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GTA 5 Online Minigames - I Believe

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GTA 5 minigames! Team ZZ isn't going too well but Zoey really believes in Zylus to pull off a win! Series Playlist: https://youtu.be/pyesQvB3tQc?list=PLtZHIFR5osfBIm1MG3fRJTUI-st1G17qe ► Check out my store: http://smarturl.it/yogsSjin ◄ ♥ Subscribe: http://yogsca.st/SjinSub ♥ Website: http://www.yogscast.com Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/sjin Yogscast Games Store: http://games.yogscast.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogsjin Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/yogscast Twitter: @YogscastSjin Our iOS App: http://yogsca.st/t1i 25% Yogscast discount on game servers! http://multiplay.go2cloud.org/SHs Powered by Chillblast: http://www.chillblast.com/yogscast Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG Business enquiries: contact@yogscast.com
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Text Comments (267)
Jaden_Korr (1 year ago)
"I believe I can fly...NO!" "Good job fly boy." That was great.
Jacob Hanshew (2 years ago)
huh Zulus used the term "mad" normally with the Yogscast its pissed or salty
bottom draw (2 years ago)
thoremaster (2 years ago)
zoey is nice and zylus is salty
Robert (2 years ago)
Yogscast Top5 Saltiest: 5. Parv 4. Lewis 3. Smith 4. Duncan 5. Zylus
Robert (2 years ago)
Wait, my numbering might have gotten confused
XxT0xcxX (3 years ago)
zylus sure did fly as a burning husk...
charlotte green (3 years ago)
I would love to know what Zylus said that was bleeped out. I personally love Zylus, his salt is hilarious.
PUPPY POWER!!!!!!!!!! (3 years ago)
Kieran (3 years ago)
shit sjin, you almost at 2mil!
For the next few could we just have Tom, Zoey, Duncan and yourself? Zylus is begining to grate on me with his moaning. It takes the fun out of the video. How can you call this a fun video when all it basically is 3 people trying to have fun with one try hard.
FistKitso (3 years ago)
Sjin, my man! There's a thing on youtube that people tend to call Skyrim Let's plays. Neat, huh?
VeggeMight (3 years ago)
Zylus carrying Zoey nothing new.
SIC66SIC66 (3 years ago)
i HATE zylus voice and the retarded sounds he makes... oh my god...
TubaHorse (3 years ago)
"Zylus, you need to stop bullying Zoey" "*WHAT? WHAT?*" [100hZ censorship tone] I died
Joker Young (3 years ago)
so salty. . . so much salt. . . the salt levels are over 9000!!!!!!
Rose Star (3 years ago)
Canis Lupus (3 years ago)
Victory! (3 years ago)
Why do you have to kill yourself every time!! Zylus, 2015
Eric Sobieraj (3 years ago)
Gta will ich auch noch haben
Eric Sobieraj (3 years ago)
Jhonni Boii (3 years ago)
Why don't you put the job in the description
Onkledonk (3 years ago)
Zoey was born to troll. Zylus was born to be trolled; and also RDM'd by Lewis.
funman619 (3 years ago)
Rip Headphone users
Blobster (3 years ago)
Zylus stop being mean to Zoey. ):<
Officer Skoob (3 years ago)
Zylus is saltier than the dead sea. :)
Jake Tepper (3 years ago)
I love the dynamic between Zylus & Zoey! Pure comedy gold!
coww74 (3 years ago)
I saw a sticky bomb flying behind Zylus around 7:44. Put video on slowest speed if you want to really see that it's a sticky bomb.
coww74 (3 years ago)
+coww74 It's actually more like 7:46, but you can get some lead up if you watch from a couple seconds before. It literally seems to explode behind him.
RaidenPlaysThis (3 years ago)
team double Z= Team double REKT!
Sprokkit (3 years ago)
just use controllers
BigMoney BigMad (3 years ago)
thanks for the video, i needed some my for salt chips
viking pigtator 154 (3 years ago)
zylus+zoey = zolus
Mark (3 years ago)
New to Yogscast. So is Zoey the funny personable Kim of the group?
ryan jones (3 years ago)
all the salt in the world is here
GandalfAndFerg (3 years ago)
it may be the dutch blood in me but i am totally on Zylus's side and zoey was really annoying me
The Commenter (3 years ago)
poor zylus
ZXZ Demon (3 years ago)
Everyone hates Zylus, Zylus hates everyone. The Lewis-Zylus feud, and now the Zylus-Zoey feud.
gary buttville (3 years ago)
belgian salt
LminiMaster (3 years ago)
Zylus you are such a bully to Zoey, she was just so nice...
M' yah (3 years ago)
"Zoey I know you're doing this for the fans." I mean, Zylus, the videos ARE made for us, the viewers and the fans, and she is entertaining us a lot more than your whiny bitch ass.
Tyler B (3 years ago)
"Zoey" is in this video
Dylan CreatesMemes (3 years ago)
Good job flyboy XD
slickgaming _ (3 years ago)
Zoey worst player EU
James Dewhirst (3 years ago)
That's why we love her
HighSlayer Ralton (3 years ago)
Has nobody told Zylus that he's... Zylus.
William Winfrey (3 years ago)
Believe not in the you that I believe in, not in the me that you believe in either. Believe in the you who believes in you
tenebraebr (3 years ago)
LOL team salt indeed.
Wizard Mikey (3 years ago)
dat salt man doe.:o
Aasajo Sin-yoi (3 years ago)
Zylus is like me playing Dota, salty even when he wins.
Uncle Pete (3 years ago)
talk about marriage issues
Wertsir (3 years ago)
Report Zylus for cyber-bullying.
Wesley Richardson (3 years ago)
Zylus is so salty
AbztraK (3 years ago)
I don't know who zylus is but he sounds so familiar and in place because he sounds exactly like rhythian lol
Joshua Larsen (3 years ago)
I thought Smith was the salty one.
Shreyas Misra (3 years ago)
zylus does get rather loud and salty doesn't he?
CrazyChemistPL (3 years ago)
Zoey and Zylus ale literally ZZ Top here... Like ZZ... on the high platform.... ZZ Top? Ba-dum tssssssssssssss.
CrazyChemistPL (3 years ago)
+John Kat ZZ Top, the band? Z(oey) and Z(ylus) on a high (top) platform. ZZ Top? Come on, it was supposed to be cheesy, but not that cheesy... hopefully... please? :)
John Kat (3 years ago)
Yodec The Giant (3 years ago)
is zylus turning into a dying horse or is he just sick, no offense zylus lol xD
Dat Boi (3 years ago)
Zoey was endearing as heck in this one. ._.
Bidmartinlo (3 years ago)
Zoey went all anime and stuff. Best improv I've seen in a while! xD
Apples And Oranges (3 years ago)
D nottelling (3 years ago)
I'm not sure if that's all act or honest aggression, but the Zylus tantrums aren't that entertaining to me. To be fair, Zoey in general isn't that entertaining to me either, so maybe I'm not the target audience.
Engrid Burgess (3 years ago)
pernus (3 years ago)
Zylus, you suck so hard.
Devin Pelech (3 years ago)
Thumbs down for Zylush
Colton Holloran (3 years ago)
when zylus goes off a ramp he becomes the flying dutch man
BigMoney BigMad (3 years ago)
oh zoey and zylus are on the same team here we go
viking pigtator 154 (3 years ago)
+Derrick Scott me here budy same here 
BigMoney BigMad (3 years ago)
+Minions9 9 remember that video when zoey and zylus were fighting while playing GTA and when sjin and tom won zylus was like "that was just luck" *i wanted to punch my screen*
viking pigtator 154 (3 years ago)
+Derrick Scott DUTCHIES
Marco Roberts (3 years ago)
Infinatum Gaming (3 years ago)
Zylus, Czar of Zalt
martinteel (3 years ago)
all hail team Zalt
Tommy Price (3 years ago)
bring back crown conquest i enjoyed that series and i would like to see it on the channel again so plz bring it back. thx
SnipingHunt01 (3 years ago)
Zylus was born out of the finest grains of salt.
4:05 did...did he just quote boba fett from attack of the clones...I hate that I know that reference
Exlaax (3 years ago)
hey uhh look at the holes on the salt shaker... makes it look like a pentagram
Tas (3 years ago)
Dammit, Zylus. Bringing the team down with you.
Sam Trott (3 years ago)
Zylus is a little baby but zoey spends the entire time winding him up.
Umbra the SHDW (3 years ago)
+Cuadox Hey, talking about me?
Kate Morrissey (3 years ago)
Zylus was so determined.. then so salty xD
Jack Glaser (3 years ago)
How slow is Zoey in the head?!
A.J. Camacho (3 years ago)
This is a fun game mode, more please
CuttlefishLuminator (3 years ago)
Man Zylus is very defensive.
SimSam (3 years ago)
At 2:24 Who's your friend that likes to play Bing-Bong, Bing-Bong
Jacob Hanshew (2 years ago)
Who's your friend who passed away Bing-bong, Bing-bong He just faded into space Bing-bong, Bing-bong
James Lansbury (3 years ago)
+Tri Sarahtops Donald Trump. He likes Trucks
viking pigtator 154 (3 years ago)
+Tri Sarahtops he died
HighSlayer Ralton (3 years ago)
+Tri Sarahtops Who's the guy that likes to kill? Bing-Bon, Bing-Bon!
Skyler Muir (3 years ago)
I love team Double Z
Peregrine (3 years ago)
Zylus says "I accidentally threw a grenade there!!!" *Zoey proceeds to do nothing but say "ok"*
Knavenformed (3 years ago)
This is the most boring and unbalanced game mode...
John John (3 years ago)
I really dislike all of the videos w/ Zylus in them, he is such a whiny bitch boy.
Cheezy Nachoz26 (3 years ago)
I was genuinely eating salt and vinegar crisps watching this
Tuomas Kaven (3 years ago)
Team Zalt
SuperTurtle (3 years ago)
i wish there was a mute zylus button, his salt level is kinda getting annoying.
Sir Swag (3 years ago)
Do the salty leg Zylus XD
vonSarno (3 years ago)
Awww man Zylus sure was being a Salt Queen this session eh..
Patrick (3 years ago)
Zylus is so mean :(
Patrick (3 years ago)
+amin lokali What are you talking about Zoey is perfect and does NOTHING wrong.
amin lokali (3 years ago)
i would be too with a team mate like zoey
amin lokali (3 years ago)
i would be too with a team mate like zoey
Hans Zandt (3 years ago)
Zylus zoutkop
Fenrir (3 years ago)
zylus stop bullying zoey and blaming it on her she can do nothing wrong
Menno Penning (3 years ago)
Bammbz (3 years ago)
I'm gonna guess Zylus didn't have the sticky equiped in the buggy.
Matthew Riddell (3 years ago)
He did.
DanVR (3 years ago)
In this episode of GTA 5; Zylus noises.
mahmut (3 years ago)
Ershiin (3 years ago)
I still cant get over how much Sjin looks like Reno from FF7 in this
TUTAMKHAMON (3 years ago)
Team Zalt.
bitspacemusic (3 years ago)
Spoiler alert: Proasheck commited suicide.
Matthew Smith (3 years ago)
ryan schultz (3 years ago)
Zylus and Zoey fan fic?
Ferry van Herk (3 years ago)
rustig zylus knul. denk aan je bloeddruk.

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