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Brake Caliper Slide Pin - Proper Lubricant to Prevent Rubber Swelling - Sil-Glyde
SilGlyde Link: http://amzn.to/2mdu7n7 ==================================================== In this video, I will show you the correct lubricant to use on brake caliper slide pin where it comes in contact with rubber bushings or boots. You should use Syl-Glide. Many spray lubricants and other types will cause it to swell. If your rubber bushings/boots looked swollen and out of shape, replace them with a rebuild pack (Carlson or Beck Arney).
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Caliper Brake Grease & Brake Lubricant (Possible Differences)
Products ReView Video. Just possibly trying to save others from having to do a re-repair of a caliper brake, because of products that are hard to decide what they should really be used for. Thanks for watching. Highest Quality available is 720p.
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CRC Battery Cleaner and Battery Terminal Protector Instructional Video
Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator from CRC Industries, helps quickly identify acid leaks, and cleans and removes corrosion on car batteries. Clean battery terminals improve the connection and maximize a vehicle’s electrical system performance. You may or may not see visible corrosion as whitish or bluish deposits on the battery posts, and you can experiences rough starts, or the vehicle won’t start at all. To apply CRC Battery Cleaner, remove the negative terminal connection first, followed by the positive terminal. Using a wire brush, remove any corrosion that has accumulated around the posts. Avoid contact between the disconnected terminals and posts. Shake the can well and spray the product liberally over the battery surface, terminals and posts, and any visibly corroded areas. The yellow foaming cleaner turns a pink color if battery acid is present. Technicians know this is a powerful visual for customers. Allow the cleaner to soak for a few minutes. Use a wire brush if necessary to remove heavy deposits and then rinse with water. Another application is recommended to ensure that all acid has been removed, and another rinse is needed. Reconnect the positive terminal first, followed by the negative terminal. A battery that is clean and free of corrosion will ensure easier starting, maximum current flow and longer battery life. After reconnecting the battery, you’ll want to follow with an application of CRC Battery Terminal Protector. Shake well and apply an even coat to hold-downs, bolts, brackets and terminals. CRC Battery Terminal Protector is lead-free and provides a long-lasting protective film coating. The product is red in color when you first apply it and, the red dye will fade over time, letting you know when it’s time to reapply. Clean and protect your vehicle’s battery with Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator, and Battery Terminal Protector from CRC Industries, for easier starting, improved current flow and longer battery life! Find more product information at http://crcindustries.com
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Refilling a small grease gun (How to).
I had an older model grease gun that needed refilling, since I couldn't find a how to online I made my own for others in the same situation. The model is the "Mighty Midget load-a-matic" from superior manufacturing co . I'm using standard new grease refills, which are harder to take out since the old refills had a smaller opening on top which allowed the pusher to push up on it and "automatically" eject the cartridge slighty.
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WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant Spray Review
WD-40 makes great lubricants! I bought this WD-40 silicone spray to lucubrate resistance pads on my Pro-Form 300 SPX exercise bike. Please share this video with others and be sure to subscribe to the IrixGuy's Adventure Channel (http://youtube.com/IrixGuy) and enjoy all of my other videos too! Have a good day! Filmed with Panasonic HC-V100M camera in 1080P HD.
How to prevent corrosion on your battery cables
How to prevent corrosion on your battery cables
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How to prevent rust and corrosion with LPS 3
The long-term, waxy film, premier rust inhibitor; protects even in the harshest environment.
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