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Lymphedema specialists tackle post-surgery swelling in head and neck cancer patients
Lymphedema, or chronic swelling, can affect head and neck cancer patients' speaking, swallowing, vision, breathing and self-image. Jan Lewin, Ph.D., leads an MD Anderson team that's the first speech pathology program in the United States to offer Complete Decongestive Therapy to manage head and neck lymphedema. Speech pathologists Brad Smith and Leila Little, who are certified lymphedema therapists, use compression bandaging, massage, therapeutic exercises and skin care techniques to help patients reduce swelling. Learn more about lymphedema: https://www.mdanderson.org/patients-family/diagnosis-treatment/emotional-physical-effects/lymphedema.html Request an appointment at MD Anderson by calling 1-877-632-6789 or online at: https://my.mdanderson.org/RequestAppointment?cmpid=youtube_appointment_sideeffects
Head and Neck Cancer - Advanced treatment - Lifeline - TV9
Telangana Election Counting LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-bZONX2rp4 Telangana Election Results 2018 LIVE updates: https://goo.gl/rAxF6G ► For More: https://goo.gl/rcDXLx Head and Neck Cancer - Advanced treatment - Lifeline ► Download Tv9 Android App: http://goo.gl/T1ZHNJ ► Subscribe to Tv9 Telugu Live: https://goo.gl/lAjMru ► Circle us on G+: https://plus.google.com/+tv9 ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tv9telugu ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tv9Telugu ► Pin us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Tv9telugu
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Dr Surender Dabas on Head and Neck cancers  (Hindi)
Dr Surender Dabas, Consultant Surgical Oncologist from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi talks about Head and Neck cancers Learn more about cancers at http://www.IndianCancerCare.org
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Tonsil cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Tonsil cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Tonsil cancer is a rare form of cancer with symptoms that are often similar to other illnesses. Like many cancers, the causes are unclear, but there are some key risk factors. We find out more about symptoms, treatment, and outlook. Tonsil cancer is part of a group of cancers that originate in the mouth and throat. These are known as oral and oropharyngeal cancers and are often grouped under head and neck cancers. The tonsils are part of the immune system. They defend the body against bacteria and viruses that enter the mouth or throat. If cancer is found at an early stage, there are usually more options available to treat it. This increases the chance of successful treatment and recovery. What is tonsil cancer? Tonsil cancer begins with cancerous cells or a tumor in the tonsils. It can still affect people who have had their tonsils removed, as some tissue is often left behind after surgery. People who drink alcohol, smoke, or have human papillomavirus (HPV), have a greater risk of developing tonsil cancer. The tonsils are found towards the back of the throat, one on either side. Each tonsil is made up of a collection of lymphoid tissue. This is tissue containing lymphocytes, which are cells that fight off disease. Tonsils catch and destroy bacteria and viruses. They can change in size and often swell with blood to help trap germs, such as when someone has a cold.
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An Interesting Neck Swelling : A Carotid Body Tumour.wmv
Neck Swellings in all age groups are a relatively common occurrence. Usually they are from Lymph Node enlargements from various causes or from Thyroid gland enlargements, again from its varied causes. Such was the case of Ms.Pereira who presented to senior Margao-based Surgeon Dr.V.V.Kamat with a swelling she thought was a thyroid swelling. Dr.kamat however had the wisdom to look beyond the swelling and Dr.Jayesh Borker, the Ultrasonologist confirmed Dr.Kamat's suspicion of a Left Carotid Body Tumour. A rare tumour of what are chemo-receptor cells at the branching of the main blood supply to the head -- the common carotid artery. Dr.Kamat sent across the patient for surgical resection because the confirmatory MRI showed that the tumour was sitting on the bifurcation and displacing its branches "splaying" widely. Ms.Pereira had an uneventful surgery at Manipal Hospital, Dona Paula. View the video for more...
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Signs of Head & Neck Cancer
It's been called the '15 minutes that could save your life'. Screening for head and neck cancer is a small time investment that may help doctors find a problem when it's most treatable. "We would love to screen lots more people," says Dr. Phillip Andrews. He is an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) on medical staff at Lee Memorial Health System. "The earlier we catch any cancer greatly increases the chance of curing it." Head and neck cancers include any cancer above the collar bone, outside the brain. Dentists commonly screen the mouth and tongue, but doctors perform a thorough exam. "It's not invasive at all; we look at the skin of the face and the neck. We look in the nose, we look in the mouth, in the throat; we look at the voice box and feel on the neck," says Dr. Andrews. Unlike cancer screens that are linked to very specific tests, like a mammogram, a colonoscopy, the PSA or PAP test - oral cancer screenings look for signs and symptoms. Including ones that you should share with your doctor. "Any sore that doesn't heal in the mouth, on the skin, in the nose, it's something that does not heal - you've got to be concerned about it," says Dr. Andrews. "If you're hoarse more than three weeks you've got to have somebody look at it." New or unusual pains can also be a red flag. "Pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing that does not go away after two or three weeks. Pain in the ear that is unexplained could be coming from a throat cancer, because the nerve that supplies the two areas is the same." A lump in the neck should also be checked out. Head and neck cancers seem to sneak up on people, so if you suspect an oral cancer- speak up. View More Health Matters video segments at leememorial.org/healthmatters/ Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we've been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Visit leememorial.org
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Causes of painful lymph nodes in neck - Dr. Satish Babu K
Painful lymph nodes in the neck is one of the most common situation and this could happen because of many reasons,. The lymphnodes are the filters of lymphatic system which is a part of blood. So any regional infection, the blood passing through that area will be filtered by these lymph nodes and they will have an abundant collection of bacteria or viruses whatever that is infecting the area. So any regional infection could lead to swelling of the lymph nodes and pain with that. A short term lymph nodes with pain is basically due to infection. So if you treat the basic infection like tonsils, or gum infection or pimples, eyelid infection, scalp infection, dermatitis etc the lymph nodes will also get relieved and they start shrinking in size. They take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks after the infection subsides completely. So we have to be patient. As far as they are not progressively increasing in size or worsening in pain and start liquifying you need not worry too much about the lymph nodes. Look for change in character or progressive increase in size or from firm consistency they are more and more softer or becoming stone hard we should get it checked by the doctors. Despite the treatment of the local regional issue if the lymph node persist beyond 3 or 4 weeks we should probably get it tested and FNAC is a good choice. FNAC will only give you the present situation. If two years ago the FNAC was normal it does not mean that it can show something normal now also. So it is lasting more than 4 weeks despite the treatment please get it tested.
Lateral Neck Swelling ( Part 1 ) - Surgery
Lateral Neck Swelling ( Part 1 ) Surgery for Medical Students Prof. Ashraf Khater professor of surgery and onco-surgery , Mansoura university , Egypt https://www.facebook.com/SurgeryEdu/ أ.د/ أشرف خاطر أستاذ جراحة الأورام - كلية الطب جامعة المنصورة Production : Alnafis Healthcare Network https://www.facebook.com/alnafisNetwork/ Alnafis.com +201005865667 +201024492446 +20502375606 شبكة النفيس الطبية ِinfo@alnafis.com Operative Surgery for Undergraduates Basic trays for surgery. Need to know all of them. This is just a small percentage of instruments that you need to know if you are going into the surgery field. A guide to surgical instruments - what's on a basic surgical tray and what are they for? When you are doing surgery you need to know what the instruments are called and what they are used for. In this easy to follow guide. You'll learn the names of the instruments, why there are that shape, what they are used for, and some top tips on how to use them. Essential for medical students, people starting surgical training and student nurses on theatre placement. Scalpel & Blades - Essential Surgical Skills The VIDEO also offers individuals with a basic knowledge of instruments further information about the instruments and the correct way of passing a surgical instruments. This DEMONSTRATION is just only one way of how to pass the instruments. you as a SURGICAL TECH OR FIRST ASSIST can improvise on however you want to pass the surgical instrument according to the surgeon's preference. BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO PASS THE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. SURGICAL TECH Surgery (Medical Specialty), Surgical, Instruments, surgery, instuments, surgical instruments, jon lund, school of surgery, scissors, retractor, forceps, operation, basic, sucker, PASSING OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, HOW TO PASS THE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS
My Head and Neck Cancer Journey. Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Day 2
Come join me on my journey through diagnosis and treatment for cancer of the head and neck - HPV positive, secondary tumor in the left neck, primary unknown.
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Enlarged lymph node? Cancer?
Thanks for watching TO CREEP / CONTACT ME: Come say Hi: Instagram: @sgoodzgirl https://www.instagram.com/sgoodzgirl/ Facebook: @sgoodzgirl https://www.facebook.com/sgoodzgirl Email: Sgoodz.business@gmail.com
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Swollen Lymph Node in the Neck- Excision Biospy - Dr Paulose FRCS (ENT)
Try a PRIVATE EMAIL CONSULTATION with ENT Surgeon Dr Paulose @ https://drpaulose.com/consult or download his latest book on Snoring & Sleep Apnea @ http://istopsnoring.com/ Enlarged Lymph Nodes (Glands) in the neck are common.Most often swollen lymph nodes are caused by an infection or some other benign condition. Less commonly, lymph nodes enlarge related to cancer.Excision Biopsy is done if it remains more than 2-3 weeks after usual treatment. This is done in Jubilee Christian Mission Hospital Trivandrum Kerala India. * For Email Consultation, Please visit:http://drpaulose.com/consult For more details and free updates you may subscribe to : http://drpaulose.com * (Jubilee Hospital Trivandrum Kerala South India Tel. 0471 3080300 , 0471 233 4561 OP Clinic Mon-Wed-Friday 9 AM -12 Noon Operation Days Tues-Thu-Saturday 8 AM -2 PM) --- UPDATE --- If you have an ENT health related issues, we strongly recommend visiting any of the following links below. Main Site - http://drpaulose.com Email Consultation - http://drpaulose.com/consult Fix Appointment - http://drpaulose.com/fix Frequently Asked Question - http://drpaulose.com/faq Read About Dr Paulose - http://drpaulose.com/about --- UPDATE ---
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Head & neck cancer: what to do with symptoms & side effects
This talk was recorded at the October 2016 Patient Education Evening on Head and Neck Cancers. Shawne Gray, Registered Nurse, spoke about the head and neck nursing team at Sunnybrook and what to do with your symptoms and side-effects
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The Impact of Lymphedema in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer
Jan S. Lewin, PhD, professor, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the impact of lymphedema in patients with head and neck cancer.
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What causes swelling of lymph node near the ear in a young female? - Dr. Satish Babu K
Swelling of lymph nodes in an around the ear region or the upper part of the neck can happen due to variety of reasons. Something as simple as scalp infection, dandruff, pimples, pimples happening even in the pinna of the ear can induce small lymph node swelling there. Eye lash or eyelid infection, stye, even some threading or cosmetic treatment can induce a localised inflammation, infection and reaction wherein the regional lymph node will swell up. As far as it is inert that means it is not growing progressively or not becoming painful you don’t need to worry too much about it. Just keep a watch on the size of the lymph node. You should assess the amount of tenderness there. So in any case of acute infection it will be tender. If the foruncle or the pimple breaks and the infection is over then lymph node also will slowly regress over the couple of weeks. Even if the local infection goes away or you get it treated still the lymph nodes will take a little longer than local infection to subside. Probably in about 2 weeks you see that the size is considerably reduced. On the other hand if you notice a node which is continuously progressing in size or when it was small it was moving freely and slowly it is becoming a little restrictant in its movement or it is becoming progressively painful then it has to be investigated. See what is the cause, where is the primary infection and based on that we can do the treatment. Another problem that can be mistaken for a lymph node is a pre auricular sinus. There is a small birth defect where small balloon of skin is buried under the normal skin of the ear. That will have a small opening in the tragus region or the front of the ear. Most of the times when we try to squeeze that swelling you might find some white cheesy material coming out of that hole. That confirms the presence of pre auricular sinus. The only treatment is to get rid of that balloon of skin entirely including the hole. Then the problem will subside. This has to be distinguished from the pre auricular lymph node and based on the cause again the treatment varies.
Lymphadema Treatment of the Head and Neck
It's been a year since the big surgery and this is one of my physical therapies.
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Video Q&A about HPV-related Tongue and Tonsil Cancer
Daniel Ma, M.D., assistant professor in radiation oncology and an expert in treating head and neck cancer, and Eric Moore, M.D., professor of head and neck surgery, talk about tonsil and base of tongue cancer, human papilloma virus (HPV) and its relationship to cancers in the throat. To learn more, visit https://mayocl.in/2MWRmUq
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Nasal and Sinus Cancer - What Is It? What are the Symptoms and Treatment? - Head and Neck Cancer
For more information about Nasal and Sinus Cancer, visit www.beyondfive.org.au. Beyond Five is an Australian charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone affected by Head and Neck Cancer. Watch other 3D animation videos about all types of Head and Neck Cancer at our channel page or visit website - www.beyondfive.org.au.
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What to expect when dealing with Head and Neck Cancer Surgery
Physician's Assitant Allison Seamon discusses what you can expect when facing head and neck cancer surgery, particularly free flap surgery. Free flap surgery is a procedure to fill the wound after cancer has been removed. Free flap surgery involves taking tissue such as muscle, skin and bone if necessary, from somewhere else on your body and using it to patch the wound and reconnecting tiny vessels under a microscope to keep blood flowing to the newly repaired area. For more information, please see http://www.swedish.org/Services/Head-and-Neck-Surgery
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Lymphedema: Treatment Updates - Mayo Clinic
To learn more about lymphedema, visit https://mayocl.in/2MX4DfF. Arm or leg swelling, fluid retention and skin infections are common among cancer patients who have had surgery on or radiation to their lymphatic network. The condition, known as lymphedema, occurs when there is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the upper or lower extremity because the lymphatic vessels are unable to drain adequately. Though many people automatically think of lymphedema as being synonymous with breast cancer, the condition can affect people treated for other cancers, including sarcoma, melanoma, prostate, testicular or gynecologic cancers and head and neck cancers. Dr. Antonio Forte, plastic surgeon at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus, shares more about the condition as well as a minimally invasive surgery, known as lymphovenous bypass, which has been shown to significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.
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Salivary Gland Cancer - What Is It? What are the Symptoms and Treatment? - Head and Neck Cancer
For more information about Salivary Gland Cancer, visit www.beyondfive.org.au. Beyond Five is an Australian charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone affected by Head and Neck Cancer. Watch other 3D animation videos about all types of Head and Neck Cancer at our channel page or visit website - www.beyondfive.org.au.
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Head and Neck Cancer Physical Therapy Progressive Physical Therapy Orange Calif
Physical therapy for head and neck cancer patients at http://www.ProgressivePTandRehab.com located in Orange Calif helps lessen the side effects of cancer treatments including lymphedema, range of motion issues, scar tissue, fatigue, weakness and difficulty swallowing. Kim Marshall, DPT, is a certified lymphedema specialist and has received her STAR certification for oncology rehabilitation. For more information or to schedule a consultation please call 714.547.1140
Cancer of the Lymph Nodes -  Symptoms And Treatment
Great strides in curing lymphoma have been made in recent decades.. When detected early, cancer of the lymph nodes can often be cured, and survivors often live long, cancer-free lives afterward. This video lists common symptoms. Also see: 100 Questions & Answers About Lymphoma http://amzn.to/1FT0dgF. Living with Lymphoma: A Patient's Guide http://amzn.to/1FT0j86. Lymphoma Awareness 2 in 1 Ribbon Magnet http://amzn.to/1ZaQvwr. Cancer of the Lymph Nodes https://youtu.be/DG1ksxO4uBA.
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Swelling of the neck lymphoedema
Swelling of the neck lymphoedema / 두경부암sc1 logo
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Tonsil Cancer Symptoms: What survivors Said? | Causes and Treatment
Tonsil Cancer Symptoms: What survivors Said? Click Here to treat it naturally.. http://bit.ly/TonsilCancerRemedies Tonsil Cancer Survivors said about their Cancer Symptoms: "Small lump on left side of neck lymph node tumours no pain no other symptoms." "I had noticed a lump on the right side of my neck but neglected to see my doctor. The only reason i did was to get a recently reclassified allergy prescription filled. She noticed the lump and the bells and whistles went off! That day i was at the hospital for tests." "a lump on my right side of neck...no pain only mild pain in throat area from post outpatient surgery when they did exploratory biopsy surgery and took pieces of tissue out". "Started with sore throat, then tonsillectomy, then came back that my husband had cancer". "Early in 2009, I noticed an extremely dry irritation in my throat that was constant. In April-May I noticed I was having difficulty swallowing. Found out in May that my right tonsil was enlarged". "I was extremely tired all the time, and the only symptom that brought the cancer to light was that it was growing outward. I thought it was a swollen tonsil." "Felt like I was swallowing my uvula. CT Scan on September 1, 2009 showed tests "within an acceptable range". Biopsy performed on September 17, 2009 showed cancer." "Sore throat that lasted for two weeks. Enlarged left tonsil. White patches in back of throat. Most recently discomfort in left eardrum". "Just a lingering sore throat. Almost immediately after being diagnosed I grew a huge lump on the right side of me neck. I read the doctor's notes, "Mr Fink has a large nodule on the right side of his neck that can be seen from a distance." Mostly Symptoms They Said... ---------------------------------------------- * Sore throat * Deeper voice * Swollen Lump * Swollen tonsil * Ear ache * Difficult talk. Experts said about symptoms like.... * Altered sense of taste. * Bad breath. * Difference in tonsil size. * Difficulty eating, swallowing or talking. * Dryness and redness of the throat. * Earache. * Lump that don't go away... * Sore throat. * Swollen lymph nodes in the neck. * Throat pain. * Becoming Fatigue oftenly. * Bleeding. * Unexplained weight loss. Some Serious symptoms that might life threat: Respiratory problems like.. * shortness of breath * difficulty breathing * Labored breathing * Wheezing * Choking And also Vomiting blood What causes tonsil cancer? * There are several factors have been identified. * Chewing betel quid * Low Diets in vegetables * Not having fruits * HPV infection * Finally Smoking Mostly strongest Risk Factor Is... * Tobacco uses * Alcohol uses Treatments for Tonsil cancer: * Regular medical care... * Chemotherapy. * Radiation Therapy. * Targeted Therapy * Cancer Surgery... Once you Identified any symptoms, better to checkup with doctor. So... Don't Neglect Your Health... Click Here to treat it naturally.. http://bit.ly/TonsilCancerRemedies Tacke Care... ((( LIKE & SUBSCRIBE ))) Topic: -------- tonsil cancer symptoms symptoms of tonsil cancer tonsil cancer survival rate tonsil cancer prognosis tonsil cancer staging signs of tonsil cancer tonsil cancer hpv tonsil cancer treatment tonsil cancer symptoms pictures treatment for tonsil cancer signs and symptoms of tonsil cancer
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Large Lipoma on the Posterior Neck
This patient came in with his whole family. He is not a popaholic, but his wife and some of his kids are. They travelled from a distance to see me. He is a sweet man, quiet and I think a little nervous, but he did great! So tolerant of our talkativeness! hehe He looks great now, too! Stay tuned for an update! A lipoma is slow-growing, benign growth of fat cells. It is contained in a thin, fibrous capsule and found right under the skin. A lipoma is typically not tender and moves around easily with slight pressure. A lipoma is not cancerous and treatment generally is not necessary. There is also a condition called familial lipomatosus, where people develop multiple lipomas, especially on the arms and legs, and other family members have these growths as well. If the lipoma is on a pressure-bearing area, it may create discomfort and this is when people seek removal. People also request removal because they don’t like the appearance of these bumps. Often a small incision can be made over the lipoma and they can be “popped” out easily. This is a simple in-office surgical procedure under local anesthesia. Thank you so much for watching!! Subscribe to my Dermatology educational channel, Dr Pimple Popper University! Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaD01Jb_ruxsAcVqVmTHzQ To buy your own Official Dr. Pimple Popper Comedone Extractor, click here: https://www.drpimplepopper.com/shop For more content, exclusive content, and of course to get more Dr. Pimple Popper schwag, visit us at www.drpimplepopper.com! Instagram: @DrPimplePopper for 24/7 pops @DrSandraLee for my work, my life, my pops Facebook: facebook.com/DrSandraLeeDermatology Twitter: @SandraLeeMD Snapchat: drpimplepopper Periscope: Dr. Sandra Lee You can watch my TV appearances here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOixDRVQAsKe4STSuWU8U0Q This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Head and Neck Cancers of the Unknown Primary
A conversation with Dr. Ron J. Karni, an Otolaryngologist with the Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat Head and Neck Surgery of UTPhysicians, affiliated with Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston.
How to Recognize Throat Cancer Symptoms | Throat Cancer Information
Throat cancer symptoms: all mouth diseases are not cancer, there are some early symptoms of throat cancer if diagnosed on early stages can be treated. Throat cancer treatment is costly if not diagnosed early. Some early signs of throat cancer are: - Trouble in swallowing, - White or red patch on tongue, - Sore throat, - Swelling of the jaw, and - Ear pain. Our Social Pages for more similar videos, Tips and News: Face book Page: https://web.facebook.com/eLimpid/ Google Plus Page : https://google.com/+Elimpiddotcom/ Our Website for Fresh & Limpid Information: https://elimpid.com/
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Understanding Lymphedema
Kristine Damrill is an occupational therapist with Lee Health, certified in lymphedema treatment. “Lymphedema can be anywhere in the body, so we see a lot with the head and neck cancer patients, breast cancer, pelvic, ovarian, prostate cancer, even obesity can lead to lymphedema from chronic venous insufficiency.” Lymphedema is commonly associated with cancer treatment. It happens when lymph nodes are removed, biopsied or radiated. “With lymph nodes, you are born with as many as you are going to have so if any are taken or compromised, they don’t regenerate. At some point, it’s going to exhaust out a little bit, so it’s kind of like a team that’s playing with a few fewer players. They are going to get fatigued quicker,” said Damrill. That’s when lymph fluid starts to develop in the tissue, causing swelling. The fluid typically develops where the lymph nodes were removed. “Lymphedema is a protein-rich fluid so it consists of protein, water, fats and other large molecules that your circulatory system can’t filter. It stays in the tissue, and the protein continues to draw that water to the tissue,” she said. It’s a problem that can become dangerous if it’s not caught early. “We want to catch it early because as it progresses, you start seeing tissue changes. It makes you more susceptible to wounds that won’t heal,” said Damrill. When patients come to Lee Health, Kristine works to reroute the fluid. “We do manual lymph drainage. It’s a technique that we use to basically take that fluid on a detour to some other areas. I give them a body diagram with step by step instructions,” she said. A technique patients need to do every day. While there’s no cure, lymphedema can be managed. If patients notice swelling on one side of the body after a surgery or procedure it’s important they notify their physician. View More Health Matters video segments at LeeHealth.org/Healthmatters/ Lee Health in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of health care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing our community with personalized preventative health services and primary care to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Lee Health - Caring People. Inspiring Care. Visit LeeHealth.org
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About Cancer in Salivary Glands - Head & Neck Surgery in Philadelphia
http://www.jeffersonheadandnecksurgery.com/ Head & Neck Surgery in Philadelphia
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Speaking after tongue surgery: No Problem! Head and Neck Cancer Survival!!!!!
My one year update video. NEW! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKxuCS-9fXc My first day speaking after surgery on my tongue to remove cancer. I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker which makes it rare that I have cancer at age 30, but there's no turning back now. You can see my neck incision from where the lymph nodes and salivary glands were removed. Thanks for all the prayers. They are very much appreciated! Here is good tips for screening yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp6J8svVw0g&feature=relmfu Here is a link to Gerson Therapy which is a great cancer therapy, especially when you have trouble eating as a result of tongue surgery or radiation/chemotherapy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbIixJI_oa4 And for inspiration: http://www.thegodvine.com/2012/08/05/cancer-stole-half-of-his-tongue-but-his-voice-will-make-you-cry/
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#Parashospital - Swelling in the Neck - Thyroid Cancer - Dr Mitali, Paras Patna #CancerKoKaroCancel
Paras Hospital Patna | पारस हॉस्पिटल पटना Watch this Paras Hospital video in which Dr. Mitali Dandekar Lall, Consultant – Head & Neck Surgical Oncology, Paras Cancer Centre Patna of Paras HMRI Hospital is talking about the Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer. Dr Mitali says that Thyroid Cancer is more prevalent in Women and it can be easily cured with surgery and other treatment modalities. For more Paras Hospitals videos: https://bit.ly/2Ab0ahB Visit Paras Hospitals official website here: https://www.parashospitals.com/
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Head and neck pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatment | Doctor Naanga Eppadi Irukanum | News7 Tamil
Head and neck pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatment | Doctor Naanga Eppadi Irukanum | News7 Tamil Subscribe : https://bitly.com/SubscribeNews7Tamil Facebook: http://fb.com/News7Tamil Twitter: http://twitter.com/News7Tamil Website: http://www.ns7.tv News 7 Tamil Television, part of Alliance Broadcasting Private Limited, is rapidly growing into a most watched and most respected news channel both in India as well as among the Tamil global diaspora. The channel’s strength has been its in-depth coverage coupled with the quality of international television production.
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Spine tumor surgery: removal of ependymoma from spinal cord
This is a video clip of surgical resection of a spinal tumor (ependymoma) from conus medullais (the bottom of the spinal cord). Surgery is performed by Dr. Farhad M Limonadi MD who is director of neurosurgery at Eisenhower Medical Center. In one year followup she remained pain and tumor free. Edited by Camus Yu "Every day something most profound and extraordinary occurs in our lives: we change every person we come in contact with, and every person who comes in contact with us changes us. Be aware and in control of these changes. Our personal growth depends on it." F. Limonadi MD
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What Are The Early Signs Of Throat Cancer?
Throat cancer symptoms & signs what are the early of throat cancer? Star2. Trouble swallowing (dysphagia) weight lossconstant need to clear your throat. Chronic cough 15 jul 2017 signs of throat cancer may be difficult to identify in the early stages disease 18 feb 2016 people not notice very symptoms or oral. Cancer of the mouth and throat causes, symptoms, treatment early signs symptoms cancer what you need to know about webmd. Learn about laryngeal cancer symptoms, diagnosis, and likely early stage cancers of the throat are small, localized, highly curable when treated with surgery or radiation therapy. Throat cancer (larynx cancer) symptoms, causes & treatment. Throat cancer causes, symptoms, and diagnosis healthline health throat or larynx url? Q webcache. 20 dec 2016 common signs and symptoms of throat cancer include a change in your voice. Googleusercontent search. 20 jan 2009 laryngeal cancer, or cancer of the larynx, is common among men in their 50s. Throat cancer symptoms seven signs of the disease linked to hpv head and neck. Wheezing common throat cancer symptoms may include difficulty swallowing, also known as dysphagiasore throatswelling of the eyes, jaw, or neck. Early signs of throat cancer may include hoarseness or other change in the voice; Difficulty swallowing cancers could be one two areas that doctors call sometimes, first sign a person notices is swollen (enlarged) lymph node read about laryngeal cancer, including symptoms, causes, treatments and cells from larynx can often cure if it's diagnosed early 5 apr 2017 symptoms seven you have disease treated more successfully when it course, not all lumps are. Bleeding in the mouth or through nose. Laryngeal cancer and early symptoms stage throat research uk. Persistent cough (may up blood) swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Surgery the most common treatment of early stage cancer symptoms throat vary from person to. First sign of throat cancer first. People with an oropharyngeal cancer may notice any of the following 30 nov 2016 throat typically refers to cancers arising from tissue in throat, voicebox or tonsils. Laryngeal (larynx) cancer nhs choices. First sign of throat cancer first cancer. The following is a general overview of treatment for early stage cancer the throat. Throat cancer causes, symptoms, and diagnosis healthline. But a lump (or lumps) in the neck can be first sign of cancer mouth, throat, voicebox (larynx), thyroid gland, or symptoms are different depending on where head and one throat is often painless swelling 28 jul 2016 First. First symptoms of throat cancer search & find quick results head and neck diagnosis treatment cancerquest. American academy of otolaryngology signs and symptoms head neck cancer understanding how to recognize throat. Cancer in these locations can cause a variety of 14 feb 2016 from first symptoms to recovery, webmd explains what you need know different typesstages throat cancer 8 aug laryngeal and hypopharyngeal early detection, diagno
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Surgical Treatment for Advanced Cancer of the Larynx
Physician's Assistant Allison Seamon, describes what to expect when you are facing surgical treatment for advanced cancer of the larynx. For more information please see http://www.swedish.org/Services/Head-and-Neck-Surgery/Services/Laryngectomy
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Joe Padilla's Sore Cheek Leads to Cancer Diagnosis
A swollen cheek led Joe Padilla to UC San Diego Health, where a team of specialists including Dr. Ezra Cohen, Dr. Joseph Califano and Dr. Charles Coffey found and removed a cancerous lump under his tongue. Experts say more and more people who’ve never smoked are being diagnosed with cancers of the head and neck. Find out why going to your dentist every six months is considered the best detection tool for this rising cancer and the advanced technology used at UC San Diego Health to treat it. Learn more about head and neck cancer treatment at UC San Diego Health: https://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/cancer/programs/head-neck/Pages/default.aspx
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Natural Mouth Care During and After Radiation for Throat & Neck Cancer
This is a 'one out of 3' video on how to support yourself naturally during radiation :) By Wieteke Koolhof (Design4awareness) and Peter Gersten. Peter, at age 72, underwent a major change in lifestyle to support his healing from neck and throat cancer as well as the side effects of the radiation treatments. In this video we share what we learned about healing the mouth and throat using only natural solutions. The information in this video is based on our personal experiences. Neither of us have any degrees in medicine and we recommend you always make your own decisions based on your own research, experiences, and common sense. We suggest you compare all options (both popular and alternative) and choose that which resonates most with you. Wieteke worked as a life style coach (organic lifestyle and energy consciousness) for some years until her focus moved to channeling (she has always felt guided by Multi Dimensional beings that assisted in readings with clients to assist them to get to a point of holistic self-healing). She has seen many personal experiences with natural healing in her own life and the lives of others. With Peter she was helping a dear friend who was committed to a more healthier way of living to combat his neck and throat cancer as well as the side effects of the radiation treatments he was about to begin. After she arrived from Amsterdam they experimented for 6 weeks with some incredible results, as you will see in this video. They decided to discuss their experiences in these 3 videos after many of the doctors and nurses at the Cancer Center in Sedona (AZ), where Peter had his 8-week daily treatments, strongly recommended they'd share the remarkable results with the rest of the world. So here you have it :) LINKS: This video is on 100% natural mouth care during throat radiation * This is the link to the video on 100% natural skin care during (any kind of) radiation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuHx34zwL0A&list=UU6WlchxDDaaAz7nX0kOceXA * This is the link on healthy nutrition and keeping up your immune during throat- and other kinds of radiation / to support healing in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I05vEd-MrOo&list=UU6WlchxDDaaAz7nX0kOceXA LINKS OF SUBJECTS FROM THIS VIDEO: * DIY all organic toothpaste recipe from Wieteke's blog design4awareness-lifestyle.blogspot.nl/search/label/how to make your own toothpaste * List and recipe's of - the mouth-rinse we used - the Tumeric juice - the mouth spray - drinks that were most gentle and soothing during and after radiation. http://design4awareness-lifestyle.blogspot.nl/search/label/Natural%20Mouth%20Care%20During%20and%20After%20Radiation%20Throat%20%26%20Neck%20Cancer Once again; we are no doctors, we are just sharing from experience. If any of this works for you, or if you found your own natural solution to certain challenges connected to this subject, please share your discoveries with others in the comments below, so we can all expand our awareness ;) Wishing you so much health, so much balance, and so much love ~ ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱ ~ Design4awareness
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Examination of a Neck Lump - OSCE Guide  (Old Version)
To see the NEW VIDEO and written guide head over to our website https://geekymedics.com/neck-lump-examination-osce-guide/ This video aims to give you an idea of what's required in the Neck Lump Examination OSCE. Check out the Geeky Medics quiz platform, with over 700 free medical MCQs: https://geekyquiz.com Join the Geeky Medics community: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/geekymedics Instagram https://instagram.com/geekymedics Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/geekymedics Always adhere to your medical school/local hospital guidelines when performing examinations or clinical procedures. Do NOT perform any examination or procedure on patients based purely upon the content of these videos. Geeky Medics accepts no liability for loss of any kind incurred as a result of reliance upon the information provided in this video. Some people find this video useful for ASMR purposes. Check out our Geeky Medics merchandise on our store here https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/geeky-medics-store Subscribe to our newsletter, to be the first to know about our latest content https://geekymedics.com/newsletter/
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432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music
432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music Welcome to our channel Meditation and Healing. Meditation and Healing is an online channel which aims to serve you the best quality of Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Healing Music, Study Music, Reiki Healing Music, Zen Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music and Massage Music.In Addition we also generates brain wave Binaural Beats ( Delta Wave, Theta Wave, Alpha Wave, Gamma Wave & Beta Wave ) to solve the various health problems like anxiety,disorders,sleep problem,depression,insomnia,focus,migrain,stress, agressive behaviour and many more. We compose the music which has soothing and calming sound for perfect Relaxation,Meditation,Sleep and also for Concentration and Focus. Relaxation Music : Meditation and Healing is the perfect channel for Relaxation Music.The Soothing sounds of Piano, Guitar, Violin, Pads, Light Drums, Flute and Bells are so relaxing which encourage you to relax your mind,body,soul,reduce your stress and gives you inner peace. Meditation Music : The numbers of Meditation Music which are uploaded in our channel are specially designed for the meditation purpose.Soothing sounds of pads and bells sound give you positive vibes.These kinds of Meditation music are perfect for Positive Motivation Energy and Relax Mind Body. Yoga Music : Soothing, Calming and Soft Music we uploaded in our channel are also very useful for Yoga Meditation.We have also Yoga Morning Energizing music which is also for Yoga beginners.
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What causes blocked Salivary Glands? How is tumor ruled out?-Dr. Prakash Mahadevappa
There are three paired major salivary glands. One is the parotid glands in front of the ear. The submandibular gland s below the jaw, the sublingual gland is below the tongue. All these glands produce saliva, which pours into the oral cavity, mixes with the food, enables the food to be masticated and digested. These glands secrete the saliva into the mouth through ducts called as salivary ducts. Now one of the commonest causes for the salivary blocks are stones in the salivary ducts. When the exit gets blocked, the salivary secretions back up into the gland and causes salivary gland swelling This typically happens when the patient eats an gives rise to severe pain in the area of the obstructed or the blocked salivary gland These stones are formed de novo and is because of build-up of this crystallised saliva. These ducts when they get blocked, give rise to this salivary secretion, subsequently get infected and give rise to sialadenitis or infection of the salivary glands. These are surgical conditions which needs surgical treatment to relieve them of the blocks. As far as the malignancy is concerned, apart from a good clinical examination , which may throw some suspicion about the swelling in the region of the salivary glands, we further proceed with what we call as a CT scan or an MRI evaluation of the head and neck region and whenever required, an image guided fine needle aspiration cytology, that is tissue for examination under microscope, which will tell us whether it is malignant or not.
Radiotherapy & After Effects | Patient Views | Full HD
In radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy), invisible high-energy rays or beams of subatomic particles are used to damage cancer cells and can stop them from growing and dividing. This ultimately can kill the cancer cells treated with radiation. A specialist in radiation therapy is called a radiation oncologist. Radiotherapy works by destroying cancer cells in the area that’s being treated. Normal cells can also be damaged by radiotherapy, which may cause side effects. Cancer cells cannot repair themselves after radiotherapy, but normal cells usually can. You can be given radiotherapy for different reasons. Doctors can give radiotherapy to try and destroy a tumour and cure the cancer. This is called curative treatment. It may be used with other treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy. If it’s not possible to cure the cancer, doctors may give you radiotherapy to help relieve symptoms you have. This is called palliative treatment. Radiotherapy is sometimes given with chemotherapy. This is called chemoradiation. Thankyou. Dr. ANKUR VICHITRA SCIENCE INDIA
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What are swollen glands?
Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE, GP and Clinical Director of Patient.info There are a number of causes of swollen lymph glands. The most common cause is infection. See your doctor if you have swollen lymph glands and you do not know why they have swollen, or if swollen lymph glands caused by an infection do not go down again within two weeks. Find out more here: https://patient.info/health/neck-lumps-and-bumps-leaflet/swollen-lymph-glands
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Clinical Examination - Head and Neck Lymph nodes
Supplementary clinical examination video looking at the position of the head and neck lymph nodes
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Neck lump examination - OSCE Guide (New Version)
See the written guide alongside the video here https://geekymedics.com/neck-lump-examination-osce-guide/ Download the app here 👾 https://geekymedics.com/geeky-medics-app/ The ability to carry out a thorough and slick Neck Lump Examination is something every medic needs to master. This video aims to give you an idea of what's required in the OSCE and you can then customise the examination to suit your own personal style. Check out the Geeky Medics quiz platform, with over 700 free medical MCQs: https://geekyquiz.com Join the Geeky Medics community: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/geekymedics Instagram https://instagram.com/geekymedics Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/geekymedics Always adhere to your medical school/local hospital guidelines when performing examinations or clinical procedures. Do NOT perform any examination or procedure on patients based purely upon the content of these videos. Geeky Medics accepts no liability for loss of any kind incurred as a result of reliance upon the information provided in this video. Some people find this video useful for ASMR purposes. Check out our Geeky Medics merchandise on our store here https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/geeky-medics-store Subscribe to our newsletter, to be the first to know about our latest content https://geekymedics.com/newsletter/
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Swollen Lymph Nodes | Auburn Medical Group
Swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) are common. Cancer and infection can be causes for lymph node enlargement or inflammation (felt as pain). This can occur in the cervical (neck), epitrochlear (elbow), axillary (arm pit), and inguinal (groin) areas. Although lymph nodes are commonly referred to as glands, they are not true glands. This video explains this symptom and the reasons a person would want to get evaluation by a Medical Doctor in case medical treatment might be required. This video is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. It is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for evaluation by your own doctor. Photo Credits: Mark Vaughan, M.D. CDC/ Janice Carr CDC/ Brian W.J. Mahy, BSc, MA, PhD, ScD, DSc CDC/ Robert E. Sumpter Be sure to subscribe to the Auburn Medical Group YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/auburnmedicalgroup You can follow Dr. Vaughan on Twitter and Periscope: @doctorvaughan. You can find the Auburn Medical Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Auburn-Medic... Please comment and ask questions. Share with your friends who would be interested in seeing this video. Go to http://www.auburnmedicalgroup.com to learn about primary medical care in Auburn, California.
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Initially, though, people may go into the doctor because they notice the following symptoms and signs: 1. Lump in the Neck Not all thyroid nodules are big enough to cause a noticeable lump. Some people, though, may notice a lump in the front of their neck. You may be able to see it, or perhaps you can't see it but you can feel it. Other people may notice a lump in your neck when you swallow. The most common way that a thyroid lump (and potential thyroid cancer) is detected, however, is when a doctor performs a thyroid exam and feels your thyroid. 2. Swollen Lymph Node Swollen lymph nodes in the neck are another symptom of thyroid cancer (a symptom not related to thyroid nodules). Thyroid cancer can spread to the lymph nodes, which are scattered throughout your body to help you fight infection. The lymph nodes in your neck (you can feel them under your jaw) become swollen when you have a cold or sore throat. 3. Hoarse Voice Your thyroid gland sits just below the larynx. A thyroid nodule may be pressing on the voice box, causing hoarseness or voice changes. This is an uncommon way that thyroid cancer is detected. 4. Difficulty Swallowing or Breathing The thyroid is on top of your trachea—the windpipe. A developing thyroid cancer may put pressure on your trachea, making breathing more difficult. Your esophagus is below your trachea, so again, a developing thyroid cancer can cause trouble swallowing. 5. Neck Pain Pain is usually a clue that something in your anatomy isn't working quite as it should. If you have neck pain that lasts longer than a few weeks, you should make an appointment with your doctor to figure out what's causing it. 6. Throat Pain Similar to neck pain, if you have throat pain that won't go away, you should go to see your doctor. It's a possible symptom of thyroid cancer. Article Credit: https://www.endocrineweb.com/conditions/thyroid-cancer/thyroid-cancer-symptoms Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVKbsi4wOka3tK0IWPFKRA/videos
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Home remedies for swollen lymph nodes | How to remove swollen lymph
Home remedies for swollen lymph nodes | How to remove swollen lymph If you have ever had an infection, then you have probably had swollen lymph nodes. We have lymph nodes all over our bodies, but most notably in our neck (directly under the jaw), the armpits, the groin, near the ears, and other parts of the body. Hare are some natural remedies to cure lymph nodes. 1. Peppermint This herb has powerful anti-viral compounds, such as menthol, which can help to reduce swelling of the lymph nodes and assist with the removal of toxins and viruses from the body. You can chew fresh mint leaves, squeeze the juice from the leaves and mix with some water to drink, or drink peppermint tea. Whichever method works best for you is the right one, and you should do it several times each day. 2. Castor Oil The nasty stuff that your grandmother gave you was for a good reason! Castor oil is simply amazing when it comes to your health. It kills parasites, treats acne, helps hair grow faster, stops constipation, treats wrinkles, and stops joint pain. It also can reduce the painful swelling of lymph nodes. Rub some castor oil on the swollen gland and cover with a hot cloth, heating pad, or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. You should see improvement within 10 to 15 minutes. 3. Turmeric One of the oldest medicinal remedies known to mankind, turmeric is a super anti-inflammatory and analgesic spice that can work wonders. With its powerful antioxidants, turmeric makes a terrific anti-viral solution that can help the lymph nodes to remove bacteria and viruses, which will reduce swelling. Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder in one glass of warm milk and drink once each day. Repeat daily. 4. Cleavers This is a little known herb that stimulates almost every organ in the body, including the lymph system. Cleavers will also purify the blood and cleanse the body of toxins. This herb will help to relieve your swollen lymph nodes as well as rid the body of bacteria and viruses that are the underlying cause of most swollen lymph node problems. Drink cleaver tea twice each day until you get relief from your symptoms. If you have any beauty related question then comment, if you like the video thumbs up and share with your friend, If want to see more video then subscribe the channel and stay with us. _________________________________________________ ---Subscribe My Channel : http://bit.ly/2kRwizu ---How To Remove Underarms : http://bit.ly/2lpAi83 ---Get Perfect Brows At Home :http://bit.ly/2kRqeXB ---Pimples problem :http://bit.ly/2kRuXbR ---Like me on FB Fan Page: http://bit.ly/2kRqIgg ---Follow me On G+ : http://bit.ly/2k1GANW ---Follow me On twitter: http://bit.ly/2k1zjc5 ________________________________________________ Thanks for watching..
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