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Ozone (O3) Nasal & Sinus Treatment | How To Treat Sinus Infection at Home
Ozone (O3) nasal and sinus treatment. How to treat sinus infection at home. Learn more at http://trulyheal.iljmp.com/1/yosi Ozone (O3) Nasal & Sinus Treatment: Before you consider to buy this ozone generator please watch all videos below. You will learn why and how to use Ozone for rectal insufflations, wound healing, infectious diseases, and general use to support your immune system. We will show you how to set up your device and how to use it safely. Effects of Ozone O3 The main effects of Ozone (O3) are that it kills pathogens like virus, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungi. It is commonly used for industrial air purification. Medically applied O3 also affects solid tumors and floating cancer stem cells in the blood. The tiny amount of Ozone that is used during a treatment will not clean all of the patient's blood, it rather kills the pathogens that directly get in contact with O3 and these dead cells then act as a vaccine which stimulates your immune system to attack the pathogen. As soon as Ozone has reacted with any of the pathogens it converts into O2 – Oxygen which is used by the mitochondria of all other cells. Ozone is an oxidative treatment which increases oxygen uptake into the blood. Shop Truly Heal Products: http://trulyheal.com/shop/ Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/maxAwareness?sub_confirmation=1 ****Follow me: ***** Website:http://trulyheal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trulyhealnow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrulyHeal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trulyheal/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MAXawareness https://youtu.be/NtnzDaL6SV4
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My Sinus Infection Treatment with Ozone Therapy
http://AmaRegenMed.com Hi my name is Allen and I came to AMA Regenerative Medicine for treatment of my chronic sinus infection. Over the last 8 to 10 years I’ve been suffering from chronic sinus infections. The infections all stemmed originally from my perennial allergies so everyone seemed to think that, that is what was causing the infection and there wasn’t anything that could be done for it other than load me up on steroids and antibiotics. Then over the last three years the sinus infections just continued to get worse and worse and I wasn’t able to get any kind of reprieve. Then someone told me about ozone therapy so I cam to AMA Regenerative Medicine to give ozone a try. I had ozone injections into my sinus cavities as well as did ozone insufflation directly into my nose. After just a couple of weeks the ozone injection and insufflation treatments have made a tremendous difference. I can breathe through both sides of my nose again. I can actually sleep through the night. I had all kinds of issues trying to sleep. There would be three to four nights a week that I couldn’t sleep because of the constant drainage from the sinus infection. That’s gone. Because of the constant drainage I always felt sick to my stomach. That’s gone. The ozone treatments have been a miracle for me. That’s my story. Because it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, and also reduces inflammation, ozone is highly useful in managing your upper respiratory infections, acute and chronic sinusitis, and allergic nasal and sinus symptoms. The treatment procedure is very simple and very safe. Ozone in low concentration is drawn up into a syringe, and pushed into one nostril while the other nostril is compressed. Both nostrils are then compressed for about ten seconds. The patient then breaths out through the nostrils, expelling the ozone. The procedure is repeated for the other nostril, and continued for a total of 3 insufflations on each side. We avoid inhalation of ozone into the lungs, where it can be irritating. In affected patients there will be a discharge of mucus, sometimes in large amounts. The quantity of mucus discharged indicates how much inflammation is present. Afterwards the patient is often able to breathe more easily through the nose. We also assist in the Valsalva maneuver, where the patient tries to exhale with the mouth and nostrils closed. This opens the Eustachian tubes, allowing for the entry of ozone, equalization of pressures and relief of ear pain. The procedure can be repeated daily for acute infections, or once or twice a week for chronic problems such as allergies. Often antibiotics, which would otherwise be prescribed, can be omitted. We recommend ozone nasal insufflation in combination with a cleansing nasal solution such as Xlear nasal spray and a natural antihistamine such as stinging nettles or butterbur. AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare Irvine / Newport Beach 949-428-4500 2302 Martin St. Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92612 Beverly Hills / Los Angeles 310-460-2444 6310 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 285 Los Angeles, CA 90048 LEARN MORE ABOUT OZONE THERAPY http://www.amaskincare.com/services/ozone-therapy/ SCHEDULE A FREE OZONE TREATMENT CONSULTATION WITH OUR DOCTORS http://www.amaskincare.com/free-consultation-youtube/ WHAT IS OZONE THERAPY? A POWERFUL MICROBIAL INFECTION TREATMENT https://www.amaskincare.com/ozone-therapy-microbial-infection-treatment/
http://www.MarkusNews.com James Sloane website: http://www.MedCapsules.com http://www.synergyozone.com/ozone_generators/ Don’t expect to be cured of anything if you don’t stop doing what is causing the problems in the first place. You may have cancer or some other disease but don’t expect a magic pill for that, but there are alternatives. You have to change the things in your life that are killing you. It’s not just what you eat, it’s the whole package. You must also let go of those things that are causing stress in your life. So clean out your life and clean out your body. Begin to put good foods into your body and choose things and make decisions that bring you happiness. Fight Cancer first by addressing the causes https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2515569/ Abstract. This year, more than 1 million Americans and more than 10 million people worldwide are expected to be diagnosed with cancer, a disease commonly believed to be preventable. Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle. The lifestyle factors include cigarette smoking, diet, fried foods, red meat, alcohol, sun exposure…. You must be willing to change the things in your life that are killing you. https://nutritionj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1475-2891-3-19 Abstract. It has been estimated that 30–40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone. Obesity, nutrient sparse foods such as concentrated sugars and refined flour products that contribute to impaired glucose metabolism, which leads to diabetes, low fiber intake, consumption of red meat, and imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats all contribute to excess cancer risk…. Ozone will kill cancer cells http://alternativecancer.us/ozone.htm#1 Abstract….. Ozone is used in medicine as well as in other spheres. Papers reporting good results of ozone treatment in carcinoma seemed of particular interest. The efficacy of ozone as an adjuvant to the irradiation of carcinosarcomas of rats was confirmed by us. On account of this fact ozone was introduced by us as an adjuvant to the irradiation of women with gynaecological cancer and appeared to give good results. What’s the best advice for an individual to combat cancer or prospect of cancer: James Sloane: “The first thing is to maintain your immune system” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2225479/ Abstract. Rebuilding and maintaining immunity is paramount to the success of cancer immunotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. If immune surveillance indeed can protect from cancer, the very manifestation of malignancy means that the disease has prevailed over immunity. Other things to do to prevent cancer are to maintain your intestinal flora…eat more fiber… https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3928711/ Abstract. Accumulating evidences indicate that some diseases are triggered by abnormalities of the gut microbiota. Among these, immune-related diseases can be the promising targets for probiotics. Several studies have proved the efficacy of probiotics for preventing such diseases including cancers, infections, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases and autoimmune diseases. Best foods to eat for intestinal flora is fiber or prebiotics…..fiber feeds probiotics https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/917647/ Abstract. Prebiotics…. They stimulate the growth and activity of intestinal microorganisms that promote the health and well-being of the host. Intake of foods containing low-digestible carbs… fiber… can improve the state of health and may prevent diseases such as certain forms of cancer. Most common causes of cancer are viral https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4135891/ Abstract. About a fifth of all human cancers worldwide are caused by infectious agents. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312702/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1518840/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3928711/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8841165 http://www.vegsource.com/harris/cancer_vegdiet.htm Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.HealthyCookbook.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markus.rothkranz.7 Videos and articles: http://www.MarkusNews.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markusandcara/ Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.com Markus Products: http://www.HealAnything.com Markus Products: http://www.MarkusProducts.com German website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.de
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Sinus Treatments With Ozone o3 | How To Cure Sinus Infection
How to cure sinus infection with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is the best sinus treatment. Learn how to cure sinus infection at home. Learn more athttp://trulyheal.iljmp.com/1/yosi When people affecting a sinus infection they are trying how to get rid of sinus infection fast and without side effect. Basically, they are looking for naturally how to clear sinus infection at home. There are the different reason for sinusitis. The nowadays get rid of sinus infection is easy. Here are the home remedies for sinusitis. So, carefully follow me with this video how I'm using ozone therapy for a sinus infection and clear your sinus infection fast and naturally. SINUS TREATMENTS Every warm and moist area in your body offers the best breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. They thrive in these environments. Ozone can be used to sterilize these areas and to kill off the overgrowth. Sinus Treatments with Ozone Therapy Nasal O3 treatments are very effective already at very low concentrations of 16mg/l to 23mg/l. Repeat up to 3 x per day. This treatment can tackle and cause discomfort in the beginning as bacteria die off. You will also have a lot of snot coming from your sinus area which will eventually clean out. Just don't do this treatment before you have an important meeting. You may be indisposed. The main effects of Ozone (O3) is that it kills pathogens like virus, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungi. It is commonly used for industrial air purification. Medically applied O3 also effects solid tumors and floating cancer stem cells in the blood. The tiny amount of Ozone that is used during a treatment will not clean all of the patient's blood, it rather kills the pathogens that directly get in contact with O3 and these dead cells then act as a vaccine which stimulates your immune system to attack the pathogen. As soon as Ozone has reacted with any of the pathogens it converts into O2 – Oxygen which is used by the mitochondria of all other cells. Ozone is an oxidative treatment which increases oxygen uptake into the blood. Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/maxAwareness?sub_confirmation=1 ***Follow me: **** Website:http://trulyheal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trulyhealnow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrulyHeal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trulyheal/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MAXawareness https://youtu.be/EfZz-HvaszA
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ozone nasal treatment part 1
ozone nasal treatment
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First Time Doing Ozone Nasal Flush with Glass Syringe
Got a beautiful glass syringe and syringe filling system from Promolife. Time to test them out!!!
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ozone kills parasites and cancer cells
for product demo and inquiry please call or text Joel Tan +639092377620 for SMART and +639061636587 for TM or GLOBE available in Maramag Bukidnon and in Cagayan de oro City.
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Man who lost half of his face to skin and nose cancer! Health
Skin cancers are cancers that arise from the skin. They are due to the development of abnormal cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body.There are three main types: basal cell cancer (BCC), squamous cell cancer (SCC) and melanoma. The first two together along with a number of less common skin cancers are known as nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Basal cell cancer grows slowly and can damage the tissue around it but is unlikely to spread to distant areas or result in death. It often appears as a painless raised area of skin, that may be shiny with small blood vessel running over it or may present as a raised area with an ulcer. Squamous cell cancer is more likely to spread. It usually presents as a hard lump with a scaly top but may also form an ulcer.Melanomas are the most aggressive. Signs include a mole that has changed in size, shape, color, has irregular edges, has more than one color, is itchy or bleeds. Greater than 90% of cases are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.[7] This exposure increases the risk of all three main types of skin cancer.[7] Exposure has increased partly due to a thinner ozone layer.[3] Tanning beds are becoming another common source of ultraviolet radiation.[7] For melanomas and basal cell cancers exposure during childhood is particularly harmful.[8] For squamous cell cancers total exposure, irrespective of when it occurs, is more important.[7] Between 20% and 30% of melanomas develop from moles.[8] People with light skin are at higher risk [2] as are those with poor immune function such as from medications or HIV/AIDS.[3][9] Diagnosis is by biopsy.[6]
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Blood clot removed through ozone therapy
The blood clot and cholesterol that causes stroke and heart attack is removed through ozone therapy
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What is Oxygen and Ozone Therapy Treatment?
http://AMAskincare.com What is Ozone treatment or oxygen therapy? Ozone is the naturally occurring O3 molecule that we know about, we hear about that's in our atmosphere. The oxygen that we breathe that our physiology naturally responds to and our hemoglobin and our red blood cells picks up is O2. One oxygen molecule bound to another one with the double bond, that's O2. Way up in our atmosphere, we have O3. Three ozone -- or three oxygen molecules bound together. Now ozone inherently is a very unstable molecule, it doesn’t like being in groups of three, it likes being in groups of two. So if you just take ozone gas all by itself, it will quickly break down into O2's rather than a bunch of O3's. Now, if you take that O3 molecule and introduce it into the physiology, its inherit instability means it's got lots of energy. And that energy through a biochemical reaction can be absorbed into the physiology and miraculous things happen. Now, let me explain where this happens. Every cell in your body, right, has a nucleus where all the DNA is. And then around that it has the outside membranes. So you have the outside membrane and the inside nucleus with the membrane around it where all the DNA is. Inside that area, okay, between the two membranes, you also have little organelles primarily mitochondria. You may have heard about mitochondria. They are the energy producer of the cell. They are the little engine of the cell. Inside the mitochondria is where the O2 molecules are processed, okay. So the O2 molecules that you're breathing in that are brought to the cells of the body through hemoglobin in your blood, they are processed inside the cell in mitochondria where essentially the electrons off of those oxygen molecules are plucked off and that energy is used to produce ATP. Okay, ATP is the chemical of the cell that is the gas, the fuel of the cell. Pretty much every cell in your body and no matter what its function is, is going to need ATP to do what it does. So if you're looking for instance at your pancreas and the cells on your pancreas that make insulin, the energy that those cells need to make insulin is going to be ATP. If you look at your muscles and the cells in your muscles that contract and give you all the strength to do exercise and what not, the energy of the cell to contract comes from ATP, in your brain, you know, in your -- whenever it is. Anything the cell needs, okay, every function of the cell is powered by ATP. And that ATP is created inside the mitochondria by the mitochondria's ability to pluck electrons off of oxygen. Alright, now what does that have to do with ozone? Anytime you have a tissue or a cell or an organ that's unhappy, that's slowly but surely is becoming deceased, what you find out is that the mitochondria in those cells are becoming less and less capable of plucking those oxygen off, I mean plucking those electrons off of the oxygen. The cells are becoming less able to functionally process the oxygen and therefore they're become unable to produce ATP. When you introduce ozone into the cells, it ramps up the mitochondria's ability to process oxygen once again. The benefits are quite miraculous actually. We know a lot about how it works and it's fabulous. So not only can you energize cells to do what they're supposed to do with ozone there are certain disease stage you can actually reverse, with ozone treatment. So we use ozone treatment as often as we can. And anyone really is a candidate for oxygen ozone therapy, just to stay healthy and to boost your immune system and many other functions that you can do with regular ozone therapy IV's. AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare Beverly Hills, Los Angeles 6310 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 285 Los Angeles, CA 90048 310-460-2444 Irvine, Orange County 2302 Martin St., Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92612 949-428-4500 LEARN MORE ABOUT OZONE AND IV VITAMIN THERAPY http://www.amaskincare.com/services/high-potency-vitamin-therapy/ SCHEDULE A FREE OZONE AND IV VITAMIN THERAPY CONSULTATION WITH OUR DOCTORS http://www.amaskincare.com/free-consultation-youtube/ WHAT IS OZONE THERAPY? A POWERFUL MICROBIAL INFECTION TREATMENT https://www.amaskincare.com/ozone-therapy-microbial-infection-treatment/ CONNECT With US! Google+ http://plus.google.com/u/0/+AMASkincare Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AMASkincare Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/amaskincare/ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/amaskincare/ Twitter http://twitter.com/AMASKINCARE
Dr. Hellfried Sartori Cesium Chloride Cancer Treatment Fraud Cure (Scam)
Interview with the doctor responsible for the cesium chloride cancer treatment. Cancer patients family speaks out about the side effects, cost, and poor conditions where treatment was administered. Treatment consisted of a cocktail of cesium, vitamins/minerals, and other fake cures(b17) all given through intravenous injection. If you would like more info go to www.cancermind.com/cesium-chloride-cancer-therapy-protocol/
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How President Reagan got rid of his cancer the German way?
http://goodbye-cancer.blogspot.com/ And after whipping his cancer the German way Reagan lived for another 19 years. Many American cancer patients lose their hair and their vitality. But Reagan kept his famous pompadour hairstyle. He also kept his warm smile and vigorous stride. No wonder so many other celebrities and even European royalty have gone to Germany to get rid of their cancer. I’ll name some of these famous people in a moment. You have to go to Germany for this breakthrough therapy.
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Black Salve - Cancer 'Treatment' That Burns Holes in You!
A cottage industry has developed online selling alternative treatments that, unlike the high-street shops, is not bound by the Trade Description or Medicines Act. This has led to a lot of vulnerable people being exposed to some truly insidious products that have the potential to cause a lot of pain and suffering. Perhaps one of the more shocking examples of this is the promotion of a paste called Black Salve (also known as Casema) to people suffering from cancer. Black Salve is an escharotic substance meaning that when applied directly to the skin, it causes the cells to die – creating a thick black dry clump of necrotic tissue called an “eschar”. This often causes scarring and can potentially cause serious injury and disfigurement. The paste itself is made from a mixture of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) extract and zinc chloride. CORRECTION!!! I made a mistake and put a picture of Gail Bumpus and not Ruth Conrad in this video. Sorry about that. Support Myles through Patreon http://patreon.com/powerm1985 SCIENCE Kits! https://mylespower.co.uk/store/ Black Salve https://mylespower.co.uk/2016/08/23/black-salve/ "Floating Cities" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Intro Music by Michael 'Skitch' Schiciano bio: http://bio.skitchmusic.com  soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/skitchstudio Subscribe for SCIENCE! Website: http://www.mylespower.co.uk Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/powerm1985 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powerm1985
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Nose Cancer & Stroke 3: A Year On CA Care Therapy
Nose Cancer & Stroke 3: A Year On CA Care Therapy
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Sinus Cancer
This video is about sinus cancer
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60cc syringe for ozone nasal therapy - part 2
**NOTE: Unfortunately, BD told me that the barrel is not polycarbonate but polypropylene. The info on the website where I saw that is now updated to polypropylene.** I attempted to make the rubber stopper more ozone resistant by covering it with silicone and also tried replacing it altogether. Watch to see the outcome.
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Ear Insufflations with Ozone
Sharing my adventures while healing with ozone therapies. I like to do my EI after the ozonated sauna. EI is a great ozone therapy! This is me showing how I do my ozone ear insufflations :)
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Treat Cancer with Breathing Retraining and Buteyko Method – Interview with Dr. Artour Rakhimov
How to apply breathing retraining and the Buteyko technique to treat causes of cancer: low oxygen levels in cells (tissue hypoxia) In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz discuss the relation of breathing retraining to cancer. Another topic discussed that relates to cancer includes diet. Dr. Artour Rakhimov on his website Normalbreathing.com has studies and charts showing that cancer patients breathe more than twice compared to the medical norm. The body-oxygen test or the control pause test is used by cancer patients. If people with cancer breathe too much that causes cell hypoxia. The type of breathing that is discussed is unconscious or automatic breathing patterns. From these breathing patterns, less oxygen is retained. For some people, cell tissue hypoxia is the central factor which promotes multiplication of malignant cells. The growth of tumours has a direct correlation to the level of cell tissue hypoxia. So the less amount of oxygen in the tissues means the faster the cancer will grow. Thus, breathing has a profound effect on cancer dynamic. More details are here http://www.normalbreathing.com/diseases-cancer-breathing.php . An opposite technique some doctors use oxygen to give to their patients and their tumours start to shrink. Dr. Buteyko and 200 of his doctors had thousands of patients with heart disease, asthma and many other conditions. Also, they had cancer patients involved in the breathing training program. When they achieved very high results on the CP test, up to 50 and 60 seconds the tumours disappeared. This was well known in the Soviet Union. One of the doctors trained by Dr. Buteyko had conducted a clinical trial on 120 women. The trial was about the first early stages of metastatic breast cancer. All of these people practiced 3 various cancer treatments and half of the people would also use the Buteyko breathing exercises up to 2 to 2 and a half hours daily. The Buteyko breathing program was an experimental group. They did this breathing program for 3 years. They started with about 10 seconds for the CP test. This is a very low number as a health measurement. The mortality for cancer rates is high for this specific type of cancer. There are many different types of cancer with varying rates of mortality. The mortality rate is about 95% in 3 years for this cancer. Most people die even when they have surgery, radiation and all these types of medical assistance. Doctors apply these techniques because statistically they allow people to live a bit longer. In the experimental group the mortality rate was 6 times less. The control group had 25% mortality. The doctor who trained the women with breathing exercises had only 2 patients lost. These 2 women in addition to cancer also had diabetes and heart disease. The combined condition was much more of a complicated situation. More details about this fascinating clinical trial on cancer is here “Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment - Metastasized Breast Cancer Trial: 5-Fold Reduction in Mortality' http://www.normalbreathing.com/breakthrough-breast-cancer-research-and-treatment.php . This video is from NormalBreathing Channel by Dr, Artour Rakhimov. The YouTube URL of this video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP9EmJV-Yzw /. The video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov, health educator, Amazon writer, and the author of NormalBreathing.com. Dr. Artour is from Toronto, Canada, who is with Volker Schmitz (also a Buteyko practitioner, but from Hamburg, Germany).
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Nose Cancer: World Class Treatment Did Not Cure Him
Nose Cancer: World Class Treatment Did Not Cure Him
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Successful treatment of sinus tumor
Donald was diagnosed with a sinus tumor that was unresponsive to radiation and high dose chemo therapy. Later he found Dr Ben Johnson and his cancerous tumor was successfully treated with alternative treatments using herbs, homeopathics and Insulin Potentiated Therapy, IPT. For more information please visit www.MeetDrBen.com drbenjohnson@comcast.net
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Sinusitis/sinus drainage treated with neural therapy and ozone
Longstanding sinus problems rapidly resolving with neural therapy (local anesthetic injections to specific points or areas) and local ozone administration
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How To Treat Ear Infection With Ozone - Ear Infection Treatment
Let's learn how to treat an ear infection with ozone. This is another video for who really seeking solution how to cure ear infection at home without any risk. Learn at http://trulyheal.iljmp.com/1/yoei Ear Infection Treatment: how ear infection treatment? It's a big question but possible to cure ear infection easy, effective, fast, cheap and totally safe. With this video, I'm going to show you how to treat an ear infection with ozone. 0:08 Ear infections and ear treatments are now a very painful problem. If you have an ear infection that hurts with radiation pain. 0:24 It's a very simple treatment, very very cheap and extremely effective. 0:29 Now what you want for that. 1. Clean out the ear first very carefully 2. Fill 20ml syringe with ozone/oxygen concentration with 42 mg/l. 3. Insert a cartridge refill needle 4. Push Q-tip over the refill needle 5. Moisten the Q-tip with warm water 6. Blow all 20ml slowly into one ear Repeat for other ears. Sometimes ear pain resolved without treatment with antibiotics but some cases it's not. When it happened we try to get rid of ear infection and go to doctor for ear pain treatment. My ozone therapy process also works for ear pain. It's powerful actions for ear pain relief. So follow the video and know how to relieve ear pain. This method is an alternative treatment for an ear infection and also you called as a home remedy for ear infection. Ear infections are the second most common illness of childhood behind colds, It's natural to expect a prescription for an antibiotic.The treatment of ear infections, Some infections are caused by viruses, Some evidence suggests that treatment with antibiotics might be beneficial for a certain man with ear infections. There may be an acute pain in the ears due to bacterial attack, allergy, cold, inhalation of the ear, pain in the ears, fungus, acne problems inside the ear, ear disease etc. Most ear pain clears up on its own without any treatment. When the olive oil heats up, it is necessary to have three or four drops of oil drop in the ear within the ear. It will be released from ear injection pain. However, if it is not getting better or if you have other, more serious symptoms, you may need to see a doctor. natural remedy for ear infection: Ear pain can be due to many reasons such as short-term/long-term ear infections, jaw drops, wax or any object in the ear, ear injury (from height and for other reasons). Here are some domestic effective remedies. Mint leaves The basil leaves containing beta-carotene, vitamin C, eugenol, borneol, etc.have amazing bactericidal and microbial properties which have proven helpful in treating ear pain. During swimming, many people feel Red's ear or ear pain. To avoid this problem, a few drops of mineral oil can be very helpful for swimming. Add one teaspoon of a boiling water bowl and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Take this steam with the nose until the pain reduces. Vitamin C and Zinc-rich foods: Helps reduce ear pain. Include Vitamin C and Zinc-rich foods such as lemons, oranges, guava, strawberries, papaya, cashew nuts and wheat in your diet. Every warm and moist area in your body offers the best breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. They thrive in these environments. Ozone can be used to sterilize these areas and to kill off the overgrowth. Website:http://trulyheal.com/ Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/maxAwareness?sub_confirmation=1 ***Follow me: **** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trulyhealnow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrulyHeal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trulyheal/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MAXawareness https://youtu.be/-C_HTcyhnNo
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Dr Victor Marcial Vega, Hocatt  Low
One of the Top 10 best oncologist critique's this equipment. Learn more at www.healthhacksreviewed.com
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Inside a Chinese ozone generator.
Internal look at a typical ebay Chinese ozone generator. Not much inside, just a transformer, simple corona tube and a fan to blow the air through. It does produce a good output of ozone though. I got this at a modest price on ebay as the listing hinted at it being faulty. The high voltage connection to the outer stainless steel wire had a poor connection that had arced and burned off. Easy to fix and restored the unit to full operation again. The corona tube is just a glass tube with a piece of thin stainless steel mesh rolled up and allowed to unfurl against the inside of the tube making a large area plate along it's internal surface. A stainless steel wire is coiled around the outside and when a high voltage high frequency supply is applied a corona discharge occurs around the outer wire as current transfers back and forth between the inner plate and outer wire capacitively. Air is blown along the tube and where oxygen (O2) passes through the corona discharge the oxygen atoms are separated and some combine as stable O2 and unstable O3 (ozone) which tries to get rid of it's extra atom of oxygen onto anything it can attach to. This is why ozone is such a strong oxidiser and why it smells like bleach (it's oxidising your nose!) Ozone can be used to get rid of strong smells and kill airborne bacteria. However, it can cause corrosion of rubber and metals in long term exposure. You should also avoid breathing in excess amounts. A typical rule of thumb is that if you can smell it then there's too much to stay in the room. Prolonged exposure will cause throat, nose and eye irritation. The bigger units like this one are fitted with timers so they can be left unattended in rooms and after the unit has turned off the bulk of the ozone will have dissipated in typically 20 to 30 minutes.
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Europeans not safe from urban air pollution cancer threat, WHO confirms
Scientists have confirmed that today's major air pollution - the air that millions of people in... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained:http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a Euronews is available in 13 other languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU http://www.euronews.com/2013/10/18/europeans-not-safe-from-urban-air-pollution-cancer-threat-who-confirms Scientists have confirmed that today's major air pollution - the air that millions of people in cities breathe - is cancer-causing. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC, says this air is a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths. The World Health Organisation agency said this is the first time it has evaluated the whole mixture of air, rather than focus on specific air pollutants. The conclusions apply to all regions of the world. Dr Kurt Straif, Head of the IARC Monographs Section, at a press conference in Geneva said: "In this more than 40 year history of the Monographs Programme, there have been more than 950 agents that have been evaluated either once or repeatedly if there is important new evidence, and more than 100 of these have been classified as carcinogenic to humans, this is the highest classification group, meaning that we know that it is causing cancer in humans." The predominant sources of outdoor air pollution are transportation, stationary power generation, industrial and agricultural emissions and residential heating and cooking. Particulate Matter is a major component. PM of a ten micron diametre is the sort that blackens buildings. PM of 2.5 microns or smaller goes through respiratory passages and is small enough to enter the blood system. These material comes from wood smoke, burning diesel and factory output. Then there is low atmospheric level ozone (or tropospheric ozone), not emitted directly by cars or industry but formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Ozone damages mucus and respiratory tissues in animals, and damages plants. Of nitrogen oxides, nitric oxide and dioxide are the most dangerous - by-products of combustion in automobile engines and fossil fuel power plants. They can cause nausea, irritated eyes and nose, fluid buildup in lungs, swelling of the throat and reduced oxygen intake. Environmental campaigners in countries with massively growing economies say the fast pace of motorisation using dirty technology and dirty fuels translates into accelerating death rates and suffering, notably in China and India. Anumita Roychowdhury with the campaign Right to Clean Air said: "The emission standards that we follow in Delhi today, they are more than seven years behind Europe and the rest of the country, that's nearly twelve years behind Europe. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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Nasal Tumors- What You Need to Know About Your Dog's Cancer
http://www.dogcancerkit.com Two veterinarians discuss nasal tumors and what you can do if your dog has been diagnosed with cancer in the nasal region. Dr. Demian Dressler and Dr. Susan Ettinger are co-authors of the book "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" and are interviewed on the signs and symptoms of canine nasal tumors as well as the standard course of action.
6 Hidden things Increasing Cancer risk
6 Hidden things Increasing Cancer risk 1. Scented Candles & Air Fresheners Most of them contains Limonene .Limonene reacts with ozone to produce Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes several types of Cancer. 2. SawDust Wood Dust is a Human carcinogen. Workers exposed to wood dust are more likely to develop nasal cancer. 3.Regular Usage of Alcohol Increased alcohol consumption increases risk of Breast and liver cancer 4. Working in Night Shifts abnormal light schedule triggers faster tumor growth in the body. 5. Certain types of Sunscreens Certain Sunscreens have Oxybenzone in them. Oxybenzone produces free radicals triggering Cancer growth 6.Lack of Sunlight Lower the Vitamin D levels, higher is the risk of Breast and colorectal cancer. Frequently expose your body to Sunlight to get Vitamin D
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➥It Eliminates SINUSITIS In SECONDS With This POWERFUL REMEDY | How To Cure Sinus Naturally At Home
➥It Eliminates SINUSITIS In SECONDS With This POWERFUL REMEDY | How To Cure Sinus Naturally At Home - http://powerhealthyt.com →Subscribe HERE: https://goo.gl/2d9f4w →Our Facebook: https://goo.gl/XyVkA1 -More WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/zwskjQ -More HOME REMEDIES VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/10zgHI Suffer from nasal congestion does not sound serious, but it can be annoying. Not being able to breathe properly makes us uncomfortable, we difficult to identify the scents and smells, do not feel good the flavors of the food, we can not talk and sleep becomes an impossible mission. When some bacteria gets into the nose, paranasal sinus or sinuses become inflamed and is as well as nasal congestion, breathing difficult occurs. To alleviate this feeling so upset on the nose, we show you some tricks that you can implement in the comfort of your home. 1.Press the vomer: The vomer is a bone of the face that is located next to the nostrils and when pressed, relieves congestion. To do this properly you must take your tongue to the palate, keeping up there with your thumb and press the center of the eyebrows for a few seconds. You quickly feel relief in the nose. 2.Turmeric: Turmeric acts as anti-inflammatory, so that any form of administration is correct. It is recommended to mix it with meals. 3.Steam: Boil water in a pot and come to suck the steam. Your nose will feel relief as you're breathing. 4.Nasal wash salt: Make your nose washed with warm salt water. 5.Infusion of apple cider vinegar: Ingredients: -1 lemon. -1 teaspoon cinnamon pepper. -1 teaspoon of raw honey. - ¼ cup apple cider vinegar. -½ cup water. Preparation: Boil water and add the cider vinegar. Mix well and add the honey and cayenne pepper. When this is united, it incorporates lemon juice. Drink this tea as hot as possible. ➥It Eliminates SINUSITIS In SECONDS With This POWERFUL REMEDY | How To Cure Sinus Naturally At Home - https://youtu.be/oBJUq0Tupuw
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Collagen induction acupuncture enhanced with Ozone
This video is about Collagen induction acupuncture enhanced with Ozone
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Chapter 19 Nose Cancer - Dennis Richard -- Your Health is Your Choice
This has taken longer than anything else I have addressed but I feel I have won the battle. Understanding how simple health can be! Jackie Lee interviews Dennis about his new book.
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Why Can't We Smell Things When It's Cold?
Do things smell worse in the winter... or summer? How and why does temperature affect our sense of smell? What Does Space Smell Like? - http://bit.ly/2bVCtdn Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI Animal Planet GO – http://smart.link/57ae190980d80 Read More: How We Smell: The Molecular And Cellular Bases Of Olfaction http://physiologyonline.physiology.org/content/13/1/1 "Three models for the perception of odor molecules are suggested for the first time by experimental data. These studies illustrate how the nose may smell. Moreover, they suggest additional role(s) for odor receptors within and outside the olfactory system." An Environmental Nuisance: Odor Concentrated And Transported By Dust http://chemse.oxfordjournals.org/content/26/3/327.full "Intensive swine production generates odorous emissions which flow from the buildings housing the animals. High ventilation rates bring in fresh air, remove heat and moisture and enhance pork productivity. Numerous compounds contribute to the uniquely offensive odors from swine facilities, including fatty acids, amines, aromatics and sulfur compounds. Dust particles, which originate predominantly from feces and feed, can adsorb and concentrate odorants in swine facilities." Ooooh, That Smell! Odors Rise With The Temperature http://www.nbcnews.com/news/other/ooooh-smell-odors-rise-temperature-f6C10663511 "Your nose doesn't lie - odors intensify in the warm summer months, be they of rotting garbage on the sidewalk or fragrant flowers blooming in a garden. The combination of heat and humidity allows bacteria to grow faster and smells to travel farther, said Victoria Henshaw, who researches urban smells throughout the world. "The air becomes a smelly soup that we all breathe in," Henshaw said." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos daily. Watch More DNews on Seeker http://www.seeker.com/show/dnews/ Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here: http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI
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How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy
A 2 Z Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy.. everything I know http://www.synergyozone.com/ - my ozone generator Http://www.promolife.com - all of the ozone accessories you could want catheters, connectors tubing ECT
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Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D. - Healing Cancer In This Century - Carlos Caridad
Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D. Healing Cancer In This Century - Integrative-Alternative-Holistic Cancer Treatments Carlos Caridad, Founder and Host Register for FREE: http://www.healingcancerinthiscentury.com
How to Protect Your Skin From Skin Cancer
In NZ we have high rates of skin cancer because most of us are fair with moles and freckles and we live in an environment with a very thin ozone layer, which means the UV radiation we get is very high and we burn quickly -- especially seeing as we love being outside! So while we are enjoying our outdoors lifestyle we must remember to seek shade at all times. Wear a sun hat with a broad rim, use sunglasses and a broad spectrum sunscreen. It's good to get to know your own skin. Check your skin regularly, keep an eye on a spot that's getting bigger, or changing colour, look at the border also. Learn your skin ABC's, A=Asymmetry B= Border, C= Colour -- they're the three things to look for.
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How to Breathe Ozone Bubbled Through Olive Oil
How to breathe ozone bubbled through olive oil. Ozonated oil breathing is performed when ozone is first bubbled through olive oil. Learn more at https://trulyheal.iljmp.com/1/ozonitesdumb The way of getting ozone into the system especially for the head and neck particularly the bronchial tree in the lungs but from there into the entire rest of the body as well. The easiest way for us to do that is to inhale what we call O's and nights where let me be very clear we're not inhaling ozone. We're going to bubble ozone gas and oxygen this time through the soil and organic oil like olive oil rather than water. You're talking about water the longer the traverse the more rapid ozone is going to be absorbed in the water when it's comes to oil it's an entirely different situation because the oil is reactive with the ozone after a millimeter of travel of that bubble coming out of the diffuser stone there is no ozone left. The other concern is the ozone flow rate because in dentistry most of the time we're looking for a very high concentration of ozone to penetrate a tooth. We don't have a very high flow rate because the higher the flow rate the less time the oxygen stays in the reactive cell inside the generator. Ozonated Oil Breathing is performed when ozone is first bubbled through olive oil usually olive oil is used, but it can be also a variety of other oils and then inhaled. The person avoids breathing in the harsh raw ozone and instead breathes in soothing ozonides. Ozonides are created when ozone bonds to oil. Ozonides retain all the therapeutic properties of ozone without irritating the lungs. This protocol is often used for all sorts of respiratory issues from sinus congestion, asthma, to bronchitis. Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/maxAwareness?sub_confirmation=1 ***Follow me: **** Website:http://trulyheal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trulyhealnow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrulyHeal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trulyheal/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MAXawareness https://youtu.be/vw9eQsbthdI
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HERE'S  - One Answer to Cancer ! Naturally ! [Educational Use]
ONE ANSWER TO CANCER [ An Australian production (Author and Writer - Elaine Hollingsworth) ] This is a story about two cancer salves. - One makes cancers worse, and can even kill. Yet it is legal. - The other has been curing cancer for 2000 years, yet it is illegal, denounced by BIG PHARMA, BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG MEDICINE. Why? So they can hang on to their obscene profits. Please watch right up until the end, as there is a very big story to tell here all in 1hr 37mins. There is hope, and it comes from Nature itself. All noted on the video, along with the recipe. Sections of Video - Introduction - Murder by Medicine - A few Aldara Victims - The Fix was in - The Crusade - A Magic Bullet - Internal Cancers - Two Progressive Doctors - Fight Back Australian made video. Trying to get the truth out there about Cancer, Cancer treatments and what you can do naturally to rid yourself of the predicament you may find yourself or a loved one in...!!! NB: Aldara's Active Ingredient - Imiquimod (watch out for that chemical in any future products) Black Salve is known as Nature's Scalpel. Doctor's only know the knife (scalpel), which can leave roots and cancer cells. Everybody knows once you cut cancer and open it up to Oxygen, it generally goes full force throughout the body and your time is marked with loss of life not too far down the track. As well as a terrible treatment path on your way to loss of life. i.e. Chemotherapy and Radiation !!! Black Salve WILL take the WHOLE tumour, roots and all... !!! (Leaving NO cells, that will use the lymphatic system to run riot through the body, to take your life afterwards) Black Salve has: Extracted breast cancer (which is internal). Extracted Thyroid cancer (which is internal) Extracted Brain Tumours (Internal again) Extracted Tumours in people's legs, which was going to see them crippled before long (Once again Internal) [I personally know these people] Rid people of Skin Cancers (External and sometimes also internal especially in the case of Secondary growths.) [pulls both out through the same place of origin.] This doesn't only work on external cancers, there is hope. If you want any further information... Elaine Hollingsworth's website: http://www.doctorsaredangerous.com/ You can buy your own copy of this dvd ... (so you can give it to friends or family) Go to: http://www.oneanswertocancermovie.com/ CONTACT: therapeutics.naturally@gmail.com (This video is for cancer victims or those that have someone close with the dreaded ailment) You can only view this vid with this Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llq5nP8Qn68 If You use TORCH as your Web Browser, you can directly download the video to your HDD. Get TORCH Web Browser here: http://www.torchbrowser.com/ Or You may want to install *ANY VIDEO CONVERTER [free edition]* which will also let you do this by inserting the link for the vid, as well as let you covert the file to any file type you so wish. Great Program :) I Highly Recommend it...!!! Get AnyVideoConverter (free) here: http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/
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Colloidal Silver | Sinus Infections |  My Experience! ~~~Mrs. Nancy Gurish
I've been using colloidal silver for quite a few years (eight years) and there are some things that I take for granted, and forget to talk https://youtu.be/Io4-b039KRc http://bit.ly/2iMTQCx http://bit.ly/2gfANhf http://bit.ly/2i19XNV about. Sinus infections were a constant in my life until 2006 when I started to use colloidal silver. I'd lived on pseudoephedrine - and needed to use guaifenesin (or mucinex) frequently. A couple of times a year I'd be at the doctor's office to request an antibiotic so that I could get well enough so that I could function at work. Now, it is June 2014 and I have had only one antibiotic since 2006. Early on when I was more hesitant about taking c.s. I got a cold, and a sinus infection and requested / bugged my doctor into given me an antibiotic. So, for me, my answer to sinus troubles was with using colloidal silver. I'll update you as I recall the conditions that I no longer suffer from, simply by taking a small amount of colloidal silver most days. Sincerely, Mrs. Nancy Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend
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Ozuna - Una Flor (Video Oficial) | Odisea
Descarga o Escucha "Odisea" Aqui: iTunes: http://apple.co/2vX00sT Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2iAWaA3 Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/es/album/46000842 Google Play Music: http://bit.ly/2xF6r0x Amazon: http://amzn.to/2whpkaE Descarga Odisea The Game: App Store: http://apple.co/2hSmZiO Android: http://bit.ly/2uwwJFb Follow Me / Sigueme en: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ozuna/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ozunapr TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ozunapr SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2tzO4Zv APPLE MUSIC: http://apple.co/2uu3phf Manager: Vicente Saavedra: Saavedrabooking@gmail.com | +1-787-444-5678
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220VAC ozonegenerator
Type: high frequency corona discharge Ozone density: 1000mg/h Generator size: 225x40x38 mm Power: 10W Input: AC220VAC Temperature: -10~+80 Discharge style: Quartz glass pipe Power supply: Relaxation oscillator drives high voltage high frequency step-up transformer Ozone pipe size: Φ20x220 mm What is Ozone? * Ozone is "active oxygen", nature's special element. (Each ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms.) * Ozone is a natural purifier. * Ozone is created in nature by the combination of oxygen in air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun or by the corona discharge that occurs during a lightning storm. * Ozone has the clean, fresh scent noticed after a rainstorm. * Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer safely used. * Ozone is the alternative water purifier to traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. What does ozone do? * The Ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from deadly radiation. * Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses, oxidizer, and mildew. * Ozone eliminates spores, cysts, yeast, and fungus. * Ozone oxidizes iron, sulfur, manganese and hydrogen sulfate. * Ozone eliminates oils and other contaminants in water. * Ozone eliminates odors in air, such as smoke. * Ozone keeps water clean and sparkling clear. * Ozone keeps food and water fresh. Where is ozone used? * In 1906, Nice, France built the first water purification plant to use ozone. * Los Angeles, California has the largest ozone drinking water treatment plant in the world. * Most bottled water is purified by ozone. * Ozone is used to clean water and toxic waste. * Ozone purifies water in well and home drinking water systems. * Ozone systems have brought life back to "dead" contaminated lakes and pools. * Ozone is used to purify air in hotel rooms, boats, RVs, cars, and smoke/fire damaged structures. * Ozone is used in thousands of residential and commercial pools and spas all over the world. Is ozone healthy? * Ozone leaves no chemical by-products in water. * Ozone leaves no chemical taste or smell. * Ozone will not irritate or dry out skin, nose, or ears. * Ozone will not leave a chemical film on material or skin. * Ozone will not discolor or damage hair or clothing. * Ozone rids water and air of unhealthy microorganisms. * Ozone is NOT a carcinogen. Is ozone safe for environment and for equipment? * Ozone will not explode. * Ozone is not a fire hazard. * In the dose required for excellent purification, ozone does not produce harmful fumes. * Ozone will not damage plumbing fittings or pipes. Is ozone convenient in pools and spas? * Ozone does not have to be purchased or stored. * Ozone is generated "on site" and is introduced into the water or air automatically. * Ozone does not affect the pH balance of water, thus minimizing pH adjustments. * Ozone helps reduce total dissolved solids in water so that the water does not have to be changed as often. * Ozone eliminates much of the routine maintenance because it does such an effective job keeping the water clean. * Ozone kills E. Coli (commonly used to measure the effectiveness of sanitizers) 25 times more powerfully than Hypochlorous Acid (Chlorine) and about 500 times faster. Is ozone able to disenfect athletic equipment? * Ozone will seep into padding and into small crevices in equipment. * Football and hockey equipment will be left bacteria and odor free. * Ozone will remove harmful pathogens associated with skin and respiratory infections. * Equipment will be available for immediate use. * Ozone will not leave a film of any kind on equipment. * Ozone will not irritate skin. Is ozone able to clean automobiles? * Ozone is able to penetrate upholstery and vents. * Ozone will leave automobile free clean fresh air. * Ozone will leave automobile free of bacteria and odors. * School buses need ozone treatment because of bacteria build up. * Automobile will be ready for immediate use.
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V-light Intra Nasal Laser to BOOST your immune system!
http://trulyheal.com/boost-your-immune-system-with-laser/ Boost your immune system with intra nasal laser light from v-light. There are hundreds of research papers that confirm that intra nasal laser boosts your macrophages and white blood cells and so activate your immune system.
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Ozone Generator Therapy at Home Machine Unbox Review DIY for Water Face Car Use Best Acne Benefits I
#1 Rated Ozone Generator: https://goo.gl/2XahbW *Economical Generator*: http://www.promolife.com/o3elite-single-ozone-generator-universal-voltage-made-in-the-usa?a_aid=mediumagora *Best Ozone Oils*: http://amzn.to/2cUWtzB *Best Oxygen Concentrators and Regulators*: http://www.promolife.com/oxygen/oxygen-concentrators?a_aid=mediumagora #1 Rated Ozone Generator: https://goo.gl/2XahbW Essential Ozone Accessories and Tubing: https://goo.gl/rQZqfe Ozone Saunas: https://goo.gl/GWDrsd Glassware and Bubblers: https://goo.gl/s7dqJ1 More Complete Ozone Therapy Training Videos: https://goo.gl/WdRzif Ozone Generator Ozone Therapy at Home Machine Unbox Review DIY for Therapy Water Face Hair Car Smoke Home Use Best Benefits. Cancer, Lyme, MS, Herpes, Acne If you have watched my other popular ozone therapy videos you know this is my normal ozone setup. Its starts with an oxygen concentrator then oxygen flows to my regulator that controls the oxygen flow so that my ozone generator can concentrate ozone at its peak. Then goes to any device I am using which depends on what I need the ozone for. I realize for a beginner this can be daunting: spending so much money on a generator not knowing how hard it is to use or if you will be able to use it. This unboxing of an ozone generator will show you how easy it is to start. Let me start with 2 points: 1- It is your reponsibility to know the laws pertaining to ozone generators in your country and region. 2- While good equipment is not cheap, learning to use an ozone generator in your own home is cheaper than going to ozone centers for treatment.
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Dr Sue Cancer Vet's See Something, Do Something. Why Wait? Aspirate.
Lumps or masses on your pet could be nothing to worry about, or they could be very serious. Dr Sue is a big advocate of early cancer detection and is raising cancer awareness with her See Something, Do SomethingTM lumps and bumps detection program. With the help of the amazing Dr. Andy Roark, they share the top 5 things you need to do when you feel a lump on your dog or cat. Check out Dr. Sue's website: http://www.whywaitaspirate.com/
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dog tumor
This is what a tumor looks like in dogs.
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Barbara - Tinnitis
Patient with 30 year history of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and decreased hearing with amazing improvement with ozone ear insufflation.
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See the Impossible - Knees "Fixed" by Dental Attention
Hard to believe crippling knee and back case. Updated video with actual knee x-rays and dental report.
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How to inhale Hydrogen Peroxide for Good Health
This is a video of 83 Year Old Bill Munro demonstrating how he inhales Hydrogen Peroxide. For legal protection against lawsuits, etc. he also recommends that only adults who have been properly informed about all the possibilities of using hydrogen peroxide be considered before attempting to do what he does. Please do your homework!
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TLM: Transoral Laser Microsurgery for Throat Cancer
During Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM), the surgeon places a lighted viewing scope through the patient's mouth and into the throat providing direct access to the cancer. No external incision is needed, minimizing the impact of the procedure on the patient. The physician aims the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam at the affected tissue and the intense beam of robotically controlled light allows for precise excision of cancer cells. The precise soft-tissue handling of the laser enables the surgeon to craft a margin of normal tissue around the tumor without damaging important nerves, blood vessels and surrounding structures of the voice-box and throat. Because there is little bleeding, the surgeons have a clear field of vision during the procedure. With the TLM procedure, patients generally experience less swelling and a lower risk of infection than is expected with conventional open surgery. Radiation therapy is often used as a first line treatment for early stage throat cancer. However, new data and studies demonstrate the advantages of using TLM as an alternative to radiation therapy to preserve speech and functionality. Patients who are treated with TLM typically have a lower risk of some of the radiation side effects that can occur. As with all the major treatment options for throat cancer, side effects can include the ability to speak normally, breathe easily, swallow or eat solid food. Benefits of TLM include: • Equally or superior oncologic and functional outcomes for early stage laryngeal cancer as compared to radiation therapy. • Treatment options remain open in case of failed therapy • Speedier and easier recovery, with faster return to work and daily life • May eliminate the need for a feeding tube or a tracheotomy (a direct airway in the windpipe) • The surgeon can often cure cancer while preserving the best possible quality of life
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