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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #1
#1 How to build a antique gas engine cart, trucks, trolley, wagon, call it what you like, we are going to build one for a 1 1/2 h.p. antique gas engine, hit and miss or throttle governor, can be adjusted to fit most all motor bases,,,, john deere, ihc, mccormick deering, stover, fairbanks morse, jaeger, economy, witte, hercules, no blueprint, how to use a laser center finder, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,, to be continued,
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #2
#2 How to build a cart for a antique gas engine,, hit and miss with low tension magneto, throttle governor or battery and coil, you are going to need a cart, call them what you like, wagon, trucks, cart, trolley, just put that old flywheel engine on wheels, homemade, shopbuilt, here on the east coast of the great state of Arkansas, yes, mark it made in the USA, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued,,
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #4
#4 How to build a antique type cart for a vintage gas engine, she said, Aaa,,, hippie, you aint left nothing out, even your el cheapo c-clamp is plumb, level that thing up, tighten 'er down, get back dog! get back!,, we are going to be welding,, sparks, grind 'er down,, got 'er done, going to need primer,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, from the east coast of Arkansas, this has been #4, to be continued,,, yes, this engine is going to be rolling,,,,,
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How to Make an Engine at Home
This video is a build of the David Kerzel engine. The engine is built from bar stock using a Warco WM16 and WM180 lathe. You can get the engine plans from here: http://www.floridaame.org/GalleryPages/g1h0106.htm
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #6
How to build a antique (new) gas engine cart, trolley, trucks, wagon,, call 'em what you want to, sure makes moving an old flywheel engine a lot easier,, remember this is not a copy of a factory made cart, just a design that will get the job done, woodwork,, you got to do it, painting?, staining, Oh!, what a joy to see that woodgrain come to life,, three coats of that Helmsman spar urethane, clear gloss, over one coat of Minwax wood finish, golden oak 210B stain, one el cheapo Harbor Freight paint brush, WET PAINT, get back dog! get back!,, leave comments, subscribe, pass it on, this has been #6, to be continued,,
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #3
#3 How to build a cart for a antique gas engine, hit and miss or throttle governor, battery and coil, call them what you like, trolley, cart, wagon, trucks, break out the welder, cut up some mild steel plate, grind 'er down, build a cart, you know,,, get 'er done, sparks,, get back dog! get back!,, we gonna need paint, rustoleum, made in the U S A, on the east coast of Arkansas, thanks,,, shopdogsam, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, this has been #3, to be continued,,,
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Ep. 3- Initial Wagon Mockup - Maytag 92 Hit and Miss Ice Cream Maker - MakerBob
This is the initial mockup to see if/how all the components can fit on the wagon.
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Ep.4 Final Mockup Maytag 92 Hit and Miss Ice Cream Maker
Final mockup of Maytag powered ice cream maker.
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #8
She said, start it up!, I said what about the story, she said go ahead and tell the story then start it up,,OK,, this being the last video in this cart, trolley, wagon building series,,,, let's see who's paying attention out there in radio land, it's not time lost if you don't remember what I just said, hit replay, pass it on, what did I just watch? is what your thinking, comments? leave 'em if you got 'em, drill an extra hole, before we get to that, and as always mind movies are free, another foray into the past,,, two for one and a backyard engine show, it's all free, thank you, fairbanks morse dishpan, hit and miss, battery and buzz coil,, before you ask, the answer is, birds,,,, "no train horn", comments, subscribe, pass it on, thanks from the east coast of Arkansas,, the end
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How to build an antique hit and miss engine cart #5
How to build a (new) old antique gas engine cart, hit and miss or throttle governor, it's level, tighten 'er up, sparks,SPARKS! get back dog! get back!, drag out the hobart handler 120, mig welder with el cheapo .030 flux core wire, we gonna be welding, grind 'er down, time to get 'er done, cart,trucks,trolley,wagon, call them what you like, another old antique gas engine going to be rolling, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, #5,, to be continued
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Diesel Weasel Walk-Around
A closer look at the completed build, examining some of the finishing touches, including paint, the flame thrower tank, upholstery, etc. Wrench, Wheel, Wreck, Repeat! SG on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1436451796649450/ SG Stickers and Tees: http://www.sulfurcitydesign.com/product-category/sprockets-garage/
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Falk engine 5 horse power
A 5 hp Falk engine saved in mid 1960's it has been in barns for many years maybe most of it's life but this year 2014 it came back to life. A cart was built, the engine was put back together again, original cooling tank ,original coil and it's running. Plans to show this engine in the mid west and at a crank up or two. A early engine that is hard to find at shows. The Falk turned into part of the Rumley Line of products and in the mid teens was fazed out. I hope you enjoy seeing this engine running on the video and that you get a chance to see it at one of many shows it will get to. Thanks for looking the, Ilengineguy
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1/3 scale 302 Ford V8 running
After a long period of just sitting in the display case I finally made the time to get my 1/3 scale 302 Ford V8 engine running again. I made an entirely new distributor and points along with a different cap. I think the ignition problems are sorted out I just have to get the carburetion fine tuned. This video is the first one taken with all the changes. I only have it running at one speed till I figure out what adjustments are needed.
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How to make a Hit n' Miss Engine Cart - Fixing your Mistakes
When you're pulling a design out of some bodily orifice, sometimes things don't look as well in person as they do in your head. time to do some chopping!
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I made this as the exhaust for my Maytag Single cylinder engine - I eventually plan on making a scarecrow to hold it.
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This International Harvester Engine Ran A Planning Mill For Over 60 Years!
Many of the early tractors were nothing more than a hit and miss engine with wheels. The first tractors the International Harvester Company built were simply one of their horizontal engines mounted on a rolling chassis. These were called “friction drive tractors” because the engine slid on the frame and into a friction wheel to drive the tractor. The 25 Horse Power Portable Engine in this video was built by the International Harvester Company in 1915. The engine powered a planing mill in Pennsylvania from 1937 until it was sold at auction in 1997. Watch the video to hear the full story! Visit http://classictractorstv.com/about/ for more Classic Tractor Fever!
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1941 IHC LB and 1920s Sattley Hit and Miss Engine
I was cruising Craigslist and came across this trailer-full of stuff. I went and looked at it several weeks ago and it just happened to follow me home today. On the trailer is a 1941 International Harvester 3-5hp LB engine with a clutch pulley, a mid 1920s (still researching) Sattley 1.5hp hit and miss engine, a Sterling power hacksaw by Diamond Saw & Stamping Works, a right angle gear reducer, and a 5qt ice cream churn. There is also a hand crank drill press. The trailer has a line-shaft running across it so that the power can come from either the Sattley or the IHC engine. The gentleman that I purchased all of this from had held on to the original skids for the Sattley engine. I'm planning on removing everything from the trailer and building a cart for the Sattley, ice cream churn, and the gearbox. That way I can use the two-step pulley to drive the ice cream churn and my apple cider press at the same time. I'll have another video up tomorrow of the IH LB running the power hacksaw cutting some rebar for another project that I am working on.
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Galloway 2-1/4hp engine
Recently Restored. Plan on building a cart soon.
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1 1/2 hp Associated air cooled hit and miss
Just picked up this Associated. Needs a few things, wrist pin bushing and the flywheels wobble a little but hey it runs. Has a butter churn pulley which I plan on belting up our churn to it at the shows. Thanks for watching.
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Hit & miss driving ice cream freezer
Grunder project: 1926 1.5 hp model 'E' hit & miss engine driving ice cream freezer. Truck: wheels- axles-pull handle also date 1926. Engine completely restored June, 2009. Mechanics and truck deck new homemade. Ice cream freezer purchased new from White Mtn.
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Walk over to Shopdogsam  pole barn
Almost ready just waiting on the garage door Thanks for watching Lige
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Hit and Miss Ice Cream Cart
Two 10qt Ice Cream freezers driven with a 1917 Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hp headless hit and miss gas engine
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hit and miss engine  it's upside down
You can't do that,thats what they told me.but I done already went and done it,this engine is not restored,I just fixed-er up,a hit and miss McCormick Deering with spoke flywheels,type M 1 1/2 h.p.,international harvester IHC stationary gas engine as the factory didn't make a hit&miss ignition,only throttle governor,gasoline,kerosene add water.this engine is running backwards,counter clockwise,reverse,unusal,shopmade mixer,exhaust comes out the intake,where the gas mixer used to be,the updraft mixer goes in where the exhaust used to come out,it's painted with rustoleum red enamel,buzz coil and battery,gel cell,12 volts,shopmade square tube and flat metal cart,weld-er up,2x4 treated wood 40 inches long,oak stain,eight inch cast iron wheels.made to fit latchout system,IHC logo decals,champion spark plug,check valve in fuel tank,this was a parts engine,auction sale special,junk,scrap iron,but a part here and a part there,what you see is what you get,new valves and valve guides and springs,new seats,rebuilt,modified,not restored,babbitt bearings,crankshaft greaser,screw type,die cut head gasket,water hopper cooling,push rod latch out,cam roller,flyball governor,I told her I built the whole thing,she looked at the motor and looked back at me and asked what color is that?blood red! polished brass drip oiler no,aluminium with sight glass,30w non det.oil,el-cheapo brand,one shot lettering enamel,gold old school pinstripping on flywheels,gibb keys,piston rings,low compression,this engine runs best on camp fuel,low octane,no micro switch,simple little flipper to make contact,this is not make and break ignition,this engine came new with a EK high tension magneto,year model unkown,no fuel pump or compensating valve,low tension spring rate,IHC logos on grease cups,kreem gas tank sealer used in gas tank,next one will be a sideshaft,what color was it? green,easy to do,just get-er done,the story goes on,brilliant fire engine red thing a majig,goldleaf,chicago,IL,500 rpm,DIY,fiasco # ten,more non-sense fun in the back yard, Subscribe,leave a comment,pass it on.Thanks enjoy the show.and a shout out to harry's old engine website,check out smokestak and enginads.,Thanks
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John Deere Hit and Miss Engine
1931 John Deere E restored and running, has a little oil in the gas thats why it smokes a bit.
Cushman Model C - longer run with water pumping
This is a longer run of my Cushman Model C Binder engine running. It seems to be pumping water just fine. Still have a slight timing problem that I need to correct, and it is still leaking quite a bit of oil from the flywheel-side crankshaft seal. Everythihng I"ve heard about these indicates they have and will always leak oil (almost as if by design). The crankcase breather is still pretty loud, but I plan to add something to dampen it, or seal it altogether if it isn't going to help the oil leaking issue. As many other folks have noted, this engine tends to start shaking and wanting to jump around at higher RPMs, not sure what that's all about. Thanks for watching.
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Gas powered hit and miss ice cream machine
My home made hit and miss gas powered ice cream machine
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1920 International type m #19 / workbench to engine cart
,,, Dec. 1, 2014,, first video of this series,, this is #19, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,,, and remember this all started with bad valves,,, the show goes on,,, to be continued,,,
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Odds 'n Ends Hit 'n Miss Engine by Joe Higgins
This is a all bar stock engine, built from Philip Duclose plans.
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Me, Mike, and Lil' Racer are gonna attempt to make a Hit and Miss Flywheel Engine out of a 1951 6S Briggs and Stratton Engine
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Small Engine Dyno
Small engine dyno capable of holding approximately 50hp. This is a water brake type dyno. I designed and built that brake based on research papers purchased from the SAE web page. Load is varied by the water level in the unit. Force is measured by a S-beam load cell attached to case. Engine speed is measured by a hall effect switch on the input shaft. Data Accusation is done with a low cost USB data logger from Dataq.
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10 Hp Fairbanks Morse
10 hp Canadian Fairbanks Morse engine. This engine was very rusted up when found. It took over 2 years to remove the Piston. Cart the engine is on was just so I could move it around the shop. I plan to mount this engine on a Steel Farm Wagon. Still have some finishing touches to do to complete the engine.
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Hit & Miss Engine Ice Cream Maker
My Grandpa and I made raspberry ice cream today with his antique 1.5 hp Alamo engine.
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Model John Deere engine running, Hit and Miss
Still working on this project. Just got the engine running. Still lots to do but the project has come a long way.
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My 1939 IHC / McCormick Deering, Model LA stationary gas engine
Hello once again and thanks for checking out another one of my antique engine videos. This is my 1939 IHC / McCormick Deering Model LA stationary gas engine, it is rated at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 horse power, at 300 to 500 RPMs. The ignition is created by a gear driven Wico mag. located at the rear of the engine. This engine is a great runner and will "putt" all day at a show. I acquired it from one of my engine show friends about 2 years ago, it is missing a few items on it such as the valve cover and hopper cover but they are available. I hope to do a restoration on this engine over the winter, I plan on keeping the wooden homemade pulley on this engine, as it has a great look to it. Please watch in HD if you can and enjoy, if you like what you see, please subscribe, as there will surely be more videos to come...Thanks, Lou (enginenut)
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Update #2 on Shopdogsam's moving plans
I came out to offer the working men some sweet tea, showing a little southern hospitality...they were trying to beat the rain that was suppose to come...nice progress...Gettin' 'er done!
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1/6th scale Ertl  John Deere E battery operated hit & miss engine running.
Even though others have already posted their videos of the little ERTL John Deere E engines running, I figured it was about time for me to post one. I've owned a few of these over the years including buying and selling a few on eBay which is where this one will be going shortly after picking it up last year at a local auction. These were only made for about a year from mid 1994 to mid 1995 and were available for Christmas 1994 but then discontinued before the 95 Holiday season. As such, they have been out of production for over 19 years now and are only available when you can find them being resold by the previous owners. The first one I bought new and several others I have seen suffered from a binding problem that kept the flywheels from turning but eventually would free up if you were lucky and had a lot of patients dealing with them. A couple of the ones I bought on eBay had broken drive belts which are not replaceable without grinding off the rivets and risking breaking one of the flywheels trying to remove them so you can split the engine in half. As such, I have had to take a couple that I bought as "Running" engines and resell them as Non-running engines. Also have to watch out for poor packaging by lazy sellers as I bought one that the seller just laid it in the box with no padding only to have it arrive with the engine busted loose from the base is was totally busted up in several pieces. One of these days I plan to reassemble that one on a custom made base with a pump jack or cement mixer or something else for it to power when running. Either that or use the guts out of the base to power one of the other ERTL engines and make a small cart for the JD engine to roll around on. This one though is a good runner, and is going on eBay for someone else to enjoy.
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Hit and miss churning ice cream
Economy 1.5 hp making ice cream
Views: 7739 David Jones
How to Move a 3 h p John Deere model E / hit and miss engine
,,, Road Trip,, to see this John Deere gas engine running,, click this link,,, http://youtu.be/7S6OXhfpuv8,,,,,,,, a couple of top of the line rebuilds by ligebellbuckletn,,,,,, and to see the start of these engines,, see the video titled "one hundred gas engines",,,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,,,,, also see,,, http://youtu.be/wYPAEeHPo6Q
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Vintage 1953 Devilbiss US Navy Battleship Spray Outfit Air Compressor with a Wisconsin AHHD engine
Here is a quick video of my 1953 Devilbiss gasoline powered air compressor. The compressor head is a four cylinder twin stage pump model 432, which is capable of delivering 38cfm of air volume. The engine is a 1952 Wisconsin AHHD, and power is transmitted to the compressor head via a Twin Disc over center wet clutch model WW25-22. The engine is crank start (always fires on the first crank when hot, and never takes more than six cranks to get going when cold). The compressor builds air fast, filling the 15 gallon tank to 130psi in just 35 seconds. Not bad for a slow rpm large displacement gasoline engine. Everything on this unit is built like a tank. The entire unit weighs in at 1050lbs, and was issued to the United States Navy in 1953 as a spray outfit to paint battleships. The unit is rigged up and capable of running three spray guns at the same time. I am using the unit as a gasoline powered air compressor, and plan to hook it up to a 120 - 200 gallon air tank. When I purchased the compressor at auction it did not have a muffler and was extremely loud. I retrofitted a Walker 22283 muffler to this engine. I have not finalized the exhaust system yet, but I am planning to run a second muffler in tandem with a rain cap for quiet operation. I am thinking of rigging up an air solenoid shutdown on this engine when working pressure is met (with a manual override) and an air starter to kick the engine back into operation when low air pressure is met. Please check out my other videos to see some more vintage machinery and engines, Christopher Kouttron
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Building the Upshur IC Model Gas Engine -- Part 11 (Cylinder)
This is a good project for the first time IC engine builder. By doing careful work, you can be assured of a good running engine. Note: It is recommended that the builder have previous experience machining a simple steam engine or shop tooling. The video assumes the builder knows how to do simple set-ups in lathe, drill press and milling machine. The plans for a similar engine (Red Farm Engine) are available online at: http://upshurengineworks.com Suggested items that may be related to this video: https://www.amazon.com/shop/w5cyftinkerjohn Royalty Free music courtesy of YouTube Creative Tools – Sioux Falls by Silent Partner
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Hit and miss ice cream maker
1925 3 hp John Deere hit and miss engine.
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LowTension Coils Part 4 Told by shopdogsam / In the shop of ligebellbuckletn
More of that low tension coil fun,,, in the shop of lige,,, with shopdogsam teaching class,,,, mrkelly77 in class and on time,,, nothing on the radio,,, eyes and ears on the teacher,,,building a low tension coil,,leave a comment,,,subscribe,,, pass it on Thanks for watching,,, Lige
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Stover KA Hit and Miss Engine Restoration Part 3 Torching Frozen Linkages
Stover KA Hit and Miss Engine Restoration Part 3 Torching Frozen Linkages - Every possible moving part of this engine was rusted solid. A little Oxy-Acetylene Torching did the trick
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7hp Economy Hit and Miss engine with Webster magneto
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Fairbanks Morse Model Z 6HP Running
Fairbanks Morse Z model, 6 horsepower throttle governed stationary engine. Just picked this one up a couple weeks ago. It had a stuck intake valve, and completely gummed up fuel system from the old and varnished gasoline that sat in the system for who knows how many years. The piston was never stuck and the exhaust valve was not too bad either. This one has a rare factory WICO EK magneto option on it with the type II trip mechanism, and a side ignitor hole instead of a spark plug in the head. So it runs a spark plug into the side of the cylinder. The WICO was pretty weak, so I took it apart and cleaned everything up and filed the points, and that seemed to be all that the mag needed, it's got good hot spark now, and I threw a new plug in the engine. It seems to run great now, just needs minor tuning and timing adjustments and it will be ready to go. I plan to save the cart for my Sparta and run a buzz saw off of that setup. Now that this engine runs good, it is on the market for sale or trade.
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Vintage Maytag Washing Machine Engine Starts!
After adding some fuel to the crankcase ( it's a 2 stroke) it fired right up and kept running
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