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136 Designing and Building a Purple Martin Birdhouse
Last spring my buddy and I decided we didn't know much about the requirements for a Purple Martin Birdhouse, except that there are several guidelines for both the construction and placement of the boxes. I volunteered to research the issue and build a Purple Martin House in time for the next spring breeding season. Today we go over some of those requirements and build the box. Wherever possible the boxes are constructed for easy disassembly for repair and cleaning. Entry into the nests is accomplished by building the box in two main stackable layers. Lifting the layers apart gives access to all the nests at once. Additionally, the whole house is rigged to a 12 foot telescoping pole, designed and sold specifically for Purple Martin Houses.
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Purple Martin Houses
(6/2/12) Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano welcomes Mark Howery from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to discuss purple martin houses. For more information on building a purple martin house: The Purple Martin Conservation Association http://purplemartin.org
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Martin Bird House Plans
http://www.spoiledbirds.com/martin-bird-house-plans.html Martin Bird House Plans are some of the most difficult plans to build. Why? Since Martin Birds are social they like to nest together. This particular bird house allows for 8 bird families to nest. The materials that you will need in order to build this bird house from these martin bird house plans are all basic tools. Make sure that you have a 2 1/4 diameter drill bit in order to drill the entrance holes.
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Purple Martin House (home made)
I hope to attract Purple Martins with this Home Made bird house. I learned a lot about these birds. They depend almost entirely on man-made houses for nesting and raising their young. Please do not download and re-upload this video. Just share the link
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Senior Project Building a Birdhouse
My Senior Project of 21 hours sped up into 3 minutes. Music: Never Surrender by: Brand X Music
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Building a Folk Art Style Victorian Purple Martin Birdhouse
Here is a video of the process of building a Folk Art Style Victorian Purple Martin Birdhouse. The unit is fully complies with purple martin bird house requirements. All elements are made from common lumber with no set of plans. Roof is painted with a faux copper finish.
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Birdhouse Condo, part 1 of 3
This two part birdhouse condo. had me polling my hair out before I was through; well what little hair I have left. It finally all came together and look's great. I build it totally out of old salvaged pallet wood that I glued up and planed into usable material. It will be mounted on top of a 4 X 4 post in the yard.
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Birdhouse Condo build, part 2
This is the second part of my birdhouse condo. built from salvaged freight pallets. This is an inexpensive way to build something but is very time consuming. Pallet wood usually is to narrow for practical use making it necessary to do an enormous amount of glue-ups to make usable lumber. But I love a challenge.
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Birdhouse condo Part 3
Look like this will be my final weekly video for the foreseeable future I may still post an occasional video but for now I'm going to take it one at a time. May peace and the Lords blessings be at your doorstep.
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Purple Martin House
Homemade Purple martin box I built in back yard.
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119 Building a Big Fancy Cedar Birdhouse
Here is another birdhouse job we did during Memphis Monday #3 Fixing a bird feeder/birdhouse. https://youtu.be/6Z9cjvIkE-Q This is a five nesting box condo design I found on the internet. My MO when I copy a design is to attempt to be true to the designer; I try to copy things closely, leaving my "creativity" at the door. If I want to be creative, then I should design my own birdhouse, and not inflict my "ideas" on somebody else's work. That being said, I know my copy is not perfect, as I didn't have plans or dimensions; the picture wasn't clear enough to make out fasteners; I couldn't figure exactly the slope of the roof, etc. I put the birdhouse together with cedar and coated deck screws. I've had good luck with coated deck screws, and I'm guessing the coating will keep the screws from reacting with the cedar. Very little glue was used, as I only used glue at the peak of the roof, and to hold in the perches. Incidentally, many birdhouse builders don't install perches, as perches tend to help predators more than the birds. Finally, the birdhouse is finished in cedar oil and spar varnish
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George Jetson BirdHouse  how to build cool CNC project
This bird house was fun and easy to make and fun to see the birds using it. This was made using the Pilot Pro CNC router. This CNC can make Birdhouses, Doll houses, Forts, Toys and Figurines. Please let us know if you want to get more information on this project or our Pilot Pro CNC routers. If you have a project request we would love to hear from you. Our CNC design is open architecture, plans available, parts are all standard. This machine will change the way you work, let us show you how. CNCs are our passion; your success is our goal. Tell us where you want to go! http://www.pdjinc.com MADE IN: Saint Helens, OR USA Special: (8/30/15) We are currently bundling TurboCAD 2015 Pro with these powerful machines - So get yours today.
Extreme Birdhouses
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DIY Bird House
Build your own bird house/hotel. This is a fun project you can do for mothers day, or any day for yourself or someone you care about. I can't take credit for this though, most of my techniques were adopted and inspired by April Wilkerson's video here: https://youtu.be/N_73fPeqq9c Here are some supplies you may need if you're going to do this project: Loctite adhesive/filler http://amzn.to/1T3vkdM Bondo http://amzn.to/24Jvpaf
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How to make a 2 cent birdhouse.
How to build a bird table with a 2 cent copper roof. The video shows the build process of bird house. It has a two cent coin roof with copper pipe ridging. It also shows how to get a patina on the copper quickly. The patina will develop over time to a green blue colour (hopefully) and will have a nice contrast against the stained wood. UPDATE: After some comments I now know I should not have used stain or varnish to finish the birdhouse! It can be harmful to them if they ingest it. Therefore if you are going to build your own birdhouse use ONLY natural finishes or oils and avoid finishing the interior of the birdhouse. Always be careful using tools and machinery !!!
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Successful Setup and Maintenance of Purple Martin Houses
Learn from my past mistakes in setting up a successful purple martin colony. In the first two years, I have had my apartments decimated by mite infestations and murderous starlings. I have since had full apartments and a few hundred fledged martin babies using these simple tips which I have refined over the past eight years. In this short video you will learn about choosing the proper housing, figuring the proper placement of the apartments, and doing the regular maintenance that is essential for a healthy Martin habitat. I'll explain the importance of Starling Resistant Entry Holes, the importance of stripping out invasive nesters, what to clean your housing with, and how to prevent mite infestations using completely inert "Diatomaceous Earth". To get information on building your own starling trap, check out "melcher NBT" on YouTube. (I have no affiliation or relationship with him) And lastly, if you liked my video, please give me a thumbs up so that others will be drawn to it. Enjoy!
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One of the Worlds largest Purple Martin Bird House made in NC
Made by Paul Kiger and his crew.
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Purple Martin housing T-10 with excluder entrances
Late summer 2009 view of a martin colony after a rainfall. After 4 years of no occupants, I almost didnt put it up this past season. Glad I did - I went from no birds to a full house almost overnight!
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Frank Catanzaro building The 60-Room "HOTEL MARTIN" Purple Martin House on June 24, 2016
Frank Catanzaro building The 60-Room "HOTEL MARTIN" Purple Martin House in July 2016: I've built the outer walls using wood, however, the inside walls and floors will be built out of aluminum. This Purple Martin House is not my own design, and, as I say during this video: "This is the 60-Room Hotel Martin which I initially found 30 years ago in a book called '101 Birdhouses and Feeders that You Can Build' and so, having used inspiration from this book I followed the exact measurements and that book was/is from the Publisher Year 1976 (which was 42 years ago), and so, back then, Purple Martin Landlords all over North America went by the standard size which back then was simply a 6x6x6 inch square cube per each room, and so, using the Book as the guide, this house was built by me using those 6x6x6 inch per room measurements, and for many Landlords over many decades, including myself, the 6x6x6 inch cubed room worked well for the Purple Martin, however, since that time an extension of those measurements has proven more ideal for Purple Martins, and so, this house was constructed by myself having used those out-dated, old measurements which will/would actually still work today! Cheers Everyone! ;)
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More Martin Tips
4/8/95-Host Steve Dobbs is joined by Purple Martin hobbyist Brady Terrell to discuss styles of Purple Martin houses.
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Bruce Purple Martin Condo May 2017
Save The Purple Martin Condo At 702 Sangster Blvd in Regina Sask at a disability apartment building Bruce a disabled person that takes pride in this martin condo built it and takes care of it every year loves birds. Regina Housing wants to take it down during renovations this summer please help us save this martin condo it would mean the world to Bruce and I
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Birdhouses I've made - Outdoors with Trav
Making birdhouses is one of Trav's favorite hobbies. In this video, he quickly shows over 30 birdhouse styles he has made using materials he has found, purchased, or modified. Want an Outdoors with Trav shirt? http://www.cafepress.com/outdoorswithtrav Outdoors with Trav brings you expert knowledge on making and doing things related to the outdoors. To get new episodes emailed to you for free, please subscribe to this channel. Trav is a true outdoorsman in the best sense of the word. He has an extensive knowledge of the outside world and an unquenchable thirst in regards to researching, understanding, and implementing practices he has learned in his travels throughout the United States and into South America. He is especially fond of old-fashioned practices that are all but lost. He is a proponent of local sourcing and using whatever resources are available–including modern resources– to get the job done. He is sought after for his extraordinary knowledge, passion, and humor in his presentations. To contact Trav email him at outdoorswithtrav [at] gmail [dot] com
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Purple martins on a nest box condominium at Ellis Bird Farm, Alberta
Taken with a pole-mounted video camera
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How to be a Purple Martin Landlord
Tips about purple martin birds houses and how to provide houses for these amazing birds.
Information on Bird Houses Plans and Woodworking
Hey there is LOTS more info on my site at: http://build-a-birdhouse.net/information-on-bird-houses-plans-and-woodworking/ Please visit me today to see more! Building a bird house is a great hobby that many bird enthusiasts get enjoyment out of. However, building a birdhouse takes much more than a love of birds and includes a working knowledge of bird houses plans and woodworking. If you want to build a bird house and have no clue about bird houses plans or have never done any woodworking, do not go out and shop for a birdhouse just yet, although the Purple Martin birdhouse is always a good choice. http://build-a-birdhouse.net/information-on-bird-houses-plans-and-woodworking/
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Purple Martin Heath Bird House Ventilation Modification - Part 2
Purple Martin Heath House Modification - Installed Ventilation PVC This year after taking out walls to create only 6 Compartments instead of 12. Vented Center Column, Nest Cavity, and Roof. Gave birds more room and the house will not get so hot. inside.
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Purple Martin House New
The new Purple Martin house has starling resistant entry holes, a concealed pulley system, and two inch schedule eighty steel.
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Cedar Suite Purple Martin Birdhouse
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How to make Purple Martin rooms larger, and Why.
Martin houses with 6 inch square rooms are just too small. Find out why and how to do this easy modification to your house and help your purple martins fledge their babies much safer. Learn more at http://www.purplemartin.org
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Purple Martin Heath Bird House Ventilation Modification - Part 3
Purple Martin Heath House is Finished - and Assembled. Time to Put it up This video just show it Assembled. Takes time, because it has to be done in stages - with the pvc drying and painting.
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Great Eight Purple Martin House - going up and down the pole
Here is how the New Great Eight Purple Martin House from S&K Manufacturing, Inc. operates - It slides up and down the pole
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Bird houses for purple martins  - David Attenborough  - BBC wildlife
Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthWW BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is home to over 50 years-worth of the best animal videos from the BBC archive. With three new videos released every week there’s something for all nature loves from astounding animal behaviour to beautiful imagery. Click here to find our more: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthWW David Attenborough demonstrates how purple martins have found a habitat in American gardens and towns. From the BBC.
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Purple Martin House Management
(5/11/13)-Mark Howery from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation joins Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano to discuss management of purple martin houses.
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The Annual Cycle of Purple Martins
www.purplemartin.org This video by Larry Melcher, gives a general explanation of how the Purple Martin depends on man. It explains the migration from early Spring when martins just arrive, completely through the nest cycle and includes pre-migratory roost footage as the Purple Martins begin their journey to winter grounds in South America.
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Purple martin house
Finished produced of purple martin gourd deluxe
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Project - Six Sided Birdhouse
In this video I build a simple, yet elegant six sided birdhouse that would make a nice ornamental and/or functional piece in your yard. Website and Social Media Links: Rausch Woodworks: http://www.rauschwoodworks.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rauschww Google+: https://plus.google.com/113809007504325878104 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ke4nyv Instagram: https://instagram.com/ke4nyv Tumblr: http://ke4nyv.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rauschww/
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Purple Martin S&K House Modification
Modification to a S&K Purple Martin House. Tore out the Center Walls. Made one 3 Room Top Deck, and one 3 Room Bottom Deck. The Nest cavities are Full Depth of the House. This gives the Martins more room, from Predators and makes them feel more secure. Vented the Back wall of each cavity, side walls and the Roof. Simple job, just has to be done in Stages, allowing thins to dry. Perches are 3/8 inch dowels.
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Henry Ford and J  Warren Jacobs bird houses
The first mass produced martin house builder, J. Warren Jacobs of Waynesburg PA sells purple martin houses to Henry Ford. See proof of actual sales documents. Learn more about Purple Martins at https://www.purplemartin.org The Purple Martin Conservation Association
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Gregs bird condo
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Purple Martin chicks at feeding time
I have a Lonestar 20 room apartment birdhouse and have 8 nesting pairs. In this video one pair has only five chicks this season. Three can be seen looking out of the cavity opening to be first for yummy Dragonfies. Clutches at my martin house are smaller this year, as the most any have are five. In years past, the martins who have been here for the past three nesting seasons had on the average, eight chicks that survived to fledge. My guess is the extended drought affected clutch sizes. Enjoy!
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Why Purple Martins.wmv
Condensed great shots to answer a common question I get asked. Why Purple Martins? The purple martins will attract you in this video. They "sell" themselves. Consider putting up a nice set of gourds or a martin house in your yard for these birds that almost entirely depend on human supplied nest sites. Yes, that's right, they rarely nest in natural occuring places. They depend on man for nest sites.
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Martin House Cleaning Video
Cleaning a Martin House with owner Patrick Haley Products used in this video can be found at www.carefreeenzymes.com Purchase with www.naturesenzymes.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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BH100 - Bird House Plans Construction - Bird House Design - How To Build A Bird House
BH100 - Bird House Plans Construction - Bird House Design - How To Build A Bird House Oversize: 8 3/4" x 11 1/8" x 1' 8" (height) See and get the Detailed Plans for Construction at: http://www.homegardendesignplan.com/2012/02/bh100-bird-house-plans-free-free-bird.html
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making a Bird House (Donation Box) - woodworking
Im making a Donation Box that looks like a House. All credits goes to Steve Good Check out Steve Goods blog: www.scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com/
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Purple martin Nest replacement2
Part of Intensive Management for Purple Martins. Martins are song birds dependent on humans for their reproductive success east Of the Rockies.
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How to Build a Bird House DIY - Great for Chickadees and Swallows
This is a very edited video on how I build my bird houses. It is based on a design called the "the Chalet" by http://www.realbirdhomes.com (no longer online). I make mine from a single piece of 8' x 6" x 1" Maine pine and using a 1-1/4" hole opening for small birds like Chickadees. I modify the design by using 10" roof over hangs instead of 12" since my houses are usually wall/tree/decorative mounted. This house is going on ebay and this is house number #54 I've made using this an other designs. Any questions please ask. The video was good at 20 minutes, making into 10 minutes forced a lot of removal of footage.
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Martin Bird House Plans Bird House Plans
you can do it yourself! http://yupurl.com/1joana detail instructionsWoodworking Plans-16000 Woodworking Plans And Projects DIY. Thousands of woodworking plans and projects!. simple do it yourself woodworking projects. do it yourself home woodworking projects. easy woodworking projects for beginners. dresser. pinterest do it yourself woodworking. woodworking. easy woodworking projects for gifts. plans. easy woodworking projects for kids. woodworking projects for beginners. chest of drawers woodworking plans. Do It Yourself Website Category. ideas for woodworking projects. wood. Beginner Woodworking Projects. Dresser Plans. how to make dresser drawers. easy wood projects for kids. christmas woodworking plans. pie safe woodworking plans. drawing woodworking plans. easy woodworking project. pantry woodworking plans. easy woodworking projects. modern woodworking plans. shaker woodworking plans. diy woodworking projects. plans woodworking. plans for outdoor table. woodworking machinery. hutch woodworking plans. chest woodworking plans. clock plans woodworking. clock woodworking plans. how to build a dresser.