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Domestic Violence ¦ Treatment and Symptoms
http://www.mainmd.com/domestic-violence/ ◄ Domestic Violence treatment — Finding the right information about Domestic Violence treatment & symptoms, is crucial to managing Domestic Violence. Learn more about the best current treatment for you. ► http://www.mainmd.com/domestic-violence/ Website: http://www.MainMD.com Provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. You can trust that our content is timely and credible. Discussions: http://www.MainMD.com/forum YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/MainMDcom Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/MainMD Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MainMD THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE RE-UPLOADED OR USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM MAINMD PRODS -MainMD © All Rights Reserved-
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A Brief Explanation of Domestic Violence Treatment at TBR
A brief explanation of the philosophy of treating domestic violence using the emotional intelligence literature and research. EQ vs. IQ. Effective communication. www.triadbehavioralresources.com
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Why A Dual Diagnoses and Treatment Plan Is Recommended For Missing Dr. Phil Guest
Kristen fails to turn up for her interview with Dr. Phil to discuss her alleged alcohol addiction. Karen Walsh, owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families and Jim Hughes, CEO of The Cove Center for Recovery weigh in on the critical need for a.... http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Therapy for Domestic Abuse Survivors Video
Lenore Walker illustrates the basic principles of her Survivor Therapy approach. Learn practical, hands-on skills to increase your confidence in helping the challenging population of victims and survivors of domestic violence. Watch the full video at: https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/abused-woman
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Motivation Interviewing with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Session 1 of 3
The Portland State University School of Social Work presents: Motivation Interviewing with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Scenario 1: "Emmy's First Encounter with a IPV Counselor" Dr. Stéphanie Wahab Motivational interviewing is a guiding approach to communication used to support individuals to make changes in their lives. The MI approach focuses on evoking and eliciting rather than telling or advising. Individuals are supported to tap into their own motivations for change. The scenarios included in this training DVD demonstrate the use of MI with survivors of intimate partner violence. Demonstrations of the spirit of MI and numerous skills including but not limited to the opening strategies (OARS), setting a focus for work, eliciting change talk, exploring ambivalence, dancing with discord, and providing information are demonstrated throughout. The PSU School of Social Work http://pdx.edu/ssw/
Case Management - Initial Assessment
Intake Assignment
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Four Mantras of Victims of Abuse
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html People remain in abusive relationships because they lack self-confidence, their self-esteem is shot, not least by their "loving, intimate" "partner", and because they are unable to regulate their sense of self-worth. There are four common fallacies: I AM LUCKY I am worthless, damaged goods. I am lucky to have found even my abuser. If I leave the relationship, who else would want me and where will I find another partner? THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS Life is harsh and it doesn't get much better than this. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but that is merely as an optical illusion. This is as good as it gets. MY PARTNER IS NOT WORSE THAN OTHERS Every other partner I may find will have flaws and quirks that I will have to get used to and accommodate all over again. Better stick with what I know. No one guarantees that my next partner will not be even worse than this. HAPPINESS? BAH! Life is a serious business. It is not about the selfish pursuit of elusive "happiness". It is about meeting your obligations and getting on with it. At best one can expect companionship and mutual support in old age. Anything more than that is self-defeating and destructive wishful thinking. Western psychotherapy is centered around and focused on the restoration of the individual’s functionality and autonomy and the attainment of happiness. I have lived in 15 countries on 4 continents and have discovered that only a small minority of humanity adhere to these values and principles. The majority emphatically and often vociferously reject them. Western psychology is vehemently castigated as decadent and a colonial instrument. Consider the most basic social unit: the family. In most societies and cultures in the world, the family is sacred and centred around procreation, not recreation: children and property are by far more important than the pursuit of happiness which is considered both selfish and risky. Why risky? Because to pursue contentment and gratification is to assiduously avoid making the long-term sacrifices required to maintain a harmonious and productive cooperative. Everything is secondary to these long-term goals. Women tolerate abuse and domestic violence and act meek and subservient to accommodate their bullying husbands. They undergo harmful medical procedures to conform to their ideals of beauty. Spouses - both wives and husbands - accept extramarital affairs and infidelity as inescapable: you are permitted to secure love, intimacy, and sex outside the marriage as long as you sleep at home and make children and business only with your spouse. Everyone in such societies mocks the more individualistic and rebellious as egotistical exceptions, or casts them as sacrilegious or insane. To maintain the status quo, reactionary forms of medieval religion (the Church) join forces with oppressive patriarchy, inane "psychiatry", and stifling political authoritarianism in most of these territories. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 DVDs with 16 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/thebook.html)
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Unmasking the abuser | Dina McMillan | TEDxCanberra
Women are the predominant victims of violence at the hands of men they know. Dina McMillan teaches women how to identify the signs of potential violence before it happens. Dr Dina McMillan is a social psychologist with a Master’s degree and PhD from Stanford University in California. In 2006 she identified the specific tactics used by abusers to establish and maintain abusive relationships. Dr McMillan published a ground-breaking book, But He Says He Loves Me: How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Manipulative Relationship, which offers rare insight into the minds of abusive predators and details the careful strategy of manipulation they use to ensnare women in abusive relationships. This knowledge has been crafted into a unique set of prevention programs called Unmasking the Abuser, designed for early intervention and improved response. It offers a simple way to reduce the number of teen girls and women in abusive relationships with tools to clearly identify the manipulative tactics used by abusers even in the first stages of a relationship. It also highlights the ways teen girls and women can assess their own vulnerability and then minimise it. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Counseling and Domestic Violence
Based on personal experience, Waneta Dawn (author of "Behind the Hedge") and Jocelyn Andersen (author of "Woman Submit!") discuss important considerations regarding counseling and friendship for friends and loved ones who wish to support others who are coping with domestic violence. Visit WanetaDawn.com and WomanSubmit.com for more information. Excerpts from the Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Women's Rights Convention, July 24, 2010.
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Domestic Violence Plan
BUNCOMBE COUNTY- Buncombe County Government, with the help of community partners, the courts, law enforcement and local municipalities, announced the implementation of a comprehensive plan to address the growing problem of domestic violence in our community. The ultimate goal, to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and eliminate domestic violence homicides is based on a plan modeled after the successful practices of other communities where domestic homicides have been reduced to near zero. Improving communication among many different departments, agencies and professions will lay the groundwork for the success of the plan. Cross-system communication with a focused mission will tackle the problem from multiple angles and send a clear message that domestic violence is not tolerated in our community. The plan also includes the use of electronic monitoring that can track the offender 24/7 and alert the victim and law enforcement if the offender goes near the victim, allowing the victim time to implement her safety plan. It will become standard protocol for officers at the scene to notify Helpmate to reach out to the victim instead of waiting for the victim to make the call. A High Risk Team will be formed to include law enforcement, social workers, court officials and others who will treat offenders with the greatest scrutiny. This team will make sure services such as employment training and treatment are available for all offenders to reduce the risk of future acts of violence. Commissioner Holly Jones said that "a big part of this plan is to send a clear message that this community does not tolerate domestic violence and sending this message is part of a plan already implemented in Highpoint NC where they have reduced their domestic homicides from 17 to 1 over a period of 4 years." Domestic Violence is a growing problem across the nation. It is the leading cause of injury to women-more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined and the 7th leading cause of death. In Buncombe in 2012 there were 752 domestic violence orders of arrest and in 2013 there were 5 domestic violence homicides. It has been found that 65% of domestic violence victims had contact with the criminal justice system or a health care professional before they were murdered
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Webinar | Couples Counseling and Substance Use Treatment
This webinar will cover current research-based techniques in treating couples with substance abuse issues. The speaker will focus on common pathology that occurs in treatment and interventions. Learning objectives: - Assess when to incorporate couples counseling into a recovery treatment plan. - Understand what issues commonly occur in couples counseling during early recovery. - Discuss the longitudinal research impact on the individual with the substance use disorder. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Suzette Papadakis is a Nationally Certified Counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors. She has 17 years experience providing mental health care to individuals, couples, and families. Suzette has worked with a wide range of issues such as addiction and recovery, affairs, domestic violence, trauma, and parenting issues. Suzette specializes in assisting couples in working through difficult issues in their marriage by utilizing the Gottman Method. She has also completed Level 3 Practicum Training in utilizing the Gottman method in treating couples. She is currently perusing Certifications in Gottman Method and level 2 EMDR therapies. Suzette is a facilitator in the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) program. Her educational credentials are comprised of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin with a minor in Religious Studies. Suzette completed her Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling at National-Louis University in Wheaton, Illinois. Prior to her work in private practice, she counseled people with chronic mental illness. She also worked in the criminal justice system, treating people with domestic violence issues, and outpatient substance abuse problems.
Intimate Partner Violence SBIRT  The WINGS Intervention Model
Description: This free webinar will present recent research findings on WINGS (Women Initiating New Goals of Safety), which is an evidence-based screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment and service (SBIRT) tool designed for women who use drugs or alcohol. WINGS may be delivered using a computerized self-paced tool or by a case manager. These two different modalities of WINGS have recently been evaluated in a randomized controlled trial with substance-using women in community corrections with promising results. This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of the core components of WINGS, a single session one-hour intervention, which include: (1) providing brief psycho-education to raise awareness on the different types of IPV that substance-using women are likely to experience and how substance use of the women or partner may trigger IPV and how the experience IPV may trigger drug use; (2) screening for different types of IPV using a standardize tool and provide feedback on risks for IPV based on screening results; (3) increasing motivation and commitment for reducing risks for IPV and improving relationship safety using brief motivational interviewing; (4) developing a safety plan considering substance use-related risks for IPV; (5) enhancing social support from family and friends to address IPV and (6) setting realistic goals and developing an action plan to improve relationship safety. This seminar will also discuss organizational strategies for implementing WINGS.
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Woman’s Nose Was Bit off in Brutal Domestic Violence Attack
Michelle's ex-boyfriend bit off her nose in a brutal attack. See how The Doctors use a skin flap to regrow Michelle’s blood supply and healthy skin over the hole in her nose. Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/FacebookTheDoctors Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TheDrsTwitter Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/InstagramTheDoctorsTV Follow us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/PinterestTheDrs About The Doctors: The Doctors is an Emmy award-winning daytime talk show hosted by ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and OB-GYN Dr. Nita Landry. The Doctors helps you understand the latest health headlines, such as the ice bucket challenge for ALS and the Ebola outbreak; delivers exclusive interviews with celebrities dealing with health issues, such as Lamar Odom, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, reality stars Honey Boo Boo and Mama June, and activist Chaz Bono; brings you debates about health and safety claims from agricultural company Monsanto and celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy; and shows you the latest gross viral videos and explains how you can avoid an emergency situation. The Doctors also features the News in 2:00 digest of the latest celebrity health news and The Doctors’ Prescription for simple steps to get active, combat stress, eat better and live healthier. Now in its eighth season, The Doctors celebrity guests have included Academy Award Winners Sally Field, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Marcia Gay Harden, Kathy Bates and Marisa Tomei; reality stars from Teen Mom and The Real Housewives, as well as Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Melissa Rivers, Sharon Osbourne, Tim Gunn and Amber Rose; actors Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, Julie Bowen, Patricia Heaton, Chevy Chase, Kristin Davis, Lou Ferrigno, Harrison Ford, Grace Gealey, Cedric the Entertainer, Valerie Harper, Debra Messing, Chris O’Donnell, Betty White, Linda Gray, Fran Drescher, Emmy Rossum, Roseanne Barr, Valerie Bertinelli, Suzanne Somers; athletes Magic Johnson, Apolo Ohno and Danica Patrick; musicians Tim McGraw, Justin Bieber, Clint Black, LL Cool J, Nick Carter, Kristin Chenoweth, Paula Abdul, Gloria Gaynor, La Toya Jackson, Barry Manilow, Bret Michaels, Gene Simmons and Jordin Sparks; and celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri and Curtis Stone.
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274  Domestic Violence and Mental Health
CEUs are available for this presentation at AllCEUs. Want to listen to it as a podcast instead? Subscribe to Counselor Toolbox Podcast Also check out out other podcasts, Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery and Addiction Counselor Exam Review AllCEUs provides multimedia #counseloreducation and CEUs for LPCs, LMHCs, LMFTs and LCSWs as well as #addiction counselor precertification training and continuing education. Live, Interactive Webinars ($5) Unlimited Counseling CEs for $59 Specialty Certificates starting at $89 including #AddictionCounselor #RecoveryCoach #PeerSupportSpecialist #TraumaInformedCare #BehavioralHealthTechnician #Etherapy #addiction and #mentalhealth #counselors, #socialworkers and marriage and family therapists can earn #CEUs for this and other presentations at AllCEUs.com #AllCEUs courses are accepted in most states because we are approved as an education provider for NAADAC, the States of Florida and Texas Boards of Social Work and Mental Health/Professional Counseling, the California Consortium for Addiction Professionals and Professions.
Case Example – Domestic Violence
Extended interview with Jenna Grace, Family Assessment and Case Manager, Chisago County. Produced by the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW) in the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. Funding provided by the Child Safety and Permanency Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services via grant #60567.
Domestic Abuse Counseling and the Practice of Genshai
In the treatment of domestic violence, Genshai offers the cornerstone of therapeutic corrections in domestic abuse counseling http://www.domesticviolencetreatment.org
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The Solution - Domestic Violence Models - Segment 4
Which is more appropriate? War or treatment? Why the gender warriors should not be in charge of policy for prevention and treatment, but yet they are.
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Therapy Questions E10: Emotional Abuse
Safety Planning: http://www.thehotline.org/help/path-to-safety/ Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 / 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) Dana Mooney, LMHC provides evidence-based psychotherapy for folks with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and addiction in the Tampa Bay Area. Specializing in helping the LGBTQ+ and alternative lifestyle communities, she uses a blend of mindfulness and cognitive strategies to help people heal and grow. She believes people are the experts on their own lives, and already capable of getting through their struggles. Therapy helps guide the process of overcoming challenges and moving forward. Inner Trek, LLC: Therapy Healing Growth 400 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Ste. 101 Tampa, FL 33603 Phone: (813) 773-6962 Email: innertekllc@gmail.com Site: www.innertrekllc.com
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Domestic Violence Counselling
Selyor Therapy Centre has tailor made packages aimed at addressing domestic violence
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Domestic and family violence: how to make a plan to look after yourself
Safety planning is a way to work on increasing safety when you are experiencing domestic and family violence. Domestic and family violence can include: physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual violence, psychological abuse, financial abuse and threatening harm to your loved ones, children and pets. This video talks through options for making a plan to look after yourself.
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Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘Alcohol Abuse – Drug Abuse, Seldom Happens In A Vacuum’
Lisa’s family claims she has a severe problem with drinking and drug dependence which has caused them years of chaos. As Lisa agrees to enter treatment, Dr. Phil proposes a plan to help her family keep her accountable for her actions. http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Why domestic violence victims don't leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner
Leslie Morgan Steiner was in "crazy love" -- that is, madly in love with a man who routinely abused her and threatened her life. Steiner tells the dark story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break the silence. (Filmed at TEDxRainier.) TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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‘I Never Had Any Plan Or Intentions To Kidnap My Nephew,’ Says Woman Whose Sister-In-Law Accuses …
Krysti claims her sister-in-law Ashleigh is manipulative, attention-seeking, and on drugs. Ashleigh denies Krysti’s accusations, including that she planned to steal Krysti’s baby. Jacob says Krysti is being unfair and her opinion of his sister is.... http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Domestic Violence Counseling  ǀ www.GoodFutureTeenRehab.com | CALL today (866) 806-9150
Domestic Violence Counseling ǀ Good Future Teen Rehab ǀ www.GoodFutureTeenRehab.com | CALL today (866) 806-9150 Add us to your circle at https://plus.google.com/110573499750979630291 Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/GFteenrehab Connect with us on linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=346127984 VISIT http://www.GoodFutureTeenRehab.com for more info! Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime. Teens often think some behaviors, like teasing and name calling, are a "normal" part of a relationship. However, these behaviors can become abusive and develop into more serious forms of violence. What are the consequences of dating violence? As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development. Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships can have severe consequences and short- and long-term negative effects on a developing teen. Youth who experience dating violence are more likely to experience the following: Symptoms of depression and anxiety Engagement in unhealthy behaviors, such as tobacco and drug use, and alcohol Involvement in antisocial behaviors Thoughts about suicide Additionally, youth who are victims of dating violence in high school are at higher risk for victimization during college. Why does dating violence happen? Teens laughingCommunicating with your partner, managing uncomfortable emotions like anger and jealousy, and treating others with respect are a few ways to keep relationships healthy and nonviolent. Teens receive messages about how to behave in relationships from peers, adults in their lives, and the media. All too often these examples suggest that violence in a relationship is normal, but violence is never acceptable. There are reasons why violence occurs. Violence is related to certain risk factors. Risks of having unhealthy relationships increase for teens who — Believe that dating violence is acceptable Are depressed, anxious, or have other symptoms of trauma Display aggression towards peers or display other aggressive behaviors Use drugs or illegal substances Engage in early sexual activity and have multiple sexual partners Have a friend involved in dating violence Have conflicts with a partner Witness or experience violence in the home Your teen's years can be filled with uncertainty, changes and self-esteem issues. At GOOD FUTURE, We believe the therapy process begins at a safe, stable, supportive and consistent environment. Our facility provides an inspiring and restorative setting that helps with making real life changes. Adolescents are faced with multiple developmental changes that are confusing, stressful and dangerous. Our treatment approach focuses on identifying negative behaviors. Our treatment team works on developing and implementing behavior changes while focusing on sustaining these changes within the family structure when the child returns to the home environment. Good Future Teen Rehab 2230 West Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, Fl 33445 (866) 806-9150 Violence Indicators Domestic Violence Counseling Teen Behaviour Problems Teen Dating Violence Teen Dating Abuse Therapeutic Services for Teens #TeenViolence #DomesticViolenceCounseling #TeenDatingViolence #TeenBehaviour #TherapeuticHelp #Violence Indicators
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Clinical Work with Domestic Violence
Learning Objectives: -Enhance ability to recognize symptoms of domestic violence - Effectively use "power and control" wheel tool to assist clients experiencing domestic violence identify aspects of their abuse - Work with survivors of abuse in a manner that seeks to reduce shame and stigma - Implement a safety plan to use with survivors of abuse
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Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall On Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Of Ulcerative Colitis
Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall sits down with guest Jordan to hear his journey with ulcerative colitis and how he isn’t letting it slow him down. Additional information can be found at: www.GetOld.com *This video is sponsored in part by Pfizer. http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Emotional Abuse Test. Take this test to see if you are in an abusive relationship
Take This Emotional Abuse Test to see if you are in an abusive relationship. This is not a psychological test, it is an inventory and checklist to help identify the symptoms of emotional abuse. For more details see http://www.monikahoyt.com/emotional-manipulation/ If you are interested in coaching sign up for a Free Session here: http://www.monikahoyt.com/freegiftforyoutube/ Emotional Abuse Test: Am I Emotionally Abused? - HealthyPlace www.healthyplace.com/abuse/emotional...abuse/emotional-abuse-test-am...‎ An emotional abuse test can help tell you if you're in an emotionally abusive relationship. Take this emotional abuse quiz now and find out. Emotional Abuse Quiz - Compassion Power compassionpower.com/EmotionalAbuseQuiz.php‎ The Emotional Abuse Quiz will tell you if you are walking on eggshells to avoid emotional abuse and verbal abuse. Emotional Abuse Test - Buzzle www.buzzle.com/articles/emotional-abuse-test.html‎ Have you been feeling threatened or cornered in a relationship without there being any instance of physical violence? Take the following ... Emotional Abuse | Psychology Today www.psychologytoday.com/blog/anger-in-the-age.../emotional-abuse‎ It's important to note emotional abuse is about the effects of ... If your score indicates that you are walking on eggshells, the test will lead you to ... 5 Steps To Escaping An Emotionally Abusive Relationship | World of ... psychcentral.com/.../in-an-emotionally-abusive-relationship-5-st...‎ by John Grohol - in 368 Google+ circles Only now, there is an emotional undertone that suggests if you don't abide by his opinion, he will be ... You're now so consumed with keeping your partner's emotional judgments at bay that you have .... Behavior · The Divorce Party · Signs You Are Verbally Abused: Part II ... Psychological Tests & Quizzes ... Tales from Ted: Emotional Abuse Test: Am I Emotionally Abused? talesfromted.blogspot.com/.../i-will-continue-in-next-blog-to-discuss.htm...‎ Emotional Abuse Test. Do you... 1. feel afraid of your partner or their tirades much of the time? 2. avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your ... Emotional Abuse Test. Take this test to see if you are in an abusive ... ► 4:27► 4:27 www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhbwvTbbhXU‎ 4 days ago - Uploaded by Monika Hoyt Emotional Abuse Test. Take this test to see if you are in an abusive relationship. Monika Hoyt·11 videos ... More videos for emotional abuse test » Victim of Emotional Abuse? Take the test | Gather www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474977639154‎ For me emotional abuse is the worse of the abuse I have experienced. To this day it still haunts me, effects me and continues. My mother if I... How to Respond to Verbal, Emotional Abusers - The Christian Post www.christianpost.com/.../how-to-respond-to-verbal-emotional-abusers-...‎ Emotional abuse is the unseen fallout of all forms of abuse -- physical, mental, verbal, sexual and even ... Plan on being tested multiple times. Test your knowledge of emotional abuse - seattlepi.com www.seattlepi.com/.../Test-your-knowledge-of-emotional-abuse-116639...‎ Much has been written about sexual abuse and spousal physical abuse, so that most people are aware of what kind of behavior is acceptable ...
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Children and Violence
Dr. Astrid Heger, Director of the Violence Intervention Program at L.A. County-USC Medical Center, talks about the types of cases her program deals with involving violence against children, and how the program seeks to provide these children with an extensive prevention and treatment plan.
Domestic Violence and Abuse Group 6 Part 1
For English 218 we were put into groups of about 5 people and had to choose a subject to persuade people on. My group choose domestic abuse. So we put a video together, now in two parts for all to enjoy.
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‘The Weight Has Been Lifted’ Says Parent Sending Teenage Daughters To Residential Therapy
Teen sisters Madison and Liz are brought to separate residential therapy programs for teens in crisis in order to work on their issues individually. Their parents have also agreed to work on their issues, as well as a new parenting plan while the.... http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Therapy by Donna 1st Video Part 2
This channel will feature pertinent information regarding all work being done by Donna Savage. Therapy by Donna is focused on helping on domestic violence victims, abusers and families break the abuse cycle, which will ultimately save lives. Sessions are for individuals, couples, families and groups including heterosexual, LBGTQ and teens. Donna is also a HIV/AIDS Activist and counsels those who may have the disease and/or their family members/loved ones. Videos posted will offer extended help, education and advice to anyone who needs it.
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Domestic violence victims call for plan to end violence
Ahead of the November ballot, people are speaking out about Question 1, and gun rights.
Living with Cancer After Treatment
“There are nearly 16 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today, a number that’s expected to rise as cancer treatments advance. But after treatment ends, what’s next? Dr. Phil and Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, sit down with Juanita, who shares her journey with lung cancer and through survivorship. Visit http://www.gethealthystayhealthy.com to learn more about cancer care, cancer research, and a survivorship care plan and check out http://www.lungcancerprofiles.com to read more about Juanita’s story and other survivors like her.” http://drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: http://bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bitly.com/DrPhilTwitter Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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Bodybuilder Laticia 'Action' Jackson Takes On Domestic Violence | NBC Left Field
Laticia "Action" Jackson is a domestic violence survivor who also happens to be a female bodybuilder. After leaving an abusive relationship, she channeled her pain into training and competed in the Olympia, where big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger have competed. She now focuses her efforts on helping other women recognize the signs of a dangerous relationship. New to Left Field? SUBSCRIBE: http://nbcnews.to/2rAQzwx FOLLOW NBC LEFT FIELD: Facebook: http://nbcnews.to/2rACLSM Instagram: http://nbcnews.to/2rAsQwp Twitter: http://nbcnews.to/2rAsWUN CALL THE FIELD PHONE: ☎️ (315) LF-FIELD VISIT OUR SITE: http://nbcleftfield.com [CREDITS] __ ABOUT NBC LEFT FIELD: NBC Left Field is a new internationally-minded video troupe that makes short, creative documentaries and features specially designed for social media and set-top boxes. Our small team of cinematographers, journalists, animators and social media gurus aims to unearth stories and breathe creative life into current headlines. While pushing boundaries at home and abroad, NBC Left Field will also be serving as an experimental hub for NBC News style, treatment and audience engagement.
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Domestic Violence: Therapist wanted MY book to help HER with patients!
http://womenindomesticviolence.com/domestic-violence-secret Single mother of three kids talks about her experience visiting a therapist for the first time. She had read a book called "A Secret about Domestic Violence" and put her therapist to the test. She wanted to find out where therapists get their information from and how they know what would help her. Its shocking to know that women pay therapists a lot of money and this single mother was told by a therapist to provide them with the book that she had read to help THEM! The book talked about by this young mum is called - "A Secret about Domestic Violence" by Meira Kalyana and The Initiate. Which is located on http:www.womenindomesticviolence.com This is a website that is dedicated to females worldwide to provide support, guidance and empowerment to help them rebuild their lives. Women around the world are suffering from abuse from their male lovers. If you are a victim you can CONTACT: 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline 0808 2000 247
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Cornerstone Counseling Domestic Violence Class Overview
Cornerstone Counseling Domestic Violence Class Overview
How to Write SOAP Format for Mental Health Counselors
CLICK HERE ►► http://www.soapnoteexample.com/ In this brief presentation on SOAP Note Format we will: Discuss the difference between Subjective and Objective data Show concrete examples of subjective and objective data Help you gain confidence using SOAP format SOAP is a very popular format MH therapists use to document important details from the clients session. Subjective data is what the client: States, reports, complains of, describes etc. this is the clients viewpoint. Examples of subjective data the clinician would record are: The client stated he is feeling much less depressed than when he began counseling The client reports she feels nauseas after taking her depression medication The client complained of feeling unmotivated to look for a job The client described having a loud argument with her husband and shared this often happens when they have been drinking alcohol. Client described feeling anxious and scared this morning while driving to therapy Take away tip: subjective data has to do with what the client shares, reports, describes or otherwise expresses. It’s not always easy to determine what is subjective and what is objective, one way to look at it is the objective data is the therapist’s observable and measureable and factual contribution. Examples of objective data the clinician would record are: Objective data should focus in on: Mental health and mood status Motivation Behavior Physical health Emotions Level of functioning Personality issues In other words many of the same criteria used in your DSM V diagnosis For example the clinician might write: Client was motivated to accomplish goals as evidenced by completion of homework assignment Client wrung hands throughout session Client was experiencing a headache during the session Client’s emotions were labile – he swung from inappropriate laughing to crying. Take away tip: Remember the Objective data is mainly measurable and observable. The Assessment is where the therapist brings it all together and expresses his thoughts about what is going on with the client, based on the S and the O. Some therapist also use this space to update the DSM diagnosis or to Rule out or rule in a diagnosis. In any case, if there is a formal diagnosis the assessment should certainly tie into the formal diagnosis. If one is using formal DSM diagnoses there must be enough evidence in the client assessment to support the diagnoses. Also, in focusing on the assessment portion of the clinical note will help the therapist to keep track of and record any mental health criteria changes. When writing the assessment it is a good time to ask yourself if the client still meets the diagnostic criteria. Does the data support the diagnosis. The assessment should focus on those criteria that contribute to understanding the problem better and/or reaching an appropriate and accurate diagnosis. For example the clinician might write under assessment: Client continues to experience depression NOS Client has occupational and family stressors Client expressing inappropriate anger Client exceptionally fearful of being abandoned Client test results showed hypothyroidism Take away tip: Remember the Assessment is where you make sense of and assimilate the subjective and objective data. The Plan essentially is the action steps and/or the clinical interventions. It is presumably the plan and clinical interventions that drive treatment forward and encourage the client to meet their goals and objectives. Under the Plan section of the SOAP the therapist might write things like: That both the client and counselor are committed to doing, i.e. the client rescheduled for following week Plus interventions: The client is committed to attending the domestic violence support group Therapist will continue EMDR and biblio-therapy Next session therapist will use guided meditation and assist client in learning relaxation skills. Other interventions such as nutritional, medical or physical fitness interventions and the like that contribute to the clients therapeutic goals and objectives should be noted. Take away tip: Remember the Plan is essentially a record of the action you and your client are committed to taking. In Summary, remember to review SOAP note format tips regularly. The more confidant you are in how to document your sessions, the easier and more enjoyable this part of your job will be. Plus and most importantly the SOAP format will help you to stay focused on what is therapeutically important. For tools and forms to make your job easier go to http://www.soapnoteexample.com/ or http://IntakeForms.net/ or click the link in the description below this video. For more Counseling Forms tips subscribe to my Counseling Forms YouTube Channel
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Goals - It's the tiny steps - Domestic Violence
transcript: www.sharedvalues.ca/bda.html
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Goals - Your own not someone else's - Domestic Violence
Set your own goals, not those someone else has chosen for you. transcript: www.sharedvalues.ca/bda.html
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Emotional Abuse Is Far Worse Than You Think
Emotional abuse is traumatic, and not enough is being done about stopping it! How bad is it? Tara reveals the shocking answer. Read More: Childhood Psychological Abuse as Harmful as Sexual or Physical Abuse http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/10/psychological-abuse.aspx “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.” Watch More: How Common Is Domestic Violence? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNbG3FIGk_w Best Way To Fix a Broken Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4N7WKY6WdY ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Tara Long on Twitter https://twitter.com/TaraLongest DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Download the TestTube App: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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My Daily Chemical Romance
Accepting that you need medication to be happy can be a hard pill to swallow. It feels like you’re covering up the real you, even if being the “real you” was an emotionally painful way to live. It can be even harder to let go of the love of your own sadness, which set you apart from the world before you were medicated. However, treatment is meant to let you break free of your mind’s limitations, so you can truly thrive and live your life to its fullest. It’s not meant to be a quick fix. There is no fix, because you’re not broken. Audio transcript available at http://jdursobooks.com/youtube/my-daily-chemical-romance FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram: @joey_durso (http://instagram.com/joey_durso) Twitter: @joey_durso (http://twitter.com/joey_durso) Send me an email: jdursobooks@gmail.com Check out my homepage: http://jdursobooks.com Read my novel "Devils in Sunday Hats" today, a story of dead dreams, dogma and redemption: http://amazon.com/dp/B078RRC9RJ Help support my channel: http://patreon.com/joeydurso GET HELP IN A CRISIS: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Trained crisis workers are available to talk 24/7, and it’s completely confidential. +1 (800) 273-8255 The National Domestic Violence Hotline: http://thehotline.org/ Provides 24/7 crisis intervention, safety planning and information on domestic violence. +1 (800) 799-7233 FIND TREATMENT IN THE USA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Treatment Locator: http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ For general information on mental health and to locate treatment services in your area. Provides referrals to low-cost/sliding scale mental health care, substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. +1 (800) 662-HELP (4357) Psychology Today: http://psychologytoday.com/us Offers a national directory of therapists, psychiatrists, therapy groups and treatment facility options. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: http://afsp.org/ Provides referrals to support groups, mental health professionals, resources on loss and suicide prevention information. +1 (888) 333-2377 GET HELP WITH INSURANCE & PAYMENT: Mental Health and Addiction Insurance Help: http://hhs.gov/programs/topic-sites/mental-health-parity/mental-health-and-addiction-insurance-help/index.html Resources to help answer questions about insurance coverage for mental health care. Partnership for Prescription Alliance: http://pparx.org/ Helps qualifying individuals without prescription drug coverage get the medications they need. HealthCare.gov: http://HealthCare.gov/ Provides specific information about coverage options in your state. +1 (800) 318-2596 MORE INFORMATION & RESOURCES: National Alliance on Mental Illness: http://nami.org/ Mental Health America (MHA): http://mentalhealthamerica.net/ MentalHealth.gov: http://mentalhealth.gov Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA): http://adaa.org/ Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA): http://dbsalliance.org Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA): http://sardaa.org/
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Domestic Violence: Living in Fear | NPT Reports
The number of incidents and severity of domestic violence has been a public safety crisis in Tennessee for a decade, and the staggering statistics show there is no typical victim. Tennessee ranks third in the nation for the number of women killed by men, and more than half of the reported violent crimes in the state are related to domestic violence. In “NPT Reports Domestic Violence: Living in Fear,” we learn about the survivors, the perpetrators, and the witnesses to these criminal acts of violence.
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#WhyIStayed- The challenges and choices facing domestic violence victims - Highlights
Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe The Stream talks to survivors of domestic violence about why the stayed in abusive relationship and the courage they found to leave. For more, watch the full episode: http://bit.ly/1m7XXZa At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people's lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a 'voice to the voiceless.' Reaching more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe, our viewers trust Al Jazeera English to keep them informed, inspired, and entertained. Our impartial, fact-based reporting wins worldwide praise and respect. It is our unique brand of journalism that the world has come to rely on. We are reshaping global media and constantly working to strengthen our reputation as one of the world's most respected news and current affairs channels. Social Media links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Instagram: https://instagram.com/aljazeera/?ref=... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajenglish Website: http://www.aljazeera.com/ google+: https://plus.google.com/+aljazeera/posts
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Suab Hmong News: GVP addressed domestic violence part 1 of 2
Suab Hmong News coverage GVP addressed domestic violence issue in Wausau, WI on July 11, 2009.
Raising awareness of domestic violence
At the Kaplan Hall on the Newburgh campus of SUNY Orange, the Rape Crisis Service from the Mental Health Association of Orange County is displaying the T-Shirt Project Against Domestic Violence as an anonymous way for domestic violence victims to express their feelings, and to make aware that others are not alone in their struggle with dealing with what happened to them.
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Domestic Violence -- Dr. Gayle J. Hall, Expert - Documentary from Dr. Hall on Call™, Part 4 of 4
Domestic Violence-Part 4 of 4-Dr. Gayle J. Hall, Expert: Dr. Hall on Call is a highly-sought after EXPERT in Domestic Violence. She is a former victim. This is the final part in this four-part series of this documentary. This part/video talks about the final phase in the Cycle of Violence, known as "The Honeymoon Period." Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD, offers Life Coaching, Empowerment Speaking, and teaches positive psychology and the Law of Attraction through her practice. She is an international, best-selling published Author. Follow the link in the video to go to the webpage to get your FREE downloadable audio disk on Happiness.
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Heather Locklear is in the hospital for overdose and mental health issues
Heather Locklear Will Reportedly Undergo Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues After a difficult week, doctors have finally come up with a treatment plan for actress Heather Locklear. She has been in the hospital since Monday after she supposedly took an overdose hours after she was rescued from jail after her most recent arrest, and will now be transferred from the hospital's psychiatric ward to a long-term care facility where will receive treatment. for substance abuse and mental health problems, according to TMZ. "Heather's condition is stable and she is receiving the necessary treatment," a source updated the site on June 25 after her recent hospitalization. Barely four months after being charged with serious crimes of domestic violence and assault against a police officer, Heather was arrested again for attacking another policeman and an EMT employee. TMZ reported that the 56-year-old actress was taken into custody on Sunday night and was charged with two counts of minor assault on an officer and emergency personnel. Police officers reported that the Melrose Place star was very drunk and agitated when the authorities arrived on June 24. It was also revealed that Heather punched the agent trying to separate her from the members of her family. Last week, Heather was hospitalized and subjected to involuntary psychiatric retention.
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Women's Group Therapy in New York City
Counseling and psychotherapy for women in New York City. myheartdances.com
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