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CHAPSTICK CHALLENGE! I Can't Believe We did this..

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Text Comments (1253)
Its Ricco tho (25 days ago)
Click bait? Ooops😂 Thank you guys for watching! I’m back on my YouTube grind, new videos every week! Yes, that was “videos” plural with a “s” So turn on notifications if you haven’t yet!☺️ More new videos coming soon. love ya guys❤️
Diamond Allen (11 hours ago)
Its Ricco tho really🙄
beagleella468 (17 hours ago)
I read this comment before I watched the video haha
danny Sams (1 day ago)
Y’all I stg I went right to the comments before this shii started 😂😂😂
Diamond Allen (7 days ago)
Its Ricco tho ❤️❤️❤️
Martin Mireles (7 days ago)
Te amo that - i love you ricco ❤❤❤❤😘😌😇
Angela Thomas (8 hours ago)
It's kinda clickbait and not vuz they sharing chapstick
Melanie Lopez (14 hours ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just clickbaited, And so did you 💖💖😂😂
Amanda Villano (22 hours ago)
The girl is supposed to wear the chapstick and they have to kiss but you can do it this way to
Anu one else realize that mask is a sex toy
Ebone Parks (2 days ago)
Lowkey love the thumbnail
Guadalupe Castro (2 days ago)
Nessa Nation (3 days ago)
I thought the whole point was for them to kiss ... (ali - a intro)
Ela Pizano (3 days ago)
I don't think you would kiss you are best friends
Shy Dino (3 days ago)
Damn, that thumbnail hella trolled us 😂😂👌
Fuadi Ahmad (3 days ago)
Is there any BTS army here? IM JUST CURIOUS
# Arzimanova # (1 day ago)
Cindy Larasati (3 days ago)
Something is going on lol
heather rieder (5 days ago)
I only clocke. On it cause I knew it was click bait
Channel Bautista (6 days ago)
Is kind of kinda not because is chapstick challenge the friendship way but if u see the thumbnail is like kinda clickbait
Diamond Allen (7 days ago)
Got me!!!!!!!!!!
Trish Johnson (7 days ago)
I love how langie says what the heck 😁
keya kajadpai (8 days ago)
0:43 i see what u mean there lmao i guess hahahah
Mikiyah Johnson (8 days ago)
There together
Juanita dom (8 days ago)
You guys are not even doing it right
AngieLove (8 days ago)
I’m like “stop lying”
Kaitlyn Massey (9 days ago)
Your supposed to kisssssss!!!!!😂❤️😘😡😡🤗😂😂😂ily ricco 😘❤️
Megan maloney (9 days ago)
Oml when we blew at her and she went what the hell I was dead 💗😂
Iron Shookie (10 days ago)
When i heard peaches and cream i automatically thought of namjoon in blood sweat and tears. A.R.M.Y where you at
Sweeter than sweet
Jackson P Rogers (10 days ago)
That's not even how you pjay
Sandra Roman (10 days ago)
they had to kiss tho. how would they had made the thumbnail. (and don't say it was Photoshop)
Chania Sainvilus (11 days ago)
They technicaly kissed by using the same chapstick😂
MELTED PORTRAIT (11 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited You did too.
genevieve xx (12 days ago)
omg clickbaittttt
Keyomii (12 days ago)
The thumbnail scared tf out of me like wHaT-
Calum Hood (12 days ago)
itsmia 0012 (13 days ago)
Oh screw this I thought my ship was finally sailing but NOOOOOO...😥
pineapple squad (13 days ago)
Ask her outtttt
Whitney Gainey (13 days ago)
On some really sh*t this reminds me of of me and my best friend Nick!😂 He will no remorse fart on me burp and blow it in my face!! But I love him😂😍
Whitney Gainey (13 days ago)
Peep the fact that I put 'of' two times
King MAS3 (13 days ago)
Will you two just fuck already 😂😂😂
ComptonGravity (13 days ago)
ComptonGravity (13 days ago)
Queen AVA (14 days ago)
to: ricco and langie from: eva date date date date date date date date date date date date alreadyyyyyyy u guys would make the perfect couple! (even tho i wanted to be ur age ricco so we can date *wink wink*)
Maria Williams (14 days ago)
What’s Her Ethnicity? Her Accent Comes Out A Few Times Lol
Angelia Adams (14 days ago)
The Chinese what the hell im dead
Maombi Franscoise (14 days ago)
He looks a hot mes but cute
Chantel Elmargi (15 days ago)
U clicbaited me😫😭
Sage (15 days ago)
KKH Ayina (15 days ago)
i just noticed that they have matching tattoos
Ava Austin (16 days ago)
Isabella .-. (16 days ago)
Mannn if they don’t stop playin with my feelings I’m bout to unsubscribe 😭😭💔💔
Patricia Howard (17 days ago)
they had to do something for the thumbnail
xø.estrellä (17 days ago)
They basically did kiss they used the same chapstick.
Minecraft gaming Life (17 days ago)
Fucking kiss already you 2 now you like each other
When he said peaches and cream I started thinking about RM's part on Blood Sweat & Tears but I think I'm the only one here who is an ARMY so...
Emily Salmon (18 days ago)
This is annoyingly clickbaited
Samuel Jackson (18 days ago)
I’m I the only one wworried about sawyer he hasn’t posted in a while
Cecily Solis (18 days ago)
AriyaReign (18 days ago)
U should always go out with your bestfriend
rea (19 days ago)
I cant believe we all got fooled
Desirae Gonzalez (19 days ago)
omg thank god its clickbait .... I love my ricco ,lol
betty johansson (19 days ago)
did you guys see the way he was looking at her, it was adorable
hafsa (19 days ago)
But yeeet love this
hafsa (19 days ago)
Dude she said she put it out bares but she didn’t she needed to take it all out it was giving me anxiety
Izzyb Love (20 days ago)
Not surprising as soon as I seen the video I thought there goes Adym with that click bait shit 😂😂😂
_kotek_ (20 days ago)
8 chapsticks not 9 😂
DamnAdym (20 days ago)
2 years with you ;--; omg
It was just clickbate 😭😭😭
Tamia Allen (20 days ago)
New tattoo?
Loraine Romero (20 days ago)
I wonder how you guys made this thumbnail so real 🤔
Tine Sityar (20 days ago)
Babeee you should do a mukbang next since you love to eattttt
Mariyah Violet (20 days ago)
Can u please play the ouiga board!?❤️
lame of fame (20 days ago)
Do a monkey app video in btw iljy
Daphne Rivera (21 days ago)
You should do a music.lly thing you do with snap chat
Amya harper (21 days ago)
You should do the overnight challenge
Bella XO (21 days ago)
That’s not how you even do the chapstick challenge 😂😂😂😂You’re supposed to put it on your own lips and then kiss her Gosh what a clickbait
Franny (21 days ago)
The echo is terrible...but this was funny😂
Chloe Hysell (21 days ago)
You should do another prank on her..... Like the dead bsf prank.... Lol that would be good
Z xoxo (21 days ago)
What happened to Sawyer? He disappeared.
Litzy Saucedo (21 days ago)
Hey, Ricco would you like your real (Adym) or youtube name (Ricco) to be in you and Langie's ship name? 😂 You can't judge me you saw this coming.
humberto alvarez (21 days ago)
you guys look so cute togeter
Do female viagra prank on langie..
Danny Wolfe (21 days ago)
Ricco ur the stuff man I have been watching u since u first started....ily
Jr Caskey (21 days ago)
U guys did it wrong
Imma fruit Snacc (21 days ago)
Elizabeth_04 (21 days ago)
Click bait...
Allyssa R (22 days ago)
Ricco looks hella fine with that colour omg
-Botz Productions- (22 days ago)
Happy late birthday!!!
Jade Arnold (22 days ago)
Broooo I was so fckin exited for dis then y’all didn’t kisss how rudeeee😭 also I love y’all both smmm😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexa Malijan (22 days ago)
Honestly want this friendship 😭😭❤️
Allana S. (22 days ago)
The clickbait is real
naia teree (22 days ago)
Kimboy Pedro (22 days ago)
Can you ask her out plz.
Rach (22 days ago)
Omg damnnnn riccooooo 😂😂😁
Rose Clements (22 days ago)
Talk about click bait 101
Meccaroni (22 days ago)
I hate you for the click bait
Savannah Morris (22 days ago)
Argggghhhh I acc thought this was frrl Jesus these click bates 😂😂
jakiera perry (22 days ago)
Anybody else scroll through the comments before watching the video to see if it's click bait?!
yeaitzmerick (22 days ago)
Who else clicked on and was like “Damn was I clickbaited so god damn hard”😂
Its Michelle Tho (22 days ago)
Can ya react to BTS???
Zeania Gomes (22 days ago)
I know one day you guys will be dating.oooooooooooooh.jk
Kelly Christian (22 days ago)
I'm just done with youtube after this clickbait tf
Allyssa Richmond (22 days ago)
Jennah Kathryn (22 days ago)
You guys should really date...ik im not the only one who sees the tension 🌚🌚would make an amazing couple anyway 🙃
Destiny Miniard (22 days ago)
When are u guys gonna date
lucy pam (22 days ago)

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