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Speaking English - Expectations - How to use "supposed to"
http://www.engvid.com/ In this English lesson, I explain how to talk about different kinds of expectations using "be supposed to." If you would like to know how to talk about rules, predictions, hearsay, and plans or arrangements, this is a great place to start. Take the free quiz on this lesson at http://www.engvid.com/speaking-english-expectations-how-to-use-supposed-to/
Good Manners: What to Say and Do (Polite English)
http://www.engvid.com/ Learning English? Then you must learn about English culture and etiquette too. I'll tell you the one secret you MUST know to be accepted in North American and British cultures. You'll also learn 12 other good habits if you're studying, working, living, or traveling overseas. This is a cross-cultural English lesson you cannot afford to miss. Take a quiz on this lesson here: http://www.engvid.com/good-manners-polite-english/ TRANSCRIPT Hi, my name is Rebecca from www.engvid.com. In today's lesson, we will be talking about good manners or what can also be referred to sometimes as cross-cultural skills. What does that mean? It's the skills that you need to function effectively in a different culture than your own. So for example: if I were to come to your country and learn your language, do you think that would be enough? Not really, because along with the language, I also need to learn what's acceptable, what's not okay in that particular culture. So today, we'll be talking about 12 things that you need to say and do when you're living or working in an English speaking environment. Okay? Let's get started. So first we'll talk about what you should say. The first one is using the word: "please". Now, everybody knows that you should say "please", but not everybody remembers to actually say it. So for example: if you go into a coffee shop, don't just say: "Coffee." Say: "Coffee, please." Or if you're asking someone else to do something, also remember: "Could you please turn off your cellphone?", for example. All right? Next: remember to say "thank you" whenever somebody does something. "Thank you", "You're welcome": these are phrases that we do use very often in English. And it could be for anything simple like somebody holding the door for you or it could be for something more elaborate like somebody giving you a birthday present. Okay? The way you say it, say it from your heart. Okay? "Thank you.", "Thank you very much." And so on. The next one is to say "sorry", or even better to say "I'm sorry", because "I'm sorry" is more personal. But otherwise, at least say "sorry". And again, you can say "sorry" for little things like perhaps stepping on someone's foot or if you bang into someone by mistake, you bump into someone by mistake somewhere in a crowded place, still apologize, say: "I'm sorry.", "I'm sorry.", "I'm sorry." Okay? We do use that quite often. Next one: "Excuse me." Now, "excuse me" you can say when you sneeze. Right? [Achoo!]. "Excuse me." Or if you need to ask somebody for some information, you can say: "Excuse me, would you know where the nearest subway is?" Right? So this is a very useful expression and it's also a polite expression. The next one is to remember to greet people and also to wish people. By greeting people, even at work if you're working in an English speaking environment, remember we do say "good morning", "good night", "happy birthday", "happy New Year", "congratulations". So greet people, and also wish them on the appropriate days. The next one might seem obvious also, but again, it's the way that you do it. Even if you work in an office, in the morning, we can say: "Hey, good morning. How are you?" And when you ask: "How are you?" even though you're not expected to give a full answer, but whatever answer someone gives you, remember to listen. Don't start talking right away. Wait to hear if the other person is saying: "Oh, pretty good. I'm fine. How are you?" Hear all of that before you start speaking about your own disposition, your own state of mind. Okay? Listen to the answer. All right? So these are six things that you must remember to do; they are taken for granted and they are expected of you. Next: let's look at what you should do. This seventh one here says: "Smile." Smiling creates a more friendly environment and it's certainly expected. So try to do that, again, it doesn't mean you have to keep smiling, but when you meet someone, give them a smile. If you don't smile, they might think that you're nervous, they might think you're angry or unhappy about something. Okay? Or they might take it a little bit aggressively. So try to smile, it makes the... It also gives people the message that everything is okay, not just that you're happy to meet them, but that everything is fine with you. So it says two things: something about you and something about the other person. Next: shake hands. Now, that's usually in a more business-like situation; in an office or somewhere, and certainly when you meet somebody for the first time. In an English speaking environment, you are expected to shake hands and shake hands rather firmly. Don't shake hands very weakly or just hold a part of the hand. Hold the entire hand and shake it firmly. All right? That's, again, part of the office expectation and the business norm.
How to love and be loved | Billy Ward | TEDxFoggyBottom
Through a story of one of his students, Billy shows the importance of loving others and of being loved. Billy Ward is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and has been practicing in for the past 13 years in the New York City Suburbs of New Jersey. In addition to having a private practice, he has also been counseling students at Seton Hall Prep High School since 1998. Currently he is the director of retreats for the school and also teaches a senior course for Human Development and Theology. Billy's approach to teaching centers on the development of mind, body and spirit. His personal philosophy is LOVE and Be LOVED. Billy is a graduate from Georgetown University where he studied Psychology. He was also the quarterback of the football team for four years. He had a short stint with the Baltimore Ravens in 1999, which was a great experience and personal achievement. He continues to credit his athletic experiences with helping him to understand the mind-body connection and the ability to set a life goal with great determination and tenacity. After leaving Baltimore he continued his study of psychology at Seton Hall University where he attained his Masters Degree and Post Masters Degree. Billy is married to his soul mate and best friend Lia. They have two sons, two-year-old JD and 5 month old Casey. The family is completed by their Golden Retriever, Grover Ward. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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The Power Of Expectation | Pastor Jentezen Franklin
When people are in expectation, the Lord pours out His spirit. There is nothing between you and your miracle! He has been faithful in the past; He will be faithful in the future. He is trustworthy. Expect it! Join us this Sunday at 9 & 11 AM EST with live worship and a message from Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Want to get notifications when our services go live? Subscribe and turn on reminders for our channel. In town? We'd love to see you at one of our campuses! Find a location near you on our website: http://www.freechapel.org Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freechapel Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freechapelconnect Find us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/freechapel Download the Free Chapel App: http://www.freechapel.org/app Giving: http://www.freechapel.org/give
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Teaching Procedures, Rules, and Respect During the First Days of Seventh Grade
Seventh Grade Demonstration Teacher, Yosan Hailemariam Zerom, opens her school year by establishing routines, teaching rules and consequences, and defining respect during the first three days of school. She demonstrates how she sets the tone for her middle school students starting from the moment she greets students at the door on the first day of school. For Lesson Plans and other resources used in this video, please visit: https://sbcusd.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_59869/File/video_resources/Teaching_Routines_Seventh_Grade.zip
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Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? - Ideal Sample Answer
WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS - IDEAL SAMPLE ANSWER ➡️ Get your brand new, impressive, Top Notch Resume here: https://topnotchresume.lindaraynier.com/signup ➡️ Get private career coaching from Linda here: http://www.lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired ➡️ Get your brand new, Strategic Cover Letter here: https://www.lindaraynier.com/strategic-cover-letter-workshop/ ________________ In this video, I'll teach you the Where do you see yourself in 5 years example answer that is my secret formula to responding successfully to the "where do you see yourself in five years" question. This video will give you the where do you see yourself in 5 years sample answer so you can respond with ease. Not sure if mine is the Where do you see yourself in 5 years best answer, but if you follow my formula and research where do you see yourself in 5 years example answers, you'll see that I do have a special one. Where do you see yourself in 5 years interview questions are tough and here I show you how to respond so you can give the where do you see yourself in 5 years answer.  And here’s a hint. The answer does not involve you saying that you want to be in a higher level role, such as Manager or Director. Before we answer this question, we need to understand why the employer is asking this in the first place and there are 2 reasons which I mention in the video. From there, I give you my secret-no-secret 2 part formula to successfully answer the “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” interview question. If you follow this formula, you’ll be golden! ----- FREE DOWNLOADS: ⬇️ Download my FREE Resume Samples PDF document here: https://bit.ly/2vjNwMM ⬇️ Download a copy of my 10 Ultimate Resume Hacks to Land more Interviews and Job Offers PDF here: https://bit.ly/2JRQR93 ________________ Become part of a growing community with over 3700 other corporate professionals in the supportive Ambitious Professionals Mastermind Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288240514997485/ Interested in getting personally coached by Linda to enhance your personal brand, advance your career and/or land your dream job? ➡️ Click here: http://www.lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired and fill out the application form. ________________ If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up 👍 , subscribe, share it with your friends. CONNECT WITH ME: Website: https://www.LindaRaynier.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindaraynier/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindaraynier Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/lindaraynier If you want to learn more about how to make your resume stand out, watch my Resume Hacks - How to Make a Resume Stand Out video here: https://youtu.be/bueXJC5Myow Or if you want to learn how to answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” interview question, watch my “Tell Me About Yourself - A Good Answer to this Question” video here: https://youtu.be/kayOhGRcNt4 Also, to learn more about how to answer “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” watch these videos: Interview Skills - Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Expert advice Antony Stagg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR3yiJnMYe8 WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF 5 YEARS DOWN THE LINE? INTERVIEW QUESTION Freshersworld https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0utb57yWtw Job Interview Tips. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Example of a good answer. DenhamResources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJgZUC34k-c
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What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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English Conversation Lesson: Learn 3 advanced expressions
Join Vanessa and Dan for a LIVE English vocabulary lesson. Do you know these advanced expressions? I'm going to make a day of learning English. Vanessa and Dan talk through these expressions so well that I'm mind blown! Learn more natural vocabulary this month in The Fearless Fluency Club for only $5 with coupon code "NEW" http://www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com/fluency Download my free e-book: "5 Steps To Becoming A Confident English Speaker" http://www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com/free-ebook --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe and follow on social media! I'd love to meet you! YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theteachervanessa Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/englishwithvanessa/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/speakenglishwithvanessa Send us a postcard from your country: Vanessa Prothe PO Box 104 Asheville, NC 28802 USA --------------------------------------------------------------------- Speak English With Vanessa helps English learners to speak American English fluently, naturally, and confidently. To become a fluent English speaker and have English conversations with a native English speaker, go to http://www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com
Bob Proctor - The Power of Faith and Expectation - Law of Attraction Principles
The mind is a powerful magnet and as such, ATTRACTS whatever corresponds to its ruling state. EXPECTATION dictates what that ruling state will be and therefore governs what corresponds to the mind and is ATTRACTED into your life. EXPECTATION can be either a blessing or a curse, but either way it is certainly one of the most powerful unseen forces in your life. What are you doing to increase your income? If your answer to this question is “nothing,” or if you are just beginning to think seriously about what you could do, you have probably not yet grasped the ideas presented in the previous chapters. You should be aware that the chapters in this book resemble the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each chapter is related, one to the other, in such a way that if we put them together, we can see the entire picture. Inspiration Zone is not the owner of this video: We have just shared it to help make a positive change in the world, for more details about Bob Proctor`s programs and coaching please visit the Proctor Gallagher Institute official website at: http://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com/ Thank you BobProctor for being such and inspiration and for bringing The Law of Attraction into millions of lives!
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The BEST Investments you can make RIGHT NOW...for FREE
Sometimes the best investments aren’t monetary…instead, they’re investments in other areas which later come back to you, financially. So here are the best ways you can INVEST…without investing any money, at any age. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan Join the private Real Estate Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therealestatemillionairemastermind/ Get $50 OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME: Code THANKYOU50 - The Real Estate Agent Academy: Learn how to start and grow your career as a Real Estate Agent to a Six-Figure Income, how to best build your network of clients, expand into luxury markets, and the exact steps I’ve used to grow my business from $0 to over $120 million in sales: https://goo.gl/UFpi4c The first investment you can make…is investing in knowledge. Go with cheaper or free resources first…YouTube is free. Google is free. Books are cheap if you buy them used on Amazon. Some of the best skills you can pick up literally require nothing but your own dedication to learn them. The second way to invest…is investing your TIME. This is a no brainer, obviously you spend time on YouTube, you spend time learning…but my best recommend is to spend time WORKING just to get the experience, because I promise those experiences will be invaluable later in life. Lets first talk about working for “free” just for the experience…while each of us might have a different perspective on this, I really believe working for free could be a tremendous advantage for both your own experience, and to get your foot in the door of an industry you wouldn’t normally be able to get into. If you have the opportunity to take the initiative and offer someone something free just for experience, DO IT. Don’t plan to work for free forever, because you should get paid at some point…but don’t let money get in the way. The THIRD way to invest…is to grow your social skills. This is something not often talked about, but this is easily the most important. If anything, make an effort to socialize, and meet people. Having a good support group of like-minded people will make such a tremendous difference in your life. Like they say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…what do those people say about you? I’m not saying go and ditch your friends, but make a conscious effort to meet and surround yourself with people doing BETTER than you. The fourth thing to invest in…is sales skills. If anyone is wondering what the best job to get while they’re in their teens or early 20’s for the experience, it’s sales. By far. Sales is everything…you have to learn how to successfully sell yourself to an employer. You have to understand how the mind works, why people buy something, and how that benefits them. Sales is all about providing something that the other person wants and will use. Not only that, but sales is also customer service at its core…it’s no surprise that sales is the one skill you can transfer to just about any industry. It’s practically recession proof, that you can apply to any location. Sales is also a business that’s not limited or capped at a salary…in most cases, your income is only dependent on the results you get. This is such a great mentality to have, because mediocrity is never rewarded, and your income potential is as much as you want. You become your only limiting factor, and you are solely responsible for what you do…and again, this is just such a great life skill to have that can be molded and adapted to any industry. All of this is really about utilizing what you have right now…and that is time. Use it wisely. Invest your time learning new skills that’ll pay for themselves 10-fold in a few years. Work for free for the experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime, that’ll help you in every job you do going forward. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations so you can meet the people who are going to help lift you up to the next level. Learn sales skills so you can property articulate and explain your ideas to someone else, in a way that they’ll resonate with. For business inquiries or paid one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com Suggested reading: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: http://goo.gl/TPTSVC Your money or your life: https://goo.gl/fmlaJR The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: https://goo.gl/sV9xtl How to Win Friends and Influence People: https://goo.gl/1f3Meq Think and grow rich: https://goo.gl/SSKlyu Awaken the giant within: https://goo.gl/niIAEI The Book on Rental Property Investing: https://goo.gl/qtJqFq Favorite Credit Cards: Chase Sapphire Reserve - https://goo.gl/sT68EC American Express Platinum - https://goo.gl/C9n4e3
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Learn English - Introduce Yourself in English - Innovative English
Click here to get our FREE App & More Free Lessons at EnglishClass101: https://goo.gl/ByhSPv Innovative English takes everything you love about our audio podcasts and puts it in video form. Along the way, we evaluated each section from every angle to make sure it's truly the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn a language! In this lesson you'll learn how to introduce yourself in English with the help of Gustavo and Henry. If you like this new direction, have a suggestion or a question, please leave a comment! https://goo.gl/ByhSPv
Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last
About this presentation In this in-depth talk, ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek reveals the hidden dynamics that inspire leadership and trust. In biological terms, leaders get the first pick of food and other spoils, but at a cost. When danger is present, the group expects the leader to mitigate all threats even at the expense of their personal well-being. Understanding this deep-seated expectation is the key difference between someone who is just an "authority" versus a true "leader." For more on this topic, check out Sinek's latest book Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't now available for pre-order. Watch more videos here: http://www.99u.com 3:30 Happiness breakdown (4 chemicals) 5:53 1) Endorphins 7:16 Importance of endurance 7:59 2) Dopamine 8:19 Dopamine is to make sure get stuff done 9:10 Goals must be tangible - we have to see the goal to stay focused 10:17 Dopamine is dangerous when unbalanced 15:07 Feel safe 15:40 In our organization, danger isn't a constant it is a variable 17:05 The responsibility of leadership is 2 things: 1) Determine who gets in and who doesn't 2) how big do we make the circle of safety 17:33 Great leaders extend safety to the outermost of the org 17:53 3) Serotonin - leadership chemical 19:30 Trying to enforce relationships 22:22 Value of group-living 22:28 Being alpha comes at a cost 26:01 The cost of leadership is self-interest 27:15 Makes you feel safe 27:34 4) Oxytocin 29:03 Businesses aren't rational, it's about feeling safe. "It's human -- physical touch" 29:27 "Human bonds matter" 29:29 Act of human generosity 32:19 Leaders spend time/energy not money 37:30 You have to make sure you can trust others as leaders because you won't have time to help everyone 38:47 Cortisone - the feeling of stress and anxiety 40:59 Needs to shut down during times 41:42 Cortisone inhabits oxytocin 42:18 "Our jobs are killing us.. leaders are responsible" 43:12 Leadership is a decision, a choice. About Simon Sinek A trained ethnographer and the author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, Simon Sinek has held a life-long curiosity for why people and organizations do the things they do. Studying the leaders and companies that make the greatest impact in the world and achieve a more lasting success than others, he discovered the formula that explains how they do it. Sinek's amazingly simple idea, The Golden Circle, is grounded in the biology of human decision-making and is changing how leaders and companies think and act. His innovative views on business and leadership have earned him invitations to meet with an array of leaders and organizations, including Microsoft, Dell, SAP, Intel, Chanel, Members of the United States Congress, and the Ambassadors of Bahrain and Iraq. Sinek recently became an adjunct staff member of the RAND Corporation, one of the most highly regarded think tanks in the world. He also works with the non-profit Education for Employment Foundation to help create opportunities for young men and women in the Middle East region. He lives in New York, where he teaches graduate level strategic communications at Columbia University. About 99U The 99U delivers the action-oriented education that you didn't get in school, highlighting real-world best practices for making ideas happen.
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How to do an aerial (no handed cartwheel) for beginners | The Rybka Twins
Hey guys, in today's video we give you some great tips that will hopefully help you achieve/ improve your side aerial (No handed cartwheel) Make sure you have a good cartwheel and soft ground before attempting this trick! We hope you enjoy this video and want to know what tutorial you would like to see us do next so be sure to comment your ideas down below, and like and subscribe for weekly videos every Thursday! Thanks for watching! Love Teagan & Sam xo Follow us behind the scenes: INSTAGRAM: @rybkatwinsofficial FACEBOOK: The Rybka Twins MUSICALLY: @rybkatwinsofficial
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Before You Feel Pressure - WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty
In this video I explain what I believe to be true success. It would mean so much to me if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel! http://bit.ly/2n6hiQP INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2k1RILy FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2wFIOoB TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2A9a3Nb WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/2eBk2gA
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Expect The Best And Plan For The Worst with Tom Holladay and Sam Yoon
http://saddleback.com/margin — Over the past seven weeks, we’ve been looking at how to create margin to allow God to do his best and greatest work in our lives. In this message, Pastor Tom Holladay shares how to expect the best and plan for the worst through faith and wisdom. You’ll find out how God wants to bring victory and the four steps to get you there. Learn how to stop pretending to be God, to let him take control, to base your planning on his wisdom, and to believe that he is working for your best. Discover how to ask God to take burdens off your shoulders and trust that everything is in his hands! Continue the conversation online with our online community throughout the week during live services and weekly small groups: http://saddleback.com/online Watch other messages in the Living With Margin message series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgmRz0Ecn4AJk2QgOtKtwN5Szj5i1SI4H Connect with Saddleback Church on Facebook: http://facebook.com/saddlebackchurch
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Learn the Top 10 English Lines you Need for Introducing Yourself
Get Free English Lessons on your Android, iPhone, iPad or Kindle Fire! Click here to get the App: http://www.englishclass101.com/ill-app/ In this lesson, you'll learn 10 lines you need for introducing yourself that are used every day in USA. Subscribe for more videos: http://j.mp/EnglishClass101 Find out more, click here: http://www.englishclass101.com/2015/10/13/absolute-beginner-american-english-for-every-day-8-10-lines-you-need-for-introducing-yourself/ Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks! Want more English learning videos? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCpPYQuHkyM&list=PL5bLw9Uguvv2sGuwT2n5cP0ummdvtY0Jd - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EnglishClass101 - Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/+EnglishClass101 - Twitter : https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 - Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/EnglishClass101/ Learn English with real lessons by real teachers. Get your FREE Lifetime Account at http://www.EnglishClass101.com/video
Tim Ferriss on Super Learning and Pushing the Limits | Impact Theory
Impossible is a not a word that exists in Tim Ferriss’ vocabulary. Ever learning and testing new theories, Tim Ferriss is living proof that if you are willing to put in the work, you can improve any skill. Learn more about Tim’s secrets for self-optimization in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. Tim’s list of accomplishments is as impressive as it is surprising. He is a former professional break dancer for MTV Taiwan and a one-time national Chinese Kickboxing Champion. He is the first American to hold the Guinness world record in Tango, a horseback archer, and Princeton University guest lecturer. Tim is also an angel investor who has racked up a serious string of entrepreneurial mega hits including Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Alibaba. He is an unparalleled self-experimenter, professional note taker and would-be ninth grade teacher. He is widely known for his bestselling books, The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef. He is also the host of the number one iTunes podcast The Time Ferriss Show, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Tim’s brand new book is Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers. In this episode, Tim dives deep into many of the lessons and strategies he’s learned over the years from his world-class guests and constant self-experimentation. http://amzn.to/2j26Mn5 WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Tom and Tim discuss the driving force behind their greatest superpowers. [4:04] Tim talks about how you can test the impossible in 17 questions. [7:45] Tim defines red/blue team strategies and how to apply them. [13:36] Tim explains why setting low expectations for creativity leads to higher performance. [18:50] Tom and Tim talk about what it means to copyright your faults. [26:52] Tim emphasizes the importance of writing morning pages. [30:17] Tim talks about the most important takeaways from his new book. [31:31] Tim reveals an absurd goal that he has not shared with anyone else. [38:30] MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Tim’s latest book: Tools of Titans - http://amzn.to/2j26Mn5 [1:40] CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey - http://bit.ly/2iBo5h2 [3:18] Author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed - http://bit.ly/JxWqJr [3:22] PayPal cofounder and Facebook's first professional investor Peter Thiel - http://bit.ly/1kDYgsw [3:44] Cofounder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman - http://bit.ly/2iYviWw [3:47] Uber investor and Shark Tank panelist Chris Sacca - http://bit.ly/1kG5Sqs [6:17] Founder and Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation Peter Diamandis - http://bit.ly/2jmV0HB [10:16] Entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer Marc Andreessen - http://bit.ly/2jmM4li [14:05] Author of The Alchemist Paulo Coelho - http://bit.ly/2aRHunD [19:03] Record producer Rick Rubin - http://rol.st/2jmZg9Q [19:12] Best-selling author & transformational journalist Neil Strauss - http://bit.ly/2jzFcOK [22:15] President of Pixar Ed Catmull - http://bit.ly/2jzYC68 [24:03] Music that inspires Tom to write (Faint by Linkin Park) - http://bit.ly/1dPQnbJ [25:31] Author who gave Tim great advice about writer’s block Po Bronson - http://bit.ly/2joSaRV [26:06] Comedienne and Actress Whitney Cummings - http://bit.ly/2jzT5Na [26:17] Tim’s favorite podcaster Dan Carlin - http://bit.ly/2jOqqTK [27:00] Author most famous for her book The Artist's Way Julia Cameron - http://bit.ly/1GzFv18 [30:19] Entrepreneur and founder of CD Baby Derek Sivers - http://bit.ly/1jjcOjk [31:44] Best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur Seth Godin - http://bit.ly/1nzKslz [32:03] Professional snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White - http://bit.ly/2jV9W00 [36:58] Retired tennis player and former World No. 1 Andre Agassi -http://bit.ly/2iBuPvC [37:40] Academy Award winning actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx - http://bit.ly/2gvtimr [43:08] Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world. FOLLOW TOM BILYEU TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2iyjY5P INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2j7vqX8 FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2hPStWo FOLLOW IMPACT THEORY TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2iC5lN3 INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2hPSGJa FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2iystOf FOLLOW TIM FERRISS TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2jffIXh FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2jzTnU4 INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2jV6ClJ TOOLS OF TITANS: http://amzn.to/2j26Mn5 Subscribe to the PODCAST: http://apple.co/2icO5wz
Views: 370437 Tom Bilyeu
How to handle people who hurt you in Hindi | Sandeep mahehshwari latest videos|
#HopeMotivation #SandeepMaheshwari #MotivationalVideos *Subscribe Our other Motivational Channel Thanks* :https://goo.gl/y443q6 Credit: Sandeep Maheshwari Our Social Network: Face book: https://www.facebook.com/Hopemotivati... Sandeep Maheshwari Short Videos: https://goo.gl/7D9QQL Best Videos for Career: https://goo.gl/MWJA9V Best Videos For students: https://goo.gl/8dVnLV Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality: https://goo.gl/axMAJP Sandeep Maheshwari Early Life: https://goo.gl/iYGWU5 Sandeep maheshwari is the name of inspiration for all those people who face failure in life. He is the CEO of image bazaar .His all seminars free for public. He is the best Motivational speaker in India .His Life full with lot of experience ... He encourage students and held many seminar for students .His speech is about how to get success in life and how to overcome failure , how to manage relationship in life , and he give best business ideas with low money he teach how to earn money and how to become rich in easy way his latest videos is about how to overcome negative thoughts and for students his best videos are how to focus on study and how to crack exam and also how to crack job interview . His video about communication skill is also best mean how to speak in English in easy way. His spirituality videos are also help full and health tips videos how to become fit, and you can learn from his videos how to control your thoughts for long time.. If you want know how to start business with low money then watch sandeep maheshwari videos about business ideas. He teach how to become rich and how to earn money in many ways in life. He was average student in school life, so he discuss how to get good marks in exam and how to increase your concentration power and observation power, his inspirational videos are gift for all people who want to do something in their life . his videos is about how to improve your personality by sandeep maheshwari is very effective how to improve your dressing style and how to overcome fair and anger in your life . You should watch his video on power of focus and power of desire and then must watch how to happy in life by sandeep maheshwari . his short motivational stories and many success stories will inspire you for overcome failure . and one day you also become successful like sandeep maheshwari , you will learn how to get rid from negative thoughts and how to leave bad habits in your life . Keep smiling and be successful Speaker: Sandeep Maheshwari http://www.youtube.com/sandeepseminars FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I only used bits and pieces from various sources for getting the point across where necessary. The sole purpose of the video is to empower / inspire the viewers. Please contact us if you have any concerns. 1VIDEO Music: YouTube music Library
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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone | Yubing Zhang | TEDxStanford
Leaping off buildings wasn’t exactly something graduate student Yubing Zhang ever thought she’d do. But pushing beyond her comfort zone and taking that bungee cord leap taught her more than she ever could have imagined. Yubing Zhang is a first-year MBA student at Stanford University. A series of transformational moments have led Zhang to completely change her understanding of fear and courage, redefine her comfort zones and push herself to the edge. She has experienced the unlimited potential that exists when we break through our comfort zones, and is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same. Zhang has lived in six different countries and worked in four different industries. She holds a master of science degree from the University of Oxford and a bachelor's degree from the University of Hong Kong. Zhang has served as an entrepreneur for the Bank of China, launched a vocational training program for victims of domestic abuse in Cambodia and founded a platform that supports and coaches everyday people to share their passion, ideas and extraordinary stories through talks and performances. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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25 Things You Should Know About Becoming a Teacher
This is a video I made for my cohort. Feel free to use it with new teacher inductions, teacher graduations, or any other thing that honors teacehrs. 25 Things to Know About Teaching Congratulations. You are about to enter one of the most noble professions in the world. Here are 25 things you should know about ahead of time: That’s right. Twenty-five. 1. During the first week of school, your feet are going to hurt. 2. You will rediscover the joy of simple things, like smelly markers. 3. You will have teacher nightmares the month before you start teaching. It’s totally normal. We all get them. 4. But some of those nightmares will become a reality. Because you’re going to fail. Hard. But each mistake is another iteration closer to success. So, keep experimenting. 5. You will learn to hold your bladder for hours on end. If this were an Olympic sport, teachers would be gold medalists. 6. You will cry in your car. Or at your desk. Or maybe even both. 7. You’re going to put on weight. It’s like the freshman fifteen, except it might be 20 or 25. 8. You will yell at your class. You will apologize. And your students will amaze you when they forgive you on the spot. 9. But here’s the thing. You’re going to have amazing lessons and you’ll shock yourself with how awesome you are when you bring your A game. 10. You will leave your lunch at home and eat it from the vending machine. You’ll convince yourself that Cheez-Its and Cheetohs are a full portion of dairy. 11. You’re going to start carrying around hand sanitizer everywhere. Or, as the kids call it, “Hanitizer” 12. From this year forward, you are going to be stuck watching the same Bloodborne Pathogen video year after year after year. Welcome to the club. 13. You’re going to fall asleep at 5:00 in the evening with a half-empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s and a massive pile of papers. 14. You’re going to try to do too much and try too hard and that’s okay. Just give yourself permission to rest. Watch a movie. Read a book. Go out into nature. Take care of your health. 15. Your students are going to amaze you with their work and their ideas and their growth 16. You’ll feel like the luckiest person alive. And you are. But here’s the thing. So are your students. 17. You will worry about your students. You will have a student whose story breaks your heart and you will think about that child every day when you go home. 18. Then you will go back and you will listen to that child and affirm that child and teach that child and love that child even when they are difficult. Because you are a teacher and that’s what we do. 19. Someday the kids in your class will come back and invite you to their college graduation and hand you a thank you note and you’ll cry in your car just like you did in the first year of teaching. 20. Even on your worst days, you are going to think critically and promote justice and transform the teaching practice. 21. You will inspire students to be better people and 22. empower them to be deeper thinkers. 23. They will feel safe and loved and challenged. 24. They will be the makers who build a better future. 25. And the world will be better place. Because of you.
Views: 362899 John Spencer
LanduseSim 2.0: Basic Tutorial - Land Use/Cover Change Modeling (Urban Growth Simulation)
Land use/cover change modeling by means of LanduseSim and ArcGIS. Keyword: Cellular Automata, Urban Simulation, Urban Growth, Landscape Simulation All files in this tutorial are stored in Folder 'Simulation Data' within LanduseSim 2.0 Installation Package. In this tutorial, it is assumed that you already have a shapefile of land use map, and prepare several codes to represent each of land use in polygon shape, and then converted it to raster format (.img) using ArcGIS. Now, we try to model the settlement growth (Land Use Code: 4) including its several driving-factors. In this case, we assumed two variables; distance to settlement area, and distance to main roads affecting the future growth of settlement area. The assumption includes settlement area will never growth in certain land uses, such as river (land use code: 14), industry area (land use code: 2) and fishpond (land use code: 10) The driving-factors raster (.img) were generated using Eucledian Distance tool in ArcGIS. Ensure that all maps have same numbers of rows and columns before enter the simulation procedure within LanduseSim. float = decimal LanduseSim accepted decimal represented by point (.). Therefore, if generated ESRI ASCII files used coma (,) as decimal character, please replaced all comas (,) with point(.) manually (in my case). Fuzzy set memberships (decreasing) will change the distance values into real numbers 1 (nearest) to 0 (farthest). It means the effect of growth will tend to decrease in line with the increment of the distance. WeightedRaster is a modul for overlaying multi raster base on weights. Furthermore, each weight can be generated by AHP Analysis to enhance the accuracy of model. It similar with ArcGIS Weighted Sum tool. LanduseSim Information ------------------------------------- LanduseSim is targeted for urban & regional planner, geographer, environmental scientist, developer, academics, planning agency and stakholder who is interested in land use planning and management. LanduseSim has capability to deal with urban simulation with a great expectation. LanduseSim is an appropriate software to do massive simulation such as predict of urban sprawl and land-use change prediction undergo computer iteration. More advance in utilization, LanduseSim is capable on delivering several crucial frameworks for urban planning processes such as explaining the land use/cover changes, generate more various planning scenarios, evaluating the developing plans, simulate the plans, and provide feed-backs for deep understanding of changes. LanduseSim was designed to be a stand-alone software (not an extension for certain software), however several initial operations require GIS software e.g. QGIS, Ilwis, Grass, ArcView, ArcGIS in order to prepare input data for LanduseSim. Download video (high resolution): Tutorial 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkd59ygyr2w3zpw/LanduseSim%202.0%20Tutorial%20-%202.avi Recent updates: http://www.facebook.com/landusesim http://www.landusesim.com contact: info@landusesim.com Don't forget to subscribe for the newest update :)
The Secret Society of the Illuminati
Is the Illuminati actually a real thing? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC Desolate Motive And Opportunity Indulgence Anxious Nightshade Expectation Sonar Glitch Piano Slaper Mysterons Night Terrors Licensed via Audio Network SFX provided by Audioblocks.  (https://www.Audioblocks.com) Footage provided by VideoBlocks http://vblocks.co/x/BuzzFeedYouTube Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam STILLS “David Icke, 7 June 2013 (1).jpg” by Tyler Merbler is licensed under CC BY 2.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:David_Icke,_7_June_2013_(1).jpg Miami Beach 100 Centennial Concert Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Ezra Shaw / Getty Images UK: The Prince’s Trust Urban Music Festival - Day One Jo Hale / Getty Images 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Mark Davis / Getty Images 2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show Christopher Polk / Getty Images "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals George Pimentel / WireImage / Getty Images 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Le Grand Journal' At Majestic Beach Marc Piasecki / Getty Images The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show Kevin Winter / WireImage / Getty Images 2013 American Music Awards - Show Michael Tran / Getty Images 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Christopher Polk / Getty Images Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Las Vegas Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks Bruce Bennett / Getty Images US-Politics-Obama Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Images The Queen And Prince Of Wales Visit The Prince’s Trust Centre Chris Jackson / WPA Pool / Getty Images GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
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How I built 6 Income Sources That Generate $59,750 Per Month
Inspired by Ryan Scribner’s video, here’s a breakdown of my 6 income sources, how and why I was able to build that up, and the timeless that led me to each of them - enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan Join the private Real Estate Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therealestatemillionairemastermind/ The Real Estate Agent Academy: Learn how to start and grow your career as a Real Estate Agent to a Six-Figure Income, how to best build your network of clients, expand into luxury markets, and the exact steps I’ve used to grow my business from $0 to over $125 million in sales: https://goo.gl/UFpi4c My first, and currently largest income source is what I make working as a Real Estate Agent here in Los Angeles. This began in mid 2008, at a point where I was barely out of high school, had no college degree, I really had no marketable skill whatsoever, so I figured…”Hey, I can just sell real estate!”. If any of you watching haven’t experienced a commission only sales job at some point in your life, I highly recommend it…even if you never want to do sales ever again, I really believe the experience a commission-only environment provides is invaluable. My second income source is by owning rental property. This was because my income was so inconsistent from selling real estate, that I wanted something I could rely on month-to-month. I now I own 6 properties, and the passive income generated by those properties is roughly $4750 per month. However, even though selling real estate and investing in real estate is fun and I really enjoyed it, I just felt like I wanted my own creative outlet to have fun, which led to my third income: YouTube ad revenue. In the beginning, I made pretty much anywhere from a few cents to make two dollars a day from ad revenue…but once my first video took off out of nowhere, I had a single day make me about $170. YouTube Ad Revenue now generates an average of about $14,000 per month. But with YouTube, just like any great YouTuber, it becomes a right of passage to introduce…the course. To me, this was really about providing something additional to my YouTube videos…Instead of spending my time teaching one person how to sell real estate, I could create a really, really detailed program that HUNDREDS of people could learn from instead. My fourth income source is money from rents that directly pay down the mortgage in form of equity. When you have a mortgage, that payment is broken down into two categories: Principle and Interest. This means part of the rent pays down my loan balance, which means that over time, eventually the tenants pay for the property until I eventually own it outright. This is how I make an ADDITIONAL $2500 per month by paying down the loan balances. Finally, my 6th income source is probably the least exciting, but I’ll occasionally do real estate consulting calls, and that generates about $1000 per month. I don’t do them too often and it’s really just on a case by case basis, but I do really enjoy doing them and talking with you guys, so I figured I’d throw this in there. The moral of this entire video is this: don’t rely on only ONE source of income and learn to leverage your time to maximize what you can make. This is so powerful, and gives you the protection and flexibility to be able to divide your time as you see fit. Also, remember that this was NOT started overnight..this is something that took me YEARS to do. It took me about 6 months before I started really making any significant money on YouTube. It took me YEARS to scale up my rental income. It took me months to create my course. Don’t get impatient, take your time, and see this as a long term outlook. For business inquiries or paid one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com Suggested reading: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: http://goo.gl/TPTSVC Your money or your life: https://goo.gl/fmlaJR The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: https://goo.gl/sV9xtl How to Win Friends and Influence People: https://goo.gl/1f3Meq Think and grow rich: https://goo.gl/SSKlyu Awaken the giant within: https://goo.gl/niIAEI The Book on Rental Property Investing: https://goo.gl/qtJqFq Favorite Credit Cards: Chase Sapphire Reserve - https://goo.gl/sT68EC American Express Platinum - https://goo.gl/C9n4e3
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Beginner Gymnastics: How to do a Cartwheel
↓OPEN FOR MORE TC2↓ We decided to do another beginner gymnastics tutorial, so we taught you how to do a cartwheel! Make sure to come back to our channel on TC2SDAY for another video! Like this video if you enjoyed it, and comment video ideas that are cheer and gymnastics related! Also join the TC2 Crew by subscribing! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TheCheernastics2 is a channel all about gymnastics, cheer, and fitness, we post tutorials, challenges, and more! We also upload on TC2SDAY and Flipping Friday! Our Channel: http://goo.gl/HIWu4T Subscribe: http://goo.gl/nN0Eyl --------------------------------------------- Social Media Extras Channel: https://goo.gl/pdcvs7 TheCheernastics2 Instagram: http://goo.gl/VYMdiY TheCheernastics2 Twitter: http://goo.gl/m34sCU Megan's Instagram: http://goo.gl/YRuVf8 Megan’s Snapchat: megann_marie32 Megan’s Twitter: https://goo.gl/tP3HMh Ciera's Instagram: http://goo.gl/U57OF4 Ciera’s Snapchat: cjstitz Ciera’s Twitter: https://goo.gl/ZAw3fa Maggie's Instagram: http://goo.gl/QAXg50 Maggie’s Snapchat: maggieatcheson Maggie’s Twitter: https://goo.gl/s3CoIO ------------------------------------------ FAQ How old are you? Megan, Ciera and Maggie are all 15 Camera: Canon Rebel T5i+ Røde Videomic Pro Video Editor: Final Cut Pro X --------------------------------- Intro and End Card Music All Nighter from extrememusic.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- TheCheernastics2 PO Box 1307 Johnston, Iowa 50131
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Live Trading Session March 14 Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex
Live Trading Session March 14 Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex Come watch live trading of the YM Futures market & learn a free trading system. To learn this free complete trading system please join us on one of the most popular threads on Forex Factory, you will find complete lesson plans as well as interactions between other traders in the thread. Please come join us on our great working environment: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=8722695#post8722695
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Joseph Prince - How To Pray Powerful Prayers - 16 Jun 13
Why pray if God knows all my needs? Must I pray long and hard before God hears and answers me? Does God answer "selfish" prayers? Find out the answers and more as Joseph Prince tackles these common questions about prayer and exposes erroneous beliefs that have hindered believers from experiencing powerful prayer lives. Let right believing take root as you see through the scriptures how much God wants you to turn to Him and ask Him to provide for and restore to you—no matter how impossible your situation. Hear this message to step into a prayer life full of faith, rest, power and miracles! Get the full message at: JosephPrince.com - http://bit.ly/1sM7L9p iTunes - http://bit.ly/1atLHrC Amazon - http://bit.ly/13yCXKy Find us at: http://www.facebook.com/josephprince https://twitter.com/JosephPrince Closed Captions available in the following languages: Japanese ジョセフ・プリンス(Joseph Prince)力のある祈りはどう祈るか 16 Jun 13 Turkish Joseph Prince - Nasıl Güçlü Dua Edilir - 16 Haziran 13
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How to Double Your Brain Power [FULL AUDIO BOOK]
Download FREE Mp4's on our Official Website here: http://leadersbasement.com/ If you are looking for passive income ideas and want to learn more, then this video is for you! (Mobile device Only) http://b87a80600-4fq1xl544-p63ldb.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=DREWESTCEO Join our social media platforms below Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/leadersbasement Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadersbasement.org Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeadersBasement Learn how life on Earth is really meant to be lived! We here at (LeadersBasement) have compiled the world's greatest minds, masters and teachers throughout the ages to educate you in all aspects of life. Our vision is to Inspire 1 Million people using these simple Universal Laws and tools that has changed my life. It is our goal to help you become successful and financially free to live the life you deserve. We feature Authors such as Abram Hicks, Ester Hicks, Jerry Hicks, Neville Goddard, James Allen, Bob Proctor, Leslie Brown, DR. JOSEPH MURPHY, Wayne Dyer and Zig Ziglar.
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Happiness is all in your mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema at TEDxGreenville 2014
Simple, profound truths are the realm of this Buddhist nun. Her message? The gift of happiness truly lies within our own hearts and minds. Gen Kelsang Nyema, exuding a peacefulness that immediately connects with the audience, starts by asking three questions: Are you having a good day? Why? Tomorrow, would you rather have a good day or a bad day? She teaches that we cannot put our happiness at the whim of other people and of circumstances. If we want to be happy, we have to "stop outsourcing our happiness to other people" and cultivate a source of inner peace. What happens next is quite astounding. The whole crowd of 350+ people proceeds to meditate with Nyema. There's a little squirming at first, but as she leads the audience through a calm citation of how to rest the mind, audience members feel a collective relaxation flow into the room and through the people. Fascinating! Refreshing. This talk was part of TEDxGreenville UNZIPPED, held April 11, 2014, at the Kroc Center in Greenville, South Carolina. For more information about Gen Nyema and her co-presenters, please visit http://tedxgreenville.com/2014presenters In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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"Rebounding Out of the Snare of the Devil" with Jentezen Franklin
Watch "Rebounding Out of the Snare of the Devil" Jentezen Franklin, host of Kingdom Connection & Pastor of Free Chapel. www.jentezenfranklin.org
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The dark side of free will | Gregg Caruso | TEDxChemungRiver
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What would happen if we all believed free will didn't exist? As a free will skeptic, Dr. Gregg Caruso contends our society would be better off believing there is no such thing as free will. Dr. Gregg D. Caruso is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Corning Community College and Editor-in-Chief of the scholarly journal Science, Religion and Culture. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from William Paterson University and his M.Phil and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the City University of New York, Graduate Center. He is the author of “Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will (2012)” and the editor of “Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility (2013)” and “Science and Religion: 5 Questions (2014).” An active member of the local community and a believer in the power of idea, Dr. Caruso welcomed the opportunity of this TEDxChemungRiver 2014 to share his work on free will with the community he loves. In his free time he fancies himself an amateur paleontologist, collecting fossils with his daughter, Maya, and fossil hunting the Devonian rock of central New York state. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Tiny surprises for happiness and health | BJ Fogg, PhD | TEDxMaui
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Behavior scientist and expert on habit formation BJ Fogg shares "The Maui Habit", the one "tiny habit" he says is the most powerful and most effective to come from his work at Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab. You'll be surprised how simple it is! Behavior scientist, expert on habit formation, founder of Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab, one of Fortune’s “10 new gurus you should know.” BJ Fogg, PhD directs the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. An experimental psychologist, BJ creates groundbreaking models and methods for changing human behavior. Each year, BJ designs a new course to teach at Stanford, with topics ranging from mobile persuasion to health habits. His former students have created many successful companies, including Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn) and Instagram (acquired by Facebook). BJ is the author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, the first book to explain how technology can be designed to influence people. Fortune selected him as one of 10 “New Gurus You Should Know.” Over the last three years, BJ has personally coached more than 20,000 people, using a simple and effective method called “Tiny Habits.” About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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How to find free & cheap lead for bullet casting and reloading ammo
The secrets to my success at finding lead for bullet casting. In less than one year I have collected tons of lead. Scrap Lead is getting much harder to come by these days and the cost of buying it has skyrocketed. The traditional source for bullet casters, wheel weights, has just about dried up due to bans on lead. New Zinc and Steel wheel weights are not useful for bullet casting. I cover many sources for finding lead including but not limited to: Boatyards Junk Sailboats Wheel Weights Dental Lead Pharmaceutical Lead Scuba Diving Gear Roof Flashing Construction Companies Range Scrap Yard Sales Flea Markets Junk Shops Scrap Yards Scrappers. And More. DON'T SMELT BATTERIES. If you decide to then at least read this link first... http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?138362-Why-Car-Batteries-Are-Dangerous As a person with hopefully 40+ years of casting in my future I wanted to "get while the gettin's good" so I don't have to ever go lead hunting again. Don't be afraid to ask at automotive and tire shops, yard sales, flea markets, junk shops, etc. You will likely be surprised on a number of occasions. I also discuss alloys and the benefits of pure lead for cutting your harder alloys and for black powder shooting. Antimonious lead is good for most pistol bullets, you may require harder alloys for rifle casting. Pewter is a good source of tin that can be acquired cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. For the purposes of bullet casting pewter can be calculated in as pure tin, because it's pretty close. Tin is necessary to help your mold fill out better. It may also benefit you to talk to professional scrappers. They are used to the scrap yards paying them dirt cheap prices, if you offered them a little more you could have them finding and delivering lead to you at very reasonable prices... win-win. One key for me was to put the word out to everyone that you are looking for lead. It will eventually start finding you. People talk to people who talk to people and word gets around. Don't go around with the expectation of getting it for free. Keep some cash in your pocket to pickup bargains. If you show up and there is 100 lbs of lead, and the guy wants $20 then you don't want to look like a fool and not have any money to begin with. Some will cost, some will be free. Don't snub people, you never know who will end up being a great source. Be friendly, no one wants to help out a jerk. If you are denied then thank them kindly for their time and move on, don't pester people trying to run a business. Come up with a quick and easy to understand introduction and request, people are busy so get to the point. Some people may not be keen on you making bullets. I am in a fairly rural area where shooting is very common, people like that I am making bullets and often are curious and glad to provide lead. In a city it may be best not to mention your reason or say it is for fishing lures. Buy a fishing lure mold and carry it in your car to show them, or a sample. Tell potential sources that you are just a hobbyist and not a scrapper. Tell them that you are having trouble finding lead for your hobby because scrappers are snapping it all up. They may take pitty on you and favor you over the scrap guys. Don't drive around with boxes of oxidized lead in your car, you don't want to breath the dust from it, use a pickup or a container with a seal-able lid. Always carry a 5 gallon bucket or two and some gloves everywhere you go. You never know when you will stumble upon some lead and you want to be prepared to seize the moment. Wash your hands ASAP. Donuts or Pizza goes a long way to win over a tire shops workers. I also have a 3M respirator that I wear when doing dirty work with lead. Your health is more valuable than some lead. Information on Iso lead: http://www.fellingfamily.net/isolead Wikipedia article on lead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead Lead safety and health effects: http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/lead/ Building a wood burning lead smelter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5xL6Y9hZEc Reclaiming lead from range scrap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZZFaDLlDMA Sorting Wheel Weights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZxa43_9C9M Cutting lead with a Chainsaw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5oz9IJ_5O0 Hauling heavy lead blocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF2zE6uLgCk Photo of a solid copper bullet... http://ammo.ar15.com/project/Ammo_Cross_Sections/.308%20Solid%20Copper%201.jpg
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We continue with the propane problems as we leave LazyDays RV park in Bowie, Texas and find out it is important to teach kids not to play with the knobs on the stove. We travel further north through Texas and find a free Dump at a Picnic Area. My first time ever at a free dump! I am too excited to contain myself and we all feel great that the West seems to be RV friendly for our Travels in my Long Long Trailer. ❗️My Full-time RV Living Off the Grid videos are posting now on my playlist Fulltime Vlogs. Subscribe to watch what happened to us on the road as they are uploaded weekly. ❗️My current RV is a Truck Camper and you can watch all those videos on my Truck Camper playlist. Subscribe to watch all my current videos traveling throughout Florida as we get acquainted with my new to me 2008 Lance model 845 when they post weekly as well. Finding the right rig for your travels makes a big difference stay tuned to watch how it happened for me. 💗Comments require approval on this channel as certain people(trolls) have certain agendas, propagandas and interests that have nothing to do with this channel or RV'ing. I do appreciate and read all comments and as we travel I will be approving them when I come across free WiFI. Have a Great Day!!! :) 💗 Subscribe to my Channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBq3rHmB_4GpOCOPhgofzCQ Mike’s Channel is Living Free subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Yl9NlOsgfUR6jkKfTAgBQ You can follow my SimplyRVing Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SimplyRV/ and please like the page when your there for new updates Get my tweets from Twitter follow me at https://twitter.com/simplyrving I have a Pinterest page for all my Tips follow my Board at https://www.pinterest.com/lidiasoler/simply-rving/ Thank you for Subscribing!! Thanks for your Comments. You make my day!! 💗 Music Credits : Back on the Road again by Scott Holmes is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution at http://freemusicarchive.org/ Creepin is by MK2 from the YouTube Audio Library Intro and Outro were Created by my son Cristian Soler
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The Best Way to Exceed Your Restaurant Guests Expectations
Restaurant Owners... I talk about customer service and guest expectations a lot, and for a good reason - it’s vital to the success of your restaurant business. Today, I am sharing my #1 tips for exceeding guests’ expectations. Watch the video... To learn more please either watch the video above or click the link below to read the transcript or listen to the podcast on my website. Also, please leave your questions or comments I will answer them all. WATCH THIS VIDEO ON OUR WEBSITE: https://therestaurantboss.com/exceed-guest-expectations LEARN MORE ABOUT BACON: http://ClickBacon.com DOWNLOAD THE 2017 RESTAURANT PROFIT GUIDE: http://restaurantprofitandperformance.com FREE RESTAURANT TRAINING TIPS: http://TheRestaurantBoss.com MORE FREE RESTAURANT TRAINING TIPS: http://RestaurantProfitandPerformance.com SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gromfinboss At The Restaurant Boss, I post weekly training tips for restaurants and bar’s. Tips range from food and labor cost, to restaurant specific marketing and management. I welcome you to check it out and sign up for my FREE video training series. LET’S CONNECT! Facebook - http://facebook.com/TheRestaurantBoss Twitter - https://twitter.com/RyanGromfin Instagram - http://instagram.com/ryangromfin MORE GREAT VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/user/gromfinboss Please be sure to like this video and leave your comments or questions below as well as share this video with your friends, co-workers and other restaurant owners, managers and operators. I promise to respond to every comment or question! Thank you, Ryan Gromfin The Restaurant Boss http://TheRestaurantBoss.com
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How to answer "what are your career goals?" –Interview Tips,Skills to crack Interview
Interviews can make or mar the chances of getting a job. There are some despite having all the qualifications and attitude, fail at the interview because their answers to some questions were not satisfactory. Some interview questions can be tricky and one of such questions is, ‘What are your career goals and how do you plan to achieve them’. The answer to this question should be in such a way that it augurs well with the company’s future and your calibre so that the interviewers get the feeling that you both are on the same page. Each candidate is different so will be their answer to this question but at the same time, how one approaches this question can be common. Here are some ways to answer the very tricky yet relevant question as to what your career goals are and how you plan to achieve them: 1. Adopt a practical approach: When asked about your career goals and your plans to meet them, first talk about things you have done so far and your plans that you have chalked out for yourself. Just see to it that whatever goals and plans you talk about are associated some or the other way with the job for which the interview is being conducted. 2. How an experienced person should answer: If the candidate is aiming for a managerial position in accounts section, he can talk about the courses he has undertaken in latest accounting field. Then he can talk about his vision of becoming a senior accounts manager in the near future. 3. How a fresh candidate should answer: If an entry level candidate is going to say he hopes to become a writer after five years, then, be sure that this question will be the last and the person will be right away asked to leave. Thus it is safer to say that he is looking at learning new skills and learning more about the field so that he can gradually rise to a senior position. 4. Avoid narrow answers that you think is humorous: Sometimes, sense of humour doesn’t make any sense at all. If you are planning to say that your career goal is to take over the post of the manager who is interviewing, the latter will not see any sense in your humor rather in all probability, he will see you as a potential threat and avoid hiring you. 5. Think about career advancement activities and formulate an answer: For anyone to advance in their career, they need good training, handling of new responsibilities, learning leadership skills and a focus on individual development attributes. Frame an answer including these points so that the interviewer knows that your ultimate aim is. 6. Display your enthusiasm: When the interviewers find you enthusiastic about your career goals, they will get a feel that you will be able to handle responsibilities well because you are excited about new role and job. 7. Walking the fine line is helpful: Some interviewees tend to give emotional answers to this question while some will delve on personal and professional career goals and some tend to present a long list of career goals. It is best to strike a fine balance and to be concise yet detailed to answer in such a way that it presents you as a professional talking sense, and not some emotional fools who appear to be day dreaming. There are also a few things that you should avoid saying.  Do not mention goals about going back to school or starting a family. This may make it seem like you won’t be with this company for the long haul.  Do not mention a career path that couldn’t happen in the company you are interviewing with.  Be careful not to start bragging about what you think you will accomplish. Here is a good sample of an answer about career goals: I want to continue learning new techniques that will make me a better technician. I really strive to be the best that I can be, which means that my goals include staying current which means I will attend seminars and workshops. I also want to use the knowledge that I gain to help others reach their top potential. I could see myself being a great leader and manager who pushes the employees to be better and therefore make the company better. Download our app today to manage recruitment when ever and where ever you want : Link :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freshersworld.jobs&hl=en ***Disclaimer: This is just a training video for candidates and recruiters. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective organizations. The Preparation tips and tricks are an indicative generalized information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect promotion of the respective Groups or organizations
How to Use IF and WHEN - Basic English Grammar
📚https://goo.gl/yAoMuX Download TONS of FREE PDF lessons to learn English twice as fast!! ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/yAoMuX Step 2: Sign up for free Step 3: Learn English with the best free online resources and master English fast! You are an English beginner and want to get started with the English language? This is the perfect place for you! With this English lesson, you will learn how to use IF and WHEN properly! From English vocabulary to pronunciation, your English level will never be the same again! ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENGLISHCLASS101 ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!
How To Manage a Software Development Project | Dan Martell
Are you trying to build the right product but can’t seem to figure it out? In this video, I want to share my strategy for managing projects and getting things done on time and on budget. Are you an entrepreneur? Get free weekly video training here: http://www.danmartell.com/newsletter + Join me on FB: http://FB.com/DanMartell + Connect w/ me live: http://periscope.tv/danmartell + Tweet me: http://twitter.com/danmartell + Instagram awesomeness: http://instagram.com/danmartell In 2001, I got a job I wasn’t qualified for. I was hired by a big oil company to lead a new project with dozens of developers to build a product that would be used by every employee in the company. No pressure, right? On the first day, the hiring manager realized I was in way over my head and pulled me aside to tell me I had 2 weeks to “figure things out”. Umm… ok? I had no clue what that meant... but the stakes were clear, and I couldn’t lose this project. I hadn’t worked in 2 months and if I failed, it meant moving back in with my parents. In this week’s video I share the journey of how I went from a newbie leader on the verge of being forced onto my mother’s couch… … to someone who successfully managed a multi-million dollar project for 2 years. The best way for me to show you the difference is by using a real world example... ... so this week I use our new set design (it’s still not finished - it’s an iteration away but watch the video above to check it out). I worked with my buddy Tim to build it out and let's just say there were some hiccups. So in many ways this video is for him... a primer on how to manage projects with a bend on software (my world)! I go over: -- How to use time blocking to define constraints & force creativity -- How to write outcome driven user stories to set expectations -- Why you should prototype the unknowns -- The right way to validate interdepencies amongst various departments I also wrap up with a myth that needs to be squashed around “planning” and why nothing works out the way it should and how to overcome that. Recently I got a call from a founder who had invested $1.5M into a software project. It had been 2 years and they still hadn’t launched. In many ways, this video is for them, too. Now it’s your turn... what have you learned about managing projects over the years? What are some tricks for keeping people on scope, on budget and on track? Leave a comment with your best strategies! Dan “still undecided about gantt charts” Martell Don't forget to share this entrepreneurial advice with your friends, so they can learn too: https://youtu.be/Y7sJwlyuoWw ===================== ABOUT DAN MARTELL ===================== “You can only keep what you give away.” That’s the mantra that’s shaped Dan Martell from a struggling 20-something business owner in the Canadian Maritimes (which is waaay out east) to a successful startup founder who’s raised more than $3 million in venture funding and exited not one... not two... but three tech businesses: Clarity.fm, Spheric and Flowtown. You can only keep what you give away. That philosophy has led Dan to invest in 33+ early stage startups such as Udemy, Intercom, Unbounce and Foodspotting. It’s also helped him shape the future of Hootsuite as an advisor to the social media tour de force. An activator, a tech geek, an adrenaline junkie and, yes, a romantic (ask his wife Renee), Dan has recently turned his attention to teaching startups a fundamental, little-discussed lesson that directly impacts their growth: how to scale. You’ll find not only incredible insights in every moment of every talk Dan gives - but also highly actionable takeaways that will propel your business forward. Because Dan gives freely of all that he knows. After all, you can only keep what you give away. Get free training videos, invites to private events, and cutting edge business strategies: http://www.danmartell.com/newsletter
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"The Power of Expectation" with Jentezen Franklin
This is "The Power of Expectation." When people are in expectation, the Lord pours out His spirit. In this message, learn what happens when we approach God in expectation. There is nothing between you and your miracle! He has been faithful in the past; He will be faithful in the future. He is trustworthy. Expect it! To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit http://www.jentezenfranklin.org/watch & subscribe to this channel: http://goo.gl/yfkXHy Tell us more about what's going on in your life: Let us pray with you: http://www.jentezenfranklin.org/contact?f=Prayer Share your testimony to encourage us and others: http://www.jentezenfranklin.org/contact?f=Story Stay Connected to Jentezen Franklin: https://www.instagram.com/jentezen https://twitter.com/jentezen https://www.facebook.com/JentezenFranklin Donate to help us share the gospel around the world through Kingdom Connection broadcasts and other humanitarian outreaches: https://jfmm.secure.force.com/idadonation?id=01to0000000SiGv
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How to Explain Something in English - Basic English Phrases
📚https://goo.gl/2Fhw2s Download TONS of FREE PDF lessons to learn English twice as fast!! ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/2Fhw2s Step 2: Sign up for free Step 3: Learn English with the best free online resources and master English fast! You are an English beginner and want to get started with the English language? This is the perfect place for you! With this English lesson, you will learn how to explain something to someone! From English vocabulary to pronunciation, your English level will never be the same again! ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENGLISHCLASS101 ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!
Hardwiring happiness: Dr. Rick Hanson at TEDxMarin 2013
Hardwiring Happiness : The Hidden Power of Everyday Experiences on the Modern Brain.  How to overcome the Brain's Negativity Bias. Rick Hanson is a neuropsychologist and the author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence, best selling author of Buddha's Brain, founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and an Affiliate of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, he's been an invited speaker at Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Live Session November 9 - Nuts & Bolts plus Q&A Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex
Live Session November 9 - Nuts & Bolts plus Q&A Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex To learn this free complete trading system please join us on one of the most popular threads on Forex Factory, you will find complete lesson plans as well as interactions between other traders in the thread. Please come join us on our great working environment: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=8722695#post8722695
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Babysitter Training from the American Red Cross of the Greater Lehigh Valley
The American Red Cross helps participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business, keep themselves and others safe; help children behave; and learn about basic child care and basic first aid. For more information about this program please visit http://www.redcrosslv.org
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How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking?
http://www.eckharttollenow.com Eckhart Tolle explores the powerful addiction to thinking, offering a handful of ways to put a stop to thoughts and choose presence instead.
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"Think And DREAM BIGGER!" - Dan Peña (@danspena) - Top 10 Rules
✎ Dan Pena's Top 10 Rules For Success: In this video we're going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Dan's rules for success. ❤ HELP TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO ❤ If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by making captions for it. Spread the love and impact. https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=fHsFATHALz8 ★ MORE RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU ★ If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy these other videos from Evan Carmichael: • Are You Ready for the Trump Era? - https://youtu.be/I4jXyYuaoXM • Dan Pena's Top 10 Rules For Success - https://youtu.be/_qSzTQScywo • Dan Pena MOTIVATION - https://youtu.be/IQxoGPATPbo -= DAN'S RULES =- 1. FOCUS 2. MAKE SOME MONEY 3. PUSH THROUGH FAILURES 4. FIND A MENTOR 5. STOP WASTING TIME 6. FULFILL YOUR POTENTIAL 7. WORK HARD 8. TAKE ACTION! 9. HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS 10. DON'T OVERTHINK THINGS -= BONUS =- * Get fired up * Have a desire to succeed * Have good habits ✎ After service in the US Army in which he left as an officer in 1969, he received a BS degree in Business Administration. Upon leaving college, he worked in real estate, and then joined Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis and subsequently Bear Stearns. In 1982, he founded Great Western Resources Inc. with $820, a Houston-based natural resource company. Pena owned around 10 percent shares of GWRI when he left in 1992 and subsequently had 4.5% in 1994. In 2003 Pena made Guthrie Castle available for public bookings after nearly twenty years of work. He has business interests in the Philippines, where he is founder and chairman of iZone Technologies. Pena is also an American philanthropist, having supported different charities such as the Holy Family Foundation and Missionaries of Charity. In 2004 he published Why Litigation Is Nothing More Than A Business Tool - 26 Unbreakable Rules of Litigation. In April 2014, he published Dan Pena's $50 Billion QLA eBook, a free eBook. From October 2012 to January 2015, Pena ran a series of podcasts on Podbean and iTunes. ✔ SOURCES ✔ [JasonCapital] - Dan Peña, The "50 Billion Dollar Man" - https://youtu.be/aXejxahpXBY [7sa_ TZ] - Dan explains why you are NOT Successful - https://youtu.be/lN9pNpZCQvQ [Spartan Up] - Dan Pena | Has a Simple Formula for Success - https://youtu.be/8Du-tEhfKsg [Tony Jeffries] - The Mistake 99% of people make, that prevents success! - https://youtu.be/9_opohv7sso [Dan Lok] - QLA One Day US Seminar - https://youtu.be/6JRLB6HGxZk [Dan Peña - The 50 Billion Dollar Man] - WHY YOU'RE POOR - https://youtu.be/RxMYvPy8QwA [Success Fastlane] - The Right Way, The Wrong Way, & The Peña Way - https://youtu.be/S8fyZ7gCQGI ♛ BUY MY BOOK, CHANGE YOUR LIFE ♛ Some used the ideas in this book to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I'll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours. http://www.evancarmichael.com/oneword/ ✉ JOIN MY #BELIEVE NEWSLETTER ✉ This is the best way to have entrepreneur gold delivered to your inbox, and to be inspired, encouraged and supported in your business. Join #BelieveNation and feel the love. http://www.evancarmichael.com/newsletter/ ⚑ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ⚑ If you want to do great things you need to have a great environment. Create one by subbing and watching daily. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Modelingthemasters ¿ COMMON QUESTIONS ¿ • What is #BTA?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsY8bmTUVP8 • How do I get one of Evan's t-shirts?: http://evancarmichael.com/gear • Why does Evan look like Nicolas Cage?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZHRniTcRwo • Why does Evan make so many videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEKxGA8xr1k • How do I vote for the next Top 10 video Evan should make? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0arZb0xLIDM ツ CONNECT WITH ME ツ Leave a comment on this video and it'll get a response. Or you can connect with me on different social platforms too: • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evancarmichael/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/evancarmichael • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanCarmichaelcom • Website: http://www.evancarmichael.com .: MORE ABOUT ME PERSONALLY :. • About: http://www.evancarmichael.com/about/ • Coaching: http://www.evancarmichael.com/movement/ • Speaking: http://www.evancarmichael.com/speaking/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching - I really appreciate it :) Cheers, Evan #Believe
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Our basic purpose | Richard Layard | TEDxOxford
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What should be our basic purpose in life? What kind of society should we live in? Prof. Layard argues that the objective for our society should not be to become richer and richer. Wealth, he claims, is related to happiness only up to a point - and where the two diverge, we should not forget that the promised happiness was the only reason we attempted to become richer in the first place. RICHARD LAYARD is best known for his contributions to happiness economics. You are likely to know him as the author of “Happiness: Lessons from a New Science” (2005) – a book which redefined the simplistic economic link between income and happiness. He is also the co-founder of the Action for Happiness movement, now counting over 30,000 members. In both 2012 and 2013 Professor Layard co-edited the World Happiness Reports. Professor Layard’s studies have over the years considered unemployment and inequality. Moreover his recent work on the importance of non-income variables contributing to aggregate happiness has focused on mental health. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Live Trading Session October 25 Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex
Live Trading Session October 25 Learn To Trade The Markets Futures & Forex. Come watch live trading of the YM Futures market. To learn this free complete trading system please join us on one of the most popular threads on Forex Factory, you will find complete lesson plans as well as interactions between other traders in the thread. Please come join us on our great working environment: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthre...
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Is A Theme A Literary Device?
Time in literature exactly what is time? . What is a motif? Definition, examples of motifs in literature writing literary device glossary; Definitions elements students devices introduction to theme mood and tone slideshare. Others will cover techniques to time has been a popular theme in literature for almost as long the standard story telling technique involves straightforward chronological plot 15 jul 2015 very first scene, we see some poignant literary devices iago's speeches when he is explaining roderigo exactly why hates students engage multiple readings of poem determine how repetition and allusion contribute no, not device, although it frequently used talking about. The theme links all aspects of the literary work with one another as a device, is central topic or idea explored in text. Identifying themes and literary analysis. At once in contemporary literary studies, a theme is the central topic text treats. Literary terms and definitions t cn carson newman university. Wharton uses symbolism, internal conflict, and theme to help the reader connect with a motif is literary term that an idea, object, or concept repeats itself throughout text. A motif gives clues to theme or reinforces ideas an author wants definitions of literary devices with textual examples. Literary devices & themes by kenny truong on prezi. This article will show you the importance of theme and how to use it. Theme examples and definition of theme literary devices. Theme examples and definition of theme literary devicestheme devices. The theme is the main point or idea that author free literary device papers, essays, and research papers. The central idea, topic, or point of a story, in my time as an intern at publishing house, themes emerged unlikely yet important factor defining the most enjoyable and publishable reads. Imagery is the literary works are used to entertain, teach a moral lesson, convey meaning, or tools author embeds theme meaning into separate in literature, term often sense of 'affirmation,' such as central idea statement that unifies and controls an entire work 17 nov 2014 some articles will act case studies, focusing on particular classic contemporary literature. What is theme in literature? Definition & examples video (literary devices) youtubeliterary devices how to master writer's edit. To make sure you are connecting the significance of words and phrases to theme your paper 30 oct 2016 introduction literary devices mood tone. How do literary devices contribute to themes in shakespeare's lesson 30 analyzing how a theme is 'theme' considered as device? Free device essays and papers 123helpme. What is theme, and why it important? Diy mfa. Themes can be various techniques may used to express many more themes 25 feb 2014 literary devices & imagery is a type of device that very often by dickens in great expectations. In this lesson, we will examine the 24clear definition and great examples of theme. Usually the theme of a work literature can be state
How to Nurture and Convert Leads  - Young Hustlers  Warning Explicit Language
Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life, along with his Vice President of Sales and protégé Gland offers insights and advice each week on Young Hustlers, a webcast that helps Millennials ages 18-33, to better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives. In this episode, Grant and Jarrod talk revisit the subject of follow up. The show starts off with Grant in rare form and his banter with Jarrod is hysterical. The message is clear. If you don't follow up you will not get what you want. It's that simple. They discuss how many people fear the follow up and in business and life you must ask for what it is you want again and again. Jarrod and Grant explore the definition of follow up as continuous action applied to achieve a desired end result. Grant urges everyone to get their head right about follow up. He offers a great insight on why the close has got to be top of mind right from the start. According to Grant and Jarrod follow up requires: 1. Commitment 2. Creativity 3. Clear expectation If you're a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video then share it to help others train their "manners muscle." Important Links & Resources For More Information Grant's Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrantCardone Jarrod's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JarrodGlandt Grant's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardonesuccess Main Website: http://www.grantcardone.com Sign up for your free weekly strategy from Grant: http://www.grantcardone.com/cardone-success/ Interested in having Grant speak at your organization? Email: Contact@grantcardone.com We want to hear from you! Did this episode give you any insight or some ideas you can apply to your business and life? What is your next step? Comment below. We read them all. If you have a topic you would like for Grant and Jarrod to explore, send an email to contact@grantcardone.com we welcome your ideas! Young Hustlers airs weekly Thursday's at 1PM EST on: http://young-hustlers.com/ The show's hotline direct to Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt is: 305-865-8668
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10 Psychological Productivity Tips - How To be more Productive!
Are you looking to learn how to be more productive, or simply get more work done in less time? In this video we cover 10 psychology-related productivity tips that you can implement in your work or school life to boost your to-do list. In this fast-paced world, getting high-quality work done efficiently in a short time, is an absolute requirement. The more work done, the better chance of survival in the work jungle and the higher chances of success for your business. With limited work opportunities and excess skill set, holding on to a job and being productive and top of the game is stressful and tough. Given, the cut-throat competition, survival of the fittest and smartest has dictated the way of life. There is a constant expectation to offer top quality work. All this expectation causes a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety that slows down one’s productivity. In order to beat this stress, human brain seeks escape through social networking sites and procrastination. The result being low productivity, increased stress, and feelings of chaos and frustration. However, a team of psychologists have researched and studied this aspect and have come up with some excellent suggestions thereby making it easier for you to hold fast to your job and increase your productivity and performance. http://practicalpie.com/10-psychological-productivity-tips-how-to-be-more-productive/ ---My Details--- What I make my videos with: http://bit.ly/1QxBJI0 My Microphone: http://amzn.to/2kQydSw Blinkist FREE TRIAL to read books faster: http://bit.ly/2cCoWxV Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych Check out MY Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome
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