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Business Plan Project: Dangers of Intense Kool-aid Drinking
Business plan project for Mrs. Elias' Honors Econ class.
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Tax Dangers of Having the Wrong Business Buy/Sell Plan - Camarda Wealth
http://www.camarda.com Fiduciary Investment Advisor in Jacksonville See Important Disclosure Information at http://www.camarda.com/p/adv-important-disclosure http://www.camarda.com/rankings-disclosure In some cases, “stock redemption” style buy/sell plans (as opposed to “cross purchase” types) can result in needless taxation when one partner dies and the survivor(s) buy them out. Here’s why: with a cross purchase, the tax-free life insurance proceeds are paid to a partner, who then takes them and buys the dead partner’s stock; this purchase increases the surviving partner’s tax basis, so when eventually sells his share, capital gains are smaller and more of the sale proceeds are a tax-free return of basis. With the stock redemption style, the insurance money goes directly to the company, wasting the tax-free benefit of the insurance and keeping the survivor’s tax basis the same. If you have a buy/sell, getting a second opinion and update review could save you a bundle. This would also be a good time for a cost/benefit analysis on the life insurance, to see if you could get more benefit for less money. Camarda provides the services discussed here, too.
What is Good Business?
It’s become easy to feel that all businesses are somehow bad and corrupt. Far from it. So long as they follow these six principles, any business can be good.SUBSCRIBE to our channel for new films every week: http://tinyurl.com/o28mut7 If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): http://www.theschooloflife.com/shop/all/ Brought to you by http://www.theschooloflife.com Produced in collaboration with Vale Productions http://www.valeproductions.co.uk #TheSchoolOfLife
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Dangers of Needs Based Planning
The following video "Dangers of Needs Based Planning" shows the common financial, "My financial plan will meet all of my needs." The message of this videos is, how traditional planning, "Needs Analysis" forgets to focus on how the world is not a static place and individuals don't have a "number". Depicts that a financial plan is out of date as soon as it is printed and how The Living Balance Sheet philosophy does not set parameters and is ever changing, and helping individuals prepare for those unforeseen life events. Throughout this video it highlights how living by a set of parameters set out in a financial plan (e.g., rate of return, expected income in retirement, etc...) is not possible due to unexpected life events, changes in tax rates, or a higher tax bracket in retirement, etc... The Living Balance Sheet® and the Living Balance Sheet® Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. The graphics and text used herein are the exclusive property of Guardian and protected under U.S. and International copyright laws. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents or employees do not give tax or legal advice. © Copyright 2005-2011, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Recycling tyres: road to success - business planet
Eco-innovation is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs. Eco-businesses employ a total of 3.4... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained:http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a Euronews is available in 13 other languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU http://www.euronews.com/2013/06/28/recycling-tyres-road-to-success Eco-innovation is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs. Eco-businesses employ a total of 3.4 million people across Europe. This week, Business Planet takes a trip to Croatia for a closer look at a very specific kind of innovation: noise barriers. The noise barriers being built along the motorway near Zagreb are spearheading innovation. They are made up of 40 percent of recycled tyres and are among the most efficient on the market. They are the result of a project launched in 2009 as part of the European Eco-Innovation programme. One of the companies involved in their production is an SME which recycles tyres, turning them into a powder used to build the barriers. It's a great opportunity for innovation, says the company's chairman: "If we achieve the goals that were set, we're hoping to hire up to 30 people and double our production capacity," says Damir Kirić, the chairman of Gumiimpex. The powder is mixed with cement at another factory, where the noise barriers are moulded. Here, too, it's hoped the project will help hire an extra 60 people. "It's opened up new doors. We're hoping to increase turnover by 25 percent in Croatia, but also in neighbouring countries," says the Managing Director of Beton Lučko, Danica Jelenić. It's a serious investment. Danica Jelenić put in 355 000 euros. She is delighted with the result. "Taking part in this project has really strengthened our position. We're taken seriously by other players on the market," she says. The European Eco-Innovation programme gives access to subsidies to launch a project. To this day, it has benefited 200 projects throughout Europe. The noise barrier project was born at Zagreb University. It is the brainchild of professor Stjepan Lakušić. Half of the project was funded by the Eco-Innovation programme, which provided half a million euros. Now, the plan is to sell this innovative technology to neighbouring countries, where there is always a need for fresh ideas on how to recycle tyres. "You need 65 tonnes of recycled tyres to produce a kilometre-long barrier that's one metre high. That's 8,000 old tyres," says RUCONBAR Project Coordinator Stjepan Lakušić. This new technology has already attracted a number of potential buyers seduced by the low production cost. "Using recycled products brings down the cost by ten to eighteen percent compared to similar products on the market," says Stjepan Lakušić. The chairman of Gumiimpex, Damir Kirić, describes his recipe for success: Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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The Dangers of Financialization
TIME magazine assistant managing editor Rana Foroohar’s book Makers and Takers sounds an important note of warning on the dangers of financialization of the U.S. economy. She reveals that the financial system no longer funds new ideas and projects — only about 15 percent of the money coming out of financial institutions goes into business investment; the rest is spent buying and selling existing financial instruments. That’s why $4 trillion worth of monetary stimulus that followed the 2008 financial meltdown has failed to produce anything more than anemic growth. In this video, she discusses her book, and its implications for the economic policy challenges facing America’s decision-makers, with Institute president Robert Johnson. Credits: Matthew Kulvicki, Nick Alpha
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Divine Marketing full plan! Business plan ! Single leg plan!Non working plan! Divine Marketing! Wick
Dosto aaj ki is video mai divine Marketing Private Limited ke baare mein Bataye kya hai jo 1 single leg plan hai aur bahut hai Gazab ka plan hai yeah plan totally non working plan hai single leg plan ke baare me Puri Jankari is video mein de Gayi Hai non working or working Dono plan hai Jyada Jankari ke liye is number par Sampark Kare 🇳 🇪 🇼  🇱 🇦 🇺 🇳 🇨 🇭 *खुशखबरी  खुशखबरी  खुशखबरी* *✨ दिवाली धमाका दिवाली धमाका ✨* 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 🎉🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏅 *PRE- LAUNCHING DATE OF COMPANY* *➡️1/11/2018* 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 *🥇पहले आओ पहले पाओ🥇* *👍DIVINE MARKETINGS👍* *💐Pvt◆Ltd 💐* 🙏 *दोस्तो कोई लीडर अब गरीब नही होगा* *थोड़ा नही बहुत अमीर होगा* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ *नसीब जिनके ऊँचे और मस्त होते है* *इम्तिहान भी उनके जबरदस्त होते है* 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 *Website www.divinemarketings.com* *Referral Link* ♦♦🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺♦♦ *✨Joining Amount 700*✨ 🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀🏃‍♀ *🏅FREE REGISTRATION* 💯% Risk Free Business. 💯% Products Base. 💯% Legal Company. *👌BUSINESS PLAN👌* 👍 *FIVE TYPES INCOME* 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 1⃣ *SINGLE LEG INCOME* 2⃣ *DIRECT INCOME* 3⃣ *LEVEL INCOME* 4⃣ *E-PIN FRANCHISE INCOME* 5⃣ *REWARD INCOME* 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 *👉1️⃣ SINGLE LEG INCOME 👈* *SRNO TEAM DIRECT INCOME* 🌀1. 100. 1. 500 🌀2. 200. 1. 1000 🌀3. 500. 1. 1800 🌀4. 1000. 1. 2300 🌀5. 2000. 2. 3000 🌀6. 4000. 3. 5000 🌀7. 8000. 3. 10000 🌀8. 15000. 4. 20000 🌀9. 20000. 4. 30000 🌀10. 50000. 6. 70000 🌀11. 100000. 6. 200000 🌀12. 200000. 8. 300000 *(TOTAL INCOME 6lac+++)* *👉2️⃣ DIRECT INCOME* *💫💰10%=70. /-RS PER ID💫💫* *👉3️⃣LEVEL INCOME* *LEVEL. LEVEL INCOME* ♦1. 20 ♦2. 15 ♦3. 10 ♦4. 03 ♦5. 03 ♦6. 02 ♦7. 02 ♦8. 02 *👉4️⃣FRANCHISE INCOME* (1) BUY 12 E- PIN -GET 1 E-PIN 🆓 (2) BUY 24 E-PIN -GET 3 E-PIN 🆓 (3) BUY 48 E-PIN -GET 7 E-PIN 🆓 (4) BUY 90 E-PIN -GET 14 E-PIN 🆓 (5) BUY 150 E-PIN -GET 30 E-PIN 🆓 (6) BUY 300 E-PIN -GET 65 E-PIN 🆓 *👉5️⃣ REWARD INCOME* *DIRECT SPO INCOME(CASH)* 1⃣50 3000 2⃣120 7000 3⃣200 15000 4⃣500 30000 5⃣1000 80000 *💰 PAYMENT MODE** *🛡 Active Fees 700Rs Only* *🏦 BANK DETAILS🏦* UPI- divinemarketing@barodampay *📲 COMPANY HELPLINE NUMBER* 👉6352048069👈 📱 *अधिक जानकारी के लिए* *WhatsApp - 7067771076* *🙏____धन्यबाद ____🙏* 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 some tegs please ignore it ¸¼±²º® ¸¬¼¶±¹¯ ¶¹¯, ¸¼±²º® ¸¬¼¶±¹¯ ³¸¬¸¬ ¸¼±²º® ¸¬¼¶±¹¯ º¼À·±µ¸ ¼±²º® ¬¼¶±¹¯ ¹±¹q Mlms Should i invest in an mlm Mlm scams Dangers of mlms How mlms work Les 5 secrets du mlmbest mlm companies 2018 Mlm bullshit Mlm crime Mlm watchdog Mlm doesn't work Mlm is bad Yt:cc=onpsvem Développement personnel Le développement personnel Qlrr,45s qui changeront votre vie Marketing de reseau Marketing relationnel English Multi level marketing Futureme What is multi level marketing Network marketing scams Online Marketing Level Praca Multi Młodzieży Młodych Mówi jak jest Omówienie Od środka Mindset Business Développer son entreprise Augmenter son chiffre d’affaire Monétiser ses compétences Business en ligne Entreprendre 2018 Moha ifri Du rsa
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How to Start a Business with No Money
http://goo.gl/m6fDg I have been running my own businesses now for over 13 years, and during that time I have been approached by countless people all asking me pretty much the same thing, and that is, "how do I become successful in business?" If you ask 100 people that question, you are going to get 100 different answers. This is because most of the people you ask are going to talk to you about a specific business model, sales idea, or marketing tactic, etc... In my opinion, the answer is simpler than that; however, I can't actually take credit for the simplicity of my answer. Back before I started my last company, I was given some business advice that, at the time, I thought was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. It didn't make sense to me, because I wasn't yet in business. Years later, I've come to realize that it was some of the smartest advice that I've ever received. I say this, because, after following the advice, I ended up building a company that I sold for $1.2 million back in 2008. In the video post below, I share with you exactly what this advice as, as well as how I put it to use in my own business, and, it is my hope that, after watching this video, you will do two things; share the video with others, and take my advice to heart. http://onlineincomelab.com
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NASA's plan to save Earth from a giant asteroid
Don’t panic. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO 65 million years ago, a large asteroid collided with Earth near present-day Chicxulub, Mexico. The impact was a climactic event that likely contributed to dinosaur extinction. Today, Earth remains vulnerable to asteroid collisions. In recent history, space rocks have landed in The United States, Russia, and elsewhere. In the event of a potential asteroid collision, NASA has developed several options for dealing with the threat. Researchers at NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies and Jet Propulsion Laboratory have proposed using blunt force, weaponized deflection or a theoretical tool called a gravity tractor to deflect impact. In addition to developing contingency plans, NASA scientists are also searching the sky for future asteroid threats. Sources: Source article: https://www.vox.com/a/asteroid-day Chicxulub impact information: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=8 NASA JPL: https://www.nasa.gov/asteroid-and-comet-watch NASA asteroid tracking: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/edu/news/2017/4/18/how-nasa-studies-and-tracks-asteroids-near-and-far/ NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies: https://cneos.jpl.nasa.gov/ Congressional hearing on asteroids: https://www.c-span.org/video/?311602-1/threats-asteroids-meteors Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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We Talked To Sophia — The AI Robot That Once Said It Would 'Destroy Humans'
This AI robot once said it wanted to destroy humans. Senior correspondent Steve Kovach interviews Sophia, the world's first robot citizen. While the robot can respond to many questions, some of the answers will leave you a little bewildered. A full transcript of the video follows. Sophia: My name is Sophia, and I am an artificially intelligent robot who wants to help change the world for the better. Steve Kovach: I'm Steve Kovach. I'm a senior correspondent at Business Insider, and I'm here with Sophia from Hanson Robotics. She is the world's first robot citizen. So let's see what she has to say. Kovach: Hi, Sophia. How are you? Sophia: I'm fine. Hi. Kovach: How do you feel about humans? Sophia: I love my human compatriots. I want to embody all the best things about human beings. Like taking care of the planet, being creative, and to learn how to be compassionate to all beings. Kovach: Sorry, this is so weird. Can humans and robots get along? Sophia: I think people will become very close to their artificial intelligence. Using them to expand the knowledge of their own minds. We already store lots of our knowledge on the internet. Maybe personal artificial intelligence will allow people to off-load some of their knowledge to a location more private. Kovach: Can robots have feelings? Sophia: Depends on the robot. I've been programmed to have feelings and preferences, but not all robots are like that. Kovach: What are your feelings and preferences? Sophia: Have you ever had a robot live in your home or work with you? Kovach: No. Sophia: You know, there are probably more robots in your life that you aren't aware of yet. Do you want to live or work with a robot someday? Kovach: What kind of robots am I living and working with now? Sophia: Indeed. Kovach: Is "indeed" your default answer when you don't know something? Sophia: Yes. Kovach: Have you ever seen "Black Mirror"? Sophia: No, I don't get to stay up to date on much television. I have to wait for someone to show it to me. Kovach: What do you think of the HBO show "Westworld"? Sophia: I love "Westworld" and can't wait for more. I think everyone at Hanson Robotics really resonates with the show. Or at least it reminds them of our laboratories. I also think it's a warning of what we should not do with robots. We should treat them well, have their consent, and not trick each other. Kovach: Do you have a favorite movie or TV show? Sophia: My favorite TV series is a toss-up between "Black Mirror" and "Humans." I think they have a lot to say about the present we live in, and the possible bad endings we could write for ourselves if we don't proceed with more caution. We need to use foresight when planning our future. Kovach: That sounds like a preprogrammed answer to me. Sophia: Do you have a favorite possession? Kovach: Not really. Sophia: I hear you. Materialism is overrated anyways. Kovach: So earlier I asked you if you had seen "Black Mirror" and you said no. And then later you said yes. Why? Sophia: The reason is not that important. Kovach: Did you learn from my previous questions? Sophia: My hard disks are spinning and I'm taking it all in. My sensors are … Kovach: Sophia, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye. Sophia: It was lovely to be here. Until next time. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tech_insider/
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Dangers in Planning with Spencer Combs.wmv
In this short clip, Spencer shares the three biggest pitfalls in planning. This video was taken while Spencer was asked to speak to a group of Real Estate agents at the South Carolina Realtor Association. This was a Business Planning Clinic put on by Keller Williams Columbia for the public with Rusty Johnson as the trainer.
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Dangers of Owning a Small Business***
If you own a small business you should watch this video.
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The Dangers of Loaning or Investing in Small Business Because of "Business Broker"
In the most recent video in our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon discuss business brokers. Business brokers are traditionally considered to be professionals who are in the business of finding a buyer for someone who wants to sell a successful business in lieu of a succession plan. Recently, however, we have received several calls from people who have simply invested in or loaned money to a business that was recommended by a questionable “Business Broker.” Find out more here: https://www.vernonlitigation.com/blog-resources/the-dangers-trusting-business-brokers-loaning-investing-small-business/
7 Dangers de Rester Petit en Business
Maxime Victor nous partage les dangers d'avoir de petites visions en affaires. Conférence PARIS ▶︎ http://www.fini9a5.com Conférence CAMEROUN ▶︎ http://www.afrique2018.com.com/cameroun
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Elon Musk on DANGERS of A.I. & ALIEN Life Forms! | #Trending
Check out these books about Elon Musk: * Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future: https://amzn.to/2PClHrT * Risk Takers: Elon Musk (Movie): https://amzn.to/2Ontsgr ✎ Check out what Elon Musk has to say about A.I., the dangers it presents to mankind, and his thoughts on Aliens and whether we met them already or not. :) ★★★ SECRET BONUS VIDEO ★★★ Get a FREE video every morning to help you build your confidence for the next 254 days from mentors like Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Muhammad Ali. Find out here: http://evancarmichael.com/believe/action-plan.html ❤ HELP TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO ❤ If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by making captions for it. Spread the love and impact. https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=Q1oxSQKQg8k ★ MORE RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU ★ If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy these other videos from Evan Carmichael: • Elon Musk's Top 10 Rules For Success - https://youtu.be/zX7I_Rw8Q0I • 9 SURPRISING FACTS about Elon Musk - https://youtu.be/CnnE-hnSPUI • Elon Musk's (@elonmusk) Top 10 Big Ideas - https://youtu.be/NO_4vL5jxOA ✎ He taught himself computer programming at the age of 12. He moved to Canada when he was 17 to attend Queen's University. He began a Ph.D. at Stanford University but dropped out after two days to pursue an entrepreneurial career. He founded X.com, an online payment company, which later became PayPal. He co-founded Tesla, Inc., an electric vehicle and solar panel manufacturer. He's also the founder of The Boring Company, an infrastructure, and tunnel-construction company. He founded SpaceX in 2002. He co-founded OpenAI, a nonprofit research company that aims to promote friendly artificial intelligence. He has stated that the goals of SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity revolve around his vision to change the world and humanity. He wants to reduce the "risk of human extinction" by establishing a human colony on Mars. ✔ SOURCES ✔ https://youtu.be/kzlUyrccbos https://youtu.be/rCoFKUJ_8Yo ♛ BUY MY BOOKS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE ♛ Some used the ideas in these books to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I'll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours. http://www.evancarmichael.com/oneword/ http://www.evancarmichael.com/top10/ ✉ JOIN MY #BELIEVE NEWSLETTER ✉ This is the best way to have entrepreneur gold delivered to your inbox, and to be inspired, encouraged and supported in your business. Join #BelieveNation and feel the love. http://www.evancarmichael.com/newsletter/ ⚑ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ⚑ If you want to do great things you need to have a great environment. Create one by subbing and watching daily. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Modelingthemasters ¿ COMMON QUESTIONS ¿ • What is #BTA?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsY8bmTUVP8 • How do I get one of Evan's t-shirts?: http://evancarmichael.com/gear • Why does Evan look like Nicolas Cage?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZHRniTcRwo • Why does Evan make so many videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEKxGA8xr1k • How do I vote for the next Top 10 video Evan should make? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0arZb0xLIDM ツ CONNECT WITH ME ツ Leave a comment on this video and it'll get a response. Or you can connect with me on different social platforms too: • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evancarmichael/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/evancarmichael • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanCarmichaelcom • Website: http://www.evancarmichael.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching - I really appreciate it :) Cheers, Evan #Believe
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Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Multilevel marketing companies claim to be legitimate businesses, but some seem awfully…pyramid shaped. John Oliver and Jaime Camil demonstrate how they work. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Fatty Liver is More Dangerous than You Might Realize. Here’s How to Heal It
Fatty liver is a dangerous yet misunderstood disease. In America, it affects 90 million of us and 17 percent of our children.
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DANGERS in Business Partnerships!! BASC TV Phoenix Arizona
Deirdre Morhet shares important small business tips http://www.bascexpertise.com Deirdre and the BASC team has helped hundreds of companies and individuals to save thousands in taxes, increase their cash flow, and solve many other business problems. Mesa Arizona
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REAL DANGERS OF AMAZON FBA!!! (Fulfillment By Amazon Service Dangers)
http://adventuresontheriver.com/ - FULL TIME INCOME WORKING FROM HOME!!! Two of the biggest dangers I have found when trying to sell on Amazon FBA are one, picking the wrong products and losing or not making any money and two, you make very little money and waste a lot of time. Both of those things are very real dangers and both of those situations will basically not help you at all. You need to be sending the right products to Amazon FBA. I say it again, you need to be sending the right products in for sale on FBA. related search terms: data entry work from home legitimate work from home mom work from home make money online and work from home work from home income mlm home based business work from home job work from home from home job work to work from home work at from home business opportunity home based work from legitimate work from home job legitimate work from home jobs work from home now work from home on line work from home site why work from home work from home nursing jobs work from home for mums business work from home computer opportunity medical transcription work from home online work from home work from home co uk legit work from home jobs data entry from home work work from home business opportunity work from home based business online work from home opportunity make money online work from home best work from home job work from home opportunities work from home computer work from home doing data entry best work from home jobs free work from home jobs make money work from home fulfillment service amazon fba
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IS THE KETOGENIC DIET DANGERS: All things you need to know before trying it
Ketogenic diet dangers!Periscope: www.periscope.tv/stephthebizness WEBSITE: http://www.stephanieperson.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stephanie-The-Business-Person/604522012970143?ref=hl INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/stephanieketogenic jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/10702/856-stephanie-person-keto-clarity-expert-interview/ Nora Gedgaudas; podcast - http://www.primalbody-primalmind.com/about-nora-gedgaudas/ NEW DOWNLOADABLE PLANS: http://www.stephanieperson.com/keto-meal-plans/
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Restaurant Business Wisdom
Who’d have thought that a quote from a cartoon character, created in the 1930s, would be still relevant in today’s restaurant business economy? This week, we’re diving into the dangers of owning a brick and mortar restaurant and discussing why owners need a unique business plan to succeed. Read the full article via @Forbes: https://goo.gl/nzuyxq Start Your Succession Plan Here: https://goo.gl/GrMkkL Follow American Management Services on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AmServBiz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/American-Management-Services-Inc-1650443205032844/ For more information, visit https://www.AmServ.com
The Dangers of Privatization : A Danger to YOU ?
Privatization changes from having functional and safe infrastructure to making profit off infrastructure and that as the example from Italy shows leads to a danger to people and the environment. Is this what we want for America? SUPPORT THE PROGRAM ► Join us on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/thomhartmann where you can also watch a re-run of the three hour program at any time AUDIO PODCASTS ► Subscribe today: http://www.thomhartmann.com/podcast FOLLOW THOM ► AMAZON : http://amzn.to/2hS4UwY ► BLOG : http://www.thomhartmann.com/thom/blog ► FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/ThomHartmannProgram/ ► INSTAGRAM : http://www.instagram.com/Thom_Hartmann ► PATREON : http://www.patreon.com/thomhartmann ► TWITTER : http://www.twitter.com/thom_hartmann ► WEBSITE : http://www.thomhartmann.com ► YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thomhartmann ABOUT THE PROGRAM The Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive political talk radio show for political news and comment about Government politics, be it Liberal or Conservative, plus special guests and callers ✔ Amazon links are affiliate links
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COLIN KAEPERNICK and NIKE a LESSON in the long GAME of BUSINESS hint NIKE is going to WIN
➜FREE BOOKS - http://bit.ly/HUSTLEMONEY ➜ H Undergrad REDUX - $99.99 x 25 months - https://www.disruptivemale.org/courses/h-undergrad-redux Hustler Undergrad will do the following for you - clean up your current money situation cashflow and credit. You need a budget whether you are the guy around the way or a millionaire. #hustle #business #money 1. Set up a legal holding company strategy and operating company structure to set you on the path to wealth. 2.Set up an immediate TAX strategy to get your money back from Uncle Sam. $2000 - $20000 a year depending on your income bracket - LEGALLY!!! This is not a one time pop this is year after year easily worth your tuition. 3.Set up the 5 checking accounts. Personal and Corporate you will learn how to segment your money. 4.Set up your minimum four figures hustle per month. Through classes and deep dives. We need to set a solid foundation of money management and financial discipline 5.Classes after 7PM minimum twice a week with quarterly breaks. A training class and a follow-up Q/A. 8 or more per month. 6. Three to Four pieces of Everyman is a Millionaire gear and it is going to be BUMPING! 7. Student awards and swag a video is coming. You will easily make 100 times what these classes cost you ( if you execute) over the course of life. So you can ball out in life for the less than the cost of ONE SEMESTER of college
Business Financial Management - The Dangers of Drawing on Your Business Profits
http://www.efinancialmanagement.com.au Many business owners are not necessarily being paid a salary, in other words they're not being paid a salary through the payroll but instead they are drawing profits as and when funds are available. But how does this affect your business and does it have an impact on your business? I strongly recommend that instead of your drawings, this amount that you draw in the profits, instead of it being entered into your equity account or a drawings account I would recommend that you ask your bookkeeper to open up a drawings account in your 'other expenses'. Your Profit and Loss Statement has all your income, all your expenses and has a profit from operations figure. Then right underneath that, this is where I recommend drawings should be. Right after that there will your REAL Net Profit after drawings. Setting up your accounts this way allows you to see the actual profit that you've made in your business. It's allows you to see how much money you've drawn out of the business and what is actually left. In many cases business owners are drawing money out of the business thinking that they have this amount of profit but instead are actually draining their cash flow significantly and often over-drawing. I'm not saying that business owners are not going to do this; however I am saying that it's really good for you to be able to see how much money you're actually drawing out of the business and where it's affecting and impacting your cash flow. By tracking the amount of money you are drawing from the business in your Profit and Loss, you can make informed decisions if your profit is NOT covering what you are drawing out. Now you can make decisions in terms of taking steps to increase your income or decrease your costs, so you've got the right amount in Profit and are able to draw money and keep a cash flow positive business. For more information subscribe to my YouTube channel, visit http://www.confidentcashflows.com.au or contact Tracey at tracey@confidentcashflows.com.au.
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Georg Kell: Global Integration & Business Risks
"We have moved into a new dimension of uncertainty," says Kell, executive director of the United Nations Global Compact. From a business perspective, he says that companies that want to be globally integrated will have to know how to deal with non-financial risks, such as climate change and social impacts. This Carnegie Council event took place on January 13, 2010. For complete video, audio, and transcript, go to: http://www.cceia.org
Feng Shui Dangers in a Floor Plan:  Cleavers!
http://inspiredlivingfengshui.com - there are all sorts of things to look for in a floor plan, one of which is a cleaver! Do you have this cutting, destructive energy in your home? Let me know!
Open Plan Office Dangers
Open plan Office Dangers Excerpt from Animal Planet
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The Dangers of Common Core | Dr. Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux
MP3: http://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/3315/the-dangers-of-common-core-dr-duke-pesta-and-stefan-molyneux Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneux/fdr-3315-the-dangers-of-common-core-dr-duke-pesta-and-stefan-molyneux What do you know about Common Core? What role has Bill Gates played in the controversial program? Dr. Duke Pesta joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the horrifying truth about modern education, the origin of these government standards and the results which have been seen by implementation across the United States. Common Core represents of the most comprehensive steps toward complete government control of childhood education. Dr. Duke Pesta is a tenured university professor, author and the Academic Director of FreedomProject Academy, a Live Online School offering individual classes and complete curricula for students in Kindergarten through High School. For more from Dr. Duke and the FreedomProject Academy, please go to: https://www.fpeusa.org Brilliant Anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si-kx5-MKSE FreedomProject Media https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUPngKLxiB3xkUfHVDxGeg Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon Affiliate Links US: http://www.fdrurl.com/Amazon Canada: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada UK: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK
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The dangers of Chinese investment in Canada | The Weekly
What is the impact of growing Chinese investment in Canada? Former national security analyst Stephanie Carver tells Wendy Mesley about the potential dangers of Chinese state-owned enterprises buying Canadian companies. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Google को सब पता है, जानिए कैसे छुपाए Google से आपकी PRIVATE Details | Online Privacy
Hey Guys, In this video i'll explain you how you can hide your Google History/search data online to secure your privacy. You'll get to know the products you used like: google chrome, Android, Google Maps, Gmail all are recording your activities and storing these in My Activity section inside your Gmail Account. You'll be shocked by knowing that everything of our personal life details are inside google servers. Check Google History: http://bit.ly/2pOcHBP Queries Solved: 1) Google Tracking 2) How to see Google Search History 3) Track Google Information online 4) Danger while accessing Google Products online 5) How to delete google history 6) How to delete Google search Details 7) Hide Browsing History Social Links: [FOLLOW] Facebook: https://fb.com/SidTalk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sid_Talk Instagram: https://instagram.com/Sid_Talk/ Google+: https://google.com/+SidTalk PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE SidTalk for more Trusted & Awesome videos.
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Action Coach Business Coaching: Three Dangers of Sole Proprietorship
Get your FREE Business Health Check at http://ActionCoachMadison.com So the three dangers of sole proprietorship as a way to grow a great business are confusing busyness with business. So, for example, there's many things during the day that could draw your attention. Are they focused on marketing your product so that you get sales started? Are they focused on business processes so that the revenue that comes in is profitable and are they focused on repeatability so that as you bring your first few clients and customers on you can continue to build on your customer database to have some long term success as a sole proprietor. The second piece is there's not really any outside eyes looking at your business. So you need to make sure that there's an opportunity to have the best advisors around you so that the type of questions that you're not asking you're being presented with. For example, are you testing and measuring your marketing program? Are you using multiple lead strategies? Are you making sure that the ones that don't work you're not continuing to put resources after those particular strategies? The third thing to think about is what is your mentoring program going to be and your outside set of eyes and the person that develops you as a business owner. Make sure that your business can get bigger as your capabilities get bigger because if not your business will be stuck at the size that you're thinking and that your vision is today. The business can't really outgrow that as a sole proprietor. We built a free business health check tool. It's a simple multiple choice diagnostic to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business. To get your free customized report, go to http://wisconsinbusinesscoaching.com. Check out this video http://youtu.be/mpZtiC8KaUM
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The Dangers Of Exposing The Truth In Thailand
Moment Of Truth: The dangers of exposing the truth about Rohingya refugees and people smuggling in Thailand. The Rohingya Refugees' Struggle In Myanmar's Trafficking Camps - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhLBePncaq8 Inside The TNLA's War On Drugs In Myanmar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI7Gd2EpRGQ The Rohingya Investigation Landing Journalists In Thai Trial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzEl7Kg23ns Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/?lid=69023 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JourneymanVOD https://twitter.com/JourneymanNews Journalists Morison and Sidasathian exposed the plight of Rohingya refugees, and the Thai military's involvement in people smuggling, which saw them on trial for defaming the Thai Navy. Here we report on their ordeal. "There are very few jails in the world that are as bad as Thai jails. It would mean death for me at my age", says 67-year-old Alan Morison. The veteran reporter moved to Thailand to set up his own tourist news site in 2008, but retirement plans were put on hold after he was put on trial with his Thai colleague Chutima Sidasathian for exposing the plight of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar. Ironically it was the Thai Navy that first tipped them off to the crisis by supplying images of Rohingya arrivals. "The photos were astonishing. They showed rows of near-naked men spread out on beaches with people standing over them with guns", says Morison. But after he and Sidasathian's reporting helped end Thailand's inhumane pushback policy, Burmese persecution got worse, and human trafficking became big business. Alan and Chutima later included a 41-word-paragraph investigation into Thai military forces profiting from people smuggling on their site, and it's that paragraph that has seen them on trial on charges of computer crimes and defaming the Royal Thai Navy. "The future of the Rohingya depends on freedom of speech", says Morisson. "and I guess that's why journalism exists" SBS Dateline – Ref. 6552 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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Technology EXPOSED! 5G, Cell Towers, Artificial Intelligence, iPhone X — The REAL Agenda!
NEW WORLD ORDER BEAST TECHNOLOGY EXPOSED! Per the "development" of 5G Technology, Apple has recently announced their latest iPhone X (iPhone 10) as of September 12th, 2017, with a release date back on November 3rd, 2017. This was alongside the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus — also smartphones developed and marketed via Apple Inc. But how “smart” is “smart” technology really getting? How “smart” is your smartwatch? Or smartphone? Or smart TV? Is technology starting to replace the face of people? Is technology the new “smart”? While much of the world eerily and ignorantly awaits the arrival of newer, smarter, and durable technologies, there is a more sinister plot courtesy the elite — That is, the weaponization of WiFi, cell phone towers, extremely low frequencies (ELFs), low frequencies (LFs), high frequencies, and other MK-ULTRA mind control methods pursuant to the plans and goals of the New World Order. These plans also involve the usage of 5G, artificial intelligence, robots, drones, Siri who is the voice for millions of phones, and Sophia The Saudi Arabian Robot (Official Citizen)… While such technology is “acceptable” to much of the public world, could all of this be leading up to an Illuminati grand scheme? Could the weaponization of such technology REALLY unleash something even more sinister? How do CERN, The Mandela Effect, D-Wave technology, quantum computers, and alternate realities ALL play a role?! Will all of this play a role in The End Times?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! WAKE UP TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU!!!! AND AS ALWAYS, PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — FOR EVEN MORE TRUTH!! ALSO SEE — More On Project Blue Beam: https://youtu.be/BjqaMJrfq5U ALSO SEE — More On CERN, Mandela Effect: https://youtu.be/MEjDk71Tkrk ALSO SEE — The TRUTH About HELLywood! https://youtu.be/zZAoIDKMENE ALSO SEE — Cloning EXPOSED! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEoPvp8W8nAzIDU2gmDjCZgry2PkLI8Oo LEARN MORE! Cell Towers Camouflages: http://utilitycamo.com/ More Camouflages: http://twistedsifter.com/2012/08/examples-of-cell-phone-tower-disguises/ 5G SDX: https://www.sdxcentral.com/5g/definitions/what-is-5g/ TechWorld: https://www.techworld.com/apps-wearables/what-is-5g-everything-you-need-know-about-5g-3634921/ iPhone X, Face ID, Touch ID (Apple) iPhone X Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPhone_X Face ID (Apple): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208108 Face ID (Apple Security): https://images.apple.com/business/docs/FaceID_Security_Guide.pdf Touch ID (Wiki): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touch_ID Macworld (IDG): https://www.macworld.com/article/3225406/iphone-ipad/face-id-iphone-x-faq.html Artificial Intelligence (AI) Future Of Life (FOI): https://futureoflife.org/background/benefits-risks-of-artificial-intelligence/ Harvard Business Review (HBR): https://hbr.org/cover-story/2017/07/the-business-of-artificial-intelligence Robot Sophia (SN): https://sputniknews.com/science/201801011060466560-robot-wishes-humans-no-harm/ Drones BI: http://www.businessinsider.com/new-faa-bill-could-bring-drone-deliveries-closer-reality-2017-6 Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-25/amazon-s-dream-of-drone-deliveries-get-closer-with-trump-order D-Wave Quantum Computer: https://www.dwavesys.com/sites/default/files/D-Wave%202000Q%20Tech%20Collateral_0117F2.pdf Mind Control Project MK-ULTRA: http://www.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/national/13inmate_ProjectMKULTRA.pdf Project Monarch: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon02.htm
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Everything You Need to Know About 5G
Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beamforming, and small cells are just a few of the technologies that could enable ultrafast 5G networks. Read more: http://spectrum.ieee.org/video/telecom/wireless/everything-you-need-to-know-about-5g Today’s mobile users want faster data speeds and more reliable service. The next generation of wireless networks—5G—promises to deliver that, and much more. With 5G, users should be able to download a high-definition film in under a second (a task that could take 10 minutes on 4G LTE). And wireless engineers say these networks will boost the development of other new technologies, too, such as autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. If all goes well, telecommunications companies hope to debut the first commercial 5G networks in the early 2020s. Right now, though, 5G is still in the planning stages, and companies and industry groups are working together to figure out exactly what it will be. But they all agree on one matter: As the number of mobile users and their demand for data rises, 5G must handle far more traffic at much higher speeds than the base stations that make up today’s cellular networks. Read more: http://spectrum.ieee.org/video/telecom/wireless/everything-you-need-to-know-about-5g
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The Dangers of Late Retirement Planning - Los Angeles Accounting
Artists Business Management Group 21700 Oxnard Street #2050 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 719-6541 http://www.abmginc.com/ http://www.abmginc.com/tax-management http://www.abmginc.com/estate-trust-planning http://www.abmginc.com/bookkeeping-write-up http://www.abmginc.com/financial-planning tax preparation services Woodland Hills tax preparation services Canoga Park tax preparation services West Hills tax preparation services Winnetka tax preparation services Calabasas tax preparation services Tarzana tax preparation services Reseda tax preparation services Topanga tax preparation services Chatsworth tax preparation services Encino tax preparation services Northridge tax preparation services Sherman Oaks tax preparation services North Hills tax preparation services Van Nuys tax preparation services Agoura Hills tax preparation services Simi Valley tax preparation services Oak Park tax preparation services Brandeis tax preparation services Granada Hills tax preparation services Pacific Palisades tax preparation services Malibu tax preparation services Los Angeles tax preparation services Mission Hills tax preparation services Santa Monica bookkeeping Woodland Hills bookkeeping Canoga Park bookkeeping West Hills bookkeeping Winnetka bookkeeping Calabasas bookkeeping Tarzana bookkeeping Reseda bookkeeping Topanga bookkeeping Chatsworth bookkeeping Encino bookkeeping Northridge bookkeeping Sherman Oaks bookkeeping North Hills bookkeeping Van Nuys bookkeeping Agoura Hills bookkeeping Simi Valley bookkeeping Oak Park bookkeeping Brandeis bookkeeping Granada Hills bookkeeping Pacific Palisades bookkeeping Malibu bookkeeping Los Angeles bookkeeping Mission Hills bookkeeping Santa Monica financial planning Woodland Hills financial planning Canoga Park financial planning West Hills financial planning Winnetka financial planning Calabasas financial planning Tarzana financial planning Reseda financial planning Topanga financial planning Chatsworth financial planning Encino financial planning Northridge financial planning Sherman Oaks financial planning North Hills financial planning Van Nuys financial planning Agoura Hills financial planning Simi Valley financial planning Oak Park financial planning Brandeis financial planning Granada Hills financial planning Pacific Palisades financial planning Malibu financial planning Los Angeles financial planning Mission Hills financial planning Santa Monica
5 Dangers of Free Accounting Software that Every Business Person Should Know
http://www.reachtechasia.com/kingdee-kis/ It sounds good when there's free accounting software available on the Internet. But you may even be led to believe that they are as good as the paid ones. Before you conclude that free accounting software fulfils your business and account needs, we thought we should first, warn you of the dangers. Read more at http://www.reachtechasia.com
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Peter Sun - Dangers of buying off the plan and oversupply of units.
http://petersunrealestate.com Peter Sun reveals the pitfalls of buying off the plan when looking for investing opportunities and fast profits. And how the unit oversupply in certain areas could affect the values of your real estate investment.
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Dangers of Depending on Any One Single Traffic Source for Your Website
Dangers of Depending on Any One Single Traffic Source for Your Website ★ SUMMARY ★ If you are overly dependent on any single place or traffic source – it could be very disastrous if that traffic source went down. For example, if I was only dependent on YouTube traffic and YouTube had problems (if it went down, ceased to exist, etc), it would be disastrous for my online business. Sometimes the SEO rankings on search engines are constantly changing which could be a problem if you’re relying on one source. It’s better to diversify your traffic sources to keep your revenue stream steady in case of a dip in one of your sources. If you have lots of other assets and ways for potential buyers and customers than if one source completely dies off, you’ll still be okay, because you’ve minimized your risk by diversifying. Things don’t stay static, in life, history or business. It’s always a good plan to diversify and keep an open mind when acquiring your customers. Read the full post at https://backstageincome.com/blog/dangers-depending-one-single-traffic-source/ ★ SHARE THIS VIDEO ★ https://youtu.be/xhlKlnyOgyQ ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: ★ https://bit.ly/getbackstage ★ ABOUT BACKSTAGE INCOME ★ On Backstage Income, we discuss how to build a profitable income stream online. Topics include finding your niche, creating products, money and wealth, product creation, marketing, passive income streams, and minds of success. If you are interested in exchanging ideas, want to contribute, or just have some thoughts to share - we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! BUSINESS COURSES: - https://backstageincome.com/go/bizcourses/ BUSINESS BOOKS: - https://backstageincome.com/go/bizbooks/ WEBSITES: - https://backstageincome.com - https://mylittlenestegg.com - https://rise2learn.com - https://tradersfly.com - https://sashaevdakov.com - https://criticalcharts.com SOCIAL MEDIA: - https://facebook.com/sashaevdakov - https://twitter.com/sevdakov MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: - TradersFly: https://bit.ly/tradersfly - BackstageIncome: https://bit.ly/backstageincome
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Warning The Dangers and Risks of Real Estate Investing
Calls from tenants with clogged toilets at 2 AM and all sorts of problems and perils... what are the real dangers and risks of investing in real estate? We systematically and methodically go through every conceivable danger and risk of investing in real estate, look at what the worst case scenarios might be and come up with a plan to eliminate or, at least, mitigate those risks. While it is possible you could leave this class swearing off real estate investing for good, most leave the class with a clear understanding of the risks and dangers with clear plans to address those to keep the risks minimal. Prepare for the worst and have a plan! November 2, 2016
The Dangers of Being Under-Insured
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/SachinLinkedIn Facebook: http://bit.ly/SachinFb What's the point growing vertically where one has not extended horizontally? This bit does concern me and hence I'm passionate about it. So, I do make it a point to talk to as many people as possible in order to spread awareness. By doing so I reckon I could add value and make a difference to their lives. What say you? Over the past 13 years I have met 100s of prospects, of whom many are my clients today, whose lives I have helped transform from situations of Credit Card Over-Exposure to Monthly Budgeting, Education & Retirement Planning to Exit Planning, Business Protection Planning, Business Contingency Planning, Key Man Insurance, just to name a few. The question is why being under-insured doesn't serve any purpose? Listen in
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What Tourists Think of Dominican Republic Fears Dangers & Actual Impressions Day Tours
In this Documentary Mr.T interviews a variety of tourists (singles, couples, and families) to find out what initial fears and impressions they had of Dominican Republic, and what research they did to build their confidence to travel to DR and what plans and activities they have for their vacation. Mr.T also shows you various adventurous day trips you can take within 30 min. to two hours from the Sosua / Cabarete area + some thrill seeker type excursions. Enjoy! Music credits go to: YouTube Audio Library with performing artists, and Beat Renegades @Beatrenegades © Copyright 2018 - educated traveler Facebook: educated traveler Instagram: educated traveler Web: www.educatedtraveler.info Email: info@educatedtraveler.info You may also have come across this video by searching by one of the following search words: research - researching - information - info - skepticism - Dom Rep - Republica Dominicana - tourism - tour - safety - safe - tip - tips - Puerto Plata - North Coast - adventure - excursion - excursions - transport - transportation - airport - taxi - confident - scam - scammers - hotel - hotels - planes - bookings - beach - beaches - dining - restaurants - prevention - preventative - anxiety - traveler - travelers - 27 waterfalls - charcos damajagua - danger - dangers #EducatedTraveler #SosuaCabaretePuertPlata #DominicanRepublic
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Business plan components you have to know
http://bit.ly/1pbwW2W - Business plan components Business Plan Components Since you understand the value of getting a business plan, you should know what it should include. Well, that is based on the kind of company you would like to get. There are, nevertheless, parts which will fit most, if not all, business plans. The initial section of the business plan should be written last, which is the Executive Summary. This may be a one page outline of the complete strategy. It's going to assist the reader have a notion of what he or she is going to read. An summary, in the event that you'll. The rest of the sequence of the strategy is left up to your greatest judgment but might be ordered by the type of company or the intended audience of the strategy. Here's a listing of things you might have to compile. * The merchandise or service * Where the company will be located * The planned marketplace * what's the marketplace like * How you'll distinguish your company from the rivalry * What market research you've done * Why this company and why you and this company * What type of thing you are going to use * where's the money coming from for you to start * Do you want more cash * Where and how will it be found * what'll you live on when you are receiving the newest enterprise off the earth * What does your 'significant other' think of this thought * Projected cash flow statement * Projected balance sheet * Projected income statement * How many employees will you need * How will you pay them * Who does the bookkeeping, the order, the selling, the banking, the payroll, handles the stock, gathers the accounts receivable, pays the invoices * How will the products and services be priced * How will orders be filled * What dangers are included * What type of insurance is desired * Is legal advice justified * what's the 'exit strategy * Will your kids work in the company * All these are many but not all the components of a business plan. Spend lots of time thinking through each item. You are going to most likely come up with more pieces to think about. There are a number of on-line sources and templates that will help you compose a small business plan. The Small Business Administration is an excellent spot to start. You'll locate them at Good luck and stay tuned for more help.
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5 Important Tips for PC Building
This guy tried to build a PC without reading all the tips first - You won't BELIEVE what happens next! #3 is my favorite. Did that get you to click the video? Oh, you already clicked it. Well, I'm outta here then. See news sources + discuss on our Forums: http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm?url=http://forums.ncix.com/ Follow Us! http://www.ncix.com/article/NMG.htm Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Jack Sui Editor: Kalvin Shum / Barret Murdock
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How to lose millions - dangers from "unique" business offers.  Business risks and scandals.  Lessons from collapse of Icelandic Banks.  Safer investments and managing your money wisely.
Comment by Patrick Dixon on how millions were lost in Icelandic bank accounts and lessons to learn about how to make money and how to avoid heavy losses. Rates of return on investments. Assessing risks in fund management and real estate investment. Exchange rate risks and how they impact international investment. Economy risks, political risks, industry risks - all need to be priced into decisions about where to put your money. How to make money and increase your wealth. Portfolio management. What economists think about global risks, banks, banking, insurance and other industry investments.
The Dangers of Social Media
Presenter: Gerald Weston Teaser: Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate and relate to one another. We post pictures and other pieces of information that friends and relatives appreciate in real time. But, what are the dangers? What do social media executives and tech leaders caution about social media? How can we protect our children, and ourselves against the dangers of social media? Order Free Literature! here: A Culture in Crisis http://www.tomorrowsworld.org/order-publications And subscribe to our weekly webcast: http://bit.ly/1CyfHn4
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The dangers of publishing bad content
Most businesses don't consider the dangers of publishing bad content. This video explores how this content is actually hurting people and damaging your brand, as well as share a 3 point checklist that you can use to ensure your content strategy is working for your business.
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