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Cancer Project
Using a healthy diet to prevent cancer and its recurrence is the focus of an ongoing program by the cancer project. The program’s “Food for Life nutrition and cooking classes” provide potentially life-saving information about good nutrition and delicious low-fat meals rich in fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that low-fat vegetarian diets may help prevent cancer. According to cancer project president, doctor Neal Barnard: “We’re going to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Why don’t we choose the foods that strengthen our immunity?” Cara Liberatore, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago at age thirty-two, took the eight-class cooking series and says that practicing the diet has helped her stay healthy: “The cancer project’s cooking and nutrition classes have impacted and affected me more so than I ever would have imagined.” To find a food for life class near you or for educational materials filled with nutrition tips and recipes, visit www.cancerproject.org or call 202-244-5038.
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Cooking Class Promo
www.happycookingco.com presents Cancer Project instructor Vanna Arbuckle for the Food For Life Class Series.
Cooking for cancer - London's chemotherapy kitchen classes || Reya Reports
London food writer Ryan Riley is attempting to raise £10,000 to launch Life Kitchen. The charity project will offer free cooking classes for people battling cancer to help tackle the loss or change of taste many people receiving chemotherapy experience.
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Cancer Cascade Cooking class part 1: Secrets that can save your life!
Cancer Prevention cooking class where you learn about the cancer cascade. Cancer doesn't just happen it is a consequence of a specific group of factors that develop inside your body. Unwrap the mystery with Dr. John Lieurance the director of Advanced Wellness Center as he takes the vale off cancer This was a cooking class at wholefoods supermarket. I presented concepts about cancer, natural health, how to avoid cancer, why it doesn't just happen randomly in your body. I enjoy this topic because rarely do people see the disease in this light. I will post the follow up series and will be posting more footage on the subject. You don't hear about our testing procedures we do in our office to see if your in the cascade. You can contact us by phone or e-mail for those traveling or local patientsAlso using neuroscience for neurotransmitter testing for dopamine, serotonin, gaba, acetyl choline, histamine, tauren, glycine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, hormones such as cortisol, dhea, testosterone, estrogen, dht, progesterone, for specific areas of interest or for anti aging for longevity and vitality.
Cancer Care: Culinary Comforts Cooking Class
Culinary Comforts is a cooking class developed through the partnership of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and Anschutz Health & Wellness Center. These classes are open to all and the recipes will appeal to the masses. The lead facilitator is Lisa Wingrove who is a registered oncology dietician who brings both professional and personal experience to the kitchen while she leads us through creative and delicious recipes designed to lure even the most finicky appetites. For dates to attend in-person please visit http://www.anschutzwellness.com/cooking to register for future classes.
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www.happycookingco.com presents JAEL TANTI, Learn How to cook Healthier recipes in Saladmaster Cookware. 888-867-4045
Plant Based Nutrition 1 of 3
The Cancer Project, Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention & Survival; The Importance of Plant Based Nutrition for Health & Well-Being
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Moffitt Cancer Center & Publix Apron's Cooking Class
Being healthy doesn't mean giving up the flavor you crave.... Food that tastes good can also be good for you. Come on out for a series of cooking classes to help you and your family re-discover fun in the kitchen. Kathy Allen, Moffitt's nutrition guru, will mix it up in the kitchen with Publix Apron's Cooking School chef, Rich Norris.
From the Field Cooking School - Kaci's Places to Play in Peoria (Episode 9)
Kaci visits Chef Bill, Owner of From the Field Cooking School in Morton, IL to explore the various cooking classes and offerings from Central Illinois' premiere cooking school and caterer.
Cooking Lesson with Chef Lois Ellen Frank Ph D - How to Cook with Beans
The Power to Heal Diabetes: Food for Life in Indian Country Featuring Neal Barnard, M.D. and Chef Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D. http://www.thepowerplate.org/
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Plant Based Nutrition 3 of 3
The Cancer Project, Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention & Survival; The Importance of Plant Based Nutrition for Health & Well-Being
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Plant Based Nutrition 2 of 3
The Cancer Project, Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Classes for Cancer Prevention & Survival; The Importance of Plant Based Nutrition for Health & Well-Being
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weSpark: A Warm and Comfortable Place to Help Cope with Cancer
There are hundreds of charitable organizations across southern California that are making life better for the less fortunate. KCET's SoCal Cares puts the spotlight on non-profits whose good works often go unnoticed. When I first walked into weSpark, the non-profit cancer support organization in Sherman Oaks, I noticed the colorful welcoming flowerbeds. Once inside I was struck by the bright, homey feel of the place. Could this really be a place for cancer patients? But in fact, weSpark helps cancer patients, their friends and families deal with a disease that goes far beyond medicine. Children, parents, spouses, co-workers and friends are affected. weSpark has a way to help them all at no charge. And the staff is warm, helpful and understanding. Their offices on Ventura Boulevard are a bit of a maze, but each room had comfortable, cushy furniture that you could settle into for a long time. There are yoga classes, reiki energy sessions, hypnotherapy, reflexology, cooking, jewelry making, tai chi, writing classes, cooking classes for kids, and support groups for women, men, children, caregivers and patients at all stages of cancer. They also have a computer, a small library and little hat and wig boutique. weSpark has ties to Hollywood. Its founder, Wendie Jo Sperber, was an actress and comedian and a good friend of Tom Hanks. She passed away from cancer in 2005 but not before founding weSpark. The current Executive Director is Nancy Allen who you may recognize from the films Carrie, Robocop or Dressed to Kill. When we were shooting our story at weSpark I was especially impressed with the therapy for children. I watched as group of a dozen kids from different ethnic and economic backgrounds played in an open room. Each child either has a parent with cancer or had lost a parent to the disease. Contrary to what you might think, the children were not sad or despondent. They were rambunctious and noisy. When the leader finally brought them together in a circle and calmed them down, she asked "What feeling would you like to leave here, and what feeling would you like to take home with you?" Most of them wanted to leave "excitement" - their word for being a bit hyper-active. Others said they wanted to leave anger. And what did they want to take home with them? Happiness. weSpark is place where they can find it. Website: http://www.wespark.org/ http://www.kcet.org/socal/socal_cares/wespark-cancer-support.html
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Project Cancer
Make sure to help people with cancer and care you might not be able to but no matter what age you are you can support
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PCRM Food for Life Instructor Application by Wanda Anderson
How to make the best homemade Almond Milk for Food for Life instructor application for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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Audrey Cancer Project Cooking Video
This is a healthy dish any one can make especially those who want to know new recipes while trying to beat a disease, like cancer. I did and so can you.
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Food For Life Demo-The Cancer Project
Fighting Cancer In the Kitchen - Loi Laing
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Homemade Pizza by Petey Miceli
12 year old Petey Miceli, Leukemia Survivor making his homemade Pizza. Petey developed a passion for cooking at age 7 while battling cancer. He made this video for a school project and as his proud Mom, I couldn't resist sharing it. Enjoy! Sorry he forgot to say he used 1 1/2 cups of warm water.
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Welcome to the Fierce Foods Academy by MaxLove Project
THE MISSION OF THE FIERCE FOODS ACADEMY IS TO EMPOWER CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITIES FIGHTING CHILDHOOD CANCERS AND LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESSES TO LEVERAGE WHOLE-BODY NUTRITION AND WELLNESS IN TREATMENT, PREVENTION, AND SURVIVORSHIP. The Fierce Foods Academy is a community resource that empowers families to develop their own healthy and sustainable anticancer nutritional strategies, all while fostering a broader community of “fierce foodies.” We recognize that anticancer nutrition is a journey, not a destination. Our focus is on optimal quality of life, making our bodies strong and well-equipped to maximize standard-of-care treatment while also mitigating against the often devastating side effects of the very treatments that also save lives. The Fierce Foods Academy honors each individual’s and family’s nutritional goals by providing members with practical cooking skills, nutritional shopping literacy, and evidenced-based nutritional principles. We believe that by offering kid-friendly, practical, and scientific nutrition education, the Fierce Foods Academy empowers parents and kids to be full partners in their healing and survivorship. Our basic "Fierce Foods" philosophy is composed of these evidence-based principles: 1. Lowering blood sugar makes us stronger. High blood sugar is correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we limit sugar and refined carbohydrates we lower blood sugar thereby lowering overall inflammation and making our bodies stronger overall. 2. Higher levels of inflammation are correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we eat a diet that is high in vegetables, low-glycemic fruit, and organic, pasture-raised meat and fish, we can decrease signs of inflammation in the body. 3. The strength of one's immune system is "the strongest prognostic factor for recurrence and overall survival." A diet rich in vegetables and organic, pasture-raised meat, fish, and dairy, and also low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, contributes to a strong immune system. 4. It doesn't matter how healthy it is if kids won't eat it. MaxLove Project is dedicated to making anticancer nutrition and cooking accessible and practical for whole families fighting childhood cancer. In support of these principles, we've developed the Fierce Foods Academy, a collection of programs and resources for families: Fierce Foodies Support Network, an online support group for parents of children fighting cancer, 1) Video-based nutrition health coaching, 2) The Thrive Kit, a kickstarter kit for families to initiate micro actions associated with essential anticancer lifestyle changes. 3) We fund consultations with certified nutritionists who specialize in anticancer nutrition. 4) Educational, research-related, and practical resources for parents and kids to use together 5) Kid-focused cooking classes (offered in southern California). With Fierce Foods on our plates may we all thrive against cancer and other bad guys! www.maxloveproject.org
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Wellness Kitchen: Meet Chef Veronica
Chef Veronica Rains is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. She is a chef-instructor for The Cancer Project, which promotes cooking healthy foods for cancer prevention and survival.
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Food for Life Physicians Committee Nutrition & Cooking Classes
Many people have told me that they are curious about what the Food for Life program is all about and how it looks in action, so I want to give you a sneak peek into one of my classes at a local cancer center in SC, as well as share information about the curriculum.
The Wellness Kitchen Cooking Demonstration
Nancy Walker is a Wellness Chef trained to help you eat healthier and she is able to educate you on how to prepare meals for issues of cancer, diabetes and other conditions.
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Ann's Digital Kitchen: Seafood Made Easy
We teach healthy cooking to people touched by cancer. Complete Class: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGGj38i6t9LCkv5nLmCIj3v0ezuIDbKBu&disable_polymer=true For more recipes visit our website: http://www.cookforyourlife.org Recipes: Bland Diet: https://bit.ly/2Hd195S Gluten Free: https://bit.ly/2J6YbMG In treatment: https://bit.ly/2HbPQa2 Neutropenic Diet: https://bit.ly/2J62pUI
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JAEL TANTI Saladmaster Tom Ka Soup
http://www.happycookingco.com/ Enjoy, Healthy, Delicious, Fast, Home Cooked Meals Hands On made in minutes. The classes are either for yourself or a Family or Group of friends. Choose from Appys, Soups, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Cancer Friendly, Heart Disease Friendly, Raw-Vegan friendly. You will learn How to Save Time, Save Money and Improve your Health. Request ONE of our NutritionalChefs at www.Happycookingco.com for a private cooking class in the comfort of your own home. All our foods are cooked in Saladmaster 316Ti Cookware, that is non chemical reactive. Our Chefs are available in North and South Orange County and North and South LA County Call for a Consultation at 888-467-4045
Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver
http://www.ted.com Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food. Jamie Oliver is transforming the way we feed ourselves, and our children. Jamie Oliver has been drawn to the kitchen since he was a child working in his father's pub-restaurant. He showed not only a precocious culinary talent but also a passion for creating (and talking about) fresh, honest, delicious food. In the past decade, the shaggy-haired "Naked Chef" of late-'90s BBC2 has built a worldwide media conglomerate of TV shows, books, cookware and magazines, all based on a formula of simple, unpretentious food that invites everyone to get busy in the kitchen. And as much as his cooking is generous, so is his business model -- his Fifteen Foundation, for instance, trains young chefs from challenged backgrounds to run four of his restaurants. Now, Oliver is using his fame and charm to bring attention to the changes that Brits and Americans need to make in their lifestyles and diet. Campaigns such as Jamie's School Dinner, Ministry of Food and Food Revolution USA combine Olivers culinary tools, cookbooks and television, with serious activism and community organizing -- to create change on both the individual and governmental level. Join Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: http://www.jamieoliver.com/campaigns/jamies-food-revolution/petition TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/top10 Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednews Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives https://www.facebook.com/TED
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Lycopene (Class Project)
First project for film class
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Cancer Girl (The Anime) : Season Finale
This was a French Project I was helping her with. It’s the two last episodes edited together. Also this ear raped a french class.
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JAEL TANTI Upside Down Orange Cake (911 RECIPE)
www.happycookingco.com- Enjoy, Healthy, Delicious, Fast, Home Cooked Meals Hands On made in minutes. The classes are either for your self or a Family or Group of friends. Choose from Appys, Soups, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Cancer Friendly, Heart Disease Friendly, Raw-Vegan friendly. You will learn How to Save Time, Save Money and Improve your Health. Request ONE of our NutritionalChefs at www.Happycookingco.com for a private cooking class in the comfort of your own home. NOTE All our foods are cooked in the latest cutting edge Saladmaster 316Ti Cookware, that is non chemical reactive. Our Chefs are available in North and South Orange County and North and South LA County Call for a Consultation or latest updates and areas of services at 888-467-4045
Cooking Class 2 Part 1
cooking class 2 at Soroa's house part 1
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How to Make a Brain Project DIY Brain  #42
Hi everyone! This video will show you how to make a brain project using salt clay dough. The materials I used are flour, salt, water, oil, brain picture, oven safe bowl,foil, cord, tape, cardboard, and parchment paper. Salt Clay Dough Ingredients: 4 cups flour 1 cup salt 4 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 1/2 cup water Procedure: 1. Mix together the flour, salt and oil in a bowl. 2. Add 1 1/2 cup of water and knead. 3. To bake objects made from the dough bake them at 350F (177C) until they are golden brown.
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Functional Friday 5 Cary Dugan: STLVegGirl
Rooted deep in the St. Louis food and wellness scene, Caryn Dugan is STLVegGirl, a plant-based nutrition and culinary and lifestyle educator with a simple mission: “A Plant on Every Plate™.” Caryn adopted a plant-based diet in response to tragedy; in 2008, cancer took her father at an early age and 10 weeks later, tried to take her. In response to her diagnosis, she searched for an answer and found one in the growing body of literature supporting a whole food, plant-based diet to bolster our natural immune system. Adopting a plant-based diet herself and beating cancer, she sought to share her knowledge to help others. In 2011, Caryn studied in Washington, DC, under the direction of Neal Barnard MD at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s (PCRM) Food For Life program, becoming a certified instructor. Bringing this knowledge home, she teaches immune boosting, plant-based cooking classes at the Cancer Support Center of St. Louis for the benefit of others who have, like her, met cancer at the door. Caryn went on to form STLVegGirl, LLC, St. Louis’ first fully plant-based entity providing cooking instruction, personal cheffing, and collaborative restaurant events. She regularly appears in cooking and nutrition segments on St. Louis affiliates of NBC, CBS and Fox morning shows. Caryn has continued to earn her spurs as a graduate of: Rouxbe Cooking School Plant-Based Professional Program, Wellness Forum’s Plant-Based Certified Personal Chef Program, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) as a Lifestyle Medicine Institute Certified Program Facilitator, and through Wellcoaches as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has also teamed up with Forks Over Knives to create the first ever Forks Over Knives Community and Support Program which piloted in St. Louis at at Dierbergs Markets and continues to sell out. Most recent speaking engagements include presenting culinary instruction in Naples, Florida to a group of 100 attendees at Total Health Immersions, Health Retreat where immersionists reportedly marked weight and inches lost, a decrease in insulin and blood pressure medication administration, and chronic illness reversal all within the span of six days. Caryn’s current project, the Plant-based Nutrition Summit, will be held on Saturday, July 14 at Washington University in St. Louis. This one-day event will feature world-renowned experts such as Michael Greger, MD and Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD. The objective is to help the projected audience of 350 to better understand the connection between food and health so that chronic illnesses are diminished. National exposure includes Naked Food Magazine featuring Caryn in its Spring 2017 Anniversary issue where she received three pages and now she is currently writing her first cookbook. To learn more about Caryn, visit http://www.STLVegGirl.com Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all at @STLVegGirl
Eat healthy, prevent cancer
Sherry Davis talks about the Cancer Prevention and Survival, Nutrition & Cooking Classes that will be starting in September and going through October.
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Rachel Becomes A Model : A BWAP Project
Miss World Malaysia 2016 (Beauty With A Purpose) x Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) Little Rachel voiced her interest in being a model so with some help with the SCCS organization, Photographers and make up artist, we made it come true with a mini glam-ed up photoshoot for both her and her family. This story also tells about the innocence and courage little Rachel posses, as well as her family's strength and perseverance to overcome the tough obstacles in life. Rachel's mum currently is also battling cancer, so the family is journeying together in hopes of a far brighter future. May this also be a reminder to look for the beauty in life, not in just the dresses you can wear, or the make up you can have; but rather the spirit you carry and the love you posses. 'Courage is beautiful' I'm proud to present this little gem as my Beauty With A Purpose (BWAP) Project. Love, Joyce Khoo
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How Smoking 30 PACKS of Cigarettes Wrecks Your Lungs ● You Must See This !
The average smoker smokes a pack a day. This is what comes out of smoking for 30 days. I decided to do a simple experiment using cotton balls as lungs to determine what comes out of smoking a pack a day for 30 days, that's 600 cigarettes!! This is not a scientific test, it's an analogy of what could happen and what could accumulate and what it could do to your mouth, throat and lungs not to mention how it compromises every system in your body in order to try to tell you to stop smoking and stop slowly killing yourself. The average smoker smokes a pack a day or even worse some are chainsmokers that will chainsmokers from morning to night. The effects of smoking on your body is no secret and if you don't know by now, here is another reason why you need to quit smoking. There is 100 years of data and death to prove the devastation smoking has on the body. 5 million a year die worldwide from smoking. This shows why. It's never to late to quit and once you see what a pack a day for a month does to your lungs and body it will give you the fuel you need to fire up the will power and quit! Good luck on your journey to quit smoking. Remember, waiting another day could be one day too late. ● My Amazon Store.......https://www.amazon.com/shop/chrisnotap ● MY CANON CAMERA........https://amzn.to/2K36NFB ● MY RODE MICROPHONE.......https://amzn.to/2HLWO6B ● MY GOPRO SESSION CAMERA.......https://amzn.to/2K3UnNq MUSIC BY Joakim Karud, Luvly http://youtube.com/joakimkarud ::::::::::::: ANSWERS to ALL YOUR QUESTIONS about the test :::::::::::::::: * I did the same experiment with vaping here: https://youtu.be/zFyUlBpy5gU *This is not a scientific test, but is an analogy or correlation to show what your body has to deal with from smoking a pack a day for 30 days. *The exhale hose is clearly shown at 0:15. *The smoke was not held in the glass chamber which many commenters have suggested. *It doesn't matter if the machine smoked all the cigarettes in a day, week, month or year, it's the same amount of smoke out of 600 cigarettes, the results would be the same. *if all the smoke had been blown back through the cotton, the results would have been worse! *The smoke was drawn through and around the cotton, catching some, not all, of the chemicals and tar (evident by the accumulation in the hoses) and into the pump and exhaled. *The average smoker smokes one pack a day. (Google) *The machine was set to smoke each cigarette at the same pace each time. * Every single cigarette was smoked. 30 packs x 20 per pack = 600 cigarettes. . *Each cigarette was smoked 3/4 of the way to reflect real world smoking allowing a quarter of it to just burn away while talking or thinking. *It took 3 days for the machine to smoke all of the cigarettes. *The results are real and actual from the cigarettes. Nothing was altered. *The chamber was cleared of smoke between each and every cigarette allowing air to enter. *Scenes were sped up and time lapsed to be able to see the change in colour occur. *The black stuff is called tar. Heavy accumulation of tar in the hoses showed up after only 10 packs. Tar from the next 20 packs overflowed and got sucked into the pump. It eventually ruined the pump. *With actual smoking, you also blow the smoke out past all of the same organs twice. *Your lungs aren't cotton You can swap out cotton. You can't with real lungs. *Lungs do self clean to take care of dust and debris from normal breathing in the environment. They weren't meant to be overwhelmed on an hourly basis by smoke from a burning object for life. *The smell of the tar and cotton balls at the end was vile. I felt quite ill afterwards. Can't imagine how a smoker feels on a daily basis. *Not scientific but the analogy speak volumes.
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The Clean and Efficient Cooking and Heating Project - China
The Clean and Efficient Cooking and Heating Project is a fuel-switching and efficiency project operating in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces. The Project reduces greenhouse gases by making available improved stoves that use excess agriculture residues (a 100% renewable fuel source), renewable wood, and improve the efficiency of coal consumption. By reducing coal consumption and substituting coal with renewable biomass, the project stoves reduce carbon emissions and reduce levels of exposure to indoor air pollution for end-users, and even arsenic and fluoride in some cases.. Impact Carbon works with local stove manufacturers, who conduct outreach in local communities to build awareness for the improved stoves in the market.
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Indy Power - Alcohol and cancer
With Christmas around the corner and the party season almost in full swing, Indy Power, Food Blogger, Author and Cook is supporting the Irish Cancer Society in making the public aware of the sobering fact of the link between alcohol and cancer. They are reminding people that there is no ‘safe’ level of alcohol drinking and calling on people to know the size of a standard drink, which is around the same as a glass of beer or a small glass of wine, and limit the amount of alcohol they are consuming on a night out or pouring for others.
PCRM Food for Life Instructor Application - Doreen Peterson
Multiple culinary dishes using a nutrient-dense power mixture. Sauces, Soups,Dips, Vegan Stews and Fillings
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TAMALE LESSON - Transforming Cancer Project - USC Change Making Media Lab
a clip from the narrative dramatic movie made to compare with the non-narrative IT'S TIME to see which is more effective in motivating behavior change
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Lexie's Gift
Sir Lexie, Legend of Love, a 14 year old girl with a brain tumor is working on her mission to create cookbook for children with cancer. Lexie's project is being supported by The Magical Moon Foundation and all of its "angels" including Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., Chef Georgia Manzo, the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School , Kyle Kerpan, Lisa Segal of SegalMedia.co and Donna Green to name a few. Music composed and performed by Chris Brenne (http://www.chrisbrenne.com/cb/).
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#WOW Woman Of the Week - Women's Advocate & Cancer Survivor, Hazel Brown
The Morning Show with Michelle Borel featuring Former Coordinator of the Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women, Cancer Survivor and Advocate, Hazel Brown. Hazel began her advocacy journey as a fearless consumer rights advocate. Because of her conviction that citizens should participate in the decisions that affect their lives, Brown got active in a number of social action groups, including the Housewives Association of Trinidad and Tobago (HATT). HATT was established in 1971 to generate public interest and awareness on the power of consumer action through providing reliable consumer information, investigating consumer complaints, and ensuring consumer protection by educating consumers about their rights. One such achievement was the campaign to improve the working conditions of domestic workers, which led to the introduction of minimum wages and conditions for those workers. The HATT also engaged in evidence gathering and research activities, including a survey on the weight and cost of locally manufactured detergents in 1971, and a 1973 report on laboratory tests of milk, milk products and tomato ketchup. This initiative moved the government to establish the Bureau of Standards. Two decades later Brown was part of the Cabinet appointed Committee that drafted the eventually adopted National Consumer Policy, followed by the establishment of a Ministry of Consumer Affairs. In the same year that gave birth to HATT, Hazel's ambitions led to the creation of the Telephone Users Group, formed to generate public interest, collate information and represent consumers at the telephone rate hearings of 1971. Her actions resulted in changes being made to the electricity and water rate structures and fair rate increases. When the breast-feeding movement of the 70s started taking off and the WHO and UNICEF convened an international meeting on infant and young child feeding in 1979, Hazel seized the opportunity to join what became a global movement. The conference called for an end to the use of promotional advertising, distribution of free samples, and the use of health care systems as a promotional channel for baby foods, and established a network for organizations working on the issue. The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) was formed, with Hazel acting as Caribbean Coordinator for four years. As a result of this and other important work on breast-feeding done locally, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country to adopt the WHO Code on Breast milk substitutes. As founding member of the Network of NGOs of T&T for the Advancement of Women in 1985, she and a number of like-minded women set out to establish a comprehensive national umbrella organization to present the position of women in Trinidad and Tobago at the End of the Decade Conference in Nairobi. Hazel conceptualized and organized the Network School Book Exchange project, which allowed parents to obtain school books at a reduced cost. As a member of the Prices Commission, her efforts were also instrumental to getting the mark-up on school books reduced in 1987. Since 1992, Hazel has been involved in the experimentation and promotion of solar oven cooking in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, as a practical and convenient way for households to use a safe, renewable energy source to feed themselves that is both affordable and easily accessible. The project, which features how to build and use solar box cookers, was presented as a success story at the 1994 SIDS Conferences in Barbados, and endorsed by BPTT to develop a model solar cooker for commercial production and job creation locally. In 1994 she was appointed Coordinator for the Caribbean Region Preparatory Process for the World Summit on Social Development. This project was a milestone in successfully promoting NGO representation as part of the priorities for action on the Core Issues and Hazel was given the responsibility for selecting a team who ensured that there was adequate, responsible, and informed Caribbean NGO representation and participation at the global level. She was also responsible for Trinidad and Tobago NGO's participation in the 1995 Beijing UN Women's Conference, which remains an historic event in women's development history. Her work in the Caribbean region was honoured by the United Nations in 2000 through the UN Caribbean Women award. This is, however, but one of the many she has received over the past three decades, including the National Award for the Development of Women in 2011. Outside of the Network, Hazel has contributed to and initiated a number of community oriented projects. As a long-standing member of the Diamond vale community, she has served as Board member and Chair of Diego Martin Consumer Co-operative—the only surviving consumer cooperative of those started in the seventies. Hazel is a graduate of the Cipriani Labour College.
Spring Valley Y Healthy Cooking Class Featured On CBS3 Talk Philly
Ukee Washington came to the Spring Valley YMCA to take part in their healthy cooking class. Ukee was joined by our very own Chef Lisa Minelli-Endlich who focused on Raw Foods. Some benefits of taking part in these family cooking classes are it gives kids and parents the opportunity to prepare meals together and learn more about nutrition all at the same time. This class allows kids to try more new things. For more information call 484-984-2000 today!
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it's been a rough week :( | thezombielife
This vlog was filmed from June 8th - 11th. This has been a very rough week. We have lost two amazing human beings who have made such a huge impact on so many peoples lives due to suicide. The national suicide prevention number is 1(800)273-8255 or you can text HOME to 741741-- the crisis text line. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE NEEDED. PLEASE reach out to someone if you are feeling otherwise. xx MOST RECENT VLOG: https://youtu.be/t95XdHQBqOs ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Listen to my podcast "Screw It!" now: iTunes: https://apple.co/2nfe378 Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2DDs8BO ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Video about my eye: http://bit.ly/2wPCGOp More about my cancer, Retinoblastoma: http://bit.ly/2pQVlTg ----------------------------------------------------------------------- .: CONTACT ME :. email- info@dianafvmoore.com INSTAGRAM- @dianafvmoore TWITTER- @dianafvmoore LIVE.ME- Diana Moore SNAPCHATt- @beautyzombiee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- .: OTHER INFO :. Camera- Canon g7x Editor- Corel VideoStudio PRO x7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- FTC: All thoughts and opinions are that of my own! NOT SPONSORED.
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How to Make a Recycled Can Popcorn Machine
This Video shows how to reuse empty coke can to make a popcorn maker. Instructables Link : http://www.instructables.com/id/Recycled-Coke-Can-Popcorn-Maker/ Check for more electronic tools with big discount: https://goo.gl/GLQhqj More engraving machines& accessories: https://goo.gl/ttLGdL More electronic tools here: https://goo.gl/UF2ToL ********************************************* Now You can enjoy the following products with big discounts GearBest Big Deal : https://goo.gl/WoJ9Zz Creality CR-10 3D printer : https://goo.gl/7aU5fY Coupon : CR10SUP Checkout this smaller version of Creality CR-10 with big discount. Creality CR-10 Mini : https://goo.gl/VZWy1u Coupon Code : CR10MINI AnyCubic i3 Mega 3D Printer : https://goo.gl/PLM46w Coupon : THE_I3GEAB / THE_I3MEGAUS Anet A8 3D Printer : https://goo.gl/dAJ6fu Coupon : GBA8EU Anet A6 3D printer : https://goo.gl/Yqidt3 Coupon : GBA6EU ********************************************* Tool and Materials Used : 1. Two Empty Coke Cans 2. Leatherman Juice S2 : http://amzn.to/2arzp9c 3. Hammer : http://amzn.to/2arFZyM 4. Tealight Candle : http://amzn.to/2ahf59R 5. Bowl : http://amzn.to/2aqpNk8 6. Matches : http://amzn.to/2aqC9D1 7. ACT -II Corn : http://amzn.to/2avABZ2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credit : Nameless: the Hackers RPG OST - Mission - Creative Commons ( BoxCat Games ) Nightlife!!! : http://www.free-intro-music.com/
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Twin Sisters For The Soul: How They Help Families Battling Cancer
Twins, Joy and Judy are on a mission to help women battle breast cancer. They're offering healthy recipes, love, and support to brighten the days of families going through this very tough time. Judy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and Joy, who helped her sister through her trying times, take their "family favorite" recipes and offer them with a healthy twist. In this new episode of Twin Sisters, Love & Cooking, the twins surprise Autumn (who has recently been diagnosed), her husband Larry, and their 2 children by bringing them a delicious meal; their famous healthy twist Chicken Parmigiana with zoodles. Autumn Edoff is a dance instructor and Larry is a three-time Grammy-nominated musician. Their passion for the arts led to the opening of 3 music schools in Connecticut & New York (Weston Music Lessons, Westport Home Music, and Westchester Home Music) that serve more than 500 students and employ 35 teachers. Autumn and Larry have been struggling emotionally after Autumn was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in January. So their good friend Frank Miele suggested Joy and Judy visit the Edoff home to offer comfort, support, and a great meal. Judy knows, from her breast cancer battle, how important these things are to a family in crisis. With the support of the twins, their family, and Autumn's fighting spirit, we know Autumn will win her battle! Join us in spreading good news. Follow us on hooplaha.com. HooplaHa is Only Good News. We believe that positivity can change lives and strive to be the voice of humanity that recognizes people are good & doing good things for mankind. We shine a light on individuals and organizations involved in this movement.  Help us celebrate people filled with kindness, those overcoming adversity with grace & inspiration, and the good in life. This HooplaHa original video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot by Johnny Perez, and edited by Kellie Sieban.
Cancer Project year 6
www.IqraPrimary.com www.FleekMedia.co.uk (Iqra Primary School associating with *Fleek Media & Music Education*) *All or any copyrighted video clips/audio used in this video is used for educational purposes only and credits go out to all owners/creators of the video clips/audio used in this* Video production by : Fleek (Music & Media Services) (Info@FleekMedia.co.uk)
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Crummy High School Gym Gets World Class Makeover | Anderson Prep Academy
The goal: to makeover the rough-hewn gym at Anderson Prep Academy into a facility worthy of its student athletes. Lift Life Foundation ► http://bit.ly/28IYwDq & Nominate a School ► http://bbcom.me/28IYvzo Check Out The Other Lift Life Foundation Projects ► http://bit.ly/2tnT7Mh ========================================­===== | Support the Lift Life Foundation | Lift Life Snapback Hat ► http://bbcom.me/2u1AK3p - Buy A Hat, Transform A Life - 100% Of The Proceeds Help Provide Weight Rooms And Fitness Equipment To Underfunded Schools. Lift Life Tee ► http://bbcom.me/2u1rPPx - Made Of 60% Cotton And 40% Polyester - Lift Life Foundation Logo Featured On Front Lift Life Raglan 3/4 Tee ► http://bbcom.me/2u1zi1f - Made Of 50% Cotton And 50% Polyester - Lift Life Foundation Logo Featured On Front ========================================­===== Major Jeffery Dorman of the Anderson Prep Academy has always urged his students to hit the weights after school, but kept running into the same argument time after time. "Why would we come here and work out?" the students asked. "The equipment's no good, so we won't get results even if we go." Major Dorman, a coach at the public charter military school in Anderson, Indiana, couldn't refute their argument without being a hypocrite: He had been working out at a local commercial gym in town for the very same reason. "I realized that if I was going to try and be a salesman for what we have here, I had to be our number one customer, too," he says. So Dorman cancelled his gym membership and started training at the school's facility. Dorman knows that when it comes to playing sports, strength and conditioning can be the great equalizer, helping to make up for a lack of size or talent. Growing up, he played sports even though he was smaller than most kids his age. During his freshman year in high school, his coach pulled him aside and asked him not to play; he was so small that they feared for his safety. That prompted Dorman to start training, and his body responded by growing bigger and stronger. He learned an important lesson, too. Dorman wanted to transfer that feeling of empowerment to his own students. Yet that subpar gym was an obstacle to competing with other schools that had better facilities. A patchwork of old and new equipment included handmade pieces to mismatched bumper plates. Old kegs filled with sand or water were scattered around, a DIY attempt at training with imbalanced loading. Enter Bodybuilding.com's nonprofit organization, Lift Life. The goal: to transform the rough-hewn gym at Anderson Prep into a facility worthy of its student athletes. Out went slippery flooring; in came turf for pushing sleds. In all, 130,000 pounds of new equipment was hauled into the gym over two weeks. The end result embodies Bodybuilding.com's "We Change Lives" slogan. This is the third weight room transformation led by the Lift Life foundation—the first was in Firth, Idaho, and the second was in Knoxville, Tennessee —but it's definitely not the last. We're already hard at work for our fourth project in Livingston, Montana. If giving young athletes a head start in life is as exciting for you as it is for us, you can donate to the Lift Life Foundation or nominate a school to be considered for a future renovation.to be considered for a future renovation. This Foundation is in no way associated with or sponsored by Lift A Life Foundation, Inc. | Our Partners | Arsenal Strength | Equipment ► http://bit.ly/2u1BBBk Catapult3 | Graphics ► http://bit.ly/2u1z8Xx WESCO | Lighting ► http://bit.ly/2u1zdKP Writey Board | Dry Erase Boards ► http://bit.ly/2u1oT5i Woodland Group | Logistics ► http://bit.ly/2u1tbdh Sunbelt Rentals | Construction Rental ► http://bit.ly/2u0KhIg Movement Guides | Athletic Development ► http://bit.ly/2u1ob8g ========================================­===== | Bodybuilding.com | Fitness Apps ► http://bbcom.me/24ijmAz Sales & Specials ► http://bbcom.me/24ijm3v Fitness Articles ► http://bbcom.me/24ijpwi #1 Online Supplement Store ► http://bbcom.me/24ijoIN Free Fitness Plans ► http://bbcom.me/24ijrEt ========================================­===== | Follow Us | YouTube ► http://bit.ly/1RSJFa4 Facebook ► http://on.fb.me/1lomhpr Instagram ► http://bit.ly/1LzBxab Twitter ► http://bit.ly/1RSJQlL Google+ ► http://bit.ly/1NRe8qu Pinterest ► http://bit.ly/1OOZgY4 Spotify ► http://spoti.fi/1NRebm0 We are Bodybuilding.com. Your transformation is our passion. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best self.
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South Park - Medicinal Fried Chicken - "Buffalo Soldier"
Randy! YOUR BALLS! See what happens when medical marijuana hits South Park in “Medicinal Fried Chicken”.
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Beating Cancer with Diet Not Chemotherapy, CrossFit - EPISODE 5
** Download our FREE Weightlifting ebook ** Packed with over 50 pages of simple tips, tricks and strategies to help you add 20-30 pounds to your snatch, clean and jerk in less than 90 days. Click here to download: http://flightguide.viprespond.com/youtube http://www.FITR.tv The Barbell Shrugged crew is joined by Stage 3 colon cancer survivor Chris Wark to discuss how he beat cancer without chemotherapy. Mortgage & Property Taxes (0:32) Intro (2:52) Nasscar (3:30) Chris Wark's Story (4:18) Response to Cancer & Surgery (6:47) Cancer & Death (8:18) Surgery & Aftermath (8:52) Chemo & Oncologist (14:40) 50/50: Poisoning of the Body (17:32) Corrupt HealthCare System (18:40) Gods Way to Ultimate Health (19:34) Mom: Library of Alternative Cancer Therapy Books (20:51) Family Intervening & Pressure (23:18) Little Research on Natural Therapy (24:21) Oncologist Meeting (25:24) Raw Food Diet (30:48) Natural Path, Protein (36:42) Components for Cancer (40:51) Clean Meat & Cooked Food (43:47) Evolution of Human (45:36) Humans Need Fiber, Juicing (46:55) Michelle Kinney Video (48:49) Back From Break (50:56) How Doctors Choose to Die (51:30) Chemo (52:50) Surgery & Spread of Cancer (54:49) Dormant or Benign Tumor (56:19) Different Types of Cancer (57:34) More Then Diet to Survive, Belief (1:00:55) Quantum Physics (1:06:14) Allopathic & Naturopathic (1:08:44) Diet After 90 Days & Now (1:11:45) Protein & Protein Powder (1:12:38) Losing and Gaining Weight (1:16:44) Performance Enhancing Agent (1:23:15) Happiness, Learning & Simplicity (1:24:21) The Black Swan (1:28:08) If It Works Don't Change It (1:29:32)
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CHIP PRANK & Puppy Surgery Boo Boo 🏥 + FGTEEV Gaming 1st Reaction (FUNnel Vision Family Vlog)
SUBSCRIBE & become a FUNnel Cake ➥ http://bit.ly/20sB7tg then Press the 🔔 & get some Merch: http://shopfunnelvision.com ... FUNnel Cakes in todays vid, Shawn has no arms, Puppy gets surgery and Shawn get's a haircut, Mommy & Mike get Pranked & we see Lex and Chase's first reaction to an FGTEEV game we just played! Thumbs up if you enjoyed! 😀Last few FUNnel Vision vids: 👉DUCKTALES VOLCANO SCIENCE EXPERIMENT PRANK on SCROOGE McDUCK (FUNnel Vision Skit) https://youtu.be/D9Cqe_P6B4c 👉Giant Playground Surprise from DINOSAUR! 😱 5 Slides!! (FUNnel Vision Vlog) https://youtu.be/Zs2YctLDNVI 👉FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE in REAL LIFE (All Dances) https://youtu.be/sx2eY5qocAM 👉FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE in REAL LIFE #2 (Season 4 Dances HYPE, ORANGE JUSTICE, GROOVE JAM & POCORN) https://youtu.be/wwAa-jQDa1g ✪ FUNnel Vision vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7urTdouD_LJ2tLb-6TdoCSOYVQbobI1Z ✪ FUNnel Vision vacation/travel vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7urTdouD_LJ7RlSAYT4HUsZhQ7t5EvjO ✪ FUNnel Vision Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7urTdouD_LL53O4k_Rv0V_Cf2aCQF2nw ✪ FUNnel Vision Skits: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7urTdouD_LILiVm6-derX_fwNGishkjb ======================== 📺 Have a Funnel Day & Thanks for watching FUNnel Vision! http://www.youtube.com/FUNnelVision 📺 Our Gaming Channel - FGTEEV: https://www.youtube.com/FGTeeV 📺 Our Toy Channel - DOH MUCH FUN w/ Chase's Corner: https://www.youtube.com/DohMuchFun 📺 Our Skylanders Channel - Skylander Boy and Girl w/ Lightcore Chase: https://www.youtube.com/TheSkylanderBoyandGirl ➲Instagram: http://instagram.com/funnelvisionfam ➲Twitter: http://twitter.com/funnelvisionfam ➲Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkylanderKids =========================================== FUNnel Vision is a family of 6 with 4 kids Lexi, Michael, Chase & the baby brother Shawn and can't forget their Tibetan Terrier OREO! We Post New videos every week! Make sure you subscribe for fun! We appreciate it. :) Royalty Free Music & Sounds by AudioMicro: https://audiomicro.com
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BoA's 1st Mini Album "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/ONESHOTTWOSHOT [Tracklist] 01 ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT 02 EVERYBODY KNOWS 03 내가 돌아 (NEGA DOLA) 04 YOUR SONG (feat. Junoflo) 05 RECOLLECTION 06 ALWAYS, ALL WAYS (feat. Chancellor) 07 CAMO BoA Official http://boa.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/boa http://www.facebook.com/boa.smtown BoA 보아 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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