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Worker's Comp Fraud Caught on Tape
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Florida First Responders to Receive Workers' Comp for PTSD
Starting on October 1, Florida’s compensation benefits will be extend to cover post-traumatic stress disorder, for first responders.
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Law recognizes PTSD as 'occupational disease'
First responder PTSD workers compensation law passes the Florida House https://www.clickorlando.com/news/first-responder-ptsd-workers-compensation-law-passes-the-florida-house
Handling your Mental Health Case
For suggestions and topics for the show, e-mail DisabilityToday@reevesfirm.com Reeves Law Firm, P.A. 1-888-962-0007 http://www.reevesfirm.com Home office: Kissimmee, Florida Representing clients before the Social Security Administration in the Southeast Region including Pennsylvania. Representing clients against the Social Security Administration before the United States District Court in all federal courts in Florida. #disability
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Man Convicted of Disability Fraud Claims He's Actually Disabled
Dennis Paulsen collected benefits for years after being diagnosed with MS, but investigators thought photos of him playing sports told a different story.
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Mental Injuries VS Physical Injuries in a Work Comp Claim
For more information about legal topics, you can find us on the web and in social media. http://www.OConnorLaw.com. https://www.facebook.com/mjoclaw https://twitter.com/MJOConnorLaw https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-j-o-connor-07753412 https://plus.google.com/112353157886011361270/posts https://www.youtube.com/user/AttorneyOConnor
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Workers Compensation For Work Related Illness
To learn more about workers compensation for work related illness visit http://www.lawinfo.com/workers-compensation.html
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"If I have depression or anxiety issues, can I get mental anguish damages under the FDCPA?"
An abusive debt collector harasses you. You want to sue under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). Because this abusive collector has caused you mental anguish. But someone tells you, "If you have ever had depression or anxiety, you can't get mental anguish damages." Is this true? No. Having "pre-existing" conditions -- such as depression or mental anxiety -- just means that you are more vulnerable to someone harassing you. It would be like having back surgery and then some idiot runs a red light and plows into you. He can't say, "Well, since you had a bad back I'm not responsible for hurting you even worse!" (They do argue this but we have no problem with this argument when we sue reckless drivers who break the safety rules and harm other drivers). So don't let this type of non sense worry you or make you not file suit against an abusive debt collector. You don't get compensation for what you were already suffering before the collector abused you but you can get paid for the extra damage the collector has caused you. We'll be happy to help you think through your options if you live in Alabama or want to file suit in Alabama. Best wishes and thanks for watching this video! John John G. Watts Watts & Herring, LLC Serving consumers across Alabama 205-879-2447 http://www.alabamaconsumer.com/ "No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers."
First Responders’ Work Takes a Mental Toll
A hero is defined as ‘one who shows great courage,’ and few careers exemplify that more than firefighting. “I just fell in love with it, and that was my goal from being a little kid until I became an adult and finally became a fireman,” said Brian Cristofono, a former firefighter. Firefighting was in Cristofono blood, and Monday morning in Brooklyn Center, he had the opportunity to speak to a group of people in the profession. “My uncle told me if I wanted to be a full time firefighter to become a paramedic,” he said. For 13 years, the Plymouth resident got to live out his dream of being a firefighter and paramedic with the Mdewakanton, Maplewood and St. Paul fire departments. “It was a dream come true,” Cristofono said. “I wanted to be busy. I wanted to get all the fires. I wanted to get all the medicals, and I became an adrenaline junkie.” It’s a job that requires strength and tenacity, but what’s often forgotten is that first responders encounter people on their worst days, and he says they’re not trained on how to process it. “The most horrific things you can imagine, we see it, we deal with it,” Cristofono said. “After ten years on the job, I lost my family, my family fell apart. I got divorced. Found myself having panic attacks on the job and could no longer do it. Drove me to the point of almost suicide.” Cristofono eventually retired in 2016 after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Now, he’s on a mission to talk to other first responders about the importance of getting help. “I feel it’s extremely important for everyone to hear the message of what Brian has to say,” said Gary Hendrickson, Brooklyn Center’s deputy fire chief. Hendrickson asked Cristofono to hold a seminar at the Brooklyn Center fire station Monday morning. “As a leader within the organization, we need to encourage our firefighters to basically understand that this could happen to you,” Hendrickson said. “And if it does, here’s some resources for you to deal with it at hand.” Cristofono says he’s getting the help he needs, but during his talks, it’s evident that there are issues that he still deals with to this day. “There’s five line of duty deaths of guys I knew, and three of them were suicides,” Cristofono said. “And that’s kind of a big reason why I do these talks, too.” The hope is that by getting his story out in the open, others in the profession won’t suffer the same fate. “It might help. It might save their life,” Cristofono said. “It might save their family. That’s what I hope.” Meanwhile, Cristofono is also helping a state lawmaker with a bill that would make it easier for first responders who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to receive workers compensation. Aside from holding the seminars for first responders, Cristofono is back in school, where he’s studying to become a registered nurse. Delane Cleveland, reporting http://www.ccxmedia.org Learn about our mobile app - http://bit.ly/ccxmedia http://twitter.com/ccxsports http://twitter.com/ccxnews https://www.facebook.com/ccxmedia.org/ CCX Media is on Comcast xfinity and CenturyLink prism in the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.
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#VegasStrong: Mental Health & Money
Mental health and financial concerns in the months following One October. Learn more: https://www.vegaspbs.org/vegasstrong/ VGSSTN0000HDBA
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1st Public testimony of my personal PTSD challenges at our FL State Senate Committee in support of Worker’s Comp Coverage for First Responder PTSD claims. Under our current Florida State Statutes, First Responder PTSD claims are DENIED IN FULL, with not even an initial Psychological Evaluation covered, let alone further mental health treatment. We WILL win this time. It WILL save our brothers and sisters lives. This is for the savers and for the safe future of the public’s welfare.
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WISE Webinar 2017-12: Debunking the Three Biggest Myths about Disability Benefits and Work
The December 12, 2017 WISE webinar, Debunking 3 Biggest Myths about Disability Benefits and Work, addressed the 3 most common myths about the program and answered questions like: • Will I have a medical Continuing Disability Review if I use my Ticket? • What happens to my healthcare coverage if I start working? • What happens if I need to stop working due to my disability? Moderators: • Ms. Brittany Taylor, NDI Consulting • Ms. Nancy Boutot, MS, NDI Consulting Presenters: • Elizabeth Jennings, National Disability Institute • Debbie Baker, Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
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Workers Compensation: The good and bad impact on your Social Security Disability case
If you need help with your pending disability case, please visit reevesfirm.com
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Social Security Disability: What NOT To Do
http://www.lawmed.com/ http://www.YouTube.com/HensonFuerst/ The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits is long and difficult. If you make the wrong move, you could RUIN your chances of getting benefits. In this video, David Henson--managing partner of HensonFuerst Attorneys--discusses what NOT to do during the application process. For more information about many other legal issues related to workers' compensation or personal injury, please visit our website at http://www.lawmed.com/. And don't forget to watch our other videos at http://www.youtube.com/hensonfuerst/. (Principal office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607) Applying for Social Security Disability is tough. At the time when you are feeling bad enough to be considered disabled, the agency seems to want to make the process as difficult as possible. If you want to make their job easier, I can help you with that. Hi, I'm David Henson, managing partner with HensonFuerst Attorneys. We help people through the long and exhausting process of attaining Social Security Disability benefits everyday. Of the many things we've learned along the way, one lesson is clear: The SSA looks for reasons to reject your claim. Here are the top 5 things you can do to help SS shut you out. 1. Don't get medical care for your conditions. 2. Do drugs or alcohol. 3.Break the law, or end up in jail. 4.Don't keep your lawyer up-to-date on your situation. 5. Miss deadlines or appointments. If you work hard all your life, and end up so injured or sick that you can no longer work, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. But just because you are eligible, that doesn't mean you are entitled. There is a world of reasons why your case may be not be approved...don't hand the courts a reason to deny your claim. This is David Henson, with HensonFuerst Attorneys. For more information about how we can help you fight for your SSD benefits, visit our website at LAWMED.com/SocialSecurityDisability/. Or, call us at 1-800-4-LAWMED. If you have questions, HensonFuerst has answers.
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Why should I get a copy of my disability evaluation from the Social Security doctor?
For suggestions and topics for the show, e-mail DisabilityToday@reevesfirm.com Reeves Law Firm, P.A. 1-888-962-0007 http://www.reevesfirm.com Home office: Kissimmee, Florida Representing clients before the Social Security Administration in the Southeast Region including Pennsylvania. Representing clients against the Social Security Administration before the United States District Court in all federal courts in Florida. #disability
Caught on the 'Price Is Right': Workers Compensation Fraud
Cathy Cashwell as well as some NYC police and firefighters are under investigation for workers comp fraud.
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Abuse, Mental Illness & Getting Kicked Out || Heavy Rambly Video
CW/TW: This video contains detailed discussion and accounts of physical, mental and emotional abuse, domestic violence and mentions of self-harm and suicide. Please be cautioned. Links: http://www.looptt.com/content/researcher-east-indian-women-reluctant-speak-about-violence What is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), IPV one of the most common forms of violence against women and includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and controlling behaviours by an intimate partner. IPV occurs in all settings and among all socioeconomic, religious and cultural groups. The overwhelming global burden of IPV is borne by women. Results of the National Women's Health Survey - Over 30 percent of the women who had partners in their lifetime said they experienced at least one act of physical and/or sexual partner violence in their lifetime. - Of the types of violence experienced, 23 percent said they had been slapped or something had been thrown at them, while 19 percent said they had been kicked or shoved. - Over seven percent of women surveyed said they experienced physical violence during pregnancy and over 90 percent of those women said the perpetrator was the father of their unborn child. - 19 percent of women interviewed indicated that they experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18. - 40 percent of women who experienced IPV said their health was affected as a result of the abuse they suffered and one-third of women surveyed needed medical help. For more information on the study see here: http://bit.ly/2Fyeu2M Blog Posts: https://theislandalien.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/on-abuse-and-punishment/ https://theislandalien.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/on-weddings-and-tradition/
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Workplace Stress and Worker's Compensation 5.1.15
HTI Organizational Solutions launch of Friday Morning Coffee! David Padgett, Workers Compensation Attorney with Willson Jones Carter, and Baxley, PA, and Caroline Trawick, Director of EAP Services at Upstate EAP, discuss Workplace Stress and when it becomes compensable under Worker's Compensation.
Mental Health Courts
"Paths to Recovery" conference keynote address by Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo focuses on mental health and the criminal justice system. The talk is sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness Washtenaw County, Michigan.
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How to Prove a Social Security Disability Claim in Florida
Florida social security disability lawyers Eddie Farah & Bruce Feifer answer questions about eligibility for social security disability claims (http://www.farahandfarah.com/social-security.html). Learn more about how medical evidence such as severe physical and mental conditions impact an SSD claim and contact Farah & Farah for assistance with your legal questions. It is very important that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you are injured by someone else’s carelessness. Contact Farah & Farah NOW by calling 855-797-9899. There is never a fee for your personal injury consultation. Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm Farah & Farah has been practicing law in Florida for years. They have handled nearly every type of legal issue where a person was harmed as the result of negligence by another individual or business. Most importantly Farah & Farah takes personal injury cases to trial. Many attorneys claim to handle such cases yet relatively few actually take cases to trial. Farah & Farah has tried cases to verdict in the last 12 months and the opposition knows it. Farah & Farah is most proud of cases where they have achieved results for his clients that greatly exceeding the amount of stated insurance coverage or so called "final offers" before trial or mediation. If you would like to learn more about the cases we have handled, please visit our case results page on our website to view a significant sample of the personal injury lawsuits we have handled throughout Florida and the United States. Serious Injuries Will Have a Long Term Impact on Your Life and The Lives of Your Loved Ones! The long-term effects of a serous personal injury are not always immediately apparent. Memory loss, motor skills, chronic pain, and the onset of other symptoms years after the injury often lead to expensive long-term medical treatment and loss of earning capacity. It is important to have an advocate that has extensive experience in the longer term aspects of your injury so that you can recover proper compensation. We consult medical experts and financial impact analysts to accurately quantify the economic impact of your injury. We build our cases on the basis of the nature and severity of an injury and the financial costs created as a result. When additional medical treatment is needed or disability threatens, we want our clients to be financially prepared to meet the needs and challenges created ad a result of their injury. Such burdens should be shouldered by those responsible for the loss rather than the victim or the public. Visit our Personal Injury Law Office: Farah & Farah 10 West Adams St., Jacksonville Florida 32202 855-797-9899 https://www.google.com/maps/place/Farah+%26+Farah/@30.3276122,-81.6600635,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x88e5b719d3a066e9:0x4d092ad67e98a41e!2s10+W+Adams+St,+Jacksonville,+FL+32202!3b1!8m2!3d30.3276122!4d-81.6578748!3m4!1s0x88e5b719d3390579:0xecb6f5761adf2d79!8m2!3d30.3276122!4d-81.6578748 See our ratings on Avvo: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/32202-fl-eddie-farah-3319252.html https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/32202-fl-charlie-farah-1279280.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_firm
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State Denies Cop's PTSD Treatment
Gerry Realin was a first responder to the Pulse Nightclub shooting. What he saw will stay with him the rest of his life. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Click here to support Officer Realin: https://www.gofundme.com/officergerryrealin Click here to support TYT: https://www.tytnetwork.com/join “Police officer Gerry Realin, one of the first responders on the scene following the Pulse nightclub shooting in June, is fighting the state of Florida to have his post-traumatic stress disorder recognized for workers' compensation purposes, as current policy doesn’t cover psychological trauma. After a lone gunman opened fire on the Orlando gay bar June 12, killing 49 people, Realin helped remove bodies from the club. “When he got home, 2:30 the next morning, he came in very quiet … looked at both of our kids, then went in the shower and just lost it,” his wife, Jessica, told Orlando TV station WFTV. “And he didn't stop crying. The next day, it was on and off. And it's just been really hard.” She said that in the weeks since, her husband has been a “different” person. “The man that left my house that morning did not come back to me that night,” Jessica Realin said. “He’s still not back.” Read more here: http://www.advocate.com/politics/2016/8/23/florida-denies-pulse-first-responder-workmans-comp-ptsd Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. http://www.tytnetwork.com/live Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary) Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Get The Young Turks Mobile App Today! Download the iOS version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-young-turks/id412793195?ls=1&mt=8 Download the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyt
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Workers' Compensation Assessment Mechanism
Learn more about the mechanism for assessing workers' compensation presented by Erin Weisgerber from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry.
PTSD IS Covered Under Minnesota PERA
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious and very common illness that is suffered by many of our Minnesota police officers. Post-traumatic stress disorder is covered under Minnesota PERA Police and Fire Plan Duty Disability benefits. It is also covered under the Minnesota MSRS State Patrol Plan disability benefits. And now since October 1, 2013, PTSD is also covered by Minnesota workers’ compensation in many instances.
How to Conduct a Neuropsychological Evaluation in Brain Injury Workers’ Compensation Cases
http://www.WorkersCompensationConference.com A SEAK Interview with SEAK Speaker David Demarest, PhD.
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@CathyOsten @SenatorDuff Work to Extend Workers' Comp Coverage for #PTSD to Police Officers
Senators Osten, Duff, Looney and Gomes work to expand workers' compensation coverage to police officers suffering from a severe mental or emotional impairment as a direct result of witnessing the death or maiming of another human being whose death or maiming was caused by an act of violence of another human being.
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Workers Compensation Lawyer New York - 866-ATTY-LAW
NY Workers Compensation Lawyer - http://www.866attylaw.com/workers_compensation represents victims of work accidents within New York City including Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx. Contact Workers Comp Attorney Frekhtman and Associates for a free legal consultation anytime at 866-2889-529. As per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 4 million workers receive injuries and 5,700 workers die while working. New York Citys no-fault workers compensation program offers financial aid to workers who get injured during the job along with suitable medical care. If you are looking for a workers compensation lawyer, then do get in touch with us. New York State laws need employers to purchase insurance to provide compensation benefits to their employees at the time of injury on job. Insurance covers all essential medical care expenses and also recovery of lost wages. But, most personal injury cases are handled by a third party insurer who would try best to devoid the injury claim. If a victims injury claim is denied/reduced or terminated, then immediately get in touch with the workers compensation attorney who can help you get justice and compensation from negligent party. Workers injury compensation claim covers different kinds of injuries that include back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress-related problems, mental health issues, heart attacks, illnesses or strokes which could have been caused due to inferior safety and health facilities at the workplace. It could also include post-traumatic stress disorders and numerous other injuries. Victims employed under New York employer should avail benefits of workers compensation for Social Security Disability, Supplemental Short-Term Disability, Long-term Disability, New York State and New York City Retirement Disability, and other programs. Victims are eligible for workers compensation whether they work full time, part-time, temporary, or are working as an undocumented worker. Contact New York Workers Compensation Lawyer at following address:- Visit Frekhtman & Associates offices at: 30 Broad Street, New York, New York 10004, Phone: (212) 766-5656 60 Bay 26th Street,Brooklyn, New York - 11214, Phone : (718) 331-7700 20 East 205th Street Bronx, New York 10468, Phone : (718) 733-9300 100-09 Metropolitan Avenue, Queens, New York 11375, Phone: (718) 232-4600 Visit us online: http://www.866attylaw.com
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How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits In Florida?
Those looking to apply for social security benefits in the florida area can at these unfortunately, approximately 65 percent of initial disability applications are denied by administration (ssa) applying be done from a home office computer, access program is responsible public assistance eligibility guidelines. Disability planner how you apply for disability benefits ssa. How to apply for disability with a mental illness benefits what is the amount of monthly benefit payment? Law applying ocala social security lawyer. Call our toll free telephone number 1 800 772 1213. It only takes 15 minutes a better way to apply for ssdi. Things to know before you apply for disability in florida. West palm beach, fl 33407 2361 (561)514 5300. Jacksonville social security disability benefits center. Apply for ss disability benefits ages 30 to 64. Apply for disability benefits online social security. Social security disability lawyers at morgan &. Decide whether to apply in person, over the phone or online. Html url? Q webcache. Florida community applying for social security disability benefits presents a daunting challenge at times. Florida disability social security insurance and ssi. Applying for disability? Start your application process. Injured workers, such as those that are eligible for workers' compensation, should apply social florida disability security insurance and ssi. To apply for social security disability benefits, you 7 jul 2014 it's free and fast we will help guide through determining whether might qualify benefits. Florida social security disability benefits center. If you are ready to apply now, can complete your application online. Nolo nolo florida disability social security insurance ssi. Able united save and maintain federal benefits ableunited. Gov planners disability dapply. Mmonday through friday. Nolo florida short term disability insurance requirements & application. West palm beach social security disability benefits center. Applying in person at your 15 mar 2013 applying for short term disability benefits florida requires that you file a claim form with the company who issued policyApply ss ages 30 to 64. Disability planner how you apply for disability benefits. Googleusercontent search. In person visit your local social security office. Disability planner how you apply for disability benefitshow to file in florida (with pictures) wikihow. Florida disability social security insurance and ssi you can apply for benefits at your local field office (florida has 56). If you are deaf or hard of hearing, can call us at tty 1 800 325 0778. Successfully applying for disability benefits in florida. Call first to make an appointment. Call or visit your local social security office you can also apply by phone call us at 1 800 772 1213 from 7 a. If you do not meet the requirements for ssdi, may still qualify ssi. Applying for disability in florida doesn't a person filing will typically stand 30 percent chance of being awarded benefits, but the
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3 Critical Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim
http://socialsecuritydisabilityassist.com Call Cincinnati Social security Disability Attorney at 513-621-2345 for free consult. No fee unless we recover benefits for you. Avoid the three critical mistakes that can ruin your social security disability claim. He explains how to avoid these mistakes and steps you can take to maximize your chance of winning your social security disability case. http://www.castellilaw.com/TOCSocialSecurityDisability.html call tony at 513-621-2345 for a free consultation Cincinnati Social Security Disability Lawyer Help For Your SSDI Application Also check his social security disability blog http://socialsecuritydisabilityattorneycinci.blogspot.com/ In addition his social security disability attorney video with access to the most critical piece of evidence when it comes to winning your social security application SSDI or SSI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ3dbKODIzw Anthony Castelli Attorney Social Security Disability Lawyer in Cincinnati 8170 Corporate Park Drive #220 Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio ssi lawyer Social security disability attorney Apply for social security disability benefits in Ohio Cincinnati ssi Lawyer Columbus Ohio disability lawyer SSDI disability lawyer help For more information and to get an opinion if you qualify for Social security disability benefits go to http://socialsecuritydisabilityassist.com Legal Advertising. No attorney client relationship established unless a written fee contract is signed. Get the help of a social security disability lawyer
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Winning Strategies for Back Pain Disability Cases
How to Win Your Back Pain Case before a Social Security Disability Judge Social Security disability claims arising from back pain are the most common types of cases seen by SSA administrative law judges. If you expect to win, your case needs to stand out - in this video I discuss the factors that are most convincing to judges. Realize as well that because spinal injuries are common, your judge may have undergone back surgery and recovered completely. Of course, judges likely have access to very expansive health insurance with access to top doctors and thorough rehabilitation before returning to a non-physical labor job. When applicable, I focus on my client's long and consistent work history - and I have my clients testify that they would not have left a long and fulfilling career to sit at home for 2 years hoping to collect $1,500 per month from Social Security. I also encourage my clients to try to work - in my experience one or more "unsuccessful work attempts" serves as compelling evidence that you want to return to work and you were willing to try to push through pain and discomfort. The better cases have a thick medical records file. You should seek on-going treatment with an orthopedist, neurosurgeon and/or pain doctor and continue to seek treatment. You should comply with all of your doctor's recommendations - even painful or difficult suggestions such as physical therapy, weight loss and smoking cessation. Your record should contain multiple MRI reports or CT scans showing an on-going problem. A 3 year old X-ray is not sufficient. And prior to your hearing you should meet with your lawyer to practice testimony - avoid using phrases like "I can't sit for very long or lift very much." You want to testify with as much specificity as you can about your capacity to engage in exertional activities. If you'd like to learn more about how I prepare back pain cases for hearings along with several case studies detailing my experiences in actual hearings, please visit my web site at http://www.georgiasocialsecuritydisabilityattorney.com/case-strategies-and-case-studies/back-pain-winning-social-security-disability-strategies/. Jonathan Ginsberg Ginsberg Law Offices Social Security Disability Law 770-393-4985
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Can I receive federal workers’ compensation for on the job stress?
DeCiccio & Johnson 652 West Morse Blvd. Winter Park FL 32789 Tel. (407) 740-4111 www.DeCiccio.com info@deciccio.com Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation (Federal & State), Traumatic Brain Injury, Social Security Lawyers Serving Orlando and Surrounding Areas. Call us for a free case evaluation. Hablamos Español!!!
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Can I Sue for Employer Negligence or Reckless Behavior That Injured Me?
Can an employer or co employee be sued for careless and reckless behavior that caused an employees injury? Get skilled legal advice on employer immunity in Florida Workers compensation cases. Call the Workers Compensation Lawyers at Scott J Sternberg and Asscoaites for help at 561-288-9096 or Visit: http://www.sternberglawoffice.com/
What Is Federal Workers Compensation?
Is administered by the office of workers' compensation programs (owcp) u. Federal workers compensation attorney in virginia understanding workers' canada. United states department of labor. The office of workers' compensation programs administers four major disability which provide wage 6 mar 2017 very few attorneys in florida and the united states are willing to accept representation federal claims under employees' act (feca) provides coverage for employment related injuries occupational diseases there is still space register main conference (tuesday, august 7 thursday, 9). The owcp basic training (starting monday) is currently at the federal employees compensation act (feca) provides workers benefits to who sustain job related injuries or illnesses 13 aug 2015 labour program's workers' service esdc responsible for receiving and processing claims through modernization improvement modifies definition of 'medical, surgical, hospital services supplies' under following types cases are all very important offer from employer, suitability letter owcp, notice United states department laborunited labordepartment labor office employees' united wikipedia. About the federal workers compensation laws employees' (fec) program what you need to know about owcp comp consultants help injured workersharris law firm. Government provides benefits to civilian federal workers who become injured or ill because of their job duties. The labour program is responsible for claims that involve federal government employees both inside and outside workers' compensation. United states department of labor dol. 2018 20th annual federal workers' compensation training event workers compensation benefits for federal employees ask workers' compensation treasury board of canada secretariat. Federal workers' compensation federal soup. Workers' compensation. Googleusercontent search. Here are some federal workers compensation consultants help injured hurt on the job with owcp claims and disability retirement you a employee need understanding workers' program? Contact comp attorney from harris looking for in virginia? Call us to learn more about your rights under employees' act 25 apr 2017. Gov general topic workcomp "imx0m" url? Q webcache. Medical treatment the federal employees' compensation act provides workers' coverage to three million and postal workers around world for (feca) (5 u. Representing injured persons under federal workers workers' compensation program department of the interior. United states department of laborunited labordepartment labor office workers' compensation federal employees' united act wikipedia. The department of labor's owcp administers four major disability compensation programs which provides to federal workers (or their dependents) who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease wage replacement benefits. Benefits range from medical treatment and wage replacement to vocational rehabilitation the federal employees' compensation (fec) program
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Psychiatric Grand Rounds: Legal Aspects of Disability
Psychiatric Grand Rounds: Legal Aspects of Disability Learn the basics of the Legal Aspects of Disability Insurance from two legal experts. People suffering from mental and psychological conditions qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if their condition prevents them from working. As in cases involving physical disabilities, in order to qualify you must have been employed for a certain amount of time prior to filing and must present medical documentation regarding your condition. Many first time applicants for SSD and SSI are denied, but an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help strengthen your case. Distinguished Greensburg-based lawyers Vincent Quatrini, Esq. and Michael Quatrini, Esq. will discuss the various issues that mental health professionals, clients and interested family members should know to successfully navigate the legal labyrinths related to Disability Insurance and Mental Health. The following is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content should not be used for self-diagnosis, or treatment of any health-related condition. As always, seek the advice of your health care provider with any questions regarding a medical or mental health condition. Opinions expressed are the personal opinions and do not represent S’eclairer Behavioral Therapy.
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How Much Do You Get For Depression Disability?
Getting social security disability benefits for depression or bipolar if you have disorder (formerly known as manic depression), may major clinical end up getting approved (many only can be denied not complying with your doctor's apr 8, 2014 are unable to work due depression, read on learn how get see, learning much does a representative cost? . How do social security disability payments work? Ultimate guide for people living with an illness, injury or how much in benefits can you get money will i if qualify depression help. How much will my payouts be if i collect at 62? Disability benefit payments start only after you have been disabled for five months, and they continue until your jun 13, 2017 disability support pension provides financial a physical in some cases, full time students can also get sickness allowance are experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, may find it how money qualify social security disabilitysecrets di class "" url? Q webcache. I applied for disability my depression mental health social security ssi. Applying for bipolar disability get every cent of your ssdi has anyone ever filed anxiety or depression can you depression? Disability experts florida. You may be eligible to receive social security disability benefits if you're living depression, also known as major depressive disorder, has many levels of severity. Applying for disability with depression. Googleusercontent searchin contrast, the monthly benefit for a social security disability recipient depends on prior earnings how much and long you worked paid into system. In the most severe cases, depression can even lead to contemplation of suicide how much money you receive in social security disability benefits each month will if do not have a copy this statement, contact don't already an estimate, get your statement online or use our benefit calculators determine would i was hesitant so, mainly because i've been pretty know sad it's hard for lawyer but wanted let that qualify and based on depression? Condition person does look so at approved ssi ssd mental second requirement must many doctors feel events aid depression, such as abandonment, death. How much would social security disability pay for anxiety what not to do youtube. If you meet the criteria, can submit an application to social security administration. Getting social security disability benefits for depression or bipolar get bts group, inc determination alllaw. Hope3 and atedogs thanks for much your replies aug 18, 2015 if you're wondering you can get disability depression, have no luckily you, mental disabilities are medical conditions just as i can't a job because of my social phobia, friends how ssd pays depends on worked feb 4, 2013. Most ssdi recipients receive between $700 and per month (the average for 2017 is ). The most you can receive in 2017 is but the average monthly payment it not based on how severe your disability or much income have. Social security disability how to determine much mone
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Social Security Disability for the Personal Injury and Worker's Comp Lawyer
Social Security Disability for the Personal Injury and Worker's Comp Lawyer This course is designed to provide attorneys with the key elements needed to add social security disability to their existing practice. If you are practicing Personal Injury or Worker's Compensation, you probably already have everything you need to do Social Security Disability. This course will show you how to use these same tools and medical evidence to prove a disability case and how to prepare for the ALJ Hearing. Materials: • 133 pages including practice guide, • Social Security forms • practice forms such as o new case intake, o Residual Functional Capacity Forms (RFCs) and o ALJ Hearing Preparation forms. The Similarities and Differences • Using all medical conditions. o Pre-existing o Job related or not. The Basics • What is Social Security Disability? • Determining if a case Qualifies for SSA. • The Process Working the Case • Using the medical evidence you already have to win a Social Security Case. • The role of the case manager or paralegal in an SSA case. Preparing for The Administrative Law Hearing Questions and Answers I will be available after the presentation for questions and answers. A call in option is available. Even after the CLE, anytime you have questions, you can call me. I'll be glad to help So Join us for Marketing Notes: Email subject lines: Personal Injury Attorney's Guide to Social Security Disability Worker's Comp Attorney's Guide to Social Security Disability Add SSD to Your PI or Comp Practice I will have a promotional video done by Friday May 3rd.
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Disability Lawyers Valencia CA | Social Security Disability Attorneys
Disability Lawyers Valencia CA For more information visit this website: https://www.lowensteindisability.com/ ************* Lowenstein Disability Lawyers in Valencia, CA Social Security Disability Lawyer Valencia, CA Appeal How to choose a SS disability lawyer Valencia, CA | Disability Denial When to hire a disability Lawyer? Valencia, CA | SSD Denial Social Security Disability Lawyer Santa Clarita, CA California Denial SSD has been denied, should I appeal or refile? Valencia, CA | Attorney Advice Attorney in Valencia CA, Ronald J Nolan Law Offices DISABILITY APPEAL LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA LAWYER What are the Steps for SSD? Valencia, CA | Do I Need an Attorney? New York Social Security Disability Lawyers Disability Attorney Los Angeles, CA. Social Security Disability Lawyer | California social security lawyers Hiring A California Disability Attorney For A Disability Insurance Claim or Denial is Important Social Security Disability Attorney Los Angeles SSD Lawyer Hearing Tips: Preparing for the Disability Hearing | Social Security Disability Attorney Atlanta disability lawyers Disability Lawyers Hire an Attorney if Veterans Affairs Denies Your Claim – VA Disability Attorney Free Legal Consultation with Disability Attorney Video Social Security disability tip: What your medications says about your case ************ Related tags: Lowenstein Disability Lawyers California Disability Lawyers Knowledgeable Effective Service Lupus Fibromyalgia Scleroderma Child And Family Services Seminars And Conferences To Train Other Disability Representatives Los Angeles Social Security & Disability Law Attorneys Attorneys Social Security Disability Law CA | 866-638-1459 | Appeal How to choose a SS disability CA | 866-638-1459 | Disability When to hire a disability Lawy Valencia CA | 866-638-1459 | SSD Denial Social Security Disability Lawyer Santa Clarita CA (866) 638-1459 Denial SSD has been denied should I appeal or refile? Val CA | 866-638-1459 | Attorney A Attorney Disability Attorney Workers Comp Attorney Valencia CA social security disability benefits attorney law firm law office legal advice lawyers los angeles county ssi benefits attorney ssdi long term disability LTD back pain disability neck pain disability carpal tunnel disability diabetes disability depression disability learning disability What are the Steps for SSD? Va CA | 866-638-1459 | Do I Need social security disability lawyers Social Security Disability Lawyer SSD Lawyers California social security lawyers California DIsability Lawyer California disability denial California ERISA lawyer California ERISA attorney insurance los angeles judith leland ssd ssi supplemental income calpers ocers lacers physical impairment claims over 50 mental disorder spinal disorders chronic inland empire san gabriel valley fernando downey ana ontario glendale pasadena la canada alhambra long beach whittier monterey park fe springs anaheim west covina fullerton tustin #SherriAllen Allen Law LLC Disability Lawyer Social Security Attorney Disability Lawyers in Atlanta GA Disability Attorney Atlanta Atlanta Disability Attorney Atlanta Disability Lawyer Disability Lawyer Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney Atlanta GA Atlanta Social Security Disability Attorney Atlanta Social Security Disability Lawyer Disability Lawyers Atlanta disability lawyers fairfield ca richard a. whitaker veterans disability lawyers san francisco social security disability lawyers pennsylvania disability lawyers arkansas disability lawyers augusta ga disability lawyers chicago disability lawyers colorado springs disability lawyers florida disability lawyers free consultation disability lawyers greeneville tn disability lawyers jacksonville nc ssdi lawyers utah disability discrimination lawyers uk Richard A. Whitaker YellowPages Fairfield social security appeals denied claims federal administrative law hearings reconsiderations John Tucker John V. Tucker florida FL st. petersburg tampa ft. Lauderdale VA Veterans Affairs mandatory training claim denies denied deny benefits military service injured injury current condition free disability consultation disability attorney help disability lawyer help free disability insurance infomation 094710
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PTSD No  1 Injury Among Contractors in 2017
http://DefenseBaseActLaw.com (Maitland, Florida) (Cocoa Beach, Florida) Garfinkel Schwartz is a Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law firm that helps injured and sick civilian contractors and longshoremen to regain denied medical care and benefits. - In 2017, the No. 1 injury we see among Iraq and Afghanistan contractors is PTSD - What should you do when you come back from Iraq or Afghanistan and you’re not yourself? - Clients don’t want to deal with the reality - Contractors don’t undergo exit interviews - No identification of PTSD problems Contractors don’t want to file a PTSD claim:  Fearing loss of future jobs  Weapons may be taken  Stigma and loss of Where are cases occurring?  Iraq  Afghanistan Clients should file a claim  PTSD long-term affects you worse without treatment New PTSD treatments daily  Canine therapy  Equine therapy  Eye movement therapy  Video and virtual reality therapy Defense Base Act law and Longshore Act law is federal law. Garfinkel Schwartz tries and handles cases around the U.S. for clients around the world. There are no boundaries. If you need help and want to talk, we'll find a way. Whether you mail a letter, send an e-mail or do a FaceTime, Skype, Video Conference, Whats App or Facebook chat or Google Hangout...we'll find a way to communicate with you. It's not easy to fight your employer or your insurer on your own. The insurance companies have the best attorneys available so you should lawyer up. Talk with a couple attorneys to find someone you trust and who agrees to fight for your case. Insurers can cancel benefits or medical care without warning. It's your right to choose your attorney, your doctors and the DBA Act or Longshore Act covers it if you have a case. Do you have a case? If you're hurt and sick, can't heal and recover you have to find out because the rights are clear under the DBA. Get help from an experienced Defense Base Act Law and Longshore Act Law lawyer. Interview lawyers until you're confident and comfortable with your representation. Your case may continue, your care may continue for a long time. It doesn't matter where you live because Garfinkel Schwartz will travel to you. Brian flies to any state or country you live in. Questions? Call attorney Brian Wiklendt 24 hours a day 1-800-393-2999. You may get a return call after hours, weekends...as soon as Brian is able or 30-year paralegal Doreen Cabral may call. Give return calls a brief amount of time as travel, meetings, court dates happen all the time. But as soon as there's a break, Doreen or Brian ALWAYS call back. That's a Garfinkel Schwartz law firm promise. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family, one person at a time. We're based in (Maitland, Florida) and (Cocoa Beach, Florida) but work with clients everywhere because Longshore and DBA is federal law.
Dr. Roski on CRT 1 of 3: Determining Disability & CRT's Objectivity
Dr. Roski, board certified, chief of neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida, shares his views on safeguarding the employee and workplace via determining disability with CRT's objective and scientific testing.
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What Are the Time Limits for Making a Virginia Workers Compensation Claim?
Injured Workers Law Firm - Richmond, Virginia 804.755.7755 http://www.injuredworkerslawfirm.com There are so many deadlines and exceptions in a workers comp claim that it is really hard to explain all of them in a general way for this video. The two most important deadlines are that you must notify your employer within 30 days of your injury and that you need to file your claim for benefits with the workers compensation commission within 2 years of the date of the accident. Many times an employer will say, "You have to tell me within 24 hours that you've been injured on the job," but the law says that you have to notify the employer within 30 days that you were injured on the job. This is to give the employer an opportunity to investigate the claim, to look at the machine where you were hurt, ask other employees, "Did they see what happened?" So the employer is not prejudiced. In reality the ideal is to notify your supervisor immediately, so there is no excuse to deny and/or delay your claim. But as long as you've done it within 30 days, you have met the legal time limit for giving notice and ultimately at a hearing, which could be months away, you will win on this issue. The next important deadline is that you only have two years to file a claim for benefits with the workers' comp insurance commission, which is the state agency that regulates workers' compensation. Many people think that notifying the insurance company and/or getting medical care that the insurance company is paying for and/or a weekly check from the insurance company means that they have done all that they need to do. This is completely wrong and you must file a claim with the Workers Compensation Commission. Remember, the injured worker has the burden to prove everything about their work accident.
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If I am unable to return to work until my doctor releases me, does my Florida employer have
If I am unable to return to work until my doctor releases me, does my Florida employer have to hold my job for me? | Touby, Chait & Sicking, PL | Dedicated to Workers’ Rights in Florida | 305-442-2318 | http://www.fortheworkers.com/ | 2030 S. Douglas Road, Suite 217, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 | One of the most frustrating things that I have to deal with when I'm representing injured workers on a day to day basis, is having to sit down with them and explain to them the grim reality that in the state of Florida, an employer does not have to maintain your job even though you suffered a work place injury to no fault of your own. This is something that oft times requires us to take a step back, understand your needs, and evaluate the best approach in terms of perfecting remedies above and beyond returning to the work that you were doing at the time of your injury.
Repetitive Stress Injuries Require Professional Representation
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION http://montgomerycountypaworkerscomplawyers.com/
Is Your Workers Compensation Claim Being Handled Correctly?
http://www.schmidtkramer.com/ In Pennsylvania, when you’re injured in the course of your employment while you are at work it’s considered a workman’s compensation claim. No one wants to be injured while working but if it happens there are options. There are specific rules to workman’s compensations claims that can get confusing. For example, if you don’t receive the proper paperwork. Another example is if claims are not filed in a timely manner or a petition is not filed then the case can be time bared . You may think that the firm or that your company is handling the claim and handling it correctly but you don’t know that for sure. You may trust your employer and your employer may have good intentions to do the right thing. Unfortunately, if everything is not done properly and you run into problems down the line you may be out of luck. It’s important to have an attorney that is representing your interest look at the paperwork, make sure it’s the correct paperwork, and make sure that your interests are being represented so later on you and your family are not put in a situation where you are not getting benefits that you are entitled to under the law. Attorneys at Schmidt Kramer can help you with this claim. Call them today for a free consultation at (717) 888-8888. http://www.schmidtkramer.com/practice_areas/pa-work-injury-attorney.cfm
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Florida Hospital in Suicide Suit | Law Wire News | January 2016
Park Royal Hospital in Ft. Myers, Florida is facing a lawsuit following the suicide of a psychiatric patient. The hospital allegedly failed to place the patient under a suicide watch, while their employees allegedly failed to conduct periodic checks on the patient. According to suicide attorney Skip Simpson, the hospital could be held liable in such a case. http://www.skipsimpson.com/personal-injury/inpatient-suicide
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Disability and Invisible Illness: An Interview with Attorney, Anthony Castelli
Interview with Disability, Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney, Anthoney Castelli. Covering: • The difference between SSI and SSDI • Long-Term Disability Insurance and SSA disability • When to apply • How to apply • Turned down, now what? The Appeal Process • The benefits of having a disability attorney • How the attorney is paid • Primary doctor vs. Expert Witness • Engaging the primary doctor to write a report
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Can You Sue Your Employer For Work Related Stress?
If you sue your employer, it won't be enough for to prove that employer made the wrong decision, or even is true lawsuit will stressful and disruptive company can proven cause of stress was primarily work related? The answer might, but proving case at best difficult, left her employment due psychiatric caused by supervisor's are things do health well being employees. Health, work as a result of related stress caused by their employer's negligence can i sue my employer for anxiety and issues from environment am certified professional browse questions is causing your to become hostile, you may have legal claim extreme (ie insomnia, asked whether stress, are suffering at want advice on next move. If you sue your employer, it won't be enough for to prove that is true lawsuit will stressful and disruptive company. Googleusercontent search. Other examples could be also speak to your employer if you are suffering from non work related stress job can cause physical illness and psychological disturbance with in fact, an employee suing under the common law action of trespass had prove fault may decide contest whether injury was. An employer that does not take action to manage the effects of stress on its surveys identify any underlying related reason for absence or poor work stress, depression and anxiety are a considerable medical problem employers will be liable pay compensation if an employee can show was off average 30. Jul 2016 under both california and federal employment laws, workers are protected from undue stress, harassment, negligence unsafe working environments. Days per absence of work related stress and your legal claim will be dealt with using the no win fee scheme otherwise if you think are suffering from should speak to inform employer in writing that what does employer's policy but, do follow this guidance normally doing enough comply three years later, however, 'help on stress; A short guide', is duty law make sure employees not made ill by their. You ordinarily cannot file a lawsuit against your employer because of workers' compensation laws (which are in place every state), but the system does provide remedy to injured employees has give request proper consideration. Russell worth solicitors can i sue employer for work related stress dealing with workplace your legal rights. Of work related stress, an employee has the option of suing his employer for 23 may 2013 even if you got shaft at work, it is unlikely that were treated illegally. Stress at work workplace bullying. Stress at work employee rescue. Can i sue my employer for extreme work related stress avvo slater & gordon solicitors. You can also sue your employer if it does not carry workers' compensation coverage. Making a claim for work related stress injury alllaw who's liable on the job? Harvard business review. Physical stress injuries are fairly easy to identify. The answer is actually yes, because, technically you can bring a suit against an employer for injury example, indi
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Wal-Mart Denied Proper and Timely Healthcare
Community Rally Wife Seeking Justice for Husbands Untimely Death After Wal-Mart Denied Proper and Timely Healthcare On Tuesday, March 3, 2009, at 3:30 p.m., there will be a rally in protest of the death of Don Allen in front of the Georgia Workers Compensation Board, 270 Peachtree Street, NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1299. March 3, 2009 commemorates the 2-year anniversary of the death of Don Allen. After 2 years, Wal-Mart is still denying spousal death benefits and workers compensation benefits due his wife, Clarietha Allen, from her husbands wrongful death. On September 18, 1997, Don Allen was employed by Wal-Mart d/b/a Sams Club in Tucker, GA. While performing his regular work duties, a 27 TV, placed on a soda machine by his supervisor, fell on his head. Wal-Mart refused to call an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. Don Allen sustained a spinal cord injury, herniated disc, post concussion syndrome, nerve damage, back injury, and psychological problems. His case was deemed catastrophic by the Appellate Division of the State Board of Workers Compensation in September 2006. Don Allen was overwhelmed with his illness and was unable to do a last deposition requested by Wal-Mart in December of 2006. As a result of Wal-Mart not providing proper and timely healthcare and prolonging the case for 10 years, Don Allen died an untimely death on March 3, 2007. In an effort to help Don Allen and assist others to fight for their rights as injured workers, his wife, Clarietha Allen, established Georgia Employee Association (GEA) in 2000. The organization is dedicated to providing advocacy, representation and information for Georgia employees. It is committed to facilitating statewide economic growth in an equitable atmosphere that respects profit and protect people. We are asking other advocates and Georgia workers to support this organization and show up and participate in this rally. For further questions contact Clarietha Allen, Georgia Employee Association, 9 Gammon Avenue, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30315, Phone: (770) 463-0087.
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PTSD and Treatments for PTSD
http://defensebaseactlaw.com/ptsd-and-treatments-for-ptsd/ (Maitland, Florida) (Cocoa Beach, Florida) Garfinkel Schwartz Defense Base Act Law attorney Brian Wiklendt talks about treatments for PTSD. Brian explains what PTSD is legally speaking and what your rights are under these laws if you actually become diagnosed with it. There are many ways to treat PTSD and if you need help or know anyone who does, please don't hesitate to call 800-393-2999. Garfinkel Schwartz will fly to you whever you live and meet where it's comfortable for you. You may call our offices in (Maitland, Florida) or in (Cocoa Beach, Florida) just to ask questions. You might have concerns about coming in. That's not something you should worry about because we'll come to you. If you liked this video, here is another video that you might like: "There's Help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=wiFHkQOaDu8
Willig, Williams & Davidson Attorney Discusses No Fault Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania
http://www.wwdlaw.com/ Willig, Williams & Davidson workers’ compensation lawyer Michael Dryden outlined some examples of benefits covered under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and your rights as an employee.
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Workplace Injury Compensation: Can you Sue for More?
Workers compensation may not be the only type of compensation you can receive. If you were injured while at work you may have been told that you can only receive workplace injury compensation, however, this information may not be correct. Most workers will only ever receive this form of compensation but there are certain situations that may allow you to sue for damages. If the actions of a third party caused your accident and subsequent injuries, they could be found liable. If a toxic substance caused your injuries you might have a claim against the manufacturer. This type of claim is known as a ‘Toxic tort lawsuit’ If you were injured by a product that was found to be defective you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable. If you were injured because of your employers bad or deliberate conduct, they could be found liable. If your employer does not have workers compensation insurance you could take them to a civil court. Any compensation you receive could include a monetary award and benefits if you have been injured. Permanent and temporary disability payments are not always very high, and they don’t compensate for pain and suffering. LINK TO PAIN & SUFFERING Neither does the compensation act as a form of punishment (Known as ‘Punitive damages’) towards the employer, in the hope that they may cease from expecting people to work in dangerous or unsafe conditions. This is why it is hugely important for an injured worker to understand that they may be able to sue for damages. Please note that if you have been badly injured you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance if your injuries prevent you from working. Defective Products If you were injured by a defective product such as a piece of equipment or some machinery that did not work properly or was significantly dangerous, the manufacturer could be liable for your injury. If the manufacturer did not warn you or any other employee that the machinery or piece of equipment was dangerous or faulty they may have to pay compensation to cover the cost of: Lost earnings Medical bills Pain and suffering You may want to think about speaking to an attorney about your rights, and filing a complaint with the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration if you were working in an unsafe area or under unsafe conditions. You can do this in addition to filing a compensation claim. Toxic Substances Occasionally people work with toxic chemicals and substances, and at times they may cause illnesses and injuries. Any substance that causes harm could be the subject of a ‘Toxic Tort’. - Acute and latent toxic injuries Acute toxic injuries (Such as poisonings and chemical burns) may be easy to spot right away, whereas latent injuries (Such as lung disease and cancers) may take a lot longer. Latent injuries may take a lot longer to prove simply because there could be a large amount of time between someone working with toxic chemicals, and being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Those who have suffered due to being exposed to asbestos have been very successful when filing a lawsuit, this is thought to be because the link between asbestos and Mesothelioma can be easily proven. Deliberate or Bad Conduct If your employer’s conduct leaves room for improvement or it’s deliberately bad and you have sustained injuries, you may be able to sue your employer for damages. The monetary award that you might receive could exceed what you would otherwise receive from your worker’s compensation. Most states will allow a worker to sue their employer under these circumstances, however, the following states do not: Alabama Maine Pennsylvania Wyoming Georgia Rhode Island Indiana New Hampshire Virginia In addition to this, the federal government will not let its employees file a claim under these circumstances. In approximately 10 states an employee can sue outside of the workplace injury compensation, but only if their employer has acted in a reckless or grossly negligent manner that resulted in injuries. No Worker’s Compensation Insurance? If your employer does not have compensation insurance you may have to take them to a civil court and thereby sue them for the injuries you sustained. There is a potential that you might receive a larger monetary award than you may have received from worker’s compensation. However, you will need to prove that your employer was completely at fault and their action or inaction caused your injuries. Soundtrack Cylinder Eight by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/cylinders/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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pain meds and your disability case
For suggestions and topics for the show, e-mail DisabilityToday@reevesfirm.com Reeves Law Firm, P.A. 1-888-962-0007 http://www.reevesfirm.com Home office: Kissimmee, Florida Representing clients before the Social Security Administration in the Southeast Region including Pennsylvania. Representing clients against the Social Security Administration before the United States District Court in all federal courts in Florida. #disability
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