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Essential Tremor is more than a tremor
The International Essential Tremor Foundation provides a voice for those with essential tremor (ET). We hope that this brief video will help you, as a member of the medical community, begin to better understand the ways that tremor affects the whole person—physically, psychologically, socially, and emotionally. • Tremor at any severity level has the capacity to affect livelihood. • Tremor can impede ordinary activities of daily living, stealing a patient's dignity and independence. • Tremor can prevent a person from pursuing hobbies and activities that are dear to them. • Tremor can lead to depression, isolation, and humiliation. Please don't be unaware—be mindful. Learn about ET. Learn about the research, the available medications, and the surgical options. Be prepared to offer your patients the information and the empathy vital to establishing appropriate treatment. LEARN MORE ABOUT ESSENTIAL TREMOR: www.EssentialTremor.org, info@essentialtremor.org, or (toll free) 888.387.3667.