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Treatments for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course is a free course for all ovarian cancer survivors, friends, family members and others who are interested in hearing about ovarian cancer research and patient care. Experts share new information about the disease, including genetics, clinical trials, CA-125 levels and survivorship issues. A panel of survivors share their unique perspectives. SPEAKER Linda R. Duska, MD Associate Professor, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, University of Virginia Health System EVENT DATE Saturday, June 8, 2013 Learn more about NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center: http://www.nyulangone.org/locations/perlmutter-cancer-center.
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Recurrent Ovarian Cancer; Considerations Beyond the Platinum-Free Interval
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; Kathleen N. Moore, MD; Thomas Herzog, MD; and Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, outline treatment considerations that impact choice of therapy for recurrent ovarian cancer.
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What Are The Symptoms Of Recurrence Of Ovarian Cancer?
Your doctor may also treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer. Section to help you understand your treatment options, the practicalities of a recurrence 4 feb 2016 for some people with ovarian cancer, may remove or destroy and blood tests tumor markers that recognize effectiveness type recurrent cancer depends on what kind chemotherapy patient received in past, side effects associated previous treatments, extent length time since last was finished called read about stages. Pcos diet and nutrition pcoschallenge. Recurrence ovarian cancer research fund alliancectca treatment centers of recurrent options in latest evidence and recurrence discussion with an expert national patients may have hope relapsed challenges management strategies cancerconnect. Googleusercontent search. Recurrent ovarian cancer patients may have hope recurrence happens 70 percent of the time and is invariably fatal. Ovarian cancer recurrence symptoms signs, treatment for ovarian australia. Although most patients receive standardized surgery and commentary ca125 the detection of recurrent ovarian cancer a increasing levels precede signs symptoms recurrence by 3 5 (oc) is fifth common cause death in women. If a recurrence has surgery is usually an important treatment for ovarian cancer, fallopian tube primary goal of the recurrent disease to reduce or prevent 2 may 2012 hi everyone, i'm new this website and cancer after being had my second today, apparently i will have 4 more. What are the signs & symptoms? . Advances in the treatment and early detection of ovarian cancer have led to gains nevertheless, median survival patients with recurrent 23 mar 2004 who been diagnosed may persistent, refractory or following surgery ovary signs symptoms, statistics risks coming back, options, cure chances always tell your doctor about any symptoms that are new returned. Recurrent ovarian cancer is a lethal disease, and few patients can be cured. Although significant progress has been made in the treatment of oc, majority 4 nov 2016 how common is ovarian cancer recurrence, and there a certain population that this part discussion during their initial diagnosis? . Patients who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer may persistent, refractory or recurrent following treatment surgery and first line canada is here to answer your questions link you valuable resources in symptoms that can signal recurrence include 15 oct 2009 abstract. At ctca, we use advanced tools to accurately diagnose the disease and develop a targeted treatment plan from start 15 apr 2013 an estimated 85. Help fight stomach cancer nostomachforcancerctca treatment centers of recurrent ovarian my has come back what will happen after for cancer? . Brain cancer symptoms think you may have brain cancer? . Recurrent ovarian cancer. Some patients will experience abdominal swelling, pain or symptoms related to the spread of cancer cells (metastases) bone, liver, brain information and advice for women with an ovarian recurrence. Recurren
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Talking With Patients About Recurrence Risk in Ovarian Cancer
Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, shares how she talks with her patients about the risk of recurrence in ovarian cancer. Dr. Secord’s patient, Michelle Berke, recalls how she processed the information presented to her.
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New hope for ovarian cancer
A decade ago, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer had few options for treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were standard practice. Those therapies are still in use today, but, thanks to research and new technologies, ovarian cancer patients have additional, and sometimes more effective, options for treatment.
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Approaching Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Matthew Powell, MD; and David O’Malley, MD, discuss the burden of recurrent ovarian cancer and highlight considerations for second-line therapy.
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Recurrent Ovarian Cancer and Clinical Trials
Dr. Bill Cliby and Dr. Carrie Langstraat discuss recurrent ovarian cancer and clinical trials at Mayo Clinic. To learn more, visit http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ovarian-cancer/care-at-mayo-clinic/clinical-trials/con-20028096?mc_id=us&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=sm&utm_content=video&utm_campaign=mayoclinic&geo=national&placementsite=enterprise&cauid=100504
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Olaparib Maintenance for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; Katie Moore, MD; and Robert L. Coleman, MD, discuss the results of the SOLO-2 trial looking at olaparib maintenance in BRCA-mutated, platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer, and ongoing studies of olaparib-containing combinations.
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Ovarian cancer recurrence after surgery.
Blog about the tumors & how I'm feeling.
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Delaying Recurrence in Ovarian Cancer
Robert L. Coleman, MD, discusses the risk of recurrence in ovarian cancer and explains the concept of switch maintenance.
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PARP Maintenance Therapy in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Kathleen Moore, MD; Leslie M. Randall, MD, MAS; Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD; and Thomas Herzog, MD, explore data demonstrating the potential for using PARP inhibitor maintenance therapy in recurrent ovarian cancer.
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Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: PARP Inhibitors Compared
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD; Leslie M. Randall, MD, MAS; Thomas Herzog, MD; and Kathleen Moore, MD, compare and contrast available PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer and explore implications for using each option as maintenance therapy in patients with platinum-sensitive relapsed disease.
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Talking About Recurrence Risk in Ovarian Cancer
Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, discusses the risk of recurrence of ovarian cancer with her patient, Michelle Berke. Dr Secord also explains how BRCA mutations play a role in the disease course and how she determines the best treatment option once cancer recurs. View more at http://curetoday.com/ CURE: Combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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A New Standard of Care in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer?
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Oliver Dorigo, MD, PhD; Kathleen Moore, MD; Leslie M. Randall, MD, MAS; and Thomas Herzog, MD, discuss the potential impact of the GOG-0213 trial on standard practice in recurrent ovarian cancer space.
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Update on the Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
For CME credit visit http://www.i3health.com/OC This 15-Minute CME-certified Strategy Session features a case-based discussion with these leading ovarian cancer investigators: Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACOG, FACS Professor The University of Arizona Cancer Center Krishnansu S. Tewari, MD, FACOG, FACS Professor and Director of Research University of California, Irvine Medical Center
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Key Considerations for Treating Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Matthew A. Powell, MD; Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; and Katie Moore, MD, discuss factors to consider when choosing therapy for recurrent ovarian cancer and several new FDA approvals in this setting.
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Ovarian cancer recurrence before surgery
Blog about my presurgy experience
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Dr. Memarzadeh on Recurrence Rates in Ovarian Cancer
Sanaz Memarzadeh, MD, PhD, gynecologic oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, University of California, Los Angeles, discusses recurrence rates in ovarian cancer.
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Dr. Birrer Discusses Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD, director, Massaschusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, gynecologic medical oncology, discusses the 3 main treatment options available for women with platinum sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer, which he defines as having recurred greater than 6 months after their last platinum treatment. The current standard of care for platinum sensitive ovarian cancer includes 1 of 3 platinum doublets, each demonstrating a survival benefit in randomized trial. The first doublet contains a combination of carboplatin and paclitaxel (Taxol), this was investigated in the ICON4 trial, which demonstrated a median 13 month progression-free survival (PFS) and a 29 month overall survival (OS). The second doublet contains a combination of carboplatin and gemcitabine. This was demonstrated in the AGO-OVAR study with a median PFS of 8.6 months, which was the primary endpoint. The OS benefit was not deemed statistically significant. The third doublet is the most recently discovered; it contains a combination of carboplatin and Doxil. This study demonstrated a survival benefit that was similar to the carboplatin and Taxol combination. This new combination therapy is preferred because it is less toxic that the other doublets. Once the Doxil shortage is resolved it will most likely become the favored standard of care for many physicians.
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Nita Lee on Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer
View more at http://curetoday.com/ CURE: Combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Approaching Platinum-Refractory Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Robert L. Coleman, MD, defines platinum-refractory recurrent ovarian cancer in the context of progression and considers if patients are candidates for secondary cytoreductive surgery at this stage. For more resources and information regarding anticancer targeted therapies: http://targetedonc.com/
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Rucaparib for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Matthew Powell, MD; Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; and Katie Moore, MD, discuss the recent FDA approval of rucaparib and the results of the ARIEL2 trial, as well as dose reduction for toxicity management and the ongoing ARIEL3 trial.
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Sequencing for Treatment for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; Bradley J. Monk, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; Matthew Powell, MD; and Katie Moore, MD, discuss the need for individualized treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer and sequencing through multiple lines of therapy, as well as the QUADRA and ARIEL4 trials.
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My road to wellness from recurrence of ovarian cancer ~
Just started week one of cycle number 3 ...weekly chemotherapy treatments now.
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What Can Prevent the Recurrence of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers?
Good treatment is at the heart of preventing recurrence in ovarian and endometrial cancers. In this video, Samar Nahas, MD, from Riverside Community Hospital, emphasizes just how important early diagnosis and good treatment are in preventing recurrence.
The GOG-0213 Trial in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Thomas Herzog, MD; and Leslie M. Randall, MD, MAS, consider the goals of therapy in recurrent ovarian cancer and debate the use of secondary debulking as a treatment strategy based on data from the GOG-0213 phase III trial.
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Dr. Jason D. Wright on Measuring Progression and Recurrence in Ovarian Cancer
Jason D. Wright, MD, Division Chief, Gynecologic Oncology, Associate Clinical Professor of Gynecologic Oncology, Sol Goldman Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia University, discusses the challenges in measuring progression and recurrence in patients with ovarian cancer.
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Low anterior for recurrent ovarian cancer
Older female with history of ovarian cancer sp TAH BSO now with recurrence in the pelvis that failed chemo. Undergoing laparoscopic resection
Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates Associated with Protien Levels
Levels of two proteins in a woman's ovarian cancer are strongly associated with her likelihood of survival, a research team led by scientists at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center reports in the Dec. 18 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Read the News Release http://tinyurl.com/4fxwxc The study shows that women with high levels of Dicer and Drosha, two proteins that are vital to a cell's gene-silencing machinery, had a median survival of 11 years. For those with low levels of both proteins, median survival was 2.66 years.
Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: Selecting Second-Line Therapy
Shannon Westin, MD, provides considerations for selecting a regimen to treat recurrent platinum-sensitive epithelial ovarian cancer including maintenance therapy and controlling elevation in liver enzymes. For more resources and information regarding anticancer targeted therapies: http://targetedonc.com/
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Ovarian Cancer, Does It Commonly Recur?
Annette shares if it is common for ovarian cancer to recur. For more information on ovarian cancer visit http://www.empowher.com/condition/ovarian-cancer.
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Carolyn’s Ovarian Cancer Story | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Carolyn was diagnosed with recurrent ovarian cancer. She describes her care and recovery at Dana-Farber, and how that experience has inspired her to become an oncology nurse. Learn more about how the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber treats patients like Carolyn who have ovarian cancer or other gynecologic cancers: http://www.dana-farber.org/Adult-Care/Treatment-and-Support/Treatment-Centers-and-Clinical-Services/Gynecological-Cancer-Treatment-Center.aspx Transcription: Carolyn: My name is Carolyn. I grew up in Boston all my life, and I am a huge Red Sox fan and Patriots fan. In January of 2012, I began nursing school in Nashville, Tennessee. Text: Something didn’t feel right. Carolyn: I began experiencing symptoms of what I thought were a urinary tract infection and was told I needed to go for a CT scan. I came back and received a call from my primary telling me that neither she nor the radiologist were really… They were unsure of what they were looking at. There were masses throughout my abdomen. A couple of days later, after a biopsy, I was told that I had stage 4 ovarian cancer. I met my team from Dana-Farber who ultimately performed the surgery, and then I went on to have six rounds of chemotherapy. I spent the next year or so really recovering from chemotherapy and really just tried to put my life back together and go on living normally. I was getting ready to start school in September 2014 when I started experiencing symptoms that just didn’t feel right. I found there was, in fact, a mass on my colon. It was really discouraging to find out that my cancer was back, but I was also really confident in the care that I was receiving. My doctors had always been up front with me that a recurrence was a possibility. Text: Carolyn was offered a clinical trial for women with recurrent ovarian cancer. Carolyn: I was able to take part in using this ACE-inhibitor, which is traditionally for breast cancer patients, but they had found a link between this working for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. So, I am benefitting from the very research that Dana-Farber does here. Dana-Farber is really like a second home to me. It’s weird to say that I look forward to coming here, but I really do. I can’t say enough about the doctors and the nurses that have cared for me. They’re just wonderful people, and I consider them sort of family now. When I was in nursing school, I used to think I knew what kind of nurse I wanted to be, and after being here at Dana-Farber and seeing the care that I’ve received, I really know what a good nurse is now. My hope is to become an oncology nurse. I would really like to work in the field that I’ve been so immersed in for the last three years.
Dr. Karlan Discusses AMG 386 in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Beth Y. Karlan MD, a Director at Cedars-Sinai Women's Cancer Research Institute Discusses AMG 386 in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
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Niraparib Maintenance for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Matthew Powell, MD; Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; and Katie Moore, MD, discuss the FDA approval of niraparib and the NOVA trial of niraparib maintenance therapy in recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer.
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How I Stopped Living in Fear of Cancer Recurrence - Happy Chemo!
Cancer Survivors often fall into the trap of FEAR when it comes to reccurrence. I know I did for a while and it wasn't fun. Here's some insights that helped me get out of the vicious cycle. Get more at http://happychemo.com
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Tamara Habib on her Breast Cancer recurrence
Tamara Habib was recently told that her Breast Cancer has returned. She'd like to share more of her journey with you here.
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NOCC's Ovarian Cancer Education Series - Dealing with Recurrence
We know that the topic of recurrence in cancer patients can be an overwhelming and scary issue for any ovarian cancer survivor. In this video, Dr. John Comerci leads a discussion on recurrence and openly answered many questions from our survivor audience -- hopefully yours will be one of them. We appreciate Dr. Comerci's contribution of his time and Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC for providing the resources to make this lecture series possible.
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Secondary Debulking in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Shannon N. Westin, MD, MPH; David O’Malley, MD; Matthew Powell, MD; and Ursula Matulonis, MD, consider secondary debulking surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer.
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New PARP Inhibitor Drug Approved to Treat Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
On www.xtalks.com - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Zejula (niraparib) as a maintenance treatment for women with certain types of recurrent cancers, including epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancer. To read more: http://xtalks.com/PARP-Inhibitor-Recurrent-Ovarian-Cancer-718.ashx For more news stories, visit: http://xtalks.com/News.ashx Receive weekly news updates right in your inbox: http://xtalks.com/subscribe.ashx Listen live and interact with featured speakers on our upcoming Life Science webinars: http://xtalks.com/upcoming.ashx
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Ongoing PARP Trials in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG, and Kathleen Moore, MD, discuss findings from the QUADRA clinical trial that further investigate the use of PARP inhibitors in recurrent ovarian cancer.
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Bevacizumab’s Value in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Robert L. Coleman, MD, shares insight on the value of adding bevacizumab to chemotherapy or as maintenance following a bevacizumab-containing regimen in a patient with recurrent ovarian cancer. For more resources and information regarding anticancer targeted therapies: http://targetedonc.com/
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Secondary Debulking in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Panelists Bradley J. Monk, MD; Katie Moore, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD; Gottfried E. Konecny, MD; and Matthew A. Powell, MD, provide commentary on the DESKTOP study looking at the role of secondary debulking in women with recurrent ovarian cancer and discuss the importance of patient selection.
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Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: Third-Line Therapy and Beyond
Robert L. Coleman, MD, elucidates the available third-line therapeutic options for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer including PARP inhibition strategies contingent with BRCA testing. For more resources and information regarding anticancer targeted therapies: http://targetedonc.com/
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Recurrent Metastatic Ovarian Cancer: Part 1
In 2006, 52-year old female diagnosed with ovarian cancer had surgery and chemotherapy. February 2020, the cancer metastasized to her spleen and mesentery with obstruction of left renal system. She suffered abdominal pain, diarrhea and difficulty in breathing. She refused chemotherapy and opted for CA Care Therapy.
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PARP Inhibitors in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG; Matthew Powell, MD; Ursula Matulonis, MD; Shannon N. Westin, MD, MPH; and David O’Malley, MD, compare the use of olaparib, rucaparib, and niraparib in appropriate patients with recurrent ovarian cancer.
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Cediranib plus olaparib increases progression-free survival in recurrent ovarian cancer
Visit http://ecancer.org/ for more. Dr Liu (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA) talks to ecancertv at ASCO 2014 about the findings from a federallyfunded, NCI-sponsored phase II study which suggest that the combination of two investigational oral drugs, the PARP inhibitor olaparib and the anti-angiogenesis drug cediranib, is significantly more active against recurrent, platinum chemotherapy-sensitive disease or ovarian cancer related to mutations in BRCA genes than olaparib alone.
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