.awakeningstate.com/category/health/ Music: http://www.purple-planet.com Images - pixabay Recommended videos: 1.Top 10 Signs And Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency In Adults - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgS0l-ZfBrw 2.11 Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Problems You Should Know - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8Ktgp2dIL8
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Passionfruit leaves in grated coconut for high blood pressure by Apé Amma පැෂන් පෲට් කොළ මැල්ලුම්
Passionfruit mallum by Apé Amma Amma පැෂන් පෲට් කොළ මැල්ලුම් වැල්දොඩම් කොළ මැල්ලුම්
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6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Water Nutrition Facts
6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Water Nutrition Facts Subscribe our channel: https://goo.gl/MxwpYs Aids in Weight-loss Efforts: The content in water is low ample amounts can be swallowed without the anxiety of packing on the pounds. It cause you to feel complete due to its character that is rich and suppresses the appetite. Prevents Kidney Stones: 1 study indicates that coconut water might be better for preventing kidney stones, although water is a option. In a study on rats with kidney stones, from sticking into other areas of the urinary tract and the kidneys, coconut oil has been discovered to maintain crystals. In addition, it reduced the amount of crystals. Lowers Blood Pressure: Water is deemed great as a result of its own vitamin C, magnesium and potassium content, for high blood pressure. Potassium, specifically, helps reduce blood pressure by balancing out the unwanted ramifications of sodium.To help decrease hypertension, drink a cup of refreshing coconut water two times per day. Facilitates Digestion: Coconut water can offer a supply of relief should you encounter difficulty through the digestion procedure. Due to its elevated concentration of fiber, it also lessens the incidence of acid reflux and helps in preventing indigestion. Helps With Diabetes: Studies have concluded that the water from coconuts could have an effect. Individuals with diabetes are susceptible. Does water help decrease blood glucose, but in addition, it prevents the incidence of blood clots. Promotes Cardiovascular Health: Water is very good for the center. As water modulates cholesterol, aorta and both the heart have cholesterol levels that are reduced, leading to a more healthy heart and a likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. 5 Foods that Lower Blood Sugar Naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FArvtSZycAU 6 Foods That Purifies Your Blood Naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YychaT0Zrk8 More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpVnIFXsMsQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4rXMCdKqSc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M82dvrD7Fo I am here by declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com . Google Advanced Search Is Used to Find all images, usage rights: free to use, share or modify . Photos all are taken from Google Image search. If have any copyright claim please contact us: naturalwaychan@gmail.com BEST BENEFITS OF COCONUT WATER, Facilitates Digestion, Boosts Hydration, Reduces Blood Pressure, Coconut water nutrition facts, health benefits, benefits of coconut water, Coconut water, drink coconut water everyday, Coconut Water (Beverage), Coconut Water Benefits Thanks for Watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvmOA7GRwEM #BenefitsOfCoconutWater #HealthBenefit #CoconutWaterNutritionFacts #BenefitsOfDrinkingCoconutWaterDaily #CoconutWaterWeightLoss
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71% of Those Who Drank Coconut Water Lowered Their Blood Pressure
► 71% of Those Who Drank Coconut Water Lowered Their Blood Pressure ► 71% of Those Who Drank Coconut Water Lowered Their Blood Pressure I have long been a fan of coconut ... ► Subscribe: ► Photo & Content Source : ========================================= ► NBA Topic Channel dedicated to sharing the latest news around the world. ► Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www..com/yt/copyright/). ► With the above criteria, if there is any breach of the principles of Community, law on copyright then please comment on the video
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Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits: MCTs
Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: http://bit.ly/EvalQuiz Your report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. KETO BOMB RECIPES 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxJLu... 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24UMv... 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh75Z... 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO0kc... COCONUT OIL BENEFITS: 1. MCTs 2. Lauric Acids 3. Helps ketosis 4. Helps cholesterol 5. Good for hair 6. Good for skin Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG: http://www.drberg.com/blog FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DrEricBerg TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DrBergDC YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericbe... ABOUT DR. BERG: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/bio DR. BERG'S SEMINARS: http://www.drberg.com/seminars DR. BERG'S STORY: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/story DR. BERG'S CLINIC: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/c... DR. BERG'S HEALTH COACHING TRAINING: http://www.drberg.com/weight-loss-coach DR. BERG'S SHOP: http://shop.drberg.com/ DR. BERG'S REVIEWS: http://www.drberg.com/reviews The Health & Wellness Center 4709 D Pinecrest Office Park Drive Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-7336 Disclaimer: Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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